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Full text of "Companion to Johnson's Dictionary, Bengali and English; peculiarly calculated for the use of European and native students"

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Late of Seramjpore. 












Pic '^'^•ir 

The utility of the Bengali language is too evident and too firmly establishod 
to require any further demonstration. The Sacred Scriptures, long since 
translated, printed, and widely circulated over the vast extent of the coun- 
try — the Establishment of Government, Missionary, and Private Seminaries 
in various parts of Bengal — the currency of the language in the Presidency 
and Mufassal Civil and Criminal Courts of Justice — the extensive daily fami- 
liar and commercial intercourse of Europeans with the Natives of the coun- 
try afford, beyond all doubt, ample motives for the study and cultivation of 
this most useful language. Hence a great many works have already been 
compiled by eminent European and Native gentlemen towards facilitating its 

With a view to render his humble services, the compiler was induced, some 
twenty-nine years back, to undertake the compilation of an Abridgment of 
Johnson's Dictionary in English and Bengali, for assisting both European 
and Native students in acquiring the respective languages. Six years sub- 
sequent to that period he designed to give a second edition of the aforesaid 
work, together with this volume as its companion, but unforeseen obstacles 
frustrated the execution of his design, and disheartened him from pursuing 
the object any further. 

Plowever, through the unbounded mercy of a gracious Providence, after a 
long interval, he is enabled to embrace the present opportunity of redeeming 
the pledge then made, by giving a second edition of both the volumes, cor- 
rected, enlarged and, in some instances, abridged and condensed. Many 
additional terms have been introduced, which are not to be found in any 
other work of a similar nature. 

To prevent disappointment, it is to be observed that a Dictionary, professed- 
ly of the Bengali language, must include not only the pure Bengali terms used 
by the learned, but many words of mixed origin which are in common use, 
derived from Arabic, Persian, Hindi and low Bengali, which occur daily in the 
conversation of people of different grades. 

In submitting this volume to the candid judgment of a generous public, 
the compiler is well aware of the difficulty of pleasing every body, therefore 
he will not pretend to say any thing by way of recommending it, but simply 
begs leave to quote the opinions of the best judges of the language :— ** The 
compiler of this work, (Companion to Johnson's Dictionary,) as the latest in 
the field, has been enabled to avail himself of the labours of many prede- 
cessors, which he certainly has done with very commendable diligence. On 
the whole this work is decidedly superior to others of its kind. The opinion 
is entertained, in which we incline fully to coincide, that this would answer 
to the student all the ordinary purposes of a complete dictionary. The com- 


[ iv ] 

piler is a laborious, diligent, and meritorious individual, and we have great 
pleasure in recommending his work to more general notice."* 

Another eminent oriental scholar now in India says : — " Your Bengali and 
English Dictionary I have often consulted with advantage, and should be 
ready to recommend it any day even in its previous form." 

In conclusion, the compiler begs leave to say that should his work be deem- 
ed deserving of encouragement from a generous public, he humbly trusts that 
A share of their patronage may be kindly extended to it. 

Calcutta, January, 1851. J. MENDIES. 


to the third Edition. 

The compiler begs to announce to the public that in the present edition 
he has introduced, partly in the body of the work, and partly in an Appendix, 
numerous rare, though useful words, omitted in the former edition, and many 
others collected from various sources, but chiefly from the late Dr. Carey's 
Bengali Dictionary. The work has been condensed and compressed in 
printing with a view to economy, so as to bring it within a reasonable size and 
price, without causing the least confusion, by striking out many words of 
Persian or Arabic origin seldom looked for in a Bengali Dictionary. 

The Compiler further begs to state that, without in the least wishing to be 
ostentatious, he has availed himself of the present opportunity, for inserting 
another testimonial to his labours, — the opinion of a well-known oriental 
scholar regarding the work, entitled, " Abridgment of, and Companion to, 
Johnson's Dictionary : English and Bengali and vice versa." — The learned 
critic says : — " This is the title of a new edition, just issued, of a work which 
has been long before the public. We have long been acquainted with the 
second of these volumes, and found it to be, for all ordinary purposes, the 
most handy of all Bengali and English dictionaries. It is much more com- 
plete than either Morton's or Marshman's, and not much more bulky than 
the latter. In this new edition the number of pages has been reduced, princi- 
pally by condensing the explanations of Bengali words. The paper also is 
better than before. We have not had time to examine the new edition care- 
fully, nor to test the English and Bengali volume. But from our acquaint- 
ance with the Compiler, we have no hesitation in recommending the work 
most cordially."t 

The compiler begs to tender his grateful thanks to the generous and discern- 
ing public for the prompt disposal of the second edition of his dictionary* 
To supply the urgent demand for his work, he has been induced to publish the 
present edition with great labour and at a heavy outlay, trusting solely in 
their generosity to indemnify him, by patronizing the work. — Sept. 1856. 
* Vide Calcutta Christian Observer for 1838. f Ibid. March, 1851. 


^1^1 -C^?l1, -C?I^, to he read »il5J?tC<it?^ and J)9r^tCTI9T?1. 

5jT5:^^1, -^, „ gt^^^l and ^t^^^. 

^^, s. a trumpet ; -^iTf^, „ vj^^^tvf^, a trumpeter. 

-ZV^. B. — These and similar ones are to he ohserved throughout the Work. 

Abbreviations used in this Dictionary. 

a, adjective. 

acct. account. 

ad. adverb. 

ana. anatomy. 

arith. arithmetic. 

astro, astronomy. 

hot. botany. 

che.f chem., chym. chemistry. 

C07np. composition. 

conj. conjunction. 

e. g. (eosempli gratia) y as for example. 

Eng. English. 

f.jfem, feminine. 

fig. figuratively. 

gend. gender, 

geo. geography. 

gram, grammar. 

im. sd. imitative sound. 

ibid., idem, the same. 

im2>* imperative. 

insepar, inseparable. 

interj., intj, interjection. 

lit, literally. 

masc. masculine. 

math, mathematics. 

met. metaphorically. 

mytho. mythology. 

neg. par. negative particle. 

part, participle. 

ph.yphra. phrase. 

pi. plural. 

^ort. Portuguese, 

prep, preposition. 

pron. pronoun. 

s. substantive. 

V. a. verb active. 

V. n. verb neuter. 

V. cans, causal verb. 

vide, see. ^ 

voc. part, vocative particle. 

*^* The asterisks prefixed to words denote that they are derived either from the 
Persian or the Arabic root. 

The double daggers denote that the words have toth a Persian and a Bengali 

The superior figures that may be found in the body of the work refer to the 
Notes at the end of the Dictionary. 

[ " ] 

Bengali Verbal Roots, 

^fJtcT. • 

, ^rsf?^?^ 


.. vfel^k 


.. <irt^^ 


. • "^^P^ 

^t^^1 . 

. ^t^^"R 


• • W7[^ 


.. ^ift^^ 


.. ^^^ 


, ^^^ 


.. ^M*l 


.. <illiiM 


.. ^t5^^ 

^^ , 

. ^^ 


.. ^srrsrr^ 


• • 1^5^ 


.. -^\w^ 

^^ . 

. ^^ 


.. fStJ^ 


.. fvr^T^ 


. • ^tsl^ 

^^ , 

. ^c^^ 


.. vWciJT 

• • ^5^ 


.. ^\mm 


. . ^?:«i 


.. ^«i 


.. c'^^^ 


• . ^T\5^ 


. . ^<l5t5^ 


. . ^t'UM' 


.. w^'n^ 


.. ^tv5R 


.. ^^R 


.. ^<5^ 


.. ^t*ft^ 


•• 1^^ 


. o<ih 


.. ^tv5^ 


.. ^5i»i 


.. ^IvbM 


. ^^«i 


.. f^Tsrt^ 


.. Cll-4t5( 


• • ^\¥^ 


•• ^'^ 


.. cw«i?rrj( 


.. 1%§it^ 

^rt . 


.. fej^lj^^M 


.. ^y^i^ 


.. ^Q?^ 

?Pt5lv5l . 

. ^T^\5t^ 


.. I?c1-^ 


.. 5^^^7T 


• • ^C!R 


. <^^^ 


.. l?M^ 


5.. ^^ 


.. ^gc^M 


, -ftrr^^ 


• . ^M^ 


.. 5!rr^«i 


.. ^^^ 


.. <rt^R 


• • ^^^ 


., H?^ 


.. 5rt<r^ 

•ftfK^i , 

. <it5iFr^ 


.. f^^^^ 


.. c^rr^^ 


.. s[t<rm 


• ^^^ 


. . ^^T^ 


.. 5T«'*f^ 


.. 5lt^ 


.. C^S^T 


. . ^^?-r«i 


.. J^lM 


.. 5lti^^ 

^; \ 

, . 9f^ 


.. ^?:«i 


,. ^t^ 


.. ^M^ 


. . ^vE5^ 


.. S^jT^l 


.. •^IVI'I 


.. 5rt^«i 


. 9tv^m 


. • ^^^ 


. . ^Tsit^ 


.. f^^^ 


• ^m^ 


.. c^^^ 


.. c^r?iM 


... t^^R 


. 5ikH 


.. ^^n 


.. ^^ 


,. t^ciM 


. . ^^J( 


.. \5«^J( 


.. <^cily^ 


. . f^*rt^ 


. • ^^^T«t 


. . vEl<?»^ 


.. '^Q^ 


.. ^m 


.. "^I^*! 


.. f^^t^^ 


.. 1%^ 


. . ^r^^ 


, . VJiilH 


•• ^<^ 


.. ^^5^ 


• • ^t^^ 


. . cvi<i«t 


.. ^T^ 


.. n^^ 


. • ?:5^ 

c^rt«Tl . 

. C^TcllH 


. . l?H^ 


. . C^l\5t^ 


.. <IM 


. ^^ 


., ]^^^ 


.. c^msT 


.. #t5R 


. ^5i<t>m 


.. ^^t^ 


• • ^t^^ 


.. ?-r<^ 

^oT • 

. ^v[-^ 


• • '^v\7{ 


*. m^-^ 


.. ?:r'?R 

f^^ . 

• f^^]^ 


.. ^5^1^ 


• M ^^^ 


.. 5^\55{ 

F. • 

. ^^ 


• • 5^*^ 


.. f^?-«l 


. . sTKi^ 

cU\ . 

' cl^t^ 


. . 'JvS'tt^ 


.. f^?-t«l 


.. Cc^^^ 


.. WvfeM 


.. ^cil^ 


.. ^^^t«l 


.. "^^^ 


.. ^m 


.. ^<^^ 


• • 1^^ 


.. ^w^ 


.. ^T^^ 


. . ^c^ 


.. ^ciH 


.. ^^5^ 


.. ft^t^ 


. . ciiv\-\^ 


... ^>i5it 


.. ^i^k 


. . rfe<?m 


. . WJ^»l 


. • c^^^ 


• • ^^ 

iV. -5.- 

-^ZZ ^^e Verlal Boot 

5 «re to he observed as 

• «5(?y5. 


Voice Is f (^51^ or ^.) 

a a i i u u ri ri li 111 e ai o au 

Consonants f (^9\ or ^l^^.) 






































































v5 ra 





Letters and their 


^ ^ 



c£) c^ 


^ t 


^ ^ ^ 

^ '^ \ % ^ 




c i 


C^ J 


*^ f< ^ 

\ ^ ng ah n 

Comhinations of Symbols. 

ka ki ki ku ku ke kai ko kau kya kra rka kna kla kwa kma kri kang kah ka^ 

* The symbols are thus named : dkdr ; hraswa or short ikar ; dfrgha or long ikar j short and long 
nkar; ekar ; aikar ; okar ; aukar ; kya, kra, 6rka, kna, kla, kwa, kma, kri, all these are called phalas; 
anuswar ; biaarga ; chandra-bindu. 

[ viii ] 
Compound Letters, called 












































































































































Consonants may he doubled or combined thus : 
These are used for elegance or expedition : 













































i ^ 

Numerical Figures. 


y^ <i^ J \^ V W y llo U^ llo^ iW ^o V W W ^ 


iV i 


5 6 7 19 

TB" T^ i"5" ¥ iT 

10 11 

14 15 

* The fractions are of a Eupee, or 16 anas ; a ser, or 16 chliataks • also of one kalian, or 16 pans. 
In land measure i o stands for 5 katas or i of a bigha of 20 katas- In dry measure, it is 10 sers, or 
4 of a man (maund) of 40 sers ; consequently in accounts it undergoes a slight variation from that 
of the reckoning by a Eupee or 16 anas. 





^, The first vowel in the Bengali alpha- 
bet. It has the sound of a in father, 
and sometimes of o in God ; but when 
it is final, that of a in America. It is 
inherent in every consonant, and must 
be sounded with it, unless its place be 
occupied by another letter or by this 
mark ( ^) called hasanta, which shows 
that the vowel is suppressed. In compo- 
sition it gives the word it precedes a 
privative or negative meaning. '^^T is 
substituted when it precedes a vowel . 

^^, ad. yon, yonder, there : pron. that. 

'^^^, a. free from debt, not in debt. 

'^\*t^, v. to be divided; to share out. 

^\*r, 5. a share, a part, a portion. 

^\*t5ft¥, a. divisible, shareable. 

"^\*t1, V. a» to divide, to share out. 

^\*n\*T, s. distinct shares, allotment. 

^\*Ttsf*T, 8. a division into shares. 

^\f*f 5, a, shared out, divided, allotted. 

^N'^rt, s. a partner, a sharer, co-partner. 

^\'5, ■^?^«1, 5. a ray, a ray of light. 

W\^^t^, a. radiant : s. the sun. 

^^^^, a. free from thorns or vexations. 

'^^^iT^, s. a bad speaker. 

^^^i?, a. silent: s. silence. 

^^qIJrI"?, a- unspeakable, obscene. 

^<P^1, 5. bad word, obscene language. 

^^t^^j a. not spoken, not divulged. 

'^<5C^T'^^^5i, 8. silence, taciturnity. 

^<P<ilJ, a. unspeakable, obscene. 

^;^vf^, a. sincere, frank, ingenuous. 

^^{^, «. a poetaster, a bad poet. 


^^?r, a. maimed ; free from taxes, 
^^^«l, a. unmerciful, unfeeling. 
^^^^J, a. inexpedient, impracticable. 
^^^, 8. improper action : a. useless. 
^^^<is, a. in grant, intransitive. 
^^^^, a, not diligent, negligent. 
^^•^«1J, a. useless, worthless, idle. 
^^s^iriir, 8. merely an improper action. 
^^^Tf^^, a. inactive, idle, indolent. 
'3T^f^l5, a. unfeigned, genuine, true. 
^^.^^"^^1, s. ease of mind, tranquillity. 
^^^T<5., ad, unexpectedly, suddenly. 
^^^T^T^^l, s. a whim, caprice. 
^^T^^, a. not distressed: «. at ease. 
^^T*f^J, 8. sincerity, honesty, frankness. 
^^•T?r, 8. the letter n5I. 
"^^T^eij a. without cause or reason. 
^^Rj, a. useless : «. an improper work. 
"^^t^J^ir, a. unfit for business. 
^^T^'jr^^l, 8. a building castle in the air. 
^^T5T, a. premature : 8. a famine. 
^^Tc^S?, ^^iSTSjT'i, a. abortive. 
^^TC«^, ad. prematurely, untimely. 
^1%9t«^, a. destitute, poor, needy. 
^■[%f^<5,, s. nothing; insignificant. 
'^^fc', a. infamous : s. a want of fame. 
^^tfc^^T^, a. infamous, not renowned. 
^^CliTB?!, a. safe, free from danger. 
^^^i?l, 8. a virgin, a maid, 
^^ri^, ^^?TT^, a. not at hand, lacking, 

wanting, inadequate, insufiicient. 
*^^"q», s. sense, understanding. 
^^rT, a. shoreless, boundless. 
'^^«^*^Nt?r, 8. a shoreless ocean. 

oST^r [ 

'^^^^, a. ungrateful, unthankful., 

'Si^lt^, a- unsuccessful. , 

^^il", a. unskilful, inexpert, unfit. 

^^r5ir, a. inartificial, genuine. 

^C^.TT^I, a. useless, unfit for any work. 

-j-^e^, a. smeared, plastered : s. season. 

^;^ir, s. want of succession, irregularity. 

'Bif^^ll, s. inaction, improper action. 

^;#tT, a. unpurchased, unbought. 

'^C^-'^j ^' absence of distress or fatigue. 

^C^C*T, ad. without difiiculty, easily. 

^^, s. a die, spots on dice ; a myrabo- 
lan ; 16 mashds ; a cart, a wheel. 

^"^i^T^^I, s. play at dice. 

^^^C^tf^, ^^v5l, s. a virgin. 

^^^, ^^?I'i^?i, imperishable, durable. 

^^^, s. a letter, type : a. imperishable. 

'=5I'?^'^55P, a. writing swiftly and well. 

^■^^^©I'^t, living by writing : s. a writer. 

^f^, C^^T^^, ^"^9 ^<l^, C^^, s. an eye. 

^^f^^^^) s. the eye-ball. 

^f^SI, a. not pained, not distressed. 

^r^'^\5l, s. pain or disease of the eye. 

^^^«|, a. not wasted, not decayed. 

^^a, a, not pulverized. 

^'^5,'^'^f^^, a. unexcited, unagitated. 

^C"^^, a. unlucky, inauspicious. 

"^C^l^, 5. freedom from agitation. 

^C^Tf^l5,fl^.unexcited,not put in motion. 

^C^T^t, a. not exciting or irritating. 

^C'Sp'lft^, 8. a complete army consisting 
of 109,350 foot, 65,610 horse, 21,870 
chariots, and 21,870 elephants. 

^«r?S^?r, a. infrangible, incapable of 
being broken, refuted, or repelled. 

'^•^rf^^, a. unconfuted, unbroken, whole. 

^•ftTT^S, a. undug : s. a natural pond. 

^•^tWT, a. not fit for food, not eatable, 
forbidden as an article of food. 

^f^g, a, unregretted, unwearied. 

^<rnir, a. not renowned, inglorious. 

^^Tjt^^J, a. unworthy of renown, dis- 
honorable, disgraceful. 

^•ifJlt^, 8. dishonor, disgrace, obloquy. 

^sf, a. immovable : s. a mountain, a tree. 

"^^fvj^^f^ja. medley, oddsand ends, nick- 
nacks, promiscuous, bad and good mixt. 

2 ] ^f?r 

^9ffciv5, a. not counted, not calculated. 

^^fsjj, a. innumerable, of no account. 

^5f^, ^9f1%^, a. motionless, remediless, 
unprotected, forlorn. [tinating. 

'^^t^f^^ll, s. promptness : a. unprocras- 

'^9f^Jl, a^. desperately, without resource. 

^^f^7t^^T<r, s. the consenting to any 
thing when there is no choice left. 

^^r^f, 8. medicament, medicine. 

^9fTfj, a. destitute of prose : s. bad prose. 

^9f^^J, ^^r^^?, a. immovable, impas- 
sable, inaccessible. 

^^fsr, a. unfathomable ; not honorable, 
not respectable, disregarded. 

'^9f"5T^5l 5 «. dishonor, disrespect, disregard. 

^•jfirj, a. impassable, inaccessible, im- 
practicable, incomprehensible. 

^•rrf^, ^^^T, s. name of a Hindu sage. 

*^?fTf\F, ad. before, prior to, sooner : 8, 
the place in front ; also, vide '3(t'>f if^. 

^^T^j a. profound, very deep. 

■■^^«l,.?.bad quality : a. useless, worthless. 

^9'«it, a. worthless : 8. not a magician. 

^^«i ;^^, a become worthless, useless. 

'^^^, s. agallochum or lignum aloes, or 
the tree which produces it ;^ also the tree 
from which Bdellium is produced :^ a, 
not weigh ty,unimportant,light, trivial. 

^^^f*lS*t's^1, 8. a timber tree (dalbergia 

^$J^J, a. unconcealable. [sissoo.) 

"^C^fl, a vocative particle employed in a 
respectful address. 

^C9fT^^, a. unperceived, not in presence. 

^CTft^C^jfl^. unknowingly, clandestinely. 

^C'Jn^ja. of no family : s. want of family. 

^C^tT"^, s. lignum aloes f another tree.'' 

'^f^, 8. fire, the god of fire, the regent of 
the south-east quarter, the power of 
digestion, bile, the name of a plant.* 

^ftt^^il, 8. a spark of fire. [hot. 

"^ftf^'*^? «. excessively hot, ignited, red 

^f^t^'l^'j, ^fttf^^lj *• the burning of the 
dead, or any religious act to the per- 
formance of which fire is necessary. 

^nf^.i[T?r,5.adigestivemedicine; a plant. 

^f?fC<pTei, 8. the south-east quarter. 

^f^:^\5l, 8. a play of fireworks, bonfire. 


[ 8 ] 


^ftf^?> *• f^^ expedient to euro tho bite 
of tho whipthong snake. 

^f^fs^,*. a funonil pile, a sacrificial pile. 

^ffjvf^T^I, 6-. trial by fire. 

^r^t^^^j •^- ^ fire-worshipper, a Parsi. 

^fy"l®l> «• tbe worship of tho god Agni. 

■^ftf^^JM, tlie force or heat of fire. 

^flf2f^?r, 8. a flint. 

^f^^^, ad. fiery, passionately, like fire. 

^ftt^^'^j <*• assisting digestion, provoca- 
tive, digestive, increasing fire. [row. 

^nf^I«l, *. fire-arms, a rocket, a fiery ar- 

^f?ff f^» *• the strengthening of appetite. 

^ftl'^'5) s. a small tree (Premna spinosa). 

^ftt^r^r, a. abounding with fire, fiery. 

^f?f^T^, a- passionate, fiery. 

^ftf^T'Sf J, s. the want of appetite. 

^f?t<r^, s. fire-arms, a fire-rocket. 

^f^*T^1, s. a sarcastic expression appli- 
ed to a violently passionate man. 

^frfC^t^, s. a particular sacrifice. 

'^f5t^\^TT, 8, consecration by fire. 

^f^^\^3, a. consecrated by fire. 

^fif^^'^r, a. resembling fire, passionate. 

^TfJ^, 5- fire-arms. 

^?f]'^*1"T^, 8. a fiery meteor, a comet. 

^tll'*'^^j *• ^ bonfire. 

^^r, 8. the place in front, a nib, a peak, a 
point or forepart, a pinnacle, a preli- 
minary : ad. before, further, onward. 

^^-Jf, a. j)receding : s. a precursor. 

"^^^sjj, a. deserving of the first place, 
entitled to precedence. 

^^9f3, a. gone before, preceded. 

^^^fl^, a. preceding, forerunning : 8. a 
forerunner, a precursor, a leader. 

^?f Sf, a. first-born : s. an elder brother. 

^^*^it, a. leading : s. a leader, a duke. 

^^Wlsfl", 8. particular order of brahmans. 

^vrcw*T, s. the front, the plaoe in front. 

^?ft^<I^, 8. a previous decree, predesti- 
nation, a preliminary regulation. 

'^^n^PK, ad. backwards and forwards, 
sooner or later. [before.* 

"^tl^-^' «. preceding, standing or going 

^^ttt^, 5-. the forepart, foremost part. 

^^sitJT 5. an induration of tho liver. 
B 2 

^2^^» ^' P^'oceding, moving in front. 
''I5^?r«l, *. making progress. [point. 
^^f^'^t^'S, a. sliarpenod, tapered to a 
^^^5^, a. indicating previously. 
^5^5^1,«. a foreboding, a presentiment. 
'^J.^B^t?, a. indicable beforehand. 
^^^5R, 8. the forewarning a person. 
"^ 5^/55, a. previously indicated. 
^2^, ^^r^r^-S, a. situated in front. 

^2^t?r«i, *. a'^Hindu monthj^CNov-'Dec.) 
"^5^1:51, 5. a disinterested person. 
^JI^^, a. disinterested. 
^^r^T, a. unacceptable, inadmissible. 
^f 25r,a,first, principal, best, chief, eldest. 
-«i«^irT«l, a. unable to speak or articulate. 
^C^r, ad. in the first place, formerly, for- 
ward, previously, afore. 
^C2^C9f , ad. forwards, onwards, before. 
^C^ft^flsr^, 8. a brahman who is husband 

to a twice-married woman. 
^Cj^^r, a. preceding, forerunning. 
^^, s. sin, guilt, wickedness, crime. 
^^?r, a. cloudless; not crowded (as trees, 
^^^Tsr, a. sinful, guilty, wicked. [&c.) 
^■^TT^^, a. destitute of a landing place : *. 

that which is not a landing place. 
^CTIT^, a. not terrible, not dreadful : *. 

a name of Shiva. 
^C'^TT'^^tTl", s. an order of fanatics who 

eat every kind of filthy things. 
"si^, s. a mark, a badge, a cypher, a nume- 
rical figure, the flank, lap, or side ; fy. 
the bosom, the heart : v. a. to mark. 
^^^, *. one who marks, an accountant. 
^'^Z^sr, s. a series of figures. 
^^5T, s. a marking, the paging of a book, 
the act of distinguishing a thing by 
putting some mark upon it. [ed. 

^^J(t?, requiring a mark, fit to be mark- 
"SI^^T^, s. the entering of numbers in an 
"SJ^^^sj, 8. midtiplication. [account, 
^^(^WJl, ^^*n3, s. arithmetic. 
^^tt5fjT^R3^T^, s. an arithmetician, 
^^f 1%, 8. addition, multiplication, the 
increasing of a sum, a raising the price, 
or revenue, extortion, an overcharge. 

""f [ 

^^^, ^■^I'^IS, ^■^^Tft, a. placed on 
the side (as a child), cherished, [sion. 

^■^^■<r*l,s. a decreasing of numbers, divi- 

^?i?t<r, 8. a flat or sharp in music. 

^1%:5, a. marked, paged. [a germ. 

^^^, s. a plantlet, a seed-bud, a sprout, 

^^ft'5}«-g6^i3iinated, sprouted, budded. 

^^^^C^1<r^t, a, /. in the first bloom of 

^^«r, s. an iron goad or hook, [youth. 

^^, 5. a limb, a member ; the body. 

'^^'^^^j s. the palsy. 

^^9f^, s. a spasm, the cramp, pain. 

^W^^W, «. mutilation, amputation. 

^^®?, a. born of one's body : «. a son. 

^^®1, 6-. a daughter. 

^^"^1, or ^T^^l, 5. a chafingdish. [Bali. 

^^Tf, s. an armlet ; son of monkey king 

^^iR, *. a court-yard, 'culg. a compound. 

^^511, s. a well-shaped woman. 

*<5rw»T3t^, s- a ceremony which consists 
in touching certain parts of the body. 

"^W£t^3W, ad. in all parts, cap a pie. 

^W^'-'f, s. the use of the limbs. 

^ W^fV, s. a distortion of the body whe- 
ther voluntary or by disease. 

"^^^"f^iri, s. distortedness of the body. 

^W^f^«ft, a. guarding body : s. a coat. 

^"^■^T^fl, s. a coat, a jacket, a gown. 

^T^^^, 8. contact with the body, coition, 
obsequious attendance upon any one. 

^■^JT'Sfl', a. adhering to the body, stick- 
ing closely, obsequiously attending. 

^Wt^*f, a. paralytic : s. the palsy. 

^Wt?", s. charcoal, a coal, cinder. 

^^T?r<P, s. the planet Mars, Tuesday. 

^#1", embodied, corporeal : ad. acquies- 

^^^?r«l, 5. act of acquiescing, [cingly. 

'Sl^^T?", s. acquiescence, engagement, 
promise, agreeing to a proposal, [to do. 

^^^^, a. agreed to, promised, engaged 

'^^^^j a. become a member or consti- 
tuent part of any thing. 

^i^'^ft, 8, a ring for the finger or toe. 

'SI^^I"?, "Si^^?^, ^t^^, s. idem, 

^^(^, s. a finger or toe ; -ffl, to meddle, 
intermeddle ; -^T^, to slide the fingers 
forward, to converse by the motions of 

4 ] 

fingers ; -^t?", to make signs withtbe 
finger ; -^^F^^l, to feel an inclination 
or itch, to intermeddle with an affair, 
have a finger in the pye : also "^^cft. 

^^l%9f|^, s. space between the fingers 

^^1^^!%, s. a knuckle. [or toes. 

"Sf^rTj^f, s. a finger's end. 

^^^,6'. the thumb, the great toe. 

^^^Ti?Tl, ^^^R1, 8. a thimble. 

*^^?r, s. a grape. In Sanskrit Jt^l. 

"Slf^, 8. the foot, leg ; root of a tree. 

^t%5^, s. tree. '5lf^'5^, a foot sole. 

^^ , s. in gram, a term used to denote 
that all the vowels are included be- 
tween these two letters. [steady. 

^sf^"?, a. not startled, not alarmed, 

^15^, a. not crooked, upright, honest. 

^5^."?"r ^' ^^i inactive, not clever. 

^^t?:5, a. fickle ; without incident. 

^55^,«. immovable, resolute, firm,unabl0 
to move, decrepit : s. a mountain. 

^15^^1,«. immovableness. [per conduct. 

^5c?i^,a. not current, obsolete : s. impro- 

^5ca^<r, a. immovable, not removable. 

^15t%^, a. not current or passable. 

^f5f%5,7^1, s. quackery, neglect of medi- 

^f5^^?r, a. incomprehensible. [cine. 

^fs^l, 8. a neglect of care or anxiety. 

"^f^f^^, a. unthought on, unexpected. 

^f^^, a, of short duration, transitory. 

^f^?'^lft, a. fugitive, temporary. 

"^C^^^, a. void of sensation, insensible. 

'^CSIS^I, 8. the want of sensation. 

"Sic^^^, a. naked, without a garment. 

'^CS^, a. without exertion, inactive. 

^C5^1, s. neglect of exertion. 

^^, a, transparent, good: ad. well. 

^15^^, a. destitute of glory or splendour. 

^'^W. CL- uncovered, destitute of bark. 

^p^^^^^, s. an uncircumcised person. 

'^Cf^W^?, a. imperforable, indivisible. 

^C^"^^, a. not perforated. 

^5]^, a. not subject to flux or decay ; an 
epithet applied to Vishnu : 8. a shrub.^ 

^li, a. unproduced : s. a god, a he-goat, 
Spirit, or the male principle of creation. 

^^^"^j a large serpent, boa constrictor. 


[ 5 ] 


^5(9f<iR"5, a. indolent, lazy, careless. 

^5f?r^J, a. irreprohonsiblo, unblamable. 

^U?, a. invincible, unconquerable. 

^Sf^, a. unsuccessful in war. 

^s?"*^^, s. the name of a plant. 

'srsi^, a. incossant, continual. [ture. 

^5!i, «. a she-goat, Matter, or plastic na- 

^S'W?", s. vide ^§f>f7r; a small plant.^ 

''STfJtJr, a. unacquainted with, [sickness. 

J^'^t^,«.without a paramour : ^.disease, 

*^^5l, s. pay for labour. 

^C^?r, a. invincible, unconquerable. 

^^, a. ignorant, unwise, uninformed. 

^53 ^1, s. ignorance, want of knowledge. 

'^i^TlJ, a. unknown, unacquainted with. 

'^^^f^fN^^, *. a bastard. [a thing. 

^^I^^T^, a. without the knowledge of 

^^IC^, ad. unperceivedly, by stealth. 

'=51^1^, a. ignorant, unlearned, unwise : 8. 
ignorance, false knowledge, wrong idea. 

^^T^^S, ad. unwisely, ignorantly. 

^^T^^^, a. most ignorant. [ledge. 

^^TiT^I, s. ignorance, a want of know- 

^^R'^^<P, ad. ignorantly, erroneously. 

'^:^T^, a, unwise, ignorant, unlearned. 

^^tC^, ad. foolishly, unwisely. 

^C^<I, a. incomprehensible. 

'^S>^?', a. free from decrepitude, distress, 

^Sj^^ift?, «. incombustible, [or disease. 

^^cT, 5. a border, outskirt, a part or quar- 
ter of a town or any place, a district. 

'^>^iT, s. collyrium, calcined antimony 
used as a pigment for the eyes. 

^^^1, s. a species of lizard ; the mother 
of the monkey god Hanuman. [joined. 

^^t%, s. two handsful, both open hands 

*^^T^, 8. a supply, the finishing of any 

'^4t?r, s. a guava ; a fig, fig-tree, [thing. 

^^r«?^» a. untwanged. 

^t^, a. incontrovertible, immovable,un- 
changeable, irrevocable, irrefragable. 

^'D'^T^'ifl, s. an irrefragable argument. 

^i>^, a. unbroken, uninjured. 

^Cl>fc^, a. not dented, smooth, even. 

^^5T^,5.a horselaugh, roar of laughter. 

^■Jlt^^l, 8. a house, a palace, [movable. 

^C^5^j«. unanswerable, ii-refragable, im- ? 

^C^^T^^n, 8. an unanswerable argumoni, 

^T^j ^??"?r, 8. a species of pulse.* 

^«1, 8. an atom, a particle. [ogrST^* 

'srrs, 8, an qq^^ roe, spawn ; -£t^<l, to lay 

^•S^^r^, 8. the universe. 

^•iClst^, 8. a testicle. 

^•4 ?f,^?. produced from an qq^^ oviparoiw. 

'^•B J^, 8. the loss of firmness thro' fear. 

'3I'iT<5T?r, a. oval, elliptical : s. an ellipsis, 

^•^1^1%, a. idem. [an ovaL 

^?S*t?r, ad. afterwards, hereafter. 

^"5>ii7, conj. therefore, wherefore. 

^1«T, a. bottomless : «. the first of the in- 
fernal spheres or worlds of the Hindus. 

^"55T^l^*f, a. unfathomable, bottomless. 

^^jft, 8. flax (Linum usitatissimum). 

^^^prep. prefixed to a word it con- 
veys the idea of excess, usually express- 
ed by the words very, exceedingly. 

^1%^!?, a. gigantic, huge. 

^t%:^^, 8. outrage, tyranny, transgres- 
sion, exceeding of prescribed bounds. 

'^^5»"sr«l, 8. a transgressing, the surpass- 
ing or exceeding of a thing. 

^^1%:^"^, a. outrageous, transgressing : 
8. a tyrant, a transgressor. 

^^t^, s. a guest, a stranger. 

^i^fe^^, a. inhospitable, 

^1%f^^^, a. devoted to guests. 

^t%f^*tT«^1, *. a house for guests. 

'sit^f^C^^^, a. hospitable. 

^t%1^C^^1, 5. hospitality. 

^t^JTtff, a. excessive, exceeding, immo- 
derate : ad. exe* ssively, exceedingly. 

■^t%^j<r, 8. prodigality, profusion. 

^f%^j?t, a. prodigal : 8. a spendthrift. 

'^sit^f^e^, a. superabounding, excessive. 

^I^C?^, 8. a surplus, excess. 

^^*t?, a. much, exceeding, excessive, 
great : ad. exceedingly, excessively. 

'3[1%*TC?ITf%^ s. garrulity, talkativeness. 

^t%5I5r, 8. fatigue, weariness. 

^1^:»t^, a. laborious, plodding. 

^1^2(I^,rt, excessively fatigued, wearied. 

^t^^T^, ^^*il<r, 8. a diarrhoea, dysen- 

^^^, a. past, elapsed, gone. [tery. 

^i\-5^T^, *. in gram, the preter tense. 

[ 6 ] 


Tgj^f^TT . a. imperceptible by tlie senses. 
^^?IQ1, s. immensity, abundance. 
^^^, rt. dwarf, short, diminutive. 
^^^, a. weak, infirm, sickly. 
'31^'^, a. unsatisfied. 
^N^]%, 5. dissatisfaction. 
^C^T^, a. childless, without posterity. 
^^J^» «. excessive, great, immoderate, 

abundant : ad. very, excessively. 
^"57^, a. excessive, exceeding: ad. exces- 
'^^7^, 0" very few, very small, [sively. 
^^TT5T?",5.violence, outrage, oppression. 
^^jT^t"^, <?• outrageous, violent, oppres- 
^^Jt^*t7^, ci' urgent, pressing. [sive. 
^^IQ^, «. best, excellent, superlative. 
^:5, ad. here, in this, in this place. 
^T5157, a. belonging to this place. 
^Qt, conj. hence, moreover, and. 
^q1"5, conj. also, and. 
^Qj-^1, conj. otherwise, or else, or, alias. 

^<^^, a. very old, superannuated : s. the 
name of one of the Yedas. [and. 

^C<i|'1,<?o??/. furthermore, hence, moreover, 

^1^^* (i- awkward. ^W^, a. unburnt. 

^Wq, a. not given, ungiven. [ster. 

^5f^1, a. not given in marriage : s. a spin- 

^Tr^, 5. food, a meal ; the act of eating. 

^W^?, a. eatable, fit for food. 

J^lf*^, «• not lobated, apetalous : s. im- 
pression of a seal, a resemblance, [ter. 

^Tf c^?W«X ) ^' exchange, permutation, bar- 

^WlXl, a. not liberal, penurious, stingy. 

^Wt^, a. unsubdued, uncontrolled. 

*^WI^^5 «• enmity, malice, ill-will, spite. 

'^Wt'iTiW, a. without an heir, unclaimed. 

^Wt?", a. unmarried, single. 

^t^t%, s. the mother of the Hindu gods. 

'^t^^.-g^, a. not inclined to bestow. 

^1?^, a. unknown: s. the reverse of fate. 

^Wtf^^j ^- unconsecrated. 

^Tf'^^1, ^, s. vicinity, nearness, [less. 

^■^^ , ^^, ^T^^l, ^T«i1, a. blind, sight- 

^■^*tJ, a. invisible, not to be seen. 

^TJ*t]^1, 5. invisibility. 

'^■^i^, a. unseen, unperceived : 5. fate, 
destiny, luck, unseen danger. 

^w1^, a. blind : s. a malignant look. 

^CF<rl, a. unseen, unperceived. 

^CVf?, a. not proper to be given, not due. 
^^ "5, ^.preternatural, supernatural, won- 
derful, strange, marvellous, amazing. 

^^^, a, ravenous, gluttonous, greedy. 

^^J, ^tfs?, ad. to-day. [ing to to-day. 

^WJ^t^, ^WJ^^, a. of this day, belong- 

^WJ^T^^tf^, ad. to-night, this night. 

^WJ"f^^"$^T^, s. preterimperfect tense. 

^WJ^^T^WJ^^^^^T^, pluperfect tense. 

^wnf^t, ad. still, yet, now, to this day. 

^WJt^f^, ad. from to-day, till this day. 

^5^J, s. a non-entity, a vanity. 

^fj, t*fe=T, f^f^, ^^^, s. a mountain. 

^^TT, a. single, not two. 

^f ?^Tift, a. sincere, upright. [sole. 

^f%i\?, a. unique, peerless, only, alone, 

^R5!fi, a. indivisible, single, whole. 

^tf^, a. only, single : s. unity. 

"^t^lS^t^, 5. the idea of the unity of God. 

^5rri, ad. beneath, below, down. 

^^S^<ft, s. pudendum muliebre. [beian. 

^5:f IT, a. vile, base, mean, low, vulgar, ple- 

^^ir<, s. a debtor. 

^^fllT^i-^, a, excessively low or vile. 

'^^^r, s. the lower lip. 

^^■5^, ^5j^^1 5. irreligion, impiety, in- 
justice, unrighteousness, ungodliness. 

^M"5^ir?, a.full of irreligion or injustice. 

^5d-^T5^«l, s. irreligion, impiety. 

^^■saY, "S^s^tt^^jfl!. unrighteous, irreligi- 
ous, ungodly, impious, unjust. 

^?iL"5^^5^^, s. unjustly acquired riches. 

^^^^, a. lying beneath, situated under. 

'5T<i!^I<s,, ad. beneath, from below. 

^'^% ^^f%;^, a. situated below. 

^Vf^C^ff, 5. a denominator or divisor 
placed beneath. 

'^V^,prep. (used only in composition) ; it 
usually conveys the idea of possession, 
right, appropriation, belonging to, &c. 

^r<f^, a. much, more, more than. 

^f^^'^, ad. especially, particularly, 
principally : conj. also, furthermore. 

^f^^?:«l, s. the possessing of a thing ; in 
gram, the seventh or locative case. 

^p:f<5t\*t,'5.the greatestpart, a majority 

^fV^t\"*tT:, ad. for tliG most part. 
'^f^^Tf^^, cid. more and more. 
^fVf^l"?", s. an estate, a reign, a govern- 
ment, a kingdom, a right, a i^rivilego, 
inheritance, possession, title, [right. 
^f^^tf?'5l,«. proprietorship, proprietary 
^fV^T<rt, a. possessing a right or privi- 
lege : 8. a proprietor, an owner. 
^f5d"^"5, a. possessed, enjoyed as a right. 
^fv^1^, 5. possession, right. [ed. 

^fif f^v^, a. turned away, sent, despatch- 
^srf>f^3, a. known, attained, found. 
^fvfsfsr, s. an acquiring or obtaining. 
^f^CW^II, s. a guardian deity. [ble. 
^r^tw^3, 8. theology, a god considered 
as the regent over any part of nature. 
^fV*1", "^f^Jf^t^, 8. a king, a sovereign, a 
master, a lord, a captain, a chieftain, a 
governor, an owner, a commander. 
^f^<lt^, 8. a ceremony preliminary to the 

coronation, marriage, &c. 
'^f^f^^, 8. nature, material parts of crea- 
tion, viz. air, earth, water, fire, &c. 
^f^"5rt^, «• an intercalary month. 
^fV?rtlf, 8. an emperor, a sovereign. 
^N^T^I, s. a regent, a president, a ruler. 
^fV'^li^l',^'. presiding, ruling, governing, 
'^fV^T^, 8. abiding, a habitation, a pos- 
session, practice, the doing of a thing. 

^f5i1%^,a. situated, possessed of, settled. 
^^1^, a. read, instructed, studied. 

"^^ftt^, 8. study, instruction, a lecture. 

^^^, a. subject to, dependent on. 

^5iY^^1,«. servitude, subjection, slavery. 

^5f i<rl, a. placid, not impetuous. 

'5I5:ft'^?r, 8. a sovereign, a lord. 

^Vf^1, ad, now, lately, recently. 

^^^, 8. laxity, want of restraint. 

^^^, a. unassuming, diffident, modest. 

^^^^1, s. modesty, diffidence. 

^C^^. «. uncontainable, unnssumable. 

'^tvfTfj, s. impatience, intemperateness. 

^C^T^tt^, 5. a descent, a going down. 

'^C^tvt?!^, s. a descending, a going down. 

^C^T^Tsft, «. descending, sinking. [down. 

^C^T'5®, s. a downcast look, a looking 

] ^H 

^CVft^JTjflj.downcastjdt jected, ashamed. 

^cvrt^^^, 8. tlio infom il region, Patala. 

^Vf]^, 8. a chief, ruler, governor, super- 
intondont, a commander, a guardian. 

^5fj^Xl, ^,«.superintendentship, guar- 
dianship, pre-eminence. 

^HJ'^*^, 8. the mysterious syllable ^e. 

^^)*I^, 8. a reading, study, a lecture. 

^5^7^, a. substituted for ; placed over. 

^ ^3t^,rtJ. spiritual ; inherent in a person's 

^^Jt^^^l, 8. self-knowledge, [nature. 

^Vf]T*f?P, 8. a teacher, an instructor. 

^M'jT^f^'Sl, s. office of a teacher, [ing. 

^^JM^j^^T-s^Jfl, 8. instruction, teach- 

^^Jt'^^'^^, ^^]T*tJ, a. fit to be taught. 

"^^Jt'5*ft^11, s. an instructor, a preceptor. 

^5!rjtf^^,<?.taught, instructed in science. 

^50T?, 8. a lesson, a section, a chapter. 

^^]TC<rT^, a. ascending upon. [ing. 

^^7T^?r*t, s. a supplying ellipsis in writ- 

^5d-]T^T?", 8. in gram, an eUipsis. [reads. 

^C^J^I, 8. a student, a reader, one who 

^C^J?, a, unfit to be meditated on. 

'^^, s. a road, a highway, a path. 

"^^,5. a particular note in music, a breve. 

^'i{% a. unembodied : «. aname of Kam- 
dev the Indian Cupid. 

^^HT^, a. unknowing : $. a stranger. 

^^fVr^T?", 8. a want of right to a posses- 
sion or office ; -'^^l, officiousness. 

^^fif^lS, a. unpossessed, iminherited. 

^s^f^^f^S, a. unknown. 

^71^, a. endless, eternal : s. a name of 
Vishnu, also of a deified serpent. 

^^^?P, a. endless, boundless. 

^^^C9tt?r, s. a note in Hindu music. 

^^^^^^'*vt, s. a feast sacred to Yislinu. 

^1^^^^, s. a vow sacred to Vishnu 

^^^^T^, 8, endlessness, eternity, 
^?l^^?, a, boundless, endless, eternal. 

^^^^t^, a. truly eternal, boundless. 

^^^^?T, 8. the name of a plant.* [next. 

^^^?"> (id. after, afterwards : a. near^ 

^^^?rTf*f, s. in ahjeh. infinite quantity. 
■^^^?>*ft, d' protean, multiform. 

^J^^l, 8. a name of Durga ; a plant." 
^^^j,rt.the same, not different, identical. 

^i^1 [ ! 

^TT-Pt^T, ^^^15I?P, a. childless. 
^5T«1":5'5^, a. shameless, bold, impudent. 
^Jl*t?rtC5CW?a^, s. a victim, one suffering 

for no crime. 
'^5T'5^^^, (i- not stolen or taken away. 
^^*tT<T, a. not subject to loss, uninjuri- 
^••TC^I"^, a. independent, satisfied, [ous. 
'^;;T^"?'15,«.incessant, perpetual, constant. 
-^^f^^, a. ignorant, stupid. 
^^|%^^1, s. ignorance, stupidity. 
^;;i"5[TIJ, «. unworthy of honour. 
*^^n^t«^, «• vide '^T^e^J- 
^T^-jfj, a. invaluable, high-prized. 
"^^fw^, O" unacquired. 
^JTof, a. useless, answering no purpose. 
'^Tiof^, a. unmeaning, useless, vain. 
=^7i^'T.^1, s. uselessness, vanity. 
^^fpfl?, 0" not appointed or delegated. 
^^c^, s. fire ; a species of reed.^ 
'ST^'*f^, s. abstinence from food. 
'^^l^t'?r, s. improper conduct, impurity. 
^^T5T^, a. impure, unclean, wicked. 
'3^7ft\5g"^, a. unostentatious, modest. 
'^JTl^, a. unprotected, forlorn, orphan. 
^3;[tf«i"^j a. fern, forlorn, unprotected. 
^i^TW?r, 5. disrespect, want of civility. 
^^llW", 8. eternal, without beginning. 
'^^TtR'^1, s. eternity. 
^JltCW^, a. inadmissible, unacceptable. 
^^tC^^^I, 8. inadmissibility, 
^^n^j, a. not prior, not first. 
^^T^^T, «• unconquerable, invincible. 
'sl^t^T^, s. pineapple (Bromelia ananas). 
^^l^'^j^, a. unnecessary, needless. 
^7(tf^,«.uncovered,unguarded, exposed. 
^^Ift^, 8. drought, a scarcity of rain. 
*=si;^lil<s„ a. whole, entire. 
^^T^Vj 8. health. 
«5i^fsr?^1, -^, s. healthiness. 
^^if^^l, 'siJJt'Sil, 8. the ring-finger. 
^^T?^, «• without owner, unclaimed. 
■^^t^^, «. not extended, short. 
'^^T?I^, «. . independent, untamed. 
^^t^t^5 8. ease, facility : a. easy.," 
'^^1?t^^^, a. easily done, or made. 
^^t?ltC^, c(d. easily, without difficulty. 
^^t?rv5, a. incessant, perpetual. 

^^tf^^, a. not dependant on. 
^i^Tf^^, a. noseless. 
"^5^1^1,5. incredulity, want of confidence, 
^JRTf%^, «. incredulous. 
^^1C'5?', a. incredible, unfit to be con- 
^'iT^tW'? tt' tasteless, insipid. [fided. 
^i^T^^, a- not smitten : s. the breast. 
^^t^T^, a- fasting : 5'. abstinence. 
^JTl^t"^, a. fasting, living without food. 
^^I'^^, 5. uncalled, uninvited. 
^t^S^I^, ^t^S"^^, a, not silent, noisy. 
^I^S'StT^, a. breathless: 8. want of breath. 
=5it^<P^, w^^ a. distant. 
^f^'SfST, a. immovable. 
^f^^, ^l^'s^, ^t?C5^^, a. averse, invol- 
^f^^l, 8. disrelish, aversion, reluctance. 
^f^^7, a. temporary, fugitive, transitory. 
^{^■^K^^l, s. a whim, fancy, caj^rice. 
^l7R\5j\51, '^t^l)3<5'H", s. temporariness. 
^t^^tl?^, a. not hindered, not resisted. 
^f^R^l^fj, a. irresistible, stubborn. 

NS^f^t^"^, a. unwinking, vigilant. 

^t^f^C^jtt^. vigilantly, narrowly, closely. 
"^t^Ti^, d- incessant, perpetual, constant, 
unresolved, unfixed, undetermined, un- 
regulated, uncontrolled. [strained. 
^t^?t3^? d" uncurbed, unbridled, unre- 

^t^?I^)«. irregular : s. absence of a rule. 

^^?f^^, a. not regulated, undetermin- 

^f^^'^i, 8. the husband of UsLa. [ed. 

'5lt^"^5^, s. the not asserting of a thing. 

^t^^'T^J, a. indescribable, undefinable. 

^I^TI^, 8. want, indigence, need. 

^f^f'^'il, a. indifferent, needy, indigent. 

^17^2"1%J 5. wretchedness, want, need. 

^t^c^, ^T?, 8. the wind, air. 

^t^*t, a. nightless, incessant, continual. 

^f^f"^'^, 0^' unprohibited, unforbidden. 

^1^^, a. undesired, ominous, evil. 

'Sit^-^^, a. occasioning evil, or ill-luck. 

^f^^^T^, 8. misfortune. 

^1^^*i^1, a. foreboding of evil. 

^t^^^I?^, a. indicating evil, ominous. 

^t^"^!, s. unsteadfastness, unsteadiness. 

^t^^JT, s. silence : a. silent. [fact. 

^t^C^l^fl, 8. one who does not deny a. 

^ [ 

^;^?l», ^^t%4Y, «• n-n army, forces. 

^^^t*t, a. unliko, unparalloled. 

'^i^^, a. not low or base. ^^^^, a. not 

■»l^fl5, 8. injustice, immorality, [taken. 

^^"^*r, a. not thus, unliko, dissimilar. 

^^'^?:^tW, 8, atheism, a denial of God. 

^^^?r?TifY, «. denying God: «. an atheist. 

^^'5r<r*t?'T?ei, a. atheistical, impious. 

^^^, a. indifferent, careless. 

^•J) pt'^^P- (used only in composition) ; 
it conveys the idea of following, follow- 
ing upon, consequent, according to. 

'ST^^'^l,^. pity, compassion, tenderness. 

'^^^f'^lS, a. affected with pity. 

^Jj^^cj, 8. an imitation : a. imitative. 

^^^<r«l*t^, s. an imitative sound. 

^^^^, s. the axle-tree of a carriage. 

^^^.■^'cj, 5. a drawing, attraction. 

^ij^*^, s. an alternative, a secondary 

^^^t?", 8. an imitation. [injunction. 

^^?Pl<ft, a. imitating, mimicking. 

^ifl'^rT, a. coinciding, friendly to, assist- 
ing, co-operating, acting in concert. 

^^^c^^1, -^, s, vide 'Slt^ipylj. 

^*J^^^'^» «. a fair or favorable wind. 

^^^' a. not mentioned, not spoken. 

=31^1^, s. not a word, an improper ex- 

^si^^fls^^, a. serrated, dentated. [pression. 

^^:fl»ir, s. a succession, order, a series. 

^«^^^f*i'T5l, s. an index, table of contents. 

^^c;^T*f,*. tenderness, compassion, pity. 

^^'^*1 J rt^. at every instant, perpetually. 

^;?r"«ft«?, 8. a creek. 

=^^9r3, a. attached to, dependent on. 

^^sfir, 8. a following, a consequence. 

^^9f 51^, 5. a following, a woman's burn- 
ing with the corpse of her husband. 

^^stirj, a. fit or deserving to be followed. 

'^i^^TTTft, «. following, consequent upon, 
devoted to, imitating, servile. 

^*i^^^' <?. favored, honored. 

^*i!l^' 5. grace, favor, kindness. 

^^5?r, 8. an attendant, a follower. 

^5J15T?f1", a. attending, following. 

^►T^f]?^, a. unfit, improper, wrong. 

'SiJJB?, a. not liigh, low, humble, lowly. 

^^l*, a. younger, junior, 

9 ] ^-^ 

'5^^^^, a, living upon : s. a servant. 

'SRUI, «. a command, injunction ; -^ff^T^, 
obedient ; -*f T^s^, obedience. 

'sr^^T^f , «. repentance, regret, remorse. 

'^Tij-STfM, a. penitent, regretting. 

^^^T5T, a, lying with the face down- 
wards : 8. a supine posture. 

^si^WTT, «. the not rising of a luminary. 

^iJ^T^, a. unaccented. [as the day. 

^5i^i^5T, ad. daily, every day, as constant 

^^tWSlJ, a, longitudinal. 

^^f'ii^, a. not regarded, unascertained. 

'^^C^'*!,*. want ofattention to an object. 

^^Cw^tj, a. not to be regarded. 

^^C¥9f, 8. freedom from perplexity. 

^^WJ^, «• not engaged, not about to do. 

^JJW]^, 8. want of effort, not an effort. 

^^5i^T^^, 8. a pursuit, consideration, re- 
flection, meditation. 

^^^<I, s. submission, intreaty, humility. 

^STSJ^?^, a. humble, submissive. 

^5J^:5T»^^, a. level, horizontal. 

^^^^, 8. non-elevation. 

^^-pflW^^, a. uninstructed, untaught. 

^^*T*ffG, 8. inconclusive argument for 
supporting a doctrine or hypothesis. 

^^i^-cfsr, a. incomparable, unequalled, 

^Tj-pful, 8. a dissimilitude. [peerless. 

^T^vff^-jj a. uncompared. 

^^^C^TI, d' incomparable. 

^^*f5tre^, a. unfit, improper, inconsistent. 

^^^C^T^f, .9. unsuitableness, inutility. 

^^^I'f^^^'^^^U *• absence of mind. 

'^^'s^f^^f^^l, 8. absence of thought. 

^^«tl^, 8. proportion, arithmetical pro- 

'^^^t^^, 8. a small crime. [portion. 

^W^t^, «. a vehicle for a medicine. 

^ Wt^, 8. idem ; also, a. vide ^^-pfTT. 

^^*1"T<I, 8. want of expedient. 

^^^ft^Y, «. not contriving, not using ex- 

^^*tW, a. lateral. [pedients. 

^^2t?T^, or ^^£tt^, 8. after endeavoui* 
or labouj', an accumulation of words 
from the same root, alliteration. 

^5RSl^, a. latitudinal, transverse. 

^T^^^^T^, ad. yearly, every year. 

^^^^, «. olloncc, guilt, an element of 

^;j [ 10 ] 

language, viz. a root, an affix, an aug- 
ment, the permutation of a letter. 

^^^^'•Tt^, a. probable, possible. 

^^^^, (f. following, attendant upon. 

^7(^T^, s. a response, an abusive reply. 

^^f f^", s. a consequence, a following. 

'^iTC^T^, s. an after- thought. 

'^T^^, a. crooked, awry, not erect. 

n5J7I-»^,s. experience, experimental know- 
ledge, a guess, an inference, a suppo- 
sition, a hypothesis, a surmise. 

^^^^t^??^, a. contrary to experience. 

^^^^f^^, ct- proved by experience. 

■^^"^C^, ctd. experimentally. [cation. 

"^^^T^, s. firm opinion, certainty ; indi- 

'^7i:ir1%,s. acquiescence, consent, permis- 
sion, a commandment ; -W1, to permit. 

"^7^515^1, 5. one who gives permission. 

^^ir?"*!, ^^^^1) *• a woman's burning 
herself on a separate pile. [thesis. 

^TTirt^, s. SL guess, an inference, a hypo- 

'^T^irt^^^l, s. one who infers, [ference. 

^;^'5Tt^t%?''^,a. contrary to legitimate in- 

^TTnt^PT^. d' proved or established by 

^SRTItC^, ad. probably. [inference. 

^^Uf^^, a, leading to an inference. 

'^Tjirtf^^, a. forced as an inference. 

^T^fs^'S, a. inferred, guessed. 

^^f^t%, s. an inference, a guess. 

^^j:ir<r, a. inferrible. 

^^^t^, (I- following, arising as a conse- 
quence from some circumstance. 

^^C^T^r, s. a reproof, a reprehension. 

^^C^t^, a. reproving, reprehending. 

^^C"=irtSJJ, a. reprehensible. [fond of. 

^^^^, a. attached to, enamoured with, 

"^^^1%^, s. love, affection, fondness. 

^^■?'^^, d giving pleasure, causing de- 
light, pleasing, gratifying. [ject. 

'5I^?r'^^, s. attachment, delight in an ob- 

'3i:^^t'»f,s. attachment, fondness, love, af- 

^Tj^T^tt, «. affectionate, fond, [fection. 

^si^^t^l, s. the l7th lunar mansion. 

'^^W^j (I' complied with, conceded to. 

^Ti^jf-pf , «!. corresponding with, like.[ing. 

^^?>nt, a. assuming same habit, imitat- 

^^C<rt^1, s, one who shows partiality. 

'SiTic^t^,*. complaisance, partiality, [ing, 

^^C?rT5ft",^. partial, complaisant, conced- 

'^7^fv\?i,a. anointed, smeared with. 

'^^Cc^'H", s. an unguent, anointing. 

'S^C^^^, anointing : s. one who anoints. 

^^CcT^^jS. the anointing with unguents. 

"^^Cc^t^, a. favorable, helping forward, 
going with the grain or with the hair. 

^^Cc^T^Sr, a. produced or born in due 
gradation or order, 

^5^*tt«1^, s. study, attention, devotedness 
to any science ; -^, to study. 

^^'nt«^^<r, a. deserving to be studied. 

^^C*tt^, .?. repentance, regret, remorse. 

"3^^*^^^, s. one who repents or regrets. 

"^^(l^rT^^, -s". the repenting of an action. 

^^C*fT^^<r, a. requiring repentance. 

"^si^C^lfs^, a. repented of, regretted. 

^^C*tt^, a. repenting, regretting. 

'^Sfi'f^^, a. learned by dictation. 

^^^^, s, attachment, love ; agreement. 

^^^ "5f^ s. a measure of verse, viz. 32 
syllables, or 4 lines of 8 syllables each. 

^^^T^^J, a. fit to be practised. 

^^'^t^l, s. one who does or practises. 

^■i^%t*T, s, practice, a practising, applica- 
tion, diligence, a topic of discourse. 

■^^^WT^, s. an aim, search, research, en- 
quiry, investigation, scrutiny. 

^^^i^T^, «• inquisitive, curious. 


^^^^tft, «• searching, seeking, enquir- 
ing, investigating, scrutinizing. 

^^^■^«l, s, the following of a person. 

^♦C^^«it^,«.fittobe followed, inferrible. 

^^^T^, s. a consequence, conformity. 

^SR'Tt^, a. following, according with. 

^^T^tC^, ad. according to, in virtue of. 

^^^5^, a. reflecting, indicating. 

=^7(^5;^1, s. reflection, indication. 

^^;^5^<r, ^^"^l^f?^^!, a. indicable. 

^^^f^^, a. known, reflected on. 

"^^^^i s. the nasal character \. 

^;jF, a. unmarried : s. a bachelor. 

^^71, a. fern, unmarried : s. a spinster, 

'^Z'^^, a. many, much, abundant. 

'SlC^^jll, ad. of many sorts : a. various. 


[ 11 ] 


■vsic^^:^^, rt. entiroly doaf and dumb. 
'SliT^t, s. a flea, an annoying insect. 
^9, 8, an end, extremity ; death : a. near. 
"=51'. sgs^«l,5. tlie heart, will, inward agent. 
^^S^?ri?r^, a. innate, in-d welling. 
"^^5:1^^, a. inwardly vexed, enraged. 
^^S*TTv5t,«. included, internal : *. vicinity. 
'ST^S*^^, s. female apartments, a seraglio. 
'^^S^t%eT, s. subterraneous water ; a se- 
cret, concealed idea. [destructive, fatal. 
^^^, 5. death, Yama : a. mortal, deadly, 
'^^<PT, a. mortal, deadly : 8. a destroyer. 
^^^TcT, 8, the time of death. 
^^12, ad. at last, finally, in the end. 
^«?r, ad. in, within, between. 
^51^^, s. interval, distance : a. own : ad. 

without, except : conj. and, moreover. 
^??"W, 8. a relative, a near friend, [cy. 
^^^^^51, s. relationship, kindred, in tima- 
'^^^^■^Sl, 5. inwardness, inclusiveness ; 

outwardness, exclusiveness. 
"^^^^jrt. inner, internal, situated within, 
'^^^rlja^^. betwixt, between, near, except: 

8. a line in poetry, the verse of a song. 
'^^?"T'^\5]1, or ^^^f^, a. pregnant. 
^^?'T?, s. an impediment, an obstacle. 
^^?"Tc?j s. the space between two objects, 
^^t?^, a. inward, internal. [a bird. 
^^^^, 8. sky, atmosphere ; -'5^ aerial : 
'^^■^*f , s. a capo, a promontory, a head- 
^^^?, 8. a lower garment. [land. 

^^C<r, ad. between, betwixt, except, 
'^^^^j a. included, forgotten. 
^^^c?t, 8. the immersing of the body of 

a dying person into the Ganges. 
^^^T^, a. excited within, inborn. 
^^^TJR", 8. a disappearing, a vanishing 
^^^Ti^fY, a. becoming invisible, [away, 
^^r^, 8. invisibility, a concealed state. 
^^^"JR, 8. inward meditation. 
^^^^, a. internal, inward, included, 

contained, situated within. 
^I^C^fW, s. Dodb, tlie country included 

between the Ganges and Yamuna. 
"^^■^^j a. included, contained, internal. 
^^^I'sft", a. pervading, heart-searching. 
'^*3t%T, a. vanished, disappeared, 

L 2 

^f%^,rt. near, proximate, adjacent, conti- 
Wl^?5^Tr, a. very near, close to. [guous. 

^r^Vy a. extreme, final, last, very near. 

'«ff%5r^T^, 8. the time of death. 

^Ws^i ad. at last, in the end, in fine. 

'^^l, a. last, ultimate, a hundred billions : 
8. last term in the rule of proportion. 

^^If, a. junior, youngest ; plebeian. 

'STC^J®, 8 a funeral sacrifice. 

^CWl$n^?1, 8. funeral obsequies. 

^3, 5. entrails, the bowels, the viscera. 

^3f^WJl, 8. splanchnology. 

^rat^T^^, 8. the epiploon or caul. 

^^sff?", a. within. '^^C?r, ad. within. 

*^**fTW, 8. a guess, a cast. 

*^5{^-f-^^ guessing, by guess. [fear. 

♦^C^ft^n, s. thought, reflection, doubt, 

"^^j^^^, ^1ei1, a. blind, sightless. 

'^^^T^, 8. darkness : a. dark, obscure. 

'^^^'^, s. a well overgrown by weeds. 

'^^C9rtc^T5[c^^)T?, a. implicit, led by the 

^^^^3^, 6". gross darkness. [nose. 

^^^1^, 8. a blind man's staff. 

^W«T1, ^^, ^T«11, a. blind, sightless. 

^^^, 8. food, boiled rice. 

^^^^TC<rT^«t,s. a making shift, the crip- 
ple's riding on the shoulders of the 
blind for the purpose of assisting each 
other with sight and locomotion. 

^^f^^f?;!, s. darkness. 

^l%^t%, 8. a chink, a crevice, a flaw. 

*^5ic^^, a. very dark ; mysterious ; un- 

^^, 8. food, boiled rice. [just. 

^^SJcT, 8. board, maintenance. 

^^Wt^l, 8. a supporter, a charitable man. 

^g^*ri, . a goddess, the Hindu Ceres, 

^^2n*r5r, 8. the ceremony of giving a 
child rice for the first time. 

^5i^^3FT, or ^*f^^5T, s. chyle. 

^^J, pron. another, other, different. 

"sr^jm, pron. the best of all others. 

^^73^, 2^ron. rather, either, other, differ- 

^^j:^, ad. elsewhere. [ent. 

^^J^iTI, 8. contrary, reverse : ad. contrari- 
wise : a. contrary, different, void, null. 

^^Jifl, ad. at another time. [eiguer. 

^^JC5?*Tt, ^^;Ci?f*it?,a. foreign: s. u for- 

^^ [ 12 

'STTij^iir, s. a different road. [other. 

■^-^1^^], a. previously betrothed to an- 
^^j-sr^, s. another manner ; another sect : 

ad. otherwise, in another way. 
^Ji7"5rc^, ad. otherwise, by other means. 
^^j"sr^^, a. absent in mind, averse. 
^^JT^J, a. others ; mutual. 
^^jT?,s. injustice, outrage, impropriety. 
^^1T#1", a. unjust, oppressive. 
^C^Jt^J, a. reciprocal, mutual. 
'^f^\5, a. agreeing with, connected with, 
possessed of, fraught Avith, inherent in. 
^f^^, a. sought, required. 
^C^"^ii, 8. enquire, search, research. 
^C^"^*^?, a. desirable, fit to be searched. 
^C^1X^, a. sought, required. 

"^C^"^, a. searching, inquisitive. 

^■s^, ^W^, Wv\, ■^7[, ^ttt, ^mcT, s. water. 

^•pf, prep, it usually gives the idea of 
taking from, or doing a thing badly. 

^•s^^t^, s. improper conduct, a mean ac- 
tion, an unworthy action. 

^•s^^"^, s. an evil tendency, a wrong bias. 

^'5f<&"^*l, s. an unfair seizing, a biasing. 

^'5t<5c^Wj ^' 3^1^ indelible stain, a disgrace. 

■^^^f<r, s. a detriment, an injury. 

^^^^,«^. hindered, prevented, opposed. 

^<?f^t%, s. opposition, a bad action. 

'^^^^j a. low, bad, inferior, debased. 

^-s^fl^ir, 5. a retreat, flight, absconding. 

^•^■^TT^, or ^^?"^, s. chyle. 

'^^^^j d- gone, departed, deviated from. 

'^'ptiSt^, 5. a tragical or sudden death, 

'^'pfSit^^v^I, s. idem. [murder. 

^^^<I, 5. loss, detriment, waste, [office. 

^^^^^T^Ft, s. the keeper of aninsurance 

^«tf^55, a. lost, dispersed, wasted. 

'^'s^f5l%, 5". loss, detriment, waste, disper- 
sion ; respect, honour, reverence. 

•^^t^t^l, s. an apparition, a phantom. 

'Sl^tC^^^Jl, *. spectre, apparition, agoblin. 

^'s^^t^, s. censure, an accusation, a libel. 

^«t^t1^^, a. accused, censured. 

^-s^f^tW^, a. libelling, defaming, accusing. 

^^^fltlfl, a. unholy, impure, unclean. 

^-s^^?, s. prodigality, profusion.[derer. 

^-s^^J^t, «. prodigal, profuse ;^. asquan- 

'5T«1"^f^1, s. low or vulgar language. 
^*1"TrT5T, s. dishonor, disgrace, disrespect, 

an affront, an indignity, an insult, 
'^^f'srt^, a. dishonorable, disgraceful. 
^«f ^1^7, s. unnatural or untimely death, 
^vf-^wfj, s. infamy, disgrace, dishonor. 
^«t7r, a. another, other : ad. also. 
'^*T?rTfsi^1, s. a plant (Clitoreaternatea). 
^^?rt^, s. guilt, sin, a fault, crime. 
'^*T'^t^<r^'%, a. aggravating crimes. 
^^T?"!^, a. criminal, guilty, sinful. 
'^*t?;T'5r'*f, ci. unadvisable. 
^'^?rT"a'^1, a. undefiled : s. a virgin. 
^*^<rt'3^, s. the afternoon. [wife, 

^^t^^'^l&l, s. a chaste woman, a lawful 
'^'s^t?^^, «. unacceptable : non-accept- 
^«t1?«i^^, s. celibacy. [ance. 

'^'si"t?f^^, a. unmeasured, immoderate. 
'^•51'f^^f?", a. impure, unclean, vague. 
^'^It'^T^J, (i> irrefutable, unanswerable. 
^*^?fl"f^^, «• untried, unexamined. 
^*f?&*f , a- iigly, distorted, queer, preter- 
natural, singular, strange, surprising. 
^*t^lT¥, a. irregular, immethodical. 
^*f^T*f , 8. the denial of a thing, scandal, 

detraction, evasion, low discourse, 
^-pf c^t-s^ja. slandering, belying, denying, 
^"s^^, a. not clear, unintelligible. 
^-sT^"^*!, 8. a withdrawing, a retreating. 
'^'5t^T?r, s, the epilepsy, falling sickness, 
^"s^^t^, a. epileptic, having epilepsy. 
^*f^^, a. murdered, killed, ruined, 
^'^f^?:*!, 8. a purloining, a plundering. 
^*f^T?r, s. plunder, pillage, thievery, lar- 
ceny, robbery, depredation. 
^•si"^Tt?^, a. plundered, pillaged. 
'^^f^lS, a. stolen, gained by plunder. 
^^^^, 8. denial, concealment. 
^^•^^, a. denied, concealed. 
^*tT\^fV, 8. the sea, ocean. [cocted. 
'3;[*fT^, 8. indigestion : a. unripe, uneon. 
^•s^T^, s. the outer corner of the eye, a 

lame person : a. deformed, ugly. 
'^'silTfT^, 8. in gra7n. the ablative case, 
'^^tt^, a. shoreless, boundless, impassa- 
^'s^T'^'jirT*!, a. impracticable. [ble. 

'^jvfj C071J, alsO; and, likewise, moreover. 

^sr [ 

^^5T, a. not thick, plump, or largo. 

^^«r, a, not full ; -^isrii, abortive. 

^<i^, a. unprocedontod, unoxporienced, 
unparalleled, eminent, oxcellont, un- 
common, remarkable : *. fate, destiny. 

^C^^, a. expecting, expectant. 

^C*f ^^, a. expecting : s. an expectant. 

'^C'K'^**!, s, act of expecting. 

^C^^^eit?, a. vide ^CPf^^T, [rather. 

'5ic*f^1, s. expectation, hope : ad. than, 

^Cs^f^^, a. expected, waited for. 

^C^t'tpY, rt. expecting, waiting for. [for. 

^C*f^J, a. fit to be expected or waited 

^C*lTv?, a. unburnt, incombustible. 

^£f^*r, a. secret, private, sinister. 

^£t^?t^*t, ad. privately, secretly. 

^£t^^, a. spurious, improper. 

^2f5?r, a. insufiicient ; v$l insufficiency. 

^2f«lTcTt, s. an irreglarity, an anomaly. 

'^2f ^^t^J,«. irremediable, irretrievable. 

^£tt^^, ^' nonplussed, confounded. 

^2l1%5r, a. unparalleled, peerless. 

^2lTtt%, s. incredulity, unbelief. 

^2t^cT, s. need, want, exigency, a strait. 

W2f^7^, a. not evident, absent. 

^2t^]?r, s. incredulity, unbelief, mistrust. 

^£t^J^, a. unbelieving, incredulous. 

^2f<ir,a. not known, not public, irregular. 

^2t<iri,«. a want of publicity, irregularity. 

^gff'^lS, a. unpublished, not noted. 

^■£t|€,«?. not engaged, not excited, [ness. 

^2f|f%, s. non-excitation, non-engaged- 

^2JC^*T, .9. a not entering : ^5. inaccessible. 

^2tC?r*r^l<r, ^SjC^^tj, a. impenetrable. 

^£t^T^, s. destitute ofproof or evidence. 

^£f"5Ttif, s. caution, safety, heed. 

^Sff^^T^, a. precipitate, venturesome. 

^2tC^¥,rt^. incapable of proof, improbable. 

^£t?Ft^, (I. easy, slight : s. ease. 

^S:t?TC^, ad. easily, without labour. 

^StC^It^f, s. an inferior object. 

^2jC?t5f^, a. ineffectual. [cessary. 

^£tC?T®^, 8. wantof necessity ; a. unne- 

^£tc^T*1", s. coherent speech. 

^2t*r^, a. narrow, scanty, strait. 

^£J^T, a. not ready, unprepared, con- 
founded, noni)lussod, unable to reply. 

13 ] ^7 

^£1151^, a not ancient, not old, modom, 

^211557, *. insufficiency. [new. 

^StT^, a. inanimate. 

^gtT% a. unobtained. 

^2tT*5^9Tn«| , a. Tmfortunato, unsuccoss- 

"^TSfT^^I^^, a. inopportune. [ful. 

^Sfrf^, 8. scarcity :a. not gain ful, scarce. 

^£tT^Tf^<P, a. improbable, unauthentic. 

^fitt'TT^IJ,*. improbability, in authenticity. 

^ffl<r, a. unamiablo, not beloved. 

^gft^, 8. want of love, dislike, disgust. 

''I^PT^rl, 8. a , species of derai-gods, the 
fabled courtezans ofthe Hindu heaven. 

^frpTT, 8. opium; properly ^ftZJP^. 

^f^^, a. addicted to eating opium. 

^^?r«l, 5-. non-decay, non-expenditure : 
a. not expended ; uncontracted ; endless. 

^"^^prep. it usually gives the verb or 
other word to which it is prefixed, an 
ablative sense, or sinks its value; some- 
times it gives to verbs of motion the 
sense of motion downwards : ad. now. 

^^^T*r, s. leisure, opportunity. 

^^^T*T:g5CTr, ad. at leisure, leisurely. 

^^e^^J, a. not fit or proper to be spok- 
en, unspeakable, imutterable. 

^^;55<r, 5. an unfair purchase. 

"^^C^*^, s. an irony, a sarcasm, a jeer. 

^^9t^, 8. an infant, a babe. 

^^9fl5, o. known, acquainted with. 

^^?f^, s. knowledge, acquaintedness. 

^^^fl^iT, 8. immersion, bathing, ablution. 

^<r^Tf^l5,rt. immersed, baptized, plunged, 

^^^«1, 8. coarse powder. [dipped. 

^'TP^^, a. limited, bounded. 

^^C^W, . a limit, a boundary. 

'ST^^, s. contempt, despite, disregard. 

^^;st^, a. despised, contemned. 

^^v^t^^J, a. despicable, contemptible. 

^^C^?, a. idem. [cavity. 

^^^; 8. a cavern, a pit, hole, a sinus, a 

^^^t^, or P'gTl^t, 8. an awning. 

^<T^?", 8. a descent, incarnation, [tion 

^^^T'?r«l, *. the descending from asitua- 

^^^t<rf«l^1, 8. a quotation ; a boat. 

^^^«f, a. descended, incarnate. 

^^^TT, a. decrepit, embocilo. 


[ 14 ] 


"^"^T^sfjCi. rent, torn, cliopt, cracked, cleft. 

^^5^T?l, s. attention, care, regard. 

'^^^T*f^l, s. attentiveness, carefulness. 

■^^^tf?^, a. emphatic, settled, fixed on. 

^^f^, s. extremity, limit : ad. from. 

^ ^^^5, a. devoted to God but not attend- 
ing on ceremonies : s. a class of fanatics. 

'Si^^fJ, a. not deserving death, not to be 

^^^^, a. bowed, bent down. [slain. 

^^i?r^^l?, a. bent-bodied, bowed, 

^^^^1%, s. a bowing, condescension. 

'^^T^TT^, s. a depressing, abending down. 

'^^^T^, s. disagreement, discord. 

'si^^T^^, a. deflecting : 5. a deflector. 

'^^f^, or ^^^, s. the earth, the world ; 
-^fl^, or --si"!^, 5. a king, a sovereign. 

'5(^^^, s. a limb, a number, a feature, as- 
pect, form, a constituent part. 

'^'^J^, a. desisted, ceased. 

^■^^^S, ad, after, afterwards, beneath. 

^^<r1%5 s. cessation. [ed. 

'^^^■^, a. obstructed, blockaded, besieg- 

Sf^^^, a. descended, dismounted, [up. 

"^^C^T^I, s. a besieger, one who blocks 

^^C^T5f, s. a blockading, a shutting up, 
a besieging ; a cover, a lid ; a seraglio. 

^^C^f^, s, a descent, an alighting. 

'^^TC^t'^l, s. a descending, an alighting. 

"^^C^t^, a. descending, alighting. 

^^^'VtiT, a. non-existent, absent, dead. 

^^*T^5St1, s. false modesty. [cular. 

'^^c^'J, s. a prop, a support, a perpendi- 

^^c^^JT, s. the act of propping or sup- 
porting, a fulcrum, a support, a prop. 

^^c^^^?, a. proper to be depended on. 

^^cnf%:5, a. depended, dependent. 

^^c^^, a. depending on, hanging on. 

^^c^l, a. dumb, weak : s. a woman. 

'^^cT^^, s. a rolling, a wallowing. 

^^c^f*^^, a. rolled, wallowed. 

^^C^^^f^, s. a smearing or plastering. 

^^Cc^^, s. a lapping ; a lozenge. 

'^^Cc^T^^, s. the looking at, or surveying 
of an object ; -^, to view. [visible. 

^^Cc^T^^?, a. fit to be seen or viewed, 
^^Cc^Tf%^, a. viewed, surveyed, beheld, 

^^■Cc^T^t; d' looking, surveying, [seen. 

*^"55T, a. first, chief, best. 

^^*r, a. not under control, benumbed, 
unruly, ungoverned, mutinous. 

"^^f*!^, a. left, remaining. [surplus. 

'^?"C*T^, s. residue, remnant, remainder, 

^?"C*fC"^, ad. at last, finally. 

^^*tj, a. unruly ; certain, necessary : ad. 
certainly ;-^^«?t¥, or-^^Vj, highly 
important, indispensably necessary. 

^^*t7T?, s. frost, cold ; pride. 

'^^TI^, a. wearied, fatigued, exhausted, 
relaxed, decayed, ended, declined. 

'ol^^'^jS. leisure, opportunity, [sure time. 

^^Tf^^T^T, s. a holiday, a vacation, a lei- 

^^^■^;5»C^, ad. at leisure, leisurely. 

^^^T^, s. the extinction or exit of a 
thing, conclusion, decline. [sion. 

'5i^^t?r, 8. an end, declination, a deci- 

^^^, a. vain, unsubstantial. 

^^^^1, s. vanity, unsubstantialness. 

^^^1, s. condition, a situation, a predi- 
cament, a state, affliction, distress. 

"ST^^T^I, s. one who settles in a place. 

^?[^T^, s. a residing, lodging, settling, 
a residence, the settling upon a spot. 

^^^T^^, s. another state or condition. 

^^f^^ a. situated, settled. [ment. 

^^^[1%, s. a dwelling, residence, a settle- 

^^C^<r, a. capable of being dwelt in. 

^^C^cnl, 5. disregard, disrespect, con- 
tempt, a disregarding of authority. 

'^^C^c^^,*. the disregarding of authority. 

^^C^c^T?!, ad. carelessly, negligently. 

^T^i^^, «. speechless, mute, unable to re- 
ply, dumb : ad. beneath, below. 

^^TtFt, a. south : s. the south. [ed' 

^^f^J, a. unfit to be spoken or mention- 

^^t'<f1, s. not a hinderance or obstruction. 

^?rlf^^, a. unobstructed, unrestrained. 

^^t'efj, a. uncontrollable, obstinate. 

'5r^T^<r, a. intervolved, included. 

^^T^, s. the hither side of a river, [ble. 

^^T^<?t?,^^T^1",fir. inevitable, irresisti- 

■^^T^^j a. unguarded, unrestrained, 
unconfined, free, unobstructed. 

^^TO^T*!, a. not suffering resistance. 

^R5T?r, s. unjust judgment, injustice. 


[ 15 ] 


^^51^7, ^i^5l?"«l\?, rt. iminvestigablo. 

^f^fs^^?, ^t^r^^T, a. inscrutable, in- 
comprehensible, inconceivable. 

^ftc^^^J, a. indivisible, inseparable. 

^^C^W, 8. not division, union. 

'^srt^Pfj, a. unlearned, uninstructed, igno- 
rant, unsearchable, beyond knowledge. 

^f^W]irT^,o.unperceived, absent, [laws. 

^t%^R, .5. the want of laws : a. without 

^f^R, ^f^^T^,rt!. lawless, illegal, illicit. 

•^|^^'^?r,«. imperishable, indestructible. 

'^^CJ^IW, s. sadness, cheerlessness. 

'^l^?rT^, s. celibacy : a. unmarried. 

^ft^lfl;^, «. unmarried : /(?wi.^^^Tf^^1. 

"^t^C^S^, a. injudicious, inconsiderate : 
5. one who does not discriminate. 

^^C^5^1,«. a want of consideration, dis- 
crimination, or investigation. 

^t^"5r^, a. not averse to, not disinclined. 

^^^^j^lt'^TTT, a. undesisted, incessant. 

"511^^^, a. not opposed to a thing. 

'3Jl^C?rT5d', s. peace, concord, harmony. 

"^t^C^t^, a. not contentious, peaceable. 

^^5n^, a. prompt, without delay. 

^I^^f^^j a. not delayed, not postponed. 

^t^^C^, ad. immediately, without delay. 

'^t^C^T^, s. a want of distinction. 

^t^C*f^J, a. undistinguishable. 

^^"srf JT^, a. not trusted, not confided in. 

"^{^■■Jr^.a. perfidious, treacherous, disho- 

^{^■^t^, 8. incredulity, distrust, [nest. 

^f^'^tt^fj", «. mistrustful, unbelieving. 

^l^tTJTJ,fl!.unworthy of trust, unfaithful. 

^^^1, 8. one who has neither husband 

'^^^y, a. stupid, senseless. [nor son. 

^^f%, «. senseless, idiot, simple, foolish. 

^^f^^T^,a. unwise, notof clear intellect. 

^1^, a. sessile, voidof a peduncle or pe- 

^^1^, s. want of rain, drought, [dicle. 

^C^^^, a. viewing, examining : s. one 
who views or examines. 

^C^^«j, s. a survey, an inspection. 

^wa^«i^?, «. capable of being closely in. 

'arc^^ljS. attention, inspection, [spected. 

^C^f's^^, a. inspected, surveyed. 

^Ci?"^!, s. the want of time, the conclu- 
sion of the day, a deficiency in the tides. 

^t^^J,a. not a doctor : s. a quack doctor. 

^t^^7?P, a. heterodox, not in the veda. 

^t^^, a. unwarranted, irregular. 

^lt^'<f^^, 8. superstition. 

^t^Vf?P^^, ^tJT5f'T4<f1-, a. superstitious. 

^?^<r, a. free from enmity. 

'5]t^?rl", a. not hostile, not in enmity. 

^C^1"^^J, a. incomprehensible. 

^C^t5f, a. senseless, dull, stupid, igno- 
rant : s. want of understanding. 

^^, 8. the moon, a conch : Dhanwan- 
tari, a lotus, ^ a thousand millions. 

^^, 8. a year, an pora ; a cloud. 

^U , 8. a cloud. 

^^J^,ff. unperceived, imperceptible, in- 
distinct, latent, vague, unintelligible. 

^^e^^rfs^, or ^^^ffciT, 8. algebra. 

^^R^l, 8. want of laws or regulations. 

^^J^l^^, a, irregular, undisciplined. 

^^^^'^^T^, 8. not a custom, an improper 
custom : a. obsolete, uncommon, [use. 

^^J^!5^if?15, a. not brought into common 

^^J^^f57, a. impracticable, unfit to be 
brought into common use. [clinable. 

^^J<I, a. undimiuishable : mgram. inde- 

^<rj#t, a. not expending, wasting or de- 
caying : in gram, indeclinable, [word. 

'3r?rj?ft^R, 8. an indeclinable compound 

^^of, a. infallible, efficacious. 

"^^JTSJ, a. not delaying, summary. 

^^]TCSf, ad. immediately, without delay. 

'^^^^, ^^^t^, 8. an infant, a babe. 

=^"» J, a. not good, evil, bad, imfavorablo. 

^^3^1, 8. not goodness, badness, [exist. 

'^w^J, a. unseemly, uncomely, unfit to 

^^^]?rT®, a. highly clownish : s. a stu- 

^^?, 8. security, safety. [pid clown. 

^»<n, 5. a tree (Torminalia citrina). 

^■5?r*l, s. an ornament, a jewel, [less. 

^B?r^1, ^^<r3^tl%, a.desponding, hope- 

"Si^T^, a. destitute, wretched, forlorn. 

'^^tfVf^, a. fern, id-em. [unfortunate. 

^«T?fJ, ci. unfortunate : 8. misfortune. 

^■ST^^, a. unfit, not trust-worthy. 

^^I?r,5. non-existence, non-entity,a defi- 
ciency, a failure, disagrocmant [a thing. 

"Sl^T^iS^af/. through the non-existence of 


[ 16 

^^tC^, (id. without, except. 

^1%, prep, it usually indicates that the 
action expressed by the word to which 
it is prefixed has a direction towards 
the object, or in front thereof. 

^f%9f5r^, s. the going towards an object. 

^t%9ft^, a, going towards an object. 

^1%®)!^, a, born of a noble race, learned. 

^|%^,a. wise, learned, skilful. 

^I%^R«1"^, s. a certificate. 

^j%5ft^, s. a dictionary, a vocabulary. 

^f^iT^, a. recent, new, modern. 

^f%5^¥, s. a representation, a theatrical 
entertainment, a comedy, a play. 

"^f^l^R"^, a. engaged in, devoted to. 

^f%t^C^*t, s. the devoting of one's self 
to a pursuit, intentness, application. 

^f%CJT^1, s. an actor, a comedian. 

^f»^, a. unseparated, unbroken, whole, 
entire : s. an integer or whole number. 

'^f«2tl?r, s. a design, aim, an object, a 
scope, intention, the moral of a fable. 

^1%C£|v5,«!. intended, aimed at, designed. 

^f»C£f^f7f^, a. successful. 

^f%C2j^f%f^, s. success : a. successful. 

'^f^^TW, s. a salutation hj prostration at 
the feet of a superior. [ence. 

^l%^tW^, ^. salutation, obeisance, rever- 

=^f%?rTW^^, «5. respectable, venerable. 

^f»^^,s. humbling, defeat, humiliation. 

^f%^^,«. subdued, defeated, humbled. 

'^f^^t^, s. a defeat, a conquest. 

^f^-si^, a. approved, wished, chosen. 

^f^irT^T, s. pride, self-esteem, feeling an 
affront so keenly as to disregard life. 

'^f%'5rt^,«5.selfish, appropriating, proud, 
unable to bear an affront, sullen. 

^f%^*«r, a. facing : ad. towards. 

^r^^^, a. applied, to, grafted in, ac- 
cused in a court of law. [aggressor. 

^t%C^T^1, 5. a plaintiff, an assailant, an 

'^l%C^t'»r, s. application of one thing to 
another, the commencement of a law- 
suit, a military attack, perseverance. 

'^f^C'^T^ft,^?. accusing, leading an attack. 

^T^7[^,a. delighted with, devoted to. 

^f^'^T^,^. beautiful, agreeable, pleasing 

] ^TT 

^f%^f^, s. a taste or relish for a thing, 

an inclination, an attachment. 
^f^rf^«rt"?r, a. desirable, delectable. 
N5if%c^f^^,^. desired, wished for, coveted. 
^f%«^f^, s. a wish, a ^desire, lust. 
^t%cTT^,«. desirous, covetous, sensual. 
^|%fc7f^^, a. inserted, written. 
^|%*f^, a. cursed, imprecated, [accused. 
^f%*f^,«^.censured, blamed, reproached, 
^f^'Hf^, s. censure, blame, calumny. 
^f%*tT*f, s. an imprecation, a curse. 
^f%fg^, a. anointed, installed to office. 
'^f^C'^^, s. installation to office. 
^"S^f^^, a. wished for, desired, loved. 
'^^■^j a. idem; -c^T^, success. [nate. 
^C^W, s. similarity : a, alike, indiscrimi- 
^^J^?", ci" internal, inward, interior. 
^■^MC^, (id. internally, inwardly. 
'^^jej, a. near, proximate, approached. 
'^wJ'T^ir, ^^J^J, (I. capable of being 

studied, requiring study. 
^^]^, a. studied, learnt by heart. 
'^^J^It^J, a. acquired science by study. 
^31^)1^, 5. study, practice, a habit. 
"^^Jt^, a. studious ; ^15, studied. 
^^J*?tT^, s. a rising to welcome. 
'^^W?, s. welfare, prosperity; ^^^, 

Good morning to you. Good be to you. 
^^, s. cloud ; the sky ; talc mineral. 
^=5^^^, s an affront, disgrace, indignity, 

not an error : a. affronted, dishonored. 
^^^, a. not fallen from virtue. 
'^^^c^ji'. a disaster, calamity, evil omen. 
^ir^c^?P<r, ^ir^«^^t<ft, a. inauspicious. 
^Tr^c^^l5^, a. indicating evil, ominous. 
'^ij^^j, a, calamitous, disastrous, omin- 
'^^^j ad. thus, so. [ous. 

^Trf^9 ad. thus, so, as ; the same ; gratis. 
^^C^T^^, a. not chosen, not approved. 
^^C^IC"^|9f, 5. inattention. [less. 

^■srCJRtC^T^,a. inattentive, remiss, care- 
"^^T^^a. immortal : s. an immortal, a god. 
'^^^^^, s. the race of immortals. 
^Tr^«l, s. a not dying. [immortal. 

"^■57 <r^?, ^^"q"^}, a. not liable to death, 
'^^?"t^^, s. the residence of Indra. 
]:^^<?:5, a. airless, calm : s. a guava. 



[ '7 ] 



^U^, s. not the earth : a. not oartlily. 

^silfjlwl, s. affront, disrespect, dishonor, 
disgrace, want of civility or politeness. 

^^if, s. displeasure, impatience, anger. 

^^■^61, a. displeased, angry, impatient. 

*^ir3^,«. jurisdiction, government, office; 
-Pfl^, an officer, a corporal. [nient. 

*^^c^'^r<ff, s. heniniing, hem of a gar- 

*^?r^lf^^T«^1, s. officers, attendants. 

^TTT'SJ, s. a courtier, an adviser, a senator, 

*^irT^^, 8. a deposit. [a statesman. 

'STirTsT^, a. not human ; uninhahited. 

'^"srts^, a. not proud, meek, not self-im- 

^^Ti^J, a- not respectable. [portant. 

^'SiT^yiJl, s. the day before the new moon. 

^"srT^^, s. the day of the new moon. 

^f^^, a. unmeasured. [life. 

^f^<11, s. nectar, ambrosia, the water of 

'^:g"<P. 5. such a one, a certain person. 

^V^' 5. want of liberty: a. unliberated. 

^i^c?, a. destitute of a root or origin. 

^^c^^, unfounded, of suspected origin. 

^■sr^fj, a. invaluable ; of no value 

■^^^,a. not dead : s. nectar, ambrosia, wa- 
ter of life, water, poison, immortality. 

^^151, s. the name of three drugs. ^ 

^C^5T^, a. discordant, disuniting. 

^C^c^JT, 5. the want of union, disunion. 

^C^1^«l, s. the not relinquishing of a 

^C^t^, a. infallible, effectual. [thing. 

^^^, s. apparel, clothing, ambergris, the 
sky, a cloud, cotton. 

'^^^^^T^, s. tobacco richly dressed. 

^^], ^^lf^T.1, s. a mother. [pliant. 

*^^tr^, ^^Tf?r, s. the hauda of an elo- 

^f^^l, s. a name of Durga ; a mother. 

^^, or ^^^, 8. water. 

'^^^l^, 8. a name given to three days in 
the month of Asharha, on which the 
earth is supposed to be menstruous. 

^•ssr?, a. aqueous, watery. 

*^"55n, 8. a mother, an aunt. 

^^, s. a mango ; properly ^t^. 

^"j^, 8. nectar, ambrosia, water of life. 

^If, a, acid, sour, tart; -C^^T, sorrel. 

^|]"?1, -(55, 8. acidity, sourness. 

'^^r^tiJ, s. an acidity on the stomach. 


^^TTF, a. acidulated, mi.\ed with acids. 
'^f^^b 8. tamarind and its tree.'* 
^?, 8. good luck or fortune. 
'Si^Qft^'f, a. improper, unrighteous, not 

^TTofT'^fw^'Jl, s. a false rib. 


^TT^Iof^j^, s. extravagant expenditure. 

ujTTQft^f^J^, a. profuse, prodigal, squan- 
dering, extravagant. 

^<i^, *. a going, motion, aroad, course of 
the sun north or south of the equator. 

*^<IiI1,s. grant of land, freehold; -Pft<r, a 

"^^"TS, s. dishonor, infamy, [freeholder. 

^?^, or C^^, s iron. 

^?I^T^, s. a loadstone, magnet. 

^■^Tlf^, a. free from agony or torment. 

^^I^^l, s. freedom from torment. 

^^I3[1, 5. ominous or bad journey, [real. 

^■^t^lf«f^,«. ungodly, unrighteous, not 

^^MT^f J, 8. unrighteousness, wantof rea- 

^51^1%^, s. not a logical argument [lity. 

^^fe^r^^^, a. not proved by reason. 

^^3, a. ten thousand. 

^C^T^TJ, a. unfit, incapable, unworthy, 
incompetent, unable, unsuitable. 

^C^T^, 8. pestle, a club shod with iron. 

^C^Titr?r, s. a smith's anvil. 

^C^l;5, ^C^l:^,«. destitute, poor, needy. 

'^C^T'f Jl, s. the name of a city, Oude. 

'^C^tl^, a. not born in the common way 

^<r, a. quick, speedy, [of generation. 

*^<r^, s. juice, moisture, perspiration. 

^^^, 8. moss, several aquatic plants. 

^^^r^, ^^T"?!^??, s, a machine for draw- 
ing water, a large pit or well. 

^<r«11, 8. a buffalo. *«?jri, a. cheap. 

^<rf«l, 8. two pieces of dry wood used 
to procure fire by friction. [gadfly. 

^■?r«lT, s. forest, a wilderness ; -irf^^l, a 

^^cillj, a. produced in a forest. 

'Sl'fr*!}^, «. situated in a forest. 

■^^^^, a. improper for cooking : a feast 
observed on the last day of Bhadra. 

•4l7r^, «. silent, mute : *. an arabian. 

*^7rl^, (I. arabian, arabic. [ciosum. 

^■?r^**T, 8. water-lily (Nelumbium spe- 

^TT'STt^, «• disappointment, dishonor, dis- 

^^■9", or ^^f^, 8, a door. [tress. 


[ 18 ] 


^?r"^?"> s. a plant (Cytisus cajan.) 

'^^^Trj, a. not private, not secret, public. 

^^TS?^9 «. destitute of a king, kingless. 

^7rTS!^^^?r, «. an interregnum. 

'^^^Tc^, a. crooked, bent : s. pitch or 
rosin ; a rutting elephant. [mity. 

^f?, ^^T^, 8. enemy, a foe. ^f^^l, en- 

^V?"^, 8. happiness, pleasure, misery, a 
sign of death, spirituous liquor, garlic, 
a crow, buttermilk, a seraglio. 

^■^^, s. an improper usage or custom. 

^^\f^^1j a disease, tinea or scaldhead. 

^??1%, 8. disrelish, antipathy, aversion. 

"^JT^^J, a. not agreeable, not palatable. 

"^^si, 8. dawn, aurora; charioteer of the 
sun ; the sun : a. dark-red or purple. 

^?PC«iTW?,«. first appearance of the dawn^ 

^^C«lt^?^M, s. peep of day, the dawn. 

^^^W, ci. corrosive, sharp, biting. 

^W^^, s. in mytho. wife of Vashishtha. 

^C^, ^C'^C<r, ad, 0, sirrah, soho. 

^^, s. the sun ; --s^^, the sun-flower. 

'Sl^c?, or ^^cJ?1, s. a bar or bolt. 

^■^5 s. the price of an article ; respect 
shown to superiors and guests, [rior. 

^■517, a. proper as a present to a supe- 

^^%, a. worshipping : s. a worshipper. 

^^^, 8. th^e act of worshipping, [tion. 

^^1, ^'€]y 8. worship, homage, adora- 

'^^'^?, "^bj, a, respectable, honorable 
worthy of worship, honor or respect. 

^fp%, a. worshipped, honored, respected, 

v5[^^, a. acquiring : s. one who acquires. 

^^'^, 8. a collecting, acquirement. 

^^^?, a. acquirable, procurable. 

'^^T^, 8. a causing to collect or procure. 

'^f^^, accumulated, procured, collected, 

'^^'^j 5. one of the five suns of Pandu ; 
a colour, a white colour : a. white. 

^c)-^, s. the sea, ocean ; -C^]^, or -<rt^, 

^4^^ s. water. [a ship, a sea-boat. 

^ei'i, a. wild, untamed (applied to cattle). 

"^^71, 8. censure, reproach, hatred, abhor- 

^f^'i s, pain ; the end of a bow. [rence. 

^^, 8, a scope, a meaning, sense, signifi- 
cation, an acceptation, purport, rea- 
son, a motive j wealth, riches. 

^5f^, a. concerning, answering an end. 

'^^^'^r, a. profitable, advantageous. 

^?f^1, 8. a petition, a request, a scope, 
a desire, wish, a begging. 

'^^fl^j dd. namely, that is to say, viz., 
videlicet, in fact, in fine. [tion. 

^5ft^<r, 8. another meaning or explana- 

^^ft^r.'^, ad. otherwise. [cumstances. 

^^Ml%, s. inference from facts or cir- 

^fof^, a. desired, requested, petitioned. 

^f^f^l, s. circumstance of being desirous, 
the ofiice or condition of a plaintiJff. 

^^f, a. rich ; supplicating, desirous : 
5. a plaintiff, a petitioner, a beggar. 

^Cof, ad. about, for the sake of. 

^^fj, a. desirable, (what is) tobe request- 
ed : s. object of desire, a scope, an end. 

^^, a. half, moiety; -"^t^^T, a wife. 

"^si^'sf^l, s. the river Kaveri. [circle. 

'^^^5'^, *• a crescent, a half -moon, semi- 

^^1[^*ri, ^^'VT;^, 8. midnight. [fant. 

^^"^^tei, a. lisping, speaking like an in- 

"=51^1:^1©^, s. half a meal, a tifiin. [ing. 

^^'irlllT^f*!^, having only half remain- 

^^ ti^, 8. apoplexy, palsy ; a wife, half 

'^^'tWC^T'jft, a. paralytic. [the body. 

^C^'^, a, half, half of a thing. 

^«f , V. a. to appoint, delegate, employ, 
place, or deposit, to make an oblation. 

'^Sfsf «ij s. a delivering up, a bestowing, ap- 
pointing or delegating, an offering up. 

^*f«rt¥, "sr^l^^^?, a. fit to be appointed, 
delegated, deposited or offered. 

^^1, 8. the appointing of a person, an of- 
fering, a placing, a depositing. 

^f^^, a. appointed, delegated, placed, 
deposited, put in, offered. [a trust. 

^^J, a. vide ^^«rt<r: s. a post, an office . 

^^T^t^T, a. contrary, modern, recent ; 
inexperienced : ad. contrariwise. 

^^;f, a. a hundred millions : s. a wen. 

^^^^^W, a. hundreds of millions. 

'^^"j, s. a master, a lord, an owner, a man 
of the trading or vaishya tribe. 

^"501, or ^^'jT'tI", s. a vaishya woman. 

^*f , V. to pertain, appertain, belong to. 

^■*f J ^*f ^, s, the piles or hemorrhoids. 


[ 19 ] 


^«f ^, a. afflicted with the piles, [ing. 

^'Tf, 8. coming into possession, succeod- 

^^'i a. Tight, fit, worthy, capable, liable 
to, deserving of, belonging to. 

^^«lt?r, or ■^^'j, a. capable, right, wor- 
thy, fit, possible, probable. 

'sifVs, a. suited, fitted, proper, right. 

^5^, s. yellow orpiment, the sting of a 
bee, the forceps of a centiped, a tenon. 

^51\,ar?. in vain, uselessly, ornamentally, 
enough : a. sufficient. [thing. 

^5T\f^?r1, 8. the adorning of a person or 

"^c^^, s. a curl of hair, a ringlet, side curl. 

^c^^l, 8. city of Kuvera ; mode of paint- 
ing the face used by women, [with lac. 

^5Te^, ^rr^^, 8. lac, paper saturated 

^c^^«|, a. having an ominous sign. 

^e^^, a, unfortunate, forsaken by for- 

^rf^j, a. undistinguishable. [tune. 

^o^^I'vt, s. a black and most deadly va- 
riety of the Cobra de capello. 

^c^^^q, 5*. the act of adorning a thing. 

^5T^7r^<I, a. capable of being adorned. 

^c5?^[^, 8. an ornament, an ornament of 

^c^^t?"^t^, a- ornamental. [speech. 

^?I?i?f?r*Tt^, 8. the science of rhetoric. 

^cn^^, «. adorned, ornamented. [Cupid. 

^c^^, 8. a name of Kdmdew, the Indian 

^«^*fi?r, 8. a water-jar, a large pitcher. 

^ci\^, a. immoveable, steady, stable. 

*^c^^5l, ad. certainly, assuredly. 

*^^^w!l, s. a huka with a long snake. 

^^^J, a. unobtainable, unprofitable. 

^G^^, «. idle, inactive, slothful, indolent; 
-■g;Tv5^, a yawning or gaping, [house. 

^c^3^^T^, 8. a summer-house, apleasure 

^t%, 5. a humble bee, scorpion, the In- 

dian cuckoo ; wme, a crow. 


^f%^, ad. useless, in vain ; «. the fore- 
^t%^5^, or ^t^^fet, s. a swarm of bees. 
^l^fW^, a. unwritten, not recorded. 
^{l!^^, a. not covetous, not greedy. 
^c^, a. stinging : s a bee, a scorpion, 
^c^^, a. useless, vain, false, not beloved* 
^^1^151, 8. falsehood, vanity. 
*^5'Tp1, s. food obtained at free cost. 
^o^TpiFtf , 8. the holder of a sinecure. 
D 2 

^sjTisr?!?)", 8. the holdingof a sinecure. 

^?^^, a. undesirod, uncoveted. [woman. 

^C^l, voc. par. used in addressing alow 

^C^TTO?, a. unseen, unperceivod. [tie. 

^^, a. few, small, little : a. a few, a lit- 

^^^51, 8. fewness, scarcity. [dence. 

^'^fJtsrT*!?!?, a. resting on slight evi- 

^^^5^' * ^ trifling concern or aff'air. 

^'^ff^, a. having little understanding. 

^•^^JFtja. sparing, economical, thrifty. 

^«^^rTJ, 8. a small price : a. low-priced. 

^'^^^, s. a very few, a few, a Httle. 

^'^rc^r^l, s. a very small expectation. 

^^TC*t^T?r, ad. within a little, very 

^*^I^, a. short-lived, young. [near. 

^^r^r?r, 8. abstinence, moderation. 

'^'^t^T<ft, a. abstemious, moderate. 

^*^^T, diminished, reduced to a few. 

^•^i^"5, a. become few, diminished. 

^C«^ ^, ad. by little and little, by de- 

^*t^, a. unable, weak, infirm, [grees. 

'^^Tf^, s. weakness, infirmity : a. weak. 

^*t^J, a. impossible, impracticable. 

^*T^, «. fearless, bold, secure, [security. 

^*r^, *. freedom from fear, boldness, 

'^*fl%^, a. not alarmed, undaunted. 

^*tJT, *. the act of eating ; boiled rice. 

^*t^, a. .silent, still, mute, noiseless. 

"Sj-^TTITJ, a. unappeasable, unassuageable. 

^*TT3, rt. unlawful, illegal, uuscriptural. 

^*ti:5t<l, a- inconsistent with the law. 

'^■*TT^J, a. ungovernable, uncontrolable. 

^f*rf^^, a. untaught, unlearned. 

^f*T^, a. eaten, satisfied. 

^f*!^, a, childless : /«;«. ^/•t'Jt. 

"sir^f^, a. unpolite, undisciplined, unpo- 
lished, ungoverned, neglected, saucy, 
insolent,rude, savage, profligate, vulgar. 

^«rtt%, a. eighty, fourscore; -^«l,eighty- 

^'«ftl^^^, a. the eightieth. [fold. 

^*T^i%«t^, a. past' eighty years of age. 

'Si^ft^, 8. indifl'erence : a. indifl'erent. 

^■'Sfp, a. impure, unclean, foul. 

^"9^, a. impure, inaccurate, incon*ect. 

^srSf^f, 8. a want of purity: a. impure. 

^^^, a. unbecoming, unpropitious, bad, 
evil : s. misfortune, evil, calamity. 


[ 20 ] 


^^^^«j, s. impropitious moment. 

^^gc^, a. gratis, without pay. 

'^C*t^, a. boundless, endless, infinite. 

'^C*t"3[^,a. all-wise, knowing the M^hole. 

"^C^"^^?, ad. infinitely, endlessly, [plete. 

^(;'^'^£f<T-l<r, <^. perfect, unbounded, com- 

^jC*t^'^Wl, a. various, parti-colored. 

^C'^"5?5C*i", ad. wholly, entirely. 

^C^tT^, s. a tree :^ a. free from grief, hap- 

^C*fl5, s. uncleanness, impurity. [py. 

'^'^^^'i 5. an emerald. 

^"^W^ s. red chalk, red ochre. 

^'^^, 5. stone or gravel in the bladder. 

^3^^, a. incredulous, unbelieving. 

^^^1, 8. distrust, disbelief, incredulity, 
incredibility, disregard, sneer. 

'^;2t^«lt?5 or ^j£|T^J, a. unfit to be heard. 

■'5(;5tir, 8. activity : a. indefatigable. 

nSI^"^, a. not laborious or indefatigable. 

^^1^, a. unwearied, not fatigued. 

*^;j£tl^, 8. nobles, grandees, gentlemen. 

^[^, s. edge or point ofsword, a corner, 

^j«F, or ^2^, s SL tear. [an angle. 

^5SpC^T^, 8, the lachrymal sac. 

^sF'jf^f^^, 8. the lachrymal duct. 

^3f5^, a. unheard, not heard of. [tears. 

'^sp^tT^, s. the falling or trickling of 

'^3}J^*4r, a. sufi'used with tears. 

^C^%-, a. not the best, common. 

^f»i"^, «• not embraced, not surrounded. 

'^C?l"=5', 5. discord, dislike, a misunder- 
standing, a separation, disjunction. 

'SlCS'^b *• ^^^ 9th Hindu stellar mansion. 

^%8. ahorse; ^^1, a plant ;^ -f^t%^3^<?, 
or -t^WJ, a farrier; -fl5t%«>^l, farriery; 
-'^tt'^j a groom; -■*TI^1, a stable. 

^■^^■^r, 8. a mule ; a swift elephant. 

'^■^^?ft, 8. a female mule. 

^"■^^ar, s. name of a tree (Eicus religiosa). 

^^C^T^, 8. the sacrificing of a horse. 

^^l^C^T^fl, a dismounting from ahorse. 

"^^ITS?^, «. mounting ahorse : s. a horse- 

'^'*5{TC< T'5? 5. horsemanship, riding, [man. 

^'?TC<rR^, a. the same with ^'^TW?. 

^■^tC^TI^Ij s. the mounting of a horse. 

^f^»^, 8. the first stellar mansion. 

^f^5^^^t?r, 8. the physicians of heaven. 

^^, or C^t^^, 5. a mare. 

^■^M", >^"^?r, C^'5'St, 8. a medicine. 

^^, a. eight; -^-1, eight-fold. 

^^^, s. a pod of cotton ; in poe. a stanza 
of eight lines ; a portion of the veda. 

^^^'1, s. the 8th day of the moon's wane 
in Pausha and Magha on which offer- 
ings are made to deceased ancestors. 

'^^C^T't^^^, a. the eighty millionth. 

^^1^^, or ^^1^9[, s. the eight j)oints 
of the compass, viz. four cardinal and 
four intermediate ones. 

^^W^^^ftcT, 8. eight gods who guard the 
eight quarters of the universe. 

^"^^1, ad. of eight sorts, eight-fold. 

^^^Tv^, s. eight metals, viz. gold, silver, 
copper, brass, bell-metal, tin, lead, iron. 

^^^^, s. a class of gods consisting of 

^^^, a. the eighth. [eighth. 

^^'^j a. the eighth, (of a lunar day). 

"^^1^1%, s. eight modes of power by 
which a person's desires or undertak- 
ings may be accomplished. 

^^T^, 5. eight members of the body on 
which Hindus make religious marks. 

^■^tW2f*lT'5T, s. a salutation made by 
prostrating one's self, [forty- eighth. 

^^5^ll?\*t, ^■^[5^lf^\*TQ^5 a. the 

^^T5^lt?\*t^, a. forty-eight. 

^^Tf:5\^9 =si^lf;5^'*tQ^, «• the thirty - 

^■^rf^^*f^, a. thirty-eight. [eighth. 

^^IW*^, ^^TW*ri^, ci. eighteen. 

^■^TW*T^«i, a. multiplied by eighteen. 

^^IW*t^l, ad. of eighteen sorts. 

^■^IW^Tsf, 8. a popular medicine com- 
posed of eighteen ingredients. 

^^R^\5, ^^T^^i^^^, a. the ninety- 

^^TJ^^I^', a. ninety-eight. [eight. 

^{^T^^T*f, ^^r-s^^T^rG^, a. the fifty- 

^^T*T^T*t^, a. fifty-eight. [eighth. 

^#T^;:fl», a. deformed, bent in eight di- 
rections : 8. the name of afamous sage. 

^^Tf^\*T,^^TR\*rfs«¥,<?.the twenty- 

^^Tl^\*ri%, a. twenty-eight. [eighth. 

^^I"^, '^^I'nt^, a. eighty- eight. 

'^^T'^t^, ^^T*Tti^5^*r, a. eighty-eighth. 

^^T"^^, ^^1^1$^^, a. sixty-eighth. 

^^^ C 21 ] 

^^1^1$, a. sixty-oiglit. [eighth. 

^-^t^!^^, ^■^T'l'^i^^sr, a. the sevonty- 

^^t^'^t^, a, seventy-eight. [tagon. 

'^^m, or ^"^Ipst, a. octagonal : s. an oc- 

^1$, 8. the stone of a fruit, [all over. 

^r.^-sjC^, ad, on all sides in every part, 

^C^T?I?r*fl5, a. an hundred and eight. 

^^?rwf^, s. the knee-pan (rotula). 

^j^l^sr, 5. the knee. 

^^^•arj, a. innumerable, incalculable. 

^^\<fj^, a. unnumbered, innumerable. 

'^^X'^rjl, s. non-calculation, not a total. 

^^\^. a. insensible, ^vooned. 

^^\^^, a, unconnected, not in contact. 

^5i\C<Tr9r, 5. disunion, disjunction, non- 
contact ; want of necessaries, [joined. 

^^\«itf»'?. unconnected, incoherent, dis- 

'^^\*T?r, a. undoubted, certain, sure. 

'5iyi\"^^, a. not associated or united. 

^^^^^5, a. unconsecreted, unacquired. 

^^N^R, ^>I\f^f%, s. a want of sub- 
stance, property, or consistence. 

^^^^, ad, often, frequently. 

^3^<J, 8. a want of agreement or friend- 
ship, hatred, a misunderstanding. 

'^3FT^j a. solitary, alone. [tent. 

^^W^, a. improper, unlikely, inconsis- 

^^l^TT^^*!, s. inconsistent conduct, [ty. 

^T^Wt^, s. improbability, want of propor- 

^^^, a. unholy, ungodly, wicked, per- 
verse, incontinent, non-existent. 

'^jf.?,^^, s. wickedness, evil conduct, a 
bad action, lasciviousness, whoredom. 

^^<>^\7i5f, s, evil company or connec- 

^^1^, a. inattentive, inadvertent, [tion. 

^^^, a. fern, unchaste, impure. 

^^it^-'i^, s, a cuckold. [gate. 

^y^TJir, «. flagrant, most wicked, profli- 

'^^ Q^, 5. non-existence, a non-entity. 

^^"JJ, a. untrue, false. 

^Tl^t^, '^JJi^T^, «. a want of posterity. 

^^^^, a. displeased, dissatisfied. 

^JIC^F"^, .5. displeasure, dissatisfaction. 
'^7Tf'VT^//.undoubted, unsuspected, sure. 
^^fW«rt^, ^^f^f^^, a. not near, distant. 
*^'^JI^, s. furniture, accoutrements, 
goods, tools, apparatus, baggage. 


^^■^Jjrt.rudo, rustic, savage, uncivilized, 
unpolite, unsocial, unfit for society. 

^'^'^'il), -^, *. an unfitness for society, 
unsocialness, unpoliteness, rusticity. 

^5T^, a. uneven, unlike, not level, uu- 

^Tj?]^, 8. absence. [common. 

^^^^^, a. unequal, unlike. 

^^irf^WJ, a. not equally learned. 

^y?iI*T,^.an improper time, a time of mis- 
fortune : a. premature, out of season. 

^^^C<T, ad. in an improper time, too 
late, out of season, prematurely. 

^^^r^, a. unable, incapable, feeble. 

^J^5I^T^^, «. possessed of extraordinary 
boldness : «. extraordinary courage. 

^71517^1^^, a. uncommonly bold. 

^Ji^TT^, a. unequal, not smooth or level. 

^T^^rtJ^fsC^T*!, 8. a scalene triangle. 

^^5lT*f^, a. not finishing. [pie. 

^^5n'^^f:^<rT<1'Tt, 8. in gram, a partici- 

^^'^^j a. unfinished, imperfect, not ac- 
cumulated, not acquired. [tions. 

^^F^'^^', a. destitute of adherents orrela- 

^^'M^?, a. unrelated, not associated 

^'T'^«r, a. incomplete, imperfect, [with. 

^^'^^^^, s. the aurelia of an insect. 

^7T'^<^1, -•^, *. incompleteness. 

'^^'MWlf^^, a. unsocial, unfit for or un- 
connected with a society, unembodied. 

'^^'^InS, s. want of love or communion. 

^5^^^, s. a want of connection : a. desti- 
tute of connection, unconnected. 

^^^^l'?,a.unrelated, unconnected with. 

^^W^, a. uncommon, strange, inconsis- 
tent, astonishing, unusual, incompati- 
ble, improbable, unreasonable, [bility. 

'^I'^IWT^STl, 8. inconceivableness improba- 

^>1^T^^<r, ^Jf^FT^J, a. impossible, im- 
probable, unlikely, unreasonable. 

^31^T"^«11, s. inaffiibility, unpoliteness. 

^^^^, a. unenjoyed, unpossessed. 

^>T^5r, 8. disgrace, dishonor, an afi'ront, 
indignity : a. destitute of respect. 

^JI-5sr:5, a. averse, reluctant. 

^5T^"5a"l%, s. reluctance, aversion, [tress. 

^si Jifi^^, a. impatient, unable to bear dis- 

^>lt^^:5l, -m, s. impatience. 


'5J^'CJ,<?. intolerable, unsufferable. [ness. 

^^5J^l,s. intolerableness, unsufferable* 

^^T^I"^, ad. in the absence, behind one's 
back ; -^t?r, not present, absent. 

^^t^J, s. a want of testimony. 

^^T^, a. benumbed, insensible. 

"^^t^^?!, a, impossible, impracticable. 

'5i^T5:fT?r«l, a. particular, uncommon. 

^^T5f , a. unrighteous, bad immoral. 

'ST^T^rfJ, a. impossible, impracticable. 

'^^t^, a. fern, unchaste, immoral. 

^TI^^jft^T, a. inadvertent, careless, inat- 
tentive, thoughtless, unguarded. 
'^^F^tiT'^Tfj, s. a want of equality. 
^^T^Q^I, 8. inability, a want of power. 
'^JitTftJ^j, a. not common, particular. 
'Sli^tii J, s. a want of similarity, equality, 

or likeness, a want of equilibrium. 
^^t<r,«!. unsubstantial, worthless : s. the 

sappy or white part of timber. 
^nr, 5. a sword, cimeter; -C^T^, a scab- 
^f^i^, a. not white, black. [bard. 

^PI"^, (t. not proved, accomplished, com- 
pleted or perfected, unboiled, [proof. 
^f^i%, a- unproved : s. a not having 
^fyf'sf:^, s. blade and sheath of a sword, 

sugar-cane ; one of the Hindu hells, 
'sr^^, unbounded, unlimited, immense. 
^:g^<r, a. unhappy, uncomfortable. 
'^T^'Cl", a. unhapj)y, miserable. 
^^9t^, a. not easy, difficult. [ster. 

^^ff, s. a demon, an evil spirit, a mon- 
^^^l?") *• ^ want of pecuniary means. 
^ij^,«^. ill, sick, uncomfortable, unquiet. 
'^^f^?r><*« unstable, unsettled, unsteady. 
^^?n, s. detraction, slander, malice. 
^51^^, a. uncreated, unmade, not formed. 
^C^^^^, s. ugliness, disagreeableness. 
^^, ^^\ s. the setting of the heavenly 
^■^^1©T, s. the sun-set. [bodies. 

^■^^■$, a. set, gone below the horizon, 
^"^fsrl?, '^■^T^«^, s. the western moun- 
tains behind which the sun sets, 
^■^^c^^, s. (English) a stable. 
'SI^T^cn^ST, 8. the setting of a luminary. 
'SI^T^^^, a. setting, resting on the wes- 
tern part of the horizon. 

22 ] ^x.^ 

^1%, ad. present, now, at this time : v. 

^^, V. imp. md, be it so, let it be. [it is. 

^3, a. weapon, missile weapon, an edge- 
tool ; -^T^, or -I^5^T^1, an armourer ; 
-ri>1%<5,Tf^, surgeon ; -f5t%<5,T^l, surgery. 

^3f5t%<5.7ft{twj1, s. the science of sur- 

^3^, '5i^f^<s,, a. skilled in arms. [gery. 

^S^t'^^, a. bearing arms ; s. an armed 

'^3'^T^I, 8. the bearing of arms. [man. 

'^S^T^, a. taking arms, bearing arms. 

'^^f 1^, 8, a shower of missile weapons. 

^^t^WJ, 8. a surgeon. [weapons. 

^^"srt^'^, 8. a furbisher, a polisher of 

^3^^, 8. a battle with weapons, [tools. 

^S*0, 8. arms, armour, implements, 

^St9fT^, 6". armoury, a magazine, an arse- 

^5i3^t"5ltl5, 8. the stroke of a weapon, [nal. 

^^t^^5, a. smitten with a weapon. 

^^1?? , s. the want of a place, a wrong 
place, the privy parts of either sex. 

^^t^^, a. misplaced, mislaid, [fixed. 

^^t^?r,s.not a fixture : a. moveable, un- 

^^T?r, ^^Tl^, unfathomable, very deep. 

^^t^, a. unlasting, fleeting, temporary. 

^t%, 5. a bone ; -c^T^, corner of a bone. 

^f%5^T^f*f=^, a. emaciated, mere skin 

^f^^, a. unsettled, unfixed, [and bone. 

^f^f^, 8, the want of place, situation, or 
property : a. not in a situation. 

^t%l%^T*f^, a. inelastic. 

^f^^, 8. ossification. 

^f%^^, s. in ajia. the periosteum. 

^f^^^, a. osseous, resembling bone. 

"Slf^t^WJl, 8. osteology. 

^f^?",<?- unstable, wavering, floating, ca- 
pricious, fugitive, transitory, volatile. 

^f^?rf^e , a. irresolute, unsteady, fickle. 

^t%?r^1, ^t^^l, 8. instability, fickle, 
ness, waveringness, unsettledness. 

^1%?"^tW^, «. equivocating. [opinion. 

'^|%'?r^1%, a. unsettled in judgment or 

'=5lf%^ilt%, a. fickle-minded unsteady. 

'Slf^^T^T^,^. chaotic, of unsettled form. 

^f^^^^*l,s.the committing of the bones 
of a dead person to the Ganges. 

^•si'^cT, a. not thick, not gross. 

^C^ir, or ^'JT^^J, a. unfixable. 


[ 23 

^^^5' *• *^® ®^^ ^^ ^ bone. 

^^^,rt.incll8tinct,inarticulat0, obscure. 

^^C"^, ad. obscurely, underhand. 

^3T^»rj, a. out of reach, intangible. 

'^SfJ^^rj^l, -^, s. intangibility. 

'Si^^, a. indifferent, reluctant. 

^5T^^1, 8. indifference, reluctance. 

^yjsp^jrt. indistinct, inarticulate, obscure, 
enigmatic, not bent, not broken. 

^^W, ^?ron. I ; in conip. our, us. 

'^^wl'?!, a. our, belonging to us. 

"Sjag^tVi a. immemorial ; -^T^T, time imme- 

^^^1%, *. want of recollection, [morial. 

^^J*f <r, «. phrase, after this, hereafter. 

^^5, 8. a tear ; corner, an angle. 

^■s^, 8. a tear ; -<^T15, shedding of tears. 

^C^TlSS, 5. not a stream : a. stagnant. 

^g", a. not a person's own, poor. 

^^^, a. obscure, dull, opake. 

^^TF, a. insipid, disgusting. [ness. 

^^T^J, s. indisposition, illness, uneasi- 

^^T^J^^, «• ill, indisposed. [nial. 

^■^^TTj^-^on-acquiescence, refusal, de- 

'^^^^, unacknowledged, unacquiesced. 

^^, or ^^■5;, intj. astonishing ! wonder- 
ful ! excellent ! oh ! aha ! alas ! heyday ! 

^■5:\, or ^^^^, pro7i. I. 

^^S, or ^^^, 5. a day ; -'^^, the sun. 

^r5;'?T?',«.self-importance,pride, egotism. 

^■5:^T?rt, a. proud, self-important, vain. 

^^^TC?r, ad. proudly, self-importantly. 

^■^^^, a. self-important, selfish, proud. 

^^t^^l, 8. egotism, vanity, pride. 

^^^t^, 8. conceit, selfishness, self-love. 

^^<r^, ad. daily, every day. 

^■^.rT^T, ad. day and night. [Gautama. 

'^^^^Jl, s. a celestial courtezan ; wife of 

'^f^, s. a snake, a serpent. 

'^f?^^!, s. harmlessness, a not injuring. 

^lT\f^^, a. uninjured, not mal- treated. 

'Slf^^, a. worldly, ungodly, irreligious. 

^f5<r.Cc^T<5, *. a worldly-minded man. 

^f^I, s. injury, a disadvantage. 

^f^'S^T^, a. injurious, disadvantageous. 

^f^^f^S^, 8. a juggler who plays with 

^ftc^s^l, s. malevolence. [snakes. 

^ftc^^, or ^f^C^^^, a. malevolent. 

'sifttl^, a. not benevolf nt, malevolent. 

^f^a^5^15l, 8. mortal enmity like that 
between ichneumon and the serpent. 

^f^<1"5^, 8. an ulcer in the anus of chil- 
dren caused by uncleanliness. 

^f^C^*!, *. saliva and hood of a snaka; 
opium, a poppy (Papaver somniferum). 

^1% «?, 8. mistrust, a dread of insidious 
persons, (snakes in the grass). 

'^f^^?P", a. serpentivorous : *. a peacock. 

^"^WJ, a. unamiable, not beloved. 

^^^, a. sad, not glad, not merry. 

«rc^, a voc. par. ad. 0, ho ! soho I 

^C^vj^, a. causeless, groundless. 

^C^l, a vocative particle : intj. wonder- 
ful ! brave ! alas ! poor creature. 

^C^t^Tlf, ad. day and night. 

*^^T«^, s. a state, a condition. 

^1, the 2nd or long vowel. It has the 
sound of a in asthm<?. In comp. when 
prefixed to verbal roots or nouns, it 
usually adds to the word the idea of 
extension, operation, or possession to 
a certain extent, and sometimes that 
of diminution : intj. aye ! true ! 

^T^^T^, inij. fie ! shame ! 

^1^^, ^I't'^St, *. a married woman. 

^1^>6"3J^1, s. a beloved wife. 

^T^Sj, or^ WJ, ad. to-day. 

^1^?T^, s. palpitation caused by thirst, 
fever, or anxiety, a writhing, [statute. 

*^tt;JT, 8. a regulation, a rule, a law, a 

*'5IT^5;[1, «. a looking-glass, a mirror. 

^^T^'frl, ad. in future, hereafter. 

*^t't^, s. a fiiult, a crime, a blot. [lor. 

^1^^^, ^T^^^, a. unmarried : s. bache- 

^t't^^Zl, 8. celibacy, bachelorship. 

^^Tt"^! 8. a waiting maid, a nurse maid. 

*'^ft"?T"sr, s. a season, time. 

^T^cT, 8. a balk, a ridge, embankment. 

'STt^Tf, V. to come, to approach. 

^1^TT^, 8. a coming, the act of coming. 

^]^, s. a maternal grandmother. 

^1^, ^l^^T^, intj. Oh ! ah ! alas ! 

^T^*r, a. spring (rice), ripening in a 
short time; -^TST, or -^T^, spring-rice. 

*^t>ilir1, s. charity-land, land given for 
less than its value : ad. gratis, freely. 

^I^itTWT?", s. a holder of charity-land. 

^T^^. V. to inspissate, to thicken with 
boiling, to weld, to stir round. 

'SiT^^isr, ^T^^t^, s. the welding of me- 
tals, the boiling of milk, inspissation. 

^T^^l, s. idem : a. stirred round, thick- 
ened, welded, tempered. 

'SiT^vB, V. to read, to repeat. pi^g- 

^T^^, s. a whirlpool, a reading, repeat- 

^T^^^> ^t^5T^, s. the reading or re- 
peating of a passage from a book. 

^t^\5l, V. a. to read, recite, rehearse. 

"311^:51, a. shady, covered, concealed. 

'^t^^t'^, 5*. current usage ; a welcome. 

'SitvSill, s. a polypus of the nose. 

^T^-^, V. to ooze, to trickle : a. more. 

^^T^?"^, s. a throne, a chair of state. 

*'^t^?">, s. a woman, a wife. 

'^t^?"l, a, oozing, running, as the eyes. 

^n^^tci, ^T^S?'Tf*t, s. a slight shower, 
the trickling of the eyes with a cold. 

'^^ I ^l%?1,s. companions : a. chief, vener- 
able, respectable. 

'^t\, s. the body, a limb, a member. 

'^iT'V^I, s. a chafing dish. ^T\§^, s, a ring. 

^t\f*T^, a. having a right to a share. 

^S, infj. aye, aye ! Oh aye ! ah ! alas ! 

'^l, ad. yes ; a particle of assent ; lowing 

'^t^l, ad. yes, yes. [of a calf. 

^1^^, s. severity, tightness. 

"^t"^, or ^t^'^, s. the scales of a fish. 

'^t^^, s. the breadth-end of cloth, [ther. 

■^T^8^, V. to become flaccid, to droop, wi- 

^1^751, a. drooping, flaccid, withered. 

'^T^'Jt^, s. a drooping, becoming flaccid. 

'^T-^^, s. the secundines. [rabolan. 

'^T^Sc^l, 5-. dried fruit of the Emblic my- 

^T^^, V, n. to be marked : v. a. to mark ; 
-^'■^ill^^ or \5T^, to cry out as a tiger. 

'^]<^, s. a mark, a numerical figure ; an 
eye ; a goal ; -^t^? to make a mark. 

'^T^v?, V. a. to grasp, to enfold, to catch. 

^t^^Tt, s. a hook with a long handle. 

"^T^PxSl, s. a hook to hang things on. 

<^t^\5T^T^f^, s. a mutual grasping. 

24 ] ^T^ 

'^T^vSt^, s. the grasping with the arms. 

^t^t%, 5. a tendril, cirrhus. 

^T^j%^1 -T5cn^, to strut ; -"^t^TT, to be 

contorted with excessive pain or cold. 
^t^^, s. a vetch (Yicia sativa). 
^T^\5\"5r^t^, s. fried vetch. 
'^t^^, ^T^'f^, 5-. a marking, the paging 

of a book, a writing down of numbers. 
'^t^l, a. marked, burnt to the vessel. 
"^t^f^T^t, s. a mutual making of marks. 
^t^t^, a. marked, page, numbered : s. 

a marking, the paging of a book. 
"^t^l^T^I, a. tortuous, crooked, winding. 

^t^^T^, s. eagerness, haste. 
■^T-^T, V. n. to vibrate, to oscillate. 
'^T'^1, V. a, to vibrate, to fan. 
"^t^TT^jS. a fanning, a causing to vibrate : 

a. fanned, made to vibrate. 
^Tr*5r, s. an eye. 

^T^, V. to wash the mouth after eating. 
^T5, s. flame, heat ; fault, blame. 
^^l^xF, V. to tear, to lacerate, scratch. 
^^T^^?, s. a bruise, a laceration, a rent. 
"^15^51, V. to tear, scratch, or scrape, to 

lacerate, to comb the hair, to card flax. 
^l^\5t^, s. a tearing, or lacerating, a 

scratching, combing, or carding : a. 

torn, lacerated, combed, carded, [ing. 
'^t5\5tt^"?I1,<?. tearing, lacerating, scratch- 
^I^^T^\5, s. a place where sweepings, 

&c. are thrown, a sink. 
^t^^»r.5. a rinsing or washingthe mouth 

after a meal, a sipping of water. 
^T^=T, ^1^5n1, s. the border of a cloth. 
"^151, V. n. to wash the mouth ; to guess- 
^T^t^, s. a rinsing ; a guessing. 
^i^T?r, s. a pickle. [guessing. 

'^l^T'^lfl?, s. a mutual examination or 
^tf^«^, s. a wart, a mole, a pimple. 
^tSienl, s. the palms of the hands joined. 
^tf®, s. the plastering of a wall merely 

to stop the holes ; the border of cloth. 
^tf^^l, s. a species of lizard ; a pustule 

on the eyelid ; also, ^if^C^T?. 
^t^, V. a. to bind, to tighten, to pull 

tight. ^T#?1 ^^«l, to hold fast. 
^t^^^1, a. childless ; fern, ^T^^f^. 



^T^^, 8. tho tightening of a bandage. 

^T^t^, s. tightness, severe language. 

^T^<r1, a. firm, stout, strong. [severe. 

^1^1, "^T^T^, a. tight, scanty, too small ; 

^T^T^tf^, rt. too tight, scanty, severe. 

^l^Tf^r, or ^T^T^!, 8. a dog-tick. 

^Iw, s. tightness, scantiness, severity, 
restraint; a sheaf, a bundle; also, ^f^. 

^]^, or '^l^, «. the knee. 

^T^^fT^5^^■, 8. a kneeling down. 

^TC^I, a. left after eating: s. orts. 

^Ti%, 8. the decay attending a weaned 

"^if^?!!, 8. idem; also, a bull. [child. 

^1^, s. the bowels, entrails, intestines. 

^T15^, s. intestines, entrails, gut, tripe. 

'^a^T^irr^r*!, ^t^^Tirl, .<•. a starving, absti- 
nence, the drawing in of the belly. 

^t3C^T^5l, s. seed-vessel of screw-tree.'' 

^115^1, s. a kind of sweetmeat. [man. 

^^^^»"^^' ^" ^^^® room of a lying-in wo- 

'^T'5.^1, V. n. to fear, to dread, [terror. 

'<«T<s.^T^, ^t^^Tt^, s. fear, dread, horror, 

^it?, a. blind-folded : 8. vide ^itx. 

'^T^*!!, ^^^9 ^T«11, a. blind, sightless. 

^T^1?", s. darkness, gloom : a. dark. 

'^T^tt?, s. darkness ; the straw laid on 
the roof to finish the thatching; the 
nails used to join boards. 

^tfV, s- the thin layer of straw laid on a 
roof previously to thatching ; a storm. 

^Tt^f^lfM", s. a crevice, a nook or corner. 

^T5i"?I1, a. concealed, covered over with 
weeds (as a pond, a pit, or a well). 

^T^, or ^l^, 8. a mango. 

'^T^^IWI, s. a plant (Curcuma amada). 

^T^"?", s. a brother's wife's mother, a sis- 
ter's husband's mother. [tree. 

'^^l^til, a. belonging to a mango or its 

'^I*!, V, n. to become somewhat dry. 

^[ *T, V. a. to pick hemp, cotton, oakum, 
&c. : 8. fibres (of a stringy fruit), bark 
(of a tree), pubesornap (of cloth), the 
roughness of unplaned wood. 

^T*TTe|, 8. the slightly drying of a thing. 

"^T^TTiT, ». a picking of cotton, hemp, &c. 

^fnTcT, ^T^<n, a. stringy, fibrous. 

^if^", s. tho scales of a fish. 


[ 25 ] ^W 

^T^7, a. fishy; -sf^, a fishy scont. 

^T^, or ^1^, 8. a sugarcane. 

^T^^, a. severe, hard- hearted. 

^T^W, ^?5»?f , 8. tho swallow wort.* 

*'«It^^'^, 8. end, conclusion: ad. finally. 

^T^^t%^T5rT<r, a. a cable. [Akbar. 

*^T^^^, a. great, noble: «. the emperor 

^T<5^, 8. a mine, a spring, a source, a 
quarry, grit, grittiness, a root, origin. 

^T^?"l, a, undone, not done. 

^T^C^T^, 8. a walnut, a walnut tree." 

^T^"^, 8. a tendril, cirrhus. 

^^^^, a. drawing, attracting : 8. any 
thing which attracts or draws. 

^T<5"^'61, 8. the drawing, attracting, or 
seizing of a thing, attraction. 

"^T^"^*?!", 6-. a tendril ; a spasm ; pcience, 

^T^f^'^t, a. attractive, [what attracts. 

'^T^f^'^, a. drawn, attracted, [pected. 

^T^'f^^, a. coming unexpectedly, unex- 

^T^l, s. a hearth, a furnace, a kiln. 

^T^^l, a. lusty, jolly, j^lump ; imper- 
fectly cleansed (as rice from its husk). 

^T#T\5T^, a. imperfectly cleansed from 

^T^TnS^^?, a. desirable. [the husk. 

^T^T^^I, 8. desire, expectation, a wish. 

^t^lf^^-j, a desired, expected. 

^T^Tfvg^TS^J, or ^T^lvS^J, a. desirable. 

^T<5T^^, a. desirous, waiting, expecting. 

■^T^T^, 8. a want of rain, drought ; want 

^T^T^l, a. uncut, unclipt. [of charity^ 

^T^T?", 8. a form, an appearance, a shajie, 
a figure, a statue, a likeness, the letter 
'sri, also the vowel mark ( T). 

'^T^Tc?, s. a famine, dearth, scarcity. 

^T^Tfcl^, a. premature, unseasonable. 

^T^T*T, 8. the sky, atmosphere, air, space, 

^T<M*T^^1, 8. the milkyway. [tether. 

^]^T*I^T^t, a moving in the air, aerial. 

^T^T*15^, '^T^T^TM^r, a. idem. [eon. 

^T^T*T#t'^, 8. an elevated lantern, a bea- 

^T<r.1*T^T«jt, 8, a voice from heaven. 

^T^T'^Tt^ifjl, 8. pneumatics. 

^T<&T*T[^^T<ft", a. air-traversing. 

^T^T*T5i3^, 8. the atmos^jhere. 

^T^T*?t, a, aerial, airy, celestial. 

^T<&»*Tt^^, a. cterulean^ azure. 


[ 26 ] 


'Sltl^, intj. an expression of surprize, Oli ! 

♦ "^Ilf^??, 5. a carnelion stone, [what? 

^if^QP^, s. endeavour, labour, exertion. 

^T^S a. overspread, sprinkled, inter- 

^t^, or t-^, s. a sugarcane, [spersed. 

-^1^9^^, s. exertion, labour, endeavour. 

^t^f^is^ a. curled, tortuous, contorted. 

^T^f^^, a. non-plussed, confounded. 

^T^c^, a. troubled, agitated, distressed, 

^^cn^l, s. agitation, distress, [confused. 

'^T^'i^t^, s. deficiency, want, exigency. 

'^l^t^^, a. agitated, disturbed, distract- 

'siT<r-1^:5fl?Q, «. troubled in mind. [ed. 

^l^c?tf ^, or ^T^5^^'5, a. confounded, 
confused, non-plussed. [likeness. 

^t^t%, s, an image, a shape, a form, a 

'SiT^s-^, a. drawn, attracted, plowed. 

■^1^ w, s. attraction, persuasion. 

*^lC^5Jc^, s. understanding, wisdom. 

'^T^'Sr, s. invasion, a seizing upon. 

^T^ir«l, 5. a seizing, invasion, seizure 

'sniSasreTi^, a. seizable, capable of being 

^t^l, a. dear (not cheap). [invaded. 

'^II^M, a. invaded, seized, held. 

'5ll:§>l"5r^, a. invading, seizing: s. one 
who seizes, an invader, an usurper. 

^ll^^, a. resented, wept over, lamented. 

^TC^f^j s. resentment, hatred, a curse, 
abuse, a cry, regret, lamentation. 

'SitC^T'^^, a. reproving, cursing, censur- 
ing, reproaching, imprecating. 

"SiTCIS*!*!^?, fl^. censurable, reproachable. 

^T^T^«l1, s. aggression, accusation, ca- 

'Slt^tt?^, 0" attacked, abused, [lumny. 

"Sltf^^ «. reproached, reproved. 

^T'^itj ^' merciless, savage: b. a virago, 
a vixen, a female savage, [savage. 

'^t^^<r, 0" merciless, implacable, rude, 

^tCW^I", s. reproof, reproach, an irony. 

^TC^"^^, C" reproving, reproaching, sar- 
castic: s. reprover, he who reproaches. 

*^t^7^^, a. single, only, alone. 

^K\5l5 5. an orchestra, a choir of sing- 
ers, an assembly, a place of assemblj^. 

^T<r^T<n'^Y, holding an assembly: s. the 
chief of a choir of singers. [choir. 

'^H^1"^t^i1j s. a singer of poems, one of a 

^Mt^? whole, entire, perfect, unbroken. 

*^t**r?r, 5. a letter, type ; 'properly ^^^. 

^T*5|1, 5. a hearth, furnace, a kiln. [tion. 

'*^lf<r^, ^THrjt? s. the end, a termina- 

"STT-^f. s. a rat, a mouse; -^-js, a cat. 

"^iT^T^, s. a childish whim, caprice. 

*^T<r^, ^T*^^, '9. a tutor, a teacher. 

^'^TC'^'^, 8. a dispute, contention. 

^tC'^r^, s. a hunting, a pursuit, terror. 

^TC*3rilt5 ^- alarming, horrid, terrific. 

*^Tc<f?", s. an end, a conclusion. 

*^T<f"5l, s. a castrated horse, a gelding, 

*^T*5f^T?", s, news, reports. 

^t*^'".^!^, 5. mle ^T^C^T^. 

'^T'^rjl, s. a name, a title, a term. 

^T*«rjT^, O" denominated, titled. [city. 

^t'^rjt^^J, «. declarable, worthy of publi- 

^t<rjT^, .^. a word, a saying, a name, a 
descriptive character, a denomination. 

^t<r7T^l"C «• deserving renown. 

'^T<r]if^<5l, s. a history, narrative, a tale. 

^TC^TJ <r, worthy of publicity or renown. 

^T^ , s, fire ; the forepart, the place in 
front, priority, the end, point, or ex- 
tremity, an excess, a fortune -telling ; 
-■^l^^l, to proceed, to make progress. 

"5*11^^1, s. chaff, the husk of corn, mildew. 

^T^fft, preceding: ad. in the first place. 

WT'Jf'il, a. not counted, not reckoned. 

^t^fJ, a. come, arrived ; -^^rj, to-morrow. 

^T'»T3£it?r, ad. nearly come or arrived. 

^T9fC^r^^^, 5. a divination by counting a 
handful of cowries by pairs, an odd 
number indicates good luck, [ticable. 

^T9f^^7,<^. provable, approachable, prac- 

^T'JT^, or ^T'»t^^, a. arrived at a place, 

^T^^^«^T^, 5i a perquisite. [come. 

^T^^t^T^, 5. an advancing; ambition. 

^T?f^, 8. the veda, science in general; a 
legal deed for property ; an inserted 
letter or syllable ; a coming or arrival. 

^T^Tir^, a. versed in the veda. 

^T^f^iT, s. an arrival, approach, a coming. 

^T'jfsr^^fS, «. the notice of any one's 
arrival ; a summons, a writ. 

^I9f51ir|-<r, or^T?f5rj, a. capable of being 
overcome, approachable, practicable. 

^m [ 

^t^^^"^!, s. one eloquent in the veda. 

^T^ft^li, a. studied, read, acquired. 

^T'>t^, s. a plant (Bryonia scubroUa). 

'^siT'if^ , V. a. to restrain, to prevent. 

^^nsf^T, a. not dissolved, not crumbling. 

^T'»i5^1, or ^I^fc^T^T, .9. a preventing or 
restraining, a taking care of. 

'^l^f {^, a. before, first, former, preceding. 

J^19fl, s. the tip, point, or peak, anibja 
title of honor among Musalmans* 

^^iT^T^, «. anticipation, advance. 

'^T^tT^I, s. a wild or useless tree. 

^T'»flf^, (id- before, prior to, sooner ; s. 
the place in front ; the ropes tied to a 
horse's forefeet when in the stable. 

^T^rTl^f*^WTf5, 5. ropes by which the 
fore and hind logs of a horse are tied 
in the stable : ad. before and behind. 

^T^T^,«^. giving in advance : s. the anti- 
cipation of a payment, an advance. 

^T^fTt^W*vf, a. fore-seeing, provident. 

'Sit^t^, a, preceding, coming, about to 
come ; also, vide ^1^1^. 

^Mf^, 8. a house, a room, a receptacle. 

^T^Tf^?1, s. the forepart of a bamboo. 

^T^T^, 8. an advance (of money). 

^T^, a- preceding, before, first of all. 

^l^yt, s. an advance (of money): a. fore- 
most, before, preceding, forward. 

^t9"C'5,rt'(Z. before, forwards, beforeliand. 

'sn^^Wc^, s. the vanguard of an army. 

^TQ"^, ^r?t, "^1^, s. fire. 

^19'^<fT9?t, s. the woman who burns with 

the corpse of herliusband is so called, 
'^T8'^^<5,, a. like fire'J'fiery, touchy. 
^TQ"^^?, a. fiery, ignited, igneous. 
^T^^c^Tsf^, ^m^Jc^TT^I «. the being set 

on fire, the setting fire to any thing. 
'^^JT^fTTeiT^rT^, 8. St. Anthony's fire. 
'^TSf^<IT^T«l, s. a fiery arrow. [leader. 
'^t^HT^, a. preceding : s. a precursor, a 
'SiTC^f, ad. fir&t, before, onwards, forwards. 
^iTC^tT^, s. a door made of mats, [cative. 
^IC^?, a. fiery, igneous, piquant, prove. 
^Ctf<lT3, s. fire-arms, a rocket. [iug- 
^ I?f, rt. eager, urgent, zealous, persever- 
^t'SI^^I, s. in music, an accessory grace. 
E 2 

27 ] ^5rt5l 

'StTTTT^, «. not a landing-place, a bad one 

'SrT^TlJ, 8. a blow, a hurt, a stroke, injury, 

'STTTTtft, rt. hurt, wounded. [a plague. 

^T^«fVr, 8. a wliirling round, a rolling. 

'5rl'5Ii<r5, a. whirled round, rolled. 

^TC^t"^*', 8. a crying or proclaiming. 

^t^T«l, 8. a smelling, a scent. 

^T^r*it?, a. fit to be smelled, odorous. 

'siT^T^, a. smelled to, scented. 

"^isf^, ^T^^% 8. a finger or toe ring. 

^IW^I, 8. a chafingdish. [ders. 

^T^?ri, or ^ISTI?", 8. charcoal, coals, cin- 

'^T^^T-^n, «. a jacket, a coat, a frock. 

■^TW?rTfl*n, a. like coals, black, burnt. 

^T^«^ , V. a. to finger a thing. [thing. 

^t^«^l^, 8, a meddling or fingering of a 

"^T^^lf^^l, a. fingering, meddling. 

^tft^^l, 8. EL court-yard, a square court. 

^1^^, ^T^J^Y, 8. a finger or toe ring. 

^t^e?, 8. a finger, a toe ;-"^^1, -"ST^-t^l, or 
-'sr^'^T^, the snapping of the fingers. 

•^T^cJf^T^I, s. a whitlow. 

^l^t"T^1, or ^I^^I^I, s. a thimble. 

"oiT^cnt, s. a finger, a toe. 

^T5, ^Il|^> *• a shrub, the root of which 
is used in dying (Morinda tinctoria). 

'^TI?^!, ad. uncounted, unmeasured, by 

^15^11, s aspeaking, eloquence, [guess. 

^T5^^, 8. a rinsing the mouth after a 
meal, or as a religious ceremony. 

'SllS'sr^?, rtf. proper to be rinsed. 

^T^f'9^, ^l^^^l, a. suddenly, unawares. 

^T5'?r«i, 8. a habit, behaviour, an usage. 

^T^^«rt?, ^Tsfl^S^J, a. proper to be ob- 
served as a line of conduct, [custom. 

^l^t?"?, a. acted, accustomed, done as a 

^T5R^, (t' sudden, unexpected. 

^T5T^, a, rinsed, washed (the mouth). 

'^1M^?1, a. surprising, astonishing. 

^T51<r, s. conduct, common practice, us- 
age, a rule of conduct; a pickle, sauce. 

'^T5T?rf^5Tir, s. usage, custom, practice, 
the manners and customs of a people. 

^t5l?"^^, a. apostatized, apostate. 

^I^T^T[^15,. a acting rightly, punctilious. 

^TSi^'t, a. acting, conducting, [prophet. 
»Jll?1^J, *. a teacher, j)reeeptor, tutor, a 



^t5t"^TeiY, s. a prophetess, a tutoress. 

^T5T«11, a. unsifted. 

[ted, undug. 

^TCM^9 5. a blow, a stroke: ^.uncultiva- 
'^t^^, a. covered, concealed, protected. 
^t^l, a. good, unexceptionable: ad. well. 
^l^TW^, «. covering, protecting: «. alid, 
a cover, a roof, an awning, [clothes. 
^T^tW^, 5. the act of covering, a cover, 
^t^TW^'^<], ^t^twf?^^!, vide ^T^TWJ. 
^f^^tt^^, d' covered, protected. 
^l^TWJ, a. requiring to be covered, 
'^tf^^, a. amputated, cut off, confiscat- 

^TC^W, s. confiscation, amputation, [ed. 

^TC^W^^, s. the act of cutting off, or con- 
fiscating, the amputating of a limb. 

^IC^Wt, d' confiscating : s. a confiscator. 

^I¥ , V. n. to be, to exist, to live. 

^T^^ , V. a. to dash, to strike, to smite- 

^T'^^iT, 8. the act of dashing a thing. 

^1^\51, V. a. vide ^t^^^: a. beat on th© 
washing-board, dashed, threshed : s. a 
dashing, a sprinkling; -^1, to sprinkle. 

^f^^T^, 8, the dashing of a thing, the 
threshing of corn : a. dashed, threshed. 

^T'S'^Ti^<I1, a. dashing : 8. a thresher. 

^^1\5, «. a beating of clothes in washing, 
a blow, a fall ; -"Srf^" , to dash or throw 
down violently; --^rl, to slip so as to fall. 

^IC^t^^l, a. not lopped or trimmed, not 
shaved down or stripped off" its bark. 

^tSJ, or ^W7, dd. to-day. [suddenly. 

^^■f^^^^, ^l'^?f?t, ad. unexpectedly, 

^T®W. cid. from one's birth. 

'^tSiW^'T«?, o.d. from the time of birth, 

*^t®i^, a. queer, surprizing, wonderful. 

^T®^^T^T^1, s. a wonderful exhibition. 

*^l'^irl^, s. a trying or bringing to the 

^f^^TC<]*f , s. trial, a temptation, [test. 

*^T^1, s. a cry to Moslems for prayer. 

^T®T\5, «7. a. to clear, to empty: 8. sail- 
cloth, canvass ; -^, to empty, vacate. 

*^t^TW, a. free, liberated : s. a poem. 

^T'^iWt, s. deliverance, freedom, liberty, 

''SIlSiR, ^T^TJ^, a, unknown. [hands.) 

"^TUTiJ, dd. reaching to the knee, (the 

*^1^T^, 6-. punishment, vengeance ; fault- 

*^1"^T^, 5, sickness, a disease, afiliction. 

28 ] ^l'^ 

I ^t'^t^tj ^- diseased, afflicted, troubled. 

^7f^, fl^. to-day; also, 8. war, conflict. 

^TfSJ^T?", a. belonging to this day. 

"^'^tf®^, a. poor, helpless, needy. 

^*^Tfl§r'5T, a, honorable, respectable, great. 

^T®^^, ad. during life, as long as one 
lives: s. a means of support, [lihood. 

^T®1"^^, a^ living upon : 8. a living, a live- 

^T^, or 'SIWJ, ad. to-day. 

*^t^?rl, s. pay, hire; -^t^, a jobber. 

=3n^, 8. labor without pay, gratis labor. 

^T^ M"^, ^^tT^T ^, fl! . ordered, commanded. 

^T^l, s. a command, a decree, an order, 
an injunction, a precept ; -^, or -ffl, to 
order, to command ; -'srlTr, to obey. 

^t^T<P?'^, 8. the giving of orders. 

^T^T^^, d' obedient, obsequious. 

^T^T^, '^t^Tf*t'5, commanded, enjoin- 

^t^l^^J, a. fit to be commanded, [ed, 

^T^T^^CST, ad. according to orders. 

^l^t^?"^, a. obsequious, obedient. 

'^T^TiJ"'^T?1"? 0" obedient to orders. 

^T^T^^TC^, ad. according to orders. 

^T^t*t^, a. giving orders : s. one who 
gives orders, a commander. 

^T-^T^f^, 8. a written law, a warrant, a 
mandate, a written command. 

^t^T*f ^, s. the act of giving orders. 

^t^T^^I, s. contempt of orders. 

^T^T^i%^l, 8. obedience, submission. 

"^l^t^^, a* obedient, submissive. 

's:[l^t^'5^, idem : s. an obedient servant. 

^i^T'^W, s. disobedience, a transgres- 

^t^TcT^^, s. idem. [sion, 

^1§'J, s. ghi or clarified butter. 

^T^TcTl, a. not pungent ; not soldered. 

*^T^f5r s. the doing of a thing, an end. 

^Tf^^l, 8. a stye; a kind of lizard.^ 

^tf^CisTT, 8. a species of lizard.^ 

^t'^?', s. a guava, a fig (Ficus carica). 

^Tt, a- eight; -$?«l, eight-fold; -^1%*T, 
forty-eight; -fca^, thirty-eight. 

"^n"^^, 8. an obstacle, obstruction, a hin- 
drance, a x^rohibition, a stoppage. 

^t^^tc^, ^T^C^T«^, 8. a guess, [round. 

'^T^M^i, s. a bungalow with a veranda all 

^T^^T^T^, s. show, pageantry, pomp. 

^"^*1"f^<]1, a. octagonal. 

'=5n^'*^lf^, a. arranged in eight rows. 

^T^f*1"^1, a. active, laborious, expert. 

^T^C<1^^<I1, a. wearable both night and 
day, (applied to clothes). [sant. 

^TlJ^S:f5;?r, ad. perpetual, continual, inces- 

^T^5^, 8. a bamboo trap to catch fishes. 

^T^?r1. s. a pad for a porter's head ; also, 

^I^"^f^, ^l^"^t^, a. sixty-eight, [^^51. 

^1^^^1, 8. accounts, book-keeping; 
-^^^, a book keeper, an accountant. 

^TS'l, 8. bird-lime, gum ; wheaten flour. 

^T^l^*t, or ^T'^T^'^, a. twenty-eight. 

^I^it*t1, or^l^l^TI, a. twenty-eighth. 

'^T^T^T^, 8. a bird-twig, a perch. 

^T^TG?r, or ^Tt^€<r, a. seventy-eight. 

^T^l^^, or ^T'^l^^f", a. ninety-eight. 

^T^I^, «. fifty-eight. [glutinous. 

^t^T*^T<rl, ^T^T«^, a. ropy, viscid, gluey, 

^1^1 <r, or ^^T^, a. eighteen. 

'^T^T?'fj33, ^T^t?rfil3, a. the eighteenth. 

^T^Tl%, ^Ttlc^.^ '^T^TSI^, 8. a dog-tick. 

'^T^ T *f t, a. eighty-eight. [pregnancy. 

"SIl^T^?!, a. born in the eighth month of 

^tf^, 8. a wisp, a sheaf, abundle (of hay, 
straw, &c.) ; the stone of a fruit. 

^Tc'Q^T^, s. pride, self-importance. 

"^V^^ , V. n. to be obstructed, to be de- 
tained or entangled : 8. restraint. 

'SIl^^^, 8. the restraining of a thing. 

^l^^l, V. n. to obstruct, impede, impri- 
son : s. a restraining, a stoppage. 

^T^^<5Tt", s. an obstruction. 

'^I^.j^T^,*. a restraining, stopping, or con- 
fining : a. bound, confined, distrained. 

'^T^^^lf^, 8. an obstruction, an arrest. 

^T^^l, 5. bird-lime, size, gum, paste, slime 
any glutinous or viscid substance. 

^iffi, s. the stone of a fruit. 

'^t^5 , V. n. to bend, to lie athwart. 

'5(Ts5,«. athwart, aslant, sideway:*. width, 
a crook or bend; -^,to make athwart; 
-■^, to recline ; -"wTi^, to straighten. 

^t\F^<r*i9 8. the making of a thing aslant. 

^I^^l^l, or '5(l\^<P"tt", 8. a cross-beam. 

^T^^lf^, 8. a steerer, a pilot, a steers- 
man ; a weaver's rod. 

29 ] ^tCf 

^T^^T^, B. beam laid across, cross-beam; 
the name of a country, also of a coin. 

'5itN$^^l,«. repository for horses, a stable » 
a place encircled with wooden railings. 

^1\$^, 8. a mart, staple, an emporium, a 
manufactory ; a collection of images at 
a festival; -TIT^I, landing-place whoro 
the Hindu idols are collected ; -^1^1, 
cleansed from husk at the mart (rice), 

^T^^¥, a. brought from a mart. 

^T^^"^, tt.leering,glancing, side-looking. 

^T^F^,«. cramped, stiffened, benumbed. 

■^T\5<^, 8, the mart occupied by a fore- 

^T^Rl"?f, ct' long and wide. [staller. 

^T^'^tf^, 8, a monopolist, a forestaller. 

^T5^T?^t, s. a monopoly, forestalling. 

^T^iR, 8. a bending or becoming crooked, 

^I^J"^!^, through and through, across. 

^T^'^t^^, 8. the straightening f fa thing. 

^T^'^T^i, 8. idem. [angles. 

^T^^TWc^l, a. not square, not at right 

"311^^ 5", 8. a roaring, loud sound, empty 
noise, a war-drum, excessive prepara- 
tions, much ado, excitement, apology, 
the eyelid, arrogance, passion, happi- 
ness, a rubbing the body to cure pain. 

^T^'?^, a. proud, ostentatious, prolix. 

^T^^, *. the brink of a bank, [refuse. 

^T^>T1, a. neglected, rejected, lying as 

^T^l, bent, laid athwart : «. a fish-trap, a 
perch, a cross-beam, proportion, dimen- 
sion ; -^T^, to straighten, [revenge. 

^T\^T^f^,athwart, diagonally: s. mutual 

^T;5T^, a. two and a half; -2f^<r, a time 
equal to two o'clock (of day or night). 

^T^R,o. bent, made crooked, laidacross. 

^T^lt^, 8. a screen or large fan. 

'STT^TC^T^l, 8. a yawning and stretching. 

^T^T«^, 8. a screen, a shelter, ambuscade. 

^1^5 TCc^, ad. slyly, secretly, behind. 

^lf^,s.a wager, stake ; a grudge, hatred, 
malice ; a measure of capacity; name 
of a fish ; -*1T^, to lie in wait, to peep. 

^fs^tll^, 8. a lurking, a lying in wait- 

'^TvJ?!, 8. a pretext for delay, an apology. 

"^T^t?, or ^T^f%, s. a precipice, a cliff. 

^tC^, ad. crosswise, sidowiso, diagonally. 

[ 30 

'5[TC\5^C^T5C?', or ^tCvH^t^\FtC^,«^.con- 

cealedly, secretly, clandestinely. 
^tC\5^TCv5, ad. vide ^TCv5. [a perch. 

'^t\5^1,s. station, a post, a stage, a stand; 
■^tfe ^1^^, 5. a measure of capacity 
esteemed to be equal to two maunds. 
^fl7j, ^tCQ?T, a. rich, opulent, wealthy. 
^t^lG^, s. a ball of earth or wood. 
^SJIQI, ^!3, f\&^, s. an egg. [laying eggs. 
^T3M, ^TtSlI^, a. having eggs or roes, 
'SIT^W, 5. fear, panic, dread, awe; disease. 
^T^W, 5. fear, a panic, dread, awe. 
"^T^^^, 8. a chymical test, a solvent ; a 

pestilence, a calamity ; gratification. 
'^T^^,s. sunshine, heat, sun-dried ; -M^, 
rice being unliusked without boiling, 
^f^**^^, s. an umbrella, a parasol. 
'SiT^^, s. fare for crossing a river. 
*^T15'^ , s. essence (of roses, &c). 
*^t^*t , s. fire ; -"^T'sfl", fireworks. 
*'^Tl5"*ft, a. fiery ; -^^^l, a burning glass. 
'^I^^, a. fiaxen. [na reticulata). 

^T^l, ^T^'5^J, s. a custard apple (Anno- 
^T^l^, a. officicus : s. a free songster. 
^Tl*T^C?r, ad. in these circumstances. 
'5(T^T«ft, deceitful, crafty : s. a kite ;-*T^1, 
-f^^, craftiness, swindling, knavery. 

^T^Tf^T, s. a long shelf, a scaffold. 
^Tl%C^?, a. hospitable. 

^ifed, a. hospitable : s. hospitality. 

'^Tt^C^l^f^, a. imputing what belongs to 
one person to another, transferring. 

^TM'^^J, s. excess, excessiveness. 

"^1^, a vocative used in calling a dog. 

'SIT ^ . tt. sick, afflicted, distressed. 

^1^, a. received, accepted, [a striving. 

'Sitfe , 5. labor, eflbrt, endeavor, exertion, 

^T^, a. self, one's self ; -^-c^"^, domestic 
broil; -^:5,self-made ;-CffT"^, own fault. 

^t^^l^'j, 5. a person's private affairs. 

'^t^^^'STl, s. vaunt, self-conceit, [ens.) 

'Slt^Q'^l, s. cowhage (Garpopogon pruri- 

^T^?fT^, a. selfish, self- aggrandizing. 

^T^^T^, a. self-murder, suicide, 

'^I'^^T^^, s. one who commits suicide. 

'^T^^T^, a. committing suicide. 

^I^f^jj 8, one's own defect or fault. 

^T^Sf, a. springing from sslf : s. a son. 
^T^^l, 5. daughter. [knowledge. 

"^Tl^^T^T, s. the knowledge of spirit, self- 
^f^^^Q^, s. true nature of spirit, [ship. 

"511^^1, s. spirituality, identity, friend- 
^T'^r.Pf'T^I? s. a guardian or family god. 

<5Ti^;sr, CL- self, one's self, own. 

^T^f^*^1, s. self-reproach. [verbs. 

^l^C^WW, s. Ingram, the middle voice of 

'SlT^^t^'S^I, 5. self-examination. 

^T^St'^^^l, <?• self- applause, egotism. 

^I^^^<i, a. self-deceiving. 

^T^^^i^l, s. self-deception. [self. 

^T'^'T'?., WIU'^^J, equal to, or like one's 

'SJt'^^g"^, 5. a near relation. [trol. 

^T'^T^'^, «. under one's own power or con- 

^T^^^:j1, -^, s. self-control. 

^t^^*r^T^^, ^T^^*Tt^l5, vide ^T^^*t. 

^T'^^T'^^, s. a first cousin. 

^t^i^^?, s. the selling of one's self. 

^T^i^:^'^, a. selling one's self. 

"^t^f^^^, a. forgetful of one's own words 

^T'^^^1%, s. self-oblivion, [or actions. 

^t^C^t5f , s. self-knowledge, a knowledge 

'^t^Wtt, a. selfishly voracious, [of spirit. 

^T^^l^l, self- applause, vanity, egotism. 

^t^?tf€t, a, self-applauding, conceited, 

^T^^^*t, «. like one's self. [vain. 

^t'^^T'S,, a. own, proper, one's own. 

^t^^^jl, s. self-murder, suicide. 

^T^^^l, s. one who commits suicide. 

^t^^^l, a. self-destroying: s. a suicide. 

^T^l, s. spirit, self, Brahma, the soul. 

^T'^Tvrt^, ^tUl^Q, a. independent, [ed. 


'^I'^tf^^Ti^'t, a. self- applauding, vain. 

"^t^?? a. belonging to one's own self: 
8. a relation, an intimate friend ; -^^, 
one's own family; -^<^, like a relation. 

^T'^t^riSl, 5. relationship, friendship, inti- 

^IC^l^s.^"^", s. self-excellence. [macy. 

^T^7f%^5 a. entire, complete, excessive. 

^TC^ft, menstruous : s. name of a river. 

^IC^^'^, a. defiling a menstruous wo- 

^t^;^^ , 8. a rich sort of silk cloth, [man. 

^tW. a. half: s. a moiety. 

^i^^^Tf«f?1, 8. half ahead-ache. 

^tW<t^, ^tW-^rT^, a. half: 8. an Imlf. 

^IfrC'Jr^^Sl, rt. lialf-clono, bad, vilo. 

^tPf^l, s. half of Olio : a. half. 

^T^T^, a. half-aged, half, 20 cubits (cloth). 

*^ !;?<>, 8. a habit, a custom, an usage. 

^TRC^, ad. naturally, habitually, [lation. 

*^IWW; s. anumbor, numeration, acalcu- 

*^1W^, s. instruction, teaching, manners, 
custom, politeness, civility, urbanity. 

*^TTf^ , or ^tW'ST'^I?., a. human. 

^IW^t, s. a man, a descendant of Adam. 

^TVt^, s. resjiect, honor, veneration, es- 

^TW^^, or^litl, 5. ginger. [teem. 

^TW^«rt?, ^tiT^'j, ^TW15, a. respectable, 
honorable, venerable, reverend. 

^Tff^l, s. a mark or sign, a landmark. 

^15f?'Tl%5, a. venerable, respectable. 

^lW*f , 5. pattern, original, a specimen, 

*'^rW5T, ,s. a judge; a stamp, [a mirror. 

^IWrfl, s. half of a paisa, a half brick. 

^T^r^, s. half a rupee. [nalis.) 

^TWl, ^T5^, ^. ginger (Zinziber offici- 

'SiT^fT^il^, a. half: ad. half and half. 

'^lW[\'*t, s. a half, equal shares. 

^IWl^^, ^iWl^T^ft, s. partner at equal 

^TWT^, s. a Jakes, a place of filth, [shares. 

^lWTn5?1, a. filthy, polluted, of a dung- 

^"tRfT^,s. a receiving, a taking. [hill. 

^TWT^2iWI^, s. an interchange, barter. 

^'^TWR^, s. hatred, strife, enmity. 

'SITWT?, s. a receiving ; the paying of a 

*^twr^^, s. a court of justice. [debt. 

^TWI«^it, a. dispensing justice, belong- 
ing to, or acting in a court of justice. 

^Tt5f,<?. prior, initial, beginning, first ; in 
comp. as an afiix it implies et cetera. 

^l^^l"?"*!, s. a first or primary cause, a 
moving cause ; in algebra, analysis. 

'^TiWCIi?, s. a god, the son of Aditi. 

^it^IT, s. a god ; the sun. 

^itif 53, s. priority, precedence 

^TI^CW^, s. in mytho. this name is ap- 
plied both to Narayana and to Shiva. 

^tl^^'J, a. first-existent: s. Brahma. 

^tf^^, a. first, prior, initial. 

^Tt^<n, 8. a measure equal to six seers. 

'SlltH'^iSf, s. tlio first king, (Prithu). 

1 ] ^t^ 

^it^^, a. commanded, directed, rocom- 
inondod ; -t\V%, a peace made by sur- 
rendering a portion of territory. 

^tW^«t^, 8. a pigment with which a bride- 
groom's seat is painted by the brido. 

*^lWlc^,^. righteous just, equitable, like, 
alike: «. one who distributes justice. 

^1^^, a. open, uncovered, exposed, bare. 

^i^f^?!, a. half, half-grown, imperfect. 

^I^^, a. honored, respected, esteemed. 

^T^f ®, ad. as far as the sight reaches. 

^tC^^ri, a. unseen, unperceived. 

^tCW*t, 8. a command, an ordinance, an 
injunction, a precept. 

^TCit*t^, ^TCW^i, 8. one who gives or- 
ders, a legislator, a commander. 

^tCW*r5T, s. the act of ^Win^^ a command. 

^TCfff*f^, a. commanded, ordered. 

^TCW*t7, a. proper to be commanded. 

^tCWl, «. first, prior, preceding, initial. 

^TCWt, ad. in the first place. [law. 

^T^I^r, 8. a complaint, petition, a suit at 

^T'itT'fl-, 8. a plaintiflp, a petitioner. 

^I^J, a. first, preceding, prior, the least 
or first root of the afi'ected square. 

^TWJ^, ^IWJt^, ad. from the first to the 
last : s. the beginning and the end. 

^TJ^, or ^TWI, s. ginger. [spect. 

^^sirfj^r^t^l a. showing, or obtaining re- 

<5iT5f. a. half: s. a moiety. 

^T5:fc455l, a, half-done, bad, vile. 

^15fcn^1, a. scanty, half-satisfying. 

^t^^5^, s. a pledge, a pawn, deposit. 

^1^^'«1, 8. the convicting of a crime. 

^T'<ff"^'^, a. convicted in a court of law, 
convinced, overcome in argument. 

'SiT'^ffc?, 5. half a rupee, eight-anna piece. 

^T^l, a. half : s. a moiety. 

^T'^l^TiX <^- lialf: ad. half and half. 

^T5!fT?i, s. a pledge, a taking, a holding. 

^l^T^j^.a receptacle, a vessel, that which 
supports or sustains, a substratum. 

"^T^fl^T^, a. situated in a receptacle. 

^tfV, 8. anxiety, expectation, a pledge. 

'5ilf'<j?Pj, 8. abundance, excess, overplus. 

^tf^'^^T, lordship, sovereignty, govern- 

^t^^?r*l,«. themaking a pledge, [ment. 

^^1 [ 32 ] 

■^STt^ff^U, a. haif-grown, half-old. 

^tsft^^j, a. recent, modern. 

^t^, a. shaken, agitated. 

^1^^, a. contained, supported. 

^TC5;r^, a. half, half an one. 

'=5<TC^<r,^. fit to be supported or contained. 

^TC^T<I1, a. unwashed, unrinsed. [ous. 

"^t^t^, s. flatulence, war, battle : sonor- 

^T^f*^> s. flatulence, inflation, [tation. 

"SIT^JT^, s. thought, contemplation, medi- 

'STt^, V. a. to bring, to fetch : a. another, 

'^T^"«ri,«.strange,not seen before, [other. 

^T^^, a. inclined, gently bowed. 

^t^^,5. the act of bringing ; the face, the 
mouth ; the first term in progression. 

'^t^^'^, 8. posteriority, succession. 

^ti^^J, eternity, boundlessness, [mirth. 

'^t5T^,5.joy5 felicity, pleasure, happiness, 

^t^^Ji ® ^^ , «-j oy-inspiring, pleasure-gi v- 

^t^**fWt?^, or ^t^*^WT?t, a. idem. [ing. 

^T^s^t^?, a. fit to be rejoiced in. 

^T^*ift^'?r<r,s. a particular note in music. 

^t^j^ir^lS, a. joyful, glad-hearted. 

'3It^'W^?r, a. happy, full of joy. 

^t^^ti^^, a. joyful, glad. 

^t^^rf^-^'^, s. a surgeof joy or pleasure. 

^t^**T«^T\5, s. a bride-cake. [joy. 

^t^*Ji^t^f^, 8. a sea of joy, a fulness of 

'^t^pff, s. joy, gladness, happiness. 

'SlT^f^^, ^T^'^f't, a. joyful, happy, glad. 

^t^C*tt, ad. gladly, in the midst of joy. 

^tJ^C^K^f^, 8. a joyous feast. 

^t^"?r^, 8. the bringing of a thing. 

^^"?I^?r, a. proper to be brought. 

^T^cT, ^^rT, ^fyf, ^T^r^, s, fire. 

^t^cT^!S, 8. a fiery pit. 

'^T^l, s. the act of bringing ; a sixteenth 
part, the sixteenth part of a rupee. 

^T^TC^fT^I, 8. a coming and going, in- 
tercourse, an ado about any thing. 

^1^t®f, corn, greens, vegetables, [place. 

^T^T^, a. abstruse, secret : s. a secret 

'^t^Tfv^^s^l, *. awkwardness, clumsiness* 

'^t5(tv|t, a. clumsy,awkward,ignorant,in- 
expert, clownish, stupid. 

^Ti^T^, or ^tjft^, a. brought, fetched. 

*^T^t^<5,, ad. the whole, just as it was. 


'sit^t^, *. a fishing-net. [ther. 

^1^Tf?I^,«. brought by the orders of ano- 
*^t^t?r, 8. a pomegranate; see^fi^f^^. 
^t^t^3T,«. pineapple (Bromelia ananas). 
^t^t^3^,a.pineapple-shaped,of the taste 

of pineapple, somewhat acid. 
^tt^. *. 1 6th part, 1 6th part of a rupee ; 

an edge, a point ;-"5TT®1, a small trowel. 
^TJfl^, or ^^Tt^T, a. brought, fetched. 
Wt^^, 5. liquor distilled out of anis-seed. 
^T^^5f J, s. assistance, patronage, favor. 
^t^9f"5J, s. affection, attachment to a 

person, an implicit dependence. 
^H*^^' ^t^^^j *• an uninterrupted 

succession, a rank, a row. [cession. 
■^t^^^^P, ad. in order, in regular suc- 
'^t^^^I, a: specious, hypothetical. 
^T«£"5rtf^^,«. probable, specious, ideal, 

inferrible, deducible. 
'5it^"^i%^, 8. pleasure, attachment. 
^^*J^^^^' «. agreeing in construction 

with, analogous, connected. 
"^stTC^I^^, a. fit or proper to be brought. 
^TC?r^1, 8. a person who brings a thing. 
*^tC^T<fl, a. not seen before, strange. 
^tC^T^, ^IC^T^I, 8. a ring for the toe. 
^T^IT^, ct" inward, internal. [closed, 
^l^^rt^lja, inward, internal, included,en- 
^tfs^, «• inward, affecting the bowels. 
^T**tc^1, or ^t^e^l, a. blind, sightless. 
*^t**Tf^,5'. a guess, aconjecture,athrow, 

appraisement ; in mus. time, a mode. 
^I'^T^, a. guessing, by guess. 
^'^TC^fT^I, 5. thought, anxiety, fear,suspi- 

cion, care, concern, meditation. 
^TC^Tc^i^, 8. act of swinging, agitation. 
^TC;*^T«^^?, a. agitable, balancing. 
■^TC^^tlf^^, a. swung, oscillated, agitated. 
^T^f^^j 8. a cook ; ^f^, cook's service. 
^Tf%"?lT?:1, ^TC^?", a. dark: s. darkness. 
'^Tf^, 8. a point, an edge, the upper end. 
^TT^f^^t, 8. logic, metaphysics, [mind. 
'^sitW'^l, a- otherwise-minded, absent in 
^t*f, 8. one of the terrestrial gods called 

Vasus : a. self, one's own self, 
'srt'sf^ri, 8. a river or stream. [fortune. 
^T*t^iT^, occasioning calamity or mis- 


[ 33 

^t**f«l, #. a market, a shop. 

^T^i"*^^!^, s. a time of adversity. 

'SlT^tfff, s. objootioii, a reinoustrance, ex- 
postulation, excuse ; also, vide ^T*tTf . 

^T^^W, 8. a misfortuue, calamity, au acci- 
dent, danger, adversity, an evil. 

^T*tW^^, a. unfortunate, distressed. 

'3TT*1^, pron. own ; your. 

^T*f^^t^, pron. thy, thine, your. 

^T*T5TT^t*tt^, ad. of one's self, spontane- 

'SlT^t^T^r, pron. own, our, your, [ously. 

^T*f1^, pron. self, you, your honor. 

^T^^, a. seized by, affected by, wrouejht 

*«rT*t^, pron. self, ownself. [on. 

^t^t^t^'^, s. a compromising, amicable 

^T*tT^, s. a potter's kiln. [settlement. 

^T«fT^1, a. unripe, imperfect. 

'^T*Tr^, s. a plant (Achyrantliesaspera.) 

^t*fl^, s. a falling, present time, passing 
instant, appointed time, oi)portuuity. 

^T^fl^^s, ad. at the present moment : a. 

^T^fT^^^?"*!, s. sudden death, [sudden. 

^T*fT^^2, a^.now,instantly,immediately. 

^T^tT'f^?, «. liable to, obtainable. 

^MtW, -*t"^J^, -^"^^P, from head to foot. 

^T*fT^<r, ad. even to the most vile. 

^T**fT<r,a. boundless,numerous,innumer- 

^TfH", pron. self, one's self, itself, [able. 

^Tf*f«^, s. JEnglish^ an appeal. 

^jvfc^i^, s. I^nglish, an appellant. 

^T*ft^, s. the udder of a cow ; fat. 

^T^f*f^, «. a baker, a confectioner. 

^T*J,own; obtained, revealed, authentic 

^T^?fTTt, a. avaricious, greedy, [mony. 

^T^^^^, s. a revelation, authentic testi- 

^T^^T?", accounting self the sole object. 

^T*1"7tt^^, a. refreshed, re-animated, [ing. 

^1^^, ^1^^^, ». the act of overflow - 

^^Ic^T^, s. an overflowing, a flood, [tum. 

'^T^Is^T^^, a. overspreading : a. the omen- 

^T*1?lT^^, 8. an overflowing, a flood. 

^l^lc^T^^, a. overflowed, suffused. 

^1^*^^, a. bathed, overflown, suffused. 

^'Blf^p^tf , ad. more, more than, extraordi- 

^'SIlTp^, s. the same as ^''^Tf . [nary. 

^l"^i, 8. the leaping of fishes over a weir. 

^l^T^??r, s. a weir for catching fish. 

''BTTTprf^, 8. the flouncing of a fish. 

^Tf^sr, ^TfTP^r, ^rVcTJfetr *. opium. 

'5ilfTP;fC*«fT?r, 8. an (>i)iuin-oater, a sot. 
i».'Tr"JP^t, a. addicted to the use of opium. 

*^W^TJ', 8. woo, grief: intj. alas! 

*5iT7, *. water; -^T^,a distiller, vintner. 

^I^^T^ft, 8 the business of a distiller; 
duty levied on distilleries. 

*^l^C<fI?r1, *. a small drinking vessel. 

^T'I'g;i?1, 8. a fleeting or light shadow. 

■^T^®, V. a. to shut a door, to close up. 

^T<T®T5^, 8. the shutting of a door. [cuse. 

^T?\5T«T, 8. a cover, screen, shelter, ex- 

^t^wr?r, 8. a selfish crying or repining. 

*^I^ifT^, 8. a water-cooler. [cooled. 

^t^^ffT^IT^I, 8. a room where water is 

^t^WT?rt, s. the office of a water-cooler. 

"SIT^^TT, or '^T^?^'^, s. ebony. 

^T^W> 8. a yoke-rope, a tying tight. 

^T^T, 8. a mean and ignorant person. 

^T^^^, a. skreening, concealing, veil- 
ing : 8. a skreen ; talc mineral. 

^T^<r«j, «. the act of skreening or conceal- 

^T^?r<fl?, (t. concealable. [i"o* 

^l^?'*?t?I1, 8. concealableness. [ment. 

*^1^^^1, 8. outerfold or outside of agar- 

*^1^?{», s. chastity, honor, reputation. 

^T^^ifWt?', a. honorable, of good repute. 

^T^lSfi^, s. refuse, sweepings, rubbish. 

^t?^", s. a whirlpool, an eddy, circular 
motion, the spiral turn of a screw. 

^T^?f^, «• turning round : «. in ana. the 
vertebrae of the spine. 

^T^?ji^, s. a returning, a turning round, 
a circular motion, an eddy. 

^T^^^, 8. a crucible. [stirring. 

^T^flTS, «• stirred round, thickened by 

*^T5^, a. first, chief, principal, best. 

^^l-^rii^, 8. the appurtenances of an 
estate, trees and other property, &c. 

*^i"^5flW, 8. descendant, posterity, race. 

^T^cft, s. a row, a range, a rank. [rily. 

'^T^*tJ, ad. certainly, assuredly, necessa- 

^1^*U^, a. necessary, indispensable, ex- 
pedient: 8. necessity, expediency. 

•511^*17^^1, -^, 8. necessity, expediency, 
importance, indispensablcness. 

^TR*^!^, s. an unfolding, a developing. 

^Tt^^^5«. ■U-iifol<ied, evolved, developed. 

^T^^, «. engaged in, devoted to, pos- 
sessed by, engrossed. 

^l^^T, s. a kind of red powder. 

^1^, 8. a wen. "^611^^1, a. having a wen. 

'^T^SI, "Sit^^T-^n^SI, a. rough, uneven. 

'STTf^, «. concealed, covered, skreened. 

"^T^^, (I- circulated, revolved, stirred. 

^Tf t%, s. a returning, a repetition, a re- 
volution, a spiral turn. 

^■fC<i W^, a. making known his ease : s. he 
who enters a suit in a court of law. 

^TC^W^, s. a representation. [tition. 

^T<rC'^^t^f^, .^. an affidavit, a plea, a pe- 

'^TC^tW'^, represented, entered as a suit. 

'SjTC^WJ'srT^, a under the circumstance of 
being made known or represented. 

'^1C^'*T, s. engagedness of mind, devoted- 

'«[TC^"'*T«35, a. persuasive, engaging, [ness. 

'33[TC^'*t^, s. a workshop, a manufactory, 
an entrance, a halo round the sun. 

'SlIC^i'^, s. cloud : a. clownish, stupid, low, 

"^Tf^^, «. yearly, annual. [awkward. 

^l^^^i, s. an ornament, a jewel. 

'SlT^I, or ^f^T^T, 5. brilliancy, splendour, 

^t^^^rt^, a. flowing on, flowing in, pass- 
ing on, customary, usual, [generation. 

^T^T^J, s. the male and female parts of 

^'STI^T'^, s. voice, a sound, a report. 

"^^T^tW, 5. cultivation, the settlement of 
a town or province. 

*^t^l1^, a. arable, cultivated, settled. 

'Sll^lTr, (t4. again. [from a child. 

^T^T^, a. childish, belonging to a child, 

^t^Tri^tc?, s. infancy, childhood. 

'^STT^lcT^'^j (icl' both young and old. 

^l^T^f^^t^^lj ad. wholly, including 
men, women and children. 

'^l^MJ, ad. from infancy. [cle 

'^SIRT^, s. a residence, a home, a taberna- 

^l^l"^^, tt. calling, bringing to a place. 

'SIT^T^*^, s. an approach, an invitation. . 

^T^lft^, a- invited, brought near. [near. 

^T^i^J, a- fit to be invited or brought 

^T{^^, s. an awl, a drill, augur, a piercer. 

^TBt"^, 5. a prologue, preface, preamble. 

'^T^T^"^, «. an addressing, conversation. 

^lf%5iT^J, 8. nobility, greatness of birth. 

^Ti%liT^jr*t^, a. noble, of high birth. 

^if^^-iTj, 5. the front of an object. 

^T^^, 8. a cow-keeper, a herdsman. 

^t»1"^, s. a female cow-keeper. 

^"U^Jlf^^, a. eminent in studying. 

^T"5r, 8. a mango ; mucus, slime : a, raw, 
unburnt, (as earthenware, bricks, &c.) 

*^Tir<ri^, 8. common and peculiar, infe- 
rior and superior, plebeian and noble. 

^1^9r[%,a. smelling like the funeral pile. 

"SiTsiF^, ^T5T*fl", 8. dried mangoes. 

^T^\5i, ^T^r:5, ^mr^^, the hog plum.^ 

^'^T^Tf, a. come, arrived. 

*^|iIW^t, ^T^WT^^t, 8. importation, an 
income, import : a. imported. 

"^'^T^Tf ^"^^5, 8. a coming and going. 

*^T^W1, '^nsT^rwi, «. overmuch, abundant. 

^'^T"srffTi^^?:^^3T^l, s. importation andex- 

"Slt^^, 5. winter rice. [portation. 

^T^3«l, s. a calling, an invitation. 

^T5i;3«rl"?r, a. fit to be called or invited. 

^T'srl^'S, a. called, invited. 

=^Tir*tt^^, s. a cold, running of the nose. 

^TST^T^ 8. a disease, an itchy swelling. 

^T'STR^T^, s. a diarrhoea, a dysentery. 

'^T'5r<r, 5. a disease, sickness. 

oiT^?i^t, «• diseased, sick. 

^I5T?^, s. the bloody flux or dysentery. 

^T^^l, pron. we, us. 

<«Tir^'^, 8. a plant (Oxalis corniculata.) 

^^^T^Tt*!, 8. a district, period of a ruler's 
government, reign ; addictedness (to 
eating opium, smoking, &c.) 

^T^^#, 8. a tree (Phyllanthus emblica.) 

^'^TiTcTJT^, 8. the same with c^lWll^. 

^T^'inl, 8. an officer ; also, vide ■^lir«^'^. 

^T^c^T^^T^'JT^^, 8. pure sulphur. 

'^Tl^Cc?'^, s. the name of a fish.^ 

'^Tir^fl", ^;"5i'^:^, 8. dried mangoes. 

■^|I[*trT, 5. the colic, the griping. 

^T'ST^Tsg, 8. inspissated mango juice. 

'^l'5T'5^f?_5'l, a plant (Curcuma reclinata.) 

^liri. a. unburnt (bricks). [digestion. 

clearness, an appearance, a semblance. ^I^T^l"^, a disease said to arise from in- 


^^srtC^, or 'CIT^TC?", V. to me. [nister. 

'^TTQ^T^J, *. a courtier, a counsellor, mi- 

^T^1W1, 8. a plant (Curcuma amada.) 

*^T^T^<^, a. deposited with, delivered to, 
confided with : *. a deposit. 

^Unsl, 8. rice gruol,water of boiled rice. 

^T'STI^, 8. raw rice, uncooked rice. 

^fsrr?". pron. my, mine ; I^^T'I'is, to us. 

^I^l?rcw^, or ^TTTT^t^Ciff, pron. our. 

*^'fiIT?'1", s. the hauda of an elephant. 

^T^l'^?, 8. a diarrhoea; the stomach. 

^li^, pron. I, I myself. 

*^|f^5T, ad. amen, so be it. 

*^Tf^^, s. a governor, a superintendent. 

^Tt^^, s. flesh, food, enjoyment, a pleas- 
ing object, a bribe, lust, desire. 

'5itf^"^I'*ft, «. carnivorous, eating flesh. 

^if^^l, cheese, curds of two-milk-whey. 

*^T^^, f. a superintendent, supervisor, 
an overseer, surveyor, a commissioner. 

^t^^, s. the office of an overseer, &c. 

*^1^7r, 5. a nobleman, a grandee. 

^T'5ft?r^e5r<11, 8. nobility, grandeur. 

^fsft^'^TWl, s. the son of a nobleman. 

^t"^^^«t^^'?"1, s. a nobleman, lord of 
lords, a title of Musalm/in ministers. 

^t"^?'T«»\ ^Tift"?rl', s. nobility, grandeur. 

^T^^, a. clothed, invested, accoutred. 

"^1^=5^, a. practical, artificial. 

'^t^^, ad. radically, fundamentally, to 
the root : *. a cause, origin, [pound. 

*^tC^"^, a. mixed : *. a mixture, a com- 

^IC^iW, 8. enjoyment, pleasure ; a scent, 
fragrance, festivity, fame. [sure. 

^tC^TW^, «. the communicating of plea- 

^TC^lWlf%3, a. joyous, glad, gratified. 

^tC^Tl^?, a. gratified, gladdened^ made 

'SJTC^Tl^^, s. a tune in nmsic. [cheerful. 

^TC"5ri^, rt. gratifying, enlivening.[tified. 

^tC^*T^<n, a. joyful, full of delight, gra- 

^T^?f\^T^t^, s. scented huka tobacco. 

'^l^c^, a. sour, acid ; a dish of acid and 

^195^11, ^. acidity, [other vegetables. 

^T^, ^I^, ^T^, s. a mango. [=3iT?r\5l. 

^T^I"5, ^tyiB^. 9. the hog plum ; vide 

^IC^^^, ». a tautology, repetition. 

^TC^^^I?, a. fit to be often repeated. 
F 2 

[ 36 ] ^tc<r1 

^Tcvf^?, a. often repeated : rtautology. 

^Tfl, «. acidity ; the tamarind. 

''^^fir^', ^t^, «. tamarind and its tree.* 

3iT<T, 8. income, gain, receipts, imports. 

'STT^TT, rt. long, wide: *. a parallelogram. 

■^I<I^5\|7r>T, a. quadrangular: *. aquad- 
^T'TIWt'ff^^^T, «. a rhomboid, [ranglo. 

^TTTT^, 8. dimension, extent, a ground- 
plot, an altar, a shed for sacrifices. 

^T<i^^'5r5^?2, s. a parallelogram. 

^T"?I3^^^^, a. rectangular: ». a rectau- 

^T<l^T^'^ s. half an oblong. [gle. 

^T<if^, 8. future state or time, majesty, 
dignity, a meeting or junction, length. 

^T?^, a. subject to, docile. 

^T<15^1, -^, s. subjection, dependence. 

^I<if&, 8. love, attachment, subjection, a 
boundary, a limit, power, strength. 

^l<lf^^^, a. brought into subjection. 

*"^T?^1, s. a mirror, a looking-glass. 

*^T?'*t1, a. future, approaching. 

^t'l^JTT, .«•. an income and expenditure. 

^T?^<lf^t^, state of a person's affairs. 

*^T?1, 8. a nurse, waiting maid : a. come. 

^T^, 8. a paternal grandfather. 

^T?T^^, 8. a ground-i>lot ; a dimension. 

^l<rT«i"t«t^ 8. a medicinal plant.^ 

^T<lT^f%1%, s. stock, a capital, income. 

J^T^fSTy 5^. lengtli, extent; a season, time, 

^T?l^, s. exertion, labor, efibrt, fatigue. 

^T<lX *• 8- maternal grandmother. 

*^5rr^JT, *. a law, a regulation, a rule. 

'STl^, ^t<I:, 8. a period of life, age, a life- 

^1'?I!^'?r, s. the decline of life. [time. 

^T"?ISC*tT, s. the end of life. 

^■t?^1^, ^1?"^, s- a* lifetime, age. 

^;"?I5f , .«•. armour, a weapon, arms. 

■^i^^r^, J. longevity, the len<*'th of life. 

^T?C^5f , s. the 8cien<3e of medicine. 

3il?'.^#t. 8. a physician, a doctor^ 

^TTI'J^?", a. causing longevity. 

-silTiieiR, long-lived ; ^. an yugit [gevity. 

^T^J, vital, life-preserving, giving lon- 

^C^T®^, a. collecting, procuring: 8. one 
who procures articles for a festival. 

^TC<lTSJ5f, *. preparation, the act of col- 
lecting articles, a making pi-ovision. 


[ 86 

^tC?®jft?r, a, fit to be collected for any 

^TC<ltfsi^, a. collected, procured, [work. 

^tC?tS!J, ci. the same with ^Tc<lt®5ft?. 

■^tC^t^sT^, s. war, a battle, combat. 

^'^[, conj. and, also : ad. furthermore, 
more : pron. else, other, another. 

^t^'^T^jtt. more, still more :j»row. other. 

*^1^^, s. juice, moisture, perspiration, 

^t"^^, a. reddish, flesh-coloured, [spirit. 

^f?^*l. s. Et^glish, an organ. 

*'^T?r'ir, '^IT^sft, s. a petition, a request. 

*^T?"^, a. cheap, not dear. 

^T?;«»1, «• a wild buffalo. [forest. 

^T?r*i7, ci. sylvan, wild, belonging to a 

"STt^l^, s. cessation ; a wave-ofiering. 

*^T^W'^i1", s. a courier, one who runs be- 
fore the palki of a rich man. 

^■^W, «. the same with ^■^^^. 

^t^^, s. an Arabian, native of Arabia. 

^T?r^l?", ad. again, another time. 

^t?*^, a. Arabian, Arabic. 

'^T?^^, a. begun, commenced. 

^t?"^^, s. a branch of the dramatic art. 

^t'^'^t^j** ^ desire, a wish; vide ^^ITI^. 

^f?^5 s a beginning, a commencement. 

;5rr^^^, s. the commencing of a thing. 

^T<^»^^> «• fit to be commenced. 

'^t^^^Tilj s. Si cockroach, blatta. 

^t?r1, 8. an awl, a saw ; -W^, a sawyer. 

^T<rl«., ad. near; distant. 

'5If?"tf^? 5. an enemy, an opponent. 

^t^l^^, a. worshipping : s. worshipper. 

^t"<rt5^^j 5. the act of worshipping. 

^t?rT'<r^1,s. worship, prayer, attendance. 

^l'9't^^?,'^t<rr<^J,«^. adorable, worship- 
ful, fit to be worshipped, placable. 

^T?tl%^, «. worshipped, supplicated. 

'3Tl<rl'sr,5.a pleasure-garden, ease, health, 

'^silTTT^, comfortable, healthy, [comfort. 

''^^ll?*^!, s. a tax-gatherer. 

^tf?^^, s. the piles or hemorrhoids. 

^\'^, s. a hog, a crab, a pitcher. 

^^F, a. mounted on, riding on. 

^tC<r, a. vocative particle used in calling 
a person angrily or contemptuously. 

^TC^l, ad. more, still more. 

'S^TCjT^fJ, s. health : a. healthy. 

] ^1^ 

'srtC^T''^, attributing tOjplacing on,trans- 

mutation, a substitution, imputation. 
^TC<rT'5t«i, s. the act of transferring a 

quality from one to another. 
^TC^T5t«i^?, ^lC<rT<^7, a. capable of being 

transferred or imputed to another. 
^TC^ltM"^, a. transformed, transferred, 

imputed, feigned, forged, counterfeit. 
^IC^T^, s. ascension, a mounting upon. 
"^TC^T^^, a. mounting upon : s. a rider. 
^TC^T^*1, s. the act of mounting upon, 

ascending,or climbing, the getting into 

a vehicle, a staircase, ladder, a vehicle. 
^tC?rT^^<r, a. capable of being mounted 

upon or ascended : s. a vehicle. 
'^TC'^T^, a, mounting upon, climbing,as- 

cending a height : s. a rider, 
^t^^, s. the procuring or accumulating 

of things, the planting of trees, [ter. 
^t#'J^<r,«?- planting, procuring: s. a plan- 
^Tf§f3, a. planted, procured. 
"STle^a. distressed, vexed, grieved, [al. 
'^Tq'%, s. the menses, a flower : menstru- 
^tf€,5. pain, distress ; the end of a bow. 
"Sitf^Si}, s. the office of a family priest. 
^Tf^^, a. acquainted with any particular 

subject, versed in any science, 
^if^f^^l, s. science, a good knowledge 

of any subject or of any science. 
"SITW, a. wet, moist, clammy, cool. 
^T j'^, ^T5?P, ^TWI, s. ginger. 
^T^l, s. name of a particular star, also 

the eighth mansion in the zodiac. 
^ffr^, a. wetted, moistened, cool. 
^T'^'j, a. noble, venerable, respectable, ex- 
cellent, apposite: 5. a friend, preceptor. 
^1^^, s. a paternal grandfather. 
^T^JT, s. name ofDurga ; kind of metre. 
"^"ifH", s- a mirror, a looking-glass, 
^i"^^, '^I'^'j, helonging to ancient sages. 
"^{■^I^^f^, s. the marriage of a sage. 
^t^^J,^.ayoung bull in honor of Shiva. 
^1c?, V. n. to moulder, to be spoiled (as 

boiled rice.) ^Tf%<11-^1, to moulder. 
^Ti?T, s. a sting, forceps, a tenon, a sharp 

point ; yellow-orpiment : a. not boiled 

in its preparation (applied to rice.) 

^t?Tl [ 37 ] 

^t^^^ljl, s. Port, tar, pitch. [hage/ 

^Tc^^^rt, 8. a plant which produces cow- 

*^T«n<T^^, «• a gown, a frock-coat. 

^T^ ^91:51, S' a parasitical plant." 

'SIT?^?!!. a. loose, unconnected, lax, open, 

^€^9fTf^, "SiTcnsft, ft. looseness. [slack. 

^151C?n5, a. upright, balanced, poised : 8. 
the lifting of a thing up so as not to 
touch another thing, [raise itself up. 

^T^C^nfs, s. the first efforts of a child to 

^T'ETC'yfTC^, ad in equipoise, on tiptoe. 

''BiTsnSl?^, s. rice which is cleansed from 
its husk without boiling. [gh>ttis. 

^T^f>-, ^Tcn1%^', 8. the uvula, or epi- 

^Icl^-^^, ad. easily, without effort. 

^T^3l.«.lac,leaves impregnated with lac. 

^^T^^^Jl. ad. truly, certainly, surely. 

'Srm^T^T, 8. vide ^ttfl. 

*^T^C^«^1, s. a hukfi with a long snake. 

*^T5=?'5r, 8. the earth, the world. 

^tc^^, s. a prop, a fulcrum, a support. 

^T^^^, s. dependence, reliance, [lied on. 

■^T^'ariTt?!, a. trustworthy, fit to be re- 

^t^^^7,^. climbing or parasitical plant. 

"^Ts^f^^, a. suspended, depended on. 

"<5iT^<l, s. a house, a habitation, home. 

^T5nf^<n, a. indolent, inactive, idle. 

'5TT5n7fj, 5. indolence, inactivity, laziness; 
-^}T^, -'S'T^ST, astretching and yawning. 

^T«^7t]Tl^, 8. sluggishness, sloth, indo- 

'^Tcll, a. spoiled, tainted, rancid. [ lence. 

^jc^lf", -^T«^T^, 8. ruin, a misfortune, a. 
calamity, an affliction. [different. 

*^cnTWl, ^T^lC^Wl, a. separate, distinct, 

^t«11^,«. a chain, fetter, a tie, a tether, a 
rope, string, a post : a. spoiled (rice). 
'^T'Ti'l', 8. conversation,intercourse, com- 
munication, acquaintance. [voice. 

*^f'rit*^'^lt?r,s. in 7nitsic,a. modulation of 
^15IT*15T,«. the conversing with a person. 

^T«1T*t^?r, a. conversible, affable, [ty. 

^Te^T'nT31e*,a. fond of conversation, chat- 

^l«^lf^^,a. conversed or conferred with, 
^T^^llt^ift, s. a kind of lute. [versing. 

'3iITc^T^,^T«11^'^?I, a. affable, chatty, con- 
^T«^,*f], a. affable, conversible. 
^TciT^, s. the bottle gourd.* 

'SiT^iTlII, *. an apparition, ignis fatuua. 

3iTf»^, or ^T^ft, *. a balk,a ridge, a dam, 
a dike, a row, a race, a rank, a family, 
a woman's female companion, a tenon* 

iXTTl^flfST, 8. a hugging or embracing. 

^Tf^^^<r, a. fit to be embraced. 

^lf^f^"5, a, eml>raced, hugged. 

^Tf^SfJ, «. a small drum ; see ^Tf^3f;f^. 

^if%-«^, s. a large earthen water-jar. 

'511^'^, 8. a terrace before a house. 

^Tf^^f^l, 'sJlf^'^JT, 8. the plastering or 
whitewashing of a house at a festival. 

^Tf^f*r<11, 8. a cornice, a battlement. 

^157, 8. a potato, a yam ; -^•4rt<n, Bukha- 
ra prunes, a sort of plum.* 

"siIstR. a- fresh, unsalted, insipid. 

*^lc^Tpl, s. free-food, perquisite, profit. 

^Ic^?l, a. mouldered, loose, open. 

^Tc^^fsiT?^?!, ad. confusedly, disorderly, 

^TC^, a. fatigued, wearied, dissolved. 

"^TC^^^n, a. unwritten, blank. 

*^TC'?fsr, a. learned : s. a learned man. 

^TCc^1,^TC^I^, «. light, brightness. 

^tC5!T^^, 8. the perceiving of a thing. 

'^tC^^T^^l, 8. perception, discovery, vi- 
sion, a sight, a survey, a view, [vable. 

^TC^T^^'^?l,a. perceptible, visible, obser- 

^TC^t1%^, a. seen, perceived, viewed. 

'5ITC^T5JI, s. trial, a viewing, a perceiving. 

"siTCc^T^^I, s. trial, examination, inves- 
tigation, perception, a survey. 

^ICc^T^alir, a. investigable,fit to be exa- 
mined or surveyed. [tigated, 

^TCc^lf^S, a. examined, surveyed, inves- 

^TC^T^^, 8. a stirring up of liquid, the 
agitating of a subject, maceration. 

^TC5^Tfv?3, a. stirred up, agitated. 

^TC?^T^?, a. full of light, luminous. 

^T^t''^^, or ^;^rn?J, s. Eng. a pin. 

^1^5iT^, 8. Port, a bureau, a chest of 
drawers, a book- case, a shelf. 

^*I\^^?r, a. supposable, doubtful, not 
ascertainable, desirable. 

^T*T^^1, s. a supposition, a doubt, hesi- 
tation, uncertainty, desire, wish. 

^ i*f\f'T3, a. supposed, doubted, desired. 

*^T*I^,5. a lover, an affectionate person. 

^T*f^^'^"?^) ^- dreadful, horrible, fearful. 

^T*T^1,5. awe, fear,terror,dread,danger, 

"siT^f^Tf^^, a. fearful, timorous, [peril. 

^T*rf%'$, a- alarmed, feared, dreaded. 

*^T*T^1, a. familiar : s. a friend, a lover. 

^t*r^t^, 5. familiarity, friendship, love. 

«5lT*r5TT7i:fl, s. a very fine kind of thread. 

^f^t^tt^f, ad. on all sides, all round. 

'^T*T?', s. an aim, a scope, an object, ten 
dency, intention, hope, a receptacle. 

'^T"*f<lf'^^j successful, prosperous, hope- 

^^^l^TJ"^, s. a gold mohur, or coin. [ful. 

'5(T*T1, s. hope, expectation, trust, desire, 
a side, a quarter or region ; a staff. 

'^t'^T^C^, ad. in hope, expectingly. 

'^l*fTt^T,'sn'^T'^^, a. entertaining hope, 
full of expectation, desirous. [hope. 

^T*tT^^, d' restrained or held fast by 

^T*tT^W? s. an obligation ; a cobweb. 

^T*tT^W, s. disappointment, defeat of 

^Tf*T^, a. eaten, satisfied. [hope. 

^lf*t^, s. a blessing, benediction. 

^T«ft,s. the fangs of a serpent : fl^.eighty. 

^MI^TW, s. a blessing, a benediction. 

^t^^i^, «• benedictory. [ ^l^'^t. 

^f'^, ad. soon, speedily, quickly : vide 

^I'^SC^T'jft, «. touchy, passionate, fretful. 

^T^'S'^^'^j^. soon pleased, easily gratified. 

^T^^'i^, s. speedy gratification. 

'sn^^^, a. quickly satisfied. 

^I^^^f^, s. speedy satisfaction. 

^T^C^l^, soon pleased, placable ; Shiya. 

^1^»T^, s. swiftness, a vagary. 

*^l'*r^r^l, a. apparent, clear, public. 

'^T'^f^^, ad. suddenly, unexpectedly. 

^T*^"^'!, a. marvellous, astonishing, mi- 
raculous, strange, surprizing, super- 
natural, wonderful, admirable ; -:^T^, 
-C^TVr, astonishment, surprise, wonder. 

^t2£|^, 5. a hermitage, monastery,a resi- 
dence ; -^^, excommunicated. 

^T3£f^, a. pertaining to a hermitage,be- 
longing to a religious community. 

^T3£j?,^t2{l, s. an asylum, refuge, shel- 
ter, resource, a protection, a defence. 

^t2Sfiiert<r, '^TC2£t?, a. proper to take re- 
fuge in, fit to be resorted to. 

38 ] ^W 

^tf2£f3, a, secured, placed in safety, de- 

^Tf?l^, a. embraced, hugged, [pendent. 

^tC?r^, 5. an embrace, a hug. 

^1"^^, ^1t^, ^t'JtTmiS,^. encouraged, 
comforted, animated. [animation. 

^I'^ITT, s. encouragement, hope,comfort, 

^if'St^, s. a Hindu month containing 
part of September and part of October. 

^T'^TF, s. a Hindu month containing 
part of June and part of July. 

^T^T^l, s. 20th and 21st Hindu stellar 
mansions, the first is called '^I'^r'^TFI, 
and the other ^Q<rt^^^ [come. 

^t^J, s. a bow : intj. ah ! oh ! v. a. to 

^T^Te*', a. attached to, enamoured. 

^t^Q^fs^, enamoured, attached with all 

^t^]^, s. love, attachment, [the heart. 

^T'^'^, a. incessant : ad. incessantly, con- 
stantly : s. society, fellowship. 

^T^f^, s. an approach, a meeting,a junc- 
tion, an intimate union, gain, profit. 

'STt^^, s. a seat, a carpet, a stool, chair, 
act of sitting, a sitting cross-legged. 

^t^^'pft^, s. Sartorius or taylor's muscle. 

^T3^»T^, a. seated, placed on a seat. 

^T^^, s. a small stool, a chair, altar. 

^T^^,a. approached, near, approaching. 

^T^g^To^, s. the time of death. 

^T^^,5. rum,spirits distilled from sugar, 

*^I^5U,5.goods, chattels, baggage, fur- 
niture, an apparatus, [rides a vehicle. 

^*"3n3T^f^, s. a horseman,a rider,one who 

^Tl'5I<rt, s. horsemanship, ridership. 

*^T^^R, s. heaven, sky, atmosphere. 

^T^^T«-1", a. hea^'uly ; azure, sky-blue. 

^I5^iTl^^\, s. sky colour : a. sky-blue. 

^'^tTf^, s. an assembly, a convention. 

*^|JT5^, s. an origin, an original : a. ge- 

'^T^c^CM^, ■'tll^Si?^, 5. licorice, [nuine. 

^T^1,^T^T^lf^,5. a staff, a mac©,a club. 

^I'5Tl1?!5, a. obtained, gained. 

^^T^Il^, a. easy : 5. facility, benefit, ad- 

^T^T^^j s. facility, ease, [vantage, gain. 

^T^t^t, «. a toad. 

^l^T?r<rWT<r, s. a mace-bearer, a lictor. 

^ITT^^'WT^, s. ofiice of a mace-bearer. 

^l^T^, s. a client, a defendant, a convict. 


^if^^, taken into custody, imprisoned. 

*im3jwi, «. filled, satistiod with food. 

^T3j^?", s. a demon ; surgery ; mustard : 
a. diabolical (as, a mode of marriage.) 

'^l^lTi^^T^) *• ^ mode of marriage in 
•which the bride is given for a price. 

^I^r^^, ^T^<ft,demoniacal, diabolical, 
audacious,8avage (in the above sense.) 

^I^?'^f5"f%i^^, 8. a surgeon. 

^l^^rtr&'ft^^l, s. surgery. 

^TC3T'<f, s. custody, imprisonment. 

^TC*1sf4S, a. committing to custody: s. he 
who commits another to custody. 

^TC?[^»^?, ^IC^l^J, a. liable to an arrest. 

"^siT^f^^S, s. the gallop of a horse. 

^Tn5<iTr*1^1,^TC^, s. a kind of pancake. 

^jsit^, a. whole, unbroken, entire. 

^T^^'c^, s. English^ a stable. 

^T'^^7"^,a. distracted, hurried, troubled. 

^T^?r, s. a lining, a plastering, the hrst 
coating in painting, a covering. 

^I'^a"*!, s. a carpet, abed, bed-clothes. 

"311^1^1, s, the threshold of a door. 

'Sllf^'^s, a. believing the being of a God. 

^f%^.^1, s. faith in the existence of a 

*^T^^, s. a sleeve. [God. 

'Slf^^cf, ^T^^, a. spread out, laid out. 

^TC^, ad. slowly, gently, faintly: a. slow. 

^TC^^C^, ad. at ease, leisurely, slowly. 

xSiT^i, s. confidence, faith, reliance, assur- 
ance, dependence, trust, a prop or stay. 

'^t^T^, s. the key note in music 

^if^^, a. believing, trusting, depending, 
laborious, attentive, firm. 

^Tf^^'^1, -^j s. believership, faith, exer- 
tion, firmness, dependence, attention. 

^1^5f, 5. business, an affair, a situation, 
a dignity, authority, a boast, a vaunt. 

^T'J^i^ri, s. emulation, self-exaltation, 
rivalry, ambition, a boast, a vaunt. 

'5it5f?f^'^lf^^,a. self-important, ambitious, 
challenging, boasting, vaunting. 

^T^fi5^:f^ 5, a. emulated, aspired to, rival- 
led, boasted, vaunted. 

^15i?pTci^, s. a flouncing, a floundering, 
flapping, a clapping, self-importance. 

^T5J?plt^Z,a. flounced, flapped, clapped. 

[ 39 ] ^TUTl 

^IC5RPI^,«.a clapping of one hand on the 

other arm as the combatants do. 
^TC^RPT^si, 8. the blowing of a flower. 
^TC^IJPl^sf^, 8. awl, augur, a gimlet, drilL 
''IT^T^I^J:!, belonging to us, of our party. 
"^T^J, *. a face, a countenance, a visage. 
^T^TW, 8. savour, relish, taste. [vour. 
^T^Iff^, 8. a tasting of food, relish, sa- 
^T^iTf^^^T, ^I^IPrj, a. tit to be tasted, 

agreeable to the taste. 
^^iTf, ^T^lPft, a. well-tasted, delicious, 
'^\Xt intj. ah ! aha ! [nice. 

^f^3, a. smitten, beaten, liurt, injured. 
^l^sfji, s. a smiting, hammering, [ble. 
^'■3^^^<I,^T^^^J, a. maleable, vulnera. 
^T?^, s. a sacrifice ; war, a combat. 
^T'^:^^?, a. sacrificial. 
^T^?"*!, 8. act of collecting,a bringing of 

things, a seizing; removal. [lected. 
^T^?'«i1il, ^T'^ic^J, a. proper to be col- 
^T^?S i,s. one who brings ; ono who eats. 
^1^1, iyitj. alas ! ah ! aha ! [taking. 

^Ti^T?, «. food, a meal, a repast, diet ; a 
^T^T?"^, bringing, collecting : s. he who 

brings ; in ana. the pabulous orifice. 
^T"^7r3H^, 8. relinquishment of food. 
^I'^Tf -^^, or -2f«iT^^, 8. the alimentary 
^T^r^K^^, a. seeking for food. [canal. 
^T^t <rT'<rf , a, hungry, desirous of food. 
^T^T^, a. feeding, gluttonous. 
^T^lC^^l, 8. hunger, appetite. 
^T^IC^'5^, or ^T'^IC?"5^, a. hungry. 
^l^TC^T-^^^, a. fit for food, eatable. 

^l'5;i^J, a. fit to be brought, fit to be eat- 
en, incidental, adventitious,necessary. 
^Tf^l5, a, placed, fixed, deposited. 
^T'^ft^, 8. a cow- keeper, a milkman. 
"^Jl^"?, a. offered, sacrificed. 
"511^1%, 8. a burnt offering or sacrifice. 
^T^'S, a. called, invited, summoned. 
^1^:5, a. taken, eaten, brought. 
^1C51, intj. what ! yes ! alas ! 
'^TC'5:T*^^f^^T, 8. a boasting, a vaunting, 
^Tfl?^, 0'. daily, diurnal. [self-pride. 
^TP^^IU^, 5. a book of daily ceremonies. 
^T^TW, joy, mirth, gladness, exultation. 
^l^R^^^, rt. causing joy, gladdening. 

t^Pl [ 40 

^i^twl^f*t^, a. joyful, glad, exulting, 
^li^i^^'it, «• immersed in joy. [ing- 
'Slt^Tw^e^jfl!. joyful, glad, merry, exult- 
^Ti^fiW^, a. pleased, glad, merry. 
•^^Il^I^, or ^1^TW^?IT,«. joyful, joyous, 

glad, mirthful, festive. 
^1^1^,5. a call, an invitation, summons. 
'^l^r^'^^, s. a summons, an invitation 
*^I^T5T, s. a state, a condition, [note. 

^, the third vowel in the Bengali alpha- 
bet. It has the sound of i in him. In 
com'p. it assumes this form (f) called 
hraswa ikar : ad, even, indeed, very. 

\%y an intj. expressive of anger, sorrow, 
distress, compassion, or calling. 

^^.f^, 5. the letter ^, or its symbol ( f ). 

^^»l, s. a louse. 

^1^. s. sugarcane ; "^13 a sugar-mill. 

^^TT^, s. a kind of gonorrhoea or gleet. 

'^'^•4rt^<n<r s. subjection, control. 

*-^«4ir[t3T, s. esteem, regard. 

^f^^S, s. a hint, nod, a wink, a signal. 

^f^C^, ad. indirectly, by nods or signal. 

^5\?, s. green or immature jak-fruit. 

^55], s. will, the will, desire, a. wish, a 
propensity, a bias, choice, inclination. 

^t^T^fl^OT, at will, freely, spontaneously. 

^^TH^^, a. subject to one's own will. 

^B^T^^iC^r, ad. as you please, freely. 

^^Tf^"5, a. desirous of, wishing for. 

^^I^^^,a. voluntary : ad. voluntarily. 

^^t£I^^, dd. with one's own will. 

^^T^l^, a. voluntary, spontaneous. 

^^t^'^,a.corresponding with the desire. 

^^1"SIT::5, ad. according to the will. 

T5^,^'5^^,«. desirous, solicitous, willing. 

^15r{T^T^,^. a prawn, a shrimp, [counts.) 

^^^I, a. brought over,carried over (in ac- 

*^15rf?'>*- a pair of trowsers ; a farming ; 
-liT?", a farmer ; -WI?^ farmership. 

^'^T^^'fT,*. a tape or tassel for trowsers. 

^"^t^ri, s. a farm; revenue of a farm. 

*^1^T?1", s. a strong sort of cloth. 

^X.W^^s. trowsers, breeches, pantaloons. 

^^]1, s. a sacrifice, an oblation, worship. 

^5^1^, s. a shrimp, a prawn. 

*tf^rf, s. the gospel. New Testament. 
t^, t^rr, t^l, t^Tc?, t-^, s. a brick. 
t'^C-3fT«^1,6r. place where bricks are made. 
^^■^IcTl, s. a maker or seller of bricks. 
^j»il<r, '^^¥, a. brick, made of bricks. 
^^^?;. a. to pelt with bricks. 
t^c^I^, s. pelting of bricks at any one. 
^^TPw^l, 5. house and its appurtenances. 
^^2, a^. hence, from this, [mean, low. 
t"^^, a. other, another ; common, vulgar, 
^^■^^^1, s. rustic or low language. 
^5<r«ri, cid, otherwise, in another way. 
"^^i^C^"^, s. a distinction, a disparity. 
^J^^T^I, s. rustic or low language, 
"^^■^rc^l^, a plebeian, low people, [day. 
"^^C^^JS, on another day, on some other 
"^^J^.Ijtl^rTl,*. information,inteliigence. 
^^■^^S, ad. hither and thither. 
^^, ad. thus far, thus, hitherto. 
*t1%TpI^, s. friendship, union, chance, 

an incident, a thinking, [the interim. 
^^5iC5a, ad, during this, meanwhile, in 
^i%^, 8. traditional instruction, advice. 
^^Ct^, s. a narrative, history, legend. 
t"C^T5IC<fJ, ad. during this, meanwhile. 
^*2fs:5, ad. thus, such, like. 
^ZJ«J5rtcsT, according to this inference. 
t'vSjijync'^', ad. according to this. 
^^R>IC^, ad. in the mean time, at this 

opportunity, at this time, during this. 
^^Jlti^f, ad. etcetera, and so forth. 
t:w\, ad. this, that, the same. 
^Wt^^, ad. now, of late, lately. [sent. 
^WT^^^, a. new, recent, modern, pre- 
^^IC^, ^^lC<r, to this person. [a gift. 
*t"?lT^ t'^TSTj^il^W, s. a reward, largess, 
^^T<r,«i. this person's, ^t^^ this person. 
*^f^WTir, s. order, regularity, [holden. 
*^^1%15?T^, a. expecting, looking for, be- 
^f^'^T?rt, s. expectation, a looking for. 
*^f^^"1, a. finished : s. an end, a summit, 
*t"f%"^t^, s. an examination. [a limit. 
^**fl<n, s. a well, a large well. 
^*^^?r, 5. the blue lotus. ^ [of the moon. 
^^. the moon ; -^c^l ; -C^T-^n, -C^<1, digit 
^*ij^t^, s. the name of a gem. 
^*^?r, 5. a rat, a mouse, (generic name.) 

*?1 t ■ 

^^, *. the sovereign of the gods ; Imman 
soul, animal soul, night, an organ of 
sense, a division of Jumbu-dwipa or 
tlio continent of Asia. [sect.' 

^^C^T% s. a fire fly, a lady-bird, anin- 

^■^ST^,«. legerdemain, juggling, conjur- 
ing ; a net with artificial fish, flowers, 
etc. suspended over the R isa temple. 

^^l>tc^ftWJl> s. science of magic or leger- 

^^^Tf^^, magical, deceptive, [domain. 

^■^lJTt%^1,a.deceptive,juggling, illusive. 

^^^«T, s. a sapphire ; a thrill in music. 

^^"^W, s. Indraship, the office of Indra. 

^^Ti^, 8. the seed of an Indian shrub.^ 

^^c^^, s. baldness, morbid baldness. 

^■^T^, «. the consort of Indra ; a shrub.'' 

^^TTI^if, s, Indra's weapon, the rainbow. 

^■^T*T»r, «. the tender tops of hemp dried ; 
also, the seeds of Abrus precatorius. 

t"'^l^J(, s. the throne of Indra. [tion. 

^f ^?? s- organs of sensation and percep- 

^f^TI'Jf*!) s. all the organs, [the senses. 

^f^<iC9fT5?, a. perceptible, present to 

^ft^^lf, «• destructive to the senses, 
debilitating, stupifying. 

^r^<]W^^, s. self-controul. self-denial. 

^rt^^CWT"^? s. evil propensity, concupis- 

^^^, 5. fuel, firo*vood. [cence. 

*^5rl%^T«^, s. a decision, the adjustment 
or termination of an affair, a settling. 

*^^^T^, 8. decisionof a cause, right, jus- 

^*55g[, a. desirous, coveting, [tice, equity. 

^^, a. as, like, resembling. [gion 

*^srTJT, s. faith, belief, conscience, reli- 

^^^VtT^, a. faithful : s. a believer. 

^5ita(tfl<ft, s. the condition of a believer. 

*t"5i1^^t?r,s. an examination, proof, trial. 

T?lf^^Ti^9 belonging to an examination. 

*t:"5i«^1, orthography, a writing correctly. 

^5if^, or ^f;^?Pl, 8. tamarind and its tree. 

^<I^, ad. so much, thus much. 

t'gclj.s. fixed quantity, dofinitenoss,limit. 

^?I51^T^, s. uulimitedness. 

^^IJt^r^lS, a. unlimited, indefinite. 

^?r^W, 8. submarine fire, [ardent spirits. 

t;?1, s. goddess of sj^eech; speech ; earth ; 

*^<rtFf1, s. desire, inclination, a wish. 


1 ] »I1 

^«?I*T1, or ^^% s. tho name of a fish." 

^«TTf IT^", 8. tlie most central of the nino 
geographical divisions of tho earth. 

^C^^, 8. a line, a stroke, a dash, a streak. 

•s'C^Isr, 8. science, art, learning. 

*^^% 8. filth, dirt, ordure ;-<Ml a privy. 

T9fTt, a. filthy, foetid, abominable. 

*?^*fr^, *. a nod or wink, a sign, token. 

*^t%^t<r, 8. a proclamation, a notice ; 
-^T^l, a written proclamation. 

t:^, *. the month usually called Ashwin. 

^^, 8. an arrow, a versed sine. 

T^fV, or 15^^*r, 8. a quiver. 

t\^^c^, 8. a plant (Aristolochiaindica). 

^^5 a. desired, wished for, cherished, be- 
loved, reverenced, respected, approved 

t^^, or t^^l, 8. a brick. 

^^<pii^, 8. a wished-for work ; in arith. 
an operation with assumed numbers. 

t:$CW^, t^CW^^I, 8. a tutelary deity, a 
particular god a person worships. 

^®,«. volition, will, desire, wish; a sa- 
crifice, a preceptor, a spiritual guide. 

^^, an interjection expressive of pain, 
anger, or sorrow : s. surprise. [ket. 

^■^^<r,5. a scrutoire, a box, cabinet,cas- 

^^^, from, from this place. [elusive. 

^t^^c^T^Tt?, from this place to that, in- 

^f^^fSTTcT, s. a practice, a custom, habit. 

^nj^?rT?^ ad. always, constantly. 

*^f^<lT^l5 *. pardon, forgiveness; relin- 

^1%, 5. a smoothing-iron. [quishment. 

*^^*«f, 5. particular drugs the smoke of 
which is said to keep off evil spirits. 

t^t^^, t^^^^ST, s, a plant (Plantago 

t^T5, s. Fort, steel. [isphagula.) 

*t^ir, s. a name, title ; s^^^, a muster- 
master ; -^^'Y^, muster-mastership. 

^^^pron. this, here ; -^T«^, the present 
life or time ; -C*TT^, tlie present world. 

^^U pron. this; -"^T^l, -^j1%C?"«, besides, 

^^TC^, (id. in this. [beside this. 

^^[T^^fsf^, ad. at most, more than this. 

^5'f^'^?', ad. after this, hereafter. 

^■5;T<r^C^, ad. before this, formerly. 

^^t^^C5f J, ad. in the interim, within tl^s. 

^^t?n, i^ron. they, these persons. 

^s [ 

^, the 4th vowel. In comp. it is express- 
ed by this symbol ft) called dirgha- 
ikar, and has the sound of i long. 

^^t?r, s. the letter ^, or the symbol (^). 

^^cj, a. seeing, beholding, looking at. 

*^iriW, s. invention : a. invented. 

^^, s. calamity befalling the rural pea- 

*^it, s. a festival, a holiday. [santry. 

W"^^, or ^■^'^, ad.ihM.^, such, resembling 

^^Jl, 8. envy, spite, malice. [this 

^^1tf'9l, ^^It^I^, ^^'^,a. spiteful,mali- 
cious, envious, malevolent. 

^*t, s. God, lord, master, name of Shiva, 
the supreme ; beam of a plough. 

^^t^twt^^lj a plant (Gloriosa superba). 

^'nt^, s. splendour ; name of Shiva : a. 
north-east ; -c^t«l, north-east quarter. 

^% s. Jesus, the Redeemer of mankind* 

^^ "2^^, 8. Jesus Christ, the Saviour. 

^'^^, S.God, the Creator, Supreme Lord. 

^t"?r^, 5. Godhead, the attributes of God. 

^t<rt^C"^5d-, or ^t^2i1%C^?d", 8. atheism. 

^if^t^^, a. firmly relying on God. 

^^f *t^T?I«i, ^"^^^e^, devoted to God. 

M''t^ s. a goddess, an empress, a queen. 

^^, or ^"g"!, s. the beam of a plough. 

"^^^j ad. a little, somewhat, slight. 

^^if^, a. lukewarm; -v5l, lukewarmness. 

^^■^^^^, a. shallow, not very deep. 

%^Tf^61, 5. slender abilities, a smattering. 

■^•^^■wf^, s. a glance, a slight view. 

^^CHtR, s. a peccadillo, a slight fault. 

^^^t^J, s, a slight laugh, a smile. 

^^^t^J^^t^f, s. a smiling countenance. 

^^^5p, somewhat crooked, bent, curved. 

^1^1, s. study, a striving, endeavour. 

^, the fifth vowel ; it has the sound of u 
in full. In co7np. it is expressed by 
this symbol (^) called hraswa-ukar : 
intj. Oh ! expressive of pain. 

^^l^^^l, a. spoiled in the cooking. 

^^, 8. a termite, a white-ant; -^*i^Jr, a 
white- ant hill. 

^^C^T^I, s. a termite, a white-ant. 

^S, ^, inijs. expressing assent, sui-prize, 
compassion and anger ; aye ! ha ! 

42 ] ^^ 

^^, ^51, V. a, to stir up, to raise up, to 
peck (as birds),to strip a thatch, straw, 
or grass, to collect, gather (as grain). 

^ ^, a. exalted, high, lofty, tall. 

^5^'STTf^?1, a. having a high forehead. 

^5^, ^"^t^j a. torn off (as thatch from a 
house), collected (as grain). 

^ 5i^'^51, a. high and low, rough, uneven. 

^ 5«?, ^50^1,^5. to toss up, agitate (as corn 
or a liquid), to bubble, to boil over. 

^5^^,^5cTT5?T, a. agitating : s. the agitat- 
ing or falling out of a vessel. 

^^cT, ^ ^^1, V, a. to be agitated, to leap, 
to skip, to overflow. [the thatch. 

^^1, V. a. to take up, to lift up, to peck 

^■^T^, a liftingup, pecking, a gathering. 

§{^C'51"T^, s. the male of the white-ant 
when it has acquired wings. 

^^, jpron. that man or woman, he, she. 

^^, a particle of refusal or denial, no. 

^?P, V. a. to rasp, to file. 

^<5, 5. a file, a rasp ; a meteor, a torch, a 
firebrand ; sugarcane : stray, strange. 

^^^, a. intolerable, hot, mad, furious. 

^^^<I1, a. belonging to the hot season. 

^<5v5|,5. a skimmer, ladle ; a mark tattoo- 
ed by Hindu women on the forehead. 

^^1, 8. a rasp, a file ; meteor a torch, a 
firebrand, a flaming wisp of straw. 

^^T?", s. the letter ^, or the symbol ( ). 

*^^t5^"5., s. an embassy, pleadership, at- 
torneyship, agency, a deputation. 

^^T«^<5,^T^1, 8. the credentials of an am- 
bassador or agent, apower of attorney. 

^1%, 8. a peep ; a straining to vomit ; -\§^. 
to retch in vomiting ; -^\\^ to peep. 

^1%^^^, 5. the act of retching to vomit. 

^1%^1^, s a peep, a peeping or pryiwg ; 
-■srTf , to peep, to pry. [peeping. 

^■f%^T?r«l, or ^1%^"f%5il"^«t, s. the act of 

*^?^5Tj 8. an attorney, a pleader (in a 

court) an ambassador, an agent. 
^#l"«Tt, s. the business or office of an at- 
torney or ambassador ; a negociation. 
^^«1, or ^^«J, s. a louse ; a bug. 
^f «rt?IC*i"T^l, s. a weevil. 
%^% a. lousy : ad. lousily. 



^^^^tr?, s. a bambu hook used to sepa- 
rate short straw, &n. from the corn. 

^^ej\, ^4r?Tt, 8, a wooden mortar. 

^^, a. spoken, mentioned, relatod,said. 

^^t^^, fl^. spoken and not spoken. 

^f^, 8. a word, a speech, an expression, 

^•«r, V. a. to rasp, to file. [a sontenco. 

^<f, ^<ri, 8. a rasp, a file ; a saucepan. 

^•4(^5,?;. a. to pass away (as time), to break 
the string and get loose (a paper kite). 

S-ifSl, 8. food made of parched rice and 

^<f^T<<5\5l, a. dishevelled. [molasses. 

^<ry|", 8. a skimmer, a ladle, a spoon. 

^<rtv&, V. a. to pluck up, to root up. 

^?f?r, v» n. vomit, to throw up. 

^•Jf^Tei, or ^9f^r*l, s. the act of vomiting, 
any substauce vomited : a. vomited. 

^^t^tTT-^fT^^, J. act of chewing the cud. 

^?f , a. hot, peevish, snappish, surly, vio- 
lent, cross, passionate, pungent. 

^^^^, ^^fJf^l, a. strong-scented. 

^^^1, ^, s. heat, ardour, violence, pun- 
gency, peevishness, passionateness. 

^st^^T^, a. passionate, hot-tempered. 

^^T"?"*!, 8. the uncovering of a thing. 

§C^T*T, 8. the introduction of a topic. 

^5, a. high, lofty, tall, elevated. 

^5^1, ^5:5»1, a. unruly, headstrong, mis- 
chievous, bold, impudent, insolent. 

S^cT, ^5^1, ^5«Tsr, vide ^"55T, &c. 

^5t^?r, 8. a being sad, gloomy or sullen. 

^ST^JR^^TS, gloomy, sad, heavy-hearted. 

^UT^, a. inclined to gloominess. 

^f5^, a, proper, fit, suitable, convenient. 

^^^1, s. a species of gryllus or cricket. 

^C5T^, 8. a trip, a stumble ; -•Jfl, to trip, 

^^, high, lofty, tall, elevated, [stumble. 

^^"^1, pride, arrogance ; a custom, usage. 

^^% a. quick, hasty, expeditious. 

^^^1, -"S^, 8. height, tallness, elevation 

^W*tW, s. a high office. [streperous. 

^^^T^,«. noisy, brawling, shouting, ob- 

^^^, a. droll, humorous, jocular. 

^^^^, a. pronounced, uttered, express- 
ed, said, spoken. [discLuietudo. 

^WI^JT,^'. gloomy, sullen, sad: s. sadness, 

^55T?r5, a. uneven, various, multiform, 
a 2 

43 ] §^ 

^551?", 8. pronunciation, utterance ; ex- 

cromont, filth, manure. 
^55r^«i, *. pronunciation, utterance. 

^B5lf?'5, pronounced, uttered. [spoken. 
^55T^t, fit to be pronounced, uttered, or 
^B5TTrjirt^, a. proceeding from the mouth. 
^f55f>\^, 8. a gryllus, a cricket. 
^C55, a vegetable (Momordicarauricata). 
%Xw%, ad. loud, aloud, on high. 
^^B5S'^'Jf, 8. a loud sound, a loud voice. 
^?55sil^i, a. deaf, high-eared: $. Indra's 
^t^S^?", 8. loud voice or sound, [steed. 
^t»^SC<r, ad. aloud, with a noise. 
^■5^^, a. ruined, destroyed, subverted, 

laid waste, stript of, relinquished. 
^^^^1, -^, s, perdition, ruin, desolation, 
^fs^^, a. cut off, ruined, destroyed. 
^Ife^^Tl, s. excision, ruin, desolation. 
^f^^, a. left, remaining, rejected. 
^f^^^l, 8. a remnant, orts, refuse. 
^s^^cT, a. loose, unrestrained, irregular, 

self-willed, perverse, licentious. 
^^^?T^1,o\irregularity, confusion, disor- 
der, unrestrainedness, licentiousness. 
^C^W, s. excision, ruin, devastation. 
^C^tf;r, s. the devastation of a country'. 
^C^^^?, or ^Ks^WJ, a, capable of being 

cut off, requiring to be eradicated. 
^^?, ^^T?, s. a height, elevation. 
^fs^'Sja. elevated, increased, sprung up, 

produced, exalted, grown, prosperous. 
^^^, v. n. to vomit, to throw up. 
^■g;\^^, s. the act of vomiting. 
^¥t^?I1, a. squandering away, ruining. 
^S?, V. n. to move against the stream, to 

swim or move up the stream, [right, 
^;§T, ^®1> «• straight, direct, sincere, up- 
^®^, a. swam up the stream (applied to 

fishes) : s. a common report, 
^8I\9, a. desolate, uninhabited, desert. 
^^^, a. against the grain, or stream. 
5^f^<Il, ci. going against the stream. 

wandering out of its place (as fish). 
*^'^?") *'• ftii excuse, an apology. 
^®c^, V. n. to be tossed, to be agitated. 
Ssi^, s. a tossing or agitating. 

^sS^r [ 

^Sc^'^tllf^, ad. topsyturvy, confusedly. 

^^c^1, V. a. to toss, to agitate : s. light. 

^^^tiT, 8. the tossing of a thing ; a being 

^Sit^fSf, ad. straight and fair, [tangled. 

^^t\F, a. desolate, uninhabited : s. a wil- 
derness, a deserted place. 

^^t^, the upper country: a. against the 
stream or current, against the grain. 

^flf, s. a common report, a fiction. 

*^^f^^, a minister, a counsellor of state. 

^ngf^, s. the ofiice ofa minister of state. 

^^5Sf^, a. waste, ruined, desolate, desert. 

^^^\?, ^^5St\5^, s. a stripping off or eradi- 
cating, eradication, destruction, ruin. 

^^Si^cT, a. luminous, bright, clear, glossy: 
s, a blazing, brightness, illumination. 

^I'^T^c^riSl, -^, s. brightness, luminousness. 

^ISkTc^JT, s, the act of blazing up. 

^^■§T^c^1, s. a blaze, splendour, brightness. 

^m^f^^, s. kindled, illuminated. 

^fs^^, «. left, abandoned, relinquished. 

^^^,1;. a. to dry rice by the fire after it has 
been soaked for being husked. 

^% a gleaning, the collecting of grains. 

^^7[, s. the act of gleaning : a. dried by 
the fire (only applied to rice). 

^^, V. n. to rise up, to heave, to scale off. 

^^, or ^^, 8. a camel. 


^^^t^1, 8. an unguent for cleaning the 
^^^|r1, a. foreign, unknown, vagrant. 
^^^gr, 8. a hut of leaves, a thatched house. 
^^TT, ^"^^1, 8. the taking of daily supply 

of money or goods on credit, [above. 
^^JRt-ir^^, 8. the expense of supply as 
^^^, or ^^^^1, V. a. to search for. 
^^^^, or ^^^^T^, 8. the act of searching. 
^^=^t^<I1, a. seeking, searching, sought. 
^^C^"", a. straying, wandering. 
^^^, s. a clue, a guide. 
^i, V. a. to rise, to mount. \a. risen. 
^^, s. rising up, a mounting, elevation : 
%)^'^f 8. the act of rising or mounting, a 

climbing up, or landing ; a court-yard. 
^^1, V. a. to cause to rise or ascend, to 

raise up, set up, to elevate, to exalt, 

to remove, to eradicate, to awake, 
^^t^ft, ad. repeatedly, importunately. 

44 ] %15 

^^t^, s. a raising up, the causing to rise, 
mount, or ascend, the removing or 
effacing of a thing ; a court-yard. 

^^fs^^l, s. a rising and falling. 

%^^, a. erect, risen, mounted, spent. 

^^J%, s. a vent or sale for goods, the 
breaking up of an assembly. 

^\5, V. n. to flj'', to mount in the air. 

%\5^i s. the handle of a culinary vessel; 
the tattooing on the face or body. 

^\^^, 8. the act of flying. [ment- 

^\5^, s. a covering sheet, an upper gar- 

^^^?, a. flying, taking flight, fledged. 

^v5l, 8. act of flying : v. a. to cause to fly. 

^^t^, 5. the act of wasting profusely, a 
squandering ; a causing dust, fly. 

^\5t^'5lT^, 8. a trick, circumvention. 

^^t^^^?1, a. wasting, profuse, extrava- 

^\5t^, 8. waste, extravagance. [gant. 

^\?T^^1, a. wasting, extravagant, squan- 

^^t^t^9 8. the venereal disease, [dering. 

^^, or ^"^^ t^, 8. wild rice. [path. 

^^ , s. any constellation in the moon's 

^\5S\F, a. on the wing, on tiptoe, agitated, 
"anxious, ready to take flight. 

^\5^51, a. fledged, able to fly. 

^vg-^, 8. a raft, a float ; the moon. 

^xj-pfl^, s. the moon. 

^\5 W?^ 8. a wild flg ;* the threshold of a 
house ; copper ; a sort of leprosy. 

S\5^, a. flighty, airy, light, vain. 

^\5\5^^, s. a flying, the act of flying. 

^\5^\, s. a leap upwards, a bound. 

^\5^\ "^^JS^^) s.a jumping and frisking. 

^\F^?"srT^, a. flying, in the act of flying. 

^5,, an inseparable preposition, when pre- 
fixed to a word, conveys the idea of a 
degree of elevation or ardour. 

S^, 8. heat, fire : a. sewed, woven. 

^ITij V. n. to arrive, to come, to descend. 

^3^, 8. an answer ; an alighting. 

^^■^<rt^1, 8. a baiting place, an inn. 

^^^■1, s. the arriving at a place, [over. 

^:5c^, V. n. to overflow, to bubble to boil 

^"Sc^^, a. overflowing, boiling over. 

^^c7'!^t^«T, ad. up and down : s. the 
shaking or stirring up of a liquid. 

in [ 45 

§"5^1, a. impatient, troubled : s, nn over- 
^^T?r, ^3t5rl, s a copy, duplicate, [flow. 
^^t«^1, impatient, uneasy, hasty, anxious. 
^^^, V. n. to boil over, to overflow. 
^^?I!, a. anxious, regretting, sad, vexed. 
^^^^, a. bad, painful, troublesome, disa- 
^«.?ii^'5t ??1, s. one who eats excessively. 
S^^4jI,s. regret, care, anxiety, melancho- 
ly, suUenness, vexation, uneasiness. 
^^^t%^, a. dejected, distressed, anxious, 
thoughtful, vexed, sullen, melancholy. 
^«.^t^^, a. fern, anxiously waiting for, 

or expecting ^her husband or lover). 
^^^"^, s. excellence, abundance. 
^«,?pf^^1, s. anxiety, thought, care. 
^^^«i, or ^^«i, 5, a louse. 
^«>^^, a. excellent, best, elevated, good. 
^«.^"^151, -^, s. goodness, excellence. 
^^C<5T5, "51^, «. a bribe, [transgression. 
^^;^5r, «. a leap, a jump, irregularity, 
^^^1^5 0" leaped up, transgressed. 
^<vC3't*t, s. an osprey, an eagle, (Falco- 
^^f^^, tossed up, thrown up [utkrosn. 
^<5,C^*1"5 «. a tossing up, a throwing up. 
^<s»c^^^, a. throwing up : s. one who 
^5,C^^cjj s. a throwing up. [throws up. 

^<s.C^*f «it?r, capable of being thrown up. 

^«,<fT^, «, eradication, destruction, ruin, 

^^^TtiY, destructive, subversive, ruinous. 

^■q^, «. hot, heated, burnt up, excited. 

^^'ST, a. chief, best, excellent, very good. 

^Q"5r^5^, s» a good or excellent work. 

^€^^1, -'539 «. excellence, superiority. 

^c^'^W, s. a high office, chief seat. 

^^^^» «. a creditor, a money-lender. 

^?5^^t^^j «. a capital punishment. 

^Q'srt^, ».the head, chief member, [tion. 

^?J^t'^,a. improvable, capable of meliora- 

^^<r, V. w. to arrive at a place, to alight, 
to land from a ship or boat. 

S^^, a. subsequent, posterior, ulterior, 
succeeding ; north : s. an answer ; the 
north quarter ; a consequence ; arrival. 

^■q^^q^, ad. successively, gradually. 

^g^^q' , 5. one who replies or answers. 

^Q^^l^T, s. future time, a future state. 

] ^7J 

^^TTflP^I, B. funeral obsequies or rites. 
v5c<i<f*i^, J?, a refutation, a rnjoindor. 
^iSJ^l,/?. the act of arriving, alighting.or 
^?J?'et^t5T, «. a baiting place, [landing. 
vS"3ir«i^?,rt. capable of being got through, 

crossed ovor, or arrived at. [outia.) 
^■S"?W^, «. the furthest tooth (dens sapi- 
^^F^Wt^l, s. one who gives a reply. 
^'S'^'fTlI^, ^■S"?rtTT9Y, a. answering, re- 
^■5"^1^^, «. the north quarter, [plying. 
^■5?rCW*t, «• the north country. 
^^TT^t'S?, 8. reply to an argument, minor 

proposition in a syllogism. [word. 
^^?r^W, *. last member of a compound 
^^■?r2tv^?J<r, s. a dialogue, the pleadings 

in a law suit, a dispute, altercation. 
^Q^gjit, a. giving a reply, [du zodiac. 
^Q'^^c^!9'«Vt, s. 12th mansion in the Hin- 
^Q?"^T2*ffT, «. the twenty-sixth mansion 

in the Hindu zodiac. [able. 

^^^C^T^fJ, a. deserving a reply, answer- 
^^^31t^, s. a witness testifying upon 

what he has heard from others. 
^Q^^T^^, «• one who directs all the 

minutiEG of a religious ceremony, an 

umpire, an auxiliary, a prompter. 
^Q?r^W, 8. a baiting place, an inn. 
^^ <l I R ^<r, 8. an inheritance. 
^^?"tfV^T^'^^, 8. a will, a testament. 
^Q^tf^^Tf?3l, heirship, proprietorship. 
OT<rTfV^l'^, s. an heir, a successor. 
S^<rt^<r, s. a reply which is inapplicable 

to the charge, another reply. 
^■G?[1^t^, s. a prevarication, equivocal 

reply ; in law^ an apparent reply. 
^^?rT^«i, «. the sun's path north of the 

equator, the tropic of Capricorn. 
^'S'^T^t^l, «• 21st mansion in the Hindu 
^'5'?1''T^, 8. an outer garment, [zodiac. 
^^?Y, «. outer garment passed over the 

right shoulder and under the left arm ; 

the sacred thread when thus worn. 
^<J<rt^> 8' the upper flowing garment. 
^TTCf, ad. at last, afterwards, [quently. 
^15i:<r«l, rt(f. northerly, northwards, subse- 
^?rC'?"W^)S. ad. to-morrow, on a future day. 
^^C^T^<r, ad. more and more. 

%^ [ 

^^:^^1, 5. a tTireatening, a dunning. 
^Q c?^, s. over flowing of ariver or pond ; 
a running or boiling over of a liquid. 

^^t^T, supine, lying on the back, shallow. 

^^t!^^!'^, a. lying in a supine posture. 

^■Qt^*t¥, ci" idem ; also, s. an infant. 

^et^t, s. heat, ardour, fervour, zeal. 

^st^^, s. the making of a thing hot. 

^eT*t^?, a. capable of being heated. 

^qTIM^, 0" heated, made hot. 

^«T?r«l,5- the causing to arrive or alight. 

^^«f,^^^i^®<ijg<^*over, escaped, rescued. 

^C^^^1, s, a polishing, importunity, dun- 

^C^fc^^, a. elevating, raising up. [ning, 

^C^t«^Ji, s. the raising or elevating of a 
thing, a boiling over, an overflowing- 

^CQt^^^!3, 8. a lever. [or elevated. 

^C¥tci^?j a. capable of being raised up 

^C«tf^^, ct" elevated, raised up, made to 
boil over, or to overflow. [gusted. 

^€7^, ft. rejected, abandoned, vexed, dis- 

fe'at, rising, standing erect, arising from. 

^*2fc^, V. n. to overflow, to boil over. 

^'?r«^^> s. an overflowing, a boiling over. 

^*5tl%^, a. overflown, boiled over. 

fe'Stt^, s. a raising, rising, or getting up. 

^•2ttt^^tW*Vt, s. a festival observed in ho- 
nor of Yishnu's rising from his sleep. 

^•5tt*f<5, «. raising up : s. one who raises 
up, a raising machine, an elevator. 

^*?tt*1'^, s. the act of raising up; inarith. 
the producing of the answer or result. 
^•?tt^^1, s, elevation, a raising up. 

^*2rt*fi^?r, ^*3rMf?i^?j, a. vide ^'?rr*tj. 

^«sf[jv(v5, elevated, raised up. [elevated. 
^•StMJj «, capable of being raised up, or 
^1%:$, a. erect, risen, exalted. 
^r5tt%, s, erection, elevation, a rising up. 
^5.-5^^^, s. a leaping up, a mounting. 
^^*tf^, s. production, a production, 
^"^.-fl"^, a. produced, arisen from. 
^<5,«t«7, s. a waterlily, a lotus, [dication. 
^^'s^t^;a[,5.a rooting up, eradicating, era- 
^^*tt^^?, ^<^^t^ilI^^J, a. vide ^^.mtj. 
^<5,'s^tt^^, a. eradicated, rooted up. 
^«»*ft^7, a. capable of being rooted up, 
req^uiring to be eradicated. 

46 ] S^ 

^^•pf-j-rj, s. ruin, outrage, danger, tumult 
violence, provocation, a portent. 

^^<pf|^^^j involved in ruin or calamity, 
persecuted, sufi'ering violence, [ing. 

^<5»^|^^,«. producing, exciting, occasion- 

^^*tt^^, a bringing forth, a producing. 

t^'^.'^tttf JTC^t?fj,«. producible, productible. 

^'^^T^ff^'^?, ^5,^>ftwf?I^^J, ^<^*tTWJ, a. ca- 
pable of being produced, producible. 

^<5,5ftt^^, ct. produced, arisen from. 

^^^tWJ^t^, a. coming into existence. 

^^C£f^1, s. a simile, similitude, a resem- 
blance, a metaphor, an illustration. 

^^^l^T^, s- a jump, a leap, a bound. 

^<s.^=15T^J^, s. a leaping up, a jumping. 

^<5.^|c^l5, leaped up, bounded, sprung up, 

^«»"^^. a. expanded, blown, gladdened. 

^<K^^ s. a spring, a fountain, a cascade. 

^.^^^, 5, the bosom, the lap, the hips. 

^<s,7i^, s. a festival, holiday, festivity. 

^<s»^^Tr^^5 joined with festivities, convi- 

^<^^^, s. a gift, offering, oblation, [vial. 

^^^:t^, s. the offering of an oblation. 

^<5,Tf;^^l-<r, or ^^^lij, a, proper to bo 

offered, fit for an oblation. 
^^^IT^, s. zeal, courage, energy, effort, 

eagerness, perseverance, enterprize. 
^^^t^'^eT,^. active, zealous, courageous, 
Ardent, eager, sanguine, enterprizing. 
^^^^,<?. zealous, eager, energetic; peni- 
^*^^9 offered in sacrifice, given, [tent. 
^?.C^5JT, s. a throwing of water upwards. 
^W, 5. an otter ; water. 
^^^5 s. the north quarter. 
\b^^, s. water. [jticall^, dwarf. 

^W^, ft. pointing upwards, high, tall ; iro- 
^W^, ft. unrestrained, open, candid, free. 
^^"srtWl, ft. sincere, unsuspecting, cheer- 
ful, docile, simple, thoughtless, 
^ir?, s. rise, rising into view, [serpent. 
^W?^Tc^,5. time of sun-rising ; name of a 
^W<lf^^, s. the eastern mountain. 
^W'^, 5. belly, bowels ;-'^^, gastric fluid. 
^Pf^TI^^, voluptuous, gluttonous : s. an 
^W^^, ft- situated in the belly, [epicure. 
^^?'^^«^?, s. in a)ia. the abdominal ring. 
^Wf tC^TC^*t, s. the abdomen, the pelvis. 


SfHt [ 47 

^5f^tC5f ICPf*r^1<^<i, s. two flanks, tlio in- 

^^tTTT^?, s. dysentery, diarrhcca. [guina. 

^ffTft, a. abdominous, corpulent, dropsi- 

§5rC?r, «r^. inclusively, inwardly. [cai. 

^^C?"t^Cff'*T, s. the epigastric region. 

^WT<r, a. munificent, liberal, generous, 
noble, grand, gentle, frank. [lity 

^Wl?r5l, s. grandeur, munificence,libera- 

^WT?r^\^?P, or ^Wf?rT"4rj, a. ambiguous. 

^5fT^, s. solitude, misanthropy, sadness, 
anxiety: a. stoical, sad, sorrowful. 

^WT^, ^Wl^^fs^, «• lonely, retired, cyni- 
cal, misanthropic, regretting, anxious. 

^WT^^, wandering, homeless : *. a mendi- 
cant, a recluse, a cynic, a misanthrope. 

^WT^^'51, s. mendicity, misanthropy. 

^Wt^^*l,an example to illustrate a rule. 

S5fT^^«rt?, ^5fT^«>7, ^t^T^1,«. capable 
of being illustrated by an example. 

^Wl^^, a. exemplified, illustrated by an 
example, famed, named, spoken. 

^f^^, a. risen into view, come into fa- 
shion; spoken, expressed, bound, tied. 

^1^5<iiteT, 5. the time of sun-rise. 

^W^^, 5. the north quarter. 

^W^st^, «. northern. [try. 

^#t5J, s, the north-west, northern coun- 

^yf^jf^l, a. rustic, inactive and corpulent. 

^^^<r, s. a species of fig-tree. 

^F-^f-cTj^-^TcTt", s. a large wooden mortar. 

OT^15, a. ascended, risen, vomited. 

^Tf^^^t^, s. effluvia, ascending steam. 

OT^ST, 8. ascension, a going upwards, a 
mounting up ; knowledge, an idea. 

^Tf ?fir^, s. act of ascending or mounting. 

^Tf <>f5r^?, a. capable of being ascended. 

^Tf^rt^l, s. a chanter of the Sama-voda. 

^itVt?r, 8. a vomiting, a belching. 

^tf^T<r<t, 8. the act of vomiting. 

^Tf <»ft^,« a portion of the Sama-veda, the 
expression of the triliteral name <s""Sl. 

^if^4) ^- vomited, thrown up. 

^W^ffj, a. excited, stimulated, stirred up. 

^v^\*r, 8. a gadfly, musquito, gnat. [tall. 

^^'ST) ^- large-toothed, tusked, terrific, 

^vvtT5i, a. unrestrained, unconfined, free. 

^r«^^,^. regarded, designed, agreed upon. 

^'^'Y^^, a. luminous, glowing, splendid, 

^'^^t^T, *. a blazing up, a glowing. 

^^\^i a. illuminated, made to sliine. 

^C^«T, 8. a motive, scope, vestige, trace. 

^C^*T^, 8. one who acta from motive. 

^C»if*Tj, a. recognizable, an aim. 

^C«^^1, 8. one who does an action with a 
certain scope or design. [wrestler. 

^^■5,a.audacious, bold, rude : *. a king's 

^^<r«1, 8. the act of extricating or deliver- 
ing a person or thiug, deliverance. 

^^^«it?, ^^?f?rj, ^%]Tn, a. extricable. 

^^T^, 8. deliverance, rescue ; the extract- 
ing of matter from a book. 

^^t^^"5"1, 8. a deliverer, a saviour ; one 
who extracts passages from books. 

^^Tf?:5, a. drawn forth, extracted. 

^^3, or ^^3, a. tossed up, cast up. 

^^^, a. rescued, extricated, extracted. 

^W*T, s: the act of hanging a person or 

^T^^"^T, a. dead by hanging, [animal. 

^T^JT, s, the act of vomiting, a belching. 

^^5 , 8. an overplus : a. left, remaining. 

^^f^^, left as a remainder or overplus. 

^ft^, s. marriage, matrimony. [cited. 

^ff ^, a. perplexed, uneasy, anxious, ex- 

^r^tf -fBf^, -"sr^TS, a. troubled in mind, 

^f%\FlcT, or ^J, s. an otter. [anxious. 

^^'^, a. left as a surplus or remainder. 

^C^^r, s. perplexity, anxiety, uneasiness, 
dejection ; the betel-nut. [agitated. 

^C^^, ci. perplexed, anxious, perturbed, 

^C^t^, 8. the recognizing of a thing, re- 
cognition, recollection. [brancer. 

^Cf T5:f^, a. putting in mind : 8. a remem- 

^CflVf^, 8. the act of recognizing a thing, 

^^^, a. well known, unwritten yet cur- 
rent, excellent : *. a tortoise ; the sun. 

^^5^, 8. a coming into existence, birth, 
the production of a thing. [smoke. 

^^t^,5. a tending upwards, heat, steam, 

^f^^, a. sprouting, germinating, vege- 

^f^r^TfJl, 8. science of botany, [tating. 

^r^^, a. perforated, split, opened. 

^^iSjrt'.brought into existence, produced. 

^WJ15, a. prepared to do (an act), about 
to do (a thing), engaged, ready. 

^^ [ 

^T;f}Tr, s. readiness for action, exertion, ef- 
fort, promptness ; -'Prt^l, lie who excites. 

^Fjf^, a. active, busy, prompt. 

S'fJT^, s. a garden, a park, a grove. 

^Pf Jt^*ttc^j s. a gardener, a forester. 

^WjT^fJT, s. the accomplishing of a thing. 

^Fj'e^, a. engagedin, prepared for action. 

^CWJM, s. endeavour, effort, exertion, en- 
terprize, attempt, industry, zeal, fervor. 

^CWJT^^^, s. frustration of an effort. 

^CWn^, ^C^JT9ftl%^, a. active, industri- 
ouSjZealous, energetic, fervent, prompt. 

^C5<P, appearance, a beginning, attempt. 

^C^^^^, s. disappointment. [view. 

^^5^, «. gaining ground, coming into 

^^1^, s. a loan, a debt. 

^^, V. n, to melt, to dissolve. 

^^^, ^JTT^j s. a melting, a dissolving ; a 
furnace, a hearth: tr. melted, dissolved. 

fe;Rt<r, profi. his, that person's. 

^f^, pron. he, that person. 

^^^, 5. a fountain, a spring, a cascade. 

^*itvrs^, s. a commotion, a riot, a tumult, 
an uproar, anarchy, confusion, a mob. 

^*^^' or ^'^?F, s. a rat, a mouse. [ed. 

^^^, a. increased, elevated, arisen, exalt- 

^W^*llf^5 ^- having an elevated navel. 

S^^^^, «. having elevated nipples. 

^^^1^^, ^^^I?r^\5, risen and fallen, ele- 
vated and depressed, [advancement. 

^gt%, s. increase, exaltation, prosperity, 

vS^?»T, s. the elevating of a thing, deli- 
beration, discussion, reasoning, logic. 

^gt^JT, s. the elevating of a thing. 

^^«", a. frantic, mad, crazy, intoxicated. 

^^Q^l, s. madness, intoxication, [son. 

^WeSfc^T'H", s. ravings of a delirious per- 

^^^TS, a. thoughtful, agitated,regretting. 

^^1^, s. madness, mania, folly, extrava- 
gance : a. mad, extravagant. 

^^TW^, occasioning mania, intoxicating, 

^WtWC^:?, s, a maniac, a mad person. 

^'Jllft^, s. a being mad or intoxicated. 

^^itl^, «. mad, maniacal, intoxicated. 

^^T^, ^f^t%, s. a weighing, weight mea- 

^^t^t^"g<I^, a. statical. [sure, value. 

^^^^, 5. the opening of the eyes. 

48 ] 


^Wtt^l5, a. opened (applied to the eyes). 

^^•4f, a. pointing upwards, engaged in 
an action : s. an effort, an exertion. 

^■^cT^, a, eradicating ; s. one who eradi- 

^^rT5T, eradication, rooting up. [cates. 

^^f^^5, a. eradicated, rooted up. [tion. 

\^C^^, s. a discovery, perception, sensa- 

^«t, a preposition which usually conveys 
the idea of vicinity or resemblance. 

^«t^<i|"1, s, tittle-tattle, a story, a tale. 

^-pf^^ej, s. anything superadded, a sup- 
plemental oblation, a sauce, 

^'^^?"^?r, capable of being superadded. 

^-s^^jvf^t^f^, s. the paroitid gland. 

^^^T^,s. assistance,help, benefit, ad van- 

^«t^T^^, a. assisting, helping. [tage. 

^^^|^^:q1 s. an assistant, a helper. 

^*f^T?:^ ^^f^l^ir^lS, a. grateful. 

^*t^T<r^5l, -^, 5. gratitude. 

S'^^T?"<r^, a. beneficent, benevolent. 

^^f^fft, (I. helping, assisting. 

^^T^'^, a. holpen, assisted. 

^-sf^^j s. the same as ^«t^f^ 

^MC^l"^, s. in ana. capsular membrane. 

^'J^Z^'sr, s. commencement, an attempt. 

^'s^^fl't^, a. commenced, attempted, 

^•^t^-^, «. approached, attached to. 

^*t9tir, 5. approach, the approach of the 

^■s^^, V. to overflow, boil over. [sexes. 

^I'^^ ^'5^^t^, «. overflowed, boiled over. 
s. an overflowing, a boiling over. 

^^I'^?, s, plenty, abundance, an excess. 

^"^^T^, s. service, a practice, usage, pro- 
fession, practice of medicine, a bribe. 

^-^f^^, a. collected, increased, im]3roved. 

^'si'S?, V. n. to acquire, to accrue, to come 
into being, to occur. [occurred. 

^"^I^T^, a. produced, acquired, accrued, 

^■s^ff^^l, s. uvula, the epiglottis, [trade. 

^"s^S^t^^l, s. livelihood, maintenance, a 

^-s^®!^, a. living upon, dependent on. 

^-s^st^J, a. producing a livelihood. 

^*t^1, s. intuitive knowledge. 

^*tv5, V. a. to root up, to eradicate. 

^•s^\5^, ^"s^vSt^, s. act of uprooting, eradi- 
cation : a. eradicated, extirpated. 

^'^C^'!^'»^> s- a present, a gift, a largess. 



^-c^f-j^jS. a small fibre, a fibrilla. [flictod 

^-K?*^* « anxious, lioated, distressed, af- 

S-si^JT^jS.heat. pain, mental distress, dis- 

^«t3lf*tl5,rt. put in pain, distressed. [ease. 

^f^XT?"!, s. the iris of the eye, 

^^^1^1, s. a valley at the foot of a hill. 

^«tW\*T, s. the venereal disease. 

^«tW«T, s. the calyx of a flower. 

^«t^^, ^« instructed, taught, [parition. 

^^CW^15l,«. ademi-god, a phantom, an ap- 

^*tCW*f, 8. teacliing, instruction, advice. 

^^CPf*t^, a giving in^ruction, instruc- 
tive : s. the same with 3'>1Z^*\^q\ 

^'s^CW^T^cTl, s. an instructor, a teacher, a 
preceptor, a preacher, a school-master. 

^-s^ff'n^^j^'^CW^n, (^- worthy of instruc- 
tion, teachable, capable of instruction. 

^^CW*l^, a. instructive, edifying. 

^vfcit^i, 5. the same as ^*tCW*f^Gl. 

^^2?, s. calamity, ravage, ruin, outrage, 
injury, oppression, tyranny, a portent. 

^^fj-?!, «. calamitous, tyrannical, oppres- 
sive, disastrous, ruinous, portentous. 

^«t^T^l, s. the uvula or epiglottis. 

^«t^^> ^- oppressed, injured, hurt, tyran- 
nized over, ruined, ravaged. 

^^Tt'5^, s. an island, a small island. 

^•s^^T;!, s. a bolster, a pillow, a cushion. 

^'^j>f,fear,dread,cir(nimvention;a wheel. 

^^^H^, s. the investiture of a brahman 
with the paitd or sacerdotal thread. 

^-pf^fST, s. a surname, a nickname ; -frl, 
to give a nickname, [ed and sealed. 

^*lf^r^, s. a deposit of articles undescrib- 

^<5^f^T5f, s. the philosophical part of the 
veda ; the doctrine of matter and spirit. 

^-Pt^"?, ^.invested with the paita; arrived. 

^"s^STJl^, s. a prologue, a tale, a story. 

^^^STJT^^^I, •?. one who delivers a pro- 
logue of a discourse, a story-teller. 

^-pf^l^, s. a paramour, a gallant. 

assistance, demonstration, production 

^f^^, s. a concubine, a kept woman. 

^-s^-s^W, s. words used adverbially instead 
of nouns in any given case, [plished. 

^-pf -s^^, a. supplied, provided for, accom- 

49 ] ^9( 

^vf^i^l^ ^, in ana. the false ribs. 
^•pf-pfi^jUj ^«>f*^[*f, 8. a venial crime. 
^^*tIT^, a. guilty of venial crimes. 
\5*t*t 1^^, «. tlio proving or establishing of 

a proi)o.sition by reason or argument. 
^^^^rif^Rl?, ^*f*fm, a. capable of being 

proved by reason or argument. 
^s^fsTTf^l?, a. proved or established by 

reason or argument, accomplished. 
^«t^^^. 8. a portent, portentous pheno- 
menon ; R ihu ; an eclipse ; an affray. 
^^^^^, « eclipsed, seen as a portent. 
^«^7^, s. a garden, park, artificial forest. 
\5*f^^^^^, 8. a forester, a gardener. 
^•^<rT^, 8. a religious or voluntary fast. 
^*^^T^, a. fasting : 8. one who fasts. 
^*1^ifJ, a. knowing inferior sciences. 
^^li^TtJl, 8. an inferior science, such as 

painting, legerdemain, dancing, &c. 
^•^i^^, a. seated, entered. 
■^"51^^, 8. the paitsi or sacred thread. 
^■^^tit, a. wearing a sacred thread. 
^'^C^*T<ls, a. sitting : s. one who sits. 
^«1"C^*t^, .9. act of sitting ; -<^lf\ one who 
^■s^^Q^, a. enjoyed, possessed. [sits. 

^*TC^Tq^1, 8 one who enjoys. [cation. 
^•s^C^f^f, s. luxurious enjoyment, gratifi- 
^S'ptc'^T'JfTiSrT, 8. usufruct, enjoying profits. 
^-s^C^lstJ, a. proper to be enjoyed. 
^-^tsrl, or ^<^f^i%,«. a comparison, simile, 

a likeness, a resemblance, a metaphor. 
^HitT^^qI. 8. one who uses similitudes. 
^*tirTXl, s. a wetuurse, a nurse ; one who 

compares one thing with another, 
^n^TI^f*!^, a. metaphorical, figurative. 
^*tf^X, or ^'PtC^x, a, compared. 
^*tC5l<r, or ^*^inx^J, a. comparable. 
^-s^C^^Xl, -^ 8. comparableness. 
^*^^5r, 5. marriage, matrimony. 
^<s?f^t5^,«requesting,petitioning : s. one 

who requests a thing, a petitioner. 
^l^fsiS, a. requested, prayed to, or for. 
^"^f^^, a. suitable, fit, proper, becoming. 
^*1^;^:5l, s. fitness, suitableness. 
^•s^C^T^, 8. suitableness to a want. food. 
^-p^C^Tf^rH, .9, utility, suitability, fitness. 
^^C^l^ a. useful, suitable, lit, proper. 


[ 50 

^«^^, 8. the top, height : ad. upon, over. 
^«i'<r^, a. pained, afflicted, seized by a 

calamity ; eclipsed : s. in mi/tho. Eahu. 
^^<r9ff%,«. a superintendent overwatch- 
^•si"^vS,^?- ceased, stopped, desisted, [men, 
^-pf^T^^^j ^- indifferent, stoical. 
^'n'?1%, s.cessation, a stopping; pleasure. 
^M^^t9f, s. the upper part. [another. 
^«t^t^^^, ^- in succession, one upon 
^*t?"TM", s. a full eclipse ; a calamity, 
^'^^t'sr, s. cessation, a stop, breaking off. 
^'s^l?, ad. above, upon, upper : a. other. 
^-s^^-if^^, s. extra expenses. [person. 
^^t?^W, s. looking ofevil spirits upon a 
^^1?CW^^1, s. aerial or malignant spirit. 
^"^^"^Mt?, a. other, another, 
^^■^-^ni, -■^t^t^, s. a malignant spirit. 
^Mt?^T^', s. the upper part. 
^t?^!"^, ad. from above, above, up. 
^"5^^^, ^^^f^'^i <?• situated above, 
^^^'^j a. skreened, protected,defended. 
■^•stC^r, ad. Tip, upon, upwards. 
^•^C?"?", ad. upper^ the topmost one. 
^<^C^5f,s. partiality, protection, support, 

^dofenoe, favour, kindness. [tection. 
'^«^?rT^7,<35. defensible, deserving of pro- 
:^«f^^^, ad. one abo^e another, higher 
.^*T^, stone, ;arock. [and higher. 
'.^«i"eT^,^^cff^«), s. a synecdoche, an in- 
ference, an indieatioa, illustration, 
^^f^fs?^, a. inferred from, deduced. 
^«^c^^j, a. inferrible, deducible. 
^^c^^, a. guessed, understood, received. 
^^c^f^,perception, conception, surmise, 

the understanding, gain, acquisition. 
^<^^, €. ;an alleviation, relief, abating^ 
^«s?f*t5l^, '«. alleviating, relieving. 

ing-: s. one who alleviates, [peasing. 
^*ttf%, «. alle viation, tranquillity, an ap- 
\^^^^,«. acommencement, a beginning. 
^«t^\^Jl^, •«. the upper garment;, 
^^t^^^t?", destruction, finishing, an^nd. 
^'^^^j *. an inseparable preposition ; a 

symptom of a disease ,; a portent. 
^^^^5T, a. secondary, subordinate : s. 

^S0Inethin^ secondaij or subordinate. 

] ^^ 

^^y[«f ^,«. approximating : s. a favorite. 

^'s>fjT^«j, s. an approaching, access. 

^*t^, s. a concubine, a kept woman. 

^«t^, s. generative organs of both sexes, 
the hip, the arms : a. near, proximate. 

^'sif^^, a. near, Standing near, present, 
arrived, ready at hand. [speaker. 

^-s^f^^^r^ s. eloquent person, a ready 

^«^^^, s. profit,gain,income, perquisite, 
proceeds, the produce of the soil. 

^•pf^^, a. smitten, struck, hurt. 

^-pt^fTI^S, a. laughed at, smiled at. 

^•5^^t<r, s. an offering, a present, a gift. 

^■^^^t^^, s. a smile, ridicule, a jest, joke. 

^'s^'^t^^, s. a jester, one who ridicules. 

^'^■^T^C'^t'JfJ, a. ridiculous, laughable. 

^"s^t^Jtsr, s. a tale, a story, a narrative. 

^•^tt^, 5 subordinate part, a subdivision. 

^^t^, a. admitted, taken for granted 

^^tWT^, s. abstraction, a cause, a formal 

^-s^t^T^^T^cij-s. proximate cause, [cause. 

^"^ttCW?, a. excellent, admissible. 

^'ttC^^r^lj s. admissibility, excellency. 

^'pft^i'Ti^, 5 a cushion, a pillow,a bolster. 

^*lTfV, 8. surname, a title, an attribute. 

^'s^f^l'Jt?, s. an instructor, teacher, tutor. 

^•5tt^Jt?l^1, tutorship, office of a teacher. 

^«tT^*^j s- a shoe, a slipper. 

^«tt^, «. near, proximate. 

^«tt?, s. an expedient, a remedy, a strata- 
gem, a method, means, way, resource^ 

^^^^^■sr, n. able to contrive means. 

^^T?f^^^, a. meditating expedients. 

^«tt?f5^1, s. a contrivance. 

^■pfT?^, s. a present, a gift. [means. 

^'^T?^,^?. making use ofexpedients,using 

^^T^^^, a. acquiring, accumulating. 

■^-p^T^*^, «• an accumulation, an acquisi- 
tion, gain, earnings, savings, [cures. 

^'s^l^^^^'ljS. one who acquires or pro- 

^®ttW^?r«5. acquirable,fit to be earned 

^^Tfer^ 5 acquired, accumulated, laid up. 

^^ti^f, s. a religious or voluntary fast. 

^^Tj^, a. attending upon, propitiatory, 
supplicatory : s. a servant, worshipper. 

^vft^f^, 8. the act of serving a person, 
^supplication, prayer^ intercession. 

Sir [ 

^*^t^Rl, s. sorvico, worship, attondanco, 
assiduity, supi)licatiou, intorcossion. 

^^fTT^T^ifi, s. one who sedulously at- 
tends on a superior, a petitioner. 

^^T^-t?r,^<^T^J, deserving assiduous at- 
tention, placable, adorable, worshipful. 

S<1"Tr^l5, assiduously served or attended. 

^•sTT^J'STt^, a. receiving sedulous atten- 

^*f if^, «. a curtilage, gristle. [tion. 

^*YTf^^*, a. cartilaginous, gristly. 

^^t^i or ^^^, a- prostrate, reversed. 

^Csi^^P, a. disregarding, neglecting. 

^C^ftpeijS. the act of disregarding a thing. 

^C^t^^Vt?, a. deserving of disregard. 

^C*t^1, 8. neglect, disregard. [garded. 

^C^lf^^, a. neglected, contemned, disre- 

^C^^, a. approached, connected with. 

^C'^T^, 8. a nanae of the god Krishna. 

^C«1T^6jj s. a religious fast, a fast. 

^^f^5, a. fasted, observed as a fast. 

^^, V. n. to depart, disappear, vanish, or 
evaporate, to dissolve away : a. erect. 

^?<[. V. n. to be plentiful, to abound, to 
superabound ; to go to stool. 

^^?"*i, ^^?rT*i,«. asuperabounding, a be- 
ing plentiful : a. abundant, plenteful. 

^^■^, V. to make abundant or plenteous: 
8. abundance : a. abundant, plentiful. 

^^c^, 8. the swell of a liquid in boiling ; 
search, enquiry, a vestige. 

^^^^,^^e*JT5T,5.a boiling over or swelling 
up in boiling : a. made to boil over. 

^^,^^, a. erect, high, exalted, elevated. 

^^^5, or %^X^i O" prostrate, reversed. 

^^, a. erect, high, elevated : s. height. 

^^<i, pron. both, two together. 

^^<I^S, ad. in both respects, mutually, 
between themselves', on both sides. 

^«<llfl, ad. in both places. 

^^<1*1T^^, a. situated on both sides. 

^"»<]'KI'ff <r, a. belonging to both sides. 

^BC?, ad. mutually, jointly, conjointly. 

^^<r«l, s. the unlading of a ship or boat. 

^■5?rT?, ad. with a loud voice. 

^5r, anm^er/.indicating anger,interroga- 
tion, assent, or cordiality ; also, 

^^Tjjt', s. a grandee : a. rich, opulent. 
n 2 

51 ] S^1 

*^^?1, 8. a nobleman, an opulent inan. 
^^?rt^, 8. grandeur, nobility, opulence. 

^TTl, 8. a namo of Durg6 ; linseed ; alaa ! 

^irt^f, 8, the sounding of a depth. 

^5JT*it%, 8. Shiva, the husband of Uma. 

^^, a. stupid, ignorant, clownish. 

*^C^pf, 8. hope, expectation, [pectant. 

^C15f?rT?r, a. hoping, expecting : *. an ex- 

^C^ff^T^, 8. condition of an expectant. 

^<rs, *. the breast, the bosom, the chest. 

^^9f, a. crawling, creeping : 8. a reptile. 

^■?r'*5^, 8. a breastplate, a coat of mail. 

^^K"?!!^, 8. trick, an evasion, an excuse. 

^^, a. great, ample, large : s. the thigh. 

^?"T^T^, a. creeping, crawling, going on 

^«f^T"», ^T^\^3=n, 8. a spider, [the belly. 

^«i1, s. wool, fur, felt. [soil. 

^^TTI, a. arable,fertile, prolific: *. a rich. 

^^*Tt, s. name of a celestial courtes^an. 

^^, s. the earth. [leaky roof.) 

%'^, V. n. to leak, to admit the rain (as a 

^^q, s. a leaking. ^<r«lTn, a. leaky. 

^cT, V, a. to set a thing down, to descend. 

^c^^, a. naked, unclothed, bare. 

^5T^^, -^, 8. nakedness, nudity. 

^c^fV^, 8. a naked woman. [down. 

%v\\, V. n. to be reversed or turned upside 

^c^^.$^5T, s. a plant (Abroma angusta.) 

^'I'^^fTc^^, 8. a turning, disorder. 

^^j^c^^f \^, s. a kind of thatching grass. 

^^5^, s. a shout uttered by women on 
joyous occasions : a. nearly descended. 

^c^^, C<^5^, Wl, «.an owl (Strix ulula ?) 

^^3j «. the motion of the eyes when 
intoxicated or sleepy. 

^c^l, 8. a meteor, a torch, a firebrand. 

^?^15fr^, 8, a link -boy, a torch-bearer. 

^^^T**^^, 8. the falling of a meteor. 

^c^T^-«irt, C^4pn?T5lt, C<r-aft, s, a fox. 

%f^, s. a sort of tattooing practised by 
Hindu women on the chin and nose. 

^c^, V. to turn upside down, to reverse. 

^«^1, a. upside dowuwai-ds, wrong, con- 
trary, reversed ; -^, to reverse. 

^^T^, ^«^^, 8. a turning upside down. 
a. turned, topsytui'vy, reversed. 

^c^l'^Ii^l, ad. topsyturvy, confusedly. 

, [ 52 ] 

^■^t^^j S' a perverted mind, a misinter- 
preting, amisunderstanding. [fusedly. 
^c^I?^, 5.hiuiy burly, confusion : ad.aoii- 
^cT5I<r, s. a meteor, a torch, a firebrand. 
^^\S5<5,transgressing : s. a transgressor. 
^■^Ng^TJ^, s. a transgressing, a violating. 
fe^v@sr^?, ^^^J, ci .transgressible. 
^M^l, s. a transgression, violation. 
^Mf'S^r^ja. transgressed, exceeded,passed 
^'P'STp, 5. a jump, a leap, spring, [over. 
^^■STpr.gflM?"^, s. a leaping and jumping. 
^^f^^, ci. elated with joy, glad. [joy. 
^pf^^^J, a- capable of being elated with 
^^17T,5. joy, delight, exultation, vivacity. 
^^t^<P, «. exciting joy, elating the mind, 
^mlf^^, ct, elated with joy, glad. 

, s. temperament, heat or cold. 
^^if'^^, passionate, furious, angry, fiery. 
^I%<5, s. a kind of verse consisting of 

four lines of seven syllables each, 
^^"^^j ^^^^, s, a turban ; a diadem. 
^^1, s. heat, ardour, warmth,rage, anger, 
^^tf%^, a. hot, angry, fervent, [choler. 
^^^, V. to serve the pedal with rice, &c. ; 

interj. expressive of pain or surprise. 
*^'^TW, s. a teacher, a tutor, a preceptor. 
^^twl", s. tutorship, preceptorship. 
*^^^^l^, 5. a doubt, hesitation. 
^^^■^T^, ct'. hesitating. 
^■^T\5, s. a case, a cover, sheath, [alas ! 
^^, ^^^^, intj. expressive of pain; oh ! 

vBfwf^^j ct' uttered, enunciated, tossed, 
dared, painted, delineated, described. 
^■^^, s. an owl ; a name of Indra. 
^(;m-5r, ^CM<^, 5. a specifying, mention- 
ing, enunciating ; a digging, [fever, 
^^st, a. apparent : s. a symptom ; bilious 
^W*i^^^> ^' ^^ body when considered 

as the seat of disease. 
^c^TT, V. to be elated, to be full of joy. 
^*f;Rl, s. Shukra the regent of Venus, 
^^fi"?"}^"^?) ^' "^^^^ ^^^ grass, khaskhas. 
^■^S^Ic^, ^"^T, s. the morning,the dawn. 
^■^ci, 5. pepper, black pepper. 
^•^1, s. the dawn of day ; the daughter 
of king Yana and wife of Aniruddha. 
^"^I^tc^, s-.the dawn of day, the morning, 
^f^l^f-^, s. an uneasy sensation, the fid- 
gets, a restless uneasiness. 
^^535, ^^1, V. a. to repair a fire, to trim 

tiie wick of a lamp, to instigate. 
^^ei,^^T«l, s. a stirring up, instigating, 
a repairing (fire), trimmingof a wick. 
^^f«l, s. instigation, a stirring up. 
^§, ^t, s. a camel, dromedary. [gry. 
^^, a. warm, hot, sultry ; passionate, an- 
^^^t«n, s. summer, hot weather. 
^^"51, -^, s. lieat, sultriness, fervour, 

ardour, passion, warmth. 
^^^^T^,^i^^j angry, passionate, hasty, 
t^^l, a. cleansed by scalding or boiling. 
^^t5^, ci- tiot or cold, temperate. 

fe, the sixth vowel ; having the sound of ti 

long ;in co7np. it assumes this form ( ) 

called dirga-ukar. [oh ! 

^2j an interj. expressive of sudden pain ; 

^^, ^^T?r,«. high, elevated : rt^Z.onhigh. 

^^t?r, s. the letter ^, or the symbol ( ). 

^<rf^, ^Tf-dfcl, s. a large wooden mortar. 

^Fl, a. married : 5. a married woman. 

^■^, a. woven : s. cloth, stuff. 

^?f1, a. highjlofty : s. a soaring up. [fewer. 

^^, a. in comp. (one) less, short, minus, 

%^5^tt?\'*t, a. the thirty-ninth. 

^j:[5scif^\*r<s,, ^il^m'^, a. thirty-nine. 

^^f^\^, ^^f^\*t^^, a. twenty-ninth. 

^^f^\*t<^, ^i^f^*f, a. twenty-nine. 

^^f;5*t1, «'• the twenty-ninth. 

^7(^^, ^^s^^T, ^^^^1%, a. eighty-nine. 

^^^^1%5^, a. the eighty-ninth. 

^^-K^t^t, ^;^*t^t*f<^, 2. forty-nine. 

fe^-s^f^f^fcir, a. the forty-ninth. 

^^!^^*f5 ^?(!t\*ft^^^, a. nineteenth. 

^^■R\'*t1%, ^f^*^, a. nineteen. 

^^^^■i, a. spiritless, destitute of energy. 

^^•^•^, %?l"g"l^':5"5[, a. the fifty-ninth. 

^^■^f^, ^^"^1^^9 c(" fifty-nine. 

^STTf^-^, ^^^"^1%, a. sixty-nine. 

^^7T^^, ^iiTf^at^^^, a. the sixty-ninth. 

^^t"^, ^^T^t^, a. seventy-nine. 

^^fTt"?, ^^T'T1'1%5"5T, a. seventy-ninth. 

^t^% ^^R^^t^, a. nineteen. 

fef^'*!!, a. the nineteenth. 

ai5 [ 53 

fegt, ^ftC'^t'Pl, 8. a whito-ant, termite. 

^^, or ^?^, s. the thigh. 

fe^^T^, ct' fern, crural. [caste. 

^^8f, a. boru from the thigh : 8. Vaishya 

fe?P"i5^, s. a tumour in the thigh. 

fefff^T^, "STT^^^^I, ». a spider. 

fe«fl, s. wool, fur, felt. 

^4l^) ^- iiiade of wool : s. a blanket. 

*%<^ a. belonging to the royal army. 

^«i%JTt^, s. the court language, or the 
dialect of the Persian -Hindi. 

^'s'^g'T^rfr, s. the market of the army. 

fe^', ^'f, ci. high, lofty, elevated, up. 

fe$^, s. heartburn, flatulency. 

^^9t3, a. elevated, gone up, ascended. 

^^•>(f5, s. an ascent, elevation. 

^■f 9firJT, 5. ascension, upward motion. 

%f ^ft^ft, ^f ^, a. ascending, going up. 

%f fiT^, a. long-thighed, thick-kneed. 

^■f II, s. height, elevation. 

^"fWi^, s. the act of looking upward. 

^■f ^1^, s. a devotee with up -lifted arm. 

^C^r^lS, expelling sperm upwards,: s. a 
devotee who observes strict chastity. 

^■f "JlT^, s. expiration, difficult breathing. 

^■f ^, a. superior, above, upper. 

^^f^^, situated above, superior, upper. 

^■fTs*T, s. in a7ia. the fundus uteri. 

^f^, s. a wave, a billow, a whim. 

^f?^^^, a. undulated, wavy, plicated. 

^r^srcl, s. undulation, waviness. 

^^<r, a. saline, salt : s. saline earth. 

^^1, s. the morning twilight, the dawn. 

^^1? ^"^TC^ft^l, s. investigation, reason- 
ing, the supplying of an ellipsis. 

^^j, requiring to be supplied, elliptical. 

^, the seventh vowel ; it has the sound 
of ri in rill. In comp, it assumes this 
form ( ) called kri-phala. 

^^, s. the name of a veda ; a bear. 

^^I'^r, 5. the letter ^ or its symbol ( ). 

^'5P, 8. a bear ; the constellation Ursa 

^C^5f, 8. one of the four vedas. [minor. 

^^.^^ a. professing the Eig-veda. 

^^, 8. a hymn to any god, a form of 
praise, any sentence in the Eig-veda. 



^^, a. straightjsincerojhonest. [honesty. 

ai^'5l,v. Htraightne88,rectitudo, sincerity, 

^^^^R, a. honest, sincere, upright. 

my 8. a loan, a debt ; in alffe. minus. 

m'jl^, a. involved in debt, indebted. 

^«i^!r«i, s. the borrowing of money. 

^«it" a. indebted : «. a debtor. [flux. 

^^, s. a season ; the menses, menstrual 

^v^^^, menstruous, having the menses. 

^^^^1, 8. the comiherce of the sexes ou 
the 4th day after the menses appear. 

^^5?n^, 8. the spring, season of spring. 

^CS, ad. except, besides. 

^r35^, ^rs3^,, 8 .a sacrificial or family 
priest. These are three,viz. the ^T5R'j, 
the *^C?i Tf5l5, the ^fm^^ or ^f-a^^. 

aif^, 8. increase, riches, store, wealth, 
opulence, prosperity, [of Jaina saints. 

^■^^,^5. excellent, great : «. a bull ; a chief 

^f"^, 8. a sage ;-9f'l a body of sages. 

^1X«^"^, 8. the race or family of a sage. 

^t^, 5. a calamity, evil omen ; a sword. 

Qj-^j^^r, s. in 7Hf/th, a mountain famed for 
having been the residence of the mon- 
key king Sugriva, the ally of Eama. 

a!i"5^3"»5^, 5. name of a famous sage who 
had the horns of a deer on his head. 

H, eighth vowel : rarely used ; in cotnp. 

it is expressed by this mark (< ). 
gl^Pt?", 8. the letter ^, or that character. 

which expresses the sound of ri. 

c>), the ninth vowel. It is seldom used. 
^?pT'?". 8. the letter ^, or the character 
which expresses the sound of li. 

% tenth vowel ; it is scarcely ever used. 
^^Tfi, «. the letter ^, or the character 
which expresses the sound of 11. 

^,the eleventh vowel; it has the soundo 
e in there. In comp. it is expressed by 
this sjTnbol ( C ) called ekar: pron. this. 

vil^^fif, or ^^ ^^Hf, ad. henceforth. 

vH^, pro7i. this, very, even this. 

vil'$'^C«1, (id now, iuiniediiitely, instantly. 

vil^^t?"*l,^ow. hence, for this reason^where- 

«il^-l?C7(J-t^t^C"€,^o?i. for this cause, [fore. 

^^5:rT<ri, (il^\5t^1, s. this method, custom, 

<il^£t^T?r, ad. thus, such. [or habit. 

vil^^T"^, cid. this time, now. 

^t"5r^, or J\^^^, ad. thus, this way. 

(il^iTT^, ad. just now, just this moment. 

•ilt'C^'^^, for this, wherefore, insomuch. 

»gC"5', or vfTc^^l, s. an ulcer in the mouth 
or between the hoofs of cattle. 

»irc"^^f^, s. the name of a plant. 

^£^7^J a. one ; also, article, a, an. 

»il^^t\^1, a- being of the same size. 

vil^P^tW, «. half, the half of one. 

vfl^'f, pro7i. the same, sole, identical, the 

«il^^*t, a. twenty-one. [self-same. 

*£I^Jig>, ad. severally, each, one by one, 

vil^^, a. one, single alone. [every one. 

»il^^\5l, s. a single cauri. [word. 

tfj^f^Qri, a. consistent, coherent : s. one 

«i)^-^f«f^1, a. monogynous ; -C^*t?r, mo- 
nandrous ; -9\^, unilocular. 

vfl^^'SSrt, doing the same work, engaged in 
the same profession : s. a competitor. 

v£l^^t«Tt5T, a. coeval, simultaneous. 

lil^^TC^, ad. at the same time, at once. 

(il^^f^, a. twenty, a corge. 

.il^-dfT^, tfi^^rtt^, a. one, one piece. 

«il^9it^?l1, belonging to the same village. 

til<5^f®i, a. single (as cord, hair, &c.) 

«il^*>ft^, ad. in the same condition. 

vil^»^?1, a. self-wpled, obstinate, head- 
strong, perverse. 

^^^■5rf^^1, a. unsocial, recluse, secluded. 

*i|<5'5rl^?[l, unremitting, continual (fever). 

vi|^^^<i1, a. one-eyed, having one eye. 

vil^^^Tf?\*r, a. the forty-first. 

^^.•5T^f?'\*T<^, ^^5f^*f, a. forty-one. 

^£\^^J, a. solitary : s. a rhinoceros. 

ti|3>Ft2=!i, a. of one thatched roof: 5. a shed, 

vil^f^Q 5 a. unanimous, attentive, [a hovel. 

v<ig>C]5^?1, monopolized : s. a monopolist. 

«il^C^f^<n^3^^T?, s. a monopoly. 

vil^Csl^TlT^J^^T^, s. a monopolist. 

^il^CS"^, a. having the same object. 

vi)^5^gtf*r^, a, placed under equal obli- 
gation : 5. a joint bondsman. 

54 ] ^£t^ 

i£l^^fD?<l1, a. having a single garment on. 

^^W^, s. a person, an individual. 

'il^SiT^, ad. repeatedly, frequently, inces- 
santly : 5. a list^ inventory. 

^^^1, a. one, an entire one. 

^^^1^1,5. a single line : a. extended : ad, 
in a right line ; running in one stream. 

'il^^, a. one, merely one, only one. 

^^^,<il^^^, or <il^Tf%, a. a little, small, 
some, very small : s. a morsel. 

<il^^*3rtf^,s. a morsel, a small piece, a bit, 

(il^\FTf%?i1, a. having a single branch : ». 
{fig. ) the male organ of generation. 

•il^CsSTlc^, a. uniform, of one make. 

^^T???, ad. together, in one body. 

>i|^l?m, having a regular slant, slanting. 

-il^^^j a. having the same object, rival: 
s, a rival, a competitor. 

>^^^3t, a. having one string ; subject to 

>ii^.^ir, a. one of the many. [one lord. 

^^^^, «,either,one of thetwo: ad. alike. 

"il^^^"^, a. on the same side. [paper.) 

lil^^l, 8. oneness, sameness ; a sheet (of 

vil^^Tc^l, a. having only one floor or sto- 
ry : 5. a single lock. [samum. 

^^.^^, a. very little, or as a grain of se- 

^^it"^, ad. as far as an arrow shot. [ther. 

vii^;^, ad. in one place, collectedly, toge- 

^<5fl5\*r, >il^f5i*n, a. the thirty-first. 

^^f^\*T<s,, vi|?pf5*r, a. thirty-one. 

«il?P^, s. oneness, sameness, identity. 

^il^W^, s. an appellation of Ganesha. 

vil^Wl, ad. once, at once, at one time. 

vil^'t^^^, a. apart, aside, on one side. 

^^CW*T, s. a particular part of any thing, 
a province, the same country. 

^^CW*t^, ^^CVf*f, vi|^CPf*ft?r, a. belong- 
ing to the same country or place. 

>il^?f^, s. the same religion, office, or 
rule of duty ; also, a. vide ^^^?fff . 

<il^5C"^, a. professing the same religion, 
observing the same duties, analogous. 

iil<5^1, a. single, simple, one kind only. 

^^5^T^, a. very little, as a grain of rice. 

^il^^cft, a. running in the same channel, 
having a single barrel. [namesake. 

(H^^fin, a. having the same name : 8. a 

(49 [ ^^ 

^ejivf,vii^C'^1, 8. quarter sera, a 4th part. 

*il^'s^^t*f, vii?pvf^]*t^Tr, a. the fifty-first. 

vii^<1'?PT*t^, v£j?PT^, a. fifty-one. [leaves. 

vii?p«t3j, «. a single leaf : a. having simple 

vil^«tift, a. having one foot or line, liold- 
ing the same office or employment. 

*il?P'^?"!'»f^, a. monandrous. [mous. 

vil^'5^<rT^*f ,«• the same opinion : a. unani- 

^^*t?"T^*f ^, vil^-pf <rT^*ff , a. agreeing in 
the same opinion, unanimous. 

^i|5*1■t^l, 8. a covering sheet made with a 
single breadth of the cloth. 

v£i^<^l^, 5. a dose or draught. 

vij^^tn, «il^^T*ft?1, a. having one side ; 
aslant : ad. on one side. [a lock. ) 

«il^<ff^?1, a. opening at one turning (as 

vil^C^^, «. united in the same plan of 
collusion or deception. 

Jl^£f?PT?r, a. uniform, of one sort. [lord. 
vH?P£t^^, a. monarchical, subject to one 

vii^gj^^, 5. a monarchy. [time. 

'^j\^'Z^, a. simultaneous, coeval^ at one 

*fl^^9fo^, ad. on one side. 

iil^^^^, 5. in grmn. the singular number. 

*il^^"?I^?1, a. of the same age. [timent. 

lil^^T^J, at' unanimous : s. the same sen- 

(il^^t^J^I, s, agreement, unanimity. 

<il^^lf9f?1, a. tenacious, dogmatical, per- 
tinacious, obstinate : ad. on one side. 

ifl^^TC^f, ad. on one side, in one part. 

«il<5^T^, vil^'<rT?'^, ad. once, one time, 

*vii^^tc^, s. a total sum. [suddenly. 

*il^I%\*t, ^^{^^*rt%ZI^, a. the twenty- 

*il^f%\'*t1%, ^^^, ci. twenty-one. [first. 

iil^f^*^, s. a single drop, a little, a drop. 

«i]^r^*t, a. twenty, a corge. [rival. 

vii^t%'^?t, a. having the same object : 8. a 

iH^^J^^Tlft, a. following the same trade. 

Jl^^>^, a. eating once in 24 hours. 

i^?p«^^^5, 8. a vow of eating once in 24 

lil^'ST^, a. intimate, equal. [hours. 

iil-^iIJ^TS, a. unanimous, of one accord. 

ifl^si^e^i^ s, the same opinion or design. 

vil^rrtW^I, a. once plastered over with 
earth (applied to Hindu idols.) 

vil^^f^, s. the same judgment or opini- 
on : a. of the same design or opinion. 

] *491 

*il^^T?, a. of the same ngeor size, equal. 

*i|<i»c^ll>, a, of the same clan : 8. one con- 
nected by the same common tie. [ther. 

vii^TTtfii, a.uterine, born of the same mo- 

vil^^I^flf, 8 a grain, a very small quantity. 

vH^<5<^, a. alike, similar, 8ame,re89mbling. 

^^C'^TT'^ri, a. obstinate ; one-edged. 

v£l?P5f1, *ii^5T, a. alone, solitary, single. 

•il^s^T^, a. idem : 8, vide vii^*>fT^. 

^^3?T^^c?1, ad. one or two together. 

<il^*tlf^<11, a. lonely, recluse, unsocial. 

vil^f*f<ri, *. swelled testicles, a disease. 

vi|^C*T"^, a. having same issue or termina- 

vfl^'^f^-, iil^s^i^, a. sixty-one. [tion. 

^<P^^, vD^^tS^sir, a. the sixty-first. 

^^^5ft, ^.united, collected, keeping com- 
pany together, compact ; accomplice. 

(il^JT'S^, vD^Tq?", a. seventy-one. 

^^:fi-si-T^, a. uniform, level, even, smooth. 

^^^TI^^, a. having the same master or 

^^^T?jft, 8. a heifer one year old. [lord. 

*il^^t<ri, a. single, not double. 

^^1, a. alone, solitary. [same form. 

lil^t^t?", a. alike, uniform, having the 

^^tf^sfl", a. fern, alone, solitary, single. 

»il^t^, a. alone, solitary, single. 

^^l^i^, a.having same shape or form, si- 

vil^T^, a. devoted toonepursuit. [milar. 

v<l?Pt9r51, s. a pursuit of one sole object. 

^^r^^f^l, a. governing the whole world. 

^^Tm^l, s. the being of one only spirit. 

vii^TlT^lW, s.the sentiment or doctrine that 
there is one only spirit. 

vii^f^^Twt, a, asserting or maintaining 
the doctrine of one only spirit. 

ii|^T^*t, vi)?tT<r, a. eleven. 

<il^t^*f^f«f<&1, a. enneagynous. 

>il^lW*fC^*t^, a. enneandrous. 

vi)^T^*T^, ad. of eleven sorts or kinds. 

«i|^1W*Tf^^, «• consisting of eleven sorts, 
or, of eleven kinds. [eleven terms. 

<il^TW*T^Tf*r^l, 8. the rule of proportion of 

vil^TW*fl^,«. a polygon with eleven angles. 

<il^TW*ft, a. the eleventh (lunar day.) 

vil^t1^J8»^, a. successive, uninterrupted. 

v£i^t^:^C"sr, ad. successively, regularly. 

>il^IC^t?Pl, dd. merely one or two. 


[ 56 ] 


vfi^tsft?', a. having the same receptacle. 

«il^tfV^^«l, a. having the same relation, 
being in same place, or predicament : 
5. the same place or predicament. 

vil<5tt%'^t%, s. a sovereign, a monarch. 

<i|^"tf5f^'$7, s. a monarchy, 

t£l^t^^, ^^t^^S"^, a. ninety-one. 

vil^Tf^?1, ci. only, single, solitary. 

lil^t^, or vil^T]%, a. effectual, leading to 
one result, excessive, private, [day. 

vfl^T^^I, ci' eating one meal every other 

>il^t^, s. the same food : a. messing to- 
gether ; fifty-one. [mate. 

iil^T^^^,a. messing together : s. amess- 

<il^T^?r^, a. made of the same members, 
similar, like, resembling, uniform. 

*i|^tt%c^TTt, a. pursuing the same object, 

^^t?«, a. subject to one only. [rival. 

^il^lTTj s. the vowel ^, or the symbol ( C ). 

<i|^T«l%, s. a mixed mob or multitude ; a 
general inundation, a deluge. 

^fl^T^f, a. having same meaning, intent, 

^il^l*ft, a. eighty-one. [or scope. 

^il^T^rt?!, «• inclining to one side, aslant. 

<il^t5", a single day : a. ephemeral, lasting 

^^T^t?", s. a single meal. [one day. 

lil^'T^T?!", a. eating once in twenty-four 
hours ; living on the same food. [cal. 

'Spf-, a. alike, similar, same, equal, identi- 

*vilt%Pfl, s. faith, belief, trust, confidence. 

*<il^;7, a. true, certain, exact, sure. 

vfl^\57l, a. solitary, unsocial ; odd, single. 

'il'^^JT^^SWI, s. a monopoly. 

vil^^^, s. a sum, a total. 

«il^C^, ad. in the whole, altogether. 

^^*r, a, twenty-one. ^^^^?1, a. twenty- 

vilC^^C^, ad. one by one. [first. 

<ilC^^1, a. alone, single, solitary, [alone. 

^C^"^"^, a. alone, depending on one's self 

<ilC^'Tpvl^, a. performed with the same 

<ilC<5T'5^^, a. similar, resembling, [view. 

*tf|^^f^, 5. a promise, an agreement, an 
assurance, an attestation. 

^^<rT?"^t^1, s. a written agreement, a 
promissory note, an indenture, a bond. 

<il^C«l, «<?. now, instantly, at this moment. 

J^^m, Jl**rfiT, ad, now, immediately. 

<il'^^^^, ^•5m's?f^"j'?, ad. still, till now. 

>il<rJT'^^C^, ad. hence, henceforward. 

^•^r^t?"!^, ad, hence, from this time. 

vil-^lt^, s. this place ; this, this piece. 

^il'irt^^t?', a. belonging to this place. 

^^rt^^^C^, ad. from this place. 

^•^tC^, ad. here, in this place. 

<il<ft%?It^,^«ir1^^t:^, 5, authority, power 
will, choice, election, control : a. sub- 
ject to one's will or control. 

^lil-jft^l, a. single, sole, singular, agreed, 
unanimous : s. kindred, relation. 

lil^fT?', ^il^tfr'^, a. eleven. 

^?fT^fi}3, a. the eleventh. 

^^C^J, ad. hence, wherefore, therefore. 

lilC^, s. thick root of the plantain tree. 

^^. or <ilt%?1-Pr1, V. to cast (a net), to re- 
lease, relinquish, loosen, unloose. 

^\5, a. deaf. vil^STr^, a. deaf and dumb. 

^\5^, s. a ram, a wild goat, [releasing. 

J\\5'^, s.casting a net, escaping, flying off, 

^il^Sl, a. left, rejected, liberated. 

(il\5T^iT, s. act of escaping or fleeing. 

^\5T^Tf^, s. the turning a deaf ear. 

'^^T'ft??,^^. filthy, loathsome, abominable. 

^\^tiT, s, act of relinquishing, a setting 
at liberty : a. liberated, relinquished. 

^:5Tf^, s. relinquishment, rejection. 

'il«|, 5. a deer, an antelope. 

^^], >il«^T^, s. a play-ball of lac, metal, 

^Ql, ^?5, f^^, s. an egg. [bone, &c. 

^1, pron. so much, so long, so many, so. 

^^^Tc7, ad. so long time. 

«ilXWi, ad. all this while. 

'il"5^l%, 'il^-^f^^, ad. so much, [parts. 

(ill^v|"^<It^^, a. consisting of these four 

vil'^^s^^J, ad. for this reason, from this 

Vila's,, ^iTi^, pron. in comp. this, [cause. 

iil^<^^T«^, s. this time. 

>i|'3^<5,^tcTl'«^, a. modern, belonging to this 

^^«.^tCc?, ad. now, at this time. [time. 

*il^^^J, «. equal to this, like this, similar. 

iiilf,Tt^^^, ad. afterwards, after this. 

^IBW^*^, ad. besides this, after this. 

>il^W^fV, ad. so far, from this, to this. 

^^W^f, s. this meaning or scope. 

^illl'tC?^, ad. for this, for this motive. 

,^2r [ 

■vi)TWl, J)TWls'^\, ad. now, at this time. 
^Z^^tt, ad. liereupou, upon this, upon 
^nr?r, ad. 80 far, very fur. [this person. 
v£)^CHt*T, 8. this place, country or province. 
^^C^*!^, a. situated in tliis country. 
^il^C'i*!^, a. belonging to this country. 
vHICv^Tt?, a. idem. [this, 

^if^^, ci' distinct from this : ad. beside 
^^W<f), 8. the midst or the inside of this. 
^^WC'fJ, ad. during this, in the mean- 
time, in the interim, in the midst of this. 
«i|l5^R, ad. merely this, only this. 
vil"5^T?r, ad. often, so many times. 
^lf^, ad. now, at present, thus. 
vil^T'^<l>, ii|v$T^*T. similar, like, resem- 
bling this, such, like this : ad. thus. 
vi|15T^«., ad. thus much, thus far, so much. 
«i|^T^l<1, ad. thus, by this means, by this. 
vill'T^^i^, a. merely this, simply this. 

villiT^t^, a. thus, similar. 

lilC^^, ad. so many, so much, so long. 

*^C^r)1, s. news ; also, vide t"5rTl. 

vi)C€^tJ^t^1, 8. a news-paper, a notice. 

*>il<^s1, ad. so much, thus much. [day. 

*vf|<5.<i;r^, 8. trustjConfidence, faith ; Sun- 

^"^■^T^ trusty, faithful ; born on Etwar. 

*.il«."5nir, s. a farm of lands or a district. 

v£l<5,^f^PTT?", 8. the farmer of a district. 

Jl^l, ad. here, in this place. 

*i|t^^, ad. this way, in this direction. 

«i|t?^^i^^, ad. this way and that way. 

«ilt^^^, a. situated in this direction. 

v£)1w^, s. this side, this point or direction. 

vHfttC^, ad. this way, in this direction. 

^tWc^^t^Cjf, ad. on this side and on that. 

vfl5d-T^, s. this border or edge, this side. 

vil5ff^vS5:fT?', ad. this way and that, here 

v^^TC^r, ad. on this side. [and there. 

•ilfiRfsiG^, a. arising from this cause: ad. 
from this cause, hence, wherefore. 

«ilf^t^C??, ad. for this cause, wherefore. 

«il*5^^']^, ad. thus fur, hitherto. [side. 

*il^I»r, vii^l^'', 8. this side : ad. on this 

<il*^l*I^*tl*T, ad. on this and that side, 

^*tTC*T, ad. on this side, [here and there. 

^2t<l>T?r 8. this sort : a. thus, such. 

viiSf^lC^, ad, thus, in this manner. 

57 ] jic^ 

^2f^^, ad. therefore, wherefore, onthU 
account, inasmuch, lience, hereupon. 

^r.TP]^S(,Tj:\:^^ a^/.tlirough and through. 

'i)^, an emphatic particle : even, indeed. 

^^\, conj. and, also, likewise, moreover. 

*4^Tgf,«. a substitute, change, exchange. 

4^^, ad. instead of, in lieu of. 

^^T'M^T^, a. such, such like, of this sort. 

>il^f^5f, ad. this sort, such. 

Jl^,:^?, a. such, the like kind. 

v*l^T<r, ad. this time, this once. 

*^^T^^, 8. a reading, the text of a work. 

vilC^, a. now, at this time. 

*si|^^, 8. a son, a male offspring. 

^^^, a. thus, in this manner. 

•il^C^, ad. thus, in this manner. 

viiisj-^, ^ilTTiTT, a. thus, so, like this. 

viHTCiT, ad. thus, this way, this side. 

*Si■^\^, viim^WT?-, vide t^r^, &c. [room. 

*v£HrT^<^, 8. a building, a house, an upper- 

^^T^vJt, a. belonging to a building. 
^il5A5l, 8. this end, this extremity. 
^^JT^S^^Jl, ad. from this end to that. 
^■^^, 8. the castor-oil tree. 
*>il^T^, 8. the province of Irak. 
'^?'T^, a. belonging to Irak, of Ir^ik. 
vil^*5l", a. thus : 8. this form. 

v5?5C^, ad. thus, in this manner. 

*Jls1^T^, s. clothes, garments. 

^v\\y 8. large cardamom ; also the plant. 

^yiT't'^9 s. cardamoms. 

*J|Q^T^1, 8. union, connection. [ther. 

v£ic^T^TWT<r, *. one connected with ano- 

vilc^l5^, 8. cardamoms. 

^c^T5^^f^, 8. a species of spotted cauri. 

vil5?T6\WR1, 8. a kind of comfit. 

*«i|5lt^, 8. a medicine, a remedy. 

♦«i)rITft, a. relating to God, providential. 

^'Itf^?!^, 8. divinity, godhead, [fused. 

Jaejjffi, a. unconnected, loose, random, con- 

vilcj<ir^.^1, or iUCcll^^l, 8. random talk. 

J\v\T{] -c^5T<i1, -c^2^<i1, a. confused, scal- 
es. ^^ ' <*^ ' » 

tered, loose : ad. confusedly, pellmell. 
vil"^^, proih. this, not that. 
^^TC5T, ad. here, in this place. 
vUC^v^^P, a. caused by or arising from this: 
ad. on this account, from this, hence. 

V851 [ 58 

i, the twelfth vowel; in eomp. it is ex- 
pressed by this mark ( X ) called ai-kar : 
pron. that : ad. yon, yonder, [larity. 

^^TT^j, 8. an agreement, sameness, simi- 

«^^T^J, 8. consistency, perseverance. 

»^^tf^^, a. complete, entire, exclusive. 

*^<PT1%^T^, 8. completeness, entireness. 

«^^T?r, 8. the letter <^, or the symbol ( t ). 

t^<>TlX^, «. tertian : 8. a tertian, [gate. 

i^^j, s. unity, amity, oneness, an aggre- 

«^f^^, ci. voluntar}^, wilful. 

»^^C^C?lT*1"f^'^Tf , s. one of the Upanis- 
hads or philosophical part of the veda. 

t^^'^J, 8. traditional knowledge. 

^■^^Tt^^, a. magical, juggling. 

i^f^?<!>, a. relating to the organs of per- 
ception, or action, evident to the senses. 

«f "sr^S, a. so such : ad. in that manner, thus. 

*^i*^T«^, 8. a forest, a wilderness. 

*^<rT^^, 5. name of Indra's elephant; a 
fabled hydra : a. large, very large, huge. 

^ft, 8. enemy, adversary. <.^^:51, enmity. 

^'^Tf , v^"^^, a. divine, relating to God. 

i^'^'^'j, 8. grandeur, glory, pomp, wealth, 
greatness, majesty, state. 

.^^"^J^T^, ^^^^3^^, a. grand, glorious, 
majestic, stately, pompous, wealthy. 

^^^j^TlcTt, a. ambitious, aspiring, stately. 

v^'^'^Jlf^^, «• grand, glorious, majestic. 

«^^1C^, dd. there, yon, yonder, thither. 

i^fi^;^, a. pertaining to this world. 

^f^^W*lf, a. worldly-minded. 

^f'5:^.t^t^, 8. a worldly-minded person. 

4^. the 13th vowel; in comp. its substi- 
tute is (CI) called o-kar: a voc. par. 

pron. he, that : conj. and, too, also. 
>S^T^j s. the night raven ; effort for vo- 
^g^t^-^^, s. the night raven. [miting. 
,g:5l1\5, s- ^ case, a pillow-case, a sheath. 
vg^TWl, 8, a promise, a promised time. 
*^8'il'?'t^, s» wilderness, forest, [trinity, 
vg, the sacred syllable denoting the Hindu 
xj^, 5. the bellowing of a bull. 
^15^1, s. sweepings, dirt, refuse, trash. 
vg5t^, 8. shufEing and tying up straw for 

thatching ; a raising the hand to strike. 

] . ^^ 

^■^, a. refuse, rejected ; low, mean, vile. 
^^, 8. a house, a place, a haunt. 
^^\5l , 8. the name of three plants. 
*^^^, s. excellence, superiority, honor. 
^^T?", 8. the letter ^S, or the mark (c 1 ). 
*^^T^«,, or^S^Tcn^st, s. attorneyship. 
«<5^t«n"5»^l^, s. a power of attorney. 
^•^T^, 8. that place, that piece. 
^•^flC^, ad. there, in that place, [vomited. 
"S^f ^1, 5. rice-conjee ; act of vomiting : a. 
*^t'»f <r^, s. and the like, etcetera. [ dress. 
^C^n, a voc. par. used in respectful ad- 
^^, «. a multitude ; velocity of a stream. 
^^l?r, ^"51, 8. mystic syllable vg which see. 
*>^^, 8. excuse, a pretence, [three, etc. 
^5rSJl\^^, a. odd number ; as, one, five, 
^'S^^, s. weight, measure ; Wt^ a weigh- 
*vS^<r, s. an excuse, a pretence, [man. 
^8;§i^, 8. life, the vitality, light, mani- 
festation, strength : a, uneven, unequal. 
^C§'18"«1, 8. the quality of vitality or dis- 
^^1, s. snake-catcher, an exorcist, [play. 
^^Tf«^, 8. the profession of an exorcist. 

'S'5^^\ 8. a regulation of the rent to be 

paid for cultivating waste land. 
sS^r^, 8. a seam, a sewing, a girth. 

^^^, ^^1, 8. a rising up, an ascending. 

-^^ISf, s. the act of raising up. 

^^C^i\^, 5. a wrapping one's self up. 

^S:?^, .9. a flying, the act of flying. 

^S^^^, 8. a shrub and its flower. 

'6\5^1, a. foreign, ignorant of the lan- 

v<S^51, 8. flight, the act of flying, [guage. 

^^T^, 8. a causing to fly, a squandering. 

>S=^, s. an ambush, ambuscade, a screen. 

*^^^, 8. house, a dwelling, residence. 

^^, 8. a cat ; ^^^^, ad. by fits and starts. 

^SCl!, ^C^'5ITC^, ad. concealedly, privately. 

vC^fl, ttd. there, in that place. 

^W«^, s. boiled rice, food. 

>SW^, 8. that way, that point, that side. 

^I^C^r, ad. on that side, that way, yonder. 

^C^%, a. harsh, cacophonic, unmusical as 

>5CW1, 8. damp, moist, wet. [avoice. 

^*tt?", 8. the opposite shore, across. 

^S^^, 8. the sacred syllable of the Hindu 

*vS5i^, s. age, the life-time. [trinity. 

9 H. [ ' 

^S?■, .*. a boundary, end, limit : pron. his. 
*^?r^, *. the leaf of a hook, a sheet of 
*^?Tl, «. a stitcli, a sewing. [paper. 

*^^^1, a. bold, daringjdauntless, vicious i 
*^ZJ'^, s. a diagonal. [foreign. 

>SrT, s. the root of Arum campanulatum. 

^rfr8T5l^<r, 8. a rouncival pea. 

vSr!^,,s. a dismounting, alighting, descend- 
ing from, a lowering ; a plumb line. 

vQvil, V. to lower, cause to descend : 8. de- 
scent ; a sugar-ball ; a purging by stool. 

^5it^^1, *. the spasmodic cholera morbus. 

^«^T^, 8. a causing to descend, the land- 
ing of goods, the launching of a vessel- 

vSC^I, mf. voc.par. used by women when 
addressing those of their own sex. 

nS'^T, s. dew, frost, cold, snow. [plants. 

>S5f<f, or ^^Pd", 8. annual or herbaceous 

^S"^^*T, s. the moon. [at work. 

>S^1, V. to serve the pedal with rice when 

>S^i«1, 8. a serving of the pedal with rice. 

vS^I, v8^35l«l, i^ide ^^, &c. 

^^, s. the lip, properly the upper lip. 

^^I'yf^, a- situated on the lips (as life). 

^S^T-JtTgtTfii, «. the life on the lips (dying). 

^%l^?r, s. the upper and lower lips. 

-Sfej, a. labial; -^cf, the class of labial 
letters, viz. ^^«1""^^^"5T"^^^. 

^^T<r, a. wide : s. width, breadth. 

v83^T?"^-?r«l, s. a dilating, a making wide. 

^^t?r«^, d- broad, wide, of good width. 

*vS'5'«rf'!, s. a medicinal drug (Stoechas). 

<S^1, s. a hoarding up, amassing. 

*^^1W, s. a teacher, a preceptor, a tutor. 

^^TRt, s. tutorship, teachership ; trickery. 

^S^tC^, ad. there, thither, in that place. 

vQC^, a voc. par. used in prayer, 0, oh ; 
also, in addressing one's equals. 

^C^l, «w^'. ho ! take care ! mind ! 

v§, the 1 4th vowel ; pronounced as ou in 
out ; in comp. thus ( c"] ) called au-kar. 

-^^f?", 8. the letter -^, or the mark ( c^l ). 

^f]5i7, 8. fitness, snitableness, propriety, 

^§W, s. height, elevation, altitude. 

>^^^<r> made of fig-tree wood ; coppery * 
s. Yania ; copper ; a kind of leprosy. 

9 ] ^il 

^^^^j, 8. importunity, excefwivencBfl, fu- 
ry, madness, ebriety, rashness, [tion. 

^<^'^], ^.excellency, superiority, perfec- 

^^J, a. gross, palpable. [digious. 

^<.*1T^^, a. portentous, outrageous, pro- 

^*.7if^, a. relating to a gift, naturaL 

^«.^?PJ, 8. zeal, ardour, exertion, anxiety. 

^ftf?^, a. gluttonous, voracious, greedy. 

^wfir^, «. diluted buttermilk. [lity. 

^ffT^J, 8. munificence, candour, libera- 

^fft^J, 8. sadness, solitude, misanthropy. 

^^"57, 8. violence, tyranny, a tumult. 

^f if^^, 8. marriage gift to a woman. 

^'si'^lf?'!*, 8. what is imputed to another. 
^*1siTf^^, a. relatingto the sacred thread. 
-^^t^int^, a. symptomatic, portentous. 
^*t^J, 8. a comparison, a resemblance, 
^^ifsi"^, a. belonging to a modification 

of matter, or to predominating property. 
^*fl1^^, a. expedient, right, fit, proper. 
*>§^^, a. first, best, chief, superior. 
*^?'^, 8. a woman, a wife, [ful descent. 
>^^^, a. lawfully begotten,natural : 8. law- 
^^ji^gifj, a. legitimate, lawfully born. 
^^^^^I^, 8. a legitimate child. 
^^^T^tC^, ad. in case of there not being 
lawful or legitimate offspring, [son. 
-'I'f^^, funeral, due to a deceased per- 
^^, 8. submarine fire. [excessiveness. 
^«^*IJ, a. excessive : 8. superabundance, 
^^5f, cB-^^yS. medicine, drug, a remedy. 
^^^f^lfl, 8. medicine-maker, apothecary. 
-^■^vr I^CI^^I, 8. a druggist, an apothecary. 
^"^51^C^?^, 8. the using of medicines. 
^^^^?, a. medicinal, medical. 
^^C^*fCW*i, 8. medical advice. 
~^^, 8. heat, ardour, fervency. 
^^:^^, 8. temperament, climate. 
^§<r>, 8. a herd of camels. 

?P, The first consonant of the Bengali 

alphabet. It has the sound of k. 
^^, c^'W?, ad. where? in what place? 
^^, 8. the name of a kind offish. 
^^^?r, ^^^<r, *fT^?rl, s. a pigeon. 
^Ji9, pron. some, a few, several. 
*^i)^, 8. imprisonment, confinement. 



^<ilTf<rf"^1, *' a prison, a gaol. [soner. 

?pjiwt, ct. imprisoned, confined : s. a pri- 
?P^7rT4fl^, a. fern, brawling, querulous. 
^\iT, s. white-brass, bell-metal ; a famous 
. king ; -nlf^^, a particular pyrite. 
^\^^f«|^, s. a brazier, a coppersmith. 
^.%.pron. who? what ? [of age. 

^'f'c^l^T^^, s. a calf under three months 
^^1, V. a. to cackle, to groan, to moan. 
^<:jT^, ^'^'tt^, s. a cackling, a groaning, a 
^.^T^, s. the letter ^. [moaning. 

^^<s,, s. the hump of a bull. 
^W^, 5. idem ; a mark or sign of royalty, 
a mountain-peak, excellency, [region, 
^.^"^j s. a point of the compass, space, a 
?P<5^^, s. a giggling, a tittering. 
^^, s. the arm-pit, the side, the flank, 

the end of the lower garment. 
^.^, ^^)l, s. a hawser, a rope to fasten 
an elephant, a woman's girdle, an inclo- 
sure of a courtyard, part of a chariot. 

T^^l, or ^•«rit^, 5. the Indian alphabet. 

zp'sr^, ad. when ? at any time, ever. 

^"«f^^, ad. never ; sometimes. 

^•9ri^^<f^, ad. sometimes, now and then. 

^^, s. a heron ; a name of Yudishthira. 

^^^, s. a coat of mail, an insignia. 

^■^«1, 5. a bracelet, a small bell. 

^^^, ^^1%^1, f^^sY, s. a hair-comb. 

^is-^c^lf^, ^if^c^il, 8. the name of a fish. 

?P'^'<r, s. coarse sand, gravel. 

^^C^T«^, s. name of a tree, and a plant. 

?5'9?TcT, s. the skeleton, the loins, waist. 

^^T«^, ^^Icft, a. poor, indigent, needy. 

^WT^*T^1^ s. poverty, want, penury, beg- 

?I>"5, V. n. to be dislocated. [gary. 

^^, s. hair ; son of Yrihaspati ; a scar, 
cicatrix, a dried sore ; a. unsquare. 

^^s5l, 8. a cable, a halter, a tether, rope. 

^P^^T?"^ s. name of a tree and its flower. 

^^, V. n. to shoot forth, to bud. 

^*5l, «. a stake or stafl", grit ; a dislocation. 

;^5T^, 5. shooting forth, a budding. 

?5^Tc^, «- a dispute, a wrangling, [babe. 

^f^, tender, soft, young; -cwf%?i, a brat, 

^fi51f, «<^. sometimes ; vide ^.5fTf5<?.. 

?515^, ^15T, s. the generic name of Arum. 

60 ] 


a kind of fried cake, [rustling. 
^5^^, 8. a murmuring, a grumbling, a 
^•■5^1%, ^'^^^f^, 5. a murmur, contention. 
^5^^f^<11, 5. the name of a bird. 
^"^i^TBei^ s. children, little ones. 
<?5^, 8. a shore, low watery place ; end of 

the garment worn round the waist, 
^s^-s^, s. a tortoise, a turtle. 
^^, 8. the itch, a scab. 
^F^, «;. a. to knead, to temper, crush. 
^^J^Ii^, s. act of kneading, a tempering. 
^^JT^j 5. a budding, a sprouting. 
^5c^, or <i'^^«l1, V. «. to rub clothes or any- 
thing between the hands in washing it. 
^^^i^, ^i^c^T5^, ^"^^^tI^, s. the rubbing of 
cloth in washing, a scrubbing, rinsing. 
*^flf"?I1, s. a quarrel, a dispute. 
^^S^c?5 <i>§j^^, s. lampblack, eye-paint. 
^^JJSfcvt, s. Ethiops mineral. 
^5^, s. a branch or twig of bambu. 
<r.^, s. the slough or skin of a snake. 
^5P<I>, s. idem ; armour, mail ; a bodice. 
^.?^^Tc^, s. a variety of cobra de capello. 
^?Pt%<is, s. a woman's bodice. [maker, 
^■^^j 8. Brahma, the sun, belly, a rope- 
W^, V. n. to fade, wither : s. the hip, the 
hip and loins, an elephant's temples, a 
mat, a fixed period, a treaty, a bond. 
^^, ad. suddenly, unexpectedly, hastily. 
^^^, s. a camp, a circle, bracelet, a ring, 
ring for drawers, or for an elephant's 
tusk ; a city, a royal metropolis, table- 
land, brow of a hill ; a city in Orissa. 
<i^^C«^®1, s. a climbing plant. 
^^^, s. the name of a medicinal plant. 
^^dit'^^TnSTil, a. having coloured border 

(as cloth) ; lit. Cuttack-bordered. 
^^Wc^, s. the elephant apple. 
<^'5^^1; s. a copper or brass cup. [cifera.) 
?g^Q^^^^ s. a kind of fig-tree (Ficus lac- 
^^c^^«f, *• ^^ name of a kind of salt. 
^^1, V, to fade, wither: a. faded, flaccid, 
tawny, sallow, wan : jiron. how many ? 
^^t^, 8. a glance, an indirect glance, an 
<»'^TW-W*t^, s. idem. [ogling look. 

^"^TS"^?!, a. cat-eyed, yellow-eyed. 
^^H, ^^t^, ad, suddenly, hastily. 

•? [ 

^^t?", s. a dagger, a poniard, a dirk. 
^^T^, s. the spring title : a. faded, flaccid. 
52P^T^, s. a caldron, a boiler, a young buf- 
falo, tortoise shell, the infernal region. 
^1f , ^^, s. the loins, the waist, the hips. 
?lif^Z^, ^f&CW*T, s. loins, hips, the waist. 
55sf^r.?tt^, s. the posteriors, the buttocks. 
^f&^^iit, s. a girdle, a zone. [quality. 
^f^<ll, a. hard, disagreeable, of an inferior 
^0^, a. pungent, acrimonious, hot, harsh, 

disagreeable, costive : «. costiveness. 
^^^.^1, i^.^^I<i>J, s. obscenity, scurrility. 
^^^T^^J,*. scurrility, abusive language, 
J^t'^l, -^ s. costiveness ; pungency, acri- 
^^^^, s. a kind of bitter gourd, [mony, 
^^^TW't, a. abusive, scurrilous, provoking. 
^.^C?ri['^«^, s, name of a medicinal plant. 
^^r^, 5. harsh word, obscenity, scurrility. 
^?<3?^j i?. a severe reply, abusive language. 
^L^T?", •?• a cup, a cup of metal. 
^^'^^if^, s. a twinging, throbbing, [frog. 
^I5^^^^?1, a. clattering; -c^^, a species of 
J^'C't^^l, s. difficulty, severity, harshness, 
roughness: a. farming at a rack-rent. 
^^f%^lWT?r, s. one who acts severely ; 

one who lets land at a rack-rent. 
^^■f%^TWl<rt, 5- severity, rigidness ; the 

letting land at a rack-rent. 
^^C^1TI«^"I, «• a conditional bargain or 
sale which is subject to penalties in 
case of failure, a deed of sale. 
^•§1?r, s. a dagger, a poniard, a dirk. 
^^Tprf, 5. a nut used in medicine, 
^.ft^, a. hard, solid, rigid, harsh, severe, 
cruel, morose, inflexible, austere, un- 
feeling, inhuman, difficult, abstruse. 
^.fejT -fbH, -^"^1^, a. vide ^.fts^W?. 
^ftsiTl. s. hardness, solidity, severity, in- 
flexibility, austerity, rigidity ,harshness, 
relentlessness, difficulty, abstruseness. 
^ft^^W?, ^ft^T^S^^ci, «. hard-hearted, 

severe, cruel, inhuman, unfeeling.. 
^C^T?"/*^^!'?"^!, vide <5ftjl, &c. 
^\^, s. a particular kind of bracelet. 
^v5?P, V, n. to heal, to cicatrize j <P\5f%?1 

^^, to heal up, to cicatrize. 
^\^5, 5. a superior kind of salt. 

1 ] 31* 

J^^^l, V, n. vide 9^9 ; also, to bud : 8. a 
stalk, a scion, sucker, a cause or origi- 
nal, a descendant, a supporter, an heir. 
^'^^TJT, 8. the closing or healing of a sore 

or wound ; the scolding of a person. 

^^^, a. the stalk of a potherb ; cause, 

original of any thing ; a preserver, 

^:5?l1, a. hard, strong, firm, harsh. 

^^1, 8. a ring, a ring or handle for draw- 
ers, pictures, etc., the link of a chain, an 
iron or copper boiler, a corn or callosity, 
a medicinal preparation, a cauri, the 
stirnum or breast-bone when somewhat 
prominent : a. strong, hard, severe. 

^1^, s. pulse, legumes; a fry-pan, 

<T.\5T<!5^1, a. dried into balls (as boiled rice). 

^:5K, ad. gratingly, done with effort. 

^\5Tt^<i1, s. the reckoning by cauris. 

^•?l?r, ^-any composition or cement which 
becomes hard or strong ; a promise. 

^\^T<r^lf^, «. a shell-cutter's instrument. 

^J^^s. a cowry, cauri; an earring; abeam. 

^f\5^', V. n. to begin to heal, to cicatrize 

^f\5^T^, s. a beam, a balk, [as a sore.) 

^R^^l, a. avaricious, niggardly, venal. 

^fv5<n, a. small : 8. abeam: -^T^^, little 

^f\5?T*T, rich, opulent, wealthy, [finger. 

^r\^?T^, 8. the bit of a bridle. 

^\5<r% «• acrid, bitter, pungent, rancid. 

^^^•f%, 8. grittiness,roughness, crashing. 

^«|, 8. a particle, atom, hilum or eye of a 
seed, spark of a gem, a twang. 

^e|l, 8. an atom, a spark, a drop; long- 

^r«l, the corner of the nails. [pepper. 

^f«1^1, 8. a particle, a grain, a drop, an 

^ssit", ^c"^lf«i, 8. the elbow. [atom. 

^«^i$e[, 8. a throbbing pain. [sounds. 

«r.«i^f5??l, a. tinkling, giving out musical 

^«&<3S, 8. a thorn, prickle, horripilation, a 
foe, enemy, danger, a fish-bone. 

^«^<&^^, ^^,^7, 8. a camel. 

^*^t^<i.1^, *. a hairy caterpillar. 

^e^f^qsc^, ^e^iTpri, 8. the jack fruit. 

^«^<i»1", 8. the egg-plant and its fruit. 

^f^^l^ft, 8. a plant (Solanum jacquini), 

^*, 8. the throat ; ^"^l* •^T^il, a necklace. 

^*i?, a. placed or sticking in the throat. 

^^1 [ 

?P^1, s. the neck just above the collar-bone. 

^«^T9r^, a. coming to the throat (aslifo). 

?P^tf^, s. the collar-bone, the clavicle. 

^r^^TTTtjfl^. wearing a necklace : 5. the neck. 

^t^^W=^, s. marriage of the Yaishnavas. 

^^, n. guttural : s. a necklace. 

^%J, a. guttural ; <r«f, the class of guttur- 
al letters, viz. ^^1iil^^'^5f"5r^- 

^•S, a. guttural, of the throat, [its husk. 

3[>*S^, s. the process of cleaning rice from 

^!|,^'^?l1, s. an itching, eruption, the itch. 

^1?^, s. the itching of a pimple. 

^•^^^T^, a. scratching, itching, itchy. 

^^^t^'J, a. scratched, rubbed. 

<PC?Bt^, s. a basket, a meat-safe ; -^«11, a 

• mean or vulgar lute. 

^<s,, s. a nib ; catechu or Japan earth. 

^1, ^1%. ad. how much? how many? 

?lj\5^, a. some, a few, several : nux-vomica. 

^vS^^I, a. some, an uncertain number. 

^^ -^1cT, -^«l, ad. how long ? some time. 

^^^c^l, ^15^f^, ad. how many? 

^1^1, ^li^, ^1^^, ad. how many? 

^3^, ^^■^f^, ad. how much ? so little. 

^3lW"JT, ad. how long ? how many days ? 

^PIS/^T?", ad. how often ? many times. 

^^^ttj, ^^^T«1, 5. the shearing of sheep, 
a cutting or clipping of cloth, etc. 

*^15c^, s. murder, slaughter, destruction. 

*^^1,5. a piece of land, a share, a portion. 

^^T?", s. a series, a row, range, file, rank 

<p1%*t^, a. some, a few, several : ad. how 

^C^^, a. few, somewhat. [many ? 

^<5>^<5., s. a palpitation of the heart. 

^<5.C?eT, s. the same with ^^c^?r. 

^?^\, ad. why? how? what? 

^<?]"<5, s. a speaker ; -^1, office of a speaker. 

^^^, s. a speaking or uttering ; a word. 

^<it^<r, ^^t?^^J, vide ^^1. 

^9^, s. a word, a sentence, a speech, a 

^<irTC5T?r, s. a plagiary. [story. 

^^iTTgf?^, s. a set form of words, a stu- 
died speech, a literary composition. 

^^ifTSj^^, s. the introduction of a topic, 
discourse, a topic of conversation. 

^^<n^1, s. conversation, chitchat; news. 

^^t^j ad, verbally, orally, in words. 

62 ] ;?pf^ 

^^T? ^^t?, ad. in conversation, [rister. 

^<?rt^f5?", s. a pleader, a solicitor, a bar- 

^QfT^^t?", s, a fame, a report. 

^1^15, a. spoken, mentioned, expressed. 

<5C<?rt*1"^^^, s. conversation, free inter- 
course, dialogue, conference, [tioned. 

^•^J, a. fit to be spoken, proper to be men- 

^<i|"ji[T^, a. under mention, mentioning. 

^•<?1"7T^^},<?. fit and unfit to be mentioned. 

^W'^?", s. bad writing, scrawl, bad letters. 

^5t^, s. bad or disagreeable food. 

^^TT, 5. a pace, a footstep, foot; vide ^'^^, 

^W^Jl^, s. a bad habit, evil practice. 

^•ffJ^], s. the name of a sweetmeat. 

^Vf^, 5. a tree (Nauclea cadumba). [tion. 

<5Tt9^, s. a crowd, a multitude, a collec- 

^•W^^^'sr, s. the flowers of the Nauclea. 

^W^^^5ri<5T<r, a. globular. [or thing. 

*^^^, s. the value or worth of a person 

^pf^WT^ s. one who knows the value or 
worth of a person or thing. 

<5W^J, a. base, bad, disagreeable, unpleas- 
ant to the touch, depraved, abominable. 

^•W^"]^1, s. badness, disagreeableness, de- 

^.T?t^, s. plantain and its tree, [pravity. 

^.Tfl, ad. when ? at what time ? 
^WT^T<r, a. ugly, ill-shaped, uncouth. 
^WT15, ad. seldom, scarcely ever^ at any 
<!>^t5»f, ad. sometimes, seldom. [time. 
^WT^t^. a. wicked, profligate, abandoned. 
^•Wlf^'S., ad. rarely, scarcely ever, some 

times, seldom, occasionally, [and then. 
^Wif^f, ad. at some time, sometimes, now 
*^1^Tr, a, old, ancient, former, prior : s. 
^Pf, ^W"?!!, s. a pumpkin. [the East. 

^Ff%^, 5. abuse, scurrility, bad words. 
^it"^, a. lukewarm, hot and cold. 
^.^, ^^, ad. when ? when, at any time. 
^^^, s. gold ; the name of several plants. 
^ST^^'^^, ^iT^'lt^tl, s. a flower tree. 
^^^C^^, s. the name of a drug. 
^^^^fx^^l, s. a species of thorn-apple. 
^^^1^ -C^t^Jl, -"^l^j Kankai horse or po- 
^^K, s. a tent-fence, an outer tent. [ny. 
^t^^, a. youngest, least, inferior, junior. 
^f^^^l, s. minority, inferiority, 
5^t^^l, s. the little finger. 

^fvf [ 03 

33S;rt, 8. a small pond or pit (for fishing). 
^^?t5T, a. younger, inferior, junior. 
^C^tSf, «. the name of a country. 
^^51, 8. a devotee's coat of shreds ; a well. 
^5ff , s. bulbous root, raw or coarse sugar, 

a kind of sweetmeat. [chasm, a cave. 
3S*tT<r, s. a glen, a defile, a deep valley, a 
?p*^^, 8. a name of the Indian Cupid. 
^^W*??, s. reproach, censure, a quarrel, a 

dispute, contention, war. 
^5^, s. a sauce-pan, a frying-pan. 
^^^, s. a ball made of flowers. 
^•^?r, s. the neck ; a cloud. 
^^31, 8. the sign Virgo ; a daughter, a 

virgin, a young woman, a bride. 
^JTK^g'I, 8. the guardian of a bride, the 

guardian of an unmarried woman. 
?P^}|^T«^, 8. the time of youth or virginity. 
^^)1WM, s. the giving of a daughter in 

^^n^T?, 8. viiginity. [marriage. 

^^]T"^1C^, rt<^. as a daughter. [ter. 

^sjTwt?', 8. burden or charge of a daugh- 

?P^]lTri;f^, 8. guest who attends the bride 

^^]T?rTf*f, 5. the sign Virgo. [nate, 

^^JT?'T*rt?,«. shame-faced, timid, effemi- 

^^jT^^itT^, s. the same as ^^JtWl^. 

^5qjT^5^?^, s. a bride's-maid. [critical. 

^«t^, 8. deceit, a trick : a. deceitful, hypo- 

?P'^^^*1'^, s. a religious impostor. 

^••s^^Tl, s. vide ^T-PT^J. [part. 

^•51^C^*T, s. a feigned character, assumed 

^"K^O^W^fif 1^, a. acting an assumed part. 

^«f^^*'^, a. idem : s. a player. 

^«^^, deceitful, acting an assumed part. 

♦^vfvj^c^, s. curtain gauze. 

<5*1<, <P'^ii!f^, s. the matted hair of Shiva ; 
a small shell called cowry or cauri. 

^'s^l'O^, s. a door or window shutter. 

^•*fT^, 8. operculum of a univalve shell ; 
^1^^*11^, locked-jaws. [fate. 

^"KT^, s. the forehead ; Jig. destiny, luck, 

^*1t*i>Ti^, s. a peace made by two hostile 
parties on equal terms. [dus. 

^<^1^, s. a lintel ; Shiva ; a class of Hin- 

^^tlsft?, a. fortunate, lucky, [cabbage. 

^f*t, s. an ape, a monkey ; a pulley ; a 

^f*f^^, 8. a pulley, a block. 

] 9» 

*f*f*3t, 8. the same with ^fec^. 

«f*15T, 8. a sago, the founder of Sankhya 

philosophy ; tire : a. tawny, brown. 
^f-H^TI^*, *. a cabbage, brocoli. 
^W\?r, 8. cloth worn by the poor or devo- 
tees to cover their privities, a clout. 
7^9^^, 8. the right lock, »<jfiH5, the 
left lock, of hair tied on the crown at 
the investiture with the sacred thread 
^C*tl^, or <PC*trt^^Pl, 8. a pigeon. 
^(s'^1^, 8. the cheek, the temple. 
^*t]51, V. to clip, trim a hedge with shears; 

to begin to talk (as the parrots). 
^*1^5T^, 8. a clipping, a trimming; first at- 
tempt of a bird to imitate human voice. 
*^^1, V. to clip, to cut with scissors or 
^^151^, 8. the act of clipping, [shears. 
^■si), 8. the same as ^*1"M or C*^*f t»J. 
^^, s. phlegm, a cold or catarrh. 
<f.Tp^,a. efficacious to remove a cold. 
^<p;§?, a. arising from phlegm or a cold. 
*<pTp^, 8. a shroud, a winding-sheet. 
*^fTp^1,5. acaravan, travelling com^Dany. 
^TFt, a. ill with a cold, subject to colds. 
♦^TpfJT, 8. a piece of cloth worn on the 

neck by Musalman mendicants. 
*^^, ad, when ? what time ? [amulet. 
^^5, s. defensive armour ; an armlet ; an 
^?^^T7, 8. the text used as a charm. 
^^^t, d' armed,wearing defensive armour. 
*^5"^, ^.receipt, the hand,the gripe, pos- 

^^^t, ^<r?^) «. vide 9^. [session. 

$^^, 5. a headless trunk ; a demon. 

*^^7[, 8. a grave, a tomb ; -^^, a grave- 
digger ; -^15", -^TiT, a burial ground. 

^^TTT, 8. a braid of hair ; acidity. 

^7[^^ 8. a mouthful, a morsel. 

*^i?c^^, 8. a receipt, acknowledgment. 

<l5^f^:5, a. swallowed, eaten, glutted. 

*^7[)j 8. a pretence, a deception, a trick. 

*^^T^ff, 8. military exercise. 

•*^T^, 8. a door or window shutter. 

*^^t^, a. roasted : s. a roast. 

<P^Rf5t^, 8. cubeb, allspice. 

^^I<r, <id. how often ? how many times ? 

^^t^ll, 8. a bill of sale, a deed of transfer. 

^^, *. a poet, a writer of taste; a cabbage. 

7^^ [ 

?pt^^1, *• a poem, a verse, poetry, versifi- 
^1^^, s. poetry, poetship. [cation. 

^^^T^j s. a physician, a doctor, 
^^^"'s^^, s. a follower of Kabira. 
^rt^l, s. a family, a wife. [fem. ^^^"^ 
?5?;^^, s. a pigeon ; -•^TRl, a pigeon-house : 
*^.^cJj, s. an acknowledgment, declaration. 
^.?foa^, s, a written acknowledgment. 
^C?, ad. when ; when ? on what day ? 
^•Wl, <^^, s. the wrist ; a hinge. 
^.?r}, 5. an oblation to deceased ancestors. 
^'€], ad. at any time, some time. 
^^, ad, any time, even at any time. 
^T^, V. to be deficient, to decrease, fail. 
^ir, ^"5lt%, a. defective, less, inadequate, 
^ir^, s. a helper, an associate, [deficient. 
^^^, s. a tortoise, a turtle. 
<»^?S5^, s. a devotee's earthen water-pot. 
^ir^, a. lewd, libidinous, desirous ; beau- 

tiful,desirable : v. to be less, to be short, 
^■sr^l"?, a. desirable, beautiful, agreeable. 
^HC^, ad, where? whither? somewhere. 
^51^, s. the loins, the waist ; -^r^fr, a girdle 

for the loins, ; -^^, a girding the loins. 
^^c^, s, waterlily, lotus, an aquatic plant. 
^"Sfc^l, s. a name of Lakshmi ; an orange. 
^Sc^lC^^, ^•"src^lf^^, 5. an orange. 
^"srl^^'^, s. an assemblage of waterlilies. 
<5ir1, V. a. to lessen, to abate, to diminish. 
^^tST, s, a diminishing, an abatement (in 
value or price) ; a cross-bow. [ less, 
^irl", s. abatement, paucity : a. wanting, 
^Vt^, s. Port, a shirt, a shift, chemise. 
*^^^1, a. mean, low, base, vile, wicked. 
^'iq^^, a. fem. idem : s. lowness, baseness. 
*^l[^irii a. cheap, low-priced, of small 
^"SJ^.^t^, a. weak, infirm, feeble, [value. 
^•"^l^t^, a. base, low, mean, low-bred. 
^"5JC^T?r, a. weak, infirm, debilitated. 
^.■S[C^T?rl', s. debility, weakness, infirmity. 
^Tl^it, s. a diminution, a defect : a. less. 
^'M, ^'^^, s. a trembling, a quaking, 
agitation, a vibration, tremour. [ing. 
^'M^<r, s. an ague, a fever with shiver- 
^'M'J^?, a. capable of trembling, agitable. 
^.'^^T^, a. trembling, quivering, [ing. 
^'^^t"?, s, flatulency attended by shiver- 

64 ] . 7^J 

^'^^t?J, a. paralytic, palsied. 
^'^^T^, trembling, quaking, quivering, 
palpitating, vibrating, being agitated. 
^'^tf^'J, a. quivering, tremulous. 

=^^^1^, s. a pair of compasses, [turbed. 

<pf^^, a. made to tremble, agitated, dis- 

^C^Tq^, a. unripe, imperfect, immature. 

^■SR"*^^*^, a. wretched, unfortunate. 

^^[^•irt^, s. wretchedness, misfortune. 

^'^cJr,.s.thedewlap; ablanket, woollen rug. 

^^, 5. a shell, conch ; bracelet ; the neck. 

^.^#t?1, -a neck marked like a spiral shell. 

^%, s. a blanket, a woollen rug. 

^■src^*T, ad. more or less, nearly, there- 

^^^1, s. charcoal, a coal. [abouts. 

^<IT^, s. a weighman ; his hire, ^<lT=ft. 

^^, s. the hand ; revenue, tax ; proboscis ; 

<»'^^, s. a storehouse, a granary, [a ray. 

^^<55, 5. a kind of black sea-salt. 

^^^f5 s. unripe shell of the cocoanut. 

^<r^t^<11, a. stunted (as vegetables). 

^^^i^l, ^^§^«l, s. the hip. [hailstorm. 

^^^1, s. hail; ascetic's water-pot ; -"^^T^, a 

^^C<r't^t, s. lines in the palm of the hand. 

^.-^^^cj, s. the receiving of tribute ; the 
receiving a person in marriage. 

^^^1^^, ^^^T^l, collecting revenue : s. 
a collector of revenue or taxes, [cup. 

^^^, s. the head, a vessel, cocoanut-shell 

^^51, s. a written assessment, a levy. 

^?"^, <P^^1, s. the same as <»T?31. 

^|r*l, s. a doing or making, the agent or 
means by which a work is performed. 

^^ei^, ad. (used only in comp.) by means 
of, by the instrumentality of. 

^?'«l1'<T, a. proper to be done, practicable. 

^'^'^j s. a wicker- basket ; a bee-hive. 

^■^^Sl, s. an acid fruit, and its tree. 

^■^"jc^, s. palm of the hand ; subjection. 

^7[1Z^, ad. in subjection, under controul. 

^^\5t«^,^l^, 5. a cymbal. [hands. 

g»<r^t«^, s. a cymbal, a clapping of the 

^?"WI^1, s. one who pays tribute. 

^^WT?^, or ^^Wt^^, a. paying tribute. 

^^-^tM^, s. conversation by the fingers. 

^?%^y S' the joining of the hands to- 
gether as a token of respect. 

^TT^^C^, ad, with the hands respectfully 
?|5?r^T9T, 8. a sword, a ciinoter. [joined. 
^ ^ ^, ?P<r^?r, 8. the oleander flower tree.* 
^J^, 8. young of an animal ; the meta- 
^?r^, 8. an action, fate, luck. [carpus. 
<P^5r51, ^7[T[% 7^7[T17(^, 8. vide ^<r!5l. 
<P^?lTc^1, 8. a rosary, bead-roll. 
^^c^, 8. the name of a bird." 
^^5T1, *. a vegetable and its plant." 
^^^tt-^n, «. a finger, the fingers, [hands. 
^?"C*ttQr, 8. an oedematous swelling of the 
515^1, iV. a doing or making : a. done. 
=55^T^t5, s. a slap, a blow with the hand. 
^?"tf^?1, a. stunted in growth. 
^^t^, 8. a causing to be done or made. 
^?"Tst, 8. a collector of tribute ; a clerk. 
^?"T^, ^^*T:a, s. EL saw. ^^T^, a sawyer, 
^^t^, ^?rt?r5TTiri, s. vide vi)?p;?rT<r, &c. 

^^tcT, 8. coral, pitch, a mixture of oil and 
pitch : a. great, high, lofty, formidable. 

^^^^, s. frontal globes of an elephant. 

^ft^^, s. a variety of the white heron." 

^t?'^^, *. the trunk of an elephant. 

^f\, 8. an elephant. 

"^^^^j 8. the leader of a herd of ele- 
phants, a very excellent elephant. 

^^^ir, a. beneficent, generous, liberal. 

^?f "t", 8. a storehouse, a granary. [cy. 

^^«I1, 8. pity, compassion, clemency, mer- 

^^«iTt^5fT^, s. a sea of compassion : a. 
very compassionate. [hearted. 

^?P«lTsr?, a. full of compassion, tender- 

^•^5^, 8. the osprey or fishing eagle." 

^•C^^l, 8. the same as ^<r«^1. 

^C^T^, s. the skull, the cranium. 

^^5> ^, 5. crab ; Cancer; akind of serpent; 
-^lf*T, sign Cancer ; -'*^^, a plant.* 

^^ %, 8. a female crab ; also, vide ^T^^. 

^'t^^^s. a name of the jujube fruit. 

^"^^,8. gravel, grating noise or sensation, 
the sensation felt from dust in the eye. 

^^^?I1, a. gritty, full of nodules. 

<><4><}>*T, a. rigid, harsh, rough, hard, vio- 
lent, unfeeling, cruel, unkind, miserly. 

^If, 8. a loan, debt ; -^TWT<r, -C*ft^, the 
paying of a debt ; -WTW^, giving a loan. 

<5^^1<r, ^^, 8. a debtor, one who owes. 


65 ] W 

^tf^Hf 8. a bond, a promissory note. 

?P<f, 8. the ear; rudder of a ship or boat; 
in mytho. one of the sons of Kunti. 

^«r, -f ^?r, -fl?:5, -<ra, 8. the ear-hole. 

^*f^^> ^cf^r^T, 8. the ear-wax. 

^^C^ri5?", 8. the cognizance of the ear : 
ad. within hearing. [insect. 

^«fs?C5^l^1, 8. a species of centipos ; also an 

?^«fcj, %, an earring, ear-ornament. 

^«f^r<r, s. a helmsman, a steersman. 

^.cjVfi^^ «. a tumour in the ear. 

^cf,-Tp5f, -?PnF,-*tT5T^, 8. an ear-ornament. 

^«fc^?f, 8. the boring of the ear. 

^fffi^c^, s. the root of the ear. 

^^fc^^**^? *• ^ disease of the ear. 

^<*1^c^, s. the hollow of the ear. 

^«fT^fcf, 8. a whispering together. 

^«fr^; 8. the name of a country ; -^5, orris 

^r<^?P, 8. a mason's trowel. [root. 

^T^^,*. earring; middle finger; pericarp 

^f^^t?r, 8. pericarp of a lotus, [of lotus. 

^C^SfPT, 8. a talebearer, a whisperer. 

^^i^, 8. a cutting, clipping, a trimming. 

^•"5 ^, s. a pair of scissors ; parings. 

^■q^j, a. fit to be done, necessary, incum- 
bent, practicable, proper, fit. [ness. 

^?KJl1, 8. practicability, propriety, fit- 

^«^JT^^^J, «. practicable or impracti- 
cable, proper or improper. [shears. 

^Tcft'iil, <P€'Vt, 8, a pair of scissors or 

^^1, s. an agent, a master, the doer of any 
thing, a governor ; the agent of a verb. 

^¥^, s. (in comp?) done by agency of that 
which is expressed by the first member. 

^^'^, «. agency, mastership, authority, 
management, rule, government. 

^^s^-siw, 8. the office of governing, the 
state or condition of a governor. 

?P«'%3'ST?r, 5. the care or responsibility of 
government or of agencyship. 

^«Vw, 8. the office of an ag;pnt or direc- 
tor ; in ff ram. the agent of a verb. 

^^^TW, 8. in ffram. the active voice. 

epiif, 8, a female agent, the mistress of a 
family, a governess, a matron. 

^^, 55s^%, 8. dirt, mud, mii*e, clay. 

^^'^I^Ti, a. dirty, abounding with mud. 


[ 66 ] 


^^TTt^, «, smeared with mud or dirt. 
^«f^, s, old and patched garments, 
^^yf, s. the cotton, the cotton plant. 
TH'^TT, s, camphor; ~\^i camphorated. 

^^7[, a. variegated, speckled, spotted. 
^^, s. an action, work, a deed, an ofhce, 
an employment, an affair, a matter ; in 
ffram. the object of a verb. 

7^^^7[, s. a workman, a labourer. 

^"SCT^^I, s. a workman, the superinten- 
dent of any business, a labourer. 

^^^T?Sj, «• the body of religious ceremo- 
nies established by custom or law. 

^■s^^T^T, s. a blacksmith, an armourer. 

^5^, -^T^^, -^T^, a. doing effecting 
any purpose : 5. one who does any work. 

^■5^#t«n^, 5. a washer, a washerman. 

^'Ssr^'^tcT, a. skilled in any business. 

;8P^^^5<*. capable of work, able to work. 

^■sa'^tfl', ^. engaged in a work : s. a col- 
lector of revenues, a steward, a factor. 

^■5^^]^,<?.cashiered, dismissed, discharged. 

?P^5jt%, s. a dismission, a cashiering. 

7^^^, a. acquainted with religious duties, 

^g^":^^, a. diligent, laborious, [or labour. 

?P'ssrfei^t]5J, s. in ffram. the passive voice. 

;^"S^ei7, a. fit for work, serviceable, [rites. 

<l^"^^, s, work, labour, action, religious 

^^ -'^^>, -t^^*<, a. eminent at any work. 

?5^t^«^6ii, s. cleverness in business. 

^?ar^T^^, a. capable of any work. 

;^'5a[TpcT, s. the fruit of human actions. 

^:s^tt«tT^, s. the consequence of human 
actions; a book treating on the subject. 

^^^far, s. in ffeo, the middle part of In- 
dia reckoned as a place of sanctity. 

?5^C»t^r, «• suffering or enjoyment of the 
consequences of evil or good actions. 

?P"S&*rt«^,«.industrious,laborious, diligent. 

^?^7if5^, s. a minister, a counsellor. 

^Tar7it5f 5T, s. the means of accomplishing a 

^'S^^T^, s. place of employment, [work. 

^.s^t't^, s. work and its consequences. 

^^Ti^-^TTt, a. according to one's actions. 

^'sa-TijTilC'?", ad. according to actions. 

^■5^TiJ%t^, «• commencement of a work. 

^^1^, s. end of an action or undertaking. 

^"s^tC^, ad. at the end of an action. 
?5?^tf%15, a. industrious, diligent. 
^?^T|^, a. officially protected ; busy. 
^?^t<r, s. a blacksmith ; a brazier. 

^5a-|^75, s. commencement of an action. 

^"sa'fjf, a. useful, fit for any work. 

^■^T^^, a. laborious, industrious. 

^f^%, «. industrious, skilful, fit for work. 

^^sff, a. fit for any work, ingenious. 

^C's^'TC^JT^f, s. industry; diligence. 

^C^TCWj!^, a. laborious, active, diligent. 

^Csa^T'sl^^, a. useful, fit for any work. 

^■^, 5. a sicca weight of gold or silver ; 
tillage ; a beleric myrabolan. [man. 

<^'?[^^a. drawing, ploughing : ^.aplough- 

^■^«l, s. the act of drawing or ploughing. 

^■^4^?, a. capable of being drawn, or at- 
tracted ; fit to be ploughed, [bridle. 

^r^«ft, s. a plough- woman ; the bit of a 

^f^^, a. drawn, ploughed, tilled, 

^ft, ad. when ? at what time ? 

^f'^f^^, ad. sometimes, occasionally. 

^v^, s. semen virile; any piece of machi- 
nery, an engine, a machine, the lock 
of a gun, a trap, an elastic spring ; a 
shoot, a scion, a sprout ; a mouthful. 

^v\^, s. tin, tinning ; -^, to tin a vessel. 

^vi't^7[, or ^c^t^r^, s. a tinman. 

^«^?P5?, *. a hum, buz, a hubbub. 

^c^W, s. rust, a stain, a blemish, a stigma, 
an imputation of crime, a crime, guilt. 

^c?^^>^^, s. the freeing of a person from 
guilt, the removal of crime or blame. 

^rf^, a. stained,blemished, charged with 
crime ; fem. ^c^|%jft. [ ^Tc^C^r^. 

^^vT-pf , s. paste, starch, varnish ; ti^q^, vide 

^rfir, s. a pen ; a scion, ingraftment, a 
cutting of any plant : a. ingrafted. 

^cnir^^i^t, s. a penknife, a pen-cutter. 

^cn^^lf^, s. writing reed, wooden pen. 

*^'C^5r^T^, a. engaged in work, busy. 

*csri"5r:j^T*f, s. a penknife, a pen-cutter. 

^^rjU^TiT^ s. a standish, a writing box. 

*^c^^1, s. a word, a prayer, oraison. 

^c^^,a.crystallized: 5. nitre, crystallized 
salt ; an aquatic plant. [stalk. 

^vi^, s. Columbo root ; an arrow ; a plant- 

^^ L 

^ST?r^, 8. a dove, pigeon, the black cuc- 
koo ; a murmur, clamour, a buz, a din. 
^oT^r, 8. a water-pot, a pitcher, a jar. 
^5l*Tt, or ^?T[^^, 8. idem. 
^s^H^^^f^, s. a bench for water-pots, 
^8^>T, 8. a pinnacle ; a pitcher. [tion. 
^?^^, s. quarrel, brawl, squabble, content 
^5^^J5?fl, s. a brawler, a wrangler. 
<P?!iO, a. quarrelsome, contentious. 
^.c^l, V, to sprout ; to act in the manner of 
a machine: s. the mechanic art; a digit 
of the moon; fraud, deceit; a plantain; 
the menses, menstrual discharge. 
^rTt^, or ^^T<r, s. vetches, peas, pulse, 
^oit^, 8. a sprouting ; the rehearsing of a 
theme before exhibition; the working 
of a machine : a. sprouted, germinated. 
^^T*T, s. an ornament, a zone, a pea- 
cock's tail, a multitude, a quiver, the 
moon; the name of a Sanskrit gram- 
^5!T*tT^, s. a calking ; a calker. [mar. 
^c1t*lt, s. a peacock; one versed in Kalap. 
?Pc^T^^, s. a plantain tree representing 
the wife of Ganesha, and is worshipped, 
^f^, s. 4th or present age of the world ; 
joining strip; a flower-bud; wet-lime. 
^.1%^1, 8. an unblown flower ; pipe-bowl, 
the tobacco vessel of the huka ; a cup. 
7^fv\ -^TcT, -^^, s. the fourth or present 
age of the world (or, the age of vice), 
^f^^, s. in geo. a country between Cut- 
tack and Madras ; the name of a bird. 
^•1%&«l,«. wet-lime, lime for whitewashing. 
^t%^, a, numbered, reckoned, known, un- 
derstood, acquired, separated, divided. 
^©T, s. an oilman, oilman caste. [filth, 
^•c^^, s. sin, a crime, guilt, defilement, 
^.cT^lf%^, ^«J^^ «f. guilty> sinful, vile, fil- 
^C5^S)1, ^^^, s. the liver. [thy, foul. 

^Cc^??r, CW^, s, the body. [orts, filth. 
^?^, s. sediment, ordure, the ear-wax, sin, 
^.c^<Pc^^ s, a rippling, or brawling sound. 
?15c^^ril, V. 11. to brawl, to ripple, to make 
a rippling noise (as of water or stream.) 
^.e^epc^T^T, s. a rippling sound, a brawling. 
?P^5.enf^, s. a rippling, a surf, a brawling. 
^c^<]5ij^"5[, a. brawling, contentious. 
H 2 

67 ] 7F^ 

^Wift, 8. the tobacco-bowl of a huka ; the 

tenth and last incarnation of Viahnu. 
^5i*Tl 8. a diadem, a tiara or cross. 
^?\5Tf^, 8. serum, the sanies, matter. 
^•*^, 8. a contrivance, a scheme, a pur- 
pose, an opinion, a report, a period of 
432, 000,000 years ; a sacred writing, 
one of the six vedangas ; an option. 
^•^5^, 8. a fabled tree in Indra's para- 
dise which yields fruit to every one's 
desires ; Jig. a very generous person. 
^"^ST, 8. the forming of a plan or scheme. 
^«^^1, 8. a scheme, a contrivance, a plan, 
a forgery, a counterfeit, an imitation, 
^'^srl?, a. capable of being contrived or 
devised, fit to be designed or purposed. 

^Pt^, a. contrived, counterfeit, feigned, 
fictitious, made by art, designed, in- 
vented, purposed, devised, artificial. 

^cT^cT, ^.^^TolTt^, s. tumultuous noise. 

^c^^^t^, a. brawling : s. a tumult. 

^cli^, s. sin, filth, moral impurity ; one 
of the hells of the Hindus. 

^cTJ, 8. to-morrow, yesterday ; health: a* 
recovered ; deaf, deaf and dumb. 

^8^7^, ad. to-morrow, yesterday. 

^9^Jt«l, 8. welfare, prosperity, happiness. 

^?T7t«i^Gl, 8. a beneficent person. 

^c^JT«i£tT5[^,«. a well-wisher, [fortunate. 

^2^)T«i^, a. successful, prosperous, happy, 

^c^JTcTt?, a. worthy of good fortune. 

^cfjjt^f^, ad. from yesterday, till to-mor- 

^^, a. deaf, deaf and dumb. [row. 

^^1, ^Wt,«. wicked, froward, abominable. 

<5C^Tc^, 8. the roaring of the sea, the noise 
of a tunlultjuoise produced in gargling. 

^Sn[^l, 8. the gills of a fish ; the cheek. 

*^*f"5l^*T, 8. strait, distress, affliction. 

^*T1, 8. a whip, scourge, cat-o'-niue-taila. 

^*tt5sf*f, 8. a struggle ; a tightening to 
the utmost ; scantiness, insufficiency. 

^*TT^, 8. a kind of grass (Suirpus kysoor). 

^C*T^, 8. backbone, spine ; 8ee <i5C*T^<ri. 

^C*T^'4r*S, 8. a division of Jambu-dwipa. 

^»5JT, or ^P^«,, profi. some one, any one, 
whosoever, a certain person. 

?5«tJ*t, s. in mj/tJio. a famous sage. 


55^, V. to rut) any thing hard, to tighten, 

to tan, to try with the touch-atone. 
?5"^, s. a touch-stone, tanning, the tanning 

principle, or substance : a. tight. 
?5^ci, s. a testing, trying by touch-stone, a 

tightening, the tanning of leather. 
szp^filY, s. tightness, astringency, severity 
;^-^l, close-fisted; s.harsh, astringent taste. 
?5"^Tf*l, «-pu.rulent matter, sanies, serum. 
^■^T^, s. a harsh taste : a. tawny, astrin- 
^Tl", s. a line drawn with a pen. [gent. 
^^Tt1, s. a kind of needle-work : a. tight. 
^"^■^I, a. astringent, harsh to the taste. 
^^, s. trouble, difficulty, suffering, dis- 
tress, pain : a. suffering, impervious. 
7^^^-^, a. distressing, vexatious, painful. 
^■^^•^^1, s. a cavil, false objections, an 

attempt to distress an opponent. 
?5^^f^^, ct- contrived with difficulty. 
?&^C^^, s. great trouble or distress. 
<5^^t^J, «• difficultly accomplishable. 
^1^, s. a test, a trial, a touch-stone. 
^p^-s^T^^, s. a touch-stone. [juice. 

7^-7\, s. the jaw, lower part of the cheek ; 
^7^^'^lf*i, s. a grinning, snarl ; friskiness. 
^^<^, ^^^^5, s. labour, fatigue, practice. 
^TT^, s. trade, a profession ; whoredom. 
?5^^1, s. a small town or village, hamlet. 
^J^^, s. a whore, a common prostitute ; 
-^f^, whoremonger ; -^1^, whoring. 
*^7tiF, s. an oath, an asseveration. 
*^^T<Vt, s. a butcher ; -5fT^1, a butchery. 
^^t«^1, s. distress, pain, anguish, trouble. 
^.^<r, s. an abatement, a failure, a coming 

short, deficiency, fault, a defect. 
*^'^, ^'^Jf, s. study, practice, a wish, a 

desire, a purpose, a project, a scope. 
^^^1, s. an oyster, a bivalve shell-fish. 
^^■^t?^, ^"^^ft, s. musk, a lily, a plant.^ 
^f^^^TC^^j ad. when ? at what time ? 
^^, V. a. to speak, to say, to mention, 

to tell, to announce, to rehearse. 
^^T^, s. the act of speaking or saying. 
^'^7[, s. rage, indignation, vengeance, 

severity, chastisement, judgment. 
^■^1, s. the recital or mention of any 
thing, the speaking of any thing. 

[ 68 ] ^t^ 

^^1 -^fk, -^^1, conversation, disputation. 
^^"?r1, a. eloquent, talkative, garrulous. 
^T^, s. starch, paste ; rice -flour paste. 
^t^^, s. the dirt of a huka or tobacco 

pipe, lees, dregs, sediment, dross. 
^T^^, d. on one side, aslant. [phyrio.) 
^t^ir, s. an aquatic bird (Gallinulapor- 
^1^«?, ad. to-morrow, yesterday. 
^t*ilZ, s. a person of the writer caste. 
*^T^Wl s. a rule, a law, a constitution. 

*^t'il^, «• erect, firm, steadfast, fixed. 

^T'il^, s. steadfastness, firmness. 

^T^<ri, V. a. the same as ^1^1. [Hindus. 

^T^'^Tl, s. a hog-keeper, a low caste of 

^t\^J,s. bell-metal, a gong,musical plate; 
-^t^, -'^f*i^, a brazier, brass-founder. 

^t^, s. a heron ; the side, the flank. 

#r^^, s. a comb, instrument to card cot- 

#T^\F1, s. a crab ; a timber tree.^ [ton. 

#T^^Tl^Wl, s. a scorpion. [nata.) 

^t^^5T'»5^, s. a plant (Asclepias gemi- 

^t^«1, s. a bracelet or ring for the wrist. 

^[^^c^^ft, s. a bundle carried on the hip. 

^R'f^'^tf^, s. a tumour in the armpit. 

^i^^, s. gravel, nodules, pebbles, grit. 

<J[^fl'?1, «. stony, gravelly, nodular. 

#T?^C^t«^, s. a plant (Momordiea mixta). 

^r<5cii1, 6?. an aromatic drug. 

^t<5c^t^, s. a species of lizard.'' 

#I^ti%, s. the waist, the loins, hips, side. 

^tf^^, s. a female full grown ; a female 
buffalo : a. very high (applied to trees). 

^f^.c^1, s. the same as ^^C^tf^. 

^T<^\F, #t^il, s. a species of cucumber.'* 

^[•^, ^i<t5TcTt, s. the flank, armpit, side. 

#t5, s. crystals of quartz, glass, crystal ; 
-^c^1, green plantain ; -«^?;«t, rock salt, 

^t^^9^^, s. a glass bottle or pitcher. 

^^\5l, s. a plant growing in marshes. 

^T5*tT^, s, a glass, glass vessel, a bottle. 

^t^^f*!, s. glass, crystals of quartz. 

#t5]%, s. a woman's bodice, a stays. 

^1^1, a. imperfect, unripe, uncooked, raw, 
green, ignorant, not versed in business. 

^ri?T^«^Wl, s. turmeric, zedoary.* 

^tlTt, s. a pair of scissors, shears, a sickle : 
a, below the standard (as weight, etc.) 

^tif1 [ 69 

itfif, s. rice-water, rice-gruel, sour gruel. 
^Tfsi<lT«?, 8. the spatlie of a plantain tree. 
?pr^, s. the clitoris. 

?^T^1, 8. a thorn, thistle, a fish-bone, a 

fork, skewer, a sharp point, an enemy. 

^t^T^^, s. a place full of thorns, a place 

of extreme distress or difficulty. 
^t$T^f^?1, s. a species of amaranthus/ 
^T^MI'n^fJl, <3!. pin-feathered, unfledged. 
^T^1^T*t, s. a thorny species of bambu. 
^I^l^t^«n, s. a tree (Mimosa arabica). 
^r^Tf^f*!^, ^1^1 51?, a. thorny, thistly. 
il^r«^, a, thorny : s. the jak-fruit. [fruit. 
^T^T's^C^T"^, s. the edible part of the jali- 
<FT^Tf^^^1, s. a variety of plantain. 
^i'^lf*!^?", s. a species of oak.'^ 
^if^, s. female scurrility ; the bullet of a 
fishing net ; beads ; the natural ring 
of colours round the neck of a parrot. 
^T^tcT, s. the jak-fruit.^ 
?^T^tf^, s. a particular manner of sewing 

or stitching ; a variety of plantain. 

^t^, s. the bullet of a fishing net. 

^[^5, V. n. to separate grain from its husk. 

^1^5^, s. the act of cleaning rice from its 

husk ; the using a person with scurrility. 

^I^g"^, s. the wages paid for cleaning 

grain ; the making use of scurrilities. 

^I\5 Jl, a. thick, clumsy ; -^^^«T, a bird.'* 

^l\5l, V. to husk grain : a. cleansed from 

the husk or bran : s. abambu oil vessel. 

^\5T^, s. a causing to cleanse grain from 

its husk : a. cleansed from its husk. 
;#t1%, s. a heap or collection, stack, pile, 
^f^^^ej, 5. making of heaps, a piling up. 
•^Tf5<n, s. a small earthen jar or pitcher. 
^1:5, or ^1^, s. wall, mud wall, a ruin. 
^I^\^, or ^I^v^l, s. the ruins of a town. 
^Wf s. a coat of shreds, a ragged quilt. 
^tof^, s. a high shore or bank of a river. 
^Tif, V. to weep, to cry, to howl. [iug. 
^IW?!,*. a crying, weeping, wailing, howl- 
^T^f^, s. a weeping or howling ; a ditty 
sung by snake-catchers. P"P^- 

^tWR^5^1, s. lamentation, weeping, wail- 
^1^1, V. a. to cause a person to weep : s. 
a weeping ; a verge, a shore, a margin. 

^Wt^ir*ipf, 8. a mutual weeping orhowHng, 

^TRT^T^, 8. cry, lamentation. [eaves. 

<PTWlf\?,«. a spout, drain, trench ; under- 

^IWlf*l^lf\^, 8. a rod to tread out corn. 

^pTtff, 8. a chister, a bunch (of fruits). 

^ft^Tfw, ad. by clusters or bunches. 

^r^, or 5Fr<f1, 8. the shoulder. 

^T'<f1, *. border,a rim,edge of a cup, a mar- 
gin, a verge, a shore, a bank, a mound. 

^T^lf \?, 8. brow of a hill ; place under the 

^fl-si, V. to quake, tremble, shake, [eaves. 

^T*^^,s. a quaking,a shaking, a trembling. 

^T*ft^, 8. quaking, shaking, trembling. 

JepMI, 8. fishing trap, a trap to catch birds, 
a band of cords for tying up straw. 

^I^?r, 8. plate of bell-metal used as a mu- 
sical instrument ; a disease of the liver. 

^I^^<l1, s. one whose liver ismorbidly en- 

?^T^1, s. bell-metal, white-brass, [larged. 

^T^tI?, s. a brazier, a coppersmith. 

^T^, 8, a crow ; /em. ^T^, or ^Tf%^. 

^T^^f?^, s. art of divination, astrology. 

^T^5^;it, a. divining : s. an astrologer. 

^T^5l, 8. mustard-straw, mustard-stalks. 

^t^f^^, 5. the seed of Abrus precatorius 
which has a black spot on it. [ber. 

^t^ -^"^1, -t^JI, 8. a light sleep or slum- 

^T^^T«?t?^Jt<i, a. sudden, unexpected. 

^T^v^c^J, a. crow-like, crafty. 

^T^'*f^9 8. the temporal locks of hair. 

^t^^^Jl, a. having only a single child : 
*. a woman who bears only one child. 

^1^5Tl, 8. a kind of perfume. 

^T^?ft^, 8. a kind of lizard, chameleon. 

^T^^fl", s. a low and agreeable note. 

^1^, 8. uncle, father's younger brother ; 
note of a crow j -^^1,a kind of parrot. 

^t^Tf^C^TT^T^^jT?, ff. ambidextrous. 

5T?PT^^, s. a flock of crows. 

^it^sl', 8. a cubit ; five gandas or twenty 

cauris, a cauri. [female crow. 

?Pt^, s. younger paternal uncle's wife ; a 
^T^, s. (used in vulgar sense) a plantain, 

the thumb, membrum virile, [scream. 
^l^nJT,^!^^, s. a moan, cry of distress, a 
^l^t%f^?^^, 8. supplication, intreaty. 
^r^, ^T«n, ^T^, *. a crow. 

?Pt^ [ 70 ] 

^N^jl, s. a paper-maker. [cument. 

?PT?r^, s. paper ; ''^^, record, written do- 

^:9f^, 5. a paper-maker: a. thin-skin- 
ned : -c^^, or -t^^, a variety of lime. 

?PT9rtt?, ^t^tf?, C*t^1, s. an owl. 

^T^^,s.calcareousnodule,gravel, pebble. 

^T^t^^, s. the waist, tbe loins, [licum.) 

^T^^, s. a species of grass (Panicum ita- 

^TWTc?, ^t^TcTt, a. poor, needy, wretched. 

^TWT^*T^1, s. poverty, wretchedness. 

.^TW?", s. a basket in which..the water of 
the Ganges is carried to sacred places. 

^T^, V. to wash linen ; to act an assumed 
part, to feign : s. glass, crystal, quartz ; 
a feigned character, a disguise. 

?Pl5t^<n, ^'tf^, s. a sickle, a reaping hook. 

^]5^, s. a washing of clothes ; a feigning. 

.<5l^l, V. a. to cause to wash (clothes). 

.<5t5t,(?. washed: s. a shroud; coarse cloth. 

^IM^^, «. washed, cleansed, finished. 

^t^^l, s. a comediaD, a feigned character. 

ja^l"^, s. nearness to, vicinity ; a shore. 

^t^l, V. to overtake, to approach, near. 

^T^l, s. the tuck of the lower garment. 

^Ti:1 -^T«n9ri,-Ft5^1, a. slovenly, careless, 
loose, lewd, lascivious, unprincipled. 

^TWl^lf^j ^^- very near, near each other. 

^T^t\^, s. the high banks of a river. 

^I^issf-^l, s. a sycophant, a satellite. 

^•l^T^, s. the overtaking of any one. 

s^TWT<rt, s. a court-house, court of justice. 

sptf^'sr, s. a tortoise, an aquatic turtle. 

^T^^, s- a hawser, a cable, a thick rope. 

^TC^, ad. near, in the vicinity. 

^1^, s. work, labour, duty, business. 

.?&T^'n, s. stibium, lampblack for eyelids. 

?fTSIc*I^v5l, s. a vessel to make lampblack. 

^TSic^l, s, a species of parrot ;* a wedge, a 

^•l^f^j s. a variety of sugarcane, [peg. 

^Tf®?!, s. dispute, a squabble, a fray. 

* ^T^, s. a judge, a Musalman judge. 

^f^^s^^lfT^, s. a Musalman chief judge. 

^T^^t^1^9 *• cashoo nuts. 

?5T9^\5l, s. the name of a plant.^ [apple."" 

^T^^, *• gold; mountain ebony f thorn- 

?Pl?l?s^5[?, a. golden, made of gold,aurifer- 

^."f^^^j%, s. a perpetual alliance, [ous. 

^t^, s. a zone, a girdle ; name of a city, 

^T^, ^if^^, s. rice-gruel, sour gruel. 

^1^, V. a. to cut, clip, to gnaw, to deduct 
(wages, etc.), to pass (as time), ^fft^ll 
C^v^, to cut down, to cut off. [vessel. 

^T^, s. wood, timber ; -'^^l, large wooden 

^t^^^, 5. a cutting and chopping. 

^t^'^tlBl, s. a fungus growing on wood. 

^t'^:^, s. the act of cutting or clipping. 

^t^TT^^^, s. act of cutting and chopping. 

^T^iRl, s. a spinning, work of spinning. 

^t'^fir, s. a spinster ; wages of spinning. 

^T^f^?1, s. one who spins thread. 

^T^l, s. a cutting : a. cut, cut off. 

^ f^T?',^T^T^^, s. wages for spinning or cut- 

^l^T-^, s. a kind of needle work. [ting. 

^T^T^t^, s. mutual slaughter or cutting. 

^T^t^, s. a causing to be cut, the channel 
of a river, the passing away of time. 

^T^T?", s. a dagger, a poniard, a dirk. 

^T^T?1,5. a bill-hook, a cleaver. 

^tti, s. a bit of stick, a chip, a splinter. 

^l^^l, or ^t^f?<n, s. a wood-cutter. 

^1^,5. wood, timber; -"^^l, a trough bail- 
ing vessel ; -"^I^l, a wood-fungus. 

^t^4(^t, S' a hard kind of chalk, [closure. 

^I^'jf :5T, 5. a railing, a stockade, stake-en- 

^I'^C'itT^at^, s. China rose (Eosa chinen- 

^I'^c'^T^?"!, s. a wood -pecker.® [sis.) 

^•l^C^^t"?", s. a straining to vomit. 

^I^f5t*ft\?1, s. a species of large ant. 

^1^1^"^, s. vegetable poison. 

^t^f^vFt^, s. a squirrel, [num zambac.) 

^t^^r^^l, s. a species of jasmine (Jasmi- 

^t^?"!,*- aprison ; a house made of wood, 
a place enclosed by stakes : a. wooden. 

^t1JC^T«^1, s. a species of light-wood.® 

^T^l, s. a measure of land (about 20 cu- 
bits square), a measure of capacity. 

^t^^lf«?, s. the working of a sum in sur- 
veying or land-measuring. 

^t^t^, d' wooden, framed with wood. 

^T^tc?, a. woody, firm, full-grown, adult. 

^ift^J, s. severity,harshness5 roughness, 
hardness, unfeelingness. 

^!^, s. a wand, splinter, a piece of stick ; 
a writing reed, a key, a scabbard. 

^1^?1, ff. wooden, hard : s. a wood-cutter. 
^tt^?l, s. one who cuts and soils wood. 
^1^9 , V. a, to cleanse, to take out of, to 

take out from, to snatch, to seize. 
?Pt\5^, *. a taking out of or from, a snatch- 
ing or seizing, the act of cleaning. 
^t^5l, V. to await an omen by the fall of 
flowers placed on the head of an image. 
^t^l, a. cleansed out : s. a sort of drum ; 
-^f^, hooked stick to clean an oil-mill. 
^^T^TFv?, s. a reciprocal snatching. 
^I\5T^, *. the expecting of the fall of flow- 
ers which is laid on the head of an idol. 
^T«l, «. the ear ; -Wl, to listen, to hearken; 

-■5T«T, to pull or twist one's ears. 
^t^i^'sil, 8. the gills of a fish. 
^T«1C^T^t^, s. a kind of insect, julus. 
^t«K\51%?1, fl'. quick of hearing, retentive. 
?!>T«l -^rrvF^Pl, -'5^^, -"^^^j s. an ear- 
^t«KI^5l, a. listening, attentive. [pick. 
^tei5^1, s. a fungus growing on trees. 
<lsT^^f^, s, a lock of hair on the temples. 
^T«j^5\5*f1, s. an ornament for the ear. 
?Pt«i*tT^1, S' a painful tumour in the ear. 
^H-ptT^, s. the flap of the ear. 
^t«l^T^^, a. quick of hearing, babbling. 
^T«I^T5^f5, s. the prejudicing of a person. 
^T«l"»t^T^, s. a whispered slander. 
^l«lirc^l, ^lej^^^l, s. the same as ^©iff . 
^1*1^18"?", ^Tpl^T^^, s. name of a fish.* 
?5T«l1, a. blind, one-eyed, perforated, bro- 
ken : s. brim or edge of a cup or pot. 
^T«l"l^lf«l, ad. ear to ear, by whispers; to 
the brim : s. a whispering, tete-a-tete, 
^lejlf^, *. place under the hinder eaves. 
^T*llf5?I1, ci- situated under the hinder 

eaves : s. an eaves-dropper. 
^t*llf^,s- act oflistening,eaves-dropping ; 

-■^l^SI, a listener, an eaves-dropper. 
<pT*iT«,, s. the curtains or walls of a tent. 
^T«iT'5TWl, a- broken at the brim or edge. 
^ifei, s. a rag, tatter, a piece of cloth; a 
moulding; the jagg on the top of a post ; 
the end or corner of a sail : a. eared. 
?PTf«lC^I^1, tattered, ragged, poor, penny- 
less : 8. a tatterdemalion, [warning. 
?5T«ifl?j s. pulling or twisting of the ears, a 

'PlC^^tC*!, ad. to the brim ; in the ear. 
^TC*lT^1, a. obsequious, attentive, servilely 

obedient, under subjection or controul. 
^1%1, or «t<gt, *. a quarrelsome and scur- 
rilous woman, a scold, a virago. 
<Pl!8, *. a stalk or stem, the trunk of a 

tree ; an arrow ; a section or chapter. 
^t;St<r, ^l?sT?rt, 8. fence or screen of cloth ; 

a pilot, a helmsman, a steersman. 
^t!stC?'T'5^«», 8. the ceremony of planting 

four arrows on four sides of an idol. 
^Trst, s. a heap or collection, stack, pile. 
?PT'5», 8. side, division, value, rate, price. 
^3?r, a. troubled, distressed, anxious. 
^TX?r^1, s. trouble, distress, anxiety. 
^t^^H, <Ptl5^Tf«l, s. a moan, a complaint, 

distress, anguish, agony, [distress. 
^T^C?r Tf^, «. a complaint, expression of 
^T^«^l, s. the name of a fish f a cant 

word used by robbers to signify a man. 
^T^1, 84 coir, coir cable. 
^T'5T*r, ^Tl»T^, s. a butcher's cleaver, a 

bill-hook, a parang, a binder's knife. 
^T^T?", s. a row, a rank, a line, a file. 
^T^T^^t^T?", (id. in files, in rows, in a line. 
^Tl/t^, s. a sort of pots for curds, [saw. 
^T^T<ft, s. a pair of shears ; shell-cutter's 
^Tt%, s. a shell cutter's saw ; a canister. 
*^li^?r, 8. a scribe, a writer, a teacher. 
^1^^, s. a seat on the Indian oil-miU. 
^t\|<r^^?r, 8. the sensation of tickling. 
^IC^, ad. on the side of, on account of. 
^•tC^^'TClS, ad. invidiously, pryingly. 
♦4»TC'59T, 8. one who kills, an executioner. 
^T^JT?I^,«.a name of the goddess Durga. 
^tW^?rt, 8. spirituous liquor extracted 

from the flowers of Nauclea orientalis. 
^twf%^, 8. assemblage of clouds, [clay. 
?PtWl, ?PtWtf%5l, 8. mud, mire, dirt, soft 
^TWK'slrT5l,5. a snipe, a fen-fowl." [turbid. 
^1^1 -f^?1, -f^?7,o. muddy, dirty, sloppy, 
^TWt^, 8. the making a place muddy. 
^tWT^<l, ^TWT5^, a. muddy, dirty, sloppy. 
*^tC^?r, a. able, powerful, mighty. 
?5T^1, 8. a bill-hook, a cleaver. [ness. 
^T^^, 8. a thicket, forest, wood, wilder- 
«PT5^^*i,boru of a virgin: s.child of a virgin. 


[ 72 ] 


^t^\¥, s. a plant (Crinum toxicarium) . 

'^^I^^, s. a law, a statute, a regulation. 

^^r^^C^fl, 8. an officer who keeps the pub- 
lic records, the master of the rolls. 

^t^, s. a husband, iron : a. desirable, be- 
loved, dear, beautiful, highly esteemed ; 
-^•\^1, an iron caldron ; -C^'t^, steel. 

?pT^1, s. a wife, a beautiful woman. 

^T^T?", s. bad, difficult or dangerous road, 
a forest ; a red variety of sugarcane. 

^tf%, s. beauty, splendour, light, brilli- 
ance ; a beautiful woman; wish, desire. 

^lf^'^^,a. causing light or splendour, il- 
luminating, exciting desire, [beauty. 

^T]%^'w, s. preservation of splendour or 

^t1% -t%f*T#, -"SIT^ , -"^^j a. beautiful, 
splendid, brilliant, luminous, bright. 

^tf^Cc^'t^j s- steel, brighter excellent iron. 

?5t^, v> n. to weep, to cry, to bewail, to 
lament, to howl (as an animal). 

^T^^?, tt' cross, crying, crying aloud. 

^1^<I1, a. weeping, howling, crying. 

^T*^<It^f5r, s. the hunting leopard. 

?gt*f , s. a false appearance, a pantomime, 
a show, a pretence ; the nib of a pen. 

?PT^^J, s. deceitfulness, craftiness, trick- 
ery, dissimulation. [rel, attire. 

^t*t\^,5. cloth, linen cloth, wearing appa- 

^T^v5Jl, s. linen-draper, cloth-merchant. 

^t*ttj%, s. palki-maker, aclass of Hindus. 

^1*^1^, s. cotton-wool, the cotton plant.^ 

^T^fT^"?!, a. cotton, made of cotton, dry. 

^I^t?, a. impregnated with camphor. 

^•t*X^^^, s. a coward, mean-spirited man. 

^t*^^^^, s. cowardice, want of energy. 

^T^^^Jl, ^I'p'^Jtf^, the same as f^^, &c. 

^IC^jft", a. lending money af 5 00 per cent, 
to minor heirs of large estates. 

*^TT{>?", ^tC"^^, s. an infidel, a Jew, an 

^t^ft, s. an African, a negro, [idolater. 

^t^, a. useful, advantageous : s. coffee. 

^t^cft -^^, ""5T^^, s. a variety of pea. 

^t^l, V. to inspissate, thicken any prepa- 
ration by boiling : s. caudle. [cloak. 

*^t?;1, 5. a pretence, excuse; coffee; a 

^I'^T^W, s. military exercise, [allspice. 

^t^T^,rt^. roasted: s, a roast; -f5t^,cubebs, 

^T^t"^, 5. Fort, the last day of the month. 

<PT^T^, a. due at the month's end : s. a 

*^t{^cT, a. able, learned, [bambu lath. 

^Pt^, a. within power : s, power, controul. 

^RJ,s.poetry, apoem;-?5;Q'l,a poet, writer 
of poetry ; - J"^, -■*tt5,a book of poems. 

^t^J^, s. the characteristic of a poem. 

^f^^c^3l, s. a wedge, a peg, a stake. 

^TtsT, s. desire, lust ; god of love ; object, 

^t^sr, a. unrestrained, licentious, [work. 

^^C9fr^T?r, a. active, eminent in business. 

^t^^, a. spontaneous, arising from desire 

^T'5[*1, s. a bow, a cross-bow. [or lust. 

^t^\F^ s. the biting of any thing, a bite. 

^f5r\^^, s. the act of biting, a biting. 

^lUvFl, V. to bite, to snap, gnaw ; to pro- 
duce a griping pain, to throb, [fling. 

^Til\^t^t^f'^,fl5^. mutually biting or scuf 

<l*T5rv5T»r, s. a biting, griping, throbbing. 

^t^\5Tt^, s. colic, a griping pain. [pain. 

^l^^T^Jl, ^T^\5t^]1, a. biting : s. a colic 

^T"5rW, a. gratifying, yielding the desire. 

^T^C^iJ, s. the name of a fabulous cow. 

^fST^IjS. prayer, supplication, a request, 
a desire, a wish, appetite, lust. 

^fST-J^^Jl, s. the pains of love or lust. 

33?t'5r'^1, s. a closet, a room, a bed-room. 

^T^^TWl, s. the crab-apple and its tree.^ 

^fST^f^, a. assuming any form at will : s. 
a district in the North of Bengal. 

^t^?5*ft, a. assuming any shape at will: 

^t^^, a. libidinous, lustful: 5. jaundice. 

^T^c^l, C^^l^ s. the jaundice. [shave. 

^t"sr1, ?'. to earn, to acquire by labour ; to 

^T^l^, s. gains, earnings, savings ; also^ 
neglect, absence, deficiency. 

^t^t^<r, a. sick with love, lustful. 

^t^t^, s, a cross-bow, a cannon, artillery. 

^fSTt^, s. the act of shaving ; an earning. 

^fSTT^^, s. the fire of lust, lechery. 

^t^T^, s. the hire of a barber ; a fiddle- 
bow ; the sticks in a paper kite. 

^t^t^, ^- blinded by lust or love. 

^t^t?r, s. a blacksmith, a whitesmith. 

^T^f^^ttc^l, s. a smith's shop, a forge. 

^t'^l"^, ^'T^T^^ff, a. lewd, lascivious, libidi- 
nous, wanton, lecherous, amorous. 


[ 78 ] 


^f^^, 3. Fort, a shirt ; a shift, chemise. 
^Tt^sft»«.a lascivious or beautiful woman; 
a flowering shrub (Murraya exotica). 
'PTJ^Yj ^'T^-^J, a. lascivious, lu.stful, lewd. 
^TSTJ, a. desirable, delectable, voluntary. 
'5T3IT^^«I, s. voluntary death, suicide. 
*T?, 8. the body ; -*I^, a low class of Hin- 

^T<i^3, a. done by the body. - [du. 

•^T<?^, 8. a rule, a custom, a manner, an 
' institute, the rules of grammar, a basis. 

^T?^^, 8. a medicinal nut. [some. 

^T?i^T<ft, a. resolute, insulting, quarrel- 

^T?l^C^T^T^J, (id. with the body, mind 
and speech, heartily, in every respect 

^T?^, a. corporal : s. the writer caste. 

^<rf%^, a. situated in the body, corporal. 

<l>t?1, CW^, *t?^?r, ^W, s. the body. 

^1%^, *tT^^^, CW^,«.bodily, corporeal. 

^^^.fl. doing, effecting, causing, accom- 
plishing : 5. an agent, a doer. 

^?rf^^, a. complete, perfect, finished. 

*^t?r^5T, 8. an agent, a superintendent. 

^^•«rt^1j 5. a manufactory, a workhouse. 

^T^«l, s. a cause, a reason, motive, an oc- 
casion, a principle : prep. for. 

^t?'«l^*f J, s. a deficiency, want, strait. 

^^«<"5l, -W, s. causality. [sonable. 

?PT?^«]'^e^, a. having a proper cause, rea- 

^T?"<iYf ^, flj. become a cause or motive. 

*^T?r^t^, s. a caravan, body of travellers. 

^?"^T?r, s. business, a negociation, trade. 

^t?r?T^, a. fit for business, active, indus- 

*^T^^T^1, 8. a burial ground. [trious. 

^?r5TTfef, s. artifice, tricks ; a doing. j 

^T?1, <PT?rt>tT^, s. a jail, a prison, a gaol. 

*^?"T?;', s. a large phial for rose water. 

?Ptft, s. an eff'ect, an action, issue, action, 
act, agency, an artificer. [man. 

^t^^T, or ^Tf?5f?r, s. a mechanic, work- | 

^tt?^^, or ^Tf?^Tt, s, mechanic labour, ! 
mechanics, workinansliip. j 

^tf?^1, s. an actress, a dancing girl ; act, i 
action, profession, agency ; sharp pain ; 
usury : a. fern, acting, doing, causing. 

^t^:5l, -^, s. agency, causality, [agent, i 

??t^*5Tl, s. a workman, a mechanic ; an 

^T^, a. acting, causing, occasioning. ' 

?PT?F, b. a mechanic, artificer, an agent, a 

maker, a trade ; a painful ulcer, [fnl. 

^t?Ff*it^1, a. expert, active, diligent, uso- 

^•T^^*TJ, 8. hard- hearted noss, cruelty, un- 

feelingness, roughness, niggardliness. 

^tf^T, *. Eng. a cornice. 

^Tfifis, 8. a Hindu month containing part 

of Oct. and part of Nov. ; name of a god. 

^Hfl, ^T^T?ft, 8. a bill- hook, a cleaver. 

^T^«iJ,«. niggardline88,parsimony, stingi- 

^^1, 8. gum Sandarach. [ness. 

^^^, s, cotton ; also vide ^«tTf. 

^Tsff«|, s. magic, sorcery, witchcraft. 

^^ ^, s, a bow : a bambu. 

^T^'j, s. business, duty, work, undertak- 
ing, an affair, office, a deed, an effect. 

^t^J-^Gl, -^T?^,«. an agent, a workman. 

^T^'j^TI?^!, s. workmanship, agency. 

^T^J^C^r, ad. in the course of business. 

^T^T?, ad. at the end of the business. 

<p|^Ol(.^^l, a. seeking for employment, 

<PT^JT<2!ff , a. desirous of employment. 

^C^JTCSfJT^, s. industry, activity, zeal. 

^tC^rrcWJt^, a. active, industrious. 

^5f , s. time, a season, weather, a space of 
time, the time of death ; Yama, death 
personified ; in gram, a tense ; a. black, 
dark-blue, swarthy, sable ; -^.T^j-CP^f, 
to spend time ; -^T^^Jtl, a plant.' 

^t^ -?I>T^JT, -^T^T^, s. a spending of time. 

^^1%^, a. filthy, black, squalid, dirty. 

^t«i^^,*. venom, mortal or deadly poison. 

^Tc^d^C^, ad. in process of time. 

^T^C^*t, ^^C^^«i, 8. the spending of 

^1^<^, or TT^?., s. the liver. [time. 

^ci^51, 8. a variety of the musk rat." 

^T^^Tsr, 8. a tree and its fruit.^ [indica). 

^T*!®^?^!, 8. a plant and its seed (Nigella 

^T5^^5f, s. a variety of the sesamum.* 

^TcT^^^9 8' a species of basil.* 

^T^^^^M- death-like, deadly , destructive. 

^t«1^"5^, *. the line of conduct suited to 
any particular time or season. 

^T«^^N^<rl,«. a species of the thorn-apple.* 

^5T^rrf^4^, 8. a species of serpent. 

^T9!C*1"5l,«.akindofowl (Stryx infausta). 

<5t^^^^, *• a small species of bird.'' 


[ 74 ] 

igst^^c'^?') ^. «i species of quail/ 
^PTs^^^^TW? s. the name of a fish.® 
^je^i^i^, s. the name of a particular tune 

or method of singing by response. 
^T«n <rT^,s- one well versed in the kalwat. 
^»t^t^*tt*«ft, «. tempestuous, stormy. 
^T«^^1?^, s. black pepper. 
;^t«^^9f, s. a variety of pulse. ^ [niculata). 
?Pt^C^'5r, s. a febrifuge plant ( Justicia pa- 
^t's1^^*T, s. jig. a tyrant, a monster. 
^T^^t'^t^, s. spending of time, [bruise. 
^tc^f*T^1, s. a bruise, the livid colour of a 
7§\v\7\*»{y ^Pts^^M, s. the black and most 
mortal variety of the Cobra de capello. 
?&t^^;5, 8. the Hindu hell. [ful. 

?&t«?'^?>*1",«. death-like, fatal, solemn, aw- 
3^r}1_, a. deaf, cold, black : s. a fish-spear ; 

-^■^, a dyer of black; -t§;<, black-faced, 
'^t'^tf^t, ^. the universal conflagration at 
the end of the world. [end to time. 
??tc^t^^, s. epithet of Yama, who puts an 
^T«^T^?", 5. another time, a different time. 
^t«lT'^t^, s. Port, a calking ; a calker. 

^cnt^^, s. twisted silver and silk thread. 

^Ptc^T'Sf^, ^I'nTcWl^, 8. an impure time, 
the time of impurity. 

?Ptt^, 5. in aritJi. product of a sum, result 
or working a sum ; goddess Kali ; ink ; 
the flowers of onions : ad. to-morrow. 

?Pt1%^, 8 goddess Kali : ad. to-morrow. 

^tt^^, ^TcTllJl, s. a scar, mark of a bruise 

^tf^i?^, a. destructive, deadly, ruinous. 

?i5tf^*i?)' s. a name of the river Yamuna. 

^tl^irl, s. blackness, darkness. [ny. 

^tf^^, a. weatherbeaten, sunburnt, taw- 

^t^%^^, s. a tan colour : a. tawny. 

^cvt, s. ink ; the goddess Kali ; a stain, a 
stigma : a. black, filthy, squalid. 

^cTt^, or ^T«^?, a. relating to time. 

^T-f^f^^, «. feigned, false, hypocritical, 
artificial, fictitious : 5. a hypocrite. 

^t^1^^^5l, s. hypocrisy, dissimulation. 

^tc^jl, a. squalid, dingy ; pleasant talk. 

^t*t, s. a cough ; a kind of grass.'* 

355t*t1%f, s. vide ?PT7Tf^, ^t^, &c. 

^•Tf*t?1, 8 a tall species of grass.* 

55.t*rt, s. the name of the city of Benares. 

^t"^?", *. the name of a country, 
^t*^^? a. belonging to Kashmir. 
^^, s. wood, timber, fuel, 
^t^*tTW^1j 8. a clog, a sandal. 
^t^'sr?, a. woody, wooden, well wooded. 
^t^'STM, 8. a raft of timber. 
^1^1, s. a point of the compass, space, a 
tract, a region, a place, a site, a limit, 
a boundary, excellence, superiority. 
^t^T^^, s. a stool, a bench. 
^ti%3>, s. Eng. caustic, a cautery. 
^t1%, s. endive (Cichorium endivia). 
^yf, V. n. to cough : s. a cough, rheum. 
<^^^'?', a. occasioning cough. 
<pT^'^3 «• good to remove a cough, 
^t^^j 8. the act of coughing. 
^^f%, 8. sauce, pickle, a pickle made of 

mango, tamarind, and mustard seed, 
^t^^f^^, «. afflicted with a cough. 
^t^C^rt^r, s. a cough, the consumption, 
^t^, 8. a cough ; the consumption. 
*^t3TtW, 8. a courier, a messenger, 
^tjft^, 8. copperas, green vitriol. 
^T^"?n, a. afflicted with a cough. 
^Tt%^1, 8. a sickle ; c^T?"1, a name of a bird. 
^T^C<^, ad. to any one, to some one. 
^T'^«1,^W*1"«1, 5. 16 panas of 1280 cauris. 
^T'^TC^, ^^TC< to whom ? what person ? 
^^Tf 5^.p^lki-bearer: ad. whose ?-t^9f.^. 

to whom ? -CW?", -fwc^?", whose ? 
^^t?r^1, 8. a kind of dance. [history, 
^tft^, 8. a tale, a story, a narration, a 
^f^c^, a. weak, faint, weary, ill. 
^ftc^, 8. weakness, faintness, illness. 
1%, or f%\, pron. what ? 
^t^^-Cr^, 8. a kind of silk or brocade. 
f%\''S^, 5. a flower tree (Butea frondosa). 
I^^f , fft^, 8. a servant, a slave. 
■f^^'^'l'l, -^j 8. servitude^ slavery. 
■f%f%»?t, 8. a girdle set with small bells, 

small bell, any tinkling ornament. 
■{^I>^, or t^^l, ^. mud, mire, dirt, slime- 
1%f^^-t%I^< , -f^f^?", 1^PJ^5, 8. a chirp- 
ing or chattering noise. [the teeth, 
t^^t^^, 8. the grating of sand between 
^^,])ron. some, a little, any (thing). 
t%i;t^^, ipron. some, a little, somewhat. 


[ 75 ] 


ft»t^, ad. what sort ! how altered for the 

worse ! (in a ludicrous sense.) 
■f^^Tf^, ad. perhaps, lost, for foar of. 
i^Q^iTf, pron, some ; any, a little. 
t^f^^, pro7i. some, any, a few, a little, 

somewhat, very little. 
t^f^WC'^'S?!, ad. within a little, almost. 
t^$|scw, c^5?i,«. a worm, the earthworm. 
■f^'5J55'^^,'f%^f%^1, a. dirty, filthy, squalid. 
f^^f?!^^, f%:5f^;?, 5. the same as ftf^f^f^. 
W^\ ,or ^\F1, s. a worm, a maggot. 
1%f^f^t^, 1%^t^^t^, s. the grinding or 

gnashing of the teeth through rage. 
i^«l ,v. a. to buy, to acquire by purcliase. 
t%«l, s. a wart, a mole, a corn or callosity, 

a cicatrix, a scar, a wood-insect. 
f^f[^, a. buying, a purchasing, [trade. 
f^*lTC^^1, s. a buyiug, and selling, traffic, 
f%n,5. ashare, a parcel or s'pot of ground. 
'fe^tf^n, s. shares : ad. iu parcels. 
*f%^t^, s. a book ; -<T^1, a library. 
*f%^T^<^, s. the learning to write, writing. 
W^], plira. that is to say, videlicet : s. a 

purchase ; hatred, malice : a. purchased. 
1%^T?", t%;s-r?"1, or f^^t^rt, s. a shore, an 

edge, a margiu, a brim, a hem. 
f^^T?rT?, ad. ashore, on the brink. 
■f%^, conj. but, moreover, furtlier. 
t^^f , s. fabled beings with horses' heads, 
■f^^'^^"^, s. a division of the earth. 
■f^^"^J^, a. how far ? how long ? ad. till 
1%2i^?r, ad. how ? what kind ? [when ? 
*f%^T^<^, s. gain, profit, gain on trade. 
f^Tpt^^*^, a. saving, profitable. [lent ! 
1%^1, pron. what ? what ! ad. how excel- 
1%5r^, a. how ? in wliat way ? [intention ? 
1%irc^, ad. why ? wherefore ? with what 
*f%Tir1, a. minced : s. prepared molasses 

for the tobacco ; -^, to mince flesh. 
t^^Jt^^r, ad. what sort ? how formed ? a. 

of an uncertain or uncommon form.. 
*f%f^^, <i[^^ chemistry ; -f^ffT, chemist, 
■^fsr"^Tf^5tJl, s. the science of chemistry. 
*f%-5j;5tt^, s. a. sort of brocade. 
■f%'M&T^,s.amiser: a. miserly, niggardly. 
1%^w€t, s. a rumour, common report. 
t%^1, conj. or, else, otherwise, either. 

ft^, what ? how ? what kind ? [what ! 

f^^lf^^'J't?', a. what sort ! how ? like 

■f%?^,/;;on. some, a few, a little. [»go. 

f%?«.^5T, ad. how long ? some little time 

f^?i^^^?T, ad. in a short time. 

f^?f^ST, ad. how long? some days ago. 

f%<lH pron, what ? some. 

■^^r, V. a. to expunge, erase, cross out. 

1^?r«t, s. a ray, sun- beam ; an erasure. 

t^<r«liTT3r, s. a mere ray. [splendid. 

t^^«l^?,f%?«iTf^3,«. radiant, refulgent, 

t%<n, s. an oath; ^, or <n, to take an oath. 

T^<rT^, *. a miser; a dealer. [fs^lSl. 

T^?"Tl5, s. a mountaineer, a savage ; vvle 

f^^5 s. a sword, a dagger, poniard, dirk. 

f^^T^, s. a crest, tiara, diadem, a crown, 

f%?»% a. what sort ? what kind ? ad. how ? 

'^?^T^'?, s. a grating sensation. 

1^?;J^<ri, s. cut work upon a ring. 

*f%f^^, a. crimson, scarlet. 

^cn , ad. certainly, indeed : 8. the fist, box ; 
-WT^nsI, callous, hardened by beating. 

ftrTl, V. to beat with the fist ; -f^fcT, 

f%?lt^, s. beating with the fist, [fi^ticulis. 

1%c^Tf5T s. a beating or blow with the fist. 

f^c^tJ^, s. a blotch, a whitish mark. 

■f^c^j^c^ , s. a jumbling or rip2)lingsound. 

t^Pl, s. a fort ; -WT?", the governor of a 
fort ; -^Trt, the office of a killadar. 

■f%C*tTj, s. a colt, young of any animal, a 
child under fifteen years of age. 

*^*Tft, s. a ship, a boat, a tray, emula- 
tion, a particular movement in chess. 

1^*Tf^*r, s. raisin, dried grapes. 

■f%f%, .s. an instalment ; a boat, [ments. 

f^r^^'ii^, s. agreement to pay hy instal- 

*f%y[5i^ s. a part, division ; fortune, fate. 

*^5*i-.,6\ a story, tale ; -c?ri, a story-teller. 

^^^, s. a bone ; a worm : a. hard. 

^t^, ^^1, s. an insect, a worm, a maggot. 

^^51?, a. full of insects, maggoty. 

its' 51 T3, s. a mere insect. [contempt). 

^^^?p1^,5. an insect living on insect, (iu 

^■^^, ^f^*T, ad. of what sort? how ? 

♦^ta^» f^sH-^r, s. a kind of leather. 

*^^«., s. the price or value of a thing. 

^f, 8, a parrot ; a native of Kaahmir, 


[ 76 ] 

^^t^, ^^^, a. niggardly, penurious, 
miserly, avaricious, poor : s. a miser. 
^^■q^jS. a shouting, a singing praise, ce- 
lebrating, a singing in concert. 
^Q R?1, ^^^Jl, he who shouts or sings. 
^1% , reputation, celebrity, fame, renown. 
=^t%^?r, a. making famous, praising. 
^fe^N^, s. a flatterer, a panegyrist, 
^tfe^^t^l, s. a badge of fame or honour. 
^T|%<r«f*5l, s. a panegyric, an eulogy. 
^tf€ ^"R", a. renowned, famed, celebrated. 
*S^t^9 5.apin,a wedge, apeg, a nail, a bolt, 
the fist,abox, a blow : v. a. to box, blow, 
^ri^, s. a pin, a wedge, a peg, a spike. 
^-i1, V, a. to box, to beat with the fist. 
^t^T^f^5 s. pugilism, a boxing, fisticuffs, 
^rit;;^", ^^c^JT, s. a striking with the fist. 
^c^T^,s.water,blood, honey; -"[%, the sea. 
?5ir^^, a. wedged up, pinned, beaten. 
^, a prefix used in comj). meaning evil, 
bad, contemptible, base, diminutive. 
*^^'5>, s. power, force, strength, ability. 
^^1, s. a well ; -^\ or -■*t'1, a mist, a fog. 
^^\5, V. n. to shrivel up, to contract. 
^^f^-^J%, -^<^JW, ^- nipped or chilled 

with cold, shrivelled, contracted. 
^^, s. a small heron ; the seed of Abrus 

precatorius, used as a weight. 
^^^^5 s. SL species of crouching heron. 
^i%, 5. a brush, a bristle brush, a tooth- 
^f^<11, s. the Indian eel fish.^ [brush. 
^f^?Ft5^<i1, a. having small eyes. 
^1%?^^, s. the nux vomica and its tree.^ 
^lf,«. deformed, hump-backed : s. a gug- 
"^WS, (t. scurrilous, mean, abusive, [glet. 
■^fh, a. (fern.) hump-backed : s. a key. 
^\5, s. a small fen or morass. 
^\5, #^1, s. the inner husk of rice. 
■^fs, #\^, s. the bud, or calyx of a flower ; 
a cup, a bowl, a basin, a betel-basin. 
^1%?1, s. a cottage, small hut ; a stone 
mortar, a student's water-pot ; -'s^M<r, 
a stone-bowl ; -^Tf%, salt-maker's pot. 
^^S^^t^, s. a pit, a low land for rice. 
^5"^^5 , s. the sound of gnawing bone. 
^^, V. 71. to groan, to strain at stool, 
^ff, V. to skip, jump ; to turn in a lathe. 

^, s. a turner's lathe ; -^^, a piece of 

turnery ; the posts of a lathe. 
^Tf5q,5. a skipping, a jumping ; the turn- 
ing of any thing in a lathe. [joy» 
:^;fj|-^tTf;a', s. a frisking or jumping for 
^Wf^, 5. the act of skipping or jumping. 
^W^t^tf^, s. a turner's chisel. 

^W^^9 s. the frankincense tree.^ 

7$^vi], ^^ftcT, 5. a quarrel, a dispute. 

^^cft^, ^*W^1I% quarrelsome, litigious. 

^WljS. a gun-stock : a. turned in a lathe. 

■^?ft^, ^*^T^, s. a turner. 

^1%,s. a washerman's mallet to beat cloth. 

^C^1,«^. thick ; -^t^, a block, log of wood. 
, ■^'^^a. having crooked or distorted arms. 

^^, s. a loud voice, the barking of a dog. 

^^^, a. having a crooked hand. 

^^■S^, s. an evil action, wickedness, sin. 

^^^i]:t5, s. a mere crime ; merely crime. 

^^■^1, ^^"5^5 a. wicked, vicious, sinful. 

^C't^t? ^- evil, difficult, dark : s, a diffi- 
culty, a dilemma, darkness. 

^^"NT, s. an evil action, wickedness, sin. 

^1%5^, s. Indian cuckoo (Cuculus indi- 

^^\5l, s. a fowl, gallinaceous fowl. [cus). 

;^^stT<r, s. the cavities of the loins. 

ff?:, s.a dog ; -Wl, a puppy ; -iTtTt, a dog 
tick ; -J7[, barkingof adog ;/^m. ^^rt- 

^^^f§i^l, s. the name of a fish.* 

^^^*T^1, 5. the name of a plant.* 

^C^l, 8. a large species of cuckoo.® 

^^5^^, s a cock, a fowl;/e/w. ^-^^y^* 

^^iJ^i^, s. the crowing of a cock. 

^^"^, s. a wild cock ; an oily gloss. 

^^55 f, s. a cur, a dog •,fetn.^^f\. 

^^f^, ^f^, ^^^«l, s. the hip joint. 

^f^?, a. wicked, sinful, profligate. 

^f^^l, s. a bad action, a crime, a sin. 

^f^'?It<^1, s. the doer of a bad action. 

^f^?T^t?^, a. wicked, profligate. 

^f^^Tf^^, «. guilty, sinful. [men. 

^f^, 5. the belly, the cavity of the abdo- 

^5f^^, ^^(v5^, s. bad workmanship. 

^9ft%^, s. misconduct, misfortune, cala- 

^tT"^, s. an inauspicious planet, [mity. 

^H^^, s. an evil occurrence, a mishap. 

^it, ^ sft, s, an offensive speech, abuse. 


[ 77 ] 


^^^T, 8. saffron ; red powder pln3'-ball8. 
^5, I', a. to cut, to cut into small chips, 

to chip : *. the sound of cutting. 
^5, a oliip ; woman's breast, pap ; a march. 
^5^t^^l ^15C^T^^, «. a woman's breast. 
?P^5<M^1,«. chips and shaving, [conspiracy. 
^5 ip, s. evil society, a circle of bad men | 
^5:^t, 8. an evil adviser, evil companions. 
^S^,^!*^,*. cutting into bits; shrinking. 
^5"sn^^, 5. playing with a woman's breasts. 
^5t?:§, 8. an evil inclination or bias. 
^&Trj1, 8. evil conduct, bad habit. 
<P5?^, a. small, little, minute; vide cvfscT. 
^5', V. a. to chip, to gnaw : s. a chip, a 

shaving, a splinter, a fragment. 
^5t^, 8. the nipple of the breast. 
?Pf^, s. abrush, confectioner's brush ; chip, 
^fBf^^^^, 8. a quack doctor, [bit, strip. 
^•f^f%«>>!l, 8, quackery, bad acts in physic. 
^'f^^^, «. thinking evil, contriving evil : 
8. one who plots mischief. [evil. 

^f5^1, 8. an evil thought, the plotting of 
?Pf5"5T^T^, a. plotting or contriving evil. 
^fs^l, s. nux vomica : vide ^f5«^1. 
^C5c^, a. ill-clothed, shabbily attired. 
7^(.5'^^, a. doing evil, mischievous, [chief. 
^C^"$1, 8. an exertion to do evil of mis- 
^3"f^, s. the groins, hollow of the hips. 
^^**t, 8. doggerel poetry, mean poems. 
^ B^l, s. slander, obloquy, accusation , stain 
a blot, a disgrace, libel, censure, blame. 
^^T^twt, s. a slanderer, an accuser. 
?pf%^, a. ugly, bad, evil, uncomely. 
^^^^t^?1 8. fragments and small chips. 
3^F, pron. some, a little, any (thing). 
^W, s. an earthen water-bottle ; Tuesday. 

the planet Mars : «. hump-backed. 
^^v5, ^^^U a. low, base, mean, vulgar. 
^^:5^fG, ^l?\5Tf^, 5. meanness, vulgarity. 
^Siisr, 8. a low, mean, or vulgar person. 
TP^I, a. deformed, crooked, hump-backed : 
s. an earthen water-bottle, a gugglet. 
5P^j^^^1, ?p^7vf^, s. a mist, a fog. 
^^T^, s. an evil idea or design, craft. 
TPSt^, crafty, having evil idea or design. 
^^?Iil, s. the seeds of ^5 ; vide ^f5<l1. 
^flP^, a. warped, shriveled, curled. 

^«^, 9. ivory ; a grove, a bower, arbonr 

^^<r, elopliant ; in camp, chief, eminent, 

^f^i^l, ^^h ^»<5^lft, 8. a key. [noble. 

<P^, V. a. to pound, to beat, to pulverize : 
8. a pinch or sudden gripe. ^^^?5t?<11, 
with a sudden pinch or gripe, [shaving. 

^5^, 8. a piece of straw or stick, a chip, a 

^^'7, 8. a })eating or pounding to powder: 
pounded to pulp, [between, a pimp. 

^^si, a. fit to be beat to a pulp : *. a go- 

■^ys^, she who peels vegetables ; a procu- 
ress, a bawd ; -"s^f^l, business of a bawd. 

^^^ft? *■ an apartment, a room, a cabin. 

^T?r1<n, belonging to the hollow of a tree. 

^J?ri<lTC*t51, 8. a species of owl. [pulp. 

^^1, y. a. to cause to pound or beat to a 

^^^9 ^i?l<i>l^1, a. cut and chopped : s, a 
bit of straw or stick, a chip, a shaving. 

^^iT, *. a causing to pound. 

^JT^5 s. a quibble, a covered design. 

^ i?t, «. a morsel, a bit of stick or straw, 
a splinter, a small chip ; the leprosy. 

^tt^fil, a. pounded, pulverized. 

^^^f^, ad. by small particles, by bits. 

^f^&^, 8, a porpoise, the sea-hog. 

^f^^], a. leprous : s. a leper, [insidious, 

^fi^c?, a. crooked, insincere, disingenuous. 

^i^c^.^1, -^, 8 crookedness, insincerity. 

^f^'?it^S^? «1, a. insincere, fraud nleut. 

^f^, 8. an assembly ; also, vtde ^X^t. 

^?t?r,s. ashed, hovel, booth, hut, a stall. 

^^¥, 8. a kinsman, a relative by marriage. 

^^^sJTl, 8. relationship, kindred. [ship. 

^"^f^in, a. related to any one : .<?. relation- 

^^^, 8. householder, master of a house. 

^^v^^' T^-^^^' *■ ^ ^^^^^^» ^ twinging or 
it(;liing sensation, querulousness. 

■^^,^^, a. peevish, querulons. [ress. 

;^s^, 8. a go-between, a bawd, a procu- 

^^^^if^, ^. excessive (laughter). [hud. 

^jr?^, 5. an unopened bud, an opening, 

-^5, 8. the leprosy ; a tree. 

^ J <I% 8. an apartment, a cottage, a cabin, 
a room, the body of a carriage. 

^^T^, 8. an axe, a hatchet. 

^il\ s. a house, a palace, the house of an 
employer, a factory, a banking-house. 


[ 78 ] 


^^^^1, 5. a banker, an agent, a mer j :^5t^S?r, 5, hottest part of the day, or the 

^^^, a. bad, evil, bad in kind, [midday. 

f^% s. a small leathern bottle for oil, etc. 

*f ^^' or ^v^^^rr^l, s. a library. [tion. 

^ ^TT^T^"^, s. a tickling, a tickling sensa- 

^^, s. a large leathern bottle for oil, etc. 

^^^cT,5. eagerness, vehemence,briskness, 

^v|^cTt, a. sportive, playful, gratifying, 
vehement, impetuous, brisk, active. 

^^.■^f^cj, s. the ascertaining of the quan- 
tity of an article by guess. 

^q1, s, a cur, a dog. :^#|-, s. a bitch. 

^^5, ad. where ? in what place ? 

^^f^<s,, ad. wherever, wheresoever. 

^;511M5 ad. wherever, wheresoever, any 
where, somewhere. 

^(^^I, s. censure, blame,calumny, blot, re- 
proach, slander, accusation, ugliness. 

^'S.^t^?'<?, ^^^^tfft, a. reproaching, ca- 
lumniating, censorious, slanderous. 

^«.^t^?I, a. vile, full of evil, disgraceful, 

^<s,P^^, a. ugly, low, mean, vile, deform- 
ed, disagreeable, disgusting, hateful. 

^<?r«ft, s. a checkered cloth, a horse-cloth. 

^^t\5i, s, evil conduct, an evil course of 

^5tT«^, ^tf^, s. a digging hoe. [actions. 

^^t^iTl, s. the name of a plant.^ 

^1W"^, s. an unlucky day, a cloudy day. 

^CW^tj s. a bad or unhealthy country, a 
country subject to injustice. 

*^Pf?^^, s. power, might, force, ability. 

^W?^, d. powerful, able, forcible. 

<5'5^T?r1, s. an evil custom, evil conduct. 

^^T^T, s. infamy, a bad reputation. 

^^1%, s. low or perverted morals. 

^71^^, s. a throbbing, a griping pain. 

7^7{^i{t^,s. a throbbing pain. [barley. 

^^c^, s. hair of the head, a lock of hair ; 

^%i{, s. a groaning, a straining at stool. 

chant, the owner of house, a landlord 

^^?19 ^^Jl, a. leprous ; indolent, (in con- 

^'3fl?rtC^^, s. a toad, landfrog. [tempt.) 

^\3, V. to collect, to pick up, to glean. 

3a5-\5, s. the leprosy ; a medicinal drug ; in 
comp. aheap, a pile; a bigha ; vide t^^l. 

^\5^l^,*. the working a sura in land mea- 
sure, and giving the result in bighas. 

^^^, ^?t^, s. the act of picking up or 
collecting : a. picked up, gathered. 

^\5^?r1, ^^T^?1, a. found, picked up. 

^^rf, s. fishing eagle or osprey ;* an axe. 

^^1, V. a. to collect, to pick up, to glean. 

^:5l, s. a bigha of land ; vide ^TIl. 

^^tf^, ^^»5^9 ^' ^^ ^■^®' ^ batchet. [prosy. 

^n5, s. leprosy ; a score, twenty ; -^^, le- 

^f\5?1, s. a hut, a shed, a stall : a. leprous ; 
inactive, lazy, indolent (in contempt). 

:^^|^^, a. about to hatch (as a hen). 

^C\5ite^, a. deformed, shapeless, clumsy. 

^\5J, s, a wall, plastering of a wail. [lazy. 

^\5;J1, a. leprous; indolent, torpid, slow, 

^Jtf^, s. indolence, torpitude, slowness, 

^ej^, s. vibration of a string. [laziness. 

^«l^cj^, s. a griping pain in the bowels. 

^«i% s. a corpse, a dead body. [arm. 

^cft, s. a whitlow ; the elbow ; withered 

^^?rl, '^^^\ ^- slinking into a corner, shy, 

^C«lTft\STc^5 s. a tom-cat. [bashful, timid. 

^C«lTC^^, s. a species of frog or toad. 

^C«itf^, s. shyness, a shrinking from sight 

^«^, ^f%^5, a. indolent, stupid, silly. 

^?3, s. a pit, sacrificial pit, a bowl ; a hets- 

^•^cT, s. earring ; a coil of rope. [tard. 

^!$c^Mt/^, ci. wearing earrings. 

^•Sc^T"^^, ^•3c^t^l%,«. circular, annulous. 

^•3^, a. coiling, winding, assuming a spi- 
ral form ; -'s^t^l, to coil, to twine. 

^^^^t^Mr, a. serpentine. [vessel. 

^f^^, ^"St, s. a basin, a hemispherical 

^^, s. the ascertaining the quantity of an 
article by guess : a. ascertained by 
guess ; -^, to ascertain by guess. 


ad. whence ? from which ? 

^t$ ^, s. great or disagreeable heat, the 
eighth hour, or the middle of the day. 

^**f, s. frankincense ; a lathe ; -^^?^, a 

turner ; -^t^Tl%, a turner's chisel. 
?Ii*^J(, s. a leaping, jumping, skipping. 
^*WeT, s. a quarrel, a dispute, wrangling. 
^^W^illj a. quarrelsome, disputaciouSjliti- 
^*^^, s. incense, frankincense, [gious. 



W 5^^?r^, «• the frankincense tree.* [etc. 
1 ?P*^, ^^"^^ *• fl- large leathern bottle for oil, 

^«t9r, 3ls"'51Tlj s. a bad road, evil con duct. 

^.'>^^^?I^, s. the going in an evil way. 

^^«19fT^, a. going in an evil way. 

7^9\9iJ,a. unwholesome, hurtful (as diet) : 
s. unwholesome diet. [advice. 

^^7rT5:*i", s. evil counsel, intrigue, bad 

^n?[T5I*lf, a. giving bad counsel, cabal- 
ling : s. one who gives evil counsel. 

^f^, a. angry, vexed, provoked ; -Tf^, 
an aggravated state of flatulency. 

^f£J<r, «. despicable, base, low, mean. 

^^^1, s. an incorrect or bad speaker. 

^^5, a. calumnious, slanderous. 

?P?^^, 5. abuse, obscenity, scurrility. 

^ijc^5, s. a waterlil}^ (in general). 

^^t^, s. an evil speech, obscene word. 

^^t^J?rTwt, fl. speaking evil or obscenely. 

^^T^, s. disagreeable scent. ^^T^, foetid. 

^f<da»^, tyrannical, oppressive, [cision. 

^ft^f^r, s. unfair judgment, a wrong de- 

^ft5f^^?€l, s. an unfair or unjust judge. 

^1%W5^1, s. an unfair investioration. 

^7f^, 5". a perverted understanding, craft. 

?PC^?r, s. Indian Plutus, god of wealth. 

?[5W, a. crook-backed, hump-backed. 

^^^^, a. made to be deformed, [cond. 

^^ir^,, a sidesman, a helper, a se- 

^ir^l, s. a kind of gourd ; -TI«^, a disli 
made of kumra 'j^ -^f%, kumra balls. 

^irg, s. evil counsel ; a charm to do evil. 

^^'S'll, s. evil counsel or advice, intrigue. 

^^SY, s. an evil counsellor. 

^^f?<Pt^'s=ff<Pt, s. the Spanish fly. 

^irt?r, s. a lad, a son, a boy, a prince, the 
heir apparent ; Karttika ; a i)otter. 

^^t^"^!, s. a virgin, a girl, a young girl ; 
a wooden catch ; the Spanish fly. 

^"Slt^'^MtS, s. in geo. a division of the 
earth ; it contains India, etc. 

^ i| 1 <n", s. a young girl, a daughter, a vir- 
gin, a girl ; Durga ; a portion of Jam- 
bu dwii)a, cape Coraorin ; a plant." 

^"5lT?rt^Si1, s. a ceremony at the festival 
of Durga, in which a girl is worship- 
ped as a representative of the goddess. 

L 79 ] 


^tf)Z'^TSR, 9, a relijgious repast at the 
festival of Durga, in which a girl is fed 
as the representative of the goddess, 

^^<r, ^'^?r, s. same as ^'St?'. [lotus. 

^^, 8. the white and red variety of the 

^^iFf fl'>, ^"^rst, s. a8seml>lage of lotuses. 

^^JF^, 8. safl'ron ; redstuiT play-balls. 

^'^, a, having a crooked arm. 

^W, s. ajar, a pitcher ; the frontal globes 
of an elephant ; the sign Aquarius. 

^^^, 8. a religious ceremony which con- 
sists in closing the nostrils and mouth. 

^^^•f, s. one of the brothers of Ravana. 

?PW^5rc?i, 8. the dropsy, watery disease. 

^^^<r, 8. apotter,makerof earthenware. 

^W?rtf*T, 8. the sign Aquarius. 

^^^?r, 8. the time of the day in which the 
sign Aquarius rises above the horizon. 

<Pf%cT, 8. a thief, a pickpocket, a plagiar- 
ist, a paraphrast, a wife's brother. 

^t*f T^, *. one of the Hindu hells. 

^^t?r, 8. EL crocodile, an alligator. 

^^*rs, 8. a bad name, a blasted reputation. 

^^C*tTl%f*T^, a. dishonorable, infamous. 

<^^:^, 8. a bad or inauspicious journey, 

^J^, s. evil counsel, unjust decision. 

^,v.a. to scrape thin, to gnaw through. 

^^5r. s. a deer, an antelope. 

^^^J^<rsTl, a. fawn-eyed, deer-eyed. 

^?rf5C^Ti?1, 8. the name of a fish.* 

^% 8. a scraping, scratching: a. scraped 

^?^i 8. a cocoanut-scraper. [thin. 

^?"r8, 8. the sarcocele, the hydrocele. 

^^c^, 8. the osprey (Falco halietas). 

^^^, 8. a bad custom, an evil habit. 

^, 8. in tinjfho. name of a famous king. 

^^, 8. gravel, nodules of limestone. 

^^C^;?, 8. a country near Delhi, where 
the famous battle was fought between 
Kuru and Pandu, in which the whole 
race of the former was destroyed. 

^fb, s. disgust, distaste, dislike, loss of 

^^^, 8. the wards of a lock, [appetite. 

^^1"5r, 8. the most northerly division of 
the earth called Uttara-kuru. 

or uncourth form, a bad 
a. ugly, deformed. 

8. an ugly 



[ 80 ] 


ip-^fc^^^, -^, s. ugliness, deformity. 
?P^*?t, a. ill-formed, uncouth, ugly. 
^■^^, s. sweepings, filth, dirt, rubbish. 
^■^^■^, s. the barking of a little dog. 
^?"^'?^f^; 5. a scratching, a tickling, lust. 
^f«f^, s. a bow, obeisance. 
^ist, s. a coat, a jacket. [to gambol. 

^Vf, V. a. to play, to skip, to leap, to frisk, 
s^-sf^, s. the elbow, knee : a. subject to. 
^c^, V. a. to abound, to be sufficient, 
^c^, 5. lineage, a race, a family, a tribe, 

pedigree, extraction, a flock or herd ; 

a fan for winnowing corn;* the jujube. 
^v\7^'^7^, s. one who is a plague to his 

family, (lit. ) a thorn of the family. 
^c^^?l^, s. one who is a disgrace to the 

family, a family stain or dishonour. 
^c^^5, s. the gargling of the mouth. 
i^Q^f:^?ri, ^^^"^, s. the duties of a family. 
^c^^«1, s. an evil or inauspicious mark. 
^^^«1t^t^, a. marked by inauspicious. 
^«^^?r, s. the decay of a family. [marks. 
^5T9rf^-srl, ^c^C^fl?"^, s. family pride. 
^Pcs^-jf, s. an inauspicious ascension of one 

of the signs of the zodiac. 
^P^T^^, «. fallen from family privileges, 
^rf^, ^^nt^, a. born of a good family, 
^c^^t, s. a genealogy, a family register. 
^rT5l, s. a whore, prostitute, a courtezan. 
^^^Mf%, s. whore's husband, a cuckold. 
^5^W*f, s. family pride or importance. 
^rT%f^, s. family duty, duties of a family. 
^rT5T, s. a being sufficient : a. sufficient- 
^^^^,/. reputable, of respectable family. 
^c^^^, s. a virtuous wife, a good wife. 
-5c^^^1, s. virtue or chastity in a wife. 
^c^^'^, s. a fall from family honour, 
^cn^^, a. expelled from family honour. 
^©fsr^JtWl, s. family respectability. 
^^ujiT, or ^ri*nrr, s. family honour, 
^r?^, s. articles tied in a sheaf of straw 

for the convenience of carriage. 
^cn[^, 5". a virtuous woman, a house wife, 
^cnfl, V. to possess, abound, to be suffici- 
ent : a fan to winnow corn, [family, 
^5Tt^f?r, s, one who is a disgrace to his 
^^t5t?:, s. a family usage or custom. 

^^l^t^'j, *. a family registrar, a family 

priest who selects marriage matches, 
^c^t^, s. a being sufficient: <?. sufficient, 
^'^T^'^?!, ci. supervisng, superintending. 
^r-,t^j s. a nest, a place of residence. 
^5^T©T, s. a potter ; -5;^, a potter's wheel. 
^1%, s. Telianga^ a potter, a labourer. 
^f^^l, s. a kind of sweetmeat or biscuit. 
^f^?rt'^v5l, s. a thorny shrub. "^ 
^f%*r, s. the thunderbolt of Indra. 
;^?Tt^, a. of noble descent: 5. a nobleman. 
^cft^^V^, nobility, grandeur, [crab. 
7^^-^^s. a crab ; -''5^, the antennae of a. 
^rT^i", s. a lock, a padlock ; -^if^, a key. 
<?Cc^t¥^, s. the origin of a family. 
^c^<PF, s. the gargling of the mouth. 
^c^^c^, ^c^^c?l,5. a gargling or rinsing. 
^c^5^, s. smashed dry jujube pickle. 
^-^j, 5. a wicker fan to winnow corn ; a 
^^, ad. only, wholly, in all. [bone, 

^^t", s. a nodule, gravel, gravel-stones. 
^Wr, s. the gargling of the mouth. 
^*T, V. a. to hew timber, to hack. 
^^t-, s. one of the seven continents of the 

Hindus ; a son of Eama; sacred grass. » 
^*t^, s. the hewing of timber, a hacking. 
^*tcT, s. welfare, peace, happiness, talent, 

ability, virtue : a. eminent in, clever. 
^*ToTt, a. prosperous, happy, lucky. 
*^*tlWl, a. extensive, wide, spacious. 
<P*tt^^, s. mat of kusha grass, a hassock. 
^*tY, s. a plough-share ; a pod of cotton ; 

a spoon-like vessel used for libations. 
^*rl''^, d' evil-disposed, wicked, spiteful. 
^^rf^, s. wickedness, evil bias of mind. 
^*r^, s. a cup-board, a barn, a granary. 
^^, s. the kernel of a mango-stone. 
^TtW, ^^W> «• usury ; -^tTt, an usurer. 
^^, or ^^C?"t^, s. the leprosy. 
^'^'^5 ^- good to cure the leprosy. 
^%s^ a. leprous, full of leprosy. 
^^C?"!^, or <^^"t, a. leprous : s, a leper. 
^^tT3, s. the same as ^^^^1. [sumption. 
^^t^S*^'^, s- medicine for the cure of con- 
^^^, flower; safflower; the menses, 
^^g^, s. the safflower plant.'^ 
^"^1^1%, S' mutual wrestling or scuffling. 


t 81 ] 


^f^, s, a wrestling ; -^TT, a wrestler. 

^^■^t, «. ominous dream, the nightmare. 

^^^, *. delusion, fascination, sorcery ; a 

^^^, «. a sorcerer, a juggler, [sorcerer. 

^^TT, 8. a cavity, a hole ; the ear-hole. 

^f , 8. the new moon ; note of the cuckoo. 

^C'^'f^^Pl, f C^^, s, a mist, fog, haze. 

^f5«Pl, s. a painting brush. 

^^, s. a mountain-peak, a ream of paper, 
a heap, a water-jar, hammer, a mallet, 
ploughshare, plough, a deer-trap ; illu- 
sion, deceit, falsehood : a, low, mean. 

^^?P, s. a ploughshare ; the eyeball. 

^^^a, s. a snare, deer- trap, a net. [able. 

^^, a. unchangeable, uniform, unalter- 

^^T^rt^, s. an attic, an upper room. 

^^I9f, s. obscurity, ambiguity, a fiction. 

W^, s. a ream of paper ; an end, a clue. 

^;5J, s. a wall. ^"5^, a sort of cloth or 

^9|"c^, s. a satchel, a wallet, a bag. [stuff. 

^*f, ^^1,5. a wall. ^C«tTW^, well-water. 

w*t^, s. a mast, a stake in the ground. 

^«1^^^, s. a frog in the well, a man who 
has not seen the world. 

^w", s. space between the eyebrows. 

^ns^l, s. inspissated milk. [boiling. 

^^^, s. amusement, play, jumping, gam- 

^'^, s. a tortoise, a turtle. 

^^^f^ft<11, a- tortoise-backed, gibbous. 

^5^*t?t«l, s, a book on Hindu religion. 

^^l^^T?", s. Vishnu's 2nd incarnation. 

^rT, s. shore, bank, a heap, mound, a 
pond, the rear of an army ; the jujube.' 

^t^, s. a porter, a labourer, [the bank. 

^1%^t%, ad to the brim : a. reaching to 

"^^ V. a. to do, to make, to perform. 

s^vll^, s, a lizard, a chameleon. 

^5^, s. torment, pain, distress, difficulty, 
penance : a. distreseed, tormented. 

^5g9r^, a. tormented,suffering anguish or 
distress, engaged in a severe penance. 

^^5^^, a. hard-earned, hard-acquired. 

a^, a. doing, performing : s. affixes con- 
verting the roots into verbal nouns. 

^f , a. done, perforihed, made. 

fZ^^i ^^^1"^J, a. skilful, fortunate, 

^I^^t^, ^^^^J, «. ide7n. [successful. 

^^, a, ungrateful, unthankful. 

^«^^1, s. ingratitude, un thankfulness. 

fHH, a. grateful, thankful. 

^■5^11, 8. gratitude, thankfulness. 

^"5^I?r, a. married, wedded. 

^'Sf^^jfjP^T, a. having performed the 
usual daily ceremonies of religion. 

^3f^3i5?, a. disposed of by sale, sold. 

^■5T*«f^, -^^y a. with the hands joined 
in a humble manner, [er ; conclusion. 

^"5T?, 8. death, Yama, universal destroy- 

^^T's>f<rTSi", a. guilty, criminal. 

^T^f, a. successful, prosperous. 

^roitf, a. desirous of success, thankful. 

^%, s. an act, action, deed. 

^^^1, -^, 8. learning, talent, ability, an 
accomplishment, wisdom, piety, virtue. 

^:5Y, a. learned, accomplished, expert, 
active, good, wise, virtuous, pious. 

^f%, 8. the skin, the hide of an antelope. 

^1%^, 8, the Pleiades; Karttika's nurse. 

^151, 8. duty, a work, a motive, a cause. 

^flj^, a. artificial, fictitious, counterfeit. 

^5.'^, a. all, entire, the whole. 

^Tf^, a. terminated with one of the affixes 
used in the formation of verbals. 

^^«1, 8. a miser, a niggard : a. miserly, 
penurious, avaricious, mean, stingy, 

^"^••l^l, 8. niggardliness, parsimony, [ous. 

^■s^S^^^, a. miserly, niggardly, penuri- 

^^«1T*T?, a- mean, penurious, abject. 

^*f?rl, ad. graciously, compassionately. 

jvfl, 8. compassion, pity, mercy, tender- 
ness, kindness, clemency, grace, favour. 

^*fl^?", ^*fTf^5, a. compassionate, piti- 
ful, gracious, merciful, kind, tender. 

^^tt^^l, 8. a kind or merciful man. 

^^ftf^fsf, ^"^if^^, s. an ocean of grace 
or mercy, a sea of compassion. 

^*Tr*fl3[, 8. an object of pity. 

^'^tt^lffl, 8. mercifulness, favourableness. 

^^^C^I^ST, 8. a look of pity, compassion, 
or kindness, a gracious look. 

^«tT^T^, ^*n^> «• gracious, merciful, 
compassionate, pitiful, kind, tender. 

^^T^?) a- full of compassion or mercy. 

^^1^, ». desirous of compassion or pity. 


[ 82 ] 


^Tp^1, s. the class of compounds of wMcli 
^ is the last member, the symbol ( ^ ) 

^1^, s. a worm, a maggot, an insect, the 

^fia"^^, a. breeding worms, [lac insect, 

^f^^,«. anthelmintic, worm-destroying. 

^I^ST?, «. abounding with worms, [ated. 

^«T, a. meagre, wasted, lean, thin, emaci- 

^*ts5l, -^5 s. meagreness, thinness. 

i'^I^, a. slender, delicate, slender-waist- 

^*iT5J, s. fire ; name of a plant.^ [ed. 

^■^^, a. cultivating: s. a husbandman. 

^"^T«l, s. a husbandman, peasant, farmer. 

^^T<^, s. husbandry, agriculture, [ing. 

^f^, s. cultivation, agriculture, plough- 

^1^^"^, 5. business of cultivating land. 

^f^^^, «. living by agriculture, [man. 

^r^C«^T^, s. an agriculturist, a husband- 

^fX^cT, s. a husbandman, a farmer. 

^^, a. black, dark-blue : s. the ninth in- 
carnation of Vishnu ; a black colour. 

^^C^fBr, ^^&v5l, s. two flower plants.^ 

^^^t^^, ^^Wt?"1, s. same as ^T^®^^1. 

^^51, -^, s. blackness, blueness. 

^^^^'Vt, s. vide ^T«^\|c^^. [privities. 

^^ij^1, s. a cant name for the hair of the 

^^*1^, s. the wane of the moon. 

^^^^?, a. bastard, illegitimate; obs- 

^^^■?rT?«i, a devoted to Krishna, [cure. 

^^^«f, a. black, dark-blue. 

^^^T^, s, a variety of the basil. ^ 

^^^'Sf, ^^":jTf?r, s. the same as ^tc^^^. 

^^y^T^, s. the black antelope.* 

^^T^, s. black talc, a black cloud. 

^, s. the compound letter kli. [ed. 

f*^, a. denominated, yclept,fixed, appoint- 

^<p»^1, 5. that class of compound letters 
of which the last member is «). 

C^, or c^^hpron. who ? what person ? 

C^^l, C^^tW, C<5^S\5l, s vide C^is^. 

C^^tt?, s. a garden bed ; an anthelmin- 
tic medicine for cattle. 

C<P^, pron, any one, some one. [pello. 

C^^f^<it^T*f, s. a variety of Cobra de ca. 

C^^Tl, ^t^, ^T^^, s. a crow, 

C?^^,pron. who is that ? 

C^, C^^^f^, s. seed of tamarind and 

C#^C#^, s, the yelling of a dog. [?r^'^. 

C#'il, s. native of Keyan ; a. quarrelsome, 

disputatious, captious, dogmatical. 
C^^'^, s. the creaking sound of a cart. 
C^C#1, s. the croaking sound of a frog. 
C^5j V. n. to become raw, or inexpert. 
(MVi^ s. a kind of hog spear or pike. 
^^C51, C^5?l, s. a worm, earthworm. 
C#15j5t«^, s. a marble, ball of dried earth. 
C^^^, s. the sordes of the eye. 
C^Tf, ^- to weep (as adol. pa.) : s. a tree. 
C#ff^|^T^, or C#CWT^T^, s. a wolf. 
C#CTt1, ci, thick, clumsy : s. a wolf. 
C^^^, ci. crooked, squint-eyed. 
C^<Pl, s. the call or note of a peacock. 
C^f^^, pron. pi. some : 5. some persons. 
C^15^1, C^C^I, a. hypocritical, dissembling. 
C<f'^?1, a useful, serviceable. 
C^^^1, a. wooden, woody : s. a vessel to 

bale a boat, a large wooden bowl. 
C^^^T*«r^, s. a wood-market. 
C^^^tC^\5, s. dry or hard ordure. 
e^«i, V. a. to cause to purchase : a. 

bought : .9. the act of purchasing. 
C^«\7{j s. a buying, a purchasing. 
C?^*!!, a- bought, purchased: s. a purchase. 
C^«ltC^l>1, s. bargain and sale, traffic. 
C^cgl, s. a particular species of insect. 
C^'^5, C^vjiH', 5. a fragrant flower tree.* 
C^^^, s. a flag, banner; a house, abode. 
C^^t^, s. a book ; -•^TT^I, a library. 

C^v^, s. the 9th planet in the Hindu sys- 
tem ; in astro, the dragon's tail or de- 
scending node, a comet, ensign, a flag. 

C^\|^Trt^^"^, s. a division of Jambu-dwipa. 

C^W?rt«f1', s. liquid filth, the sordes. 

C^WT?", s. a field, a mountain ; -^T^, name 

C^CTf <ri, 5. Port, a chair. [of Shiva. 

C^i^, ad. why? -wherefore ? 

(;<!>;iT^1, ad. for, because. 

C^'^?!, or c^^?t^t'5r, s. a wolf, [circle. 

C^"^, s. in astro, the poles ; centre of a 

C^^c^, s. simple, mere : ad. alone, only, ab- 

C^7[], pron. who? [solutely, certainly. 

C^ir^, ad. how ? what sort ? 

C^?itc?, a. winnowed, clean, marketable. 

C^?^, s. an ornament for the arm. 

C^^^TcT, s, a paddle, a small oar. 


[ 83 3 


C3p^t«ft, s. a scribe, a writer, a clerk, ac- 

C^TTtir, 8. a cramp, a staple, [countant. 

*C^?"T^1, s. rent, hire, tenancy ; -WT?r, a 
renter, a tenant ; -WT^ft, tenantship. 

C^5f1, V. a. to peel, to skin : s. a plantain. 

C^clt;^', a. peeled, skinned : s. the act of 
peeling, stripping or skinning. 

C^f^, s. play, diversion, sport, fun. 

C^fi^^v^^s^jS. sport, pleasure, enjoyment. 

C^l^^^, s. a play-house, a theatre. 

C^rTjlsTt, s. rice-gruel, sour gruel. 

C^*T, s. the hair of the head, a mane. 

C^*i^, a. produced from hair. [Vishnu. 

C^*[?, a. hairy, shaggy : s. a name of 

C'i'*ff^^7t^, s. the dressing of the hair. 

C<5*tC^*t, s. the adorning of the hair. 

C^*t5rT^5tt, s. a comb, a hair-brush. 

C^*t<r,5. the filament of a flower; saffron. 

C^*I^t^, C^*t1??I1, s, name of a plant.^ 

C^*T^\ s. a hair : a. maned, having hair. 

C^*fCt5T, a. bald, destitute of hair. 

C^*IT^'^'«1, s. EL pulling of the hair. 

C^*rT, C^*t^^, a. hairy, having hair. 

C^^, s. the kernel of a mango stone. 

C^^, C^^,j9ron. any body, any one, some 

t<5, ad. where ? in what place ? [one. 

Wiiljt^c^l, a. tender, young : s, a sucking 

t^c^T^T"^^, s. a sucking calf. [calf. 

t^^^";, s. servitude, slavery. [ling. 

t^.^^, s. craftiness, deceit, fraud, a swind- 

*t^W, s. imprisonment ; -"irt^l, a gaol. 

c<PW^, s. a prisoner, a captive, a convict. 

*t^Tp, 8. intoxicating things,intoxication. 

*t^f^^^, s. a doubt, a circumstance. 

*t^^, a. addicted to intoxicating things : 
s. a tippler, a drunkard. 

t^?r^, s. a fisherman ; a class of Hindus. 

t^p^^-rij, s. identity with or absorption in- 
to the divine essence, emancipation. 

t^CST*^, s, the name of a fish.** 

t^^^, s. the lotus, the waterlily. 

t^c^T^, s. in mi/tho. the paradise of the 

Hindus, the residence of Shiva. 
t^C'tT?', s. boyhood, the time of boyish 
C^, s. a well, a fog or mist. [youth. 

C^T^tvFl, C^t'^H*!!, s. a mist or fog, haze. 
C^l, s. a groaning or croaking sound. 

C^^'^, 8. a condition, a stipulation, a bet, 

C^r^, 8. tlie flank, side, hip. [a clause. 

C^^:?, C3P"'^"51, V. to shrivel up, to curl, 
*o crimp, to curl up, to shrink, to shri- 
vel : 8. a crumple, a curl, a contraction, 
^a crisped i)lace in a leaf, a fold. 

C5Fr?P\?^, rf7?P^5TJr, a. shrivelled, crisped 
crimped, puckered: «. vide r.^\7ji-^]f-^. 

C^t^\$\^, 8. a shrivelling up, a curling 
^of hair, a crumpling of paper or cloth. 

C^^l, V. a. to groan, to moan, to grunt. 

C^^T^, s. the act of groaning, a moaning. 

C^T^lfj^, s. a groan, a moan, a moaning. 

C^T^v^, V. n. to shrink up, to shrivel, to 
contract, to become curled or crisped. 

C^IC#1, s. a groaning or croaking sound. 

C^^, s. a sheaf of fish spears, a harpoon. 

C^r^^l, C#r^5l, 8. a snarl in a rope occa- 
sioned by its being overtwisted. 

C#l^, 8. the lap end of a garment tuck- 
ed up in front just about the waist. 

OT5v5ll5irT^, s, a kind of tobacco. 

C^r^\5l?ri^T^, 8. a ringworm of the waist. 

C^T5^*tl\?l, 8. a woman of Kuch Behar. 

C<P!5^?P, 8. a species of heron. 

C^l^C^^T^, 8. the name of a country. 

C^T51, 8. the tuck of the lower garment : 
V. a. to plait, to pucker. [puckered. 

C^T5T5T, s. a plat, the plaiting of cloth : a, 

C^t^t^^, 8. a train-bearer, [ment long. 

C# 5T^, a. wearing the tuck of the gar- 

C^1^, 8. the clitoris. 

C#I\5, 8. the tender stem of a bambu. 

^\F^, or C^t\F^^Tl57, 8. a mushroom. 

C^r^^cT, 8. the hydrocele, the sarcocele. 

C^Iv^l, 8. vide c#T? ; also, the loop-hole 
of an ornament, or of a gilt button. 

C^T^, 8. a groan, a straining effort. 

C?^l^', C<^1^^, vide c^pT^r, &c. 

C#K^1, 8. a club, a bludgeon : v. to beat, 
to bang ; C#t"5l^<i1-Wl, to beat, bang. 

C^t^, C?PM1, V- n. to groan, to grunt, to* 
strain, to moan : 8. a groan, a grunt. 

rf^iir^, (?^t<irT5i, 8. the act of groaning or 

moaning, a grunting or straining. 
C^l^vfiv^^, s, the uttering of groans or 
plaintive sounds, a straining at stooL 


[ 84 ] 


C^^iTt^, 9. a groaning, straining at stool. 

C#MT^?l1, a. groaning, moaning. 

C#TW^, 5. the same as #^5*^- 

C^1W»T, s. a dispute, a quarrel, [captious. 

C#IWcft?I1j «• disputatious, quarrelsome, 

C#l?f1, V. to cause to turn in a lathe : a. 
turned in a lathe : s. turning in a lathe. 

C^^T^, s. the causing to turn any article 
in a lathe : a. turned in a lathe. 

C^T*1"lj «. crooked-armed : a wooden in- 
strument used by bricklayers to beat 
the mortar of a terrace roof and floor. 

C^l^^l, s. a besom, a scrubbing brush. 

C^T^jS. a wolf, ruddy goose; a chameleon; 
a date-tree, a Sanskrit amatory work. 

^t^i^Pf, s. the red lotus or waterlily. 

C^T^?"'tTl, C^T^f^^l, s. vide ^J'^l, 

C^lf^v\jS. the cuckoo; -^t^, his note. 

C^l^*i, s. the name of a country. 

C^T^l^f^, s. a festival in honour of Laksh- 
mi observed at full moon in Ashwina. 

C^lt, C^T^, s. a tower, a fort, citadel. 

C^T^^, s. the act of pounding or beating 
to a powder, the mincing of meat. 

C^T^JRl, 5. a pimp, a pander, a cuckold. 

C^t^J^I, -«f?I1, -fir, 5-. the office of a pimp. 

C^T^?r, s. the hollow part in a tree, a den. 

C^t'^t??lTC«1"5T, s. a species of owl. 

C^i^],v. to beat to powder, to stamp, to 
pound, to mince, to reduce to a pulp. 

C^l^tf^, s. a part of a fish or fruit given as 
a reward for cutting or peeling them. 

C^T^^T®^, s. a constable, a watchman. 

C^T^TcT)", s. the office of a constable or 
watchman, the police of a city. 

C^tft, C^T^, a. a crore or ten millions : s. 
a sword-point ; a wager, engagement. 

C^tf^^*^, ad. for ever : lit. enduring 
through a crore of kalpas. 

C^ft^, s. a cottage, hut, hovel, shed. 

C^'T^'Jf^, s. the lord of a crore of rupees. 

C^l^:^, a. five millions or half a crore. 

C^T^]'^t<r, 8. the fulfilling of an engage- 
ment, a solution. 

C^l^, s.a, fort, squares on a chess board ; 
the marks of leprosy ; the ringworm. 

C^l^"^, 8. an apartment, a room, a cabin. 

C^t^1, s. a mansion, house, brick -houses 
C^ftjS. amansion, brick-house]; vide"^^, 
C^^\5, V. a. to dig, to bore through. 
C^vjJT, s. a boring, piercing or digging. 
C^T\5l, s. a whip, a cart, a scourge. 
C^t\5T^?Wt?r, s. one whose office is to beat. 
C^jTI, s. an angle, a corner ; the elbow. 
C^T<i^t^1, a. diagonal : s. a diagonal line. 
C^t«i1, 8. an angle, a corner. 
C^T«iTC^Tf«l, ad. cornerwise, diagonally. 
C^T«lTf^, s. corner lath of a thatched roof. 
C^T«rt, a. crooked- armed, angular : s. the 
C^T^"^1, a. angular, crooked. [elbow. 
C^Rl^-^tJ^ljS.a guard-house,roomfor arms. 
*C?5t\5^1 , s. a Muhammadan prayer. 
C^T^'^TeT, C^T'5?:rcTl-, s. vide C^-f'^t^, &c. 
C^T^?"!, s. a sort of treacle or molasses. 
C^1155^, s. a spare horse or palki following 

the train of an Indian grandee. 
*C^]^[^,s. neglect, a deficiency, poverty. 
C^T^, s. sore eyes, gangrene. 
C^l^lTI, cid. anywhere, where ? 
C^t^T^, ad. any where, even in any place. 
C^T<i[HJl, ad. whence ? from what place ? 
C^l^, C^IJ^, s. sort of grain.^ 
C^l^ToT,C<^TWTcTt,5. a spade, a digging hoe., 
C^tWTf^?n,«. a digger, a pioneer ; a plant. 
C^T^, jpron. who ? what ? which ? 
C^T^, a. any, some ; -^fc*^, at any time ; 

-^C^, in what order? how in any way ; 

-<rTC^, where ? somewhere ; -2I^TC^, 

-■srCv5, in any way, in some way. 
C^T^^Tc^, s quarrel, a dispute, wrangling. 
C^1^5T^^1, a. quarrelsome, disputatious. 
C^% s. anger, rage, fury, wrath ; stroke 

of a weapon, a blow ; a spit of earth. 
C<^]'^7^]9f, s. strokes and cuts, blows. 
C^'T^C-^T^^?!!, s. he who has received blows. 
C^t*f^,a^ through anger or rage,angrily. 
C^Pfsl"^? «. occasioning anger, provoking. 
C^T*f^, a. the being angry : a. furious. 
C^l*t^T^, a. angry, wrathful, passionate. 
C^T«t^1, a. dug down so as to retain the 

water for the cultivation of rice ; -^f^, 

land which has been thus dug. 
(1^T*1"1, V. to provoke any one to anger 

to incense, to irritate : s, vide C^T^I. 


[ 85 

C^t^l'tC^tf^f, mutual or reciprocal anger. 

C^tvft^T, *. a provoking to anger ; a cut- 
ting : a. provoked to anger. [tion. 

C'l^T'^Tf^, s. anger, rage, wrath, provoca- 

C^t*ttf^^, C^T<^1^^, ^.wrathful, furious, 
angry, rancorous,passionato, ferocious. 

C^f^T^^, C<Pt«^t^^, a, idem. [corous. 

C^T*ft,«. angry, passionate, wrathful, ran- 

C^Tf^W,«. learned, wise : s. a learned man. 

*C^lt^«^1, s. a wife, a housewife. 

C^T^?r, s. the loins, the waist. 

C^T^?"<IS"^T^, s. the pay or hire of a mes- 
senger, or lit. for girding his loins. 

C^T^^^^, s, a girdle for the waist, a belt. 

C^T'ST^^^tit, s, the girding of the loins. 

C^T'5l?r^T^1, a. broken-backed. 

C^T^<rt, a. lumbar ; having the lumbago. 

C^T^^t^l^, s, the sciatica, [tie, bland. 

C^T^^, a, tender, soft, delicate, mild, gen- 

C^T^cn^', -^, s, tenderness, softness, 
gentleness, mildness, blandness. 

C?5T5r?f -2t^t%, -"^^T^, or -^5t?r, a. tender, 
mild, gentle, tender-hearted, good-na- 
tured : 8. good nature, gentleness. 

C^t^«^T^S^?r«l, «. idem, [formed. 

C^fsTs^t^^, a. tender, delicate, delicately 

C?Pt?r, a. curved, winding ; concave. 

C^T?r^, 5. a plant bud, unblown flower ; 
the stopping or distraining of goods. 

C^T^<55TT?r, 5. a bound bailiff, a distrain- 
ing officer, a sheriff's officer. 

C^T?;^WT?rt, s. the office of a distrainer. 

C^t?r^T^, s. crookedness, a curvature. 

C^'T?^, a. ordering a distraint. 

C^T^«1, 8, a scraping, a grating to powder. 

C^T^!3 s. the hydrocele, the sarcocele, 

c^T?"^!, ^?"^, 8, the oleander flower tree. 

C^T?r1, V, a. to grate, to rasp, to scrape : 
a. unadulterated, unbleached (as cloth). 

JC^^TI, ci. grated, rasped : s. the act of 
grating ; also, the Moslem Quran, 

tC^T<rrert, s, a grating or rasping : a. well 
versed in, or swearing by, the Quran. 

C^t^T, 8, a raft, a haven, harbour, a port, a 
jujube, a hog, the bosom, the embrace, 
a class of Hindus, the Kols. [a codicil. 

C^c^^til, s. a supplement, a postscript, 

] <^ 

C^?TC*^f5l, a. clearing the bosom (a mo- 
ther's last child is so called.) [cow. 

C^T^il, 8. a swelling on the dewlap of a 

C^Ts^tC^TfsT, 8. a mutually embracing. 

C^T5^T<^, *. the bark of the petiole of a pal- 
myra leaf used to make ropes with. 

C^Tc^T^, encouragement, welcome, hope. 

C<PT5TIC^^, 8. a large species of frog. 

C^T«^T^«^, 8. sound of a tumult, shouting. 

C^C5T, ad, in the bosom, in the arms. 

C^T^, 8. treasure, a treasury, a cocoon of 
silk, a bud, a sheath, scabbard, scrotum, 
testicle, the eyeball, the womb, an eg^^ 
a ball or globe, the edible part of the 
Jak fruit, a seed-vessel, nutmeg, a dic- 
tionary or vocabulary, a receptacle. 

C^T^'«f^1, 8. castration, emasculation. 

cgsj-^TprT, 8 a berry with a fragrant pulp. 

C^T"^f 1%, s. the sarcocele, the hydrocele. 

C^TTl, 8. a canoe, aboat-shaped sacrificial 
vessel: v. a. to shave wood or metal. 

C^I'^T^T^, 8. a place for money, a treasury. 

C^lTt«1, fl. shav«d so as to taper to a point 
at each end : s. the act of thus shaving. 

C^f^Tf^-ptt^, s. a treasurer, a paymaster. 

C?isT^T^*r, C^[^<fJ^, 8. idem. 

C^Vi\, 8. a small sacrificial vessel in the 
shape of a boat, a sauce-boat. 

C^^l, 8. hemp, jute. 

C^t^, 8. a granary, an apartment ; the 
stomach ; ordure, evacuation by stool. 

C^i^^^, 8. costiveness : a. costive. 

C^PT^'Sf^, 8. evacuation by stool. 

C^l^1, 8. the same as c^ti". 

C^I^llTsrs^I^. 8. flatulency, inward wind. 

C^T'ift, 8. a horoscope, destiny, fate ascer- 
tained by casting one's nativity. 

C«T^T\5l, C^T5T*T1, s. a fog, mist, haze. 

C^t5^, pron. any one, any body. [tees. 

OT'S^iW^, 8. a hypocrite, a class of devo- 

C^t^, 8. a canister, a small box, a casket. 

C^^f^9r7,5 crookedness, insincerity, craft, 
concealed conduct, deceit, dishonesty, 

C^f^, 8. a cauri or shell current as money. 

C^^^?r, ^C«tT^, 8. a pigeon. [diversion, 

C^^^^, 8. a show, a spectacle, sport, fun, 

C*^^^,a. sportive, jocular, funny: jester 


[ 86 ] 


C^^^?, a. jocose, funny : s. a jester, a 
C<5^1v^t;^^, a. showy, laughable. [zany. 
C^'t^ft^, s. a piece of cloth worn by the 

poor merely to cover the privities. 
C^'lc^'^, s. seat of Kuvera ; north quarter* 
C^'tiT, s. a nation, a tribe. [youth. 

C^'tsit?, s. youth, childhood, the time of 
C^I^T^, s> the divine mothers or energies 

of the gods, divine energy of Karttika- 
C^'l'^TWt, s. the moon ; rays of the moon ; 

a title given to several books. 
C^?^^, s. family or race of king Kuru. 
^C^^t*^, S' a promise, engagement, a vow. 
C^?!C^?r, a. descended from a harlot. 
C^'tf^^, a, belonging to a family. 
C^'t^^J, s. nobility of birth, nobility. 
C^'t^TcT, 5. welfare, happiness ; policy, a 

contrivance, art, device, a stratagem- 
C^'t^Tc'f^^Cir, ad. by a contrivance or stra- 
C^'l^fc^^T^J, 8, artful discourse, [tagem. 
C^'lC^?, a. silken, made of silk. 
C^^^», s. the breast-jewel of Yishnu. 
^, s. kna, the compound of ^ and i{. 
^■5p5T7 s. kna class of compound letters. 
??j, 5. kya, the combination of "^ and ^. 
^]"^^1, 5. the class of compound letters 

^ kya, or the symbol (7). 
#jt^, 5. the sound of some birds. 
^Jt^, ^*?w. sound of cutting soft bodies. 
^jT^s., im. sd. expressive of a sudden kick : 
, lift's* ^t??l1, suddenly, unexpectedly 
Z§», s. kra, or the combination of ^ and T. 
;S»^?", s. a saw ; a poor man ; a partridge. 
Ia»'^5, '^^t^, s. a saw. 
;^v^, s. a sacrifice, an offering, worship. 
;:^*iT^, s. wailing, weeping, crying, lamen- 
tation ; the howling of an animal. 
^flS'^^^T^, a. weeping, lamenting, [ful. 
;^*W^*rt^, a. inclined to weeping, sorrow- 
Iff*^^*^?!, ci. lamentable, fit to be wept. 
1^1%,^, a. wept, lamented. 
;^Tp5^1, s. those compound letters of which 

■?r is the last member, the symbol ( ). 
T^'Z'i^ s. flesh, raw flesh, meat. 
^^]tW, s. a rakshas, a giant, a cannibal. 
I5»^, s. a step, a degree, series, order, suc- 
^^t^^, 5. a slope, a declivity, [cession. 

I^"5r«^ s. an interruption in a series. 

:^ir*tS, ad. gradually, regularly, in regu- 
lar order, successively, in rotation. 

^^t^^,fl^. regular, uninterrupted, succes- 
sive, regularly succeeding each other. 

^sit^^t^, «• following the direct order 
of a series : ad. successively. 

^^T^^t?"j s. the direct order of a series. 

^■5TT^3iTc<r, ad. successively, in rotation, 
in direct succession, in a regular series. 

:^f^^, a. successive, gradual, regular. 

ils^CSf, ad. gradually, successively. 

^C"sr:^Cir ad. gradually, by degrees. 

I^C^T^^^TT, s. fits and starts, irregularity. 

I^?!; 5. a purchase, the act of buying. 

^?r<r.^1, s. a purchaser, one who buys. 

I^?!*!, s. the act of purchasing any thing. 

^?I«ft?r, a. purchasable, marketable. 

;^^R:^<r,s. buying and selling, trade, traf- 

:^?lt<^T, a, desirous of purchasing. [fie. 

^^, a. purchasing, dealing. , 

;5»<rj, a. exhibited for sale, purchasable. 

;^t^, a. stepped, gone, passed over. 

^Tf%, s. ascension, a surmounting, sur- 
passing ; in acct. third part of a cauri. 

^t?r^, a. purchasing : s. a purchaser. 

;s»t^, s. a complete reply, a rejoinder, the 
confutation of a plea. 

f^f^, s. an insect, a worm, a maggot. 

f^f^'^j a. anthelmintic : s. a plant.^ 

f^f^frt'Jl, s. cochineal. 

f^f^?j^, a. abounding with worms. 

f^Ul, s. act, a deed, work, affair, action, 
religious act ; -^^, a body of works. 

f^?lT^e1, s. the doer of a work, an agent. 

f^^»?rT*1W, s. in gram, a verb. [rious. 

tl^?rr^t^, a. abounding in works, merito- 

f^ilT'^C^f^*!, s. in gram, an adverb. 

;^\51, s. play, sport, a game, wantonness, 
sensual gratification. 

^^TC^^v^^, s. sport, pastime, enjoyment, 
pleasure ; the connection of the sexes. 

^\5T^t^, a. gamesome, playful. 

^^, a. bought, purchased. 

Is*^, a. enraged, angry, vexed. 

j^^, a. cruel, unfeeling, hard-hearted, se- 
vere, harsh, pitiless, terrible, hard, solid. 


[ 87 1 


;g»7r^5l, 3p^f^, 8. cruelty, unfeelingness, 
hard-lieartedness, severity, liarRhness. 
jp'^^^t^,flf. naturally unfeeling, pitiless. 
c:^li^l, a. i^urcliasable, fit for market. 
c:^31, s. a purchaser, a customer. 
C5'5i, a. purchasable, marketable, [lap. 
Clp1^, s. the bosom, breast or embrace, 
C5»T^*t3J, s. a supplement, an appendix, 

a postscript, a codicil to a will. 
C:a»t55r,5. anger, wrath, fury, rage,, passion. 
C5»T<(^e^, a. angry, wrathful, vengeful, 
C:ipt^Tt^^, CCflpT^fl", a. idem. [furious. 

C]^T<r, «. ten millions : «. the osprey. 
Cj^T«T, s. the fishing eagle or osprey.* 
CSpT*t, s. about two English miles. 
C^T^, s. a species of heron, the name of 
a mountain, and of a demon, [tinents. 
C:^I«^Tt«t, s. ingeo. one of the seven con- 
^, 8. a compound character of ^ and sr. 
^■??c^1, s. that class of compound letters 

the last member of which is cT. 
^T^, s. wearied, fatigued, tired, languid, 
5Pt1%, a. weariness, fatigue, languor. 
^Tl%^^, a. fatiguing, wearisome. [ed. 
f^^, a. moist, wet, damp, musty, corrupt- 
f^^f^^, a. vexed, perplexed, afflicted, dis- 
tressed, plagued, tormented, [ed, lean, 
f^^, distressed, fatigued, wearied, pinch- 
f^"^^5l, s. affliction, distress, weariness. 
f^^*t?ft?r, afflicted, distressed, suffering. 
^^, a. neuter, impotent, hermaphrodite. 
^^^, s. neutrality,impotence, the condi- 
tion of a hermaphrodite. 
^^f%^, s. in gram, the neuter gender. 
C^W, s. moisture, pus, ichor, filth in a li- 
quid state, the sordes of the body. 
C^*r, 8. distress, difficulty, perplexity, a 
strait, suffering, trouble, molestation, 
pain or anguish, labour, worldly care. 
C^*T^, C^*f^<r, a. distressing, vexatious, 

troublesome, afflictive, molesting. 
C.f ^^^<P, C^*!^?!?^, a. idem, 
C^*t5T, s. the act of giving trouble. 
C^*T^^, C^*rtf^^, a. distressing, afflic- 
tive, persecuting, distressed, afflicted. 
C3Pf*T^, a. brought into trouble or distress. 
C^t^, s. the bladder, uiinary vessel. 

■^, ad. where ? in what ? «. a compound 
letter which expresses the sound kwa. 

■^fs^, ad. somewhere, seldom, rarely. 

^«1, or ^«i<P«l, 8. the sound of a stringed 
instrument, or of a metallic vessel. 

^f«i'5, a. twanged, made to sound. 

■^«t'^f«l<11, a. giving out a ringing sound. 

^t^^, a. decocted, boiled, stewed. 

^^5!l, *. the name of all tliose compound 
letters of which z. is the last member. 

■^^y 8. a decoction, extract, resin. 

^, «. kshya, a compound of ^ and"^; but 
being the last letter of the alphabet, 
it may well stand in its proper place. 

•4f, the 2nd consonant; it has the sound of 
kh: s. the sky, the air, the atmosphere. 
««r^, s. parched or fried grain; ;^<r, a kind 
•^^sr, a, deep, navigable, [of sweetmeat. 
•^'??rrC'8tT«^1, s. a vessel for parching corn. 
•3f^?rlT:^fT<?1, s. a variety of the Cobra de 
•iT^c^ 8. oil-cake ; the ear-wax. [capello. 
'^J\% s. kind of rice which is fried freely, 
•3fvil^, •srl^?', s. catechu, and its tree.*^ 
•sT^^^t^^, s. a species of heron. 
•9f^, 8. a sound expressive of hawking. 
<^I<r, s. the letter -iT. 
•^T^r, a, moving in the air, aerial : 8. an 
aerial inhabitant, a bird. [of birds. 
•ir«>r«t1%, 8. a name of Garura the king 
<^fT?^1, a. mean, inferior, bad of its kind. 

•«fc^W, <c^*r, -^c^rt?-, 8. vide <r9f*i^. 

•^^'T«^, 8. the planisphere, the starry hea- 
^fC^rt^t^^Jl, 8. astronomy. [vens. 

<5, 8. a ball of things tied together. 
•«f5?r, 8. a mule, a mongrel : a. aerial, 
moving in the air. [beset, inlaid. 

•«ff5^,a. set as precious stones in a socket, 
•4rf5?T, s. a ball, a bullet. 
•ftfSjT^I, "^r^, 8. a ladle, a spoon, 
*<I^^1, 8. wealth, treasure, revenue. 
•^■^ft^, s. a treasurer, a paymaster. 
•^r^, a. lame, limping : 8. a metre of two 
<f^^, 8. the wagtail ; a tonjohn. [lines. 
•4r^5^, -ftT^^, s. a tabor, a small drum. 
•^^TT, s. a dagger, a poniard, a dirk, 
•if^, 5. a kind of grass j phlegm. 


[ 88 ] 


•ftf'^t^F'??", ^. a tabor, insignia of SHva. 

<fff , s. a multitude, a heap, pile, a quan- 
tity ; consultation, advice, machination. 

«4r1^^1, s, chalk, reeds used as firewood. 

•^^•^T^o ^- ^ clattering sound, [a road.) 

•9r^<ft^1,«<?. rough and disagreeable (as 

«4tT5rsT, s. a bug. •81^, s. chalk, [mock- 

•ftT'^l, s. a bedstead, couch, a bier, a ham- 

•^^tSf, s. a trident, Shiva's weapon. 

•ftf^t^IW^, s. a coverlet, a counterpane. 

•«!^T*T, •if'^t*!, s. the pole-cat, a civet-cat.^ 

<i\5, s, straw, stubble ; thatching grass. 

<f^^, s. a private door, back door. 

*^\5^|cft, s. a sort of salt. 

•«f\5^, s. a sandal, a clog, a patten; -^t?j1, 

•4f\F?r1, s. a currycomb. [sandal-footed. 

•^^?[<^?^, <^?r'5l\5?r, s, a rattling sound. 

•ftTvS'tl^j s. a species of wild duck. 

•4tvFl, s. the mark of a graduated vessel ; 
a report, news, information. 

<^t^l^1, ^.marked, graduated: s. the gra- 
duating of a glass or other measure. 

•4{|%, s. a consultation, advice, a machina- 
tion ; chalk ; a kind of coarse grass. 

•fttf\5^1, 6*. a grass tooth-pick ; coarse grass. 

<lf%^t"«it^^, s. the picking of the teeth. 

<"f^^t"^# , a. striped (applied to cloth). 

<f^f^, •«f1%'tt> s. a sort of mortar used 
to plaster the mud walls of a house. 

<|%^^-^ej^ 5. the plastering of a house. 

•^r^?!, ci. white, chalky, pale, hoary : s. 
the name of a river in Nadiya, [white. 

•^f^?T"5TT^«l, s.the leaves of a tree turning 

•4r\ft, s . chalk, fuel, coarse grass used as 

•^r^it^l^, ^t^<r^, s. chalk. [fuel. 

•ftTvS^^I, a. made of straw or coarse grass. 

<^^^l^r<r,s.a hut made of straw or grass. 

**f?J^^^» «. a clattering or rattling sound. 

<f\5;«f \5T^, s. producing a clattering sound 
by striking of hard bodies, [a palki. 

<tv54rf^, <l\5<rf^<l1, s. a Venetian window; 

•ftr\5^, 5. a cimeter ; horn of a rhinoceros. 

•4r^^^C<5t^, s. the sheath of a cimeter. 

•ftf^sft, a. armed : s. a rhinoceros, [tual. 

•ftt!^, V. to remove, depart, become ineffec- 

•^^a, s. a piece, fragment, a section, part, 
chapter, raw sugar, a cluster of houses. 

<?$^, a. breaking to pieces^ removing : s, 
one who breaks, or expiates offences. 

<rtS^«^Tt%^, a. fern, unfortunate, unlucky. 

•fif'i^«tt«^?rl, a- masc. idem. 

<^<?S, ad. in pieces, piece by piece : -^, 
to cut up, to quarter, to cut to pieces. 

<r?3^N^§?I, s. four pieces or quarters. 

<r?s:fl?F, s. three pieces or parcels, 

<!S^?I, s. two pieces or halves. 

<f?3^, s. the act of cutting to pieces, the 
rescinding of an order, the refuting of 
an argument, the removing of a cala- 
mity, the thwarting of a scheme. 

•^tta^^^l, s. one who breaks, removes dan- 
ger or misfortune, or expiates crimes. 

•«f^^1, «.a fracture, a remonstrance, refu- 

•«r?35fl?r, <f^s5^J, a. vide •ftttaj. [tation. 

•«f?S£fc^?, s. a partial destruction of the 
universe ; a quarrel, disunion. 

4f^l^'5r?3, a. reduced to fragments. 

<^\, V. a. to divide, to break, to refute, to 
rescind or revoke, to remove, to thwart, 
to avert I s. a refutation, a revocation. 

•^?at<rf^, s. mutual refutation, reciprocal 
thwarting, or breaking to pieces. 

•if !iT^, s. a breaking to pieces, a removing 
of danger or misfortune, a rescinding, 
a refuting, the expiation of crimes. 

•4ff?S^, broken topieces,averted, removed, 
repealed, refuted, revoked, [refutable. 

<t^J,a. removable, repealable, revokable, 

^4115, s. a bond, a note of hand, a letter, 
a writing, a hand writing. 

"^^I^^l, s. circumcision. [end. 

*<l^5r, -ftlsS^I, s. a conclusion, a sealing, au 

*<ts5W, s. the seed of the common holy- 
hock (Alcea rosea) used in medicine, 

*<^?", s. recollection, thought, remem- 
brance; danger, fear, risk. 

•JI^^I, s. danger, fear, risk, a venture. 

<t\5l, V. to calculate, to cast up a sum, to 
settle an account : s. a fault, a crime. 

<r^Fj;T, a. reckoned up : 5. a reckoning up, 
casting up of accounts, [count book. 

<t1%?rt^, a. containing accounts : 5. an ac- 

<v|^<11, decayed, rotten, rent, torn. [loss. 

*«4r^^,s. a coming, a passing, an entering; 



[ 89 ] 


<C^, 8. a disease of the eyelids ; decay, 
the rot in wood, etc. : a. rent, rotten. 

<r^^, 8. a purchase ; a bill of sale. 

•4rw<r«i,«. tliechasiugofapersou or animal 

<ri^, or "Ofl^^l, *. parched corn. [away. 

•«l1if<r, <I^J, s. catechu or Japan earth. 

<fCfrJ^, s. a purchaser, a customer. 

<rcwjT^, 8. a fire-fly, the sun. 

<r5fvi", s. a sky-rocket, firework. 

<7{^, s. a rut; a miner, a digger, a burglar. 

<^^, s. a digging, a mining ;-?P^l, a dig- 

<f^4t?, a. fit to be dug. [ger, miner. 

<J]f1, s. a hog-spear, a snuffling : a. nasal. 

<;qt<f5^1, nasal, uttered through the nose. 

<rf5T, s. a mine, a quarry, a hole, a cave. 

•«rt^^, a. dug, excavated. [vessel. 

•4r^^<f^, s. a jarring sound of a cracked 

•cfi^-if?^!, V. n. to emit a jarring sound. 

<{;;{<^t^, •«r^j«f^Tf«^, 8. the jarring sound 
emitted by a cracked vessel. '[ring. 

•^•^t^^Jl, a. having a jarring sound, jar- 

•^^1, "^^t, '«rf«^^, s, a digging hoe, a spud, 

<f*ff, 8. the harvest, a crop. [a spade. 

•^5^^, 8. a ditch, trench, a moat, a gutter. 

<I*t^f?r?rI, ad. quickly, hastily, suddenly. 

<r*^'?r1, •«r*lt?r*T, s. a tile, a roofing tile. 

•fir^J^f , 8. betel-nut tree (Areca catechu); 
garlic, a water-jar ; city of Harischan- 
dra, fabled to be situated in the air. 

•^«J^r, s. a flower in the air (sarcastically, 
the impossibility of an undertaking) , 

•ftT'S'^^, 8. crown of the head; a knave. 

♦•«]Tp1, a. wrathful, angry, enraged, vexed. 

<ITp<»i^, *. anger, wrath, rage, vexation. 

*'«r^^, s. news, information, intelligence. 

««f^^^?r, s. a spy, a scout; a protector, 

•dT^^WT?", a. careful, active, attentive. 

■«r^^WT?n", 8. care, attention. [impure. 

*'4r^*r, a. malicious, malignant, wicked, 

*<\^ a. twisted, crooked, coiled : «. a 
fold, a coil, a noose ; a curl, a ringlet. 

*4rT5^<r, a. leavened, fermented, [pinch. 

•aiTijjl, 8. a pinch, a handful : v. a. to gripe, 

<fsi15T5^, «. the act of pinching, a griping. 

•ftlTiMf^, 8. a pinch, a grasp, a griping. 

«dIiiWT?r, a. crooked, twisted, coiled, curled. 

*<'al, s, a post, a pillar, a stake. 

*<r?7r, a. beneficial, well, good : #. good- 
ness, welfare, health, happiness. 
<Hr?rt, a. light brown : 8. a species of fish.*- 
*'«r??H, 8, a charity, a gift, alms-giving. 
••f??!^, *. a gift, alms: a. intended for 

a gift, given or received in charity. 
<f^, a. decayed, worn out, injured. 
•«r^, 8. an ass, a demon, a rakshas slain 
by Eama, heat, catechu: a. hot, rigid, 
sharp, pungent, cruel, harsh, brittle. 
*<r?C?ft*fr 8. a hare, a rabbit. [bass, 
•4f7r5, s. expenditure, money, expense : a, 
•^|r5^^, 8. money for expenses. 
•4r^5^^WT?r, s. a servant whose office is 

to supply the household expenses. 
<<f5l, 8, expense, the costs of a law suit. 
•»r<r^t,a. expeusive,extravagant : *, a stick 
used inkuittingnets; fee of aprostitute. 
•«r|r6j^,sharp-nosed; acute organ of smelL 
<f <r^?r, a. excessively sharp, very keen. 
•4r^«t^, *► a red variety of basil ; the Teak 

or Indian oak (Tectona grandis). 
•5r?rC'stt\5, a. well-baked, well-burnt, (ap- 
plied to pottery, bricks, bread, etc.) 
•«f?f?^'5f, <?r^'5f I, s. the musk-melon." 
<r?r*T>1, a. sharp,, pungent : «. dried to- 
^^■"tc^t, s. the name o£ a fish.* [bacco.. 
•4r^^1, 5. a receptacle for a spindle. 
•41^, V. a. ta overbake, calcine : a. over- 
baked,^ calcined ;. hot, dry : s, a hare^ 
<rirt6>? or -sr <rTf«i?rl, a. overbaked, calcined, 

burnt in parching or baking. 
•«f?rT^, a. bad, evil, spoiled, rotten, wicked^ 
•«r?rT^, a. evil, badness, wickedness, ruin. 
•4r7ftTT , 8. a purchase, ^f^^fflja. purchased. 
•if^l^Tir^ «. a purchaser,, one who- buys^ 
*<f<riTf ^t, 8. the same as "^e^.. 
•«J7r<?r, a. roughs sharp ; -^f^^l, quickly, 
•«r®', 6% the itch, a cutaneous eruption. 
•ifs^Vr"^^^^? s, date-fruit, andits tree.* 
<t<f^,s. a beggar's dish; the skull, crown 
oi the head ; a colly rium for the eyes. 
•41^, a. dwarf, pigmy ; ten thousand mil- 
<t^5% -^, 8. dwarfness, shortness, [lion^ 
•ifs^, «. deceitful, guilefid, ai-tful, crafty, 
dishonest, knavish : *. a stone-mortar, 
•atrj^lf^^'^, s. a novel, a legend, a story. 


[ 90 ] 


<r2?<^, a, deceitful, iinsteacly, slippery. 
•4t^\5"^, 8. tlie searching for a knave. 
•4r?!^1, deceitfulness, swindling, knavery. 
<rf^, 5. a slipping, a blundering, a slip of 

tlie tongue, a slip of moral conduct. 
•ftt^^T^J, 5. a deceitful speech, [knave. 
•^rftt^^ei, s. a feigned story, history of a 
'^^1%C^!?^1, s. a swindling opinion. 
<5^^f%, s. a deceitful idea or sense. 
<r?f^l«n, s. the advice of deceitful men. 
•ito'ITr'^rc^T, 5. a mortar and pestle. 
•if'IciTjS. a tumult, a disturbance ; afailure. 
<ryi1, V, n, to consent inconsiderately. 
<rit5T, s, deliverance, emancipation. 
<^T^j 5. a sailor, an artillery-man. 
•fttt^. s. the ear-wax ; mustard-oil cake. 
*<|%^1, s. a sovereign, a master wrestler 

or cock- fighter, a cook, a taylor. 
•iTl^^tl, «. the name of a fish/ 
<«^, ad. truly, certainly, indeed. 
•iTcv^cnl, V. n. to make a noise like water 

when agitated, to laugh immoderately, 
^^•^c^t^, <f c\*5r^T^, s. the sound uttered- 

in laughter, sound of agitated water. 
<tc^Jc^, "^c^jg"!^, s. a tumult, a hubbub. 
•if^, s, a creek, canal, trench, a deep hole. 
<^,s. a shootingpain; mustard-oil cake. 
<"^, V. n. to fall, to fall off as leaves, etc., 

to be loose. C^t-*^^, to miscarry. 
<t^«l, <^<5t, s. a falling of leaves or fruits 

from a tree, the falling of a meteor. 

<;^^-<"^«l, miscarriage, abortion, 
<r^1, V. a, to open, to loosen, to take out. 
<r"^T«l, ct' opened, made loose, taken out: 

8, the act of loosening, or taking out. 
<7i, s. the itch, scabrosity : a. rough, scab- 
*<^ir, s. a husband, spouse. [reus. 

<^^1, a, diseased with the itch, scabby. 
^T1<tTj^, 5. the roots of a species of grass^ 

used to make door-screens for the hot 

season : ad. quickly : a. scabrous, rough. 
•ftly[^l, s. a rough copy ; a waste-book. 
<]j V. a. to eat, corrode, abrade, wear off. 
<rT'^,*«tt't"^, s. a ditch, a trench, a pit. 
•5itt:vf, s. alloy, slag or dross of metals. 
<rT^^, s. a pretence, imposition, [cious. 

•^t^^, s. the act of eating, or corroding. 

<T^8^^^^, s. an eating and feeding. 

^tt^fi^?!, a. entertaining, feeding others. 

I *^T^<l1, s. vide •ftft^f^ST, : a. eaten, corroded. 

V. caus. to entertain, to feed; to abrade. 

<rT^?T<lf?,«. an eating and giving food. 

<tI^<n5T, s. the act of feeding or entertain- 
ing, the corroding of a thing. 

*4tT^<lT"sr«^^, s. a caustic plaster, [lems. 

*A\ s. a title of Pathan tribe of the Mos- 

•^T^, s. a desire, greediness, want. 

•4fT^'f^, s. abatement, a deficiency. 

<IT^t?, s. grit, sand, sediment, [phlegm. 

•^T^T?", s. a disgrace, a blot ; a hawking, 

•4rT51, 5. a coop, a bird-cage, an aviary. 

<fT^, s. a mortise, dovetail, groove. 

'iJt^<5T'^l, a. grooved, dovetailed. 

<fT^, s. raw sugar, molasses, treacle. 

•^T^l, s. a cimeter, a sword. 

•4fT^t^t?rl", a. checkered, striped. 

•^Tt%, s. an inlet, a frith, a strait. 

•4fTv5 ?n, s. a clout worn by female children. 

4f^1, ^T5?I1, a. noseless, snub-nosed, flat- 

<T^, a, fern, idem, [nosed. 

*<rT^, s. earth, dust, ashes. 

<I^, "^t^, ». eating, devouring. 

•^tt^"^, 8. a cotton-mill. 

^TI^, 8. horn of a rhinoceros ; a cimeter. 

•^T9r\51, 8. a species of reed or grass.^ 

•^t^^, <ri^^, s. a sword with long blade. 

•^tt^?"!, s. a broom, a besom. 

•iflSJl, s. a kind of sweetmeat: a, hard. 

•4ttS't#Ty t^, s. a jak fruit, the substance 
of which is firm and hard, [cashier. 

*<T^t^, 5.a treasurer, a cash-keeper, a 

<rr^t^1j 8. treasure, revenue, ground-rent 

<t^?",<r^%, 8, a date, date-tree. [juice. 

<1^^^\^, 8. molasses made from date-tree 

•^t^?r'^f?, *. the midrib of the branch of 
date-tree, a kind of striped cloth. 

•^TT^^Tl^, s. the juice of the date-tree. 

•itt^l, s. a tray, a salver, a large dish. 

•4(1^, V. a. to labour, serve, work, effect : 
V. a. to operate, to answer an end. 

<{t^, s. bed, bedstead : a. dwarf, short, 
small ; ^ to shorten, humble, subdue. 

•^if^^W; ». short-sighted, penurious. 


t 91 ] 


^t^;T, 8. labouring at any work, the an- 
K swering a designed end. [nial service. 

•♦TT^t^, s. effeotiiig, labouring, doing me- 

<IT^i^\ s. pay of labour, wngns, task, toil 

"^ri^ifl?!!, s. a labourer, a workman. 

•«n\J^^^, s. a bug (Ciinex lictularia). 

<ff^5^1, s. a screen, a fence ; a bedstead. 

•aft^si), 8, a small or common bedstead. 

<rT^1, V. a. to superintend, or set persons 
to work, to apply, to suspend, to put to 
the test : s. an effect : a. acid, sour. 

•ftTT^'^fTf^, 8. a labouring in society. 

•ftTT^t'T, 8. superintending of workmen, a 
setting men to work, effecting, trying. 

•ftft^T^, «. space between beams or posts. 

•^T^Tf*r, 8. perfumefound in the zibet-cat. 

<Itf^, <?. refined (as metal), clear, unmix- 
ed, unadulterated, explicit, plain, [talk. 

<rT^, «. acid, sour ; -'s^T<5Ti', nonsensical 

<fT^^, 8. a crack, a crack in the earth. 

•811^1, a. erect, upright, steep, straight, 
standing, perpendicular ; at sight : s. the 
stalk of a plant, the long and torulose 
legume of some trees, a loment. [ly. 

•Cr\5t"«rT\5l, ad. forthwithjinstantly, quick- 

•^TvST^'it, 8. a bill payable at sight. 

<fT^, s. an ornament for a woman's wrists. 

<T«1, s, a piece, individual thing. 

•^t«l<It«t, ad. in pieces, piece by piece. 

•ftflfcj, 8. a piece ; a mine, a pit, a quarry. 

•«fTf«i^, 8. a little, an instant, a short time. 

<fl^, 8. a ditch, a moat, a pond, a pit. 

•ift^^, 8. a debtor, a borrower of money. 

<n^^, a. promissory (as a note or bond). 

<rT51, *• an assembly, a party, a plot of 
ground, a row, a stratum, a place of 
trade, an account book, a ledger. 

•^I^KT^l, ad. in parties, in rows, in files. 

<rTlT^tv^, 8. export or import warehouse. 

*<flt%3', 8. the heart, soul, mind, esteem, 
respect, care, choice, a sake, the will. 

<lt%?;^"511, a. comforted, tranquil, con- 
tented : 8. satisfaction, assurance. 

«tl1^^®^i?t, 8. tranquillity, stedfastness. 

•^nl^^Wl?", 8. one who kindly treats. 

•4rTl^^Wl?ft, 8. esteem, kind treatment. 

•«Il^<rJ^Wt<r^, s. inattention, disregard. 

*nt%?r<f ^**r, a. desired, chosen approved, 

<flC'5?', «. thought: ad. on account of, for. 

♦•^fTifS a. convicted : 8. a fault, a failure. 

•*fTW, 8. alloy, dross or scoria? of metals. 

^rtW^, a. eating, devouring, corroding: #. 

•ifl^JJ, 8. an eating, corroding, [an eater. 

•ifTl^, 8. a short piece ; a truncheon, club. 

•4ri1^*5rTt^, ad. in short pieces, [stroyed. 

•«nt^3, a. eaten, devoured, corroded, de- 

*<rif^^, 8. a servant, an attendant, [lent. 

'«rrwj, a. eatable, fit for food, edible, escu- 

•9iW^1^, a. under the process of being 
<fTif Jt^riWJ, a. fit or unfit for food, [eaten. 
•3lT^, 8. a place, a situation ; a piece. 
•«fT5T^, 8. a prostitute, a harlot, a whore ; 
-C"«rT?", -^l^, a whoremonger ; -<TT'5ft, 
whoremongery ; Tt^ft, a bawdy-house ; 
-C^T^I, -*s^Wt, --s^Tv^l, the part of the 
town inhabited by prostitutes. [ry, 
•«rT^<iit^5t1, -irT^^t^,*. whoredom, harlot- 
•^fT^T-^It^, ad. in pieces, piece by piece. 
*<fTsc*tT*T, 8. a cover of wicker works for 
<T^^t5I1, 8. a steward, a butler, [a tray. 
^risi^fsnf^?^, 8. the business of a butler. 
"t-ilTJTl, 8. a ravine, a pool, a pit, a ditch ; 
a meal, dinner, diet ; a house, [ges. 
*<rt^T<r<r?, 8. table expenses, board wa- 
*<r^T<rT?"T^,«. ruinedjSpoiled, destroyed. 
•aiT^T-^ftirt^, 8, ruin, destruction, [sons. 
*<rt?iTSf^, 8. a duel, a contest of two per- 
*<fT^Tl§rtlf, 8. a son by a slave girl ; a lad. 
•^fT^T^tf^, 8. adwelling-house,habitation. 
•«[tf^^, 8. a little ; breach in a wall. 
•srif^cT, 8. a house-breaker, a burglar. 
•«rM, 8 a scabbard, a sheath : a. thick, 

waterproof (applied to cloth). 
<T«fZ5Tsr, a. thickly woven, close-woven. 
•ftft^t^l? -^n^?"!, 8. a roof tile, a potsherd. 
•drT*\C?"c7, a. tiled, covered with tile: a tile. 
•«n<t^?"«^l, a. tiled ; -"^IT, a tiled-house. 
*'9rT<^1, a. angry, wrathful, enraged, 
•^n^rtt, *. hemispherical vessel; the skull. 
•^\^^v\, •ftlT^s^l, 8. a mouthful, a handful. 
•«fT^T?", a. fit or ready for eating, eatable. 
•^iTf^, '•fTi^'ifl^^, 5. a struggling for life 
when drowning, the punting of fishes 
when dying by the stench of the water. 


[ 92 ] 


*<lt5r, «. raw^, imperfect, bad, inferior : s, 
the sealing of a letter ; a pillar, [air. 

*<rT^C'8f?tc7, s. a building of castles in the 

<rTiiC-«f?rT5ft, a. building castles in the air. 

*'4rTir'4ri, ad. certainly, undoubtedly, sud- 
denly, unexpectedly, nolens volens. 

««ri"5rt?', s. a threshing floor. [mar. 

<T^tf??1, a. spoiled ; pertaining to a kha- 

•aiT^^^I, V, a. to pinch, to gripe, to take up 
a handful: s. a pinch, a handful. 

•ftrt\15l^,5. the act of pinching : a. pinched. 

•«rt^j5Tt^, s. a pinch, a sudden gripe, colic. 

*"«[Tf^% 5. a master, a lord, a husband. 

*'«rt^1, s. a post, a pillar, a stake. 

•ftfT^I, s. a pod of cotton : a. upright, just, 
honest ; payable without deduction. 

•ftft^T^, s. rectitude, honesty, uprightness. 

<T^1, s. a particular measure of capacity. 

<rT^l§T, a. excluded, dismissed, banished. 

•«tt?rtSfWTf<r5?, s. the delivering in of a 
dismissal or resignation. 

•4tT?5^1, s, a kind of coarse red cloth. 

<rTC?r^1, s. a catchword. 

•4fT«^, s. a creek, an inlet, a bay. 

^^TTc^l, s. a mother's sister. [tured. 

<T«^T\fl", s. a place where salt is manufac- 

<IcnT^, s. a deliverance, release, the de- 
liverance of a woman in travail. 

<rcntyf's>f:g^ s. a deed of release; a charm 
for the delivery of a woman in travail. 

•ilt'^T^, s. a sailor, a matross ; rescue. 

^•irtf^^l, s. a revenue collector's office ; 
land held immediately of government. 

•4rt«Ttj a. empty, void, blank, simple, va- 
cant, unengaged : s. a mother's sister. 

•^c?t^t^, a. empty-handed, pennyless. 

*<t^, s. a mother's sister's husband. 

<Te^, or <rT?i "t", s. a vessel of bambu rods 
used by fishermen to preserve fish. 

<tt^, a. select, good, excellent, fine, ele- 
gant, mature, pure, peculiar, own. 

.ftTt^l, ci. idem: s. a kind of cloth, [habit. 

*'ftrtf^^S*.iiatural disposition, conduct, 
•6rt^9 ^' a castrated sheep, goat, or other 

animal ; the inhabitant of Khasia. 
•dTT"^, a. bad, evil, inferior, ugly. 
<1^1, s. choice ; badness, worthlessness. 

f^^, V. a. to draw, to pull, to attract, to 

writhe, to contract by convulsions. 
f<r5, s. a dispute ; a difi'erence in opinion, 
or in account ; -f^^1,to settle a dispute. 
W^JT, s. a pulling, a drawing of the body 
by convulsions or the like, a writhing. 
fV^, "Rr^f^r^, s. a giggling sound, gig- 
T'^f'<i^, C'§<5?r, rf^f*r?lt«^, s. a fox. [gling. 
fV^, V. a. to grin, to set the teeth, to dis- 
pute, to be angry, waspish or pettish. 
f^f5\5, s. dirt : a. vulgar, scurrilous, low. 
fV^i%9 s. a medley ; a dish made of rice, 
pulse, ghi, and spices; mixed, blended. 
f^^$\^1, a. vulgar, scurrilous, obscene, 
f-^^l, V. a. to cause one to grin, to scold. 
f^T^TST, s. the causing a person to grin. 
f<r^tt^?1, a- scolding, grinning, angry. 
■RrfBf^f^, s. a grinning, fretfulness, a pet- 
ty quarrel, a dispute about a trifle. 
f^5f<ri51, a. fretting at trifles, impatient. 
f<r^J5l, a. low, vulgar: s. vide, f^^fs". 
f^r^, s. rust, a crack ; ^^1, to scale off. 
f^r^l, f^f^?1, ci. rusty, cracked, broken. 
f<f^f^1t, "R^/^r^^, "Rr^^fa^^,*. a perpetual 

scolding, peevishness, murmuring. 
f<f^J<t^1, V. ■7^. to scold, to fret, to com- 
plain, to be querulous, to be peevish. 
f^^f^^T^, f'*r^J**r'^Tt^, s. a fretting or be- 
ing peevish, a jarring or contending, 
f^f'ftrft^l, f-ifFj^f^?!!. a. fretful, peevish, 

querulous, murmuring, dissatisfied. 
f^\5^, 5. a window; a back-door, private 
1%;5^^t?r, f«r^^'5t^, s. idem. [door. 
f^^T^, s. a title, an honorary name. 
f<Wl, ^5^1, s. hunger, appetite. 
*f'iriT 'ST'^i, s. service, attendance. [table. 
fdftf^^M"!"?', s. a servant, one who waits at 
f«d|'Tf?i^5tTfl', s.service, the office of a man 
who waits at table. [regretting. 

f^TrJ^T^, distressed, sorrowful, grieving, 
f<rw, «• distressed, melancholy. 
f-ifirf'^R", s. a discontented moan. 
f^^r-^R^t, a. discontentedly moaning. 
f<r?'1%5^, s. intricacy, perplexity. 
|>4f5T, 5. land not in tillage, sward, a ting- 
ling or numbedness, a peg, a wedge, a 
bolt, a pin : v. a. to turn an arch. 


[ 93 ] 


f<r5i^, *. a coat worn by Moslem mondi- 
f<9l'5r?ri, 8. a staple for a bolt. [cants. 
f«r9i;a", s. the driving of a wedge ; an arch, 
f^t^l, V. a. to turn an arch, to drive in a 

wedge or pin, to pin up; to nail up. 
ftr^l^j ». an arch, an arched turret, a 

vault, a dome : a. arched, pinned. 
fV«^TJ^?r', a. arched, vaulted, domed, 
f^fc^, s. an arch, a tunnel, a funnel, a 

packet of betel or of any other thing. 
f<P?ir*5ffcT, t'm. sd. used to express a gig- 
^f-if^*^, s. an honorary dress. [gling. 
•^^t^, s. a cowpen, sheepfold, a hog-sty. 
•sjt^, a. small, little, diminutive, mean. 
•iJJ, V. n. to prick or punch, to thrust the 

bill (as birds do), to thrust ; to gripe. 
•^S s. an easy cutting sound of a knife. 
•^5\F, -^^^l, V. a. to stir up a fire. 
■^5^^, -^Is^tST, s. a stirring up of fire. 
'^f5 s. the straw introduced in repairing 

a thatched roof ; a small rice-basket. 
<lf, V. a. to seek for, to search out. 
•4^|i^, s. the act of seeking or searching. 
•^r§f, s. a seeking, a search. 
4i% V. to pick, glean, to pick up (as birds 

do), to scratch a pimple ; to compare. 
•^^, s. corner, end (of cloth), comparison, 

trial; ■^i^^'yf'6^, to compare and take. 
■^^■^^t'^'^t?!, a. writing an illegible hand. 
•if^^lvFl, s. all, the whole : ad. wholly. 
<5^1^, s. a dot, a point, a flaw. 
•J^TT, or •JT^?!, -y. a. to scratch up any- 
thing, to scratch a pimple, to pick. 
•^^^*1, or<Jj^<rt*l, 8. the act of scratching 

up or picking : a. scratched up. 
•^^^fci, or ^^?"Tf«i, s. a scratching up. 
■f^^J^^"?"' •^^^T'5g;^^?r, s. a slight quarrel, 

a bickering, dispute, contention. 
•^^1, V. a. vide '^j-, also, to match, to com- 
pare with : 8. a wedge, a peg, a pin. 
•^Ofl-^^, s. a mutual comparison. 
•i|^Ti^, s. a comparing with, a matching: 

a. compared with, matched with, 
•^bt, s. a post, a stake, a wooden pillar. 
•^^-iJl^, s. the end or corner of a garment. 
^5, V. a. to dig, to throw up earth (as a 

hog), to express surprise at an excess. 

•«J^^, s, a digging, an expression of sur- 
prise at an excess in eating, etc. [sign. 

<J3, 8. a stain, blemish, a flaw, fault, a bad 

•^^■?Hj"57r, 8. a sobbing (as children do). 

•|^<J^, •^^Tg;^, 8. a doubt, the expression 
of unwillingnoss to do a thing. 

•^^•^f%?1, •^*«^t%<l1, a. doubtful, doing a 
thing unwillingly, or with ill-will. 

•tf^, 8. hawking or coughing sound: 
V. a. to hawk, to cough. [dandruff*. 

•4r^, s. a foetus, a babe, a little girl; scurf, 

•^T^-iT^, s. the noise made in coughing. 

•^^•^T^l, V. n, to cough, to wheeze. 

•4r^<r^Jr, 5-. the act of coughing. [ket. 

^^^r^tl^, s. fit of coughing ; a small bas- 

•^r^jfj", s. a female infant, a little girl. 

•^Ts?), s. an oblong ratan box for pens, etc. 

•*r5ft*tt%, s. books and oblong ratan box, 

'^5, ad, suddenly, unexpectedly, hastily. 

<r5?^<r^'^, ad. quickly : a. little at a time. 

•4r§f, V. a. to seek, to search. 

•4rs?^, 8. the act of seeking or searching. 

•ftr^gf?", a. small, little, insignificant, mean. 

<rS}^1, a. by retail, little at a time. 

•4r^, -^^i^Mt^l, 8. search, enquiry. 

•iTli^Tl, V. n. to itch, to scratch. 

•4r I'^Tt*'', 8, act of itching, a scratching. 

•4r^^tt^, 8. an itching, the itch. 

•^r^'T)', 8. itches, scab. 

•4r"^^1, 8. a tray, a salver, a charger. 

•4r^<r^, s. the sound of striking on wood. 

•JT^, V. a. to pick up, to compare, to dig. 

•41^5^5^, -iT^TlS, 8. a junior paternal uncle ; 
-^fst^t, or -"SIT, a cousin, a junior 
paternal uncle's daughter or son. 

•4f \5^,5. a digging,picking up, comparing. 

•^51, or -5513, 8. a junior paternal uncle. 

■^it, 8. the wife of a junior paternal uncle, 

•5^, V. a. to dig, to excavate, to carve. 

<r?, 8, refuse, broken rice or other grain. 

•iT^I, V. a. to dig, to cause to cut or dig. 

•tf 5ft, 8. broken rice : a. little, small. 

•^-Tt-^^, a. very small, diminutive, [old. 
j "^ir"^^, 8. a discontented moan : a. very 
\ -^r^, <t^li, <r%\ 8. a spud or spade. 
I <r*f^^?1, ad. quickly, hastily, suddenly. 

•^^, a, good, excelleftt, elegant, beautiful. 


[ 94 ] 


'it^^, s. a hovel, shed, hut, a pigeon-hole. 

•ir-f^-iTRl?, a. rough, full of holes. 

<f^^<r^f?r, a. little, small, make-shift. 

*'^^^?"^> *• beautiful, handsome, grace- 

*<?Tt^, s. an apricot, a wall-fruit, [ful. 

*<t^, s. beauty, elegance, grace. 

•iT^, s. a hoof; foot of a bedstead ; a razor. 

<r3r«l>T, a. sharp-nosed. [to tie a calf. 

•5?"*Tt, s. a chair, a stool; a noose, a rope 

^■^l, s. the foot of a bedstead, etc., the 
bottom of a glass or brass cup. 

•4t<rT^, s. food, provisions, daily food, diet. 

<"^T^, s. the money advanced for food. 

•^^, s. a small earthen cup or basin. 

•^<HJ^, s. a quick pace with short steps. 

^^'^t?^!,^. moving with quick and short 

•^^, s. a grass-cutter's spud. [steps. 

<rif!, s. a sweetmeat, dried date-fruit. 

^«T, V. n. to open, to expand, to unloose. 

■iifj^^, s. opening, a loosening, untying. 

<?TT3T1, cid. plainly, openly, sincerely : a. 
clear, plain, open, sincere : s. a digest. 

•tfcft, s. cranium, skull, a hemispherical 
earthen vessel used by confectioners. 

<^^T^, s. a father's younger brother. 

*<t*t-'^. joy, pleasure: a. joyful, pleasant ; 
-:^^1^ a dainty food ; -"iJ^T^, feeding 
daintily ; -'^i3"T^, eloquent, speaking 
fluently ; -^<n, a jester : blithe, gay, 
boxom ; ^^t^, a jest, pleasing ex- 
pression ; -c^'Ufl, good-natured, kind* 

*4t*tl^^,s. flattery, praise, curry favour. 

^*l"t^^, •^*rT^f^?1, s. a flatterer, a syco- 

•^'Tt, s. pleasure, happiness, joy. [phant. 

*<*t<5t, ci. on foot, by land. [letters. 

*'i'^<r<s,, s. penmanship, good writing,fine. 

<r*l«^^^, s. good news, the gospel. 

•it'^<t^?1, a. pertaining to good news. 

<«t^9f«»«>f,s. pleasant chat, a pleasant story 

•^*rc\5^^, a. handsome, comely, graceful 

^*t^^ ^^ ^, 5. good writer, a writing-master. 

^*T3rl'fl",s. business of a writing-master. 

^*r^iT^t a, neat, pretty. [putation. 

•^*t^t^, •^'^^^t^, s. a good name or re- 

■^'^':'5^T*tT^, s. a good clothing, fine dress, 

•^*fC^'ptt*fT^, a. well-dressed, gay showy. 

<[*r^e^, a. joyful^ airy; s. a good season. 

•5*l^re»9 5. pleasure, joy, gladness, 

•^C^l, s. an agreeable scent, fragrance. 

<r*t,^^t5T, a. happy, pleased, in humour. 

<^, a. quick, swift : ad. quickly, swiftly. 

•^^, v. to cough, to tickle in the throat. 

•^^<1, s. the act of coughing, a wheezing. 

■^\<^tf«t, "it^j^f^, s. a fit of coughing. 

•^^•1, 5. a coughing, an exciting. 

{•51^1, V. n. to cough : s. boiled rice. 

<f5^T«l^ s. the act of hawking, a coughing, 

<I Wt, s. cough ; excitement ; dandruff. 

*5f^, V. a. to separate corn from its husk : 
ad. quickly, instantly. [thing by, 

•*r^\5, V. a. to tuck or wrap up, to put a 

•ftTyrvS^, s. a tucking or wrapping up. 

•ftTJlt^^ s.a witch ; the separating of barley 
or other grain from the husk, 

•fttTT<ft«1, a. tucked in a bundle or bale. 

•fir^?rTf^, s. a tucking into a bundle. 

«^fTT:g|fjT, s. a stretching and yawning. 

•5f^<r, V. a. to tuck or thrust in a thing. 

•iT^-ai;:^, •ftT^T'dt^I^, s. a coughing, wheezing 
sound in the throat, [shedding of blood. 

•$r^, s. blood, slaughter, murder ;-^1'^t, the 

'^^•it?rt^, s. murder, bloody deeds. 

•^stMi^, s. mutual bloodshed, slaughter. 

<^, ^TiTt^II, <7. bloody, murderous, cruel : 
s. a murderer, a cut-throat. 

C<t, 0^9 8. fibres of thread, a thread-end, 

*C*4t^t^^, s. perfidy ; detriment, loss, 

Ic-ftf ^t^, s. a thought, an imagination : 
a. composed of good cotton or flax, 

C'4f\<ri, C<f5f ^1, s. a besom, a broom. 

c4^^, s. a vulgar or scurrilous song. 

c4^, s. the yelp of a dog, shakal, or fox. 

C5!l^5t'f, s. a teazing, importunity. 

c4^P^^tfiT, or C<^?", s. a fox. 

C^^f^^t«Tt, or c4<rt, s. a female fox. 

C<^1, V. a. to scold, to snarl, to threa- 
ten : V. n. to be impatient or fretful, 

C<<lit^, a. repulsed, driven away : s. a driv- 
ing away, a being fretful or impatient. 

C-iif^f^, s. fretfulness, impatience. 

C^^Tf^m, a. passionate, peevish, fretful. 

C-^^tf?, s, a hem or half cough. 

C^^, a. fern, snarling, ill-natured, [ing. 

c4^<l"f^?I1, a. peevish, importunate, teas- 


[ 95 ] 


C^'5, V. a. to pull tight, to gird close, to 
twitch, to snatch, to tug, to draw. 

C<t5^,s, tlie act of pulling or drawing, a 
contraction of the body by spasms. 

ۥ^5], s. a spasm, a stitch, the cramp, a 
pulling : V. a. to draw, to pull forcibly. 

C-iJ^/Pl, V. a. to dun, to importune, to so- 
licit, to tease, to urge : s. importunity, 
an emergency, an exigency,a difficulty. 

C<J^^<5T^, a. importuned, solicited : s. the 
reiteration of a request, importunity. 

C-^^lsTt^, s. importunity, solicitation. 

^■^^5551, a. obscene, vulgar, coarse, scurril- 

C^f^^l, 5. devourer, an eater, [ous, base. 

C-ilTTT^, s. a ferry, a place where a ferry- 

C*4r5r<ri, s. a besom, a broom, [boat plies. 

C^S^r, a. aerial, moving in the air. 

C-st^, s. a village, a suburb, [bludgeon. 

C"^^^, s. idem; Balaram's club, a club, 

C-^t^Jl, s. a club, a bludgeon, a mace. 

C<f%, a. dwarfish, thin, spare. [plant. 

C'ifJ, s.Si field, a wife; -'SlT^T^I, a medicinal 

C*5flC'«jT^1, s. a field, husbandry, tillage. 

*C<1t?, s. a denomination, a title. 

C*^5f, 8. distress, pain, regret, grief, re- 
morse, vexation, affliction, repentance. 

C-fttW^'e'l, s. one who regrets or repents. 

C<1'^'^^^, a. producing regret or repent- 
ance, afflictive, distressing. 

C<W^^, C-^W^I, V. to drive away, to spring 
game : s, the chasing of an animal. 

C^tivf^, or C-^W^T^, s. the act of driving 
away, the springing of game. [tion. 

C<W^. s. distress, regret, vexation, afflic- 

C^IW^^, C<rt?^, a. the same as C^WTf^^. 

C«^H1, V. to drive, expel, to drive away, to 
drive cattle, to chase away, [animal. 

C^rwi^, s. the driving away of a person or 

C*«r^tt»l?I1, s. one who repulses another. 

Cif^^^, «. distressed, repentant, afflicted 
in mind, grieved, regretting, [regret. 

C^^l^l, C<I5tJ, a. distressful, worthy of 

C<t*(, V. a. to storm, to rage, to rave, to be 
angry : a. as much as is borne or car- 
ried at one time : s. a batch. [fury. 

C^T'^^, s. the act ofraging or raving with 

C<{*t«nTltT^, s, a kind of fishing net. 

C<t*f , r. a. to plague, to aggravate, to pro- 
voke, to tease : a. mad, raving, foolish* 

C-dt^?, 8, the act of exciting any one to 
anger : a. excited to rage, provoked. 

C^f^tt^, 8. excitement, provocation. 

C'^'^y 8. a casket, a basket, a work-basket* 

C-if?, 8. a ditch, a moat, a trench. 

C^I?!, 8. EL ferry, the motion or plying of 
a ferry-boat, the rowing of a boat. 

C-ftf 5T^T^, 8. a ferry, place where a ferryJ 

C'irutC^'t^l, s, a ferry-boat, [boat plies. 

*C<r<IT5T, s. understanding, imagination, 
a whim; a kind of air or song, [chine). 

C^lc^, V. n. to play, move freely (as a ma- 

C'ftT^T^, 8. the act of playing or sporting. 

C'^9\7[], C^mtf^, 8. play thing,toy, gewgaw. 

C-ftfc^l, 8. play, sport, fun, gambol: t?. to ex- 
cite to play, to make a machine play* 

C*4f5iTC*^f^, s. a mutual play, a playing. 

C<iclt^,C'«f5^t1%?Il,C'^^t^,«. playful, game- 
some, sportive : s. a playful person. 

^C^tc^t*^, s. an honorary dress. 

C'iio^T^, s. the causing of machinery to 
move freely, a stimulating to play. 

C"9f2^Tf^?I1, a. fit to play with. 

C<f^Tf^^, ^.playful, gamesome, sportive. 

*C-«rclT'^, a. opposed to, passed : «. failure, 

C-ilf^, 8. play, sport, a gambol, a frolic. 

*C*4f*T, 8. a desire, a wish ; a rug, a stuff, 

*C'«r*(T?"^, C<r*n^v5], «. deficiency, loss. 

C<f*Tt?^, a, a species of pulse. ^ 

C*^^^, s. kin, a kindred, relatives, [meat. 

t«^, 8. parched-rice flower ; -^^, a sweet- 

t-if^rs, 8. rice-flower gruel or conjee. 

t««r<ft, t-^r^t^^P, *. a species of heron.* 

Jc-ifl, 8, brickbats ; disposition, nature, 

C'ftr'psri, *. brickbats, bricks broken small; 
cream of milk : a. lost : v. to loose. 

C^^I^, 8. the being lost, a losing:o. lost. 

C-ift^Tf^^l, 8. a wasteful person, a spend- 

*C*»rT^T^, 8. a dream, idle fancy, [thrift. 

♦C-^IT^T?", s. loss, injury : a. bad, corrupt. 

C-^T^lf^, s. a hog-sty, a sheep fold. 

C"«^r5, 8. a pointed piece of bambu lath ; a 
measure, a measuring bambu lath. 

C-^T^t, s. any thing pointed used to punch. 

C-jIf^^, s, act of thrusting or punching. 


[ 96 ] 


C-^t^tC-^tf^, s. a mutual thrusting. . 
C<Tt3T, s. apickingup, a scratching off the 

top of a pimple or scab, a comparing. 
C-^T^I, 8. a pin, peg, stake : v. a. to cause 

to pick up ; to match, to compare with. 
C^T^t^, s, a causing to pick up little arti- 
cles, comparing or matching of things: 

a. picked up, matched, compared. 
O^t'S, C^T<Itv5, the same as -^5, "l^t^. 
C-^r^l, V. a. to cause to dig, or excavate ; 

to limp, be lame : a. dug, excavated ; 

lame, halt, crippled, limping. 
c4t^tJT, s. the causing a spot to be dug ; 

a limping : a. dug ; lame, [lameness. 
C<t^tf^,s.thewagesof digging ;aiimping, 
C«4tt^1, s. an infant, a babe ; fern. -J^. 
C<ft§f, s. search, enquiry, atrace, a vestige. 
C*^!^^, s. the act of searching or seeking. 
C^IW], s. a eunuch ; a searching, [dustan. 
C'^TT^l, a. Hindustani, belonging to Hin- 
*C'Ctlf, fi. own, ownself : v. to dig, carve. 
CCTfT^lSl, a. (land) let to resident tenants. 
C'ittW^tl?^?', s. a carver, an engraver. 
C^TW^tf?^'^, s. a carving, an engraving. 
C^TT^^T^^ s. idem; a carver, an engraver. 
C«4ft^^, 5. a digging, a picking'of the teeth. 
JC'^mi, s, God : V. to cause to dig, carve, 

or engrave ; -^Jt^^l, God the Creator. 
C<ttWt^, s godhead, attributes of God. 
C'^TWT'T'^, s. a master, a husband, a man 

of God, a term of respect to superiors, 
C*^t^, s. a spear, ahog-spear; a tray ;-^t?", 

one whose business is to circumcise. 
C-^t^l, a. speaking through the nose. 
C^Ti'^r^l, s. a salver, a tray, a charger. 
C<tl*T, s. SL coop or box for pigeons. 
C'5tT'5^^t«T, s. side roof of a thatched house. 
C<ft«T?^, s. skull, cranium; cottage, hut. 
C<t«^1, s. a knot of hair tied on the head. 
C'itMt'iTj^. wearing the hair tied in a knot. 
C'^Til, s. a disposition, nature, manners. 
C'4rt'?IC^^\5l, a. ill-disposed, unmannerly. 
JC'4ft?r, s. the name of a disease ; an eater^ 
C^Tf^l, s. a particular drinking vessel. 
C4it?rt^, C<t?rt^, same as <r?:T^, -J^t^. 
*C<tt"5ri, s, dish prepared by salting flesh 
and frying it in butter ; dry date-fruit. 

C-^tcT, ^.hollow : s.the shell of a cocoa-nut, 
a sheath, socket, case, a kind of drum, 
the frame of a drum or tom-tom. 

C*4[t5^?P'Qt^, s. a drum and cymbal. 

C«^t«^5T, s. a loosening, opening, untying. 

C^ltcT^, s. the slough of a serpent. 

C<ft«^3T^^1,<?. (snake) having cast its skinv 

C^ttc^l, «. open, loose, free, unobstructed, 
conspicuous : s. a field, a toy, a tile, a 
potsherd, a pot used to bake or parch 
articles, rind : v, a. to cause to open. 

C^lT^T^lj^. open, plain, frank, downright. 

C*^ic^^1, a. open, free, clear, bright. 

C'^TT, s. the itch, an itching eruption. 

C^rt^^l, a. rough, waste : s. a waste-book. 

C^TTyri, s. husk, shell of corn, a pod, the 
peel or rind ; chaff, bran, a ligament.. 

C^ttTTJT, s. a cleansing from the husk. 

•^JlWi^JT, s, the act of fretting. 

•drjK-iJjTvJll^, s. fretfulness, discontent. 

•4(]t^, a. denominated, named, renowned. 

•^TJIInS, 5. character, fame, renown, a deno- 
mination, a name, a title, a nickname. 

•^1^71*^^, a. renowned, famous, celebrat- 

*"«rT5^1, ,9. a salver, a plate, a try. [ed. 

*<JT^, C-«rT^t<r, 5. a dream, idle fancy. 

*<f I"^, s. corruption, evil conduct : a. bad. 

*<jTf^% 8. wish, desire, will, inclination^ 

9f, the third consonant : when affixed ta 
words, it signifies moving or going. 

ilt}S, s. a large wave, a billow ; tumour 
of the small-pox ; a layer of thatch. 

^t^«t\51, ^ftvsnt^^, s. the beating of a. 
billow ; laying on of layers of a thatch. 

9r^\5*tT16^, s. the laying on of layers. 

^^^1, a. deep, profound : s. deep water. 

9r^<r, s. phlegm, saliva, hawked phlegm. 

91*^, s. a roaring or bellowing sound. 

9f^^1, s. the mock temple and horse ex- 
hibited at the Muharram festival. 

^^t^. a. stupidly ignorant, rustic, rude» 

^^t?^, s. stupid ignorance, rusticity. 

9f^t?", s. the letter ^f. [ment, 

9f 9f«j, s. the sky, the atmosphere, thefirma- 

9r^«l^^^, s. a flower in the air ; Jl^. any 
thing absurd or impossible. 


r 07 ] 


?fsf«15?", ^?f«15t<f^, a. aerial, moving in the 
sfST«lC^«Tl, s. a species of pelican.* [air. 
st^«15r»i5T, s. the whole body of the atmo- 
^f9f«i^, a. situated in the sky. [sphere. 
^?fCeiT*1"f?r, ad. above the sky. 
'i\9t i)y s, a pitcher, a water-pot. 
^f^d, V. n. to groan, to moan, 
^^t^, s. a groaning or moaning, 
^^ftt^, s. a groan, a moan. 
*i\'5(\ , s. the river Ganges ; -^«T, Ganges wa- 
ter ; a sweetmeat; -*J^S, the doma caste. 
sf5?'T5i5^, a. white, cream-coloured ^as a 

shawl); swearing by the Ganges water. 
M"^Tl?^?I1j s. one who thus administers 
9t9fTC^lI, s. a prawn, a shrimp, [an oath. 
9f^'<f^, s. a name of Shiva. 
^^T£t11%, ^^«^t^, s. the arrival on the 

shore of the Ganges to die there, the 

casting of a corpse into the Ganges. 
^^^T^, a. residing near the Ganges. 
9f^T^'53^^t?r^, *. parti-coloured- 
if^^ll^l, s. the carrying of a sick person 

to the Ganges that he may die there. 
^r^RtS^, a. going to the river Ganges. 
^^t^T^f^, «, the place where the Ganges 

disembogues itself into the ocean. 
^f^ff^T^, s. ablution in the river Ganges. 
^5, a. coarse and closely woven, thick. 
5t5^, s. a deposit, a pledge ; a tree. 
^1%^, a. pledged, deposited : s. a pledge. 
9fTg;, V. a. to receive a thing deposited, 
^f 51, V. a. to deliver in trust or charge, to 

deposit, deliver : s. promise, pledge. 
9f^t»f, «. deposited, placed in a person's 

charge : s. the act of depositing with. 
M""S;if^, s. the making of a deposit. 
^Sl, 5. an elephant ; a bishop (at chess) ; 

a yard, a carpenter's rule ; vide f^5^; 

-^lft, a yardwand r^"^?!!, squint-eyed. 
*^l!itt<r, s. a plasterer, one who makes a 

pavement, a terrace or pavement, 
^^■stt"^, s. the making of a terrace or 

pavement, a terrace, pavement, [neck. 
«f^^«^1, «. a bell hung on an elephant's 
^Si-fT^, -ift^, s. an elephant's tusk, ivory. 
^t^^'ffj, s. the master of an elephant (a 

title applied to all the Hiiidu kings). 

sf^fvf«vf5f|-j *. a climbing plant." 

*9f'5r^, *. anger, wrath, fury, curse, 

^^r^^l, St»C?rTl5t, 8. a very large pearl. 

^^^, V. a. to grumble, to murmur ; *. a 
grumbling, a murmuring, [women. 

^»^1, *. an ornament for the wrist of 

^(W^W, «. elephant-shouldered. 

9t8l1, V. n. to sprout, shoot out : s. a bud, 
sprout, a sweetmeat: a. elephant-eyed, 
squint-eyed, cock-eyed; -5"^, squint- 
eyed ; -^7, riding on an elephant. 

^BTT^r, s. a sprouting or shooting out. 

^^T^5T,a elephant-faced; «. god Ganesha. 

,^rsiTc^, 8. a pin, a large nail, a peg, plug; 

^®t, 8. a kind of coarse cloth. [a fish. 

^lS9f^, ^^9r^f^, 8. an inward murmur- 

^®^©1, V. n. to murmur inwardly, [ing. 

ff ®^f;§iTiT5 «. a muttering, murmuring. 

^•^, V. a. to treat a person with opprobri- 
ous or disrespectful language. 

^^, 5. a mart, a place for merchandize; 
a mine of jewels ; a tavern ; contempt. 

^^•f, ^^^1j 8, treating of a person with 
contempt or reproachful language. 

st^l, V. a. to vilify, to abuse : «. a tavern, 
a distillery, a liquor shop. 

^f^"^), or ^[^^1, 8. a pack of cards. 

^\, V. a. to fabricate, to make, to mould, 
to construct, to build, to erect. 

9l^?T,5. a framingormoulding, a making, 
shaping or building, a make, structure. 

^ft^, a. made, framed, moulded, erected. 

9f\^, V. a. to make, fabricate, form, mould, 
to erect, to build, to roll ; -^, to bow. 

9f^, 8, obstacle, fence, screen, ditch, moat, 
fort, fortification, a breastwork, a fast- 
ness, medium, average; wood ou which 
the pedal works ; a bow, a salutation, 

9f^t", or ^vJ'P, 8. the name of a fish. 

'ff^^T^,*. wood on which the pedal works. 

^fv^^lft, 8. a shell-cutter's instrument. 

5f^*5rT^, 8. a moat, a ditch, a trench. 

^^sf^, s. a thundering or rattling sound. 

^^f^^, 8. an ornament worn by women. 

^^5T, 8. act of making or fabricating, a 
make, shape, form, figure, fabrication. 

?fv?^<r«T^, 8, a timber for building. 


[ 98 ] 


^\55TWt?r, 9tv5t^?1, s. an artist, a maker. 

9Tv5^, s. the hire or pay of an artificer. 

9r\5^**t^, 5. a tree (Mimosa arabica). 

^t\5l, y. a, to cast, to fabricate, to make, to 
lie, to recline, to run out, to roll : a. 
wrought, forged, made: s. coarse cloth. 

^^T^f1%, s. the act of wallowing or rolling 
about ; -ffl, to wallow, to roll about. 

^\5R,s. a casting (of metal), a rolling, a 
causing to fabricate or make, a repos- 
ing: fabricated, cast, sloping, inclined. 

^\§tR?n, a. sloping, aslant, slippery. 

^\5tC*t^l, a, made, formed, fabricated. 

M"^Bt«^, a mouthful; gayala or Bos gavseus, 

^r1%, s. a large wave, % billow ; a tumour 
after the small-pox ; a layer of thatch. 

^1%^^, idleness, delay, procrastination. 

•yft^flljO. indolent, shrinking from labour. 

itf^HT^t^j s. beams laid under a granary. 

9tf^?ltC^T??, s. a bullock that lies down at 

9ff\5?rr^, aslant, inclined, sloping, [work. 

^f^?ltl^, s, indolence, sloth, torpor. 

9f ^, s. a hump, goitre, wen, bronchocele. 

9f\5^,fl^.hump-backed;having a wen, afflict- 
ed with a goitre; s. the regent of birds. 

9rC\F, ad. in the gross, on an average. 

9f\5Tf\51, ?;, n. to thunder, to rattle, rumble. 

^\55fj%, s. thunder, rattling sound. 

^^JFTt%^1, 5. disorder, confusion; a sheep. 

^\5<r"}%, 9f\BRt%, s. confusion, disorder, a 
confused mixture, a tumult, a hubbub. 

9r«i, V. a, to reckon, to count, to enumer- 
ate, to calculate, to account. 

9t^, s. a kind, a genus, a party, a flock, a 
tribe, a class, a troop, a body of troops, 
or attendants, a number in arithmetic; 
the list of dhatus or Sanskrit roots. 

9r«i^, s. an astrologer, fortune-teller, cal- 
culator of nativities, an arithmetician. 

9fq?l5^1, -W,s. the calculating of a nativi- 
ty, divination, astrologership, astro- 

9fff|^1, m, 8, partiality, collusion. [logy. 

^«l^t^T^, s. a partizan, a partial person. 

^e|\5t^^^ partial, prejudiced in favour of. 

•»M^'^t?r, s. an astrologer, an astronomer. 

9f«l^, s. acounting, a casting up, a reckon- 
ing, the making of a calculation. 

9r«ji(?f.:5i, s. a calculator, an accountant. 
^«1^1, s. arithmetic, a calculation, a sum, 

an account, a number, numeration, 
^'l ^'l?, 9f «if^^), a. calculable, numerable. 
?f«t's^1^, s. name of Ganesha; a ringleader. 
^«1^^, «. bound or confined to a party. 
■vfcil, V. a.Xo cause to count or calculate : 

a, counted, calculated : s. a counting. 
^«iT:^T^, a, drawn by a sect or party. 
^«lt^ff«t, mutual counting : ad. by parties. 
''feil^T^I, s. a calculation : a. counted. 
^*ltC^T^, s, a generation, race, lineage. 
^«il^, s. a causing to calculate or count: a. 
^r«l?Tft,« a small tree.' [counted, 

iff^ -pI, s. a harlot, a prostitute, [house. 
9ff^^T^C, ^f«ig»T^?,s. a brothel, a bawdy- 
9ff*i^, a.enumerated, counted, accounted: 

s. arithmetic, an arithmetical treatise. 
M"f*llf*TT3, science, or book of arithmetic. 
^«i1^l5, a. entered into or joined to a par- 
ty, hereditary (applied to a disease). 
sfc«i*r, s, Ganesha, or the god of wisdom. 
^C«l*T^v^Qrf , s. in the month of Bhadra the 

day on which Ganesha is worshipped. 
9fC«i^®^^, s. a name of Durga. 
'>t"«wf'l, s, the blazing or glowing of fire, 
^fcijffii?!, a. glowing, ready to blaze. 
^«i1%, s. a calculation, an enumeration. 
9t?3, s. the cheek, the side of the face, ele- 

phant'stemples; a boil,pimple, amark. 
9r*3^, s. a rhinoceros ; also, vide 9f!3tf^?1. 
^^aCirt^T, s, a tumult, an uproar, hubbub, 

a mob, a mutiny, an insurrection. 
9f?a?fT^, s. a principal village, [the face. 
^f?S -CW*t,-2fCW*T, -^^,s. the cheek, side of 
^!3C^*t^, a. situated on the cheek. 
9f!S^t«^1, s. an inflammation of the glands 

of the throat attended with pustules. 
9f*S'^'^,«. pre-eminently ignorant. 
"jfTst^tcT, s. a part of mountain or rock cast 

down by some convulsion of nature, 
^t^l, a. four (a reckoning by the tale). 
9f^Tf^?I1, s. a method of counting by gan- 
9f?aT?l , s, a rhinoceros. [das or fours. 
5ff^, s. a goitre, a wen, bronchocele, trunk 

of a troe j a bow, circle, halo, rainbow. 


[ 99 ] 


'it'Vt, s. a bow, a rainbow ; a circle. 

^ts^, s, a handful of water for wasliing the 
mouth ; the tip of an elephant's trunk. 

$f«1J, a. calculable, numerable, notable. 

^«., V. a. to deliver to a person's custody. 

9\'S, a. gone, past, last; ad. by-gone ;-<PT5T, 
past time ; -^tfc, sunk in reputation. 

M"^ -^9TT, -fw^, -fw?^, s. yesterday. 

9p<^^?]1^, a, dying, past recovery. 

^^2:J^, a. dim, of decayed splendour. 

9fl5?r?lJtW, a. bereft of former respect. 

9[^^, 9rT3, ^1, ^^, ■*t?r>?-, s. the body. 

^l^tflf, «. the past night, yesternight. 

9f^^T^, a. fat, plump, fleshy,large-bodied. 

^Tilisn, «. indolence; coUectedness, ar- 

9f *1, V. a. to deposit, deliver up. [rears. 

^irt^r^j, s. a going and coming, [obsolete. 

^^T^, a. antedated, out of date, or use, 

^15T^, s. a depositing with, a pledging. 

^TJt^'Jf^^, following or imitating others. 

^^1^^5?l1, the inutility of after- thought. 

•yf^T?!^, s. intercourse, coming and going. 

9f^T5^, a. dying, expiring, past recovery. 


9r^, s. motion, going, progress, a proces- 
sion, a course, a condition of life, a 
refuge, an expedient, fate, fortune. 

9tt%^, s. a condition, circumstance, a posi- 
tion, a resource, an expedient, a scope. 


^^^f5f, s. intercourse. [resource. 

^^Rift^, a. motionless,helpless,without 

^1%^, or ^^11, a. lazy, indolent, inactive, 
dilatory, procrastinating. 

^t%C^I9tJ, a. passable, fit for motion. 

9Tl%^f5^, ^rt^-?^:^^, a. same as ^ft^^"^?! 

^l^*Tf^, s. the power of motion. 

^Tf , s. the heaviness of a former meal. 

9tW, s, a disease, sickness, speech, a word. 

^^1, ^Wl^5!f, s. a club, a mace, a bludgeon. 

^WT^T^, s. a stroke with a chib. 

^Wl^<r, s. a name of Balaram. [ons. 

9tPft^^,«. a battle with clubs or bludge- 

9f (^, ^tttui, 8. a cushion,mattres8, pillow, a 

srt^^, 8. spoken, said. [seat, a bench. 

^f tR"^!^, a. possessed of a seat or bench. 

9f^t, a., bearing a mace, armed with a club, 
o 2 

^Tf ^, a. interrupted by sighs : ad, sob- 

bingly ; -^l^j, speech interrupted by 

sobs ; -"St^t, speaking with sobs. 
sff^, *. a jest, a joke, a repartee, a taunt. 
^ff^C^T^J, a. proper to be made a jest of. 
^WJ, 8. prose ; pleasantry, humour. 
^WJ'^'^r, y. prose, a measured prose. 
^WTC^T^rj, 'i^^m, a fit for prose, prosaic. 
^f^^j, a. passable, accessible, practicable. 
5f^1, 8. a traveller, one who goes, a goer. 
^it, 8. a cart or car drawn by oxen. 
9f^, 8. a scent, a smell, odour, a perfume, 

fragrance, a relationship,a connection; 

-f£f?i, fond of scents ; -irTW^, the name 

of a mountain ; '\^, scented, fragrant. 
9f^^, s. sulphur, brimstone; sandal- wood. 
'>f^<Pt^, s. lignum aloes, sandal-wood. 
sfwcsrv^^r, 8. a species of polecat.' 
?i^*lT^T«l, 8. sulphur, brimstone, [cary. 
^^?f«i^, 8. a perfumer, druggist, apothe- 
^Wl%<r;gfl, s. a kind of medicinal resin. 
9f^C^«l1, s. the lemon grass.'* 
9r^^t?r, 8. the Indian wormwood.* 
^r^Tirr^^, s, a variety of rice; a flowering 
9r^"af%^, s. the musk-rat. [climber.* 
9f^^^, s. myrrh. 
?f^?^T^, s. the king of flowers.* 
5t^<^, 8. the choristers of heaven, [etc. 
?(^^f?rWJl, 8. the polite arts, viz. music, 
9f *^f^^t^, 8. a marriage in which the 

parties make the contract, [ing, fetid. 
-jf^, V. to perfume, emit scent : a. stink- 
^^Ritl»<, s. an offering of perfumes, etc. 

to the deceased ancestors. [fumes. 
'Jt^l^^T^, s. aprelimiuaryofi'eringof per- 
'Tf^^, s. the emitting of a scent : a. fetid, 
sr^t, s. a bug, a flying-bug ; a druggist, 
if 'pi^, Sf <^if -p^, 8. a gulping sound, [port. 
•it*^, 8. chitchat, tattle, a story, tale, re- 
'i\99\^9'>i, 8. tittletattle, chitchat. 
M"f*^? , ^* Wt, a. talkative. garrulous,ad- 

dicted to telling stories. [to fail. 

st^v^ V. n. to cast the young, to miscarry, 
?f^v^l, V. a. to write unintelligibly, to do 

a work clumsily, or so as to spoil it. 
•iT^^Tsr, s. the doing a thing clumsily, a. 

writing badly : a. badly writtei;i,or done. 


I 100 ] 


^^1, *. a cow ; a simpleton, an idiot. 
^^T"^, s. a window-blind like ox's eye. 
%r^l^^T?rj s. passage tlirough a window. 
^r^T^^jS. a skinner, a currier, a tanner. 
*^Tt^, s. a testimony. ^Tt^^jS. a witness. 
^^, a. pregnant, big with young. 
9[ZJ, ci- produced from a cow, fit for a 
cow: 5. produce of a cow, viz. milk, but- 
ter, glii, cow dung, etc. ; a bow-string. 
$f^J^, s. a measure of two krosha. 
5f^f ^, s. a ray of light, a sun-beam. 
9f «f%^*«<r?3, 8. one of the divisions of the 
^^t?r, «. deep, profound, grave, [earth. 
^^^^1, -^, s. depth, profundity, gravity. 
^^?r^t^, s. a deep or grave sound. 
*?fsi^, a. withdrawn, concealed : s. grief. 
5f5r, c^T^, C9tt|;5T, s. wheat. 
^^^, s. plant and its fruit ;^ a bag to con- 
ceal the rosary or beads when praying. 
^^JT, *. a going, motion, a march, pro- 
gress; coition. ^fir^T'^'i ^^^?r. mde 'vfUJ. 
9ruiR<rf5^, motionless, still, immovable. 
^ir;R*Ttc^, a. inclined to motion, mobile. 
9f5r;Rt^^5T,5.intercourse, freecommunica- 
^"sr^t^^, fond of walking, mobile, [tion. 
St^l^sr, 8. intercourse, going and coming. 
*9t5lC'^T^, a. anxious, thoughtful, 
^^j;*^!"^, 5. anxiety, thoughtfulness. 
^^t?ft, s, a tree (Gmelina arborea). 
^^t^, 8. deep, profound, grave. 
^^?"^1,-^, s. depth, profundity, gravity. 
9[UT, a. accessible, movable, practicable, 

fit to be travelled or gone over. 
^^JT^f ^J, a, practicable or impracticable. 
9fTri, 8. the name of a city in Behar. 
^^T^"^*!, 8. making a pilgrimage to Gaya. 
^?t?r, ^C??", 8. phlegm, saliva, spittle. 
9(?rT«^, 8. a species of ox ; a variety of rice. 
9i?rr«ft, ^tirtsTl'*]!, a residing at Gaya. 
^^rt'^'^r, «. a species of fig tree.^ 
^^T^?> *• the name of a giant. 
*^?L.> «^. without, besides, except. 
*^?r^, Oj. sinking, drowning,going down. 
^?^?S, s. a goitre, a wen, bronchocele. 
•jf^'i^'^l^l, s. a hare lip : a. hare-lipped. 
*^'?^lf> *• desire, necessity, exigency. 
9f^"^, a. necessitous, desirous, inclined. 

^?"W, s, a kind of silk cloth. 

*9f?:^1, or 5f r, s. dust. 

'Jf^'SJ^, a. passionate, hot, warm, [disease. 

^"^"sf t, 8. warmth, passion,heat ; venereal 

5f^iir,'s^t'«T, a. wearing warm clothing. 

9f^T((:"sr^t®?, a. passionate, hot-headed. 

^^^, s. venom, poison, virus ; a kind of 

^?rcTt, a. venomous, poisonous, [disease. 

^?ri«l, s. the name of a tree,^ its bark is 
used in tanning : a. deep-rooted. 

9t?rTf^, or 9f^t1^?1, s. a rail, a palisade, a 
pale, a range of paling, a balustrade. 

9ft?^1, 5. self-importance, vanity, a boast, 

9t1?^t1%l, a. self-important, vain, [pride. 

^^'^, a. most important, honourable, re- 
verend, superior ; difficult of digestion. 

*?f?^^, a. poor, needy, indigent, humble. 

^?ft^R1, a. fit for or according to the poor. 

'jf^'^^t, 5. poverty, humility, indigence. 

^?^?rR, ^. the same as ^t?^"- [pleton. 

"jf^, s. a cow (generic name) \fig. a sim- 

^^\F, s. regentof birds, Yishnu's steed; 
a large vulture, or a gigantic crane. 

^^^, 8. a wing, a feather. 

9f^^t^, a. winged, feathered. 

9f^^<^, ad. cow-like, stupidly, sillily. 

^^^"■IT'CI"} 8. a dilemma. 

?f^, -^Tffle^vJ, -^^^t^. injustice, a wrong. 

9r<r5lT*T^, a. destitute of an origin. 

9t^^?c?, s. a denial, a not confessing. 

9f9f <r, s. redness with rage, anger, rage, 

^r^/t, 8. ajar, a pitcher, a jug. [fury. 

^f^^?1, a. red with rage or fury, furi- 

^^1, «. a spear ; a species of fish."* [ous. 

^^^TgfT^f^^, a. unknown, unacquainted. 

^irsitl^^, a. absent, not of the party. 

•jf^sSf, 5. a roar, a bellow, a growl. 

^t^iq', 5. a growling,aroaring,bellowing, 
a threatening, thunder, passion, rage, 
fury, tumult of war ; name of a tree.^ 

^f^r^t^cT, s. wood-oil. [threatening. 

^r^'^'l', s.abellowiug,roaring, thunder, a 

9tfW^, «. threatened, scolded : 5. an ele- 
phant in rut, the rumbling of thunder. 

*^'^15^[^?', a, faultless, innocent, with- 
out a fault; s. innocence, faultlessnesa. 

*^?r^^^l5f, s, injustice, a wrong. 


[ 101 J 


*?f?"JIff ^^T, *. carol essnosfl, inattention. 
9i7S, s. a liole in tlie ground, a cave, an 

excavation, a burrow, a cavity. 
MTf5T<i, ^"5^^, a- full of holes or pits. 
9fW^, or 5fPfT5T, 8. the neck. [neck. 

sfTft^'^, 5. the turning out a person by the 
*9f7rfw*r, s. circulation, a circuit, [cloth. 
5tT^r.«3fT<r, a. concealing dust : « a kind of 
sf^^, 8. an ass, a donkey; a beetle; scent. 
9f^^^<5., a. ass-like, foolish, stupid. 
9f^^, s. a she-ass, a genny ass. 
*9f^«^Ti5Jr, s. disapprobation, dislike. 
^TT^^, 8. a being outof time: «. untimely. 
^?J5tI^^, a. wrong, improper, unjust. 
^^, 8. pride, arrogance, haughtiness, 

scorn, self-sufficiency, [scornful, proud, 
^^^e^, ^^tf%^, a. arrogant, haughty, 
5f^l3g^<iit, a. fern. idem. 
^M«lt, 9T[:^^1, a. pregnant. [glorious. 
^rf%^, a. arrogant, proud, haughty, vain- 
9f;^, 8. an embryo, a foetus, the gravid 

uterus, a child, the womb ; the spatha 

of a plant, the bed of the Ganges, 
^r;^^, s. a chaplet of flowers worn in the 
^l^^lt^^'l", a. causing abortion. [hair. 
9f:j- i^^,-«f^l?,|abortive, untimely birth. 
^^S', 9t;^§}T3, a. arising from pregnancy, 

born of a man's wife by another person . 
9f:^^T^, 8. the son of a female slave. 
5t^^T^*i, s. conception in the womb, 
5T:^*^1^, ^f;^t?", s. miscarriage, abortion. 
^i^^\ or ^f^sY, a. pregnant. 
'irt- C^wsn, -^■%^^, --^rlvj^l, s. the throes of 

labour, the pains of child-birth. 
^If^, a. in the womb, seated internally. 
^;^?fT^, 8. a lying-in chamber. [tion. 
^!JT5JT^, s, a ceremony to ensure concep- 
^t:J *I^1, s. apprehension of pregnancy. 
^f!^i^^, 5. eighth month of pregnancy: a 

eight years old (as a proper season for 

investing a lad with the sacred thread). 
^C^KMl^T^T, 8. impregnation, 
'f^j ^^1» *• scurrility, reviling, a censure, 

a reproach, a blame, a disgrace, 
^^f^"^?!?, a. wrong, improper, unjust. 
^"^®i^?r, or ^r^T, a, censurable, reproacha- 

ble, contemptible, abominable. 

'^?r- "Clf^fj^rt. abscmt ;'-^tfl8r?'^> absence. 
^f^^, «. reviled, despised, disgraced, re- 
proached, treated with scurrility. 
^P[,i;, V. to dissolve, melt, ooze,bur8t,Rup- 

purate, wear out, to escape through the 

bars of a cage, or walls of a prison. 
9frf, or s\r\m*\^ 8. the neck. 
?f 9it, ^tcT?", *. the prow of a ship or boat, 
ffc^^^l, 8. one who manages the prow of 
sf 5T?5^9T, 8. the dewlap of an ox. [a boat. 
^5T5t*S, 8. a goitre, a wen, bronchocele. 
sf5T^^, st?^^^ei, 8. the same as sr?r^"^. 
ffcnt^, s. a melting or dissolving (as salt, 

sugar, etc.) ; an error, a mistake. 
sf 51^, 5f «lt^, 8. a melting, a dissolving, the 

bursting of a tumour, escape thro' a bar. 
9f5T^"tTr, a. malleable, soluble, dissolvable. 
*^c^^1, 8. superiority, pre-.eminence. 
^f^'^^, 8. hoarseness, roughness of voice. 
9f^C<rT^, s. a disease of the neck or gullet. 
9f c^^"^, s. the throttling of a person : a, 

holding by the neck, collaring a person. 
'i[v{\^ V. a. to melt, dissolve, burst, force out: 

8. the neck, gullet, throat; a loud voice: 

a. melted, dissolved, putrefied, burst. 
ffc^f«^\<rtt, or *>f?it"^^<^4t, s. a cough, a 

tickling or wheezing in the throat, 
•jfc^l -(A<^^\% -C'4f<5<rTf6>, vide 9fc1TC<f<5]f?r. 
5f«TlC'«f<Pl^, V. to clear the throat by 

coughing up phlegm : s. a coughing. 
^'^TC'if^lf^, 8. a coughing, the clearing of 

the throat by coughing up phlegm. 
-jfc^T^rcTl, ad. huggingly, neck to neck, 

reaching to the neck, dissolved. 
^riT9ff5T, s. mutual holding of the neck. 
^^TM<15T, SfsiT^T'slI, 8. same as ^r^^lf^nt. 
9f5Tl^, a. worn out, dissolved, putrid, rot- 
9r5TT^5i1,s. a scolding loud voice, [ten. 
-JTc^tl^^^, ^9IT1^*11, 8. same as ^5!Ttf *it. 
SfriTf^^ft, 8. a throttling, a strangling or 

choking of a person or animal, [posed, 
^^if^ <n, a. dissolved, putrid, burst, decom- 
?f«^t'<r:^?^«l, s. the swallowing of a thing, 

the power of swallowing. [cing. 

^^I^?S, 8. the act of hugging or embra- 
^5oTVf <rT, 8. the hugging of a person : a. 

seizing the thr oat(asacrid substances). 


[ 102 ] 


SfcTt^, n. dissolved, melted, mad© to pass 

through, an opening : s. act of melting. 
Sf'^Tt^^llj «. solvent, dissolvent. 
9fc^T^, s. the wages given for melting, etc. 
9r^t?rw1%?11, a. died by hanging (a ghost), 
^r^t^^, s. a neckcloth, a cravat, a stock. 
^fcnt^W, ^- hoarse, broken-necked. 
^fc^T"^, ^5it^, s. a noose, slip-knot, neck- 
^s^t^f^f^l, s. a slip-knot, [rope, halter. 
^fv{, s. a lane, an alley, a narrow passage, 
^f^"^ f^, a. crooked, tortuous and narrow. 
^rf^^S, a. dissolved, melted, decomposed, 

burst, passed through a small opening. 
^t^^5^%, s. that stage of leprosy when the 

body is ulcerous and fingers drop off. 
9ft%v5^^, a. afflicted with above leprosy. 
9rf^<ri, s. one who manages the prow. 
*^cft"^, s. filth, mud, dirt: a. filthy, dirty, 
^fc?^, s. the prow of a ship or boat. 
^c^jfcT, 5. garrulity ; a kind of mortar or 

cement made with resin and tar. 
^fc^^sfc^l, V. n. to talk excessively, or very 
Sfc^^fffi^<11, a. garrulous, talkative, [fast. 
*'»Tc^5>, 9fc^t%, s. a mistake, an error. 
^'^jS. a story, chitchat, idletalk, palaver. 
st«^?l1, a, talkative, chatty, gossiping. 
^■^1, V. to tie up sheaves, bind straw, etc. 

in bundles : s. a sheaf, a wisp,a bundle. 
^mtf5^i%, s. a large species of prawn. 
9fc^l, s. grain ; ascendency over others 
9t^jr^1, V. to be hot with fever, to glow. 
^^^^^?r1, a. hot, feverish, glowing. 
*'»r^, s. a walking about, a sauntering. 
9r^T5^, s. a strumpet, a whore, a harlot. 
^■^T^'Y, a. whorish, sensual^ licentious, 
^^^f"^, s. a crowd, the din of a crowd. 
^^^, 5. a forest,a thicket : a. impervious, 
^r^^l, s. an ornament, a trinket, a jewel. 
^■^?ri, MC^^I, a. deep, profound : s. depth. 
^^^, s. delay, procrastination, a demur- 
^^^, ^■^^"5 <^. deep, profound, [rage. 
«T^?r, s. a deep valley, a ravine, a defile, 

cave, hole, a den ; an arbour, a bower. 
5t1, V. a. to sing, to chant ; to calk. 
5t1, s. the body, surface of any thing ; 

-^v^, to rise, get up ; ^f^^, to tremble. 
^^;t, s a singer, a songster, a chorister. 

*^t^^,s. a disappearing,vanishing away. 

*»riT?T, s. scurrility, abusive language. 

5(1^, ^t^, s. a cow. ^if'C^fT^, s. cattle. 

9f [vS^ ,5. a singing; a calking; -WT^, a calker. 

^l^?ri, 8. vocal music, singing of a tune. 

^ft^ifl", s. the calking of a boat or ship. 

^1\, s. the Ganges, river in general ;-f^cT, 
a kind of gull ; -Tpfj^f, a kind of grass- 
hopper ; -^Tf%^, a species of marten. 

Ill, s. a village, a hamlet. 

^1^, a. belonging to a village, [a bale. 

^I^^, s. a knot, a knob, a knuckle, a joint, 

^tt^^^T^I, s. a cutpurse, a pickpocket. 

^T'^^'^^1, s. pain in the knuckles, a whit' 

^\^t, ^ff^, the same as ^iTt^i^, &c. [low. 

•yit^^l, a. residing in the village, rustic : 
s. a villager, a clown, a rustic. 

^1^1, s. a roaring or bellowing sound : ad. 
from village to village, at every village. 

^W, V. n. to beat, foam, froth up : s. froth. 

9fT^'i, s. beating to foam or froth, [milk. 

9f[&c^1, a. frothy, covered with foam : first 

^g?1, s. the tops of hemp used as a nar- 
cotic : V. a. to beat into foam^ to froth. 

-SrSilC^ri^r, ^I'felfc^, a. smoking hemp as 
a narcotic : s. sl smoker of hemp. 

■JTf^tC^rTTl"}^- the habit of smoking ganja. 

5iT©f^i«^1, s. a seller of hemp. [purse. 

^tlfsj^n, s. a wallet, a grass-cutter's bag, a 

•jft^t?, 9tT^ft, s. a bundle, bale, a package. 

^rr^l, V. a. to tie knots, to lie in wait : s. 
a listening in private, a lying in wait. 

^.^T^tf^, a. wrestling : ad. at every joint. 

9frit^l\^1, s. a marriage ceremony of tying 
the bride and the bridegroom together. 

^t^F^^wt, fl^.packed up in a bale : 5. a pack- 
ing of bales ; -^, to pack up in bales. 

9ft^cTt, s. a stopping the progress of the 
venom of a serpent by incantations. 

^tt^^'^l^^, s- the act of stopping the 
progress of the venom of a serpent. 

9fl^l, V. a. to tie knots, knit stocking, etc. 

4[]\5, s. a prominent navel ; the anus. - 

^i\^C*TlcT, s, a pelican.* [Hindus. 

'yflxjT^ , s. a rhinoceros ; a low class of the 

^T1%5 or 9ti^\5> s. the anus, the vent. 

9f f^<l1, ^t^, '^1% s. a catamite. 



[ 103 ] 


^tf^?t^^f^, 5. abuse, excessive scurrility. 

9fl^i^, a. throadod, strung, arranged. 

ST 1%, *. a kind of iron cross-crowbar. 

^Tl5t, s. the insertion or introduction of 
an article among a number of others. 

^I^^^l, s. the including of a small lot of 
land in a more general rent. 

if:<i(^, V, a. to knit, thread beads ; to plait, 
unite, construct, build, arrange, poke. 

^tiil"^,.?. a knitting, a knotting, a stringing 
of beads, etc., the arranging of bricks. 

stl^f^, s. the hire or quality of arranging 
bricks, the workmanship of a building, 
a threading of beads or flowers. 

Ilr<if1, V. a. to join, make up ; to cause to be 
threaded, to cause bricks to be arrang- 
ed in a building : a; spitted, knitted, 
threaded, strung, orderly arranged. 

^I^^TI*'', d' caused to be strung or arranged: 
8. a causing to join, arrange, or string. 

^^^Ttf^,*. feetojoin(acoin),thehire of ar- 
ranging bricks, or threading bekds,etc. 

i\]fk, s. ill-scent ; -^Tsf, to be affected by 
stench (as fishes); -C*tt^1, a flying-bug. 

Sfl^r^, s. a purchaser, a buyer,a customer. 

sfl^^T^^, ccnt^i^, s. horripilation. 

SfT-^r^l, s. abortion, miscarriage. 

sn^r^l, s. a kind of fish.^ sfT^t, a kind of 

^T^^, s. a pitcher, a water-pot. [parrot. 

^T^T^jTiT, s. a causing of perspiration, a 
being interested in an afi'air. [pepper.^ 

^I"^, V. n. vide ?fT^1 ; -il^5, chilly, red- 

^n^, ^1^1, s. a tree, apian, a single one: 
e. g, >ii<5 9Ti^i ?r^, a single line or 
string ; «il^ 9tI5 5cT, a single hair. 

vfTS"^!, 8. vegetables, plants and trees. 

^IW^T^l, s. a kind of betel-box or stand 
of brass made in the form of a lustre. 

SiT^C^^1,*-enclosure with trees or hedges. 

^T^l, v. n. to grow, to sprout, spring up. 

stT^T^, s. vegetation, atraining up plants. 

^l"^, s. single one (hair, etc.) [tree-rat. 

9fl¥ 6.1, climbingorlivingon trees; -'^'^^, 

^(■^f??', (I. expert at climbing trees. 

Sfl®^, «. a stall in honour of Shiva at the 
charak-puja, penance by self-torture. 

^T®?<r, 8. a carrot (Daucus carota). 

«Ttir?r^J, 8. a rumbling of tho bowels. 

sfTv?^, V. a. to plant, to fix a stake in tho 
ground, to bury : *. a mine, a pit, hole. 

^T^JT, 8. act of fixing a stake or post in 
the ground, or of burying any thing, 

STTi^T^, ^T^YirrsJ, 8. a carter, coachman. 

^l^5"^f A, 8. ofiice of a carter or coachman. 

^T^^, or STT^ST, 8. a sheep in general. 

^lv?f??n, or sri^f^gl, *. a shepherd. 

^f^i, 8. a hole, a pit : a. planted, buried ; 
thick (applied to cloth, or any liquid). 

5fTit,«. a carriage, cart, waggon, hackery, 
a coach ; a hole, pit : a. deep, [riage. 

snX5^t"^t»l1, s. a driver or maker of a car- 

>tt^, s. a curvature of the spine, a wen in 
the neck, a water-vessel with a spout. 

9fTF, a. dense, crowded, excessive, deep (as 
sleep), close (embrace),thick, inspissat- 
ed (liquids); -wfV, thick curds; -2I^T^, 
inhabiting a long time ; -£t<l?, -fft^, 
-C£J^, excessive love; -"^t^, close-fisted. 

9fT"Jl, s. a cave, a ditch, an abyss, a thick 
forest : a. thick (applied to liquids). 

^17lW''f*T?r, s. thick or excessive darkness. 

^TStf^^iT, s. a hug, a close embrace. 

9rr«l*^^J, a. belonging to Ganesha. 

^T^t?r, •^r^jjft, s. a rhinoceros. 

sttf^S^, or ^I^^, s. a bow, Arjuna's bow. 

sfT^, ^r^, ^Tfvf?!, 8. a catamite. 

sfTC'vSf^TC'S, a. full to the throat, [nica). 

stl^T9fT?it%, 5.the Japan earth (Terra Japo- 

M"l^?l, a- indolent, idle, lazy, torpid. 

^TC^r^JT, sric^t^l, 9fTC3lT«2rt^, «. a getting 
up, act of rising when lying or seated. 

sfI3l,«. the body, the surface of an}^ thing. 

st"r:5^ra,^T3[^f|?Ii, 8. an itching, the itch. 

?rn5*tT^, s. giddiness, vertigo, staggers. 

5tT3i5r^iT, 8. the rubbing of the body. 

^3^1^*''), «. a towel, a napkin, [singer. 

sfl^ir^, a. skilful in singing : s. a chanter, a 

sfl^ifl, 8. a verse or stanza, a poem to be 
sung, vulgar or barbarous language. 

9fTW, V. a. to cram, to ram, to force down, 
to press, to fix a stake. 

^TW, 8. lees, dregs, scum, a sediment. 

srtW*i, ^tTft^, 8. cramming of any thing, 
charging of a gun, a ramming down. 


[ 104 1 


5rm*^^^^1, ^tWl^Jl, s. name of a plant/ 

^TWl, V, a. to cause to cram, or ram down : 
s, an ass; aheap, a stack,arick, a ream. 

^tM^JfttW", 6'. a mutual cramming. 

^rtWt, s. ten quires of paper; a heap ; a cu- 
shion, state seat, a raised place, altar. 

9fTwHl#t, ad. by heaps, in piles, [cants. 

^IWi-pf^,*. the chief of a body of mendi- 

^flfTc^yiJlsft, s. indolence, slothfulness. 

^ft^l, s. an ass, donkey ; a stupid person ; 

'»rr<fR<^,«(/. ass-like, stupidly. I fern. 9ft??t. 

^jST, s. song, vocal music, act of singing ; 
-^^cTl, a singer, a songster: -^IWJ, song 
and music : -"^if^^, an ability to sing ; 
-~*i^c| , the hearing of song or vocal mu- 
sic ; -C^t^l, one who hears singing. 

^fT^T^Te^, a. fond of singing or vocal music. 

^ft^f, ^. (^- to deny a thing, to conceal. 

stt's^^, s. the concealing of a fact, denial. 

<5fT's^1, 'V. a. to cause to deny or conceal. 

^t-s^t^, s. a causing to deny or conceal. 

^rtC^tJTl, a. idle, lazy, indolent. 

*9fi1%^, a. negligent, idle, inattentive. 

9frt%cTl, 5. inattention, negligence. 

9tf^c^1, V. to strut, swagger, swell with 
pride, to appear consequential, [tial. 

9ff^rTtf^<n, a. strutting, vain, consequen- 

9ff^^t^, s. self 'Consequence, stateliness. 

911^, V, to become turbid, rusty, or filthy : 
s. a semen virile ; a tree audits fruit.^ 

<5tt^\5t, s. idle talk, chitchat, tittletattle. 

9fr^1, V. a. to stir up a liquid to make it 
turbid, to stir a thing, divulge a secret, 
to blab out ; -f^«^, a kind of reed.^ 

9ft^T^, a. stirred up so as to become tur- 
bid, divulged, blabbed out. 

^t^lt^, s. the stirring up of water so as to 
make itturbid, the divulging of secrets. 

^T^ti^?l1j s. a tell-tale, tale-bearer, a tat- 
tler, a divulger of secrets. 

^f5l, 9ft^1, s. a foetus, the gravid uterus, 
pregnancy ; the spatha of a plant. 

^t^T^, a. heavy with young, pregnant ; 
heavy with a cold or fever. 

9tt1%«J, or 9tTlt^, a. pregnant. 

sft^, or ^r^, s, a cow. [one, a surfeit. 

9tT^^?t«1, 5.the cloying or satiating of any 

9ttC"srt5l, or ^ffsj^l, s. a towel, a handker- 
chief, a napkin. "STc^t^, s. an apron. 

9ftC5ri\5l, V. to yawn, stretch : s. a yawning 
or stretching ; -Wl, to yawn, stretch. 

^'t"sij5l, s. the midrib of the palm leaf. 

^fi^i"^, s. the same as 9f^f^. [ousness. 

^t^"^!, 5. depth, gravity, profundity, seri- 

'Jl'I'SicTI, s. a hemispherical earthen vessel. 

9\\7l, ad. on or along the surface, [ster. 

9T1?I^, a. singing : s. a singer, chanter, song- 

^fi^^^^l, s. a choir, a body of singers. 

^T?l^, s. sacred stanza of the Rig-veda, 
which none but brahmans repeat men- 
tally ; a measure of verse in the veda. 

^t^il"^*^, s. the Gayatri metre. 

^T^I^tl <r, s. the body, the person of a man. 

^r^»T"i^^, s. a drooping, a debility. 

*^t^^, s. plunder, rapine, devastation, 
destruction, ruin, consumption. 

^t^^^^J, s. householdership. 

9ft^"^J, s. the condition of a householder : 
a. pertaining to a house dweller. 

9ft^, V. a. to dissolve, to melt, to break a 
boil, to strain out the liquor, to milk, 

9ft^, s. the cheek ; a story, talk ; abuse. 

'>rT«^^rr, s. a common report, town-talk. 

9f tcT^, s. a melting of metals, a dissolving 
of salt, etc., a straining off, a milking. 

9ft«^1, V. a. to melt metals, to dissolve any 
thing : 5, sealing-wax, lac. 

^T^Wi^, s. a stick of sealing-wax. 

^T«?T^T!^, s. abusive language, scurrility. 

^Tc^T"^"^!, s. a common report, rumour. 

^Ic^T^, ^Fc^Tf^, s. melting of metals, dis- 
solving of salt, etc. ; price for melting. 

^'Tl%,'?rrcft,s, abusivelanguage, scurrility. 

*?f f1%5l, s. a particular sort of carpet. 

^'JtTt^^, a. overcoming, excelling, [my. 

*^f1%5r, tyrannizing : s, a tyrant, an ene- 

^i^^l, s. a boaster, a talkative person. 

iflc^t^^l, a. abusive, brawling, scurrilous. 

•jf f^^, 5fT<^^, s. singer, songster, [fishes. 

f9f^^)%li, s. a crowd, multitude, a shoal of 

f9ff%, a. impervious, thick set, crowded. 

fit^, s. the mistress of a house, a wife. 

*r5tff\F, f^'<^, s. a jackal, a shakal. 

f'H^, s. a species of vulture i^fem. f^'f^^. 


[ 105 ] 


f^t^l, s. a small metallic or earthen cup. 

fffSTi, a potherb (Chironiu coiitauroides). 

f^f^, s. a word, a speocli, saying. 

f^^ff^fft, s, a species of lizard/ 

f^^Wl,s. a side pillow, a pillow, a bolster. 

fVr^l, s. a knot, a joint, a knuckle. 

f%f?, s. a mountain, hill, rock ; a mouse. 

f^^Sfl, s. a name of the goddess Durga. 

fjl^^, «''. the Himalaya mountains. 

*rM'C<r"^T?', a. seized, apprehended. 

f^fC^"^!^, s. a seizure, apprehension. 

f'»\W, s. a church, a place of worship. 

f^^, V. a. to swallow, to strip, to plunder^ 

f9[?!?T, s. act of swallowing or gulping. 

fVff^t^, s. a swallowing, a gulping. 

fiii^l, V. a. to cause to swallow, to feed : 
s. a kidney, the seeds of Mimosa scan- 
dens ; a backbiting, censure. 

*f^j^l^, 5. a case, a cover; winter sheet_ 

fVrf^^, a. swallowed, glutted, enclosed. 

*f9rf%5r, s. a carpet of a peculiar make. 

f^W, f^f ^t^"^!^, s, a backbiting, tale- 
bearing, discontent, censure, reproach. 

f?f^t^'^t?r, a. censorious^ abusive, back- 
us, s, a word, a sentence. [biting. 

9\]^, s. a song, an ode, a hymn, [songs. 

M1^<5g1, s. a singer, one wlio composes 

M\^5^^cj, s. the hearing of songs. 

^v51, s. the name of a famous poem. 

Stt^t^l, a. immortal : s. a deity. 

6", s. dung, excrement, ordure, tilth, rust. 

8^1, 8. the betel-nut; the anus. 

8 5lT^^<ft, *. anis-seed, also the plant.** 

^^, §Sl^, V. a. to tuck in, to thrust in. 

^^\5^, ^^^T^, a. tucked in : s. the act 

of tucking or thrusting in. 


^^yt^, Q'lriTl^, s. a thrusting or tucking 

8§?'5l, V. a. to tuck in, to thrust in. 

^^^, ^^t^, s. tlie act of tucking in. 

Q^, s. an awl, a i^lug, a cork, a stopple. 

^\5, V. a. to crumble, pulverize, reduce 
to powder : s, crumbs, fragments, pow- 
der ; the cross beams of a ship or boat : 
a. pulverized, crumbled, powdered. 

6^^*JtI\5l, s. fragments, crumbs, powder. 

8^^, 8\?T^, s. the act of crumbling or 
pulverizing : a. pulverized, powdered, 

^51, V. a, to cause to reduce a substauo© 
to powder : *. fragments, crumbs, pow- 
der : a. crumbled, pulverized, [powder. 

dr^t^^l, ^Bfsjjyi, ». fragments, crumbs, 

^f^, *. flour, powder ; the trunk of a tree, 
a tuberous root, a jiiece of timber. 

Srf^^T^, 8. the trunk of a tree, a timber. 

^f^f«tf^^1, ». a species of black ant. 

^^^, 8. a species of snail. 

^9*^^, s. bdellium ; the lignum aloes.' 

^1% Q"f¥, 8, a tuft of hair, grass, etc., a 
bunch, a nosegay, a sheaf, a collection, 
a floating stake or wager in gambling. 

^55I?",9'f55^, 8. some, a little, a few; 
e. g. ^f^^ "5113!, a little grass, etc. 

^5^, 8. a cluster, a bunch, a nosegay, a 
tuft of hair or grass, a bundle, a sheaf, 
a collection, a necklace of 32 strin«-s. 

^^, ^^1, a. to collect in clusters, collect 
and lay in proper order, to arrange. 

*^'gr^, s. a flying report, a town-talk. 

*^§i^, V. a. to pass away, to go by : 8, 
admission ; a cow-keeper, a dairyman. 

^'?P'?"<^, o.d. by means of, by the hand of. 

8^?"l^^^tf5, 8. the true cardamoms.* 

*9"5fr^T^, s. a living, support: a. spent, 
passed by, gone, passing away, going. 

*5^§f?^, *• ornament for the ankles worn 
by women ; a female personification of 
music ; a dairymaid, a gujar's wife. 

*^^§r*tj1, a. past, gone, passed away. 

*3^?^1, 8. a ferry ; also, vide 9'^'^^^. 

01??3"Sf. ^Si^^f^, 8. tale-bearing, whis- 
pering, tattle, garrulity, gossippiug. 

^®l^fli?l1, a. talkative, blabbing. 

^■«, 8"-«l, .5. a plant, its seed, called <r^ ; 
a humming, a buzzing noise; a tavern, 

^^^, ^^'^^,8. hum of a bee, echoing of 
any voice, a low murmuring sound. 

^■«'^, V. w. to hum a tune, to utter a low 
murmuring sound, to hum as bees do. 

3f^^, a. filled with the humming of boos, 
or with any low murmuring noise. 

5?^, V. a. to roll up, to collect t<^gether. 

8'J>JI, a. rolled up, furled, gathered : s. 
the furling or rolling up of any thing, 

8^f^, 8. the rolling up of any thing. 


[ 106 ] 


^^^, s. ball or pellet of dung, etc.; fruit- 

^^1, ^^T^, the same as ^^, &c. [stone. 

^f^, 5. in comp. one, a single or merely one 
individual of the kind ; also, vide ^^ . 

^f^^, s. a collection, a quantity, a heap. 

^f^^l, s. a pill, a pellet, a ball, a cocoon. 

^f^<ijt^l^, ^I^CPtt^-l, vide ^It^l^, &c. 

^f^6"1t, ad. one by one, by slow steps. 

^ftc^l, s. a hard ball of dung, [the hips. 

^f^f%, s. the stone of a fruit, a swelling in 

^^, s. a ball, a pill, bolus, a fruit when 
first formed, stone of a fruit, the small- 
pox, a cocoon or silk ball, men in dice. 

^^•^^Iv?;, s. the casting of lots, a lottery. 

^^C'^T'^, s. a silk-worm, aurelia. 

^^«ft, s. the stone of a fruit. 

Q"^, V. a. to roll up, to furl, to pack up. 

^\^,5. raw-sugar, molasses, treacle: -JM^I, 
gingerbread; -^jiTT^, a thorny shrub/ 

^\5^, s. a medicated lozenge ; tobacco. 

^\5^^, s. cinnamon, or rather cassia bark. 

^v5JT, ^^t^, ^^T^, the same as ^^JT, &c.. 

^^TJvSI, ^m, ^ft, s. the heel. 

^^51, V. a. to roll up, to furl, to pack up. 

^\5T^, s. tobacco mixed with molasses. 

^f^, s. a stooping posture, a crouching. 

^fi^f^, ad. by little and little, crouching- 
ly, in a stooping posture. • [tioner. 

^f^^l, a. made of raw-sugar : s. a confec- 

^\$^^ijT^, s. tobacco mixed with treacle. 

^^^, ^vSTi^t^^Tf, ad. with repeated reports 
of artillery, or sudden claps of thunder. 

^\5^\5, s. arunning quickly, sound arising 
from thundering or beating of a drum. 
^\5^f5?1, a. rattling, running with quick 
and short steps : s, a species of quail. ^ 
^\5^^, s. a small huka ; a kind of quail. ^ 
^«f,5. a quality, property, attribute, ten- 
dency, virtue, power, effect, stretch, 
accomplishment, an advantage ; three 
properties of matter, viz. Satwa, the 
principle of existence or truth ; Raja, 
thatof passion; and T«m«, that of dark- 
ness or ignorance ; sackcloth, gunny ; 
track-rope, tow-line; bow-string ; gold 
or silver thread, wire. In comp. preceded 
by a numeral, it signifies as many times ; 

e. g. "5^^^, four times as much, or four- 
fold, etc. ; a charm, magic, witchcraft, 
^et^, s. in arith. a multiplier, [eulogy, 
^cj -^q]"^, -£t*t\'I1, -^«f?(l, s, a panegyric, 
^ej^^fij, 5. amelioration, improvement, the 

effecting of medicine, or of a charm. 

^«l -^t?r, -^^,-^T?r^, -^I^, a. improving, 

advantageous, effectual, beneficial. 

^«l<5^f^ s. a eulogy, panegyric, [gyrist. 

^«t9{tQr^,(?. praising, eulogizing: s. apane- 

^«t9tt^, s. a chanting of praise, panegyric. 

^ej^^j s, sackcloth, unny. 

^fijst?:?, s. a panegyric, an eulogy. 

^tC^lt, s. cutting of any of the threads of 
the paita : a. having its threads cut. 

^'^'^'^7^, a. productive of good: s. a tutor. 

§3'cj'53tJT, s. a sense of the virtues of others. 

^«l^t^1, s. the drawing of the track-rope 
of a boat : a. drawing the track-rope. 

^«1^^, s. qualities, ropes and cords, sacks. 

^«tTt*f ^,j. being successful, taking effect. 

§3'«1'^, 5. in arith. multiplication. 

^«1*T^1, s. virtue, talent, ability, skill. 

O'ei-pf^'^^l, s. the trial or proof of virtue. 

^*i^^1,5. an accomplishment, [qualities. 

^cj^cf^T, s. the relating of virtues or good 

^«1^ttft, a. praising, eulogizing, grateful. 

^«l^t7r, ^«l*rTcTt, ^*V|", a. possessed of tal- 
ents or virtues, ingenious, accomplish- 
ed, talented, distinguished, virtuous. 

^«lC^t^, s. the study of science. 

^^I^TM"?", ^«1R^, ^«lT«i^, a. an ocean of 
virtues or good qualities, [of virtues. 

^11, 5. wire, gold or silver wire ; -^^, mine 

^^t«^JT^, «• a panegyric, an eulogy, 

^«tT^«j, s. virtues and defects of any one. 

^«1tf^^, a. virtuous, accomplished. 

0cit€, a. suited to virtues or good quali- 

^f^'JiT, s. a magician, a sorcerer. [ties. 

^«il^\5,«. become accomplished or useful. 

^C)$?«i, s. a humming, humming sound. 

f3"«T^^«11, V. a. to hum, snufde. [fling noise. 

^cj -^«jt^^.^eitR,-^f«i,5.humming,snuf- 

^TS, lascivious, lewd, profligate ; femM^. 

^TSf^, ^^«ti^1, s. lasciviousness, lewdness, 
letchery, profligacy, libertinism. 

^f^^l, s. powder, dust, saw-dust. 


[ 107 ] 


^"5, V. a. to thrust, to stab, to gore, to 
ram, to puncli : *. a thrust, a stab. 

^1^, 8. a punching, goring, stabbing : 
a. gored, punched, tlirust at, stabbed. 

^"5f^<l1, ^t^?rl, a. goading, accustomed 
to gore (applied to horned animals). 

^31, V. a. to punch, thrust, to ram, gore, 
to stab, to knock : s. a stab, a thrust. 

^iTQ^t^, s. a mutual stabbing or goring. 

^^^, s. the act of thrusting or goring, a 
stabbing, a ramming, a beating down. 

^5,7^, ^^, a tuft, bunch, cluster, nosegay. 

^W, 8. the anus, pudendum muliebre. 

^Pf^, s. rags and the like stuff, a quilt. 

^Tf \F% ^'f^, s. a bed quilt, a quilt, a rug. 

^Vr^'^, s. a very great degree of fear. 

g-Wl, s. marrow ; a kind of bird, [house. 

^WT^, s, a warehouse, magazine, a store- 

^;^T?r1, s. a ferry, the plying of a ferry. 

^5fT?t5lT^, «. landing-place of aferry boat. 

^Wt^TC^^^M s. a ferry, a ferry-boat. 

^#), s. a dock-yard, a dock for shipping. 

^^, s. a sack, bag, wallet, pack, gunny. 

*^JiT^l^*t, 8. capacity, gain, advantage. 

^^^;gft^«f)", a. gainful, advantageous. 

*^i't^, s. a crime, sin, guilt, a fault. 

^^t59ftf , a. guilty, sinful, criminal. 

^^l^^ft^, *. faultiness, sinfulness ; afine. 

^cs^i, a. secret, not manifest (as blows). 

^C*ff^l, s. a secret blow, assassination. 

^'sl"5«f, a. silent: 8. a kind of sugar plum. 

^% a. concealed, hidden, secret, guarded. 

^^^<2i"i, ^"^^W, 8. a secret, secret word. 

©•^C?*!, 8. disguise, a concealed habit. 

^•^'.^C*T, ad. in disguise, mco^. 

CJ^^T^r, s. a concealed state. [tinely. 

^'^ -■StC=3",-?SC*f, ad. concealedly, clandes- 

S^l,«. a woman who concealsher amours. 

^Tp, 8. a mountain-pass, a ravine. 

^?'?r^, V. a. to write badly or blottedly. 

^^f??1, a. pertaining to cow-dung, 

^^^?T\5t^1, «. a kind of potherb. 

^^t??nc^T^\ *. a species of beetle. 

^^t^, s. the betelnut and its tree.* 

^11 , V. n. to be mouldy or musty (as hay 
or corn when stacked up) : «. a dis- 
continuing at intervals to lay eggs. 
p 2 

S^r^, 8. heat, sultriness, closeness. 

6'5r^^T^, «. hot season, sultry weather. 

^5jf^<l1, a. mouldy, tainted, musty. 

^5r?r, fc. a. to buzz, murmur : «. buzzing 
sound : pride, haughtiness ; advantage. 

^^?r«1, ^^<l't*l, 8. a buzzing, a re-echoing, 
the act of rebellowing, a rumbling. 

^JT?"!, V. a, to buzz, to rebellow, to rum- 
ble, to echo : s. the nightmare. 

^iiC*n, ^5^^1, a. mouldy, musty, stale. 

*^5rT^, s. a suspicion, a fancy, pride. 

^sitsft, a. suspicious, fanciful, capricious, 

*^srT*r?1, 8. an agent, a factor, [proud. 

*^9;§f, 8. a tower, a turret, a dome, vault. 

^^J\^, 8. the growing musty or stale. 

^?ri, s. the betel-nut ; the anus. 

^^, a. white, fair : s. a fair woman. 

^^, great, heavy, important, honorable, 
accented : s. spiritual guide, a precep- 
tor, a teacher, a parent, a superior. 

^^®T^, s. a superior, a guru, [weighty. 

^^■5<r, a. compar. deg. more important, 

^^v5«^9r, s. a violator of his guru's bed. 

^^^1, -^, s. importance, weight, great- 
ness, honorableness, glory, majesty. 

^^Ttf^«11, s. a fee given to a guru. 

^^^« , given by a preceptor or superior. 

^^W*n, s. death of a parent or superior. 

^?^f'5»:5, a put in possession of his man- 
tra by his guru or spiritual guide. 

^?FCii^, 8. a preceptor, a spiritual guide, 
a parent, a superior. 

^^f^^, a. censuring or reproaching 
superiors : s. one who does so. 

^??f^*«Tl, 8, the reproaching or censuring, 
of a preceptor or superior. 

^^^rs^j «• the wife of a spiritual guide. 

^^vft^, a. difficult of digestion. 

^^*1T*^,«. a great crime, heinous offence. 

^^^^T*!, 8. making an oblation to a guru. 

^^?cf, s. a long or accented vowel. 

^^i!T?", or ^^^'.%5Tt?r, s. Thursday. 

^^C^I51", 8. a firm conviction, a clear idea. 

^^•^IF, a. devoted to a spiritual guide. 

^^^f%5, s. devotedness to a preceptor. 

^<P"5T?, 8. preceptorship, weightiness. 

^^Bt^, 8. a heavy load, a great weight. 


[ 108 ] 


^^^•*1", «• gi'eat happiness. [ricide. 

$^^i5:^]1, s. the murder of a guru, a par- 

^?f1%^, s. the sayings of a preceptor. 

^?5^?l *l, s. pronunciation of a long or ac- 
cented vowelj words uttered by a guru. 

^^^J, s. the answer of a preceptor. 

S?5*tl^^1, s. attendance on the lectures 
or instructions of a preceptor. 

^^?"1j ^. «• to cause a palpitation. 

^■^<rt*l, s, occasioning of a palpitation. 

^^^J^l, s. a preceptor's wife ; a mother 
or other superior female relation. 

^^T^t'<(»ll5 s. the respect due to a pre- 
ceptor, to a parent, or a superior. 

^f^^Vt, d- pregnant, with child. 

^#f, a. pregnant, weighty, great, heavy, 
important: s. wife of a spiritual guide. 

^c?, V. a. to melt, dissolve (in a liquid) : 
5, a ferrule with which a pedal, etc. is 
shod; a ball of charcoal, a fire-ball ; the 
snuff of a candle or lamp ; the burnt 
tobacco of a Imka ; a globe, a ball. 

*§J^, 5. a nose, a flower ; -^T'swt, a flower 
plant ;^ -'J^'^J'Jt^ a kind of narcissus f 
-■^^, a drug ; -C^f%, a flower plant. ^ 

^c^, ^?!^, s. a collection, a multitude, a 

*^rT^*5f, s. conserve of roses, [number. 

^c^^I^l, s. the shaving of a piece of wood 
to make it round ; a pair of snuffers. 

^rf'JP, s. a medicinal climbing plant."* 

^el^S^rt'H? s. a pair of snuffers. 

^ri1%, s. rice-pap ; pellet-bow, cross-bow. 

^c^^, 5. the dissolving of a substance in 

^ii^T?Fl, s. a hyena. [a liquid. 

*^5^^, 5. a species of wild fig-tree.^ 

^^Jc^-n^^, ^sX'^^?^!, s. conserve of roses. 

^c^l, $^c^t^5 s. a multitude, a collection. 

*^c^tfl^, s. a small fragrant flower-tree.® 

^^t^T'?", s. a speciesof |)omegranate tree 
with double flowers but no fruit. 

^^t^*t, s. a receptacle for rose-water. 

^^T^, s. a rose, rose-water. 

^^t^T^, s. the same as ^^c^t%. 

^c^T^, «. pink, rosy, rose-scented, rose. 

^^-.T^^^'fYj, s. a kind of fragrant plant.' 

^(^, s. a pill, bolus, a ball, bullet: a num- 
ber, some few ; e. g. ^.^S^^r, some few. 

$3"t%^5^i%^, s. a few, a number, some. 

6"t%^T5^, s. a casting of lots, a lottery, a 
sharing out by lot, or by casting dice. 

^^'I^*!!, a, globular : s. a kind of fish. 

Sl%§t^, garden of roses; name of a book. 

^^, s. a pill, bolus, aball, bullet, a pellet, 
a bullet of earth, a cannon ball. 

^c^TfTc^, s. a hubbub, a noise, a clamour, 
common or town talk, a general report. 

*^cT;5l'5^1, 5. a kind of fritters. [bow. 

^c^^Tt", ^.cl^, s. a pellet-bow, a cross- 

gc?^, s. the ankle. €o"^tl%, ankle-bone. 

^ci^,s. a shrub, bush ; induration of the 
mesenteric glands; division of an army. 

^^sftjA!. abounding with bushes or shrubs, 
afflicted with the disease called gulma. 

^W, CJtt^?"^?!, ^\^, s. the heel, [a cave. 

$J^1, s. a ravine, cavern, a dell, a valley, 

^^j, a. concealable : 5. the anus. 

^■25;3^5l, s. concealableness, secresy. 

^5]Ci?r'*T, s. the anus, the private parts. 

Q'^J^t^, s. a recess, a private j)lace. 

•Jf , s. ordure, excrement, dung, filth, rust- 

M"^, a. concealed, abstruse, mysterious. 

9f7§?, a. illegitimate, bastard. 

^fJ^Sl, s. secresy, concealedness, abstruse- 

^^^TW, s. a serpent, a snake. [ness. 

91^5^^-^, s, a scout, a spy. 

9f^tt%^t^'^, a. proud of obscurity, affect- 
ing abstruseness or mystery. 

9f?n, a. smeared with ordure, having the 
scent of ordure ; -^t^cPIl, a small tree;^ 
-C^^'^51; or -'*flf%^, a species of bird. ^ 

"^^^j s. a carrot ; poisoned flesh. 

^5f, a. greedy : s. a vulture ; vide fyf 5f. 

^^rfJTt, s. pains about the loins, lumbago. 

'^^, s. a house, a habitation ;-^^1, master 
or builder of a house ; -^"5^-^t^J, dom- 
estic duties, household work, building 
ofahouse; -liT^jhomeborn; -■pfT^,burn- 
ing of a house ; -Wt^^, an incendiary ; 
-"?T^, a house-dweller ; -"5T%rj,--5[i^, in- 
side of a house ; -■?:^1, guarding of a 
house ; -■^■s^T^'qI, guardian of a house. 

^^CJtTf^^l, s. the small house lizard. 

•^jfi^Tf, 5. a family quarrel, family fault. 

^^<tSI, s. a tumbler pigeon. 


[ loo ] 


?f^(^r.^7,«. family (Hsputo, domestic feud. 

^^■o^:», s. the breaking down of a house. 

^^C^iift, a. sowing dissension in a family, 
officious, betraying family secrets. 

^?*TJTJ, a. destitute of a house. 

?J^^, a. residing or situated in a house : 
$. a housfi-dwoUer, a householder. 

^^^5:r^,5. duties incumbent on a house- 

^^^t#t, a. residing in a house, [holder. 

^^^T"vi|^,.<f.the couditionof a householder. 

^^f^^, situated or dwelling in a house, 

^ft«VJ", s. a wife, mistress of a house. 

^^^t, a. domestic, worldly, not ascetic. 

^5^3, a. received, taken, accepted. 

^^"I^kTtJ, ^5t^*tT5, a. versed in science. 

^C^, ad. at home, in the house. 

^^»J, s. a ritual of domestic duties. 

C?f^5, s. a tuberous root, [foam or froth. 

C^®, V. n. to ferment, to be covered with 

C9i:§T, s. the plumula or sprout of a seed, 
a pustule when first beginning to form. 

C^§i«n1, a. in a state of fermentation, co- 
vered with froth or foam : s. biestings. 

CSTSil, V. a. to beat into a foam, to cause to 
ferment : s. tops of hemp ; biestings. 

C^lit'^, s. act of beating to foam or froth. 

C^flfjl, s. a purse, bag; grass-cutter's bag. 

C^§iJt«?, (I. addicted to ganja : s, a sot. 

C^J* r, C^f5<r1, a. knotty, knobby, genicu- 

cVf ^Tc^T^S a. the same as c^fxFl. [lated. 

C^T^jT^, s. the tying of a knot. 

C'jf ^1, ci. stout, plump, short and thick. 

C^f^, s. a species of snail ; vide ^Tf^l. 

C^f^'5l^tW.^0?l, s. a variety of Cobra de 

C9fr^*tf5I^, 8. a species of snail, [capello. 

C9f^, s. a ball for play, a granulated root. 

C9f^^1, s. a ball of flowers, [to faulter. 

C'Jf^^^^?, V. n. to make a faultering noise, 

C^Jr^l, 8. a kind of sweetmeat. 

C^?1, or Cif^l, s, a marygold.* 

C9r??"fi%, s. the cry of a watchman. 

C9f^^, s. a whining cry or lamentation. 

C?f^, C^r^^, s. a ball for play. [box. 

C9tei]l, s. a drawer, a till, a division in a 

C^ir, «. fit or proper to be sung. 

C^, V. n. to fall, to drop down : s. a knot, 

CJt^*!, s. a fulling down ; an eclipse. 

C^fTl, V. a. to cast or throw down, [down, 

.^?T'i,«. athrowingduwn, thrown or cast 

est <r>,-^T^')", *. red-ochre, ruddle, red earth. 

C^C^'^r^, a. clever, prudent, respectable. 

*C9t^, a. circular : 8. a circle, a boundary. 

C^^"^T<r, a, surrounding on all sides. 

CStR'^lTpt, 8. a being on all sides ; a police- 

C9f 5Tl, V. a. to cause to swallow, [officer. 

C?t^T^, C^JTTI^, 8. a causing to swallow. 

Ci^v\7[\, a. loquacious, talkative, boasting. 

C^9, s. a habitation, a house, [village. 

t^?t1, s. the country, opposed to a city, a 

tsf fri, a. deep : s. a deep place, an abyss. 

t?t(?^, s. red-ochre, ruddle, red earth. 

tsf^, a. desirous of talents or virtues. 

csfl, 5. a cow, ox ; betel-nut; voc.part.\x%Qii 
in respectfully addressing a person. 

CSff^trf^l^, 8. a milkmaid, a dairymaid. 

C^r^T^I, 8. a cow-keeper, a dairyman. 

C^t^T^iT^^TSl, 8. the part of a town or vil- 
lage inhabited by cow-keepers, [spy. 

C^I^**t1, s. spy, a scout ; -f?f ?^, office of a 

CSfl, *. advantage, opportunity; a projec- 
tion in masonry ; a bellowing sound. 

CSftC^r, 8. a bellowing sound. 

C^TSJ, s. a peg, a wooden pin, a stake. 

C9ti ©1, V. a. to thrust straw into old thatch 
for repairing it : 5. a peg, pile, stake. 

C?fT:?, 8. a lump, ball, clod ; a prominence, 
a swelling; a. prominent, gibbous. 

C^t^^lf%, 8. a prominent navel. 

C^T^I, 8. prominence, a ball; a bigot, blind 
partizan, a flatterer, leader of a band. 

C9tT^l5«i, 5. quicklime, lime of cockleshells. 

C^Tv?Tf%^^, «. species of shell-fish. 

C^r^tC?!^, 8. a variety of lime. 

C^fT^Tsr, C^ivStf^,*. bigotry, partizanship, 
bloated praise, bombast, flattery. 

C^iW, 8, gum, gum arable, gum of Mimosa 

CStf^, 8. mustaches, whiskers, [arabioa. 

C^l"^t»T, rt.having largo mustaches, [oxen. 

C^t?ir?1, 8. panniers, baskets borne by 

C^T^«f, 8. a short span ; a snake ; antelope. 

C?tT^5^, s. oblation of straw made to a cow. 

C^tft^, 8. a pestle ; a plough. 

CStt^ST, 8 a herd of cows, a cow-pen. 

C^T^^, C^i-J^, 8. the name of a plant. 


[ no ] 


C5ft-4riTf TJ, a. eating beef: s. a beef-eater. 

C9rT<r?^T<^, 5. a variety of the Cobra de 

C^T^I, a. dumb, speechless. [capello. 

C^ft^^, s. cow-house. 

C'jftC^fT'^, 5. a hemorrhoidal tumour. 

C^Tt'JfT^, s. the taking up of a mouthful. 

C^ft^^, s. clarified butter (of cow's milk). 

C^ftW?", C^tt^^l, V. n. to make a noise like 
a person oppressed by the nightmare. 

C9rt5r?t«l, C^t^?"lf*l, s. the effort to speak 
while having the nightmare. 

C5tt^1, «.dumb, speechless : s. a large cau- 

C^rt^t^, C^fT^tt^j s. the nightmare. [ri. 

C9fT5, s. a bunch, a wisp, a sheaf, a tuft, a 
nosegay, a custom, a habit ; the instep. 

C^t^"?", a. perceptible : s. in presence, cog- 
nizance : ad. before, in the presence of. 

C^t5?;t^, s. the grazing or feeding of cat- 

C^t^?"lf*l, s. a cow pasture. [tie. 

C'>fT&1, v. a. to collect into bundles : s. a 
handful, atuft,a bunch, a wisp, a sheaf. 

C^ft^ICJfT^l, ad. by handfuls, by tufts. 

C9ft5t^, s. collecting of things into sheafs 
or bundles : a. collected into bundles. 

C^rt^lf^, s. collection into bunches or bun- 

C?f T5t^^, s, a cowkeeper, cowherd, [dies. 

C^fTM"^*!, s. the pasturing of cattle. 

C^f^f^'S,^^, s. a quack doctor, a cow- 

C5ftf^1%5.7il, 8. quackery. [doctor. 

C^TCST?", s. a cow-stealer. 

C'yfT'^, C^tWl, the same as C^t5, &c. 

Ciff^t^, C^fl^T^, a. tied in bunches, bun- 
dles, or sheafs ; neat and clever, tidy. 

C5fT^, s. a silver chain for the waist. 

C^tt^l, a. whole, entire, unbroken, uncut, 
undivided : s. gold or silver lace; a thing 
that is whole, an integer ; betel-nut. 

C^t^t^^, s. a number, a quantity, a few. 

C^t^T^t*^, s. a foaming at the mouth from 
the bite of a serpent ; slaver, saliva. 

C^tt^TcT, a. whole, entire, unbroken, uncut. 

C^TC^TC^TCJl, a. rolled up, gathered. 

C9fT^, s, a herd, a flock, a drove, a com- 
pany ; a cow-pen , station for cowherds. 

C?n^^t^1, a. straggled from the herd. 

C^fT^^tSsf^T, s. the assembling or collecting 
into a herd, a gathering in company. 

C'Jtr^t^^t?^,^. the name of an annual fair. 

C9ft^, s. the foot ; sore of small-pox ; the 
base, bottom, a foundation, a pedestal. 

C'»Tt\5-^t^^, -^tS, ^^^5 s. the ankle. 

C9f1\5^5l, ^^, ^ st, s, the heel. [foot. 

Cjfrs^^, s. a corn or callosity under the 

C9f 1^51,1?. n. to overtake, approach, to draw 
near: s. the base of a pillar, etc., the 
foundation of a building, origin, source. 

C^T\5TC9t ifw, ad. wholly, from the founda- 
tion, origin, or source. [a thing. 

C9tT\5Tc€^l, a. in contact with the base of 

CJtTvJI^, s. overtaking, approaching, draw- 
ing near : a. approached, come to pass. 

C?ft5T^f^, ad. from the origin or source. 

C^t^t^t<f5^, s. the earthing up of plants, 
etc. ; the confirming of a proposition. 

C^t^r^", ^:?^^1, ^^, ^fs, s. the heel. 

C'»rt1%5r, C'ttf^^, a. unfledged, callow. 

C^t^^l, s. the water-melon. 

C9f i^jl", s. a sack, a bag, sackcloth, gunny. 

*C^t^l, s. immersion, a diving, a dipping. 

C9fT^, s. SL race, lineage, pedigree, family 
extraction, an ancestor, a patriarch. 

Citt^Sf, a. lineal, lineally descended. 

cyfT^, 5. cowship. c?fT*tf5, s. a bull, 

CJfM t', a, curled, curly, knotty, snarly. 

CJf TTt, s. the elephantiasis, or swelled leg. 

CiTl^^, s. a cow's tooth ; the sulphate of 
arsenic ; -■5;t?^t<?T, yellow-orpiment. 

C?ttW^5rfcj, s. a chrysoprasus. 

C^t^l, a. afflicted with the elephantiasis. 

C^T^tlf?^, s. the common Indian kite. 

C?rr^1^, s. a gift of cows. P^o* 

C'fTWt^, s. a tattooing of thebody, brand- 

C^rtWt^^, s. the name of a river. 

C9ft5^1, s. a fence of leather worn on the 
left arm by archers ; an alligator. 

CStit%^1, s. the guana, an alligator. 

C'f'i^sr,s. wheat ; -5 «f,wheaten meal, flour. 

C^^f%, C?f T^r^^ti^, s. evening twilight. 

C^ftC^if^, s. a cow, a milch-cow. 

C^t^tC^ft^, s. a family or lineage reckon- 
ed to the original progenitor. 

C^M, s. a cow-keeper, a milk-man, abut- 
terman, a dairyman. [keepers. 

Cfrfs^^^, s. a body or fraternity of cow- 


[ 111 ] 


Citt^^l^t 8. the house of a cow-keeper. 

C'TM^, 8' the act of concealing any thing, 
privacy, secresy, concealment. 

C^ft^t^^*^, C^rt'^^'JT^, 8. a place of con- 
cealment, a retreat, a recess. 

^*t^?, C'»fT<tr, a. concealable. [tinely. 

CM"I^C5l, ad. privately, secretly, clandes- 

C^f f'^T^T^I,*. adairymaid, dairyman's wife, 
a female cow-keeper, a milkmaid. 

C^T^tlf?^, a. concealed, hidden, guarded. 

C^l*'(l^'1, 8. a festival of cows and calves. 

CJtt^^TcT, 8. a name of Krishna ; vide C^ft^- 

C^-'^t^?P,-?"'^^, 8. a cow-keeper. 

CJIMI^^, 8. the nourishing of cows. 

C9tt«tT«^?, 8. the residence of a dairyman. 

C^f^f^l, 8. a dairywoman, a milkmaid. 

C^rifH"^^, Cift^^, 8, idem. 

C^T"^ -^^, -5f«i, 5. a body of milkmaids. 

C'»rT*^i[|'tt> 8. yellow-ochre. [maids. 

C'»rt*fl'<T^^, 8. Krishna, the lover of milk- 

C^T*J^^, 8. a cow's tail ; a kind of monkey. 

OfTC^I, 8.^(/. all a person's household. 

CTlt"^', 8. he who conceals ; fe7n. C^T^. 

C?rT^iff1, «. thick, clumsy, unwieldy. 

CJtt^^, 8, the killing of a cow. 

C^T^<r, C^t5l?, s, cow-dung, manure. 

C'»fT^?'l, V, a. to write badly ; s. a shrub. 

C^^?rT5^, s. the sill, threshold of a door. 

CsiT^^T^t, 8. the writing in a blotted and 
illegible manner : a. illegibly written, 

C^ft^?rTf«l, 8. blotted or illegible writing. 

C^t^^tf«l?1, (I. writing in a blotted illegi- 
ble manner : s. one who thus writes. 

C'»fT?rf??ItlT'^1, 8. the same as ^cnjijl^, 

C^^f??T\lT^1, 8. a species of potherb. 

C*»tt^f??tC*tt^1, 8. a large species of beetle. 

C*>tt?t5r1, 8. a hyena. 

C^t^^j s. a name of Krishna. 

C^tt^WJ, 8. a cow- doctor, a quack doctor, 

C^tl^r?!, C^IT^"^, 8. cow-dung, manure. 

C'JrT5n\^, 8. beef, cow's flesh. 

C^l"5rt^, 8. a jackal ; the bile of the cow. 

CJfl^*^, s. a cow's mouth ; a musical in- 
strument ; a bag to cover the hand while 
countingthebeads; a noted chasm in the 
Himalaya, the source of the Ganges. 

C^T"5J^, 8. cow's head, skull of a dead cow. 

C^TVJ, a, stupidly ignorant, cow-like. 

C^Txia, g. the urine of a cow. 

C'>fTC?IW^, 8. a topaz ; a kind of poison. 

CMtC^l^, *. the sacrifice of a cow. [man. 

C9fl?T5^1,csft";5r9i1,«. a cow-keeper, abutter- 
tC9tT?r, a. fair, white : 8. a grave, a tomb. 

C?fT?r^61, 8. the act of tending cows. 

C^?"'?1, 8. the preservation of cows. 

C^?r'?^, s. a plant (Solanum rubrum). 

C^t?"^, 8. the fluid productions of a cow, 
viz. milk, whey, curds, butter-milk. 

*C^t?r^T^, 8, a burial ground. 

C9tt?rl, a. white, fair, •/<?/«. C^l^, g^. 

Cfft^, 8. a cow, an ox ; a man (in irony). 

C^C?"T5^t, 8. a bright yellow pigment, or 
that vomited by a cow as a scibula3. 
It is used in medicine, and painting. 

C^ff^f, 8. the brain, dregs, refuse. 

C9Tt^,s. aglobe, a ball, noise, clamour, tur- 
moil, tumult, hubbub, a mob : a. round, 
globular, circular ; -^t)5, timber. 

C^Tc^^, 8, a widow's bastard; a ball, globe. 

CstT^WT'^,^- amonopolist, wholesale dealer. 

C^5T^T?ft, 8. amonopoly,the profession of 

*C'>ft^*itT'gr, 8. artillery troops, [a goldar. 

C'JTt'^^^t^, 8. the business of golandaz. 

C9ftc^irf?r5, 8. black pepper. 

C9ft^irT«7, 8. tumult, confusion, disorder. 

C9ft^1, V. a. to spread a report, to divulge, 
to blab, reveal: a. dissolved : *. a store- 
house, granary, a barn ; a ball, cannon 
ball ; liquid earth and cow-dung used 
for coating or smearing the floors. 

C^T^t^f^,«. balls and their ammunition. 

CM"T5TT^cT, 8. the tailof a cow ; a species of 
monkey, or the baboon. [earth, etc. 

C^T«^T^, a. dissolved : s. the dissolving of 

C?^T«^tf^, 8. the dissolution of earth, etc. 

*C'>tt^lT, 8. a rose, rose-water. 

C^TSTt^t^?, 8 powder and ball, [loured. 

C^TT^T^"^, «. rosy, made of roses, rose-co- 

C*>TT^T^, 8, a fungus, a toadstool, [earth. 

C'JTc'ittTf^) 8' a pot for liquid cowdung and 

C^t^, 8. a bullet, a ball, a pill, a bolus, 

CJtTC?^!^, 8. the paradise of Krishna. 

*C^l*IcT, 8. bathing ; -<T5?1, a bath. 

C^t*TT«11, C^rr^lT^, *. a cow-house. 


I 112 ] 


C9ff*t<s,, s. flesh, meat, [a drove of cows. 

C^n^jS. aflockjherd, cowpen, cowpasture, 

C'ffi^, s.lineage, descent, kindred, family, 
race, clan ; genealogy, pedigree ; assem- 
bly, a meeting ; conversation, discourse 

C^T^IW, 5. tlie print of a cow's foot. 

C'»ft^'5t'?rl, ornament for tlie ear; an 
index of a zamindari account. 

C^t^^, s. the dawn, the break of day. 

C^t^^, C-Jtt^t^, s. the guana. 

C<>rt^1, s. anger, wrath, fury, rage. 

C9fT^5^, s. a grape. [ -^t\5, cow-bone. 

C'?f^^^31,-f^^^1, killing or injuring a cow; 

C^t^TWl", C^T*lt5^1, s. a cow-house. 

C^'^, s. a province lying north of the Gan- 
ges, the central part of Bengal. 

CJtt^t, s, spirit distilled from molasses. 

C^'^vft?, a- belonging to Gaur province. 

Cih^, d' inferior, subordinate : s. inferio- 
rity, subordination ; delay. [dinate, 

C^'l^t^lj-^jS. inferiority, the being subor- 

C^1^^, s. a name of Buddha; also that of a 
sage, the author of Ny ay a philosophy, 

C^ft^, a. fair, white, pale, red, clean, pure. 

C^rl?"^,^- importance, weight, glory, great- 
ness, majesty, grandeur, honour. 

^'t?:^tf%^,C?fl^?^R, a. important, great, 
respectable, honourable, glorious. 

C^ft^^T^^, s, the seat of honour. 

CSff?"!^, ^. white-bodied, white, fair. 

C^'t<rT^, «. fern, idem: s. a fair woman. 

C^lft, s. a name of Durga, a young girl 
of eight years old, a maid, a virgin. 

C^ft^'l^l'^, s. lower stone of the Linga. 

*ffJt^'JtJT^tt^,5. a whining cry, a whimperi 

SfJ'R^rJtl^?!, a. whimpering, whining. 

^1^ ?;,<«. built, arranged orderly (as stones 
or bricks) ; written ; sewed, strung. 

^■^,5. a book, volume, writing, Scripture. 

^\^^s. a builder, a writer, a wickerman. 

^^^gI, 9f^^1<r, s. an author, a compiler, 
a writer, a writer 'of a literary work. 

5i;C^)<r^, s. the authority of a book. 

^\^^ s. stringing of beads, etc., compil- 
ing of a work, the arranging of bricks. 

J'?;^?, a. capable of being written, com- 
posed, or orderly arranged. 

^f%, s. a knot, a knob, a knuckle, a joint. 

•^f^;^, a. orderly arranged, platted, knot- 
ted, sewed, strung, written, compiled. 

^P5^^^, s. the same as ^Tf^'^t\5l, 

5?"^, s. swallowed, involved in, eclipsed. 

ST^f^; s. the setting of the eclipsed sun or 

53"C^T^?, s. the rising of the same. [moon. 

5f ^, s. a planet ; a holding, acceptance, 
tenacity, reception ; -^\^^ the sun. 

^^«1, s. an eclipse ; a taking, receiving, 
accepting, seizing ; ^, to accept, seize. 

^5«i^t^1, s. a harelip. 

^§fi|T^, a. worthy of acceptance, accept- 
able, plausible, satisfactory. 

^5;«ft, s. a dysentery, flux, a diarrhoea. 

53"^4?i^, a. the same as 9J1^J. 

-St^'^rtv^l, s. the evil influence of a planet. 

Sr^^'j s. a recipient, a receiver, a person 
who takes or accepts any thing. 

«^l"sr, 'Si, 8. a village, a hamlet. 

5rr^<lt, s. a village barber, the chief man 
of a village : a. best, excellent, chief. 

^f^^, a. situated in village, rustic. 

9tt^, a. pertaining to a village, rustic. 

^rt^J, a. tame, domestic, rustic, rural, vil- 
lage ; -CW^^l, rural-god; -^"5^, copulation. 

?fT>T, s. a mouthful ; eating of a mouthful. 

^T^T^^tit^, s. food and raiment, [a shark. 

9fl^, s. a taking, acceptance, a reception ; 

it^^, a. taking, receiving, acquiring, s. a 
purchaser, one who accepts or receives. 

^T^^.vji, s. receivership, purchasership. 

^t^,«. taking, receiving, obtaining, pro- 
curing, acquiring : s. a receiver. 

Sff^J, (t. acceptable, worthy of being ac- 
cepted, received, or regarded. 

S\'^^i s. the nape of the neck, the neck. 

■^^^T^W'*^, s. a neckcloth, a cravat. 

1^^^, a. hot, warm, sultry : s. the hot sea- 
son, sultry weather, heat, warmth. 

.rft^^^, a. causing heat, hot. 

^^^t5^,5.the hot season, sultry weather. 

^t^^t^1^,«, of the hot season, summer. 

^^W,#}^Tf^^, a. hot, sultry. 

IjTf^jS.languor; lassitude, fatigue ; a slan- 
der, a censure, reproach, backbiting. 

gjlt^^el, s. a slanderer, a censurer. 


[ 113 ] 


^, tlie 4t]i consonant ; it has tho sound of 
h-ff in /oy-liou80 ; -^T<r, tho letter TT. 

TT^, V. n. to occur, to happen, to befall. 

xr^, 8. an earthen water-pot, a jug, pitcher. 

TT^, 8. a negotiator of marriages. 

TI^^.^1, 8. office of a marriage negotiator. 

■5r^?PTt%, 8. idem ; also, the fee given him. 

TI^ST, 8. a happening, an occurring. 

■JT^^I, s. an occurrence, event, accident. 

TT^sft?, a. liable to happen, probable. 

■JT^'n^lfw, «. a term signifying objects in 
general; lit. pitchers, clothes, etc. 

"511^1, V. a. to cause, to occasion an event. 

"51^1, 8. a concourse, a crowd, ado, parade, 
pomp, a public procession. [sion. 

"5r^T^'^r?r, s. the sound of a great proces- 

TT^TC^T'st, s. a tilt, covering (of palki, etc.) 

TT^T^T, s. a causing to take place. 

■5lf^^.1, 8. the ankle; period of 24 minutes. 

"JlfS^, a. happened, occurred, relating to. 

"JElf^N^^J, a. probable, liable to happen. 

TT bt, 8. a clock, watch ; a brass water-pot. 

■5r^^3, 8. vrell-machine for raising water. 

"51^, 8. a quay or wharf, a landing-place. 

"51^, 8. a private wharf or landing-place. 

"Sr^C'^rt^'n, 8. the communicating of 
news, the making a thing public. 

"51^, s. a pitcher, a water-pot. 

Trf^?!^, *. a crocodile ; a bellman. 

"51^, 8. an hour ; a clock, a watch. 

Tr^5t5t«^1, 8. a watch-maker ; a bellman. 

■5n5JI^5, 8. rattling in the throat, a purring. 

"5r^jr\5l, V. a. to pur, to rattle in the throat. 

■^Tv^jrvST^, 8. the purring of a cat, the mak- 
ing a rattling sound in the throat. 

•5r^"5lf^^1, s. a hyena. 

^\5jlv^, 8. the rattling in the throat at the 
approach of death ; a top, a whirligig. 

TT*^, s. a kind of vegetable curry. 

■5r«^l,*. a bell, a clock-bell; an hour; -^f^, 
-TT^, bell-ringing; -^IW^, a bell-ringer. 

■5I«^T*f^, 8. a highway through a village. 

■^rf^^^l, 8. uvula, the epiglottis. 

■5I«^, 8. a small bell. TI«^, a string of bells. 

"5^, V, a. to dig up the earth (as hogs do): 
a, struck (as old rupees ; but not ^PT.) 

Tl^j 8. a metallic plate to ring; a number, 

an assomblrtgo, a cloud, solidity, exten- 
sion : a. dense, thick, as trees, etc., 
impervious, crowded, incessant, incra*» 
sated, inspissated, thickset, close, near. 

Tr^T^T^r, .<•. rainy season, cloudy weather. 

TT^rfsT?"!, a. full of knots, close knots. 

TT^JTI^, ad, incessantly, repeatedly, often. 

^s^l, 8. thickness, solidity, density, cras- 

■JTJT^^, 8. a cube root, [situde, closeness. 

U^l, V. a. to overtake, to come nean 

■jT^itTr^, a. solid, thick, close, near, imper- 
vious : 8. a cloud, collision, Indra. 

TT^T^, 8. a coming near, an overtaking. 

■^T^Tf ^, «. inspissated, thickened by boil- 

■^rt^^, a. close at hand, very near, [ing, 

■^rfJl^II, s, proximity, a being very near. 

"51^, 8. a bambu cage-trap to catch fish. 

^^■^v5, «. inspissated, become thick or in- 

■a;j?l1, 8. a paramour, a pimp, [cessant. 

T[7i7[,v. n. to be confused or nonplussed. 

^^^cj^ 8, a being confused or nonplussecL 

^^?r1, V. a. to confound, to nonplus, to 
perplex, to confuse, to discompose. 

■5r^?t«l, 5. the exciting ofcou fusion or per- 
plexity, the disturbing of one's mind. 

^<f?'T<1^, ■5I^?'T?t, s. perturbation, confu- 
sion, discomposure, perplexity, non- 

TTC^T?*^, 8. the prickly heat. [plus. 

TT^, 8. a house, a dwelling, a building, a 
loop, a buckle hole, a groove, a family. 

■5r?r^'Sll, 8. a household, a house-keeping. 

■^r^C^T^TcTt, a. taking justice in one's own 

■51^^^, ad, from house to house, [hand. 

■5r<r^, 8, a mill, a machine. 

■5r<r«Vt, s. a wife, a female house-keeper. 

"51^^^^, 8. a home, a residence, the cere- 
mony of bringing a newly married wo- 
man to reside at her husband's house. 

Tr?r-^1^JT,-^i?rl»*breakingup a family; 
the breaking of a house, [in a family. 

■5I|r«f9fTJ^,rt.causingdissensionor breach 

^^T^^TJT, 8, officiousness, a prying into 
another's household concerns, [affairs. 

^■?r^Wt*^> «. officious, prying into family 

^?ri, 8. a receptacle, a drawer, a passage, 

TI^T^, a. domestic, intestine. [a hole. 

^■?'t5lft,a(^botwocnfiimily or neighbours. 


[ 114 ] 


tr^rt"^, 5. a hut-builder, a thatclier. 
■5I'?rT^f^?ft, s. the business of a thatclier 
TEI^^I, a. domestiCjhome-inade, of ahouse 
■5rcir, ad. at home ; -^lftc?r, at home and 
■5rC'?r"5rC'?', ad. in or at every house, [abroad. 
•5I^?r, ■Jl'^irTf*!, «• the rattling of wheels, 

a rattling sound, a purring, 
^"S^, "511^, s, perspiration, sweat. 
■5I"5^r®i^^,fl^.sudorific,causing perspiration. 
■Jtl^Te^, ci. covered with perspiration. 
■5r5&T^, <?. ptrspiring, in a perspiration. 
"51^^ V. a, to rub, to file, to polish, to 

grind, to abrade, to wipe, to varnish. 
■^I'^T^, «. rubbing, filing : s. one who rubs 
or files; an instrument for rubbing, etc. 
■51'^'cj, s. a rubbing, grinding, filing, friction. 
"5lf^%, a. rubbed, cleaned, filed, polished. 
■^T"^^, "Sr"^*!, the same as "51^, ^g^*!. 
^■^f«i, 5. a rubbing, grinding, friction. 
■5I'^1, V. to produce friction, to cause to rub 

or polish : a. rubbed, filed, polished. 
•5I"^t*l, s. a producing friction, acausingto 
file or rub: a. rubbed, filed, polished. 
51^1*1^, s. the production of friction, the 

filing or polishing of a thing. 
■5rf%, s. the powder of dried cow-dung, 
"511, s. aknock,blow,cut, gash, wound, sore, 
an ulcer ; -Wl,-^!?", to strike, to knock; 
-C'ftT^'^l, callous, weather-beaten. 
Tlf^, s. the wheel in which silk is rolled in 
manufacturing it; flouncing of a fish in 
water; -c?T\5l,a moving about in anger. 
■^It^'^j^.a fault, crime, misdemeanor, guilt, 

sin ; abatement, defect, flaw : a. less. 
■5Tt^^^tl%, «^. less or more. 
"5^1^^, "^^5 V. a. to stir up, to stir or mix. 
■^T^^, "^I^t^, s. a mixing or stirring up. 
iQt^, V. a. to rouse up, to stimulate : a. 
stirred up, mixed : s. the blade-bone or 
scapula of an animal ; a corn, callosity. 
■^T^t^, a. roused up, stirred up : s. the 

rousing up of a person or animal. 

iSlt^, s. track of animals, a watch post, an 

ambush, road for thieves to retreat by. 

■^T^, T[«5'T^-«f, "^^^Z, s. names of a god 

who presides over itches, [our of "^1^. 

■^t^'^l5fT^\^t1%, s. a ceremony in hon- 

TTIC^I, s. a kind of theatrical dance. 
■^K, V. a. to affect the heart, to speak so 

as to strike the heart, 
^1^^, ■'^T^t^, s, speaking or acting so as 
to strike or aff'ect the hearts of others. 
'SltC'ftr^tll, a. callous, wounded, weather- 
beaten, hardened by beating ;/e7?^. ■5lT>ft. 
^T'5r?rl, s. a petticoat, an apron, a gown, 
■5rT"5rf?r, s. a rabbet, a groove. 
■5IT^, V. a. to be deficient, to fall short. 
"511^, s. a quay, wharf, landing-place, afer- 
ry, mountain pass; -^\\, to smuggle ; 
--srt^*!, a smuggling ; -irl?"f«i?r1, a smug- 
gler ; -"STT?"!, a smuggling ; a smuggler. 
Tlt^l, V. a. to abate, to diminish, reduce, 
to lessen : s. a corn, callosity, a sore. 
^T^t^, s. reducing or abating the value 
of a thing, the diminishing of a thing. 
"511^, s. a fault, a crime ; a watch-post. 
^T^5, "5111%, s. the hinder part of the neck. 
■^ItvSMTfR, the neck. "SIT^JR, assent by nod. 
"511^, s. a knock, a blow, wound, [striker. 
HT'J^, «. smiting, striking: s. a murderer, 
■5IIn5^, s. a smiting, hurting, killing. 
■5lT^^, a. destructive, murderous, cruel. 
^tt^, ^If^^ft"^, s. an oil-mill, [spiration. 
■5It"S,t?. n. tosweat,perspire: s. sweat, per- 
■^Ilir^, s. a sweating, a perspiring. 
■5lT^?r, a. full of ulcers or wounds. 
"511^1, V. a. to cause to sweat or perspire. 
■5lT^t^, a. covered with perspiration. 
^t^TTfs, s. the prickly heat, [to perspire. 
■5lT^T^, s. a causing to perspire : a. made 
■5Ifsj<r, s. the opening of a sore or ulcer. 
■5rTC?:C"5IK?r, ad. by signs, by inuendoes, 

privately, secretly, figuratively. 
■JlTt^, a. wounded : s. a sore, cut, an ulcer. 
•5]f*tiTJ, a. free from wounds or ulcers. 
"511^1, s. grass, meadow grass, hay. 
■5ItJ!^^1, "5111^^1^1, s. a grass-cutter. 
^t^^?r, or. full of grass, grassy, [grass. 
^t^t^T?rt, a. graminivorous, feeding on 
"^t3J\ft?I1, a. idem : s. a grass-cutter. 
■^T^<l1, a. of grass, grassy. 
1%, clarified butter; -^^TT^, see ^3^^t?ft. 
f%5f^^^, f%f^j, a. dense, crowded, imper- 
f^^, s.Uie same as ^^il, [vious. 



frr^rf^I^, s. the winning cry of a cliild. 

fsi^l, a. oily, butyraceous, shining. 

flr?^, V. a. to surround, to hedge round. 

ficl^«|, s. a hedging round, a fencing in, 

"sf fsf a. crooked, tortuous, concealed. 

■jf f^srf*!^', «• having very crooked horns. 

^*"^, V. a. to grind by rubbing, to rub so 
as to polish, to look well into allairs. 

"sT^^, «.the actof rubbing or grinding, the 
looking well into any affair. 

"sf ^f^, s. arubbingorgrindingin amortar, 
the looking well into business; the in- 
strument used in rubbing or polishing. 

"jf ft, s. gravel, nodule, ball, a die, men in 
chess or in other games, hairs left uncut 
in shaving, a decoction for infants. 

■^ftc"'Q»5Tl, s. casting of lots; throw of a die. 

?f 05l1, s. dried cakes of cow-dung used for 

TT vjt, s. a paper kite ; a mare. [fuel. 

'^<K^% s.ihe grunting of a pig. 

it^.'^f t^?r1, a. grunting, restive : s. a pig. 

■5iTr, s. a dove, a wood-pigeon. 

■5r"5]^T^t^, s. a dove's snare, the reward 
attendant on an imprudent action. 

■JITr^l,?!^ ^?^s. mole-cricket; uiV/e^'JT'Vl. 

■JI^fT, 8. smallbells, a string of small bells. 

"515, V. n. to remove, to open, to yield, to 
pass away, to disappear. 

^r5^, a. removed, yielded to, opened, pass- 
ed away : s. a removing, a yielding, the 
taking off clothes, a passing away. 

■5r5l, V. a. to open, to loosen, to rescind, to 
cancel, to rub out, to dispel, to remove. 

■^j^l^, s.therepealingofalaw, the rubbing 
out of an old score, the dispelling of 
danger, the removing of misfortune. 

"55^, "Jif^, s. the ankle ; a kind of jujube. 

■5r^^?ScT, s. confusion, disorder. 

TT&t) s. the ankle ; a chessman, or rather 
small nodules used in play. 

^^J^^, s. great darkness, gloom. 

■^"^^TI^?!, a. gloomy, blinding, very dark. 

^^^^1, s. the knee ; a muller. 

"SJ^, ■JTNSt, s. a paper kite ; a mare. 

^<[, V. a. to dig up the earth (as swine). 

■^«j, s. the name of a wood insect. 

■5T«it^?r, a, without pains : s. a hint. 

[ 115 ] v?r 

^«ft, 8. a kind of bambu fish-trap. 

^*l^*t» *-the buzz of humble beesor largo 

W5I«11, V. n. to buz, to growl, [beetles. 

■^<i^«lT;7,-5T«jTRTf5T, s. a buzzing sound. 

^«<^"S^«lTf5^^1, a. buzzing about, growling. 

■^*^, "^^t *. a button ; -Tr?"!, a button-hole. 

■^*1"5IM, 8. the flouncing of large fishes. 

■^^v. n. to sleep, to slumber: 8, sleep. 

"STT, 8. sleep, slumber ; -*fT^,to lull one to 

^■ST^f^?!, a. slothful, sleepy. [sleep. 

■JTSJ^TT, *. sleep and slumber. 

■^sr^, s. the act of sleeping, repose. 

■^sr^, a, asleep, sleeping, dozing. 

■g^5r^T\5T^, «.the lulling of a child to sleep. 

■^5T«>fT\5TR^, a. lulling children to sleep. 

■^sr^t^^T, s. the awaking out of sleep. 

■JrmST^, a. awake, roused from sleep. 

■^ir^l^rt^, s. the rousing one from sleep. 

"S^^l, V. to sleep, to lull, to excite sleep. 

■^srr^, s. a sleeping ; a. asleep, sleeping. 

■^csr, ad. while asleep, in a slumber. 

■^?r, V. to whirl, turn round, roll, revolve. 

■^<rl, s.the mole-cricket; a sort of ulcer. 

^c^, V. to stir liquids, to dissolve in water. 

■'^c^^, s. a dissolving, stirring, agitating. 

"3^^, V. a. to repeat, proclaim, talk about, 
to enter, run into ; to box : s. a bribe. 

'^,«. small (fishes) : «. afist, box, fist-blow. 

■^^•^r^^l, a. venal, corrupt, [to expunge. 

■5r^\F, V. to enter, to creep or retreat into, 

5j^\g?T, 8. the creeping, retreating, or enter- 
ing into a place, expunging, [herbs. 

■jPBTvSl, V. to force in, thrust in : decoction of 

■5r^\5T^, s. a forcing in, a thrusting in. 

■5j"^«l , ■Jl'^f'l, s. declaring of a thing ; a box- 
ing ; entering or running into a place. 

■5r"^1, V. to box, give fist-blows; to cause to 
enter : a. small (fishes) : s. a fist, a box. 

■^f^f^, s. a reciprocal boxing, pugilism. 

■^R'T^T^, s. small fishes. [trate. 

■^^^1, V. a. to creep in, to enter, to pene- 

"^^T^, s. a causing to creep in or enter. 

'^^,«. a loose female,,a private prostitute. 

■^, a, uttered, sounded, made, [vocal. 

■JT'^J^"^, 8. bribes, peculation. 

TiTT, V. n. to turn, revolve, swing, [whirl. 

^^% s. a tui-ning, a revolving, swinging, a 


t 116 ] 


TET?"!*!^ s. a revolution, a whirl, a turning. 

^^*1T^, s. a distortion, a twist, a whirl. 

•STfTl, V. a. to turn, to whirl, to subvert. 

?i?rT*l, s. the whirling, turning or swinging 
of a thing round, the spinning of a top. 

TI? tf^ <Il5«. wandering,revolving, whirling 

■5r?:Tf«l?lT^t^f^, s. a whirlwind, [round. 

ia«f, s. a revolution, a turn, a whirl, a roll- 
ing : a. whirling, turning, revolving. 

■5I«f§}e^, s, a whirlpool, an eddy. 

^4^1^,'^«f^I^T JT, s. a whirlwind, a cyclone. 

^«i^ti^, ■^^tt?]^!^, a. turning, revolving, 
whirling, swinging round, rolling. 

*5[c(l, s. a giddiness, a vertigo ; a turning, 
a whirling motion ; a whirlpool, eddy. 

^f«f, s. a circular motion, a revolution j a 
swinging, turning, vertigo; a whirligig. 

isf«f^, a. turned round, revolved, whirled. 

^«l1, s. disgust, hatred, antipathy, abhor- 
rence, a nausea, a dislike. [sea. 

^«lT^?r, a. causing disgust, exciting nau- 

^«1T^^, a. malevolent, full of disgust. 

^«ll'<', a. disgusting, detestable, hateful. 

^fst'J, a, abhorred, hated, abominated. 

^«iJ, a, abominable, hateful, disgusting. 

^^, ftj s. clarified butter, glii. 

^^?^^r?^, s. an ornamental plant.^ 

^f W, s. a jar of clarified butter. 

^^^«^J1, s. a pond of clarified butter. 

^^^?r, a. abounding with clarified butter. 

^^, a. rubbed, polished, abraded. 

C^^'^1, a. full of wounds or ulcers. 

C^?, ctsl, V. a. to supplant, to frustrate, 
to shuffle cards or other articles. 

CJa^^l, a. scurrilous, obscene, vulgar. 

ct^]^, s. a supplanting, the shuffling of 
cards : a. supplanted, shuffled. 

CTI]^,^. a species of plant (Arum orixense). 

ft-^, v, meddle with^ to intermeddle. 

C^^l, V. a. idem. [animal. 

C^^T^j^. the meddling with a person or 

C^"^, s. the same as -J^l^, which see. 

C'^\, V. a. to rub against, to come in con- 
tact : s. pitch : a. thickly crowded. 

C"^^*!, s. EL rubbing : a. rubbed. 

C^TO, or C^"^!, V. n. to draw along the 
ground, to trail, to run, to drag. 

C^"^^^, c€"^5t5T, cS"^\^Tt^, s. the trailing 
or drawing of things along the ground. 

(TS"^!, v. a. to cause to rub, to rub, polish: 
a, rubbed, filed, polished. 

C^r^TC^f^, a. close, thick, crowded. 

ct^F*!, s. a causing to rub, the filing or 
rubbing of a thing so as to polish it. 

C^I^I, V. a. to entreat, to importune, pray : ' 
s. intreaty, importunate. [tuning. 

C^^t^, s. the act of intreating or impor- 

C^T^TI^, s. importunity, incessantintreaty. 

C^^II^?T1, a. importunate, troublesome. 

C^^, V. n. to fail, to decrease, to diminish, 

CH'^, V. a. to surround, to encompass, to 
enclose, to invest, to impound. 

C^^'^TT^, s. a boundary, a hedge. 

C^'^^, s. a surrounding, a fencing, an en- 
circling, the inclosing of a field or gar- 
den, the investing of a city. 

C^'^^, V. a. to cause to surround; to invest, 
to besiege : s. a circle, a bound hedge, 
a fence : a. surrounded, fenced in. 

CSr^t*!, s. the surrounding or fencing of a 
thing : a. fenced in, surrounded. 

t'SI^I, s. depth : a. deep. 

OTSf, s. a corner, crook or bend in a road, 
a crooked outlet from a person's yard. 

C'5ITt, s.the agitating of a topic of conver- 
sation, the rubbing of a substance in a 
mortar, a mouthful (of liquid). 

C^I^^, s. the canvassing of an affair, the 
rubbing of any thing in a mortar. 

c€T^^1, s. a pestle, a muUer. 

C^Il^l, V. a. to cause the canvassing of an 
afi'air, to cause to be rubbed in a mor- 
tar : a. agitated, stirred up, rubbed. 

C"§l^TiT, s.causing an aJffair to be canvass- 
ed, causing to be rubbed in a mortar: 
a. agitated, canvassed, rubbed. 

C'^t'?T^T^«l, 5. a pawing with the forefoot. 

C"^«^, C'^RC'^i'?,, s. the grunting of a hog. 

C5t<^rfTl%?rl5 ct' grunting : 6". a pig, a hog. 

C^W, s. a snail ; a musical instrument. 

C^Tv§t^n5, s. a genus of shell or Cyprea, 

C^l^^l, a. deep-sounded, hoarse, guttur- 
al : V, n. to utter a deep note. 

C?Il^f T«l% «. a deep or hoarse sound. 


[ in ] 


C-jtW, 8. a motal plate, a gong. 

C^t^^, s. a horse ',fejn. c^l^^. [race. 

CTIt^, 5. liinder part of aslioo ;-CW^^, horso- 

C'5lTv5^tf^, s. a carriage drawn by horses. 

C^T^C5T5^1, a. pulled up behind (as shoes). 

C^T:5C^^,«. spread around, wrappedround. 

C"5IT\^ni^1, C"5rrv$T*n5^1, s. a stable. 

C^5l, s. a horse ',fem. C^T^, or '^^. 

C^Tv5T5\5l s. a riding, a horseman, cavalry. 

C"5TT\5Tt^^, s. a variety of the Melia azadi- 

CTIlv^t^^r, s. a kind of pulse.* [rachta. 

C^Iiv^^, s. an elk : a. fond of riding. 

C^T*l1, *. a sort of musquito curtain. 

C"5rT«^1, *. the betel-nut tree. 

C"5rT*1', s. a large bush : a. dark, bushy. 

C^t*^'5lT^, s. large bushes, windings. 

CSIT^t^if?", s. a port, an harbour. 

C^lT^^fT^, «.bushy .abounding with bushes. 

C^IT^^I, s. a veil for the face ; -Wl, to veil. 

Cni <r, a. terrific, gloomy, dark, dreadful, 
awful, formidable, tremendous ; intri- 
cate, abstruse, occult, recondite : s. 
darkness, gloom, horror, dread. 

C^t^^^f, d- very dreadful, gloomy, awful. 

C'5IT^^1,-'^, 5.awfulness, dreadfulness, ob- 
scurity, gloominess, gloom, darkness. 

CTItTr^tsr^, s. the dispelling of gloom. 

Cill?r1, V. a. to revolve, to whirl, to turn. 
s. a whirling : a. revolving, whirling. 

C'5rT?rT«l, s. causing of a thing to revolve. 

C^It?:!^, ^"511^1^, ci' recondite, mysterious, 
ambiguous, vague, dark, obscure. 

C'5IiC^^tC?",<?<^. darkly, obscurely, by signs 

C^lTc^, s. buttermilk ; an eddy, [or tokens. 

C^T^m'^;^, s. the churning of butter. 

C^T«1^^^, s. a churning stick ; a plant.' 

C^lTc^l, V. a. to make muddy, to dissolve : 
a. turbid, muddy, semifluid, dissolved. 

C^rr^^ll^?!, a. muddy, turbid, semifluid. 

C^T«1t^, s. a stirring of water to make it 
turbid : a. dissolved, turbid, semifluid. 

CTItc^Tf^?!!, a. dissolving, making muddy. 

CTlTc^tsY, a. thick, turbid, muddy. 

C^TT^, 8, a sound, a cry, an appellation, an 
appellation applied to herdsmen. 

C5rr^«11, s. a proclamation, a sermon, pub- 
lic preaching; -Wi) or •'^, to proclaim. 

CTlt^St^llf, 8. a written proclamation. 

C^I"^«lT^3p^, 8. a public or auction sale. 

C5rt^1,v. a. to proclaim, to publish, mako 
known, to preach, to inculcate. 

CTrT'55'H, «.a proclaimini^, a publishing, a 
preaching: a, proclaimed, published. 

C"5rif^'5,a. proclaimed, published, preach- 
ed, declared, inculcated. 

CTfl?r, 8. meditation, deep reflection. 

■^, a. destructive, ruinous ; only used as 
the list member of a compound word. 

Wt^WT^tt^, 8. a whining cry of a child. 

^«1, 8. a scent, a smell, act of smelling. 

^TC«if^?, 8. the sense of smelling. 

^Iv5, a. smelled to, scented. 

^, the fifth consonant. It is scarcely ever 
used except when compounded with 
another letter ;-^'T?", the letter ^. 

5, the sixth consonant; it has the sound 

of ch in child : conj. and, also. 
5^TcT, 8. the jaw-bone ; -5f?r^, to have the 

locked jaw, to be seized with Tetanus. 
5^, 8. a kind of pepper (Piper chuvya). 
5^, 8. a market-place, a square. 
5^'?f*trt, ^^t^5^5T, 8. a square of buildings. 
5^fr5^?r, 8. a lapping, a lapping sound. 
]?^1, 5I^^T^,«. the ruddy goose ;*/<?7/i.5l%, 
5^I^t%, s. idem, (the generic name). 
5^T?r, a. the letter 5. [ful, affrighted. 
^f^.^, a. timorous, alarmed, startled, fear- 
5C*T?r, 8. a species of partridge ;* timber. 
K^liT^^Ty, 8. a timber (the best), [ping. 
^^^,fl'. shining, vivid, clear, glaring; lap- 
5^5<i4i*^, 5^5t^, ^^^"srqiTf^, 8. brightness, 

brilliancy, lustre, clearness, glare. 
C^^t^?l, a. glaring, bright, glittering. 
^^^tirl, 8. a tally of land ; vide ^^^ptf. 
5^?!^, 8. a glaring, a glittering, a flash. 
^"5r<Pi, v.ti. to shine, flash, glare, glitter. 
5^Trf^, 8. a flash, a glare, glitter; a flint. 
5^^t%vf]«if^, s. a flint. 
15^ij-f%in, a. glaring, radiant, flashing. 
^^^1, s. a district, province, estate, manor, 

a number of villages. [the manor. 
^^5^TWT?", 8. owner of a district, a lord of 
^^I^wift, s, the olfice of a chakladar. 


[ 118 ] 


^3;, s. a wheel, a potter's wheel, a discus, 
a circle, a period of time, a revolution, 
an army, combination, plot, conspiracy, 
arealm, aprovince, region, amultitude, 
a heap, a whirlpool, a system, a form of 
military array, the ruddy goose. 
^;:^^3p, ^;:^ir^, s. combinations, conspi- 
racies, plots, wheels and the like. 
^I5»*lTf«l , <?. wielding the discus : s. Vishnu. 
^;^^:§f , a. seated in a province or estate : 
s. lord of a manor, master of an estate, 
ruler of a province, an emperor, aking. 
TJ^^t^jS.the ruddy goose (Anascasarca). 
^;5»^M, s. a hurricane, a whirlwind, a cy- 
^I«»^f%, s. compound interest. [clone. 
^;5't^T?r, 5:a>l^t^, a. circular, round. 
^:^y s. Vishnu, an emperor, governor of 
aprovince ; a potter, oilman, ajuggler, 
an informer, a serpent, a ruddy goose, 
^^l^f^, (I'd. face to face, eye to eye. 
^■^, *. the eye; -■ft'^T, to wink ;-"^^1, to 
undeceive, blindfold ;-st^^1, to beckon. 
C\5t?' ^"^f "STToTl •fttl, may you be blind. 
^^"s^^^l, 5^C^H, 8. disease of the eyes. 
^■i^S^^1,5. a snake. ^"^S^, situated in the 
^^C^oit^, s. scaling of the eyes. [eye. 
^^CJiT^^r, ci. visible, present to the eye. 
^^pfr^, s, the giving of sight to an idol. 
^^, a. handsome, good, eminent, sound, 
*5^1, a. recovered from disease. [healthy, 
^^t"^, s. recovery, a cure, health, good- 
^^T^t, s. a kind of basket, [ness, beauty. 
^^I^?ri, a. throbbing, shifting, uneasy. 
15^ ?T,«. fickle, changeable, capricious, un- 
steady, inconstant, fluctuating, fluid. 
IJ^c^^l, s. fickleness, instability, caprici- 
ousness, inconstancy, changeableness. 
^^«^1, s. lightning ; a name of Lakshmi. 
^^, 5. the bill of a bird, a beak, 
^^^"^j s, the bill of a bird when shut. 
^?^^f5,s.thetaylor bird (Sylvia sutoria). 
^^..5 V. n. to split, break off, shiver off : 

s. sackcloth, canvas : ad. hastily. 
^^^, 5. show, gaudiness ; a sparrow ; fern. 
^^JT, s. a splitting, a cracking. [5^f^. 
^"^1, a. a. to cause to crack or break into 
■ shivers : s, a splinter, a small chip. 

^^1^^, ^'^t', s. cracking sound of a whip. 

^^5©, s. alienation, breach, quarrel. 

5^t^, s. a plain, a strand ; a breaking off 
in splinters ; a. splintered, shivered. 

5^t^, a. broad, wide, spacious. 

^^t, 5. a sackcloth, canvas, a mat, a flat 
thin rod of split bambu. ( -TJt?r,to slap. 

^^<5;Tl,5'^^t^1,«- aslap with the flat hand; 

5^j^1, «?. to knead, temper clay : 5. a shrub.^ 

^^?Pt^, s. a kneading: a. kneaded. 

5^^Tl^, s. the kneading of dough, etc. 

^^J^lf^?1, s. one who kneads. 

^^5^^, ad. speedily, quickly ; .^^«i, a be- 
ing viscid, sticky or gummy. 

5^^^tt^, s. viscidity, clamminess, [cid. 

5^J5^?1,<«. gummy, glutinous, viscous, vis- 

5^*^^, a. quick : ad. quickly, speedily. 

^^'si"f^<11, restless, active, fluent,talkative, 

^5^*1^, s. activity, restlessness, [voluble. 

^\5^, V. n. io mount, to ascend, to go on 
board a boat or ship, to climb : to slap. 

5v^, s. a slap, a slap on the face, [of rice. 

^\5^, ^^^, s. a sparrow; -^C<1, a variety 

5\5^, V. to grow worse, to throb, twinge. 

^\5^, ^<r^, s. the swinging festival. 

^\;^^5T, s. a twinging, a smarting. 

^^^c?, a. excessive, very painful. 

5\5^,s. the act of mounting, ascending, or 
climbing up, the going on board a boat. 

^\5^ffT?r, s. a supercargo. 

^N^l, V. a. to place or set on a thing, to 
bend a bow, to raise, to slap : 5. a shal- 
low, a shoal: a. bent, high, exalted. 

5'^T'S, s. an invasion, an attack, an onset, 
an inroad, an assault, an aggression. 

^?rt^^t?r^, s. an invader, an aggressor. 

5v5T^<2l'1, s. loud language, bullying lan- 
guage, an emphatical expression. 

^^51^1%, s. a mutual slapping on the face, 
the sport vulgarly called leap-frog. 

^;5K, s. a cracking or snapping sound. 

5v5TW?r, s. a high price : a. high-priced. 

5\^t^, s. causing to mount or ride, act of 
placing a thing upon a shelf, fire, etc. ; 
bending of a bow, a raising the price. 

5^Tt»l?rt, a. elevating, increasing, [wide. 

5s5t«t^1, fi.neutralized,balanced,high and 


[ 119 ] 


^^1"*t^, s. an accent, loud noiso. 

^v5j5^5, s. a cracking or crackling noise ; 
the rending of the heart with distress. 

^^5^1", a. making a crackling or sputter- 
ing noise : 8. curry of only small fishes. 

"5^^, 8. an increase, advance in price. 

^«i ^,.?.gram ,a sort of pea (Cicer arietinum) . 

^!3,«. very passionate, furious, great, very 
strong, violent, angry, enraged. [lence. 

^tsil, s. rage, fury, excessive passion, vio- 

U!3l5T, 8. an outcast, a scamp : a. cruel. 

^;St6^^l, 8. the condition of an outcast. 

^?BTcTl?l, a. low, vulgar, unprincipled. 

^f^^, s. a name of Durga. [exploits. 

^^, s. idem; a poem which celebrates her 

^% s. the common monkey; a rat. 

^1?^, 8. a species of lark. [fourth. 

l^^S-c^^n^, fifty-four. ^v|S^5^t*f5-5r, fifty- 

^^S's^T'^, s. the four sides, all the sides. 

P^S-s^T^f^, a. situated on all sides. 

^^S*r^, a. four hundred. 

^\|S*rTc^1, 8. a cluster of four houses. 

^^S-^^, ^^l^1$^5r, a. the sixty-fourth. 

^^^S^1^, a. sixty-four. [fourth. 

^^S^'^^,seventy-four; -3^, the seventy- 

15\S^in, s. a border or boundary on all 
sides ; -?t%g, bordered on all sides. 

^^?5", a, four; clever, acute, active, ingeni- 
ous, dexterous, artful, crafty, cunning 

^^7r\*r,*. four quarters or shares ; -f, to 

5^?r ^?r, s, four letters. [quarter. 

5^?r^<fl?, a. compound of four letters. 

^\^<r^, a. (an army) composed of four 
parts, or full complete, viz. elephantry, 
chariotry, cavalry, and infantry. 

^v^i^'ST^ «^, s. an army composing as above, 

^^^ty^, a. fern gen. the same as B^f <rof . 

^^?" *-^f -^j s. dexterity, acuteness, acti- 
vity, cleverness, ingenuity, artfulness. 

^^<r*lti%, a. eight-four ; -ITT, eighty-4th. 

^v^?r^, a, quadrangular, square. [ma. 

^\|^Rs, a. four-faced; epithet of Brah- 

^v^?rT^ ,s. craftiness,dexterity,acutene8s. 

^^8*1, ad. fourfold : a. quadruple. 

^"v^of, or 5^5 ^rf , a. the fourth. 

T5^^\*I, s. a quarter, the fourth part. 

^^^*t, a. fourteen. B^^W^ft, a. fourteenth. 

5^5fw, ^^fw"?^, ad. on all sides. [ing. 

5^fwV^, situated on all sides, surrouud- 

^■vjfpfC^f, ad. on all sides, all around. 

B^^fV^Jl'sl^, a. occupying all sides. 

5^C^T«T, ^^CM^l, *. a litter, a sedan. 

B^^l, a. fourfold, of four sorts. 

5^^T'*Tlt%, 8. a religious ceremony. 

^^•^/J^) a. ninety-four ; -s^, ninety- ith. 

B^^9fs. four objects of human pursuit, viz. 
love, riches, religion and beatitude. 

^^^fif, s. the four classes of Ilindus, viz. 
brahman, kshetri, vaishya, and sudra j 
the four priucipal colours, viz. white, 
black, blue and red ; four letters. 

^N^fiA*Tt%,twenty-four ; -^5r, twenty.4th 

5^R5:r, a. of four sorts, of four kinds. 

B^^C^ff, 8. the fourvedas, viz. the Sama, 
Eik, Yajur, and the Atharva. [vedas. 

5\|C?W^, a. acquainted with the four 

5^^^, a. four-armed; epithet of Vishnu. 

5^ i^"«r, a. four-faced ; an epithet of Brah- 
ma : s. the name of a medicine. 

5\^\%, s. the four yugas, or ages, viz. 
Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. 

5v^^Tl%S*r,15^*5^Tf?\*njir, the forty- 

5v^*6^tft\'*t=5., a. forty-four. [fourth. 

5^(.^ ['■1 a. quadrangular : s. a quadrangle. 

^^#?l, a. lour ; e. g. ;§j^5v^?i, four men 

5^5^^, a. quadrifoliate. 

5\|»^W, a. four- footed : s. a quadruped. 

B^'<?^f55^, 8. a college, an academy, 

B^^fTW, a. four-footed : 8, a quadruped. 

Bn^*^!"^, 8. the four sides. 

5^*1 tC^, ad' ou all sides, all around. 

Bv|>f3\*T, 5^f3\*T55I, the thirty-fourth. 

5^|>^fa\*t'^, a. thirty-four. 

5«<r, 8. a courtyard, a sacrificial ground. 

15^Tf?:\*T, ^^lt?\*f^5r, a. the fortieth. 

5^lt?\*T«., a. forty. 

5itl, «. the same as ^«|^. [album). 

5**tJT, 5**!^^!^, j. sandal- wood (Santalum 

5'*tJ(-vft^1-'si'i^1, 5 a sandal-woodgriud- 

5*5t JRl, 8. a species of parrot, [ing stone. 

5»*TS?Tf^t^5T, s. a medicinal oil exti-acted 
from sandal-wood and other ingredients. 

5***!, 8. a subscription, a collection. 

5^3'^9*»^1^® moon ; -^'4ft,/. moon-faced. 


[ 120 ] 


]?-^?5r!l, s. the digit of the moon. 

^^^T^, s. a precious stone, jasper. 

^^C^i«t1,5.iianie of a town near Burdwan. 

^^•?f^<l, s. an eclipse of the moon. 

^-^^^5, crescent-crested; epithet of Shiva. 

5 ^^5, 5. a vow or duty peculiar to kings ; 
the coronation oath. [jab river. 

^■^^T^fl?^. one of the streams of thePan- 

.1?^"5r!S«T, s. the lunar orb. 

•^•^■sif^^l, 5. a beautiful flowering plant.^ 

^^^1, ^f^^l) s. the moon. 

^-^•^t?r, s. a kind of ornamental neck- 

^■?^^T^, s. a kind of sword. [chain. 

15^1^5 *f J 51 ^^1, s. an awning, a canopy. 

^■^T^^, a. moon-faced. 

15'^t»T^, s. a paraselene, a mock-moon. 

I5f^^1,s. moon-light, the lunar rays. 

1S?C^TW?r, s. the rising of the moon. 

15*^, ad, quickly, speedily, hastily, [risk. 

^*t^, s. the open or flat palm ; jeopardy, 

15*1^?'T^, s. a buckle, breastplate, badge. 

^«t^f^, S' a police officer, a person dis- 
tinguished by a badge of office. 

^^cT, a. unsteady, wavering, tremulous, 
fickle, swift, expeditious, instantaneous. 

^*Ten^1, -W s, unsteadiness, tremulous- 
ness, fickleness, swiftness, expedition. 

IP^STl, fem.vide 5^?T.5 name of Lakshmi ; 
lightning ; a coquette, a harlot, whore. 

5C«^^, s. a slap, the flat palm. fpalm 

l?C«t^t^t^, s. a slap, a blow with the flat 

^5^.^7T^, s. a sort of man's frock or gown. 

■^^"5^, ad, quickly, speedily, hastily, 

^t^«^1,a,blithe,buxom, merry, gay, active. 

^f^*t, twenty-four, 5t%*t1, twenty-fourth. 

^■sr^, s. a twinkling brightness, a flashy a 
glance, a panic : v. a. to heat slightly. 

15^1%^, a. aghast, aff'righted, alarmed. 

^^\51, s. leather, skin, hide. [ment. 

^"sr^^t?",*. surprize,astonishment,amaze- 
^5r<s,?^:?rt, a. surprizing, astonishing. 
^il<5s^^, a. surprized, astonished, amazed. 
IJ'Sl^o *• a flower-garden, a bed of flowers. 
^:5i^, s. the Yak or Tartarian ox, a fly- 
brush ; a compound pedicel. [sel. 
^ir^, s.a ladle, a spoon, a spoon-like ves- 
*5l^?^t^C^t% s. a dealer in leather. 

l?il, s. an army, a squadron. [tering^ 

^t;j^?P^, s. a starting, a shuddering, a glit- 

^TI^^1, V. a. to start, to shudder, to shrug ^ 
to flash, glitter, coruscate ; to parch. 

^"Si^^T^, s. a startling, a starting, a flash- 
ing, coruscation: a, slightly parched, 
startled, flashing, coruscant. [cation. 

^"Sj^^tt^, s. a start, shudder, a flash, corus- 

^■5[^, s. a kind of small tinsel ornaments. 

■^iI^Tr^, ad. with shrinking and startling. 

^TI^^l, s. a spoon, a ladle. 

^■»^^, s. a fragrant yellow flower tree.^ 

^'^^,5'. a withdrawing, absconding, van- 

^C^t%, s. a species of jasmine.^ [ishing. 

^?, s. a multitude, an assemblage, a col- 
lection, a heap, mound, a ridge of earth. 

15?^, s. a collecting, a culling(of flowers). 

5?^^, a. fit to be gathered or collected. 

^■^, V. n. to graze, to pasture : s. a scout, 
a spy, an emissary: a. movable, mobile. 

^^■^, s. the name of a writer on medicine; 
the book written by Charaka; the swing- 
ing festival, the machine for swinging. 

T5^^^T^, s. the machine for swinging. 

5^^^3i1, s. the worship or religious cere- 
mony of swinging in honour of Shiva. 

15<r45Jl\:^Tl%, s. dayof charak-puja. [lass. 

^■<r^1, s. spinning-wheel, a capstan, wind- 

^?r^.^. a kind of firework, a small wheel, 
a wheel, a reel, a jenny, a cotton ma- 
chine, a pillory ; a winch, a crank. 

5^*j, s. the foot; a poeticalfoot ; agrazing, 
a pasturing, a feeding in a pasture. 

5^«1^i5fl", s. a wife ; a sandal, clog, patten. 

^?'«l2i"^TWT^, a complimentary expression 
meaning thro' the kindness of ( — )foot. 

5?"«l^^c^, 5^«1^5Jr, s. the two feet. 

^^«1C^^^, a. serving the foot, a phrase 
equal to "humble servant" in English. 

^■^ «JC^^1, serving the foot, humble service. 

5<r«lT^^, 5. the water in which abrahman 
dips his the ; lit. the nectar of the foot. 

^<r«1t^?r, s. a cock, a chanticleer. 

^?rc«lTW^, s. the same as 5?«jT^\5. 

^^C«iMi^, ad. near the foot, at the foot. 

T5f ^1, s. a species of nettle. 

*5?["^^, a. active, vigilant, attentive. 


1^^ 5?"^, s. fat, suet, tallow ; -WT<r, greasy, 
■ ^^T^^t, s. pride, self-complaceucy, self- 
m applause, the voice of merriment. 
r 15?^, «• last, ultimate, final; western, west. 
J P?r^^T3T, 8. the time of death. 

5<r*T, s. a kind of intoxicating drug. 

^<r^,«. addicted to the snvjkiug of ^^'f. 

U^l, V, to feed and attend cattle, [world, 

^?rT5?, movable and immovable: *.tho 

^^T*l, s. the tending or feeding of cattlei 

^?rtf«i» s. the grazing or feeding of cattle. 

^^TTst,*. a pasture, meadow, [customary. 

^^15, a. moved, acted, done, instituted ; 

5l?^t^, prosperous, successful in an un- 

5^^T9lf , desirous of success, [dertaking. 

^t?;5, «. a history ; conduct, disposition, 

^t?^, a. active, mobile, movable, [usage. 

5^, s. a meat-offering, oblation of milk. 

^^^T?^, s. a plate for the meat-offering. 

15^C^t^,s. the oblation of a meat-offering. 

^^1, 5. reflection, consideration, delibera- 
tion, action, mention -^ an anointing. 

^■^Tf«t*fl\?1, s. a species of small ant. 

^^«|., 5. a chewing, a masticating. 

^^*i\?, ^^J, a. masticable, that may be 

^f^^, a. chewed, masticated, [chewed. 

I^f^lS^I, s. a tautology, a repetition. 

^^^, or 5^f^, s. the same as ^^T'^^t. 

^'S^, s. a skin, a hide, leather ; a shield. 

^?^^T<r, s. atanner, currier, shoe-maker. 

^^5f^<5l, s. a smaller species of bat. 

^■S^-sfT^^I, 8^ a leathern shoe. [shield. 

^■saT, a. bearing a shield : s. one who bears a 

5"5"J, a. practicable, incumbent, customary. 

^^Ji, movable : s. perseverance in religi- 
ous austerities; custom, practice, habit. 

l$v\, V. n. to go, to set off on a journey, to 
act, to pass on, to flow, to pass current. 

]5cT, ^v^'K, s. motion, action, conduct. 

^c^^f%^, 5c^<5,*if^, «. thepower of motion. 

[ 121 ] 


59It59T, steadfast and wavering, unfixed. 

55it5t^» *• reciprocal motion, currency. 

59TT51, 8. a driving, despatching,.impolling, 
urging on; an invoice, a pas.s, a permit 

5»TP|9il, 8. much ado about anything, a 

15(%, 8. a journey, a race, course, [fuss. 

5t^3, moved, sent, gone, current, custom- 

^f^^^TT, a. movable, tit to be moved, [ary. 

5t%^, a. movable, unsteady, fluid. 

5^^, 8. a handful of water ; undulation. 

5?^, V. n. to move, to flow, to flap over. 

5?^^,s. spilling, flowing or flapping over. 

^^1, V. a. to spiU, to agitate (as liquid). 

5c^T?T, s. the agitating of a fluid, [fluid. 

5c^5t%<lt, <^. movable, unstable, unsteady, 

^cT^, 8. an action, course, conduct, cus- 

15f^*T, a. forty ; -^% forty-fold. [torn. 

^fM^tl, a. fortieth ; of forty (cubits) : s. do- 
fectin sight at about forty years of age. 

*5*tTI, 8, the eye, a fountain ; -C-«fT?r, un»- 
grateful ; -Cdrt^, ingratitude. 

^"^^^j 8. a pair of spectacles, an eyeglass* 

5\, V. a. to ploughj to till, to cultivate. 

5"^^, 8. a drinking vessel, a kind of cup;. 

^'^% s. a ploughing up of land, a tilling^ 

^"^1, V. a. to cause to plough : s, the tilling 
or ploughing of land : a, ploughed. 

5Ttl?f^, «» a ploughing about, a tilling. 

^^t<t, s. a causing to plough, the plough- 
ing of a field : a. ploughed. [ing. 

^'^]f% 8, a ploughing ; wages for plough- 

^1^:5, a. ploughed, tilled, prepared to sow. 

5^, a. ploughing ; worming in. [fingers. 

^TtC*ft^1, 8. an insect which infects the 

^^^1, 8, clay, soft mud, dirt, mire. 

^1, V. a. to ask, wish, look upon, look, sea: 
s, a wish, desire, volition, will ; tea. 

51^^, s. a kick backwards, -"sri^, to kick. 

5lSt^, s. a wish, a request, a look, a view,. 

5TS^, s. unhusked rice, uncooked rice. 

M^9i^5t?"i, s. name of a medicinal drug. 

^2^^, 8. motion, walk, a habit, conduct, a i ^T-Q^T, 6*. a desiring, a wishing, a seeing. 

custom : a. current,customary, habitual. 
^5T^f5, a. passable, fit to pass. 
^c^41", 8. a petticoat, a skirt. 
^c^1, V. a. to cause to move or act, to urge 

on, to drive : s. motion, action, cuiTeucy. 
, ii 

M^?I1, 8. a. wish, a requisition, a request. 
^T6?t5I6f^, 5. mutiuil desire, emulation. 
fit:, 8. a clod, a largo turf or i)iece of 

earth ; a chief, a leader, a protector. 
St^^, V, a. to scrape, to shavo,to pare off. 


[ 122 ] 


^t^,s. a coarse mat made of split reeds. 

^T"^^, s. the act of scraping or shaving. 

ttst^jS. a scraping, the shavings of wood. 

^J, curled, crisped, crimpled:5. acurl. 
a bonfire made at the Dola festival. 

ft'^^'C^'^t, s. a curl, curled or crisped hair. 

^f^l, V. a. to cause to scrape or shave off: 
a. scraped, shaved, pared off. 

iftf^, s. scrapings, shavings, parings. 

•§t\jT«^, S' an outcast, a class of Hindus. 

^T\5T^"^?n. a. vile, base, vulgar, low. 

#1W, ■5"^,s. the moon ; -"^^^^ moon- faced 

ftW^ij'^^t^^T, s. an awning, a canopy. 

^t^^, awning; aporch, portico, open 
building on pillars ; the moon-light. 

^W,s. a subscription ; the name ofafish.^ 

^t^t\^, s. side-ridge of a thatched house. 

$'\W\, a. white, clear : s. silver ; the crown 
of the head, space above the forehead. 

^tCWl?1, awning, a canopy, a portico. 

f t's^<5cft, s. an ornament for the neck. ' 

^1*11, s. an earring : -^cn1, the best plan- 
tain f -^#111, a potherb f also vide "^'^^ 

#T*ft^ s. edible parenchyma ofthejak fruit. 

■51^, V. a. to taste : s. a ripping open. 

■pT^, *. a wheel, a circle, a discus, a honey- 
comb, the comb of a wasp or hornet. 

"51^, -<r\|t, s. chalk ; -ff?!!^, a small bird.^ 

^T^^, s. tasting, trying the taste or relish. 

^^.t^.5. a tasting, a trying the taste. 

■^^fjf^?! a. tasting, skilled in tasting. 

^t^^, a. tasting, trying the relish. 

15T^^^ a. revolving, turning like a wheel. 

Ff^'?", s. a servant, domestic ;/^m. "^T^^Tsil 

*"5T^'?^1,5. land given as reward of service. 

IJt^Jt^l, s. land allowed for the expenses 
of collecting the revenue, [business. 

■^t^'ft, s. a post, service, an employment, 

■^^rf1,fi^.circular : s. the same as I5^c^1, &c. 

15T^-^c^, s. a medicinal plant or drug. 

^^1, v.a. to cause to taste food : s. a cir- 
cle, a wheel, a disc : a. tasted, relished. 

^T^ s. a mill, a grinding stone, a circular 
body, a spindle used to spin twine. 

^tf , "^I^f ?1, s. a claspknife, a penknife. 

■pt^^l, s. name of a plant (Cassia Tora). 

■5t^i^?i1, "^tf 5^J1, s. a species of fern.* 

^t^5^7, s. brilliance, splendour, lustre. 

M^/^t^f^, ct. declining in brilliance. 

yT^, s. a wafer, a flat round slice. 

■5!^^^, s. flattened molasses, [eyes. 

■^t^"^, a. evident, visible, before one^s 

IJt"^?'', s. a tasting, a trying the flavour. 

■^T-^Sl, s. a name given to the orange. 

"51^, V. n. to commence (as a disease,) to 
begin to exert one's self in any action. 

■^I^r^T, s. the access of the paroxysm of a 
disease, a stirring up to motion. 

^t^l^>«. the access of a paroxysm, a rous- 
ing of one's self to motion. 

yf^fl, V. a. to exert to raise up a heavy 
body, to stimulate, to rouse up, to cause 
to rise, to bring on a paroxysm. 

T5t9f T^, s. exertion to raise up a heavy body, 
the rousing of an animal: a. roused. 

■pt^lf^,^ s. a stimulating or rousing up. 

■5151, ^t^l, 5. a father's brother, an uncle. 

"51151^, ^.derived from an uncle ; -'^ft ^^1, an 
uncle's daughter; -^t^, an uncle's son. 

■^tft, s. a father's brother's wife, an aunt. 

"5!^^^, a. easily coaxed or wrought upon, 
unstable : s. the coaxing of a person., 

"5t^«nJ, s. fickleness, instability, unsteadi- 
ness, activity, agility, fluidity. 

■5!^, V V. to lick, to lap. 

■^I^JT, s. a licking, a lapping of any thing. 

■^t^t^, s. act of licking; a kind of sauce. 

■^T^^l, V. tt. to cause to lick : a. licked. 

■^T^t'^T©, s. a mutual licking or lapping. 

■^T^T^T, s. a causing to lick : a. licked. 

■^T^Tf^, s. the licking of a thing. 

■5T#, "51%, s. backward kick (of a horse); 
-TTTir to kick ; -irT?"«i kickingbackwards. 

■5t"f^^, a. fitto be sucked; -J^rJl, aplantain. 

Tjr^, s. pleasing or soft words, flattery. 

FT^^Twt, «. flattering: 5. a flatterer, a pa- 
rasite, a sycophant, a jester, a cheat. 

■5T^?1, s. the flat palm of the hand. 

"51^1%, s. a flattering, flattery, adulation. 

■ptCt, ad. wholly, entirely, altogether. 

"5t\F,s. hurry, necessity ; a wrench, lever. 

■^IvSl, a. high, steep : s. a wrench, lever, 
a prop, fulcrum; fixing of a bowstring. 

■5t\5H^, s. an emphatic word, loud voice. 



[ 123 ] 


51\^, «. pole to force a boat, a lever, prop. 
M^, 8. the track or trace of a fish in the 
water; batliing, ablution (incorrectly). 
^t«l?PJ.«.nameofa8age, and of his poems. 
^T»sT9T, 8. an outcast, a low caste Hindu. 
■pTfSt'^, ■5T*iT«^^, s. a female outcast. 
TjfS^, '?. the name of a species of swallow. 
^tljf^Jrl", ^1^^, s. female swallow, [plot. 
^r^^, s. a gang of robbers; a conspiracy, 
^^T«^, s. a plain space, a sheet of water, 

a terrace, the roof of a house. 
^t^?r\ s. activity, cleverness, craftiness, 
deceit, fraud, roguery, female infidelity. 
yt^"€«fT9 « relating to the four castes. 
IJT^tiTj^J, a. continuing four months. 
^fv|^7, s. activity, cleverness, craftiness, 

unsteadiness, deceit, fraud, roguery. 
•^TW?", s. a sheet, a covering or bed sheet. 
^*W^, s. the moon-light; an awning. 
^T^JtI, s. the same as §1^1, which see. 
^■^,«. lunar ; -ITTJT, lunar time; -"5Tt^,do. 
month ; -^tl%^, reckoned by lunar time. 
1^^t1l«l, s. the name of a religious vow. 
-^'s^v. a. to press by a weight, to press 
down, to compress, to cover, to conceal, 
to quash, to smother, to place upon. 
^t-pf, 8. a turf, clod, lump, pressure, bur- 
den, a block used in printing calicoes, 
the platen of a printing press, a bow. 
^^^, s. a slap; a butcher's axe, cleaver. 
^^\5l, v. a, to slap, beat : s. turf, a clod. 
^*f^T^, 5. the act of slapping or beating. 
■^T^I'vSTf^, s. a slap, the slapping a person. 
'^'^'^^ 5. a pressing down, squeezing, com- 
pressing, concealing, quashing, stifling. 
15t*1"«^J, s. the same as "^^^^l , wliich see. 
■pt's^fl, V. a. to j)ut any thing into a press, 
to lay a weight on a thing, to print : s. 
a cover, a press, the lever of a press. 
"ST'^ll^Tf^'f, 8. a mutual pressing, pressure. 
^*1"T5T,s. the covering of a thing, the lay- 
ing of a weight, a printing : a. pressed 
down, pressed, compressed, printed, 
■5t*tTt^, s. pressure, pressure of a crowd. 
■5T*3[^<l1, a. curdled, sticking together in 
"Kfj^^tW^, s. coagulated milk. [clods. 
^Tcv|-^C*t, ^r«t^l% ad, in clods or lumps. 

"5t<t.^1,rt. pressed, flat; -fi>r,a squatting pos- 
^T«tTt, 8, a fish; female organ. [ture. 
"^j V. a. to chow, to masticate. 
^^^1, 8. a turf, a clod, a square clod. 
5t^f^, 8. a view, a sight, desire, a wish. 
151^1, V. a. to persuade, to excite a desire, 
to show : a. desired, asked for, wished. 
■^T^l, V. a. to chew, to cause to masticate. 
^tTT^Tf^, 8. a looking at one another. 
■^t^t^, ^^JT, 8. a chewing, a masticating. 
^^Tt^, *. mastication, chewing. 
5t=d, 8. Port, a key ; -<^^^, lock and key. 
^t^^,5. a whip, scourge; -3i?:T?r, a horse- 
breaker, a horse-jockey, a good horse- 
man ; -^Tllfl", riding, horsemanship. 
^t^, 8. skin, leather, hide ; -^t^l, -C*5rT«T, 

to skin, flay ; -^l^.cj, a kind of tick. 
■^T^r^l, <tl!T^1, s. a spoon, a ladle. 
"Sr^ft^l, 5t^^W#t, the same as 55^f^^1. 
■^5Jv5, a. sticking, adhesive, elastic, sticky, 
■CrtSTv^^KyT, 8. gristle, cartilage, [viscous. 
■^Tsr^l, s. a skin, hide, leather, parchment. 
^f^it,«. scurf, dandruff"; touchwood ; skin, 

hide, leather : a. very dry and light. 
15t^W^, 8. a cutaneous disease ; small- pox. 
15Tsrt^#l-, ^ru^, s. a nit, egg of a louse. 
■5t5r<r, 5t5r^, s. a fly- brush, a fly-flapper 
made of the tail of the cow of Tartary. 
■^^^1, a. stinking like dried skin, [scurf. 
■^t^lf^, yl"5[T^, 8. a razor-strop; dandruff^, 
■5t^t?r, ^^^T<r, 8. a tanner, a currier, a 

skinner, a shoe-maker, a cobbler. 
■5n"^T<rTc^, 8. a species of yam. [gold. 

^t5ft^?r, 8. gold ; -IT?, golden, made of 
5t<r, V. a. to procure the germination of 
seed, to level the surface of any thing. 
5t^, a. four : 8. a spy, a scout ; a bait. 
■^I^'^TT^ , «. a sort of check cloth. 
■^t^^l, ad. only four ; few, little : 8. little. 
5t^<l, 8. a dancer, actor of note, a reciter 
of shastras ; planting out of seedlings. 
■5f^*fT?I1) «. four-footed : «. a quadruped. 
5T?r*^t?t s. a bedstead, a couch, a stooL 
^I?r^l^, 8. a zephyr, a gentle breeze. 
^ITTI, V. to plant out seedlings: s. a plant, 
a seedling ; means, remedy, aid, help, 
■l5t?"T^T^1, 8. plautJi and seedlings. 


[ 124 ] 


^t?rtf«l?1, «• dealing in plants, raising 
plants from seed : s. a nursery-man. 

^t^, a. four ; -^t^l, four anas, a 4tli part; 
-C^TSl, quadrangular; four corners. 

^ftll^C^, ad. on all sides, all around. 

^T^-s^flt^l, 5Tl?«trft vide ^U'^W, &c. 

l^tf^-^t^r, c&d. on all sides : s. four sides. 

^tf?-^^1j flj.fuU, complete, entire, whole ; 
four quarters or a sera;-^«i, fourfold. 

^t1?^t^, s. four shares ;-^*, to quarter. 

^t^, a. handsome, beautiful, agreeable, 
^t?P^1, s. beauty, elegance. [elegant. 

^T^^T", a. beautiful, handsome, elegant, 
symmetrical : s. a handsome woman. 

■^t^t^, s, a sophist, a materialist, atheist. 

^Tc^, V. a. to remove, to dispel, to drive, 
to sift any thing, to over-run. 

^TeT, s.conduct, behaviour, walk, gait; the 
pitched roof ; unhusked rice. 

^T«^^, a. clever, active, lively, brisk. 

FTc^^, a. dealing in rice : s. a rice-dealer. 

^t^v5l, s. the name of a tree and its fruit.^ 

^t«?^, s. the causing to move, the remov- 
ing or sifting of any thing. 

I5T^3T1, s. the sifting of corn, etc. motion 

15Tc?^, s. a sieve, a colander, [onwards. 

^tc^l, V. a. to remove, to drive cattle, to 
transport, to manage, to urge forwards : 
«. conduct, management ; a hut, a stall. 

^T^T^, «. active, brisk, lively, clever. 

^tcit^, s. activity, liveliness, cleverness. 

Hc^T^lf^, 8. reciprocal motion or sifting. 

^tc^tJ?", s. management; a driving, urging 
forwards.; theletting of an arrow or gun ; 
dispatching of goods, an invoice, a pass. 

■5teTTt^?I1 ,«.urging forward; superintend- 
ing : s. a superintendent, a manager. 

5t5^tHt,s. the dispatching of goods, an in- 
voice, a pass for goods. 

Ftf%, s. a custom, a habit, practice, a fa- 
shion, gait, a walk, motion ; unhusked 
rice ; stage of a boat ; a hanging-shelf. 

15tt^, «. moved, in motion. 

^t^, s. unhusked or sifted rice : a. swift. 

T5t«55^, s. a sieve, a colander ; mZe C5c?^, 

^Tf^, s. quick motion, a running. 

5im*t, ^Ti%*ri, the same as ^m*r, &c. 

^]\, v.a. to plough : s. cultivation, agri- 
culture, tillage, a ploughing. 

5t^^t^,s. agriculture, tillage, husbandry. 

^t^l, <?• clownish, awkward, clumsy : 6'. a 
clown, a ploughman, a husbandman. 

Ft^tf^m, «. rustic, clownish, clumsy, awk- 

IJt^tC^ft^l, s. a class of Hindus, [ward. 

^t^fsft, s. clownishness, rusticity. 

FT^, a. ploughing : s. a ploughman, a til- 

15t^t^^^, s. a class of Hindus. [ler. 

^t"^^, s. a looking, wishing, want, desire. 

M^l, 8. a kind of snipe ; a wish. [rite. 

5t^t^^, a. fourth : s. Moslem funeral 

fs^, fs'^srl,!^. a. to awaken, to stimulate. 

f^^^j fs^R, s, awakening of a person : 
a. awake, wakened; -^^M, spring-tide. 

fB?^^, a. awakened, stimulated. 

fSj f^f^, s. the chirping noise of birds, 

f^^, V. a. to smooth, to polish; to scream ; 
s. a scream ; a sort of lattice or screen. 

f^^^T, a. oily, unctuous ; s. embroidery. 

f^:^^?5^, or f^^?(9f^, s. an embroiderer. 

f^^^Gtl^, s. idem. [musk-rat. 

f5^1, V. to smooth, polish ; to solder : «. a 

f^^T^, s. the smoothing of the hair, etc. 

f5^T*f , a. clear, fair (applied to weather) 

f5f%^^^, s. a physician, a doctor. 

f^1%<5,^^?, a. curable, remediable. 

f^l^^^l, s. science of medicine, medical 
treatment, administration of medicine. 

f5"f%^f^v5, a. attended by a doctor, phy- 

f^f^^Tij, a. curable, remediable, [sicked. 

f5l%^, a. flat-nosed, snub-nosed. [i^g* 

1%f%f^t%, a. sudden or successive flash- 

f5f^5?, s. mud, mire, clay, sludge. 

f^^, a. bad, rotten (as betel-nut). 

fB^C^fl, s, bad or rotten betel-nut. 
f^^^l, s. a desire to perform any thing. 

f5<Ptf5^35, a. required to be done. 

t%^f ^, a. desirous of doing a thing. 

f^^?", s. the hair, the hair of the head. 

fs^^^lf?, s. an epithet given to a barber. 

f5C^t<r, s. the red partridge.^ 

f^^5>«l, a. unctuous, oily, greasy, glossy, 
slippery, smooth, sleek. 

f5^^«1^1, or f^^giejt'?', 5. unctuosity, slip- 
periness, oiliuess, smoothness, polish. 


[ 125 ] 


f^^1, ^51, s. a musk-rat. 

flJ^^^F, s. a tlinncler-bolt. 

f^Wp^, s. glossiness ; a vivid light. 

f^^f5f%^, s. a glow, a vivid light. 

f5^,^1, fi. oily, smooth, greasy ; polished- 

ft^f^^, s. a flash, a glance of light. 

f^^v5l,fl5^f^, s. a shrimp, a prawn. 

f^^ff^C'si'T^Sl, shrunk up (as fried prawn). 

f^^f^'STf^, s. a shrimp, a prawn fish. 

f^fs^Tl, s- the snake-gourd/ 

1%rv^T?", & the same as f^^^t?r. 

f^c5i%?, s, the power of intellect. 

f59P1, 5.the tamarind tree and its fruit. 

f5^, s. rust, mouldiness, mildew. 

f5^1, 5.mouldiness, the smut of corn, mil- 
dew ; a chit, a note : a. viscous, clammy. 

f5^^^^,s. liquid molasses for tobacco. 

f^^t, «. a letter, a note, a chit, a note of 
hand, a bank note, a draft, an order. 

■ft^jJPcT, a. spread out, patent. 

ft^/5l^?]1, rt.viscid,ropy, sticky, tenacious 

f^^JI, a. mouldy, rusty, viscous, clammy- 

f^^t^^, s. liquid molasses for tobacco. 

f^^Jtf^, f^'^JtC?[t9f, s. mouldiness, rust. 

f^^, s. a letter, a note an assignment. 

f^vj, V. n. to cut, to be exasperated,to fret. 

■ftv?, 8, a slit, a crack ; vexation, passion. 

f^^JT, s. cracking, fretting, being vexed. 

f^v5^t?:«l, s. the splitting any thing, 

ftvFl, s. rice soaked and flattened : v. a. to 
teaze, to vex, to exasperate. [son. 

f^^STJT, s. a teazing, exasperating of a per- 

f^f^^, s. a twinging, a throbbing pain. 

f5t^^^T?«t, s. the shooting of a pain. 

f5f^"53T?r, s. a fowler, a bird-catcher. 

fsf^^II, s. a bird ; -•4tT^1, an aviary, a cage. 

f5\$^^, fs^^nt^, s. the twinging of a sore. 

f5v$L.^l, V. n. to twing, to twitch. [sion. 

f^^t^^j *• exasperation, petulance, pas- 

f5\5/^\5^, f]5\5f5f^?1, a. captious, peevish, 
cross, splenetic, testy : s. a plant.^ 

f^\5J^v5, 5. the sensation of itching, [ing. 

f5\sf^1^<ll,a. throbbing, twinging, smart- 

f5«.,.9. the soul,intellect, the heart: a. lying 
on the back, turned upside down, su- 
pine : V, a, to recline, to lie on the back. 

ft^'^jf^l&tfH^I,*. asortof ricuflour cake. 

fS'S^'srtT? «. a species of fish,* [wort/ 
f5"5l, a. spotted : «. a funeral pile ; load- 
f^'ST^f^, B. a spotted kind of Cyprea. 
fplT^lTf^, s. a sliroud for the dead, 
f^lT^Tv^JT, i. a becoming mouldy. 
f51t^5,«. a shroud for the dead, 
fs^T^T^, f^i^rn^, *. a leopard, 
f^^t^^ *• the ashes of the funeral pile, 
fs^t^f^, 8. the place of a funeral pile. 
f^^C^rt^*!, 8. ascending of a funeral pile, 
f5^5lC?Tf^eft,a. ascending the funeral pile. 
f5^T'5"^«l, ». the Axis or spotted deer, 
f&t%^t^ 8, a species of snake, [outcry. 
ft^^<r, 8. a scream, a squalling noise, an 
fl55.^?r*f^, 8. a loud noise, a scream. 
f^5, ». the mind, the reasoning faculty, 

the heart, the afi'ections. [tions. 

f^'SC^t^r, 8, one who steals away the affec- 
f^ot»^C^*i^, devoted to an object, zealous. 
f^^^TW, 8, the sentiment of the heart, 
f5^^T^, 8, a disgust, displeasure, ill will, 
fp^'5^t^, 8. the state or bias of the heart. 
f^'S^^r, s. a mistake, vagrancy of mind, a 
f^Q<r5rj, agreeable to the heart, [vagary, 
f^«T^<r, a. averse, disgusted, dissatisfied. 
f^C^T^lfe^r, 8. pensiveness, melancholy. 
f^CWtC¥?f, 8. •perplexity, anxiety of mind. 
f^<5>*t^\, fs^'tT^, «.the falling into a re- 
clining posture with the face upwards. 
) f5^,«. a picture, a painting, printed linen, 
a miracle, astonishment, a circlet or 
mark, a variegated colour : a, variegat- 
ed, speckled, surprising, astonishing. 
f^:5^?',f53^t?',«. a painter, artist, drafts- 
f53^^J,«. alliteration, an acrostic, [man. 
f^3l^?ft, a, painting, variegating, 
f^a^'^, 8. the registrar of Yama. [dy. 
f^3ttf^3[,a. variegated, checquered, gau- 
f^lfSt^, 8. the sun ; fire ; a name of Shiva. 
f^UCS^-iTl, 8. in mijtho. a female famous for 

describing every thing at her will. 
ft^T^"^, a, having the hand reversed, 
fBlIl, 8. a star in the spike of Virgo. 
1% jQ'll', «. surprising,ravishing (applied to 

a particular description of women). 
ftflj^, or f^:^^f, a. painted, variegated, 
speckled, spotted, checquered. 


[ 126 ] 


f%Wt^1, s. the intellectual soul, spirit, God. 

f'^fft^T^, s. a semblance of intellect or 

feigj^f, a. intelligent, amiable. [spirit. 

f^ST", v. a. to recognise, to know. 

fl?^^, a. small, dwarf, diminutive. 

f^^:^, s. a recognising, a knowing. 

f^^l, V. to point out : a. known, acquaint- 
ed withr^.a Chinese ;-c^T^,8mall leech. 

f5?iT^9 s. a causing to know, pointing out. 

fl5^T*1'f?^?I,s.familiar acquaintance, inti- 

t%ift, or "S^, 5. sugar ; a Chinese, [macy. 

f^f^^, M?^. sd. of a twinging sensation. 

f^fb^<l1, ci. acute, sharp (as pain). 

f^^, V. a. to be anxious, to be thoughtful. 

f5^^,«?. thoughtful, anxious, [cogitation. 

f^^^,5. a thinking, reflecting, pondering, 

f^^^'Y?, a. deserving care or reflection. 

Nf^^, s. thoughtfulness, care, anxiety, a 
cogitation, a thought, meditation. 

f^^t^T?"^, f^^t^'t?rt, a. careful, anxious. 

f^^Tll^^, s. a fever arising from anxiety. 

r5^f%^5 s. thoughtful, pensive, anxious. 

f^^t^f«j, s. a fabulous gem ; a medicine. 

1%f%^5, a. thought on, anxious, perplexed. 

f^% f5*f ^^, V. a. to squeeze, express (the 
juice), to press out, to wring (water). 

f5*T^?^, f^'pfvStl^, s. a squeezing with the 

f5^\5l, V. a. the same as f^H [hand. 

f^*f v5T^, s. the act of squeezing or press- 
ing out : a. squeezed, pressed out. 

f^'st^, s. a squeezing, a pressing out. 

f^f^'^^^s. rice soaked and parched. 

f^^, V. ^. to masticate, to chew. [ed. 

fs^s, 5. a chewing, masticating: a. chew- 

f^^f^,.?. mastication, the chewing of food. 

1%^t^<Tl, a. eminent at masticating food. 

f^^t^,s. the act of chewing: a. masticated. 

f^^l, V. a. to chew, to masticate : s. masti- 

fB^^, s. the chin. [cated betel-leaf. 

f5£!^, V. a. to grasp, to pinch, to nip. 

■[^■ST^^, 5. a grasping, pinching, nipping. 

f^"sr^1, V. a. to grasp, pinch, nip : s, a pair 
of forceps or pincers, a pair of tongs. 

f^^J^, s. a pair of pincers or nippers, a 
pinching ; -^T^^, to pinch, nip, grasp. 

f^^^^-^sT^^, s. the pinching of any one. 

f^^^, V. a. to adhere, to bhriveJ, stick to. 

t%^\5^, 8. an adhering, a sticking close. 

f^"5[v?1, ?^.to make a thing stick : s. a pod, 
shell of a pea, a skin, a shell, a husk : 
a. elastic, flexible, lean, dried, tough. 

f^UvSt^T, s. a causing to shrink or to stick 
close : a. flexible, tough, dried. 

f5?iT,«. roused, awake, active, alert, [ing. 

f5?rt^, s. a rousing, awakening, stimulat- 

f5<r, V. to rend, tear, split ; to be rent. 

fs^, flj^.of old, of long standing : s. a rent : 
a. long (time); -^Tc^,long time ; -^^, old 
wound, ulcer ; -^Tl'jlong-lived ; -Tfg<rt, 
long afilictedor distressed ;-^f^^,long 
hoarded j-'^*^, long or lastingly happy. 

f^^^t^, a. dilatory, slow, loitering. 

f^^ <5t«^t^f%,<Tf^. from, or for a long time. 

1%?r=^lt^^,f5?'^t^^,«. old, ancient, last- 
ing, perennial, chronic, inveterate. 

1%?'^,5. a kind of dried fruit. ^ 

ft?"*),*, a tearing, rending, lacerating. 

f^?"v5l, s. a kind of medicinal plant. ^ 

f^3^, a. old, of long standing, ancient. 

f^?"^*^, «. old, ancient, antique. 

f5<rc<rM, s. a chronic disease. 

f5?'C?"T9ft, a. valitudinary, long-diseased. 

f^'^^'^t^t, «• durable, of long continuance. 

+r^?r1, V. a. to cause to cleave or tear : a, 
torn, rent : s. a parti-coloured turban ; 
maidenhood ; -^^T^, to deflour. 

"^'f^^'t^j 8. a lamp ; -^1^^, a lamp-stand. 

f^^T^ft, s. fee given to a Moslem priest, 

"fl5^t*1, *. the causing to cleave wood. 

f^^T^jS. the wages of cleaving wood, 

fs^f^, ad. of old : s. a long time. 

fW% f5??«1^t, f^i. ^, ^^1^^1, s. a comb. 

fs^^ilft^, »• comb-toothed, pectinated. 

f^rT, s. the common Indian kite.'^ 

f^STH, s. the tobacco bowl of the huka. 

f%5!["Slf5;, s. a brass washing bason. 

f^fTl, a, spotted : s. the same as f^^^t'Sr^. 

f5^T5r?r, s. a small room on the top of a 
house to cover the stair-case. [eyed. 

f^WjS. sore-eye,akite: «. sore-eyed,blear- 

*1%^T<r1, s. the face, the aspect, a form. 

f^.s. a sign, mark, a badge, a scar, a spot, 
vestige, token, signal, a trace, [mark. 

f^f^^, a, marked, signed, denoted by a 


[ 127 ] 


f^^l, 1^^"^, im. sd. of a horse's neighing. 
*15l"5r, s. a thing, an article, furniture. 
5^"57^^,s. furniture, baggage, equipage. 
Ct^^t?r, 8. a screaming, an outcry. 
^JT, s, a deer ; millet ; China ; -C^^T, 

Chinacountry; -cw*Tt? China, Chinese. 
f{7{],s. millet, a species of grass (Panicum 

miliacium) ; a Chinese : a. China. 
^^t^t<rtf5f„ s. a shrub and its fruit.* 
15|jlTf^'*f^, s. China minium or redlead. 
^iRt, s. sugar ; a Chinese ; -#l^t«1^,-M'^1, 

very sweet varieties of the plantain. 
^?r, s. cloth, clothes, a rag, old and torn 

cloth, bark ; also, the same as l?t^^3. 
15)<r^3, s.cloth made of vegetable fibres ; 

the dress of a devotee, a coat of shreds. 
^?"^^,«. wearing the dress of a devotee, 
ctcf, «. split, divided, rent, torn. 
15, V. w. to ooze out, to leak, to distil. 
^^1, V. n. idem : v. a. to cause to leak : 

s. a rat, a medicine, a sort of perfume. 
^^ts,s. the leaking of liquors, an oozing 

out : a. leaked, oozed out. [ing. 

F^*?^, 3?r^,5. a leaking, oozing ont, a flow- 
^, ^?, V. n. to burn away, to be burnt. 
C^^'^^^' ^•^- *^ burn, to calcine, to tan. 
^^, V. a. to whet a knife, set a razor, etc. 
^'^, V. a. to strip corn from the ear, to 

strip flowers or seeds from the stalks. 
155\Fl,«. small, minute : s. name of a town. 
|f5,^^, s. the nipple, breast, the paps. 
Ff^^'n^,*. a rubbing of a woman's breast. 
^^ r. n. to miss, to mistake, to err, to 

transgress, to settle, to decide. 
T^?15, s. a mistake, an error, a blunder, a 

fault, an oversight ; tlie Indian sorrel. 
'^'niyS. an erring, making a mistake, set- 
tling an affair ; a whetting, sharpening. 
^f5T,5. accommodation, settling an affair. 
^^.vft«^5f, ^^^tT*^, s. the Indian sorrel.^ 
T5<r'1, V, a. to decide, to adjust, to settle : 

a. acid, sour : s. the Indian sorrel. 
l^T*^, 8. the deciding or adjusting of an 

affair, the settling of a dispute. 
■p^Tt^?!, s. one who settles or adjusts. 
•PW, ad. by mistake, inadvertently. 
^^M^ , s. failure, errors and mistakes. 

l^jn^ a. glossy, shining, oily. [mont. 

^f^*, 8. u bargain, a contract, an agree- 

15 3P, 8. acid seasoning, acidity ; sorrel, ta- 

*&9f5T, -C-ift^, 8. a backbiter, [marind. 

59t9lC<[T?ft, «. a backbiting, a slandering. 

Mf5l),*. backbiting, slander, talebearing. 

T??n,«. a socket, atube,apipe, oil-vessel, 
a mortise hole, barrel of a gun, a cup. 

^^, V. a. to strike, to smite, to hit. 

^^J%,^^^^.«. a pinch ; ring for the toes; 
a mouse : ad. some, a little. [ble. 

"I|^i%<l1, a. small, little, trifling, despica- 

15^51, 8. rice soaked and flattened. 

^^,s. a kind of bracelet usually made of 
gold, silver, ivory, horn, glass, lac, etc. 

5«itjS. a ruby : a. small, little ; -"^;^1 small 

^^, 8. female organ, the anus. [pearl. 

^3\F, 8. the buttocks, the back side. 

^TT, V. a. to sele6t, to choose, to pick out : 
to pucker or crisp cloth. 

T>5i^, 8. a picking, selecting of a person, 
or thing, the puckering of a thing. 

5JT1, a. small : s a small species of fish. 

15 ^T^^, a. puckered, crisped, plaited. 

^f^'^, a select, choice, chosen. . 

15«t, 8. silence, quietness : a. quiet, hush, 
still, sileni; : ad. be quiet ; in^j. hold ! 
be still ! -^, to be silent ; -^^: , to si- 
lence, to quiet ; -^<r,-^T?r, be quiet. 

5«^^T*T, 8. silence, caution, secresy. 

^*«^f\F<I1, a. like a basket, large : -^T^, a 

^*fv?t,«. a basket ; -isii^ a yam. [yam.' 

^'^I'JR 8, a hacking, smiting with a weajwn, 

^f*1Ff*i", '^L'^\l9\,ad. slily, secretly, cau- 
tiously, silently, slinkingly. [paper). 

5«*p", "P^i"^, r. to imbibe, suck in, sink (as 

^«^^T^,^*^^'1^,«. a sinking, imbibing ink. 

^^, V. to dip, immerse, plunge ; to prick. 

53 5f, s. a pricking, ducking, immersing. 

^^^) ^<lTt^, 8. a ducking, immersion. 

5^1, V. to dip, plunge, immerse ; to prirk: 
a. immersed : s. a ducking, immersion. 

^^T^l^, 8. mutual ducking or immersion. 

5^151, *. act of pricking, ducking, dipping 
or immersing : a. pricked, imuiersod. 

til, v,a. to kiss, to come in contact. 

^511, s. a kiss ; -'«IT^iT, or -??>S^, to kiss. 


[ 128 ] 


^"srt^t^l,^. a kissing ; lit. kissing and lick- 

l^sTT^f^, ad. mutually kissing. [ing. 

"^J^, s. a sip, a mouthful (of liquid). 

T|^^, 5.the spatha of the cocoanut. 

P'SRPt, s.a kind of small tinsel ornaments. 

^■si^\it, 5". a chirping with the lips to en- 
tice or coax a bird or other animal. 

15^^j a. kissing, touching upon atopic, la- 
conic : s. a summary, an abstract, an in- 
dex, short-hand ; a loadstone, magnet ; 
-^M?"?-2f'^?r,-"srf«i, loadstone, magnet. 

^^, s. a kiss, a kissing ; -^qI one who 

^^i?t?,^. deserving to be kissed, [kisses. 

^^I^s.a kiss. ■^1%^, a. kissed. 

F?lT\F) s. a mountaineer, a savage. 

■^^^, s. a roll of tobacco, a cigar. 

^t?, "5^, s. theft, robbery, a pilfering. 

■^c^, s. hair of the head, a lock of hair. 

155!^^, s. hair, locks of hair, [fireplace. 

^e^lj'^Wt, ^.a portable hearth, a furnace, a 

^c^^, s.a handful of water; mire, mud. 

l|c^^^^1, ^^«1^^t^? ^c^'^t^l, s. itches, an itch- 
ing, the sensation of itching ; lust. 

■^^?51, V. n. to itch, to tickle, to scratch. 

^c?f<5T3^, s. itching, a tickling, scratching. 

^c^^^^l", 5. an itching, a pimple, the itch.; 

Fc^^^, s. a lock of hair, a curl. [lust. 

^c^^^^, "^c^^c^, ^.fickleness, unsteadiness. 

Fc^^f%?1, a. fickle, unsteady, inconstant, 

■%\, s.the chirping of birds. [active. 

-^7^, s.the nipple, the breast, the paps. 

"^^1, s.a lock of hair, a crest, a top-knot, 
a pinnacle, a turret, a mountain peak, a 
plume, a diadem; flattened rice, [issue. 

■^\5t^, s. a conclusion, a decision, result? 

"^\5lTrf«i,s. a gem to be worn in the crest, 
jewel of a crown ; in comp. it signifies 
chief, eminent ; e. g. «tfb^F^t^f«l, chief 
of the learned ; ■5I4r'^\5t5lf«l,chief of the 
ignorant, or supremely ignorant. 

"|^f^?1,«. mantle or wrapper for the body. 

■^\5% s. the same as "5^^, which see. 

1«1, s. quicklime, powdered lime ; -^l"5|",a 
whitewashing ; -"^T^ plaster or mortar. 

■^«j"ft,or "^^l^jS. lime- vessel of a betel-box. 

"I^sjl, s. quicklime, dry or powdered lime. 

"f *ilt^j5. a burner or maker of lime. 

1^^,s. the mango, also, the mango tree.* 

1^,«. pulverized : 5. fragment, powder; a 

■^^■Stf , s. pieces and fragments, [fulness. 

'^?r'^<r, a. overflowing, completely, quite 
(drunk or full.) [fragments,. 

"^fifj-y. a. to pulverize, crumble, break into 

"^cf, s. lime ; powder, a crumble. 

"^«f<?, s, a discourse to maintain a senti- 
ment or thesis laid down as a topic, the 
expounding of such a sentence. 

1^«fjT,s.the pounding or pulverizing of any 

■^cft^, a. broken-limbed. [thing. 

'^f<^^a. powdered, pulverized, crumbled. 

1«jf ^v5,a. reduced to powder or crumbs. 

■g^.jiJ. a. to suck, to imbibe. 

"^■g"ei,5. imbibing or sucking of a thing. 

"^t%"5, a. sucked, imbibed. 

"^■^«it, F"^, s. a coral or other plaything 
for little children to suck. [nison. 

CF^\5,5. a leg of mutton, a haunch of ve- 

C^\,C^5l, V. n. to bawl, to scream. 

cf StC^f^,*. a loud noise, a squabbl^e. 

cf 5tt%,5. the scrapings of a bambu rod. 

cS^T^jS. a bawling, a crying out, a voci- 
ferating : a, bawled, spoken aloud. 

cf 5Tl^,s. a bawling, a cry, a scream. 

cf 5Tt^?r1, s. one who speaks loud. [sion. 

C§^,the human penis ; -^t^tl^ circumci- 

(;f f^?1, s. the male organ of generation. 

C5^,s. name of a kind offish ;^-\5t5r,-\5Tl^, 
puerility, childishness, boyishness, 

C5^\5l,fl. young, youthful ; wide, expand- 
ed : s. a lad, a boy, a youngster. 

C5^^,fem. youthful : s. a girl ; a prawn. 

C^^?^, s.Si flat kind of basket. 

C^W^T^T^, s. a species of fish.^ 

C5^, C5t^.,,5. a servant, a slave. [on. 

C^^ljC^^tt'jS. a mat, a mat to sit or sleep 

C^'^tc^jC&^^^l,^?. broad, wide, flat^ shallow. 

C5^,CF5t,s- a female servant or slave. 

CF^<l1,s. the flat palm of the hand. 

C5C^l,s. idem ; also, f?. young, full grown, 

CF^l,s. manhood, adult age. 

C5\?1,t;. a. to provoke, to exasperate. 

C55t^,5. the provoking of a person. 

C^% V. a. to convince, to make a person 
take notice : ad. if, though, perhaps. 


t 129 ] 


C5^5, 8. the mind, intellect, the reasoning 
faculty, understanding, the sensorium. 

C5^^, 8. the soul, understanding, consci- 
ousness, intelligence, wisdom, a sensa- 
tion, reflection, an idea,a8entientbeing. 

C5X^?6*l1, a. intelligent, sentient. 

C^T^I, s. sensation, life, feeling, stimulus. 

C5v5^1 -^?rl, -^?T«I, s. the act of stimulat- 
ing, exciting, or admonishing, [alive. 

C5:$sTJ%^, a. intelligentjSensible, sentient, 

C5^C^'^7r,God as the fountain of wisdom. 

C'51i^, V. a. to stimulate, to awaken, to con- 
vince, to make a person feel. 

C5^R, 8. the convincing or stimulating 
of a person : a. stimulated, excited. 

C51\f^, s, stimulation, excitation. 

C^Mt^^l, s, one who stimulates or excites. 

C5^, conj. if, though : ad. although. 

C^'^), a. compressed, flattened, flat. 

C^«t?f*^l^l> «^- flat-nos(?d, snub-nosed. 

C^<n, V. a. to cleave, split, tear, to cause 
to cleave or tear : a. torn, split, cleft. 

C5?rT«l, s. the causing to cleave, split, or 
tear any thing : a, split, cleft, torn. 

C^?nf«i , s. a cleaving, splitting, tearing. 

C^?rT^, C5?ri^, s. wages for cleaving or 

C5«^, s. cloth, clothes, garment, [tearing. 

C5cT^1, s, a particular sort of cloth. 

C15«?1, V. a. to hew, to chip : «. a chip; a 
disciple, a scholar, a mate ; a fish.* 

CSc^T^l^, s. a chip, a large and long chip. 

C^W\, s. silken cloth, satin. (_ washed. 

C5^5ft, s. water in which rice has been 

C^^<P,a. acting, endeavouring, persever- 
ing: s, one engaged in an undertaking. 

C5^5T, s. the acting, engaging or endea- 
vouring to do or accomplish a thing. 

C5^1,«. action, application, exertion, en- 
deavour, labour, pursuit, search, effort; 
^,- or -<i1, to make an eS'orfc, to exert. 

05"^! -^T<r?P, ^T^'l", a. active, exerting, 
seeking : s. one who exerts or seeks. 

C^"^T5t?:3, activity, attention to business. 

C^^Tf^l, engaged, eager,active, zealous. 

C5®^, a. sought, engaged in, laboured 
for, endeavoured. [sought after 

C^t^^^J, a. proper to be laboured for or 

t5, 8. a kind of pepper (Piper chuvia.) 
^5^5, a voc. par. used in calling ducks. 
t^^JJJ,*. sensation, consciousness, feeling, 

knowledge, the soul, spirit, a name of 

God ; the leader of a sect of Hindus. 
ts^sj^ITT^, a. stimulating, exciting : *, 

he who stimulates or excites to action, 
t5^7, 8, a large tree under which a ston^ 

or the image of an idol is placed. 
t^li, s. a Hindu month, part of March and 

part of April; - <r<^, paradise of Kuvera. 
C^, V. n. to ooze out, to leak, to drop, to 

drip, to distil, to shed out : 8. a well. 
C^T^I, v. a. to cause to leak or ooze out: 

V. n. to ooze out : a, leaked, oozed. 
C^''5[T5(, or C5T^^, 8. the oozing, leaking, 

dripping, or distilling of a liquid. 
C5T^T1%, «. the jaws, the jawbone, [cined^ 
C^t^l, V. a. to burn, calcine: a. burnt,cal» 
C§T^T^, cSt<IR, s. burning or calcining of 

any sort of grain : a. calcined, burnt, 
cf T^lf^,s. calcining of grain to powder. 
C5T^1, V. a, to sharpen, whet, to strop or 

set a razor : a. whetted, keen, sharp. 
C$t^T^, 8. the whetting of a knife or other 

edge tool : a. whetted, sharpened, 
C15T^Tt^, s. the whetting of a knife, etc. 
C^t^cT, a. whetted, sharp, acute, keen. 
C^T^, s. a splinter, the internal woody 

fibres of a palm or other tree. 
C^t^l, V. a. to strip off seeds, to run (with 

all the might), a. rough (as a writing) : 

e. g. a rough copy, a rough draught. 
c^TSTc^, «. abounding with woody fibres. 
C^T«1, a- rough, applied to writings : e. g, 

a rough copy : s. a pocket-book. 
C5T?IS,8. desire, liking, pleasure, vide cst^. 
C^t^, V. a. to adjust, to settle, whet: s. an 

adjustment: a. sharp, strong (asliquor, 

acid, bitter, etc.) ; adjusted, settled. 
C&T^»t9[, ci>t*«n^, rt. sharp, whetted, keen. 
CSt-ftfl, V. to whet, sharpen ; -<nir,apimp, 
C51<T^, 8. the sharpening of an edge tool. 
C5T^1, 8. a tube, pipe ; a girl (in irony.) 
C51^, 8. a hurt, blow, contusion, stroke, 

wound; -ITT?", to wound; -?fT5t, to hurt, 
C^ttc^f^m, a. wounded, hurt, bruised. 


t 130 ] 


C5t^1, V. a. to cut, chop, to smite, strike : 
s, usury, an exorbitant rate of interest. 
C15t^R, s. wounding, striking repeatedly. 
C5t«i1,^.to expel urine (as a cow) : s. urine. 
C^T^^, s. a choosing, a selecting, picking. 
C^'\'^%v. a. to cause to select: a. selected. 
C5T*t, s. EL stroke, the stroke of a weapon. 
C5M^, i;, n. to imbibe, to sink (as paper.) 
CM«^1, ^. «• to imbibe moisture, to sink 

(as paper) : a. imbibed, moist. 
C^t^"5t^, s. sinking (as paper) : a. imbi- 
bed, admitting the ink to sink into it. 
O^t^t^lt^j s. the imbibing of ink by paper. 
C5t^1, ^- ^' to strike with a weapon, to 
cause to strike ; s. the face ; the rind. 
C^t^, s. amace,astaff ;-'PfT?", a mace-bear- 
er ; -WT^, the office of a mace-bearer. 
C^T^fp^, s. China root, an aromatic drug, 
C^T^cT, s. the attempt of a snake to bite. 
C^T^I, s. rind of a fruit, a tegument, peel. 

*C^T^^"?"1, s. a terrace or summer-house ; 

a custom-house ; a police-office. 
C15l?tt%, C^f5;Tf^, s. the lower jawbone. 
C^T<r, s. a thief, a robber, a pilferer. 

CM?"^!^!,, C^T?r*J^^, s. a kind of grass the 
seeds of which stick in the clothes. 

Ci5t?rf^5, s. a peep-hole, a crevice. 

C^T"?^!, ci- stolen, clandestine, hidden,secret. 

C5T"?rT^, ^. stolen : s. theft, robbery, pilfer- 

cyt^l^t^, s, a pitfall, covered pit. [ing. 

C^T^^T^I, (TST^rf^ri^, s. a blow in secret, as- 

C15t?rT*1<?r, s. a bye road. [sassination. 

CM'5'T^Tf^, s. a quicksand. 

C5T<ft, s. theft, robbery, thievery. 

CFt^^, s. a cuirass, armour ; rind, [fleece. 

C^t^^, V. a. to suck, to imbibe, to wring, to 

C^l^^, a. sucking : s. an extortioner, a 
blood-sucker, one who sucks. [in. 

C^t"^«l, s. a sucking, imbibing, drinking 

C^T^I, V. to cause to suck : s. suction : a. 

C5T'5T*1, s. a sucking : a. sucked, [sucked. 

C^T^Tf^, s. suction, imbibing. [vages. 

C^t^tW, 8. a tribe of mountaineers, sa- 

C^'t^l, s. a square plat of ground dug in 
order to raise up embankments. 

C^'t^t^?", a. seventy-four. 

C^'l^t^, a. fifty-four. 

C5t^tfk*t, a. forty-four. 
C^'l^tf^^tl, a. the forty-fourth. 
C5t^, a. four : s. the eye; in acct. four pans 
marked thus (l* ) ; a square, a market. 
Cl?*t^"^j c^' circumspect, attentive, vigilant. 

C5l^^T^, C5t^"€t, s. circumspection, atten- 
tion, vigilance, caution, watchfulness. 

C5t^1, s. a square plat of ground marked 
out, on which a Hindu dresses his food. 

C^'t^T^, s. a door frame. 

C5^^Te^1, s. a harpoon with four prongs. 

C^l^, a chair, a bench, a stool ; guard, 
watch J -Wl, to mount guard, to watch; 
-"^^i -^t^l, a watch-house, guardhouse. 

C^l1%WT^j 8. a watchman, a sentinel. 

CFlt%WT?n", s. the office of a watchman. 

C^^t^'s^^t^l, s. a guarding, a watching. 

C5^f%<rl, a. by fours : s. a watchman. 

cyfC^T^I, a. quadrangular, square. 

C15tC<5t«11, a. square : s. a square. [tent. 

C^'^C^T^, a. four kros distance, or in ex- 

C^C-^It^ft, a. square, having four roofs. 

*C^^'>fT^, s. a kind of play, crickets or cats, 

C5^^«j, ^^sf«l, a. four-fold. 

C5t'5lf^, 8. the space of four hours. 

C5l"5I?r1, a. having four receptacles. 

Csl^T's^Ci^, ccd. on all sides, all along, flat. 

C^'t^Tsll, s. a hipped roof, a bungalow. 

C5t^, or C5]'t, a, a fourth, one-fourth. 

C^^^^l, or C5t^1, «. the fourth. 

C15t^, or Cb)^, s. a fourth, a quarter. 

C5^\5l, «. wide, broad. 

C^'t^tt", s. width, breadth. ' [house. 

C^^^t<rl, a. four-stringed : s. a summer- 
ed) f;5*t, thirty-four. C5lra*11. thirty-4th. 

C^^i C^)^^, s. a fourth part, a quarter. 

C5t1W9f, s. four quarters of the heavens. 

Cs'tlW'C^f, ad. on all sides, all around. 

CStcWl^, s. a palankeen, a litter, apalki. 

cPi^, or C^'^], a. fourteen. 

C15|'^fiP, a. the fourteenth, [of four. 

Cs't^sf^, s. a title of honour indicating chief 

C^^t^^f, C^'t^l'^cT, a. square : s. a square 

C15t*i"G?t?1, «. quadrangular. [bottle. 

C5^*tT^, s. a college, a school, academy. 

C5t*ttv?, or C5l«ttf?» s. a die, dice. 

C5t^tf\EC*4r^1, 8. play at dice. 



I 131 ] 


C^*t*1t?1, (t, four-footed, quadrupod. 
C5]'^T5i1, s. a palki, a litter, marriage palki. 
C^r^^l, a. handy, active, clever, vigilant. 
CFl?t55l, s. a reservoir, a vat, pit, cistern. 
C5t^T^, s. a college, a school, academy. 
ClSl^rTvn, s. the same as C5't?rT^ . 
C^^, s. a thief, a robber, a burglar. 
C5t?r^, a, smooth, even, level, flat, plain. 
C^l^r^ft, s. smoothness, evenness, level. 
C^^'t^^, C5l^t^^^, a. ninety-four. 
C^'t^rT*?), a. eighty-four. [cross-road. 

C^t^T^I, s. place where four roads meet, a 
C^'^, or cf )?rt, s. a flyflap : vide 5151^. 
C^'^l, C5l<ft, s. theft, robbery, burglary. 
C&t^f [<§■, s, the practice of theft, theft, 
CSt^?", s. dice, play at dice. [robbery 

C5l^T?rl, a, quadruple, having four folds. 
§jT^, s. the male organ of generation. 
bJt^^l^Tl^, s. circumcision. [freed. 

^J^, s. a mango : a. fallen from, dismissed, 
^jt^, s. dismissal, leave, release, freedom* 

W, 7th consonant ; sounds as ehh in muc^- 
^aste: a.six : mtj. pugh ; -^^,letter ■^. 

■g;^, s. a roof or covering over boats, 

■S;v5f^, a. the sixth. [board. 

"S^, s, a square or checker inachess- 

■^^$t*f^1, s. imposition, a trick, deceit, 
imposture, fraud ; lit. sice-cinque. 

lg;^^lft, s. a shell-cutter's tool, [cauris. 

■S!^\51, s. a bullock- cart, a hackery ; six 

■^^1, 5. light, lustre, splendour: a. six. 

■g;'^T^, s. the sixteenth part of a sera. 

^^T^^^t^, s. a chhatak or little more. 

■^^^^,•^^^1, V. n. to desert, withdraw, fly 
out (as gun-lock) to spring : a. shed out. 

"S^^^tiT, s. flying out of a spring or gun- 
lock ; withdrawing from an assembly : 
a. squeezed or forced out, expelled. 

■g:^^?isif^, 8. a flying out, a withdrawing. 

■^^^i3>Tf51"?rl, a. flying out : s. a withdrawer. 

■^^ITp^^^l,^. speckled, spotted, freckled. 

■^^■^^5 s. the tossing, turning or strug- 
gling of a person in pain, fever, etc., 
struggling of an animal for its liberty. 

■^^Tji^l, V. a. to struggle for liberty, to 
flutter, to toss about in pain. 

■?^^"^^^, "g^JJP^tf^, 8. the struggling of 

an animal for its liberty, the tossing of 

a person with violent disease or pain. 

Tg;^J5f5^1, restless, unsteady, struggling 

fluttering, tossing and turning. 
■^^^TPO^Jlt^, 8. a struggling, a fluttering. 

^^, V. n. to skin, to flay, to fall in a scat- 
tered manner, to scatter, to sprinkle. 

^\^, 5. a spear ; flagstaff'; a scratch, bruise. 

■g^l, V. a. to scatter, strew, to sow seed, 
to sprinkle, disperse, dissipate, to cause 
to skin : s. a sparkling ; a string (of 
beads,) a cluster, bunch (of plantains). 

^\91"g;f^, 8, profusely scattering of things 
about, waste, a skinning (an animal). 

^^T^lf^, s. a sprinkling and weeping. 

■g;5T^,'g;\5^, s, a skinning, a flaying, scat- 
tering, a throwing about, sprinkling, 
a dispersing : a. scattered, dispersed. 

■^^FTI^, s. a skinning, flaying, a scattering 
about, the dispersion of a multitude. 

^v$tt^?1, a. wasteful, lavish, scattering 
about : 8, one who flays, a scatterer. 

^\ft, 8. a switch, a twig, a thin stick; adis- 
temper which drys up a person, [urine. 

■^^5^^^, im. sd. of the falling of water or 

^:^,«. an umbrella, a fungus, mouldiness. 

^:55fr^, a. holding an umbrella: «.a king. 

^:fl^^, 8. a forlorn state, widowhood ; an- 
archy, a loss of empire or dominion, 

■g;3T^t<r,'S!2t^f^, a. like an umbrella, um- 
brella-formed, umbellate. [umbrella. 

■^3^, canopied : «. tester of a bed, awning, 

^f3*T, thirty-six. "g:f;5*Tl, thirty sixth. 

■g;5f, s. habit, custom ; a leaf, blade of grass. 

■^tt, 8. the roof of a house. [disguise. 

^TW, a. feigned, disguised : «; a covering, 

^^C^*f, s. disguise: a. disguised, incog. 

■g;wc^'*tJr, 8. the putting on of a disguise. 

T5^C^*Tt, (t. appearing in disguise, assum* 
ing a fictitious character : 8. a player. 

^iW?f^Tt, a. acting a concealed part. 

■^^?5C*si", ad. in disguise, incognito. 

■g;**? , s, the veda, a verse, metre, poetry, 
the measure of a verse, cadence. 

^»?f^, ». poetical metre, the measure of 
the veda, the veda. 


C is^ ] 


•8?:c*5f t^t, s. one wl^o sings the Sama veda ; 

also, the name of a grammar. 

W^,a. covered, concealed, secret, solitary, 

private; foolish; •C^'Tt, vide '^^C^'Tl. 

"S^^^tlT, s. a thatched roof, tester of a bed. 

•g:{t, s. a drawing, picture, a portrait ; 

beauty, splendour, brilliance, lustre. 
■g;^^?r, s. a picture -painter, a limner. 
■g;il'^s(, s. perturbation of the mind. 
■^:p,a. six; -f'?^*X» the six vital enemies of 
mankind, viz. ^1^, lust; CI^T^, anger; 
Cc^I«, covetousness ; C^T^, fascination; 
"sr^, pride and TTT<^^^J, envy, malice. 
"g;^^, V. n. to splash, to scatter, to break : 

V. a. to throw about, to splash about. 
■g:f¥, s. a vomiting, a belching. 
■g;e^, V. a. to impose upon, to deceive. 
^cT, s. contrivance, stratagem, pretence, 
artifice, pretext, deceit, a trick, a plot. 
^^9fT^^,'S;«^^^, a- suspecting aperson 
to be an impostor : s. one so suspects ; 
an impostor, a cheat, swindler, sharper. 
'g;rf7f, s. the using of pretences, the impos- 
ing upon or cheating of a person. 
■g;c^^l, s. a pretence, a trick, a deception, 
circumvention, fraud. [sharper. 

■g;^f5T?1, a. swindling :y. a cheat, swindler, 
■^^, a. idem ; also a blotch, a scab. 
'S'g^'^c^, a. watery, flowing, gushing out ; 
■^^[^"j «• sixty-six. -^, to gush out. 
W\, V. a. to thatch, to bottom a chair or 

bedstead : s. the young of an animal. 
Wi^i s. ashes. [water (when raining), 
■g;]^^, s. a whip, scourge ; a beating in of 
"S^t^f^, s. a camp, an encampment, bar- 
racks, an awning, a tent, covering of a 
drum with skin, the bottoming of a 
chair or bedstead, thatching of house. 
^t^JTtl5^1, s. the space under an awning. 
■g"t^"^i«^,'^"'5<lT^,s.acliild,aboy. [hood, 
■g^vgrflf^, s. childishness, childhood, boy- 
■^, «. a shade, shadow, shelter. [sift. 

T^T^, V. a. to strain, to filtrate, percolate, 
itl^^, s. straining, filtering, draining off. 
■i;T^^1, s. lees ; a strainer, a sieve, 
"it^f^irl, s. one who strains or sifts, 
lll^^, s. a strainer, a sieve, a colander. 

■^^1, V. a. to cause to strain : a. strained. 
■^5, s. forming of the foetus, or of eggs in 
the womb ; a mould ; a model, likeness. 
■^15^, s. a churning stick. 
■^tf5, s. the eaves of a house. 

■^tfs^r^, s. the thatching grass called ^^. 

■i;Tf5^^1, s. the space under the eaves. 

■^;f5'5*fT^, s. a fine variety of betel-leaf. 

■^T^?% «• cast in a mould, mould-made. 

"i;!^, V. a. to lop off, trim ; to clean husked 
rice : s. the cuttings of paper or cloth. 

■^^^,5. a lopping, a trimming, a clipping 
of paper, etc., a cleaning of husked rice. 

■^jTf , V. a. to tie the legs of a cow to pre- 
vent its kicking when milked, [ters, 

■^TW, s. poetical metre, the strokes of let- 

WTW5T, or ■^tfff^, s. the tying the legs of a 
cow to prevent kicking when milked. 

■^tWTTPfv?!', s. a cord used to tie the legs of 

■g;t?5, V. a. to strain, to sift. [a cow. 

^T^^, s. the act of sifting or straining. 

"g;t^t^, s. a strainer, a sieve, a colander. 

■^t^srY, 5'. one who strains liquor, [clear. 

^1^1, V. a. to cause to strain : a. strained, 

■^fsf, s. a goat, he-goat ; -^f^, sacrifice of 
a goat ; -"5lT\^, goat's flesh; /em. "^T^. 

■^T?t?r, s. a goat ; -^itW", dunga of goats. 

■^t^fc^C^rifs?!!, a. goatish, letcherous. 

■^fsfc^tf?, s. a medicine made of a herma- 
phrodite goat and other ingredients. 

"Wy^, "S^^^, the same as "^15^, i^i^sr. 

■^t^, s. a switch to strike grasshoppers. 

■g;!^^, s. a clipping, atrimming, cleaning. 

■^t^t^, s, the clippings of paper or cloth. 

■g;T^l, V. a. to cause to clip or trim a thing, 
or to lop a tree, to cause to husk rice : a, 
clipped, lopped, cleaned from the husk. 

"S^i^^f, s. a causing to clip^ trim or lop a 
tree, a causing to cleanse rice : a. clip- 
ped, shorn, trimmed, lopped, cleansed. 

■^T^t^, s. a causing to clip, trim, etc. 

■^t\5, v. to relinquish, to abandon, desert, 
evacuate, to leave off, depart from, to 
abate,to unloose, discharge, withdraw, 
liberate, emancipate, divorce (a wife). 

■^\Ff^^, "gilvst^fs^, s. a release, a pass- 
port, a clearance for goods. 


[ 133 ] 

■fft^Jf, *. the relinquishing or abandoning 
I of an undertaking, or of a habit, the 

loosing of a person or animal. 

■g;T^1, V. n. to procure the release of any 
one, to object, discharge, rescue, extri- 
cate, to separate, disperse, to cashier. 

■^T\51, s. areleasing, relinquishing: a. left, 
excepted, deserted: c.y. c^^^^T^l, de- 
serted by fortune, unfortunate, [tion. 

■S"Tv5l¥tf^, mutual relinquishing, separa- 

■^T^l^,*- the setting of a prisoner or an 
animal at liberty, act of extricating, re- 
deeming, discharging, or separating. 

■^tv^Tf^, s. relinquishment, liberation, a 
release, extrication ; a key. [leasing. 

"Sl^tt^^l, a. relinquishing, liberating, re- 

■g"Tl?, s. the flat roof of a house, a terrace. 

WH)i s. an umbrella, a parasol; a fungus, 
a mushroom, mouldiness. 

WT^5Tf^?I1, Wt^Tvf^l, a. mouldy, fungous. 

■^^t^^WlTT, s. an umbrella-bearer. 

W'lHy ^T^T^?i1, s. the name of a bird.' 

W}^, s. an umbrella ; the breast, bosom. 

■^^I^^Tc^l, s. one who carries an umbrella. 

WliY, s, the bosom, the breast, courage, 
boldness ; an umbrella. [of pulse. 

Wt^, 8. barley meal, meal of several sorts 

■g;T3, s. a scholar, a pupil, a disciple, stu- 

"^T^, V. n. to knead, to mould. [dent. 

■gt^^,«. the kneadingof dough or earth. 

■giT^I, V. a. toknead, strain water (for fish- 
ing) : s. the young of an animal ; cream 
or curds of milk: a. moulded, kneaded. 

■g;i^Tg;it^, s, mutual kneading of dough. 

■g;T^tC*fT?rl, s. a sort of sweetmeat. 

■gT^, s. a cataract in the eye, a film or 
speck on the eye. [of the veda. 

■g:T*»3Ff, pertaining to the veda: s. a teacher 

"Et^f, V. a, to print, to impress a figure, 
to skulk, to quash, to overflow. 

■B[t«1", s. a die, a stamp, a seal, a press, an 
engraved block for printing calico. 

■g:t*1"^, 8. imprinting of a mark, the act of 
printing, aprintingof calicoes; hiding. 

ig:T*1?r, s. tester of a bed, a thatched roof, 
a roof over a boat ; -<rT^, a bedstead. 

l^tn#t, s, a paper mould, a sti-ainer. 


^<11, V. a. to cause to be printed, to con- 
ceal or suppress anything, to overflow. 

■gr-pfl, 8. a printing, concealment, suppres- 
sion : a. printed, suppressed, concealed; 
graph or printing press; -•ift^l, print- 
ing-office; -"^T^TI^aprinter, a pressman. 

^T«TTsf, *. the causing to be printed, the 
concealing or suppressing of a thing. 

■5;T*tTt^<l1, a. suppressing, clandestine. 

¥t*lT^a, s. lithographic press, a printing 

^*f^, a. concealed, suppressed, [press. 

■Cr««1"l^, a. fifty-six. [hood. 

WT^^lt^, s. childishness, childhood, boy- 

■g;T^1, V. a. to cause to thatch a house, or 
bottom a chair: a. thatched, bottomed. 

■^I^T^, s. a causing to be covered, thatch- 
ed, or bottomed : a. thatched, bottomed. 

"^^Tf^, 8. a thatching, a bottoming. 

^T^T^^, s. due for thatching or bottoming. 

■S;T^M, s. a child, a boy ; -^jvT, childhood, 

■S!Tf^*r, a. twenty-six. [infancy. 

■^tr^*T1, a. the twenty-sixth. 

■^l?I1,s. shade, shadow, covert, refuge, an 
apparition, reflection; a petticoat, [dy. 

■^T?Tf^?I1, "^T^lf^lS, a. umbrageous, sha- 

■^T?T^?, s. noting time by shadow, [lite. 

WT^t^^,<?. shadow-like : s. attendant,satel- 

^l?rT^?a% *. a house or place built for 
shade, the space covered by an awning. 

^T?l'^e*, "Sil^T^l^, a. shady, umbrageous. 

"WV^i «. vilo as asses, abominable, hateful, 

■^T^^^Tc?, s. bad luck, misfortune. 

■^T?"^'siTt^<n, ill-fated, unlucky, [ashes. 

^T<r<rr?r, s. ruin : a. ruined, reduced to 

■g;T^C*tT^1, s. a bug (Cimex lictularia). 

■g;Tc^, s. bark, peel, rind, skin, leather, an 
integument ;-"5^1, or-c^T^, to peel. 

■g'Ts^sT, s. sauce, stew, curry. [ring. 

^T'nS^I, s. an awning for a wedding ; toe- 
's"!*^ s^Tlcll,*. the space under theawniug. 

Wlc^1, s. a pair of sacks borne by oxen, a 
pair of panniers, a sack, a bag, a wallet. ^ 

^Tf^?1, 8. a child ; f>ff^?1, children. 

^I5^f^, s. grasscloth ; a canoe of iSal tree. 

fg;, or fgfg, infj, fie ! for shame ! 

ft^, s. a sneezing : v. a. to sueeae. 


[ 134 ] 


fg^?p1, s. a skewer, a thin rod of iron or 
bambu used to clean the huka tube. 

f^5\5 ,v. a. to drag along the ground. 

fi^t V. n. to tear or rend of itself; v. a. 
to tear, to rend, to pluck. [custom. 

fi^, f^^t^j *• ^ water-course, a habit, a 

f^:5i^, 8. the act of tearing, a plucking, a 

f^v5l, a. torn, rent, divided, cut. [tearing. 

t%\5tfif^? ^' mutual plucking or tearing. 

fg'?5c^, V. a. to link together, to furbish : s. 

f^^l^, s. a chain, a link, [a chain, link. 

f^^m\ s. a sneeze, a sneezing. 

f^5^^tC^t?", s. a petty thief, a pilferer. 

f%^j$TWf^^1, a. peevish, crying for trifles. 

fw^ 9 "y- (^- to sprinkle, sow seed, to work 
lattice-work, or the like, [remainder. 

■j%^, s. chintz ; a remnant, a balance, a 

fg;^^, 8. sprinkling, scattering about (of 
seed) : the working of lattice-work. 

t%;^t^, s. idem ; also, a slender rod. 

f^^t^<l1, s. one who does lattice-work. 

fg;t1, sprinkle, to strew, to scatter 
about: s. shot, a particle, a drop, atom. 

f%^T^t^, s. shot, gun shot. [S^E- 

f%:^T^, s. act of sprinkling or scatter- 

fw^lt^, s. a sprinkling, aspersion. 

fg;^^, V. a. to fly up with a jerk, to throw 
by a jerk, to jet, to spatter, to sputter, 
rebound. 1%^i%?1 ^"t"^, to rebound. 

f^^^^, 8. the act of spattering, the fly- 
ing of a thing with a sudden jerk. 

ft^^l, t?. a. to sprinkle, to fly with a sud- 
den jerk, to jet: s. a sling, a slip-knot. 

ft^^T^, s. the besprinkling of any thing, 
the flying up with a sudden jerk. 

f%i|^, s, a very slender rod, a switch. 

fs:^<rrt5ft, s. a bolt for a door or window. 

f^5, s. a hole, a perforation, a fissure, a 
fault, a blemish, a flaw, a defect. 

fFgtC^'^, d' seeking for the faults of 

1%^, V. a. to snatch, to seize, [others. 

f^^^ft^l, a. full of knots, [detaining. 

fg;?T5T, s. the seizing of a person or thing, 

f^^l, V. a. to shoulder, to strike violently: 
s. the corner of a building or masonry. 

f^^TcT, 8. a strumpet, a whore, a harlot. 


fw^f a, cut, severed, torn, cut down, cut 

fw^^«f, a, having the ears cut off. [off. 

f^l"C^*r, a. shorn, having the hair cut. 

f^gc^*f?r, a. having the mane cropped. 

f^^^tf%^, a. having the nose cut off. 

1%W^^^) d' having the legs cut off. 

ft^f^^, a. severed, scattered, dispersed. 

f^TT^^, a. decapitated, headless. 

^^^"^1, s. a name of the goddess Kali. 

f^^"^^, a. cut down by the root. [off. 

f^^"^^, a. maimed, having the hands cut 

f^*f , V. to conceal, hide : s. a fishing rod. 

f^*T^, 8. a hiding, a concealing one's self. 

r^*fT?T, s. a concealing, hiding, a suppres- 
sing: a. hidden, concealed, suppressed. 

l%f*T^^, s. a calico-printer. 

fwf*1"<tT^1, s. a calico printing factory. 

f^-sft, s. a cork, a stopple, a stopper. 

f^'s^f^?!, t%^«^1, s. a lad, a youngster. 

t%^^1, 8. refuse of an article which has 
been chewed, or the juice extracted. 

fw^, or f*f^, 8. a kidney-bean. 

f%Tr\5l,f^"5ril, s. a legume, shell of a pea; 

f¥?T«?", s. seventy-six. [an orphan. 

t%?t^<rt^1, a. pertaining to seventy-six 
(or to the dreadful famine of Bengal 
and Behar in the Higira year 1176). 

f^?!^^, t%?t^^^, a. ninety-six. 

1%1lT*rl", a. eighty-six. 

f^% V. a. to strip off the bark, to peel. 

fWc^^l, s. a peel, a rind, a bark, a husk. 

fe^JT, 8. a peeling, a stripping off bark. 

f^c^l, s. a bow-string, [pipe ; a huka. 

f^r^ir, s. the bowl of a huka or tobacco 

1%l%f'5r1%, 8. a necklace worn by fakirs. 

fk^f s. peevishness, great irritability. 

■J, V' a. to touch, to come in contact. 

■^i?, 8. a needle, a thin bambu rod used in 
thatching: v. a. to wash the posteriors, 

^"51, "E^^lj f^^^l, s. the musk-rat. 

■^i>Tc?, a. pointed, having a sharp point. 

^fs, s. a lying as if inattentive or dead ; 
-*tT^, to watch, to lie in wait. 

^f^«^T^^, s. a watching, a lying in wait. 

■#f^?n^^€iT«?, s, the whipthong snake. 

■^vB\, "^f^, s. a girl. [of any thing. 

^^^, s. a coming in contact, the touching 


[ 135 ] 


^^, V, n. to be discharged, to fly as a ball, 

to escape, to run away, to break loose. 
^^^, a. fern, younger. [ing off. 

■^^^T, s. a running away, escaping, a fly- 
^^fJT, s. the flying of a bullet, an escape. 
^^1, V, a. to loosen, dispel, fire a gun or 

crackers : a. unconfined, loose, [about. 
■g^^t^f^, s. a running speedily, a running 
^^^, s. the loosening of a thing, liberat- 
ing of a person : a. let loose, escaped. 
^^T^fl", s. liberation, exemption, escape. 
^^Tr5l<I1,rt. peddling; --^^^^T^tja pedlar. 
^^, «. a discharge, a release, a dismission, 

a furlough, vacation, leave of absence. 
"W.^^, V. a. to liberate, to throw, to pelt, to 

cast away, to discharge or fire a gun. 
^^ST, 8. the discharging of an arrow or 

ball, a pelting, a throwing. 
^^, 8. contagion, a touch, a contact. 
^^, ^ Jl, s. a pretence, an artifice, an ex- 
^jo^, s. a sharper, a swindler. [cuse. 
i^, a. small, very small, [to exceed. 
■g;«t , V. a. to press down, to prevail over, 
i^-i^sr, s. a pressing down, a subduing. 
^?^?&1,^?ft5 s. a knife ; also, a penknife. 
"^vl, V. a. to skin, flay, to pare ofi", prune. 
■^fsT, s. a kind of blotches on the body. 
^^T^l? s. the Arab dried date-fruit, 
C^f s, a cut, piece cut off, striking of the 

pedal when cleansing corn, [cut off. 
C^^, V. a. to cut into pieces : s. a piece 
C^^tt^, s. an interval, an intermission, 

a stop ; -Tfl, to desist, to intermit, stop. 
C"^^]-*tt, a. eighty-six. 
CW^, intj. fie ! avaunt ! out ! go out ! away ! 
C""!!^?, s. an orphan. [vide C^^^jft??. 

C^^, V. a. to foment ; to obstuct, stop : s. 
ci;^^, 8. a stop, a stopping; a fomenting. 
CW^I, s. a searing, a cauterizing ; -^1, to 

sear, to cauterize, to burn. [iron. 

C^^51, a. burning hot, burnt with a hot 
ci;^J5TC*lTv51,a. half burnt, seared, [bles. 
C"^^f5, C^^^^j s, a dish made of vegeta- 
C"^5^, V. a. to throw water from a pond, to 

bale the water from a boat ; to bruise, 
ct^^l, s, an iron skewer, a thin iron rod. 

C#5vy, *. a pilferer, a petty thief, a knave. 

C^5^1, V, a. to drug: a. shameless, low, vile, 
base ; 8. a bad debtor, a knave, cheat. 

C^5^ICT|5r^, 8. a mutual dragging. 

C&5?15?, 8. the dragging of any thing. 

C^B^Tfist, *. pilfering, vileness, baseness. 

C^5\ft, a, fern, vile, base: *. a bad debtor. 

C"^5^, 8. a bruising ; a baling of water. 

C^51, V. a, to cause to throw the water out 
of a pond, to cause to bale a boat, to 
cause to bruise : a. baled out, bruised. 

dt^lC^fe 8. a mutual baling or bruising. 

C^PIJ^, 8. causing to throw out the water 
of a pond or boat, a causing to bruise. 

C^STf^, s, the act of baling, a bruising. 

C^CSTv?, s. a pilferer, petty thief, a knave. 

ci:^!, '0. a. to tear, to rend : a. rent, torn, 

C'^^TC^f^, s. a reciprocal tearing. 

C^ftl, s. a hole, perforation : a. perforated, 
torn ; -^, to perforate, to bore a hole. 

C^^9 v. a, to foment, to sear ; to arrest, to 
stop, cease, desist, intermit ; s. an in- 
terval of time, a cessation. [starts. 

(T^^'^^C^, ad. at intervals, by fits and 

C^^5^, 8, a desisting, an intermitting, 

C'S^'^sT, C^\, the same as f^^si, \'^^, 

C^i s. a cut, a hole, the space between 
words in writing, a pause, an interval. 

(Myi'^i s. the act of cutting, a perforating. 

C^W^i?, a. capable of being cut or perfo- 
rated, separable, divisible. 

C^STI, 8. cream, curds; -"^llfl, fried cream. 

C^^rc*TT?1, C"^:^ 1^1, a kind of sweetmeat. 

CW^j 8. spittle, saliva ; -Wl, -CTPcT, to spit. 

C^^*!!, a. snappish, snarling: s. an idiot. 

CS:^!^^, C¥?T?J?"1?1, vide f^<lT^?r, ^'C, 

CS"?!'^^, C"^?!!^^^, a. ninety-six. 

C^fi^^l, *. a child, infant; -c^9\\ childish 
play; -^T«T, -C^snl, childhood, infancy. 

(r^t^<lTf^f^?1, «. children, young family. 

Cg:f^?ll^, CWf^tt^, 8. childishness. 

Cgi^ft, s, a goat; the spots on the skin of a 
deer or other animal ; a blotch. 

CS!«^*^\?1, a. speckled, spotted, freckled. 

C^"^f$> «. sixty-six. 

C^l, 8. a pouncing, a darting at ; -^t^^, to 
pounce, to dart at (as a kite does). 


t 136 ] 


ci,1^,v.a. to cause to touch, to bring into 
contact : a, touched : s. a scare-crow. 

ctT^t^,uiiclean,menstruou8, contagious. 

CWt^T^,5- a causing to touch, the bring- 
ing of tilings into contact : a. touched. 

ctf^ij ^.to wash the posteriors after evacu- 
ation : a. greedy : s, sl musk-rat. [riors. 

C^I^T^, C^t^l f^, s. a washing of the poste- 

CWt5T^, s.the water in which the posteri- 
ors has been washed after evacuation. 

C^T^Tt^, s. greediness, ravenousness. 

C^tCClj smelling about (for food or gain). 

C^T^l, s. a boy, a chap, a brat ; fern. ^^ 

C^l^<rl,s. a boy; -^t"^, a sodomite; -^f^^, 
C'^t<5^t, s. a girl ; a slave girl, [sodomy. 
CW\^ s- any thing with which to tie. 
C^f^, a. small, little, trivial, petty, mean, 
low,younger,humble; -c^ll^, a plebeian^ 
C^T^^?^, s. the name of a plant.^ 
CWT^'^1^) ^- short-sighted : s. meanness, 
C^T^^, s. the emitting of any thing. 
CWT^^»TTf^?1, s. species of purslain.^ 
C"g;i'^^^, s. a youngest brother's wife, the 

youngest of a man's wives. 
C^T^"sr1,s. a father's youngest wife; riches, 

the goddess of prosperity, [indicum). 
C"S!T^C"5r<?ft, s. a plant, its seed (Trifolium 
C^T^Csit^, a. small, little, diminutive. 
C^I'^c^Wlj s. capsicum minimum. 
C^T^f*(^T^, s. a hare, wild hare. 
CWT^Ij V. a. to set free, to unloose, to send 

forth, to emit: a. let loose, discharged, 

emitted: s. any thing with which to tie. 
CCt^T-T, s. the setting any one at liberty, 

a sending away, the discharging of a 

gun : a. liberated, turned loose. 
C¥,t"ft^1, s. a snap of the finger. 
C^IvS , V. a. to fire a gun : a. shooting : e, 

g. C9ft«Tt C^I^^, shooting a bullet. 
C¥T^^, s. firing olf , discharging of a gun. 
C"^!^1, V. a. to discharge an arrow, to fire a 

gun : a. discharged from a bow or gun. 
C^T^ST^^C^i^T'^'j «• a key. [juice, a colour. 
C^t^f, «. a stain or mark with vegetable 
C^fsi"!, V. a. to impress a mark, to dye, to 

print calicoes : a, stained, coloured. 

■^t*1"t^,*. the dyeing or staining of cloth : 
a. stained, marked, coloured, [cloth. 

CSit^^tii^j s, the staining or colouring of 

C^t^^l, s. the external coat of cocoanut 
and other palms, the peel of a plantain. 

C^l^cT, s. the attempt of a snake to bite. 

(I"^r<r1,5.a large knife, a stiletto, a dagger. 

C^Ts?, V. n. to pare, scrape, peel, to skin. 

C^T^^, 8. a peeling, a paring, a flaying. 

C^fc^l, V. a. to cause to pareofi',to scrape: 
s. a kind of pulse :^ a. pared, scraped. 

■g;j1, intj. fie ! for shame ! avaunt ! 

®, the 8th consonant ; in camp, it signi- 
fies born, produced; -<f1<r, the letter Sr. 

;§i^j^t^ <I-|, vexed, enraged, provoked, non- 

■^<5[, s, an ulcer, wound, hurt, [piused. 

^■^^rsft, a. full of ulcers, wounded. 

5i9f55T5f JT, s. the government of the world. 

®^^1^1, s. the governor of the world. 

^^^f*^<^, s. the creator of the world. 

€i'»f^^^^, s. Durga, mother of the world. 

li^f^'^, s. a sort of musical instrument. 

^^«5,, s. the world, the universe. 

®?9f«.^"e1, s. the governor of the world. 

®iif QT?r^, li^figT^I, s, the saviour of the 

®M"i^^, s. the end of the world, [world. 

Si^r^^^, o. world-destroying. 

li9fW^1, s. the same as ^^^^^. [world. 

^^WTH^, ({. identically the same with the 

S^TWrW, s. the beginning of the world. 

^?fWl^T<r, s. the air, wind, the supporter 
or stay of the universe. 

^^Wt^t^^^l, s. the God of providence. 

^5r#t*t, ®i^Wt^?r,«. the Lord of the world, 
an appellation of Vishnu and Shiva. 

■®i?f^H?"t, s. a name of Durga, meaning 
the queen of the world. [form. 

^gfTf^Tl^t, s. a name of Durga in peculiar 

Si^CWiTf^, s. a name of Shiva, the earth. 

li^t^Tot, s. the Lord of the world, one of 
the names of Vishnu. 

^■iT^T^C^^, s. the place of the famous 
templeof Jagannath in Urissa. [good. 

^9f^^«^, s. good of the world, the public 

®l9fC^t^^, «. fascinating the world : ^. 
the proper name of a man. 


[ 137 ] 

Bf^fc^t^^H", ^.fascinating the world : «. en- 
chantress or fascinatrix of the world. 
*®?f5!, A*, a place, ground, land. 
*S??rT^, s. custom, duty on goods, tribute. 
^'>ftit, s. a collector of the customs. 
«^^?f1, 5. a glittering, shining; loaf-brass. 
BIH^, s. the hip and loins. 
WJtT^J, a. last, ultimate, low, vile, base. 
WTiniWf s. a sudra : a. low-born, base. 
IfTsT^J^Sl, s. baseness, lowness, meanness. 
Ijf^eit^, s. the name of a tree/ 
®?f?r, a. movable, removable. 
^^^, a. wild, desert : s. a forest, wilder- 
ness, a thicket, bush, weeds in afield. 
^f^5^^?, a. abounding with wilderness, 

covered with weeds and bushes. 
■'Srsr^TT^, «. wild, desert, bushy, waste, un- 
;if^c^, a. wild, sylvan. [cultivated. 

®^?T, s. a limit, a boundary, a ridge or 

balk in rice fields, an embankment. 
^iJrT, s. poison, venom. 
®^1, s, the thigh, the leg. [fleet. 

®vi?5It«^, a. marching quick, walking well, 
BfWt<I1, s. short- drawers, breeches. 
;§i;S^^, a. superabundant, enough, suffi- 
cient, plenty, as much as desired. 
Sf-^t^,*. trouble,disorder,confu3ion, mis- 
fortune ; rubbish, sweepings, refuse. 
lf-^Tf%?l1, «. troublesome, mischievous. 
*^^?', s. a chain, shackles, fetters. 
l7^, 5. the matted hair of a devotee. 
®^«^1, s. a crowd of people, an assembly. 
^^1, s. clotted hair of an ascetic, the root 
of a plant, i*oots wliich descend from 
the branches of the Ficus indica. 
;§?^^?r, a. clotting or matting the hnir. 
^7T^^, s. tlie clotted hair of Shiva. 
®^T5f?r, ll^I5fl<rt, wearing a head of clot- 
ted hair: s. a devotee; aname of Shiva. 
Sf^T^\^, 8. the Indian spikenard.'* 
;Sif^?1,9f^rf,;§?f^c^1,rt. wearing matted hair. 
l?1t?t^f^,5. an old woman with dishevel, 
led matted hair(abugbear for children). 
®ff^^t^f^«11, 8. the mother and sister of 

Ayan Ghosa, husband of Radlia. 
;gi^, l?^?P, s. a freckle, spots on the body. 
Wtj, s. the belly, the womb. 

^^?'Wt«i1, lJ^?r«ft^1, t hunger ; a pain 
in the bowels, the colic, [childbirth. 
®^?rTi3«ii,^^^Ti-r5;i1, 8. the throe, pain of 
^^<r^, a. being or existing in the womb. 
S)^, V. a. to wind into a ball, to entangle, 

to intertwine, to wrap round. 
9^, a. stupid, decrepit, inactive, cold, be- 
numbed, collected, crowded, heaped 
together : s. a root, an origin ; -a, to 
collect, to amass, to heap together. 
li^fop?, a. indolent, procrastinating. 

inactivity, benumbedness, frigidity. 
^^■S<n5, s. a stupid person, an idiot. 
®^^>lv^, a. gathered, collected, contracted. 
®\^1, V. a. to wrap round, to wind into a 
ball, to interlace, to cling to, to overlay, 
to plate, to set precious stcHies. 
l§7v^^,or;§f\5T^ a. ornamented, overiayed 

with gold, set with precious stones. 
S!\it®f\5, «. a clinging round each other. 
®\5T^, s. a winding round, a clinging to: 

a. wound, clapped round, clung to. 
^^TJ(^\5T^, a. rolled, wrapped round. 
Sfv^tf^, s, the winding or wrapping of st 

thing, a clinging to, an interlacing. 
l?\^Tt^?1, Of. winding, interlacing : s. one 

who winds or interlaces things. 
lf^tf^?T^5T, 8. a winch, winding machine. 
"^f^^, a. set with Q^ems, studded, crowded. 
lff\5\!5^t^J, 8. crowded talk, sputtered lau- 
^f^^§t» *• medicines, drugs. [guage. 
^f^'srl, s» stupefaction decrepitude, stiff- 
ness, congelation, numbness, idiocy. 
®^^^, ^. stupified, made insensible or 
decrepit, reduced to idiocy, congealed, 
frozen, benumbed, made rigid. 
Hvft^^. a. become stupid, inactive or de- 
crepit, frozen, congealed, benumbed. 
®^jr, *. a freckle, a spot, an eruption. 
^C^^TC^^, ad. wholly, root and branch, 

completely, entirely, in the gross. 
^^Sf\$T^, *. viscidity, stickiness. 
■^^Sif^^t, a. viscid, tenacious, sticky. 
li^, s. lac ; -^^, a house made of lao. 
W^, *• lac, asafoetida, a freckle, a spot. 
l?'^Tf«j, s. a freckle, a mark on the body. 

[ 138 ] 


«f^, s. a person, a man, individual. 
^^^, a. producing, causing, begetting : s. 
a father ; in mytho. the father of Sita. 
®^^^1, -^, s. causality, fatherhood. 
Si^^, ^^^^^, s. a multitude, a crowd. 
W^'^) s. birth, production, the producing 
®^^, ®^nr^, s. a mother, [of a thing. 
^^-pfff, s. any inhabited country, a region. 
^^^^Wt^sTJ^, s. the governor of a country, 
^J^fgf?, ci* popular, esteemed by all. 
;gf7^ilt5^^, 5. people, men, mankind. 
^JTir, s, birth, production. [king. 

^^C^^?I,s.thesonof Parikshita, a Hindu 
Sl^<r^, 5. a rumour, a report, fame. 
^^C«^T^, s, one of the Hindu paradises. 
®^3S{J^, s. a report, a rumour, town-talk. 
517^3^^^, ^^s5l, s. a multitude, a crowd. 
*SiJIt^1, s. a corpse, a funeral. 
®^t^t^, fl^. specifying each person. 
*^^i^l,s. a seraglio: a. female, relating 
^^t?r, s. a species of grain.^ [to woman- 
^Trfw'sT, s. one of the names of Krishna. 
®1^^, a. born, begot, produced, caused. 
^C^^C^, ad. individually, one by one. 
^^, s. an animal ; -t^WJ1, zoology. 
^^^J^C^Wf^WJl, s. in ana. zootomy. 
*^*^T'?", a. alive, living, existing. 

®^, V. a. to be born, to be produced. 

ijW, s. birth, production ; -'Ffl, to cause to 
produce, to beget ; -c^vg, to be born. 

^W^T«?l^, ®W9tl5, <?.inlierent,hereditary. 

;gt^t%1%, s. a birth day by the lunar time. 

^^WfSl, s. a father, a parent, one who be- 

H^l?^, s. a birth-day, day of birth, [gets. 

;§?^Wt^, s. a fault or blemish of birth. 

W^*^, s. a being born, a resulting from. 

®^C"^^,s. transformation, regeneration. 

;§?^t?"c^^«1J, s. a change or defect in birth. 

;§[W^f^9 S' a birth-place, a natal soil. 

^^C*tt<f, s. the great end of life, the pay- 
ing of the debt of nature, death. 

;§iW^, ;§?^f^^, a. connected with birth. 

®W^t^, 8. a native place, a birth-place. 

;gi^l, V. a. to produce, beget, bring forth, 
to propagate, to invent, create, cause. 

;gi^T^, s. a producing, a propagating, be- 
getting, the inventing of a thing. 

li^^T^ s. another birth, a future birth. 
^'Slt^^Tfw^jacquired in a former birth. 
®i^T^C^, ad. in another birth. 
li^TW, a. born blind, born withoiit sight. 
5i^Rl%, a. from a person's birth. 
;§i^T^1, s. the producing of a thing. 
^^T^T"5Tt^, ad. as soon as it was produced. 
li'JfTf^lS, a. acquiredby a person's birth. 
l?^t^^, s . the birth-day of Krishna. 
Iffnq'^l, s'. being born, a being produced. 
;gi^j, a. producible, caused by, arising 

from : s. a cause, a motive, reason. 
mXAl, ad. on account of, because, for. 
M^y V. a. to repeat the name of a god, to 
mutter over prayers. [a prayer. 

;§f % s. the repetition of prayers, a praying, 

Si'5^t^%, a. engaged in repeating prayers. 
^*1"f^^^1, s. engagedness in the prayers. 
^*f4^?I, a. worthy of being repeated, [ry. 

^^"STtc^l, ^"s^^^, 5. aprayerbeads,a rosa- 

ll*f1, V. a. to cause to repeat the name of 
any god, to instigate : s. the repetition 
of prayers ; a flowering shrub. '^ 

S\<pft^, s, the inducing of a person to re- 
peat the name of a god, instigation. 

m'^l, a, worthy of being repeated. 

W^, s. barley. Properly T[^. 

*^<^J, a above, powerful, strong, proud; 
-•5f^,supreme,forcible, powerful, ; -frf^ 
^^■5^, force, coercion, compulsion. 

^gfitsi'^", a. young, active, alert, agile : s. 
a young man, a hero, [ness, heroism. 

li^^'^, s. youth, agility, activity, alert- 

®?^fjr,«.- young, active, alert, agile. 

*^^T^,5. the tongue, a language, speech. 

■^■?n^?rf%, s. a written deposition. 

■^^T^, a. verbal, expressed by the tongue. 

^■^t^, s. youth, activity, agility, alert- 

^§^•^1^, s. an answer, a reply. [ness. 

©■^T^, s. one who answers: a. answering, 

^^li^, 5. wetness, dampness, [replying. 

^^i§i^?1, a. wet, damp, clammy, poachy. 

;§j^, a. subdued, reduced, seized, confined. 

;§iir, V. n. to congeal, to candy, to coagu- 
late, to freeze ; -^t^l, to be congealed. 

^ir^, 8. show, pomp, parade : a. twin. 

;g(irsT, s.freezing,congelation, coagulation. 


[ 139 ] 

«J1T!^1,«. total, all, the whole, a collection. 

mi1, V. a. to collect, to cause to coagulate 
or congeal : s, a collection, an increase, 
an accumulation, an amount, atotal, in 
acct. the creditor side : a. collected. 

^^t<f ?r5, 8. income and expenditure, debt- 
or and creditor sides of an account. 

BmT^, s. a crowd, an assembly, a congre- 
gation, cement, ice, an icicle, a crystal. 

^"sri^T^T, «.amu8ter-master,achief, acap- 

Si^fiiT^ftj^-theofficeofajamaddar. ^tain. 

^^T^, 8. a collecting, a coagulating : a. 
collected, frozen, coagulated. [tion. 

SI 51 1 f^, « . a collection,coagulation, congela- 

®"5rr!^?1, 8. one who collects or coagulates. 

■^5iT^f*fT, s. a settlement or account of the 
revenues of a province, a farm rent. 

■^^, "^^^j 8. land; -Pit^, a land-holder. 

^ST^^tf?, ■^"sfi^Wlt?, 8. a lauded estate. 

Biir?^, V. n, to assemble, to collect. 

^"51^1, V. a, to assemble, to come together- 

;gi"5i^^T^, a. assembled, collected ; blazing, 
glowing: s. the assembling of a crowd. 

;§i^<5tf^, 8. the assembling of a crowd. 

^gfSJjgstrT, a. pompous, showy, parading. 

®^t«T, 8. mud, sludge, clay, mire. 

¥^?r, 8. a lime, lemon (Citrus acida). 

®^, ^^, 8. the rose-apple and its tree ;' 

;§j^<5, 8. a shakal, a jackal. [Hindustan. 

®^Ct*t, 8. the central division of the earth 
including the whole of Hindustan. 

■®i\Tt'^^5 flf. situated in Hindustan. 

lt\'T^> *• ^ monkey, a baboon. 

^^JT, *. sexual intercourse, coition. 

^?, 8. conquest, victory, triumph ; hail ! 
-^, to conquer, to vanquish, overcome. 

^?^'<r*i, 8. the obtaining of a victory, 

®?^^'l, 8. a conqueror, a vanquisher. 

^?I^lt%?1, a. attending on victory, or on 
a victory and publishing his praise. 

^«l^t?r^, a. victorious : 8. a conqueror. 

®?r^T?ft, d' victorious, vanquishing. 

^<I® *T^T<r, a. triumphant, victorious. 

®?I^?^'^, (t. announcing victory. 

Ii?^^i5!>i, ®«nn^,«. a war drum, a drum of 

Si?^T^, 8. an army drummer, [victory. 

^?15^R, 8. a species of grain." 
X 2 

B!^«8rf^, 8. a shout or cry of victory. 
Bl?^t, 8, the name of a tree.* [victory. 
^? -'I'ST^I, -f^«TT5T, *. a flag or ensign of 
5I1I*^3J, 8, a written declaration of victory, 
BI^^Ttf SI, 8. music on account of a victory, 
SI?^T^, a. victorious, triumphant, [oua. 
^?l^^, ^- belonging to a victory, victori- 
^?lC>iT^J, a, worthy of victory. 
^?'^^, ll?f*r^, s. the horn of victory, 
l!f?;5Y, 8. the spice called mace. 
^t, a. triumphant, victorious: *. a victor. 
m\, V. n. to digest, to waste away. 
*W^> «. gold and silver, money, riches, 
'SiJCf 8. decay, decrepitude, old age. 
^?r«1, 8. a growing old, the digesting of 
If^Tf, a, yellow ; -if ^, an old ox. [food, 
^?rl, V. a. to digest or prepare by chymical 
process of digestion, to cause to digest: 
«.decrepitude,decay, old age, infirmity: 
a, digested, tabid, decrepit, infirm. 
^5^1^^) ^- decrepit,debilitated,old,infirm. 
^?T^^1, *. decrepitude, old age. 
^?T?, *. the womb, the uterus. 
Sf^T^vgf, a. viviparous, born from the 
*Wf^, S' gold or silver thread, [womb, 
*'§i<ft^, 8. the measuring of land, land-sur- 
veying, a rod to measure land, a staff. 
*ir^^T^1, 8. a fine, damage, [a family. 
*^?f, 8. a wife; -c«^^^1, wife and children, 
*®?5^, lp"?5<fY, a necessary, important. 
^?6?w^<^ 8. force, violence, compulsion, 
restraint; want, indigence, necessity, 
li'^<r, a. perforated, shattered, cracked, 
jarring, decrepit : «. an aquatic plant- 
Sf^f?^, a. shattered, rent, torn, tattered, 
*^^) W^\d- yellow, of the colour of gold. 
■^pfT?", a. wealthy, rich, opulent. 
■^Tff , a. yellow, gold-colour : 8. turmeric. 
® cT, 8. liquor, water ; -iTl, to water, to give 
water; -^, to spring aleak; -^^, to bub- 
ble up; -<f1, to drink; -f^^l, to sprinkle; 
-C5T^, to draw water ; -*t\5^, to leak, to 
rain ; -c^5, to water, to bale water. 
5|5i^, 8. iron pin, peg, nail,joiningnail;a 
^?!^f«>f, 5. a porpoise, river hog. [fountain, 
li^T^^, 8. the revenue or rent of fisheries. 
, 8, a scarcity of water, aridity. 


[ 140 ] 


IF^T^^T, s. a small pond. [with water. 

S!5^:^^5l, s. diversion in water, theplajang 

®j?I^?S, s. a swamp, a marsh, a fen, a bog. 

Sjrf^ir^, ;§i^^T3l, s. a voyage by water. 

Si^TCUt^^, s. a hippopotamus. [mal.) 

^5^^?r, a. moving in water, aquatic (ani- 

liwT^T^, a. moving in water, aquatic. 

lj5iC5t?r, 9, a pirate, a water-thief. 

;§rc^ig::s, ;§i^^;5, s. a temporary shed in 
which water, etc. is given to travellers. 

■^5T^, ^^^t^, a. produced in water. 

;§ic^^^, s. an aquatic animal. [tion. 

^gfrt"^^, s. a house for pleasure and refec- 

SjinC^IvSl, s. a species of harmless snake. 

^rivj"^^, 5. a wave, a musical water-glass. 

St5T^"^1, s. a thirst for water, thirst. 

Si^iCvST^I, s. the drawing of water. 

®5TW, a. giving water : s. a cloud. 

Si^rOT^, s. a diseased state of the fluids. 

;§frrvr^, s. a cloud : the sea. 

®??!f%, K^lt^f^, s, the sea, the ocean. 

®?2?t^^T*T5 s. an outlet for water. 

;§?^«f<ir, 5. a way by water ; an outlet for 

^^T^tt"^, s. a tree and its fruit.^ [water. 

^gi^fs^T^jS. avesselfor water, awater-glass. 

^?^^T?r, s. refreshment, a breakfast, a tif- 
fin, a repast, the drinking of water. 

^c^t^-pflTT^ s. thirst, a desire for water. 

lR5T£t^T^^, s. a washing with water. 

^c!T2J?^tt%^, a. washed in water. 

®c^2tt<r, a. watery, like water, marshy, 

^^^fSlT, a. fond of water. [swampy. 

^»TC2:t^«l, s. a sprinkling with water. 

^5^C£tTt%:5, a. sprinkled with water. 

;§f5T^*^t^^, s. an inundation, a deluge. 

^§r»T^=*^T^15, a. deluged, inundated. 

^v\-^^,a .resembling water,liquid, limpid. 

;§ie^^"^«l, s. the falling of a shower. 

;§ic^^'^^,s. a flowing or running of water. 

;§f5T^t^?r, s. a water-vehicle, a ship, aboat. 

^cTt^^t?", s. a change of water or fluid. 

^rT^ij, ^rT^^^|%, ;§iri^Tff, s. a bubble. 

;§i??^"^^, s. the autumnal equinox. 

^yT^f'?, a. rough, billowing: s. a wave 

^c^^'^f«i^1, s. a water-bearer. 

^^^^^1, a. diluted, watery, insipid. 

li^^T'l^, ^9T«Tt, s. a species of snail. 

^5T#tf^, s. hydrophobia. 

;§f?Iir?t", a. immersed in Water. 

;§^c^ir?, a. watery, deluged, full of water. 

;§f?^iri;5, s. mere water, nothing but water. 

;§^^^i;j:^, s. a mermaid, a seal. [mal. 

Ifc^'STt^'l^, s. an otter, an amphibious ani- 

^?i[f^f^:5, a. mixed with water, diluted. 

ig^?!"^^'^, 5. a drain for water, a canal. 

;gt5^'^i§;T^, s. a trench, watercourse, canal. 

^j^^^, a. wet, watery, marshy. 

^'^C'^l^, s. aslightrepast,abreakfast, lun- 
cheon, tiflin, a refection, refreshment. 

;gj?Tc^-5:'^, s. an aqueduct, a can^l for water. 

;gt5^«^'^^, S' a surge, a billow, wave. 

^5f*r^T^, s. a particular part of the veda. 

^?r*rt^, a. reposing on water: s. Vishnu. 

^Si^TPf^, a. sprinkled with water, watered. 

;§jr!fTT9|3S[, s. the sprinkling of water. 

^5i[^. ^?lf%^, (i> situated in the water. 

lis^^'*f, 5. the touching of water. 

^5^^"Ct, s. a crocodile, alligator, [water. 

iT'^f^^C^Tc^, s. the roaring of the sea or of 

^?i1, a. watery, marshy, swampy : 5. a fen, 

li^t^?", s. a spring, a fountain, [marsh. 

;gi^T^1%, a. liquid, aqueous, like water. 

^c^t^<4» ^- iiiundated, overflowed. 

^«^T^l<r, s. a receptable for water, [ters. 

^?^Tn!f*l1%; s. Varuna, the god of the wa- 

^?It^t^, s. drought, a want of water. 

®l?Jt1%f^^5<*- watered, sprinkled with wa- 

^?lt^, s. the secundines, afterbirth, [ter. 

^5Tt<2ff , ci. desirous of water, thirsty. 

l^c^t*f^1, s. hydrophobia. 

Si?it*T?, s. a pond, a tank, a reservoir of 

;§ic^^, s. a kind of sweetmeat. [water. 

;§j^^1, a. diluted, waterish, thin, tasteless, 
insipid, watery, wet, serous. 

*Sic^^, s. a king's accession to a throne. 

Strfjft, «. belonging to the government. 

StCc^T^^Y, s. the dropsy : a. dropsical. 

l?C5lV'1, ^t^^'l, s. a leech. 

®c^^©T,lic^^int'^, s. a glare, a glow, vivid 
light, refulgence, brightness, lustre. 

^511?Jnl, V. a. to glow, to be refulgent. 

;§!c^^^?iT^, s. the glowing of any thing. 

^c^®!f%?1, a. glowing, lucid, refulgent. 

*^«1^5 «• quick, e.xpeditious,bhsk, hasty. 


^W%|5TJf<llf^, s quickness, haste, briskness. 

8j^5?1, a. quick, swift ; ad. quickly, [ling. 

St*^,*. chat, gossip, talk, garrulity ,wrang- 

Sj'^iT, s, a talking, chatting, gossiping. 

^"^t^, a. loquacious : 8. a chatterer. 

5?r^^, a. spoken, uttered, talked about. 

*®r^TW, s. a hangman : a. cruel. 

li^ll^, s. the office of a hangman. 

*;g?*f^, «. joy, a rejoicing, conviviality. 

Sj^Tsft, a. joyful, rejoicing, convival. 

*"^?^,s. poison, venom, bane, j-C^T^?"!, a 
» "¥^"^9 *• ^ dealer in poisons. [bezoar. 
m *'^^?rl, s. manifestation, a display. 

*^^^, s. a dealer in precious stones. 

^■J^^^?1, s. a name of the river Ganges. 

;§ii, s. a husband's brother's wife. 

*^l^^?r, s. pension in landed property. 

[ 141 ] 


«rt^lf^?1, a. watchful : «. watchman. 
^t^?r<i,«. a wake, wakefulness, a waking. 
IfT^^^, a. awaken, awake, vigilant. 
UT^?5^, a. keeping awake, wakeful. 
BlT^l, V, a. to awaken, to reuse, to stir up, 

to spring game, to force to ripen fruit. 
^^T^J, 8. the rousing or awakening of a 

person : a. awakened, forcibly ripened. 
^t^ftf^, 8. the awakening of a person. 
^^tt^?I1, a. forcibly ripe: 8. a watchman. 
;§tT^^, a. rising from sleep, awake, alert. 
5fT5fW^^1, 8. a state of wakefulness. 
^TiSfTc^, 8, a balk, a dam, a dike, a mound, 

an embankment ; verdigris. 
;§?I^Tcn^r5;f1, 8. an embankment. 
W^^ s. the leg ; the backstays, long ropes 

of a boat-mast ; -^T^, a pair of stilts, 
^T5F^^?rl^^9 s the Beleric niyrobalan. 

®?T^9rt^lPfT<r, s. holder of a grant of land. ;§jt^^9 v, a. to appraise, to inspect, survey; 

^l^'>ft?TfI<f^, s. the office of ajaigirdnr. 

S?,^^, s. the cylinder of an oil-mill. 

^Srl'^Wtif, s. goods, chattels, property. 

^T^?lf^, 8. the young of serpents, young 
and verdant rice plants. 

;giit^^, 8. breed, caste ; the cud ; -^l'^, to 
ruminate, to chew the cud. [cud. 

^T^<r -^T^T^, -^T^l, 8. the chewing of the 

^T^, 8. a multitude, a crowd, pomp, pa- 
rade, pride, a vaunting, a boasting. 

^t^'^^<P, 8. pomp, parade, a boasting. 

to ask or to force to accept any thing. 
Ift^^'TT?", s. an appraiser, an inspector. 
liT5**Tlt?, 8. the office of an appraiser. 
;§?r5l, V. a. to order goods to be appraised : 

a, appraised : s. an appraisal. 
Ijt^t^, 8. appraisement ; -^, to appraise, 
^'^VSt'^.Z, 8. privy, a jakes. 
*^tf5|5r, 8. a fine kind of carpet. 
^TSi^«^J^T^, a. refulgent, shining, bright. 
;§Tl^^^ ^f^rsft € "Si^, 5. a father's elder 

brother's daujihter and son. 

#I^.lr5i^%«.crowding,pompous,paraciing. litf^, s. the cylinder ofanoil-milL [son. 
^lo^, s. a condition in buying an article, ' ;§it^, ®T^1, 8. cold, frost, winter, cold sea- 

which if not approved may be returned. 
^T^«?, a. pompous, parading, showy. 
^K, V, a. to press, pull tight, force down. 
^15, s. a press, a vice ; -^1, to press down; 

-5$^, to screw up a vice or press. 
#T15^, ^lit^, 5. the pressing olan article. 
W1^J V. a. to cause to press down : 8. a 

millstone, a pair of bellows: a. pressed. 
%^T®iit^, «. mutually pressing. 
^i^T^^, 8. the causing a person to press a 

substance : a. pressed, compressed. 
^Ivtlt^, Svthe causing to press a substance. 
^SITit, 8. an instrument to cut betel-nut. 
^I9^,tj. n, to awake ; to force to ripen. 
^T^-",^T^t^> S' an awaking from sleep. 

IjT^^t^l, 8. the pustules on the tongue. 
®?Tf^, a. cold, wintery : 8. a kind of decoc- 
^gftrsc^sf , 8. a toad, a frog. [tion. 

ItT^J, 8. numbness, apathy, rigidity, stupi- 
dity, folly ,idiocy,coldnes8,congelation. 
HH, 8. a kind, species ; a festival. 
lifS, a. born, produced, begotten, arising. 
;gjl^^, C^'T^, 8. a horoscope. [child. 

5i -j^^, 8. a ceremony at the birth of a 
;§!l3C^t'*^, a. become angry, enraged. 
^t^^'t^^, a. become gratified, sportive. 
l{TIC3P*r, a. fallen into distress, afflicted. 
^^Sgji^t^, (I. become confident, believing. 
l^■.^5^t^, (f- producing love, affectionate. 
5(T^RitJ> (i' become wise, learned. 


[ 142 ] 


;gffJt^tm?^.'believing, confiding, trusting. 

;§iT^^^'JtW, a, become respectable. 

;§ft^^«.^^'j, a. become envious, envious, 

;§ir3t^^, a. become glad, joyful, glad. 

;§ir^t^, a- born blind. ^T^T«1^]1, a mother. 

;§jtv5:<pf^tW? «. accused, spoken evil of. 

;g?t^t'^^t^9 «. dishonourable, disgraced. 

;g^l^ff^ift5f, a. become proud, proud. 

;gjt^ff%5if^, a, become desirous, desirous. 

;§Tt^T^^T?", «• become proud, proud. 

;§?t^t^tW, a. become glad, joyful, glad. 

;git1%, s. a caste, a tribe, a nation, a genus, 
akind, a sort,birth, a nativity ; ashrub;^ 
-•4rt?r1, a rape ; -•ifl, to ravish; -"^1, to lose 
caste ; -"STI"^, to destroy one's caste. 

;§^t1^<t^1I1,s. a violating, deflouring,rape. 

;§7tt^-'&1^9-^^5 ^' fallen from a caste, out- 

;§^I^^t1%, s. nations, tribes. [cast. 

;§ti1^^"^9 5. the peculiar duties of a tribe, 

l^tl^^'^^t? 8' tlie loss of caste. [caste. 

;§iTt^'5iT'^1, s. a rape, destroying a person's 

;§^t1%^'^, s. the memory of a former birth. 

;§iT^^T'?:l, B. the losing of caste. [;§iTt%. 

;gil^, s. mace; -C^t"^, -"^c^, a nutmeg; vide 

^I^?!? «• belonging to a particular kind. 

^S^TC'J'l^, 8. a sacrifice at the birth of a son. 

*"SrtWl, s. a son ; e. g. ^tt^lfiWl, a prince ; 
^TC^^ — ) son of a gentleman ; ^\v\, — , 
son of a harlot ; ^t^TtST — , a bastard. 

^W", s. sorcery, magic, divination, fascina- 
tion : a. beloved, dear. [fern. IfTj^'"^^. 

lTt?^?r,l?tF'»ft?"5S. a magician, a sorcerer ; 

^ITf^f?? s, the arts of sorcery, magic. 

^tF5jf«l, s. a dearly beloved object, a love- 
ly jewel, a fascinating gem. 

^1^, V, to know, perceive, discern, disco- 
ver, to apprehend: s. life, knowledge, a 
wizard, an astrologer, a fortune-teller, 

;gft^iT, 5, a knowing, thinking, supposing, 

liT^*t'^'5T^5 s. acquaintance, intimacy. 

•■Bit^^T? B. an animal. [some. 

;§FtJT<Il'^, a. lively, active, spirited, mettle- 

liRlt<^5 a. known, acquainted. 

^git^l, V. a. to make known, to acquaint, 
to warn, to admonish, to inform, to de- 
monstrate, to represent : s. knowledge 
of a fact : a, known, acquainted. 

l!!^1^tf^, a. madepublic : s. acquaintance. 


known, proclaimed, informed, [tion. 

certainty, conviction, informa- 
divination, astrology, sorcery, 
Port, a window. [magic. 

B, sensible evidence of a fact, 
a side, a quarter, surety, [cond. 
^tf^^WT?", s. a surety, a supporter, a se- 
^tf^^Tftt?, 5. partiality, suretyship. 
*^T^^, s. a recruit, web of the eye; whore- 
^T^, s. the knee. [monger. 

^i«^, s. a repeating the name of a god. 
®t^^, V. a, to clasp a person in the arms, 
to embrace ; HT-s^lt^l -c^T^, to stick, to 
adhere; 1?T«^?I1 -'51"?r, to clasp,embrace. 
^T's^l^T'sT^? 8. a mutual embracing. 
*^t^?"l^? s. safi'ron. [etc. for cattle. 
;§?R, ^1^^% s. a mixture of straw, oil-cake, 
^t^^l? «. confused, blotted : s. the jaw. 
^t^lj V. to preserve fishes alive ; -'t t^ a sort 
^t^Tt^ll, a. preserved alive, [of bambu. 
liT^it^j *. young of vermin, or plants of 
;§it^1, 5-. a waste-book, a cash-book. [rice. 
SitST, s. a bason ; a tree and its fruit.^ 
;§i|irWR, s. a fine sort of figured cloth. 
^T^ffl^9 5. idem ; also, a clothes-bag. 
;§iT^^^5 s. the star-apple and its tree.* 
^t"5Tl, s. a frock, a coat, a gown. [cake. 
;giT"5rt^, s. a son-in-law ; -'^f^, a kind of 
;git^t^<^f%f*tir, 5. a kind of kidney bean.* 
^t^T^5lj lil"5rt^9 8. a son-in-law. 
litl^, §. a sister, a good woman. 
■^tt^^, s. a bail, security ; -WT?r, a surety. 
■^if^^Wlft? 8. a suretyship, securityship. 
■^tf^f^, s. security for debt or for appear- 
ance to answer a charge, responsibility. 
t^Tf^?r, s. a lime, lemon ; the heart, [sity. 
;5{t:g"\5l, 5. a cicatrix, a scar, a corn, a cana- 
ls I?, s. a list, an inventory, an account. 
^t?r^1, s. a place, ground, land. 
^T?^?", liT?l^rt?Wl?:, vide ;g?lt9Tt?", &c. 
lil?1^5^, ^Iv^lc^T"^, lir^"^e^, 5. a nutmeg. 
IfTil^T^l, s. the balance of an account, 
^r^l, W1?:1, -s^^, ^^31, ^6-, s. a wife. 
^f^, V. a. to waste, to digest, to dissolve, 
to calcine by chymical process. 


[ 143 ] 


®!>7r,«. an adulterer, a paramour, a gallant. 
Wt?"^, ci. dissolving, digestive : 8. a diges- 
tive medicine, a dissolvent. 
5ft^;S!, a. bastard, illegitimate, base-born. 
S?T?r«l, s, acalcining, calcination, a dissolv- 

ing, the promoting of digestion. 
Sit^^l, V. a. to cause to dissolve, waste, or 

decay: a. dissolved, digested. 
^T?rT*r^1, s. jealousy (of a wife's fidelity). 
^^ri^rf^^, a. jealous (of a wife's fidelity). 
;^<It,«. manifestation, a making known, 
a boast; songs sung at the Moharram. 
;§fT^«^, s. the name of a timber tree.^ 
;§^tc^, V. a. to kindle a fire, to light a lamp. 
;gilcT, s. a net, a web, snare ; a lattice, an 
eyelet; magic, illusion, supernatural de- 
ception ; flame of fire : a. false, forged ; 
-Tfrl) to kindle fire, to heat over a fire. 
^T^^T^i?, ^i5?<f^, s. a forged note. 
^[cnC^tf^^l, s. bullets of a fishing net. 
^Tc^^, s. a kindling, lighting a lamp, etc.; 
^I^I^lW, s. a shrimp, a prawn. [fuel. 
;§ilc^1, V. a. to light a fire, candle, or lamp, 
to heat or burn : 8, a large jaf ; a burn- 
ing pain, inflammation, distress, anx- 
iety of mind, the burning of wood, 
^c^t^, s, the kindling of fire; the teazing 

of a person : a. kindled, heated. 
^T«^Tt^, «• proper for fuel : s. a burning, 
^if^ep, 8. a spider, a fisher, a fowler, a hun- 
ter who uses net, a conjurer, a juggler. 
*"^]t^^, 8, a tyrant, an oppressor. 
lilt^TII, s. a fisher, a fisherman. 
liT«^, 8. a fringe, a lattice, a net-purse, a 
network, a web, a film on the eye, the 
young fruit of a gourd or cucumber. 
Iffc^^l, a, reticulated; coveredby afilm. 
^I«nJ§ftc\, ci. net-like, porous, reticulated. 
l?t«X^, 8. a muzzle ; -'^^f , to muzzle. 
;§jis'5r, s. a low man, a person of a low tribe. 
*^1^, ^t^^, s. a spy, a scout. 
* HT^l^j 8. a ship, aschooner,bark, yacht, 
^T^fsft, «. belonging to a ship: «. a sailor. 
*^Tf5^, 8. a display, a manifestation, a 

discovery : a. manifest, public, 
if^tt^?"!, rt<^?. openly, evidently, manifestly. 
^i"!^^ «. the river Ganges personified. 

Jfsf, V. n. to live, to be alive : 8. thetongnet 
voc. part. Sir, your honour. [mate, 

f^^l? V, a. to revive, to give life, to ani- 

f^'sJtWlj <». more : *. an excess. 

fsf ^T^T, 8. the animating of a person or 
animal, the preserving offish in water. 

flf%f%, 8. a fisherman, a fishmonger. 

f^^^, 8. a timber tree (Odina woodier), 

fl^S'T, r^"^^, 8. idem; also, a tortoise. 

f§?Q??^T'S', 8. a tortoise, a turtle. 

f^^TT, 5. discourse, conversation, chitchat, 

*fli'»f?", 8. the heart .fl!f^?r, aloud, mani- 

f^'Jfl, 8. a, tiara, diadem ; the anus. [fest. 

fer9f?rfli'»f?r, ad. aloud, manifestly. 

f§!^l"51, 8. emulation, rivalry; envy. [ous. 

fl!^^T^,fl?'5TTMJ, a. revengeful, malici- 

f^"5rr\^1, 8. malice, revenge, rancour. 

fs^T^, V. a. to inquire, to ask, to require. 

flf^T^^, fli'5Jt^,flr. inquiring, inquisitive, 
desirous of knowing a thing. 

t%:^T^^?r, fsi^TR^^J, a. vide f^^T^. 

fsi^T^I, 8. a query, a question, inquiry, 

fsj^TPI^, a. asked, inquired after. 

fsf^T^, a, worthy of research, fit to be in- 
quired into, proper to be required of. 

fe-^l"^, 8. a chain, fetters. [bility. 

■fe^?'^'*^, a. chained : «. joint-responsi- 

fe-^^Tlj 8. place where convicts are trans- 
ported,^ chiefly applied to Botany Bay^ 

f^f^, V. a to conquer, overcome, subdue, 
vanquish, win : a. won, conquered, etc. 

fe^C^'T^t? «. of subdued anger. 

f^SF5^, f^^^, 8. a conquering, the subdu- 
ing of an enemy, a winning at play. 

f^rst^, a. triumphant, conquering. 

! fsi^l, V. a. to cause to conquer or win. 

i f^^l^T?", a, of subdued appetite for food. 

^ fgil%^f|r«l, 8, the musk-deer. [sions. 

; f^C15f^?, a. continent, of subdued pas- 

i fuc^f^^^, 8. continence, forbearance. 

I *f^W, 8. vexation, opposition, obstinacy. 

f^v^, a. vexatious, obstinate, opposing. 

fl^, V, a. to win, conquer, transcend, sur- 
pass, eclipse : «, a Jaina saga; vide ^\»{. 

fgf^TT, 8, a thing, goods. [ornament. 

♦f^^^^T^'Y, fl^'tr^, 8. life, f^^lt^i,, 8. an 

f^^,r^»9*. the tongue, organ of speech- 


[ 144 ] 


f^cT,1%5^,5. same as fij^cTt. [scraper. 

f^l^, m^M5^, orf^^CWtc^l?*. atongue- 

fm^\ t^Tl,^. custody, in trust, in care. 

f§i?^5 f^?I«l^lW95« a tortoise, a turtle. 

f;§t^, V. a. to rest from labour or fatigue. 

f^^«l5 fli?f*i? s. a resting from fatigue. 

fn^l, V. n. to cause to rest from fatigue. 

f^^THUlj ci. resting, tranquillizing. 

f^?'TC«ft*f, s. a girdle for the loins. 

f^<[fsj"^^,«. emaciated, skin and bone. 

f^^, s. the treble stringof a violii), a high 
or shrill tone ; -"^t^, to quaver. 

*i%«n1,s. a province, district, a country ; 
-TfT^, ruler of a district; -WT?"% his office. 

■RfTc^t^ **?)■, s. the settlement of a province. 

f§?l%*f^, f^^^Tt,*. a kind of sweetmeat. 

*fe^'H",5. a herald, a precursor, [binder. 

*f|f 05^,5. binding of a book ; -^f?", a book- 

^f^Ml, s. brightness, polish. [showy. 

1%MIWT?',«5. bright, glaring, tawdry, fine, 

f^^,5. the tongue; -^T5\5l, same as fl?^. 

f^^t^5^^,,9. an excoriation of the tongue. 

^^I?.f ^T^, s. she whose children are all 

;^^^, «. reviving: s. a reviver, [living. 

^^^, s. a living, existing, being alive. 

#t^1, ^^t^,the same as fii^l, fli^T^. 

;^i, s. life ; the tongue. #t^?", the heart. 

*^^, s. a saddle ; -^\5l, or -^t^f , to saddle ; 
-^7^,a martingal ; -C^T*f , a saddle-cloth. 

^^, s. life, an animal, the soul, existence, 
a livelihood, the sentient soul, motion 
and sensation ; a name of Vrihaspati. 

^^^^5 ^^^^f, ;ft^7T^-35:, s. animals. 

#t^^5 s. self-manifestation. 

^^^, a. living, alive, extant. 

^^^ ft1%^1 vg «Jf%^-|, s. one whose hus- 
band and children are living, [of life. 

;it^^'5riJT, alive, living: s. lifetime, season 

^^^*t1, s. life,lifetime,state of existence, 

;^^^, s. life, existence, lifetime; water; an 
animal ; the name of a ti*ee.* [life. 

;^^^t?rr*r^, a. nearly dead: last spark of 

;^^C^t«1"l?9 *• state of living, livelihood. 

#^^, ^^^1^, ^^^'^^j a. alive, living. 

^^^^, a. free from material things. 

;^^Wf%9 s, freedom from material things. 

^<^^, (?, dead while living. 

#^^]t^, s. a giving life to an idol. 

#t^C^t^5 s. a man, men. [der. 

^^^^1, s. the killing of an animal, mur- 

;^^fl;\^1, s, injury to an animal. 

;^^T^1,5. the vital principle, vitality,soul. 

^^T5ft^, s. the preserving of life. 

;^|^^1, s. a livelihood, maintenance. 

^I^I^^T^, a. tributary, under tribute. 

iftt^^t^, s. a tool for gaining a livelihood. 

^t^^, a. living, alive, revived : 5. life. 

^?^, # it ^?t^^,«. living, alive, extant. 

;^<I1, V. a. to revive, animate, preserve. 

^?T^, s. a giving life to, vivification. 

#^^, ^?'1, s. cummin seed.^ 

1^^ , a. grown old, decayed, worn out, old, 
infirm, obstinate,digested; -^, to digest. 

^Si%^1, ^fsi%?1, s. the stomach. 

;^t^ , s. infirmity, decay, digestion. 

;gtlc^, 5.a high or shrill tone; -ffljto quaver. 

^^], s. gaming, playing at dice ; -C^fcll, a 
gambling,play;-c'5T^5acheat, a sharp- 
er, a knave ;-C'5T^5a cheating,knavery« 

^^t?r, s. flood tide ; -'^I'^l, flood and ebb 

^^tf?1Il9 «. brought in by the tide. [tide. 

^^T^j s. a gambler ; crookedness. 

^^, s. jasmine;® louse ;*-«tt^l5 a shrub.* 

^^^1, 5. the plantain tree insect, 

;gj^, V. a. to measure, to weigh, [hand, 

WM^, s. counsel, contrivance, sleight of. 

U^i^l, s. a reproach, vituperation. 

WW^ CI'' confident, bold, impudent, stout. 

*®^, *. a sheet of paper folded in octavo. 

1!^, s. a bugbear, false terror. [size. 

M^ , VM. to grow cool, to be cold ; to join. 

^^^, s. becoming cool or calm; a joining. 

^^f^TTt? «. cool, calm : s. one who joins. 

^\5l, V. a. to cool, to refresh, to quell. 

I!v5t^, s. a cooling or refreshing, a resting 
from fatigue : a. cooled, refreshed. 

^^, s. beauty, symmetry, a good appear- 
ance, elegance, fitness;abeing in proper 
order (applied to machinery), [shoe. 

Wl^ s. a shoe, a slipper : v, to beat with a 

^^^, ®"5t^, s, a flogging with slippers. 

li^^, a. beautiful, elegant, in good order. 

S}^1, s. a shoe, a slipper : v. a. to order a 
person to flog with slippers. 


[ 145 ] 


Wil'Sj^^ 8. reciprocal striking with shoes. 

^l/T^, ^3lf5T, s. a floggiijgwith slippers. 

^^, s. a shoe, a slipper j-^TfT, to boat 
with shoes ;-<n,tobestruck with shoes. 

^^r^, or ^^^1, V. a. to dip cloth into the 
dye, to smear any thing by dipping. 

^^^^^ ^?v^R,5.the dipping of cloth, etc, 
in a fluid: a. dij^ped, dyed, immersed. 

^^^Tf^, s. a dipping, immersion. 

^^^, ^^^1, s. the amount of a sum, a 

^?n, ^?lTf , i5?T?rt, vide-^^\ &c. [total. 

^cT, s. a peep, a glance, a side-look. 

^^f*f, or ^siTp, 5. the hair left full on 
the temples by way of ornament. 

^^ 5r,«. fierceness, tyranny, unfeelingness, 

*^c^^T^1, 8. a fine, damage. [cruelty. 

*;^r)tTp, or ^cffR, s.a purge, a cathartic. 

;^cniTi5i,;^5l5i,5. a kind of medicinal drug. 

W^t-i s. a trench, a watercourse, a canal. 

^W^c^, s. repeated peeps or glances. 

^1^, 5. a sacrificial vessel of wood. 

*^5Tl,a. separate, distinct;-^, separation. 

®^, s. a pretence, swindling, imposture. 

^■g", s. sauce, broth, soup, porridge. 

^.^^,^^1, s, a gaping, yawning, a yawn. 

C^^.s thehouse-lizard ; also, vide r.lf^T^. 

C^^^^. CSi'^IvS, s. an uncle, a father's eld- 
est brother ;- ^f^^, an uncle's daugh- 
ter ;-"5t^, an uncle's son, a cousin. 

C^^l, s. a father's eldest brother. [wife. 

C^^^T^, C^^, s. a father's eldest brother's 

C^^lf^, 5. self-importance, vanity, [quer. 

C^ll, s. a conqueror: v. a. to cause to con- 

CS'^i "^^ s. the making a person victorious : 
a. made to conquer, made victorious. 

C^5tt^, s. a making victorious. 

en's f^?1, a. giving victory, victorious. 

*CS\^^ s. a pocket j-TPtSl, a pickpocket. 

Cl?<l, C^??J, a. conquerable, vincible. 

C^^, a. brought over in account, beneath. 

C'^?rW^, a. subject to, obnoxious to. 

C"^?"^^, s. a martingal, a belly-band. 

C'vBf^^^'IT, a. burdening, heavy. 

C^^^IW, *'. a drug (Zingiber zerumbet). 

Cl?C5c!T, s, Eng, a jail, a gaol, a fetter. 

t^^, s, a Jaina, one of the Jaina sect. 

t^*tT«^j s. a tree and fruit (Croton tiglia). 

*CBfT'5lTT?', *. a ^em. c^i5itF#>, a jewel- 

Clfl^, 8. a leech, a blood-sucker. [ler. 

C^T^JT, s. the act of measuring a thing. 

CSiT^I, V. a. to cause to measure: o. mea- 
sured : 9. the na?ne of a plant. 

c.;if?PT^, «. ordered to be measured : *.the 
(!ausing a person to measure a thing. 

ci\T^T^, 8, the measuring of a thing. 

*CS!T-«r5r,.9. culamity,trouble, loss, danger, 

(TSi 5f^, «. a desire, a longing desire. 

m\^^\ 8. a particular kind of snail.* 

C^iJT, 8. a man, a person ; a hired labourer, 

C^r^lT^, a. moon-shining: 8. a fire-fly. 

C^T?iT<Pt, cmJJt1%C«t^^1, 8. a fire- fly. 

*CWMT^, 8. a side, vicinity ; the feet. 

*C'^t?17r,5. the tongue, language ;-ir^l'^, 
abusive, scurrilous ; -W?Tf^,scurrility, 
abusiveness ; -^f**f, a deposition. 

*C^r?r, 8. force, pressure, strength, com- 
pulsion ;, -Cffrc^fsr , violence,tyranny. 

C^?'^!'^, C^t?"!^^, a. strong, powerful^ 

C'^t3'T^t?,«, strength, power, [vigarouja. 

C^T?f, Clf'SiC^^T-l, the same as ;§j<|f, &c, 

C^W, 8. a fen, a marsh, swamp, a ravine. 

*Cirf^1, s. a weaver : a. ignorant, foolish. 

*CWT«^T^, s. a purge, physic, a cathartic. 

C^ ^, s. a ravine, a gutter, asink,asewer. 

*Cirr*f,5.passion,rage; gravy,soup, broth. 

C^, 5. lac, gum lac ; -TT^Y, stick-lac. 

^, s. perception ; in comp. knowing, per- 
ceiving; e,ff. c^5?5T, versed in the veda. 

W\^ V. a. to know, to perceive. W^^ is 
constantly substituted for this root. 

^^,a.aware,known,acquainted with,in'■ 
^t^^J,capableof being known, [formed. 

^l^^T?", 8. an object of knowledge : ad. 

5»Tl1, 8. one who knows. [knowingly. 

-^tt^, 8. a collateral relation, a kinsman. 

^lt%^*^^,«. relationsof every description. 

^t1%^c^, ^Ti^?t*l, 8. all the collateral re- 

^lt^l1,-^,«. relationship, kin. [lations. 

^Tv^l5l, ft. experience, genius, knowledge. 

^t^, «• knowledge, an idea, wisdom, the 
perception of an idea,sense,an opinion, 
persuasion ; -^, to form an opinion. 

®Ts^55Trs, 8. tiie portion of the veda trciit- 


[ 146 ] 


xS3t^^1?9 <"• <lone knowingly or intention- 
^T^^, a, arising from knowledge, [ally. 
^si^S, ad. knowingly, intentionally. 
^JT5f, a. giving knowledge or ideas, 
^^^T^l? s. a preceptor, a spiritual guide. 
^^^TTf T^o, s. one who communicates ideas. 
^f^Wi?^9 «• communicating ideas. 
;^T7i«J^^, ad. knowingly, intentionally. 
^s^^TS^", a. wise, sagacious, intelligent. 
^T^Ti^lS, ^t^T'^ttT, a. wise, knowing. 
^Tf^^1,-'33,s.wi8dom, erudition, sagacity. 
^T^, a. wise, intelligent, sage, knowing. 
'5^C^f^^? «. organs of sensation or those 

of hearing, seeing,smelling,tasting and 

feeling, to which is added the mind. 
^TWT«.<^f%, s production of knowledge. 
^^iT^^tW?!, s. the rise of knowledge. 
>ST*f^5 a. making known, proclaiming : s. 

one who proclaims or makes known. 
i;^|«^^,5. a communicating, an informing, 

the making of a thing known. 
>^'s^^'^?5 a. capable of being made known, 

fit to be revealed or made known. 
^T'^tf^^S^J, ^T'51"J,cf. idem. 
^fs^f s5, a. made known , revealed, notified. 
C^^, a, knowable, cognizable: s. an object 
^J1, s. a bow-strong. [of knowledge. 
C^J^'Jf^^, «. a husband's or wife's father's 

eldest brother. [brother's wife. 

(M)%\ C^J^^T^S, a father's eldest brother. 
C^3%, a. eldest, elder, first born, chief, best, 

senior, pre-eminent, most excellent. 
CHJ^^Ij-^^ *> primogeniture, seniorit}^ 
C®j^1,5.the ISthstellar mansion; thebest 

beloved of one's wives ; middle-finger. 
C^j^lf^^t^, s.the right of primogeniture. 
tlijV, s. the name of an Indian month con- 
taining part of May and part of June. 
tlil¥Y, 5. the common house- lizard. 
CliJtt^S, s. a heavenly luminary, a star, the 

sun, light, fire, the pupil of the eye. 
Cl?n1%S'^13» «. the science of astronomy, 

a book on the science of astronomy. 
C^ltt^^, ^. versed in astronomy, [nomy. 
C^] 1 l^fC^ J1 , s. astronomy, science of astro- 
C^]Tt^f^^«l, «. a fire-fly, a glow-worm. 

C^Jt^C^^I, s. an astronomer, [region. 

Cl!]t^"5f*55T5 s. the stellar orbs, the stellar 

C^J11^"S[<I, «. abounding with stars. 

C^Jt1^*5:^, s. the zodiac. 

C^Jtl^^, s. the science of astronomy in- 
cluding astrology, a star, a luminary. 

r.Wi1^f%^, s. an astronomer, an astrolo- 

CliJT^^9 ^- the same as C^j^t^s. [ger. 

c^gjjK^, 8. moonlight; -<rtf:|[, a moonlight 

^<r, 8. a fever, an ague. [night. 

'§i^?''^9^?'t^^, a. febrifuge, curingfever. 

H^^ll^^I <r, s. a fever attended by dysen- 

^?^, a. feverish, diseased, weak. [tery. 

'mrn^ V. to burn, to blaze, to enkindle, to 
smart, to be ardent, eager, distressed. 

^^Wftf, s. a blazing or burning fire. 

:§i^«^.^,s. a kindling up, a lighting, blazing 
of fire, abeingzealous,eager or fervent, 
a being distressed in mind, a smarting. 

^^^t^, ^^♦rt^l, a. fit for fuel, inflam- 
mable, combustible. [burning. 

5?3^?Tt, a, virulent, burning : s. virulence, a 

5i^«1^, «. burning, glowing, ardent, pain- 

li^c^l, s. inflammation, a burning. [ful. 

^c^t^5^, a. wearied, teazed, vexed. 

:§T^«^I^, 8. a kindling, lighting, burning. 

^vitffj, a. fit for burning, fit for fuel. 

5i?^ l1^?I1,S}5t^]f^^1, flj. inflaming, enkind- 
ling, exasperating : s. an incendiary. 

^gj^^T^'t, a. for the purpose of fuel. 

^t^ i, a. lighted, burnt, inflamed, vexed. 

W(\^\ V. a. to kindle a fire, tolightalamp 
or candle, to burn, scald, vex, torment : 
s. aburning, inflammation, smart, viru- 
lence, torment, distress, vexation. 

;§T^t5^T^«9rl",s.avolcano, an inflammable pit. 

^I'^T^i^'il, s. distress, vexation, torment, 
pain or anguish of body or mind. 

©5T«^T^^5 a. distressed, vexed, pained. 

^tt^^5 «. inflamed, burnt, vexed, grieved. 

^, the 9th consonant in the alphabet : it 
has the sound of jh ; -^T"^, the letter ^. 

^^5^, ad. suddenly, quickly, speedily : s. 
nonsense, rant, idiocy; -"5TT?,to repent. 

^^^1, s. a quarrel, a squabble, a dispute, 
a wrangling, strife, war; '^,to quarrel. 


[ "7 ] 


^^s^^, ^^^T^^l, a. quaiTolsome,conten- 
^f%^, 8. a rebuff, huff, reproof, violence. 
^?i><K^, 8. a vivid luminous appearance. 
^?P^i1%7I1, a. luminous, shining, radiant. 
^^^, ^^^?pif^, 8. lustre, glare, bright- 
ness, a glittering, a shining. 
^^jrl^*!!, o. glaring, luminous, shining 
^^5TT?^«1, 8. a talking nonsense or rant. 
^^si]^, ranting, nonsensical : s. repent- 
ance, regret;-^, to regret, to repent. 
^^tT,5. the buzzing of bees or wasps. 
^^^, s. a jingling, a rattling, a clanking 

or rattling noise ;-^, to jingle, rattle. 
^^■^1. s. lightning, a thunderbolt. 
^r^*^?1, a. clankinsr, jingling, rattling. 
^$1. s. a storm, a tempest, a hurricane. 
^^■f^, 8. perplexity, trouble, vexation. 
^^tf^^l, a. troublesome, vexatious. 
^^, s. quickness, speed. [apace 

^^ 'r'f??1, ac?. quickly, speedily, hastily, 
^^t'^if^jS. a sparring,the sparring ofbirds. 
^f^^, ad. quickly, apace, speedily, has- 
tily, summarily, expeditiously. 
^1?^, V a. to chop off, to lop off. [ing. 
^^^^,s. a lopping off, a docking, behead- 
^r^^, s. hurricane,storm, squall : a. chop- 
ped off: V. a. to'chop off; to be lean, 
^isi;;!, ^^^tf^, 8. a chopping or lopping 
off, decapitation ; a being emaciated. 
^^:^^, ad. quickly, hastily, suddenly. 
^:5, s. a hurricane, a storm, a tempest. 
^^^5T, 8. the repelling a reproof, a scold- 
ing, a chiding, a blustering. 
^l^5^1^1,^'5^59 s. a hurricane, a tempest. 
^■j^Tist^, ^S^T^1^» s. a storm, a tempest. 
^^^t$, 5. a storm attended with rain. 
^1^, 8. a storm, a tempest, rain, [storm. 
^^ <i1, a. tempestuous, stormy, fallen in a 
^•^1, s. flagstaff; a flag, banner ,standard. 
^r^, :iis^,7y^T*s, «V«. sd. used to express 

the clanking of metallic bodies, 
^^'Ss^Pf?', ^^K^I?",*. the clank of metal- 
^^^;^, s, a door-lintel. [lie bodies. 

^«f, s. haste, quickness, suddenness. 
^vt?f.t?<i1, ^f's\^'!1?P^?1, fid. quickly, spec 
dily, hastily, immediately, suddenly. 
u 2 

^r^,8. a jump, leap, spring ;-lf1, to jump, 
^*pfcsn?", ». a species of Falcon, [leap. 
5ir?r, V. n. to leak, ooze out, drip, exude, 
to fall, shod : «. a cascade, a waterfall, 
^?r^1, 8. a window, Venetian blinds. 
^?r«J, 8. a dripping, oozing, the falling of 
leaves from a tree, a shedding of corn. 
^^Sl, 8. a cascade, a cataract, waterfall, 
a sieve, colander ; a dripping, a falling. 
^?r«lt, « strainer : a dripping, flowing. 
^<rl, V. a. to pour out, to strain. 
^^T«l,«. the pouring out of thelast drop, 

a straining : a. poured out, strained. 
^TTlf'l, s. the last remains of a vessel. 
^Rlf<r, s. a gugglet, a water-bottle, a drop- 
ping sound : a. cracked, full of holes. 
^^'f?<rl, a. out of repair, full of holes. 
5y^^, s. a lattice, a fence, a cymbal. 
^5^^, ^^^PJT, 8. a shining; a flake of fire. 
^r?^, s. a dash of waves ; a flake of fire. 
^c^T^?", a. fine, gay, elegant, gaudy. 
^c^^c^,^^t:?^, 8. a flapping, a dangling. 
^i^"5rt%?11, a. flapping, dangling. 
^ \^1, V. to scorch, singe, roast : a. scorch- 
ed, singed, roasted. -■^«i1, purblind. 
^ffTJTt^, <ycT^tf^, s. a roasting, scorching, 
^r^, s. fish, a fish, [singeing, burning. 
^T^*T, 8. solder; the flame of fire ; a hole 
dug to drain up the waters of a pond. 
^T^, s. name of a tree (Tamarix indicus). 
^T^, s. a calx, a calcined state ; a sweet- 
meat made by frying scraped cocoanut 
and sugar ; freckles on the cheeks. 
it^, V. a. to shake articles in a sack that 
they may occupy less space, to be angry, 
to collect into a swarm, to peep. 
^T^,«. a swarm, herd, flock, drove, collec- 
tion, abrood ; -^I^, to swarm, to flock, 
?irT^^, s. a shaking or feeling the weight, 

the being in a passion, a peeping, 
^l^t^, s.a. shaking,lifting up to ascertain 
weight, passionate reproof, a peeping. 
^t^^l511,flr. collected into a swarm or flock. 
$T«?r, ^T<5<rl, V. a. to shake ai-ticles in a 
bag so that they may be close together. 
^T^Ttl,*. the shaking duwn of articles 
in a bag: a. shaken, shaken down. 


[ 148 ] 


^t^, v.a. to cause to ascertain the weight, 
or shake the articles in a bag for space: 
a. shaken together : s. a large basket. 
:git?jr, 5. flame, pungency, heat ; a cymbal. 
^I^TTl, s. a colander, water-pot. [foration, 
^T^tY, s. a lattice,colanrler, strainer, per- 
^l^t^, « ardent, fierce, parched, testy. 
^1^, im. sd,oi cymbal, or barking of dogs. 
^T^Tf^?Tl, a. ardent, glowing, fierce, testy, 
:^fUf^. V. a. to sweep a place, [passionate. 
^1^, 5. the hair on the privities, 
^t^^, ^'^^, s. the sweeping of a place. 
^^f^?n, o. sweeping. employed to sweep. 
^1^1, V. a. to sweep, to cause to sweep: s. 
a broom, a besom. [fuse, rubbish. ' 

^t'^f^, ^if^, s. a sweeping ;^weepings, re- 
^^1, ad. speedily, quickly, forthwith. 
^M^v- w. to leap, to jump, to leap on, to 
copulate (as animals) : v. a to shut up, 
to cover, to overspread, to overrun. 
^t^9 s. a mat-door, mat-screen ; a leap. 
^mijf. a. to cause to jump, to leap up 
for copulation (as animals): s. name of 
two ornaments, a tassel, an epaulet. 
^^t^tT^? s- stage erected by snake-catchers 

to play with snakes, a jump, a leap. 
^'Mlf^^l, a. playing with snakes. 
^T^'ltc^, a- bushy and thick (as trees), 
^l^tt? s, a covered basket, a work-basket. 
^i\5, V. a. to beat out the dust, to thrash, 
winnow, to shake off leaves, etc., to 
expel evil spirit or venom by exorcism. 
^Tv5, «. a tuft, bush, shrub ; breed of ani- 
mals, a stock, a pedigree; a chandelier. 
^t\5^, 8. a thrashing, winnowing, a beat- 
ingout of dust, a shaking off the leaves, 
etc., the expulsion of evil spirit or venom 
by exorcism ; a towel, napkin, a duster. 
^T\5% V. a. to cause to shake off dust, to 
cause to winnow, thrash or shake off the 
leaves or fruits, to cause to expel evil 
spirit orvenom by exorcism : a. beaten, 
thrashed out, winnowed, full, complete: 
s. search, ordure, a privy, the dusting 
of clothes, a shaking off leaves, etc 
^I\^^ 8, a causing to beat out dust, a 
causing to shake off leaves, etc., or to 

thrash or winnow corn, a causing to ex- 
pel poison or evil spirit by exorcism. 
^I'ST*^, a. bushy, growing in large tufts. 
^Tl%, s.a bush, shrub ; -'^^oj", a forest-road. 
^tf%^^, s. a bush, a thicket of brush wood. 
^'\5,s.a broom, besom; -"^WT^, a sweeper, 
a mehtar ; -<^ul", offi.ce of a sweeper. 
^t;5, s. the fading of a flower or plant. ^ 
^t'^'Tl, s. a film on the eye, dimness, 
^f?^, s, name of a tree (Tamarix indica). 
^I<^1, s. an epaulet, a tassel, frills, a tuft. 
^II"3;, V. to run or flow as the nose and 
eyes do with a cold : s. a kind of whet- 
stone for sharpening spindles, etc. 
^t^?rT^, ^I^?Tfs, s. a running of the nose 

and eyes when a person has a cold. 
^t^i, ^TiT^, s. a vitrified brick. 
^f^l^, s. a litter used in ascending hills. 
^T?"!, s. a stream from a water-pot hung 
over a plant ; a shower-bath, a leaking. 
^TTt, s. a water-vessel with aspout, a jug. 
^te^^«^. «. to heat red-hot, to ignite, to 
^T«^, a. pungent, hot, acid. [solder. 

^T*T^^, s. hot spicery, hot seasonings. 
^t*T^, s. a soldering, heating of metals, 
^t^?", s. fringes, frills, tassel, edging. 
^[^■^frt?", a. adorned with fringes. 
^T^l, V. a. to cause to ignite, or solder. 
^T«^T^, s. a causing to be soldered : a, 

soldered, ignited, heated to redness. 
^l^tf^T, s. soldering, an igniting. 
^t^T^,s. pay for soldering or heating. 
^i5^mT«11,s. faggots and brushwood. 
<^Tf^, s. ahole dug at the bottom of a pond 
to drain up the waters ; solder, [acrid. 
^;c^?ri, a. highly seasoned, pungent, hot, 
f^, s. a daughter, a girl ; -'^^ children, 
f^^, s. the cones of a hearth, small props 

of earth placed under a boiling pot. 
f^^a", f^^J^a. hard, crusty, morose. 
f^^],s. a jerk, the propelling a boat by 
working at the rudder ; -'STT^, to pro- 
pel a boat by the help of the rudder, 
f^^t, s. a species of insect, a tingling sen- 
sation felt in a limb by long sitting. 
f^f%f^1%, f^^J%^, f^^j^^,, s. a glare, 
a glittering ; -^, to glitter, to glare. 


[ 149 ] 


f^8i,5. a cucurbitaceous plant andfruit.* 

f^^^, s. a nuisdft, a cockle. 

f^^^f^sil, f^<^f^c^,«. a species of bird." 

f^"5l, V. ti. to be drowsy, to uod with sleep. 

f^^;i, s. a noddinjr, a being drowsy. 

R^^t^, s. nodding with Bleep, drowsiness. 

f<V"S^l, V. a. to be drowsy ,to nod with sleep. 

f^TT^, s. the act of nodding : a. nodding. 

fi"SrTf^, s. drowsiness, a nodding. 

Ri'SI^f^^, l^^f^^r.s.a tinglingsensation. 

T%^J%<r, s. a leaking in a gentle stream. 

t%5T, s, a lake, a sludlow lake, a swamp- 

■|%1%f^f%, s. a tliin kind of curtain gauze. 

f%fM, s. a cricket, dragon fly; thin leather. 

7^,8. a daughter, a girl ; -«^3, children. 

^^, V. n. to hitch forward, to bend down, 
to incline, to stagger, to totter. 

^^^, s. the act of bending or inclining. 

^i^f^, s. a hitching of the body forward. 

^f%, s. a hitching forwards, responsibili- 
ty, a risk : a. drunk, intoxicated, tipsy. 

jf%^Tt%, a. drunk, sottish, tipsy, fuddled. 

^1%"5l9ft, a. insuring : s. an insurer. 

^ii;^, V. n. to ooze out, to flow, to drip. 

^W^TC^^V s. the early dawn, the dawn. 

^Sl^jS. heaped measure (of dry goods). 

^§?<<^, s. the last handful to a heap. 

^^, s. the hump (of a bull), a camel's 
bunch, a crest ; a lie, a falsehood, a fib. 

^^-^^' ^^- f^ls^''lyj lyi"gly> stupidly. 

^$1, s. orts, refuse ; a liar, a fibber, [hair. 

^^l^f^, ^Jt^, s. a mutual pulling of 

^tt, «• a tuft, the tuft of hair left after 
tonsure ; a hump, a bunch, a crest. 

^v5,v. a. to cutoff, to lop, crop, cut, trim. 

^\5^, ^vSt^, s. a cutting, trimming of a 

^r\^, s. a basket, a scuttle, [tree, lopping. 

^5^*, 8. a slirub, a bush, uuderwood. 

^•3, s. a multitude, a flock, a swarm. 

^^, V. a, to reprove, to abuse, to scold 
^'J, ^r^l, a. ripe, dry (as a cocoanut). 
^.^■^^^TT, 8. tinkling sound of chain, etc. 

^*t'^».'l'^' *• s<^^^^ ^^^ ^ plunge in water, 
^"^it, 8. a cabin, a hut, a shed, a cottage. 
Wa <r, s. a kind of Hindu love songs. 
^:^T.1, ^^f%, 8. an ornameutfortheearsof 
women; citron-leaved passionflowers.' 

^pn^TSI, im. id. arising from a child's rat- 
^TI^^'Y, «. a child's rattle. [tie. 

^ir^g"), a. shaggy, curly, hairy. 
^?, V. n. to trifrkle, to ooze ; to lament. 
^^^i «. a trickling; a lamenting. 
^?ri, s. a crumble, a morsel : a. crumbled. 
^<rt^T?n,«. fragments, crumbles, pieces. 
"^i^} 8. a kind of sweetmeat ; the roots of 

the branches of Ficus religiosa. 
^?/ifjr, ad. by morsels or crumbles. 
^^, v. a. to swing, to hang : a. soot. 
^c^i?,«. a swinging, a hanging pendent. 
^r^^^til, s.afestival in honorol Krishna. 
<ir?l^, s. a swinging, a cradle, a swing. 
?/.^1, V. a. to hang or suspend any thing, 

to cause a thing to swing : a. pendent, 

pendulous, swinging, oscillatory, 
^rit^t^, 8. a mutual swinging. 
^rit^, 8. the act of suspending a thing, 

the causing of a thing to swing. 
WcTt, 8. awallet,bag,a knapsack, asatcheL 
^c^^m, ^c^Jf.-^, 8. soot and filth. 
w ^, a. false, feigned, counterfeit. 
^^1, a. idem ; «. a liar, a fibber. 
C#^, V. a. to sweep, to shake dust out. 
C^"^^, 8. the sweeping of a place. 
r.^^l, 8. a broom, a besom ; -"Sfl, to sweep. 
C^JTtf^?i1,*. a sweeper, one who sweeps. 
C<K"^JT»^1,*. sweepings, brushings, rubbish. 
C^^^l, 8. a kind of coarse mat ; slippers. 
C^T^, V. a. to bend down, to incline, to 

reel, to stagger, to stoop, to totter. 
C^r^, 8. a jerk, a jerking motion, a totter- 
ing, staggering, swinging, inebriety. 
cJt^^, «. a jerking motion, a tottering, 

a staggering, a bending forward. 
C^'^', V. a. to cause to hitch forwards: 

a. tottering, reeling, bent, inclined. 
C^i^T '' , «. the act of bending or inclining : 

a. bent, inclined, depressed. 
C^'^j *• responsibility, aventure,arisk : 

a. drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, tipsy. 
C^T\5, 8. a bushy tree, a bush, underwood. 
C<IjT^<}jT^9, 8. bushes and shrubs. 
C^^«T, *. the lopping of trees or bushes. 
C^^h V. a. to cause a tree or a bush to be 

trimmed : s. a large basket, a scuttle. 


[ 150 ] 


C^TvFT^t, s. the causing a tree orbushto be 
lopped or trimmed: a. lopped, trimmed. 

C^t\5Tift, s. the lopping or trimming of a 

C^M) s. a bush, a bushy tree. [tree. 

C^T*f^T^, s. bushes and shrubs, [hut. 

C^H:&1, or C^T^Vt, «. a cottage, a shed, a 

C^T<r*l, s. a trickliug,an oozing,a leaking. 

C^T?"*!!, s. a watercourse, a water-fall, a 
cataract, a cascade, a drain, a gutter. 

C^T?"!, C^t^5 s. idem : v. a. to make to ooze 
or leak, to cause to trickle. [leak. 

C^T^t«l, s. the causing of water to ooze or 

C^t^lf«i, s. an oozing or leaking, [swing. 

C^'l^j V. n. to be pendent, to hang down, 

C^T'^, s. broth, soup, gravy ; a brood. 

C^T«^^,5. a swinging, a hanging pendent. 

C^t^l, s. a swing, a knapsack, a wallet, a 
"wrinkle ; -^T^f to be overcome by heat 
or fatigue ; also, v. a. vide ^r^l. 

C^tc^T$?\5, s. liquid treacle or molasses. 

C^tc^T^, s. a suspending, a causing to os- 
cillate : a. made to swing, pendent. 

C^t^Tt^, s. a swinging or suspending. 

C^lf^, s. a knapsack, a wallet, a bag. 

k£|3, the tenth consonant of the Bengali 
alphabet. It is seldom used alone. 

^, the eleventh consonant of the Bengali 
alphabet. It has the sound oft hard. 

^\, s. an elevated shed, a pigeon-house. 

^^rl, ^C?, s, feather ornament for a drum. 

^^, V. n. to be acid : im. sd. of a rap, a tap. 

^^, a. acid, sour, tart : s. acidity. 

^«^"^1^ ^<p]1, «. acid, sour, tart. [ping. 

^<?J^, s. redness, glowing redness, a rap- 

^^.^I^<ll, a. red, ruddy, blood-coloured. 

^Mi?r,s. emulation, a rap, knock; -c^t>f,to 

^ff?", s. a flowering shrub." [rap, knock. 

^'>ff??i1, a. prating, talkative, garrulous. 

^W, s. borax, a spade or hoe, a stone-cut- 
ter's chisel, a hatchet, sacrificial knife, 
a cimeter, a scabbard, anger, the leg. 

^^iT, s. borax ; a spade ; the leg. 

^'^-s^l^, s. the master of the mint, [ing.) 

^W*fT«^1, C^^*tt'^, s. the mint (for coin- 

^^1, -SWI, s. a silver coin, a rupee, money. 

^^t^, s. the twang of a bow-string, the 

sound of a stringed instrument, spasm, 

cramp, astonishment, fame, notoriety. 
^^Tt?<n9 s. a spasm, the cramp. 
^i%15, a. estimated, appraised, 
^•31,^*^!^, s. a dispute, quarrel, squabble. 
^7^^, ^ J^^t^l, s. the sudden recollection 

of a thing as if by the ringing of a bell. 
^ii]^, s. the sound of a metallic plate. 
^JT^, ^^^1, V. n. to be hard, to be solid ; 

V. a. to make hard : a. hard, firm, solid. 
^^T^iT, s. throbbing sensation of tumour. 
^^^1, V. n. to throb, smart ; to be tense, 
^sr^^tf^, s. a throbbing ; tenseness, 
^sr^f^m, throbbing, painful, tense, tight. 
^^t.'^, ^*t^, V. a. to leap over a fence. 
^^^T?T, s. the act of leaping over a wall. 
t-E^-itfTt, s. a leaping over a wall. 
^'s^'^'s>ftf^5 s. a continual dripping of rain. 
^^^1, s. a song sung in short solo parts. 
^v^^v. Ti. to vacillate, stagger, slip, slide, 
^^sr, s. a vacillating, staggering, reeling, 
^^f^ <l1, a. staggering, vacillating, reeling. 
^?f1, V. n. to cause to stagger, slip, slide, 

to cause to vacillate or shrink from. 
^-j^T^, s. the making a thing unsteady, 

the making a person stagger. 
^5f^cT,^c^Trc?, 5. a staggering or tottering 

motion, a tossing about (as a boat). 
¥cT^.'i1, V. n. to stagger, reel, vacillate. 
^c^J^^<n,^c=T^f^?1 ,«.tossing about like 

a boat, staggering, tremulous, [a boat. 
^^rjTc^l, V. n. to be tossed up and down like 
^^1, V. a. to be brittle or fragile : a. brittle. 
^q;*T, s. the collecting of materials for a 

feast; the begging from house to house. 
^5gs^1»'^1, s. trifling work, job work. 
^p c^JT. s. act of walking, or going about 

with singing as some beggars do. 
^5"5Tt V. a. to put off", to temporize : s. a 

walk for pleasure, or for begging. 
^5^ff^?1 a. temporizing. [val. 

^^f^?l1, a. collecting articles for a festi- 
■^1 an enclitic particle frequently used in 

composition; e. g. C^l^Sl^l, ahorse; 

^i|5.^1, only one, etc. [numbed. 

^T^<rl5 V. n. to shrink with cold, to be be 


[ 151 ] 


^t^^t^, ^T^a'Tf«l, s. a shrinking with cold, 
a being shrunk up or benumbed. 

§T^9 V. a. to appraise, to ascertain, to fore- 
tell ; to sew, to stitch, to tack together. 

^T^^, s. the appraising of goods, the ascer. 

pulling, stretching, the warp of cloth, 
a spasm, tension ; -W1, to strain, BtreU;h: 
a, drawn, pulled, far, long (a journey). 
Tt^lf^fifT, a. a reciprocal pulling, a rivalry 
in trade, a struggle, hardship. 

tiiiuing of price ; a stitching, atacking. ; %T^lt^, s. a pull, strain, draught, tension, 
$l^*f5^, s. ai)praisoment of goods, a stitch- 1 Tr5TI21^% «. a hanging lamp, [a spasm. 

ing, a tucking of things, a patching. 
^[^1,5. the appraising of goods ; a stitch^ 

a tack : a. stitched, tacked cause 

to stitch or tack ;-T?l, to stitch, to tack. 
^r?i5, «. baldness, morbid baldness. 
^^P'KvSl, rtf. bald, morbidly bald. [ness. 
^T^CMT<i»1, s, the (insect or) cause of bald- 
^T<P?^1, s. the palate or roof of the mouth. 
^[ T.*nc^, s. the mint (for coining). 
^T^t, s. a silver coin, a rupee, money. 
^I^?', 5. a spindle, a skewer. [thread 

^I^JTJ', a. severe, harsh, inflexible; pull- 
ing and hauling : *. exigency, want. 

i^T«^l, *. a dispute, a quarrel, a wrangling. 

^M<r, s. a tap, a rap, a slight stroke. 

^T<^1, s. a cage for fowls made of wicker 
work, a musquito screen for babes. 

^f-s^, s. an island, an isle. 

IfT^^st, s. jobs, employment at light work. 

^I?^r?,ac?. equally, neither more nor less. 

^ic7, V. a. to procrastinate, to dillidally, 
to trifle, to pretend, to temporize. 
^|di^, s. a reel, a machine used to twist &t^, s. a pretext, an excuse, procrastina- 

^l^^T?", s. a cramp, a spasm 

tion, shuffle, a pretence, a fit of fainting. 

^t^^, V. n. to be suspended, to hang. [leg. i ^frf^, s. a procrastinating, a putting olf, 

^tSf, s. a spade, a hoe, an axe, borax, the 
^,5fiT, s, act of suspending ; a hill poney^ 

a shuffling, the using of pretences. 
^I5nf^<11, a. temporizing, procrastinating. 

^15fl, V. a, to hang up, to suspend : a. , ^T«^i^tf^, s, a temporizing, procrastina- 

suspended, hanging. [pended^ 

^r^T^, s. a hanging up : a. hung up, sus- 
^Tsflf^T, 5. the hanging up of a thing. 
^,§f gjnt^, s. a hanging lamp, a lantern. 
^Spl, s. an axe, a battle- axe, a halberd ; the 

male organ of generation, [burnt up. 
^^ , ^^1? V. n, to smart, to throb, to be 
^^, s. a copper dish used in worship ; in- 

^ri^, s. JEng. a tile for flooring. [tion. 

^^IcTSI^ , s, an excuse, an evasion, an 
equivocation ; -^, to put off", to shuffle. 

T^, an enclitic particle indicative of dimi- 
nution or affection ; e. y. CSI?"^]^, the 
girl; "^w »lv5, u little rice, etc. 

T^ 3:1, T^<jl, A*, a species of parrot, [stop, 

fl'<5, V. 71. to last, continue, endure, stand, 

terestby the day ; canvass, sackcloth. ' f^<pJ^, s. the lasting of any work, a stop- 

^t^W? s. a smarting, throbbing, a being 
burnt up : a. painful, withered. 

^!^['^, s. virulence of pain, a smarting. 

^tf^.s. a fence, a mat-screen; a privy. 

^T^, ^'. a cup, a mug, a small basin. 

^T^, ^t^<Il, s. a i)oney, country horse. 

^'.^^^Ij «. fresh, new, not stale. 

^TST, v. a. to pull, to row, to pull an oar, to 
draw, attract,drag, tow : rt. dear,scarce, 
much in request, hard, harsh, severe : s. 
a pull, the strength of a stream, attrac- 
tion, force, a spasm, a violent tension. 

^*ii^,^. a pulling, drawing, attracting. 

^Hi, V. a. to cause to pull or draw : s. a 

f^<^^, f^«p«^, a. elevated, ridged, [ping, 
f^^l, s. charcoal dust dough made like a 

dollar, dried in sun, and used as lire ; 

an ornament for a woman's forehead, a 

mark on the forehead ; inoculation. 
f^^WT^, s, one who inoculates. 
f^^T<ri, *. a kind of kettle-drum. 
f^<5T, s, a small tult of hair left on the 

crown of a Hindu, a crest. 
^^t^«t^l, s. a plant having sticky seeds.* 
T^*jf^<i>^, 6". a ticking noise ; a prohibition : 
f&?Iif^4>]5r, s. act of ticking, [t?. n. to tick. 
f^<J>f^<5Tt^, s. a ticking sound. [noise, 
fl^<r^f^4»1, V. n. to tick, to make a ticking 


[ 152 ] 


f^^f^"^, s. the common house-lizard. 
^^c?t, s. a thin slice, a wafer, a lozenge, 

an ornament for a woman's forehead, 
f^^rf?, ftf^f, ■ftf;^'^, s. the lapwing. 
f^^'^t^ , f^^^ttt, s. areviling,contempt,re- 

proach; -Wl,to revile,reproach,contemn. 
fl'o^f^'sr , s. the ticking of a watch or bell. 
^^, V. a. to press, squeeze : s. a pressure; 

eggs of large ants or wasps ; vide ^^. 
f^-s^iT, s. a pinching, squeezing, pressing. 
f^*f ^1^, s. a commentary, note ; a pressing. 
^^^, s. a notch, a nick, a mark, indenture. 
f^*lf^^, s. a fidgeting sensation. 
f^*lf^^1, V. n. to be on the fidgets. 
^<pst4^, s. a commentary, an annotation, 
f^sr^, 5. a swagger, a boast. [a note. 

f^SJ^^t, «. boasting, bragging, swaggering. 
^iiff^ll, s. a twinkling and blinking like a 

lamp when going out, sound of a drum. 
f^^'S's^l, f^ii^W, s. a small drum. 
§^, an enclitic syllable ; the same as W. 
^^1, s. a commentary, an inuendo, a 
^^T^'Tf , s. a commentator. [speck. 

^'^, 5. an assignment, a note of hand, a 

bank-note, a bill of exchange, a draft, a 

bond, a letter, a voucher. 
^, im. sd. used by children in their play. 
^^, V. a. to tap the sieve or winnowing 

van while agitating the corn in it. 
^^t^, 8. the tapping of a sieve as above. 
^^, s. throat, windpipe ; -■ffl^, to throttle. 
^^, V. a. to prohibit, contradict, thwart, 

to eat (as insects gnaw paper, etc.) 
^^, s. a bit, a slice, a piece, a morsel, a 
^^ij"^, s. a small brass water-pot. [scrap, 
^^^'l, s. a piece, a fragment, a bit, a par- 
cel, a scrap, a morsel,the spark of gem. 
^^TTi^^?" , ad. piecemeal, in pieces ; -^, 
^ to cut to pieces, to shatter. 
^^<ft, s. a basket, a scuttle, 
^f^,^^, s. a morsel, a small bit, a little. 
Fi^^i^ ad. by morsels, by little and little. 
^^J^45^«. ruddiness, glow. ^^5^^f^<l1, glow- 
^^i"<r, s. a sound, noise, [ing red, ruddy. 
^i^, s. a pigeon-house ; a hut, a shed. 
§^, V. n. to be defective, to break, burst : 

s. a deficiency, a defect, loss, a breach. 

^^^, s. a breaking, being defective. 

F?t) «• the throat ; deficiency, defect, loss. 

§sr^^, s. the sound of bells. 

^^^. or V^^jft, s. the tailor-bird. 

^% V. n. to drop, to fall in drops, distil. 

^-pft, s. a hat, a cap, a lid or cover. 

%*tt^5T, s. ripe jujube. 

¥ii, ^sr^T^^, s. a j ob, light work, job work. 

%yi^, a, brittle, weak, fragile. 

^^1%, s. a rap, a tap with the finger. 

C§, im. sd. of the cry of infants. 

C^^, V. n, to adhere, to continue, to last, 

subsist : s. a side, a bend, a turning. 
C^^^, c^^'1, s. a continuing, a lasting, a 

subsisting, a dwelling, a residing. 
C^C^C^C^, ad. from point to point. 
C^l^l, s. a liarpoon, a fish -spear. 
C^l^fT^, C^^t^'f, s. a brazier, coppersmith. 
C^-s^ , C^*n^, a. pufied up, bloated. 
C^*1"T^T¥, s. the name of a fish.^ 
C^^tS^ s. continuance : a. strong, durable. 
C^<|?n, C^C^Jl, s. a spindle, a skewer. 
C^^^lj s. a species of fish.^ [side. 

C^;5, V. n. to be crooked, to lean to one 
C^^l, a. askew, awry, crooked, distorted, 
C^^T"^!^, a. squint-eyed. [oblique. 

c^'^1, a. ragged, tattered : s. a rag, 
C^^IC^T^I, ci. ragged: s. a tatterdemalion. 
C^*^^, a. small, short ; ragged, tattered, 
c'^*^, (T^^t*^, s. a pressing any thing with 

the finger, a squeeze, a compression. 
C^*t1, V. a. to cause to press or squeeze : 

a. indented, pressed, squeezed. 
C^^, s. certainty, evidence, indication ; a 

border, a verge ; --s^tei^, to know. 
C^^^l, a. awry, crooked, distorted, cross, 
C^"^1, a. squint-eyed, cockeyed, [diagonal. 
C^C^, ad tortuously ; on one side or end. 
C^T^^, s. a shaking of corn in a sieve. 
C^T^I, V. a. to cause corn to be agitated 

in a sieve, etc. : a. sifted, agitated. 
C^T<f.T^, a. agitated in a sieve. 
c^T^?", s. a rap ; -'SlT'?', to rap, to peck. 
C^T^l, s. a kind of umbrella : a. worm-eat- 
en : V. a. to contradict, eat (as insects). 
C^T^^I, c^t^^^, s. a basket, a scuttle. 
C^T^^r, s. a Musalman (in contempt). 


[ 153 ] 


^53i^^f%<l1, a. carping, difficult, difficult to 

doal with, shrewd, sharp. [dy. 

^<is^^, 8. a dilemma, a difficulty, joopar- 

^5r, a, swindling, cheating, backbiting: 

8. a swindler, a cheat, a backbiter. 
^9fT?", t*i\\\*i^ 8. swindling, a cheating, a 

backbitin<j, extortion, fraud. 
^Ti^?I1,a.hard,auHtere,harf5h, disagreeable. 
'J5f^?lT'5^1, 8. green kantali plantain. 
^%^,^^^^,*. ringing or jingling sound. 
%^^\ V. 11. to ring, utter a ringing sound. 
^<5^T^, s. the making a ringing sound. 
^^i^<11, a. sonorous, ringing, gingling. 
t*h'\y ^Qlt", the same as tfsl, &c. [tarrh. 
"^TSt, a. cool, cold : «. a cold coolness, a ca- 
^^, 8. sound of a sonorous body. [ness. 
■J^jr^^, s. a tottering walk through weak- 
^•'[jrfi^?!!, a. tottering, unsteady inwalk- 
■J^^,'J^^,«.show, pomp, coquetry, [ing. 
'm^, a. showy, pompous : s. a coquette. 
^^J?)f7T?1, a. loose, tottering, shaking. 
Tl^"?^, ^T>S^1, V. a to consider, to plan, to 
contrive, to intend, to design, to guess. 
Vt<5?r«1, ^T^^T«1, 5. a considering or deter- 
mining, a designing, a guessing, 
^1^5 5. a place, a situation, a space, a sta- 
tion ; also, a. near, in one's possession. 
^t^fT, s, a god, a lord, a father, a grand- 
father, Sir, Master, Your worship. 
^T^^-^Jl, 8. a paternal uncle. 
^l^?r^, s. a wife's or husband's sister. 
^, the twelfth consonant. It agrees in ; ^t^^t.1^' *' ^ repeated rapping. 

C^t^1, V. make defective, to break : 8. 

a frustrum, a stump, cartridge : a. loss, 
C^IC^I, 8. a h>unging about, a rambling. 
C"^r«l, 8. a quiver for arrows, arrow-case. 
C^r^1,«. asort of makeshift curtains used 

by the poor; magic, sorcery, witchcraft. 
(r^t^l^f"5r^, 8. magic, sorcery, witchcraft. 
C^M, 8. a fish-bait ; a cap, hat, a helmet ; 

a drop ; a dent in a metallic vessel. 
C^T^tC'Jt'^l, 8. the mending of a dented 

vessel ; the heads of brass nails. 
C^ff^"*., a. convex, gibbous, button-like. 
C^i^'^r, s. a crown, a hat, a helmet, 
C^*T1, V. a. to drop, to distil ; s. a small 

cake or lozenge : a, mitre-shaped. 
C^t*tT^, a, fallen in drops : s. a dropping, 

a distilling, a slow falling by drops, 
C^r*fl", 8. a hat, a cap, a bonnet, a cover. 
C^ic^, 8. a college, academy, school; a hut, 

a dent or bruise in a metallic vessel. 
C^r^C<^?1,<5^. bruised, dented, depressed. 
(r^t5l^r«^5*.indentation, bruises, and dents. 
C^[o^*fv5^1, a. bruised, dented, depressed. 
C^t5^1, C^l^, 8, a part of a town inhabit- 
ed by particular traders, a ward. 
§)1, §JI^j1, im. sd. of the cries of babes. 
^JPf^JPT. s. insijidity, tastelessness. 
^Jt^^jTf^?')^- insipid, tasteless, waterish. 
^jt^^Jt'SI, wi. sd. of a small tabour. 
^JTSL^Jt^,«. a small tabour, a tamborine. 

sound with the t-h in pen^-//ouse. 

^\, s. the sound of a metallic vessel, 

^^, 5. a backbiter, a tale-bearer, a rogue, 
a swindler, a sharper, an extortioner, 

^^1, V. a. to swindle, over-reach, defraud, 
cheat, deceive, to outwit, to backbite. 

^^T^l^, «. a reciprocal defrauding. 

^^si, 5. aswindling, defrauding, backbit- 
ing : a. outwitted, swindled, aspersed. 

^^tt^^l,a.swindling,backbi ting, cheating. 

^^Tt^, 8. a backbiting, extortion, fraud. 

t^t^i ^^*. sd. that arising fi*om striking 
two pieces of wood : a, hard, difficult. 

t^^^T, V. a. to tap, to rap, to knock at. 

%^^^]^j t^<5Tt5R,*. a tapping, arapping. 

^r^?r«i, s. the same as ^T^? fe^t. [uncle 
^l^^'^lWl, 8. paternal grandfather, great 
^t^^Wtwt, or ^T^?TslwMt, 8. a paternal 

grandmother, a great uncle's wife. 
^t^TTC^I, s. a wife's or husband's brother. 
^T^?r-^^,-^T\5Y,-^?"* 5. an idol temple. 
^t^<r-?T*f,-^l, father's father and mother, 
^i^?t*i^, 8. a goddess, the wife of a spiri- 
tual guide, a mother, a wife's raotlier, 
a lady ; also, Madam, Your ladyship. 
Vr^'^TTeft, 8. authority, respectability. 
^1^, V. n. to become erect (as the penis), 
^1^, s. a company, a thing, a sketch, a 
frame, deceit, a show, pomp, affectation. 
^^^, s. a sketch, a frame. 


[ 154 ] 


^t^],v. n. to become erect (as the penis). I 

^l^m, s. a becoming erect (as the penis); 

^T^t^, s. erection, erection of the penis. 

^I^tt?, s. a brazier, a coppersmith. 

^1^1, 8. mockery, a jibe, a sneer, a jest, 
a joke, a pun, play, a sarcasm, a squib, 
a taunt, the ridiculing of a person ; -^, 
to ridicule, to make sport at any one. 

^1^1^ i"^, a. playful : s. a jester, a mocker, 
ajoker, afunny fellow, a merry andrew. 

^TT^T^tfir, 5. mockery, sarcasm, jesting. 

^t%"sr^,s.pomp, show,parade, coquetry. 

^T^^"5T^,«- pompous, showy :s. a coquette 

^t^, «. erect, steep, standing, [tranquil. 


^l^t^jS. coolness, coldness, agreeableness, 
comfort, refreshing or cooling things. 

^•^, s. a catarrh, a cold (disease). 

^l-pf^^f^l, ^-^^-to slap two naked bodies 
(asin coition) : 5. the motion of coition. 

^T^I^TlM, s. mutual slapping (as above) . 

^t'^ltJT, ^t'sftl^, s. the act of slapping two 
naked bodies (as in coition). [neat. 

^lir, a. elegant, beautiful, well-formed, 

^^, «^.in that very instant, in that very 
place, certainly, truly, effectually. 

^T?rj V. a. to point at, to wink, to make a 
signal : s. an inuendo, a hint, a signal. 

^f?r«l, s. a winking, a hinting by signals. 

^T^l^lt?, s. a mutual winking or nodding. 

^t^^, v.a,io ram down the charge of a gun, 
to press, to compress, to knead. 

^t^^, s. the ramming down the charge of 
a gun, a forcing or stuffing in. 

^T^l, V, cause to ram down the charge 
of a gun : a. forced in, rammed down. 

^t'^'?;, V. a, to reflect, consider, ponder, 
determine, to think, suppose, to intend, 
to guess : s. idea, reflection, determina- 
tion, thought, consideration, a guess. 

^t^TTcj, s. the considering or meditating 
uponathing, a guessing, ascertaining. 

^t^^l, V. a. to consider, to resolve, to de- 
termine : a. understood, resolved on. 

fe^, a. exact, correct, accurate, true, sta- 
ble, fixed, proper, precise, just, punc- 
tual, direct ; -^, to fit, to adjust, to suit ; 

-Tfl, to add, to east up a sum, to reckon ; 
-•<rt<r, to persist : «. witchcraft, a charm. 
ft^PTf, V. a. to rebound, to bound, spread. 
®^^«1, ft-^TTlt, s. a rebounding, a bounc- 
ing, a spreading : ^.rebounded, bounced. 
f^<3i^1 V. a. to rebound, to bound, spread : 
a. rebounded, bounced : s. a potsherd. 
ft^Tft, s.apotsherd; -^^5^, to pick shreds. 
©5.1, a. working at job work, working for 
daily hire, mercenary, hired ; -4tt^, to 
work at job work ; ft^l ^5^, job work, 
ft^'t^l, s. certainty, a situation, a resid- 
ence, a station, the address of a letter, 
■f^^^l^, a. correct, accurate, exact, just. 
©1%!^, fti%^1,«. a shaking, tottering walk. 
ftl%<11, 8. a water-pot, a pitcher. [tree. 
/^1, a. lame-handed, maimed : s. a lopped 
%^ s. a rapping noise : v. a. to rap, smite, 
"^^t^, s. a rap, a stroke, a blow. [beat. 
%^% ^.^^^' ^- ^^ peck, to nibble. 
^^■^T*!,"^^?"!*!, s. a pecking, a nibbling. 
^1%, a. rapping, tapping : s. a tap, a rap. 
^^^, ^^^<5l, V. a. to tap, to rap. 
^^^^t^, 5-. a rapping, a tapping, [jar. 
i^, s. a jarring sound, a jingle ; -^, to 
^^^fsT, 8. the ringing of a small bell. 
^^^<&1, a. brittle, fragile : s. a sore in the 

breast or pap of a woman. 
^c^t, a. a ticket in lottery ; a hoodwink. 
ct^],a. self-willed, obstinate, contentious, 
cl^lf^., «. obstinacy, self-will, perversity. 
cif\, s. a widow's garment or petticoat. 
C^^, V. a. to stop, to obstruct, touch : s. a 
hindrance, an obstruction, a difficulty. 
G^^^l, 8. a prop, a stake, a stanchion. 
C^^l, V. n. to touch or strike, to clog, ob- 
struct : s. a stake, a prop, a stanchion. 
C^^'K^f^, s. amutual touching or striking. 
C^ ^T5T,s . a striking or touching, a clogging, 
or obstructing : a. stopped, obstructed. 
C^^'tt^, s. an obstruction, an insuperable 
obstacle, a bar or hindrance, [ance. 
C^<pT?", s. pride, haughtiness, self-import- 
C^?51^?1, a. proud, supercilious, vain. 
C^^t^j a. difficult, full of obstacles. 
C^^?l, s. a prop, a stake, a stanchion. 
C^C^, a. near, proximate ; unexpected. 


[ 155 ] 


C^C^^^, ad. by chance, unexpectedly. 
C^«f , s. the leg ; -C15T9T1, a paramour. 
C^^l, V. a. to strike witli a staff or blud- 
geon : 8. a club, a staff; the thumb. 
C^^lcVf^, s. a reciprocal striking with 
staffs or clubs, a ligliting with staves. 
C^^Tr^^l, or C^srrf^^l, a. smiting with 
club : 8. one who strikes with a staff. 
C^^TJT, 8. the act of striking with a staff. 
C^^lf^, s. a striking with a club. 
C^^^l, a. havinglegs (asprawns,insects). 
C^v\, V. a. to push, shove, repel, confute. 
C^^sf, s. the act of pushing or shoving, a 
repelling, the refuting of an argument. 
Ct^], V. a. to cause to push or shove : s. 
a push, a thrust, a shove, a repulsion. 
<:^?nct"f^,5. a press of people, the pushing 
and shoving of a crowd. [pushed. 

C^rit^T, s. the causing to push or resist : a. 
C^^Tl^,«. a pushing, a shoving, repulsion. 
<:^«^T"srt?r«l, s. the giving a push or shove. 
C^5T^, V. n. to lean against, to lean, to push, 
to press: s. reliance, support, a prop. 
C^^l, V. a. to prop, to support, to impli- 
cate ;-'5rT^, to jog ;-c^T^, to justle. 
cV^lC^f^j s. a pressing or crowding. 
C^^^t^, *. contract, props and supports. 
C^^^t^, s. the lips, the beak, bill of a bird. 
C^l^^t^, «. hare-lipped ; bold, daring. 
cf IC^C^TC^) C'd. in every one's mouth so 

as to be town-talk : lit. bill to bill, 
(f^t^, V. a. to beat, to strike, to drive a nail, 
to ram, to rap, to tap. [striking. 

dsi^^i C^T^f^, s. a rapping, a tapping, a 
C^t^^1,«.arap, a tap on the face ; a mallet. 
C^t^?r, 8. a pek, a rap, acap, a knock ; 
•c1t^5T,-'4rt^»r,to trip, stumble ;-C5f^^, 
-Trt^*l. to rap, to tap, to peck, to nibble. 
C^t?P?1, V. a. to peck, to nibble, to tap. 
(;^T^?rt«l, s. a tapping, pecking, nibbling. 
C^^'?"Tf«l, s. nibbling, a peck, a rap, a tap. 
cVr^, V. a. to cause a person to strike, tap, 

or rap : s. a rap, a tap, a knock. 
C^3T, «, solid, not hollow. [bead. 

C^T3^1,5. a blister, vesicle; drop, button, 
C^IC^Fi^tC^, ad. in short, briefly. [tion. 
C^1?r, 5. stedfastness, certainty, recollec- 

^, the thirteenth consonant in the Ben- 
gali alphabet. It has the sound of d. 
^F?T?", 8. a particular kind of drum. 
^^, *. a point, forepart, a peak, tip, nib. 
tender stalk of a climber, potherb, etc. 
^?ft^f^,«. alargekindofcauri. [peaked. 
\5StT^,«. pointed, ending in a point or tip, 
\Ff^, *. the forepart or small end of a pole 

or a bambu : a. young and tender. 
vjf^f^l, a. large, high, prominent, rank. 
\S^^^^, s the glow of a bright red colour. 
\?^v?f^f?l, a. glowing, vividly red. 
vF^l, 8. a kind of large drum. 
^% 8. a staff, a mace ; a fine, punishment. 
\F!B1, s. the stalk of a plant, a perch for 

birds, a lamp-stand, a post, a rod. 
\F*3^, s. a particular tribe of devotees ; one 

who is fined or punished. 
\&^, s. a bodily exercise made by wrestlers. 
^H^^^t^?!, a. watery, wet, flaccid, limber. 
\F^^, s. a kind of small drum like a tabour. 
\55l^^5:f J, 8. a peninsula, a neck of land. 
nFI^, s. a kind of drumbeat on one side. 
\F?r, V. n. to be terrified, alarmed, or in 
fear r^.fear, terror, panic, dread, alarm. 
^?r"^p^1,a. timid, fearful, pusillanimous. 
\5"<rl, V. a. to affright, to alarm a person. 
\F?rt«l, 8. the putting of a person in fear, a 

being afraid : a. alarmed, frightened. 
\F^T^, a. afraid, timid, fearful, cowardly. 
\5^^, a. timorous, fearful, pusillanimous. 
v5"«^, V. a. to grind on a stone, to rul>in uu- 
guents,to squeeze, to tread, to trample. 
^5^^7r\51, s. white or China caranda. 
^5T^, 8. the rubbing of a thing, a grind" 

ing, squeezing, a treading under foot. 
\55IJl1, s. a muUer, roller of wood or stone. 
\?5n, V .a. to cause to rub or grind : a. rub- 
bed in, squeezed, ground : s. a lump. 
vF^TTvJ^, 8. a mutual rubbing, or treading. 
\F5^R, a. ground, rubbed in, trod : s. a 

causing to grind or rub, a treading. 
vffvitf^, 8. a treading or grinding, [work. 
^5"^^, s. a fruit-basket, a tray of wicker 
\5^?r, ^^<ri, 8, a lake, deep water, the 

centre cavity or hold of a boat. 
\5l, the same with ^1, which see. 


[ 156 ] 


TSl!t% a. right (in opposition to left). 
^^Tt^T, or \5ltifi, s. a witch, a hag. 
v5t^^C^l®11, s. the name of a fish.^ 
v^t^-s^JTl, s. witchcraft. [willed. 

\Sl^;^f?f^1, a. obstinate, hardened, self- 
■^T^ST'sr^, s. witchcraft, also the incanta- 
tions used to expel the charm of a witch. 
vFtN, s. a staff, pole, perch, hanging-shelf. 
xS'I"^, v.a. to threaten, to daunt, to punish, 

to rebuke, to scold : s. scolding. 
^^, a. unripe, green, hard ; unfeeling. 
\5i^^, N5t^t^5 s, a scolding, a threatening 

the rebuking of a person, a threat. 
\|t}l, s, a stalk, a stem, a handle, a shaft, 

or upright rod : a. threatened, scolded. 
^t5T^, flf-abounding with or full of stalks. 
\|r§t, s- a stem, a stalk, a handle, a shaft. 
^\% stand : s. a tooth. [forfeit. 
\|T^, *\ a paddle, oar, roost, perch ; a fine, 
vFl^^T^, s. the common carrion crow. 
^T\^*f, s. the name of a harmless serpent. 
^'T^l, V. to stand, stand still, or erect : s. a 

custom, habit, a tooth, the back-bone, a 

standing erect :«. erect, perpendicular. 
^T5T^, s. a standing, a standing erect, 
vilv^t^l^t?', s. a swimming with the body 

in an erect posture, [a pair of scales, 
^t^^j s. a waterman, a rower, the beam of 
\tlv5^*1TMl, s. a pair of scales. ^ters. 

'i^T^^'l,^. stocks, manacles, shackles, fet- 
^■r*i", s. arail, poles used in scaffolding. 
^T*t,i^. n. to half-ripen (as fruits). 
vST^T, s. a gad-fly, a large musquito. 
\f T*t1, V. n, to half-ripen (as fruits) : s. a 

cross or horizontal bar of wood. 
^T*rtc^, a. half-ripe, appearing ripe. 
\&t<P, V. a. to call, to name."^l1%?I1 'stt^t^, 

to send word, to call, to summon, 
^t^, s. a call, a summon, a letter-carrier, 

a post ; -■s;t^,-^vF, to shout, to scold. 
v?t^"5r?r, s. a post-ofhce, a post house. 
^jr^C^'t^, s. a post-station, post-stand. 
\&T^'C^I^5 S' a calling and shouting. 
\5t^ST, s the act of calling or naming. 
\Ft^'s^^, s. post letter, a summon. 
\Ft^*T^5 \5T^'^T^5^, 5. a letter or billet by 
^t^'^t^rtj s. a species of bird.^ [post. 

^f^C'5t?TWl,'5. a postman, a letter-carrier. 
\5'T^?;t^1, s. the bearer of a post-bag. 
\FT^^t^1, s. a post conveyance of parcel. 
^I^C^^r^l, s. post bearers of a palki. 
^5T<5^T?r6l , s. a robbing of the post. 
\&T^5rl^rT, s. the postage of a letter or par- 
^^^l^'tt^P, 5. a shout, an outcry. [eel. 

\5l^1, V. a. to cause to call : s. a call ; a 

robber, a highwayman : a. called. 
^T<35T^^, s. a robber,ahighwayman,aban- 
■^T^lt^,s. a robbery, a burglary. [dit. 
\5T^l\JTf%, 8. a repeated calling, an outcry. 
>^I^it%, 8. a robbery, an attack to rob. 

\5t<f'l'^'r.-l, a. bold, impudent, undaunted, 
fearless, valiant, daring. [ness. 

^t^t^T>Tt^,s. boldness, insolence, fearless- 

\l?Tf%''t,s. awitch, a virago, a bold woman. 

\5"[1%^^<,,«. crafty, mischievous, [man. 

^I^, s. a robber, a plunderer, a highway- 

^T<J<l1, 5. a postman, a guide. 

vS'tC^, ad. by post : p-ep. calling. 

\Ft^r?",a.large, prominent, high, thriving. 

\5"r^, s. a stake stuck in the wall to hang 
clothes on, a hanging-shelf, a roost. 

N^l"^^, s. a goad, iron hook to drive an 

\FT^, s. dry land, upland. [elephant. 

\&i^*^<ir, s. a road or journey by land. 

\5Ttf T^fCiT, ad. by land, overland. 

\5T5, 8. a tooth, fang ; claws of a crab or 
lobster, a serrature ; wards of a key. 

\&T^^T^, s. the common carrion crow. 

N&i;51, s. the serrated legs of a crab or lob- 

^t\FT^, a. serrated, like a saw. [ster. 

\5";?B1, s. a staff, a spot, a cricket-bat. 

\5T^, s. a post, stake, yard of a ship, han- 

\FT^, -^lt?C^^, 8. green cocoanut. [die. 

v^T^?", v^T^Tt, s. a pitcher, a water-pot. 

\5T^1, s. a washing basin ; a mean huka. 

\Ft^, s. a washhand basin ; a water-pot. 

\5"I^TC\^«^,s. an uproar, an unsettled state. 

\JT'5T, a. to lop a tree, to throw. 

\5T»T, s. a branch, a bough ; split peas. 

\5T«?Ft^, Wt^^l^rt, s. cinnamon. 

\FT^^, s. the lopping of a tree ; a throwing, 

\5T^^1, s. a dish made of vegetables. 

\Ft«^1j s. a fruit-basket, a wicker tray, a 
cover, a lid : v. a. to cause to lop a tree. 


[ '■" ] 


^Tf^, 8. a basket full of any articles, or of 
fruits, etc. for a present; split peas. 

\511^?r, s. a pomegranate ; diseased pork- 

v51^^, s. name of a water-bird.* [flesh. 

f\F, s, a district ; also the same with f^. 

fN&9(^^Ilift,5. a tumbling, a vaulting ;-^2r, a 

f\5^^<n", s. Eng. ajudicial decree, [tumbler. 

f\55?^, V. a. to jump over any thing. 

fNFt??rl,«.roguish, swindling, mean,depra- 
ved : s. a rogue, cheat, a mean person. 

f^sr^tt^, s. roguishness, etc. [ a boat. 

f^??rl, V. a. to jump over a fence : s. ^ship, 

f^S^T^, s. the jumping over a fence. 

f\?^, 5. small boat, wherry, skiff; -"^t^Tl, a 

f^r?^^, s. atabour, small drum, [boatman. 

f \5f^?", 8. the foam of the sea. [district. 

fvF^**TY,«. the settling of the revenues of a 

f^^l, 8. a small box, a pill-box, a canister. 

f\55r, 1%^,f^^ s. an Q^^, a spawn, chry- 
salis ;-^T\5, to spawn ;-'s^T;^, to lay eggs. 

t%^Sf, or t%^;§i, a. oviparous. [state. 
V f^^^T5,5.the sperm, eggs in an imperfect 
" f%f%?f1, s. a bubble, vesicle ; a water-fly. 

1%Ct, 8. a small district ;-^*5Rt, vide f^^'ifl". 

"vF^"^, ■v&^?rl, V. weep, to cry, lament: 
v5^f^?Ii ?PlW^5 to weep or cry aloud. 

^ei>^ei,^^'?"t«l,s. aweeping, crying aloud. 

■^^<r, «. a bawling or crying aloud. 

^9tJ^9f^. a. glowing, vividly red. 

i^fw^ft, 8. a small drum, a toy drum. 

\5^, s. a canoe, a skiff, a small boat. 

\&^, v.n. to sink, plunge: «. diving, immer- 
sion ;-CW^1, to immerse, to baptize ;-^1, 
.<E^t \5, or -"srT?r, to plunge,to dive : ^5^^?1, 
TiJ% to drown: v5^?l ^T^^, to sink. 

\5^?5,^^f^?1, 8. one who immerses, or ad- 
ministers baptism, abaptizer,abaptist. 

vF^TT, 8. a diving, a sinking, a being im- 

^^^"Y, or \^^f?r?I1, s. a diver. [mersed. 

vg^l, a. to plunge, to immerse, to baptize, 
to cause to sink : a. immersed, inundat- 
ed, sunk, drowned, overflown, swampy. 

^^tJT, a, immersed, plunged : 8. the im- 
mersing of a person or thing, [culty. 

^^tf^^l, rt. plunging one in water or diffi- 

^5^1<r1, 8. the dobchick or diver.^ 

^^I^;*. a diver; the dobchick or diver.' 

^f^^, a. immersed, dipped, plunged, bap- 
^&5^^^,«.on the point of drowning, [tized. 
^511, 8. a small bit, a chip, a crumb. 
^J^i 8. a fig, a fig-tree (Ficus glomerata). 
^"i^^r^r <^^ ^- large (a sort of small- pox). 
v&'S^, «. a young tiger ; a fig, a fig-tree. 
^r<r <11, a. striped, corded : «. a dog-keeper. 
ldj\, s. line, string, packthread, fine rope. 
\5<lt^\?l, «. striped, streaked, corded. 
\^, 8. a covered litter, a palki ; a mast* 
v^i'il'^^Tt, s. fear and trembling. 
C5% s)1, C^^i^, 8. a tree and its fruit.' 
C^% iMtfnWY^?!, 8. a species of black ant. 
Cvb'^^^l, 8. a kind of spade or digging hoe, 
C^C:5, a. seamed; punished, fined. 
CS^t,*. the sucker of a tree, a stage prop. 
C^^^l, CJ^ir, C^5r?n, vile, rascally, impu- 
dent, depraved, letcherous, libertine : 
8. aletcher, a libertine \fem. CS^'^, 
C\5^?"lf^, C^STf it^, s. depravity, vileness, 
villany, impudence, rascality, letchery. 

C5^, 8. a caldron, a pot, a copper-boiler. 

(r¥^<I1,s. a widower ;-<rT^1, a kind of pot. 

C^^^, s. a louse, a large louse. [herb. 

C^Fi,C^;5l, a. one and a half. [order. 

C^^tjS. want, need, poverty, sickness, dis- 

C^^ll, 8. a wing, pinion, a fin, an arm. 

C^^<rl,«.left-handed,prominent, gibbous. 

C5^[], s. a house, tent, the screen of a tent. 

C^?T1, 8. a lump, a clod ;-"5n^, to pelt. 

C^t^?rl, V. n. to lament, to weep, bewail : 
8. an old man (in a ludicrous sense). 

(T^t^^Tei, 8. a lamenting, a bewailing, 

C^$?[Tr«l, 8. lamentation, a bewailing. 

C^T^l,C^t^,«. acanoe,askiff; a trough. 

C\5t^1, 8. a hole, a pond: v. a. vide ^^1. 

C^St^r,*. a low dassof Hindu, awickerman, 
basket-maker, scavenger, a dog-killer. 

C^t^fs^T, 8. a species of kite. [of song. 

C^t^^t, s. a female basket-maker; a sort 

C^^r, C^r?"^, 8. a fishing line, a line, a 
string, twine, a rope, a cord. 

C^?rl, 8. a stripe, a streak, the rib of a 
stocking, a cord, a rope, a line. 

C^r^?n . (TFT^, the same as ^Jinn, ^?fY. 

C^c?, s. a granarj^, a store-house ; a mast. 

C^^1,C^I^,«. a covered litter, a palki. 


[ 158 ] 


ci\^,s. a fashion, a form, ashape, a man- 
ner, method, an attitude, a mien, gait. 

C^tnN^t'^, s. shape and fashion, a gait. 

C^)y!irl1%^, or C\5^i^^I"<r, a, fashionable, 
according to fashion, well formed. 

"^, the fourteenth consonant. It has the 
power of d h in holy roo^^-^ouse. 

T?\,the sound of a bell: s. manners, habit. 

■5?F, V. a. to shove, to push : s. a shove, a 

"^^^ s. weight (for scales) a thing, [push. 

■^^^1, s. a drum, a large Indian drum. 

1? ^, s. an imposter, a swindler ; manners. 

"IJ^Ija. blasted, faded, withered, dried up. 

■^^^^, s. a shaking or tottering motion. 

1>Wfel, «• tottering, exceedingly weak. 

l?«f, s. the same as ci]r^. 

l7^^'s?f , l^^Jj^, s. the sound of wet drum. 

1?«11?f*t<11, a. sounding like a wet drum. 

1?c^,i;. n. to decline, slope, fall, to be as- 
lant, inclined : s. slanting stream, fall of 
hilly waters in a river: a. loose, slack. 

■^^^T^l, s. mountain streams, descending 
of muddy hill waters into the rivers. 

I?*!!, V. to make known an evil conduct, to 
be lewdjto proclaim one's own disgrace. 

l^c^T^T, "^c^tf^, s. the proclaiming of one's 
own disgrace by a course of lewdness. 

^^T^5 «. publishing her disgrace by her 
lewdness: s. a coquette, a lewd woman. 

"Ijfc^, V. to demolish, decline, revolve, pass 
away: «. loose, slack, lax: s. slackness. 

Ijcrp^, s. a being demolished; the declin- 
ing of a luminary : a. loose, not tight. 

T?c^l, V. a. to demolish, to pass, to decline. 

l>c^t^, s. a passing, declining of a lumi- 
nary when it has passed the meridian. 

I^c^tf^, s. the declension of a luminary. 

^c^l?5^,«. a sparkling appearance of a gem 
or water :<?. loose, slack ;-^, to sparkle. 

■I7«^l?t%<l1, a. sparkling, fluid, loose, slack. 

T?"!^, V. a. to moulder, to crumble, fall in. 

T^^l, V. a. to cause to crumble or break off 
in large pieces: a. crumbled down. 

'^'^t*^, s. a causing the banks of a river to 
break : a. broken, mouldered,fallen in. 

■pT^, V. a. to cover, conceal: s. a big drum. 

■^T^^T^, s. a drum-stick. 
■^t^JT, s. the act of covering or concealing, 
■^t^^l, l^T^t^, s. a cover, a lid, a covering. 
TjTt^^, s. a cover, a lid : a. fern, covering. 
T?T^1, V. a. to cause to cover or conceal : s. 

name of a city : a. covered, concealed. 
l?T^tC^?'1, s .a screen, a fence, a shade : 

a. covered, fenced, screened. 
^Wci^T^I, a. covered, concealed, fenced. 
l?t^5 s. a drummer. 
■^T^JTt^ s. a screen, fence, cover, lid. 
l?t!Sl, s. a concourse of people, a mob. 
I?t'^, v. a. to cover, to conceal, [to cover. 
■I?t^1, ^t^, s. a covering: a. covered j -Wl, 
l?t^^1, s. a goose. 
T?tc^,«;. to pour, to spill, cast in a mould : 

* a shield; a slope, declivity, obliquity : 

a. aslant, aslope, inclined, oblique. 
UT^^, s, the act of pouring or casting. 
l?T^1, V. a. to cause to pour out, or cast 

metal in a mould : a. poured out, cast. 
l?t*^T^^^1, s. theloadingand unloading of 

a boat or other vessels, a pouring over. 
■?t«?R, a. poured out, cast : s. a causing 

to pour out liquor, or to cast metals. 
TFt^, a. wearing or using a shield. 
f^]%^, s. a tottering motion. [flaccid. 
f^l%^1, or f^fwt^?I1, ci. tottering, flabby, 
f^*f» 8. sound of a blow on the back, or 

the fall of a clod, a cocoanut, etc. 
f^*f ^5 f^^T^, 8. a smiting, giving blows. 
f5*tf^, 1%«1tf^, s, a smiting with the fist, 
f^^l'l, v, to smite with the fist, [pugilism. 
1%^, f^R",«. a heap, a pile, accumulation. 
f7*'rtfi?«ft, f^I%f^i^, ad. in heaps or piles. 
f^*t ^Jl, s. a piece of wadding, a plug. 
1%*f ^1, a. bulky, fat, stout, unwieldy, 
f^sfl, a. mild, gentle, cool, dispassionate. 
■JTc^, a. slake: s. a clod, a brickbat ; slack- 
ness, procrastination ;-^t?", to pelt at. 
f^5^f^f^5I1_, a. flabb}^ flaccid. * [lazy, lax. 
1%c^l, a, loose, slack, flaccid,dilatory, slow, 
fCTi^l^, or f'^c^tW,*. slackness, looseness, 

flaccidity, laxity, negligence, laziness. 
1?, s. a butting with the head as a ram, etc. 
■^ \F, V. a. to seek, to search : s. search. 
■|v5^, l?«tr^, 5. a seeking, a searching for. 


[ 159 ] 


^^t^, s. a seeking, searching, search. 
TJ^P, V. n. to enter, to pervade, to intrude. 
^^^,1^^^, «. the entering into a place, 
V^^, V. a, to thrust, to tuck in, to force in. 
■pj^R, s. the act of thrusting or forcing in. 
^^^, s. a bawd, a procuress, go-between. 
"^•15^, s. a kind of harmless snake, [etc. 
'P'fin^f, iiii- sd. of the falling of cocoanut, 
■^^, V. n. to nod with sleep, to nod, doze, 
■^^rf^, a drum struck by the fingers, [nap. 
TJ^t^^Tcil, s. one who plays on the dhulki. 
TjStJ?^, '^J^'^i «. a nodding with drowsiness. 
■pe^l, V. n. to shake, jog, agitate, [(eyes.) 
^^??' ^^^>.' ^' ^^^^' drowsy, half-closed 
^\» ^^' ^'* ^- *^ ^^^^ C*^^ ^ TdLniy etc.,) to 
enter, to thrust in the head: 8. a push. 
V^% T^^I*!, s. a butting with the head. 
■^^T^f^, 5. mutual butting with the head. 
^^Tr*l?1,<?. butting,pushing with the head. 
CI>^, s. a billow, a wave, a surge ; a whim; 
-^1^, to scollop, to avoid the billows. 
C5^,5.the pedal ;-"*tT«^1, the pedal house. 
C^^^5*i,«. a battering ram. [born. 

C551, a. insolent, saucy, impudent, stub- 
C^^T^, C^5tf^55.insolence,sauciness,stub- 
C55^, s. the same as ct\5^. [bornness. 
C$^?n, or c^fj, s. the beat of a drum, a 
proclamation by beat of drum. 

C&>^t??]1, s. a drummer, a crier. 

C^Tt, s. a large kind of earring. [lenta. 

C^^, s. the seed-vessel of Nymphrea escu- 

C^'*\\ 8. an invidious comparison, a blame. 

C"1?<&T*T, O'S'^if^, s. a shoving or pushing. 

C"&^T^, V. a. to shove, to push. [belch. 

C'5'^?r, s. a belching, eructation ;-C?TfiT, to 

Cl?a^1, a. tall, high, long. [wicked. 

C^'SH^ illegitimate child, abastard: a. 

Cl?5rs^c"?r5<r«. a bastard, an unlawful child. 

Cl7Si?l1, «. a gallant, a paramour. 

Cl7 5i^l3n|*^j^. a large harmless snake. 

CWSfJ^t, 8. a concubine, a kept woman. 

C^fT, a. many, abundant, much, plenty. 

C^<rl, 8. a cross mark made as signature, 
a sort of reel used to spin packthread. 

C"?1?,Cl?ft,/?. a heap, a pile, a collection. 

Q9v[\ 8. a lump, a clod ; the eye (in con- 

C71, V. a, to carry a burden. [tempt.) 

C^^"^^ 8. the carrying of a burden. 
<^Fl,CTif r^, #. loud sound of breaking wind. 
C§T\?5T, *. the searching for a thing, [seek. 
C^I^I,*. a water-snake: v, a. to cause to 
CFT^, *. a draught, a gulp ;-fif 9T, to gulp. 
C^T^ST, s. the entering into a place. 
C^^l, V. a. to force or thrust in, to cause 

to enter : a. entered, forced in. [enter. 
r.'^T^T^, s. a causing to enter : a. made to 
C^T«T, s. a drum, a tomtom ; a nodding, a 
CFT^^^^t,*. a climbing plant, [shaking. 
CVt^'^, 8. a nodding, a swinging freely. 
C^I«?t^?1, a. drowsy, lethargic, nodding. 
C1>T^1, V. a. to cause to swing, to cause to 

carry burdens : a, hollow : 8. a nodding. 
Cin^t^, s. the hire for carrying burdens. 
C^Ic^T^, s. the transporting of goods or 

merchandize from one place to another. 
C7I"^1, V. a. to cause to butt : a. hollow. 
C7I"5T«1, 8. a causing to butt, or to force in, 

«1, the fifteenth consonant. Tt is scarce- 
ly ever used as the initial of a word. 

«1^, 8. the condition or circumstance of 
the letter q. A grammatical term indi- 
cating the letter «| and not si. 

^, the sixteenth consonant. It has the 
soft sound of t as in Ba^-hurst. 

*15'^'3^'^,8. astonishment, surprize,won- 

*3»t:i}T^,«. attendance. [der. 

^t"^i:5t, s. an attendant. 

^S,/. a brazen or copper pot. [see. 

'3\, a contract, of ^"^'Tp, and ^S^f^, which 

^^, ad. till, until, to, unto : a. sour, acid. 

*5^p^, 8. trouble, distress, affliction. 

*^^T^, 8. money given in advance. 

^f^-^n, 8. a pillow, a bolster, a support. 

^f^P^, .<?. the ascertaining of a thing, 

^^, a. the fourth (a term used in some 

*5^,«. a throne, a state chair, [games.) 

^^C*rt^, 8. a kind of bedstead, a table. 

^^?"^1, 8. a state palki, a portable stage 
used in public processions. 

^IFI, 8. a board, a plank. 

^^TC-s^^,*. a plank-bottomed bedstead. 

*^f^, 8, a slate, a small writing board. 


[ 160 ] 


^:35, 5. diluted buttermilk, [altercation. 

^^<rT?",«. repetition, tautology, dispute, 

vS^?rt^, d' disputatious, contentious. 

*^^^^5 s. affliction, distress, hardship. 

v£W^, s. a carpenter, a carver ; a fabled 

v5^e|, s. a carving, engraving, [serpent. 

^^f«l, ad. then, at that instant. 

^|%v5, a. carved, engraved, scraped, [sin. 

*^<P3^^, s. a fault, crime, offence, error, 

v5^^^"5tf,«5. faulty, guilty, sinful, [then. 

v5<f^, ^<f^, ad. then, at that time, even 

*^9rc^^,s. an adulteration, a cheating, em- 
bezzlement, imposition. [on others. 

\i^^^,fl^.adulterated cheating, imposing 

*«'»ft?",s. an exchange, dismission fromof- 

^■^1, ^t^1, s. a silver coin, a rupee, [fice. 

^S'^l", s, investigation, inquiry, search. 

v5i»5ir, 5. a mollifying,a tranquillizing ;-^, 
to tranquillize that, to mollify that. 

^^5^, a. springing from him_, her, or that. 

*^$¥{^^, 5. examination, search, investi- 
gation, scrutiny, judgment, justice. 

v5^ s. collusion, imposition, fraud. 

v$QP^, a» deceiving, swindling, imposing 
upon: s. a deceiver, swindler, impostor. 

vjB^^^I, s. deceitfulness, swindling, etc. 

v5^, s. a shore, the bank of a river, strand. 

vl^^% 5. a road on the shore or strand. 

'S^^, a. situated on the shore ; impartial. 

v5^t^5 ■5\FT^, or ^\FI'»f, s. a lake, a pond, a 
pond or pool deep enough for the lotus. 

v5\F, «.a strand, shore ;-'5^^, a road by land. 

^^^ V. a. to bound, to flounce, to ramp. 

vj^'s^^, s. a flouncing, jumping, ramping. 

vjvj'j^l, V. a. to bounce, jump : s. a bundle. 

vjsSl, s, a shore, strand, a coast, the sea 

v5f^5., s. lightning, flash of light, [coast. 

x5\5:5f^^1, a. impatient, fickle, smart. 

v$;Sc^, ^t^^9 s. husked rice, unboiled rice 

'S?^^^*!!, s. grains of rice, broken rice. 

\$^S, ad. than that, from that, after that. 

v5^, pron. so much, so many. 

v5^f^?^, ad. so long, so many days. [that. 

ISiC^Tf^^, ad. twice as much, more than 

^^^pron. he, she, it, that (used in comp.) 

^<5.^'4^, s. saying that ; his or her speech. 

^<5,^^1, 5. that word, the same story. 

vj^^^fij^, v5^^^^, a. done by that, done 
by his, her or its instrumentality. 

vj^,?^'^, s. that work, action, or business, 

^>^T^1, s. that cause, the cause of that. 

v5<5,^f^'j, s. that work, business, action or 
i ^5^^t«T, s. that time, that instant, [deed. 

^^^1c^5ft, s. the presence of mind. 

^«,^tc^^, a, belonging to that time. 
I ^<s.^tC^9 ad. then, at that time. 

^<s>^:5, a. done by him, her, or that. 
: ^<5,^ejt^, ad. thenceforth, immediately. 
I ^«.^C*j, ad. then, at that instant. 
[ v5«p[J, a. equal to that, like that, similar. 
j W^*i s. afirst principle, essence, primitive 
truth, axiom, accurate idea, genuine 
nature of a thing, a truth, reality, iden- 
tity, a mystery, a thing to be sought, 
search, enquiry, scrutiny ; -^, -c^^, to 
scrutinize, search, trace out. [gates. 

^■^^T^^, s. one who searches or investi- 

^^Q^^R, 5-. the knowledge of first princi- 
ples, the knowledge of realities. 

^^Q^^T'^'l,^. acquainted with the realities: 
s. one who is thus acquainted. 

15'^^t^, a. speaking correctly on any 
subject, speaking philosophically. 

^^5^Tg1, 5. an enquiry, search, scrutiny. 

^^^Wt^f^j a. convincing of the first prin- 
ciple, or primitive truth. [tor. 

i;^Q51^'<Tf ^5 s. a superintendent, inspec- 

v5'^T^5:ft?^1, s. superintendence, care, at- 
tention, inspection. 

^<?,*T^, s. that side, his or her side, that 
wing, that wax or wane of the moon. 

^«.«tC5^,«^. on that side, on his or her side. 

^^^W^9 a. occupying that situation. 

^'S^'^f^, a. eminent, clever, accomplished, 
able, skilful, dexterous, shrewd. 

\5?,^^:5l,--53, s. skilfulness, dexterity. 

^<5,v(w5fc» , ad. after that, after him or her. 

^^^I"^^, ad. therefore, for that. 

^<s,2tC<iT?f, s. that impelling cause, [ject. 

^^gj^f^, ^«>2f^^, s. that topic, that ob- 

^^5, ad. there, therein, in that place. 

^;5^, a. situated there, of that place. 

'TJtl^tf^fj ad. even, even then, yet, still. 

%^\ ad. thus, so, there, the same, ditto. 


[ 1^>1 ] 


159rt5, vS^Tf^, conj. notwithstanding, ne- 
vertheless, yet, still, even, even thus. 

vS^Ti, ad. in that place, there. 

vE^f^, phrase, so be it, amen. 

vlt'/I7, ad. 80, even so, thus. 

vj^J, s. a reality, certainty, accuracy, truth. 

v5<«i"J^ST, ^J^JC^l^, s. an accurate know- 
ledge, a correct idea, a conviction, 

vi5W\*T, s. that share, his or her share. 

^WN^ft, a. sharing that, dividing that. 

'2'^f^<PI?r, s. that right or proprietorship, 
a right over him or her. 

^-ff^^Tfft) s. owner or proprietor of that. 

^W?^^?r, ad, afterwards, after that, then. 

v5Tf^5f, a, following him, her, or that. 

^ii^?t^, a, devoted to him, her, or that. 

vlW'J'JTl'Sr), a. following him, her, or that. 

vj-^^^l^? a. according with that, follow- 
ing upon that, consistent with that. 

\j^;^^% a. resembling him, her, or that, 
corresponding with that, thus, so. 

v5^^^t<r, a. according to that, so. 

^^^^l|rt, a. according with that, agreeing 

^^^^lC<r, ad. according to that, [thereto. 

v5^^, s. that scope or end, the object or 
scope of that, a scope, object, aim, end. 

^W^fT, ad. besides, besides that. 

^W^f<r, ad, thenceforth, till then, so far. 

^W^^, a. thus conditioned, thus situated. 

^W^^l, s. his or that state or condition. 

v5^^J*g<r, s. the midst of that : ad. in the 

^iWl, ad. then, at that time, [midst of that. 

vaWl1?> a. beginning with that. 

^^■^t^^^^, s. all the circumstances which 
relate to a thing from beginning to end. 

^5Wti^t^, ad. then, at that time. 

v^t^^?", a. different from that. 

^F^, a. spoken by him or her, mention- 
ed in that (bookor writing.) [pressiou. 

^ff r^, s. that sentence, his, her or that ex- 

^^fST, a. proper or fitting for that. 

qSR-:^^, s. that answer, his or her reply :«. 
after him, her, or that ; north of j,hat. 

v5Tt5?r1tc?r, ad. to the north of tliat. 

vJTje ?CW*T, s. the conntry north of that, 

vJW*t^t?r, s. that assistance,his or her help. 

vjF^f'^'e^, a. fit for him, her or that. 

iy*f '.^rrfM" 11, --W, #. that utility or fitness, 
fitness or usefulness for that purpose. 

^J^tC^sft, a. useful or tit for that, useful 
or advantageous to him or her. [or her. 

3^*lf?,ar/.theroupon,upon that.upon him 

ICW^fs^. a. like-minded with him or her. 

^CW?r, ad thevery same thing, identically 
the same thing, tlio same. 

:5Tf ?rT, a. found or being in tlmt, attached 
to or existing in him, her or that, 

lTr^l%^, 8. his, her, or that state or condi- 
tion, his, her or that state of happiness. 

1>^% s. that hour, staff, or punishment. 

^C^*r, s. his, her or that conntry. 

l^^l, ad. by or through him, her or that. 

^f^:5, s. his, her or that benefit or advan- 
tage; Ingram, derivatives formed from 
complete words, as distinguished from 
such as are formed from verbal roots. 

^^% a. like that, resembling, [manner. 

^¥^2JT?, ad. almost so, nearly in that 

^f 15^, a. expressing that, saying that. 

^f^^i"^!"?!, s. his, her, or that opposition, 

^r^^?r«l, s. that detail, those circumstan- 

^ffC^^J^I, s, that investigation. [ces. 

^ff"^?, 8. that object, wealth, or affair. 

'^f^^?^, a. relating to that. lars. 

^^^i^, s. that detail or recital of particu- 

^5^)f%C^^, ad. without or beside that. 

^¥J^^1, s. that law, or statute. 

^Tr^^l^3FTlc?r, ad. according to that law. 

^f^^, a. apart from that: ad. beside that. 

^5^^, s. that form ; so, in like manner, 

v5^T, ad. then, at that very time. [such. 

*^¥r, s. the body. ^5511, a. alone, lonely. 

^^?, s. a son. ^55I?1, 8. a daughter. 

^^^, a. very thin, narrow, or small. 

^^, v5^, s. the body: a. minute, delicate, 
thin, slender ; -^^^ pores of the skin. 

^ ^nSf a, produced from the body : «. a son. 

^^ng(1,yewi. idem : s, a daughter. 

^^^?, a. x)ared, made thin or delicate. 

\j^f , s. an oven, a furnace. [a bird. 

^^^^, s. the hair of the body, feathers of 

*i^"9ri, ^^•ift't", 8. search, inquiry, guess, 
an appraisement; -^, to search, [nues. 

l^-^II, s. wages, assigumeut on the reve- 


[ 162 ] 


55^«altWT?r, s. one who receives a salary. 

5a^<riWt?ft, s. the living on a salary. 

^^, s. a thread, threads of a warp, a cord. 

55^^t , ^3^T?, s. SL weaver, a spider. 

;3f^*1tc^1, s, a weaver's shop. [tree. 

\5^^T?r, s. anemaciatedperson ; betel-nut 

vsg, s. a thread, the threads of a warp, the 
strings of a musical instrument, a class 
of sacred books, a charm ; a weaver's 
loom, a leathern thong : a. subservient. 

v53^t^, s. a weaver's loom. 

^1^9 s- contrivance, collusion, intrigue. 

vjgu;^, s. delusion, sorcery, witchcraft. 

^3^1"^, s. quintessence of the Tantras. 

vj^t, s. a musician, a stringed instrument, ' 
a professor of the Tantras. [situde. 

vS"^!, ^^j s. drowsiness, sleepiness, las- 

v5'^T<f'f^%9 «. overcome by sleepiness. 

^■^t|^, ^"^l"^^, ». sleepy, drowsy. 

vJ'^Ic^, d. weary, drowsy, sleepy, slothful. 

v5^, ad. not that, not so ; an expression of 

v5S9f^, s. that city or town. [denial. 

^^^^, ad. not so ; a repeated denial. 

v5[%^^5 a. near that, near him or her. 

vjf^^^^^f , a. being near him, her or that. 

v5l%^^^5 ^- situated near him, her or that. 

vsfwf^^^jon that account, for that cause, 
therefore : ad. from or through that. 

v5l%WQ5 ad. for that, for that reasonyon 
account of that, because of that. 

v5^«fJ, s. the midst or inside of that. 

v5^^]^^* «f. including or situated in that. 

v5W^J^9 t^* situated in that, situated be- 
tween them : s. that mediator. 

vJ'gTC^], ad. during that, in the mean time, 
in the interim, in that, between that. 

vji^^^, IS'^^IS, a. so-minded, having that 

vj'^TT^, ad, merely that. [mind. 

vj'ft, s. a thin or slender woman. 

vS'^t, s. hot season, summer,heat, warmth. 

vS^tS^ft*^, a. inclined to devout austerities. 

vS's^S^t^rfJ, a. accomplishable by penance. 

v5*'fsnT^, a. successful by penance. 

^•s^^T, s. the sun, one of the Hindu hells 
heat, inflammation, the hot season. 

^'^^?, a. requiring to be heated. 

^*t^.,9 s, religious austerities, penance, 

mortification, self-denial, the heaven of 
devotees, virtue, religious ^merit ; the 
hot season, the cold or dewy season. 

^^tlJ, s. Phalgun month ; devout austeri- 
ties, penance, religious mortification. 

^"stJlUT^T^, s. the mango-fish.^ 

^S's^f^if)-, a. religious : 5. a female devotee. 

^*1Tl",.y. an ascetic, a devotee; mango- fish. 

^'=J, in aects. specially in land-surveying, 
signifies before, before that, already. 

'SC'^IT^^, s, the forest in which religious 
austerities are practised, [austerities. 

^SC^t^®?, s. power or virtue of religious 

^C*fT«^, s. the interruption of religious 

^% a. heated, hot. [austerities. 

It'^^^'^y s. ignited or burnished gold. 

^"^T^, s. hot food, hot rice. 

^^t^f tS, s. a hot bath. 

*5TpT^, s. distance, difference, distinction, 
disparity : a. distant, separate, absent. 

*^^?'^^, s. separation, division, partition. 

*5^^«^, s. an explanation^ an analysis, 
separation, division, a detail, 

v5^, ad. thine, thy. 

*^^^^, 8. a shelf, a stage, a story, a degree, 
order, class, a rank, a layer, a stratum. 

^5^c^, ^5^^^^, s. a drum, a tabour. 

^5^«^1, s. a caldron, a pot, a kettle, a drum. 

*^^t^^,s. a dish or plate made of copper. 

*^T'5T^5^1, s. hope, expectation. 

*^?;T^1, s. humility, attention, pretended 
kindness, compliment. [depravity. 

*^^T^), s. wreck, ruin, distress, perdition, 

*^f^?I«^, s. state of body or mind, desire. 

^^, ^^, coiij. even then, yet, still, never- 

^C^, ad. then, at that time. [theless. 

^^^, s. a little drum, a bundle of papers, 
a list, a catalogue. [lative degree. 

vj^, s. in gram, termination of the super- 

^5^S, 5. the quality of darkness, darkness. 

^^^^, s. the third quality of matter, or that 
of darkness ; darkness, gloom, sorrow, 
grief, Eahu or ascending node. 

*^5r:5[^, s. a receipt, a bond, a writing. 

^^1%^, s. melancholy temperament. 

155T1, s. a darkness, gloom, obscurity. 

^^1^, ^^T^ , s. tobacco; -•itt^, to smoko. 


[ 163 ] 


*^^5l, 5. afilnp,ftblow, ft slnpontliofaco. 

♦^STTT^r, a. all, whole, complete, finis. 

\55rt"5ft, 8. integrity, completeness. 

v5^T2T, 8. the eectarial maik on the fore- 
head ; the name of a tree.* 

v5^t*T1, s. a show, a sight ; vide lT^T*t1. 

v5Ciri^«t, s. one of the three jrimeval qua- 
lities of matter, viz. inertness (applied 
to matter), or ignorance, fascination 
(as regards animated beings). 

^C'STTQ"'!', a. stupid, ignorant, inert, diUl, 
relating to the quality of inertness, etc. 

*^'i], s an admonition, reproof, reproach, 
castigation, punishment. 

v5^^, ^^?, s. the same as =5!^ >^t^?r. 

v5<r, s, a sort, a kind ; in ffram. the termi- 
nation of the comparative degree. 

^J^, or 3^^, s. a plant and its fruit.^ 

v5<r^*f, s. a quiver, arrow-case, [quiver. 

v5^^*iY, a. quivered : s. one who bears a 

vj^^Pt?'^, s. garden-8tu£P, vegetables. 

vS?"?^, s. the hyena. 

^^•»J1, a. very rough (as the river). 

v5^^, s. awave,billow. ^7rf5?"«l), 5. ariver. 

^?"5til1, s, a translation ; -^t?", a transla- 

vJ^Sfl, s. a sort of responsive songs, [tor. 

'^^^l,*. the crossing of a river, the getting 
through a difficulty. [passable. 

^5?'«iT^, s5?rcj^?r,«. capable of being crossed, 

v5<rf«l, or ^^elY, s. a boat, the sun, afloat 
or raft ; the succotrine aloe.' 

^?rf«)^^?1, s. a name of theriver Yamuna. 

*^?^Pf, s. exertion, labour, engagedness. 

^?*ttTi s. ferriage, passage-money. 

^^Tp, s. a side, a party ; -Wtf, a partizan : 
partial ; -WT^H", partiality, attachment. 

'S^^TfT, s. a cimeter, a sword, a hanger. 

^5?^sr, or ^■^Tg^gf, s. water-melon/ 

*;5^"5rfTt^, s. a kind of fine cloth. 

s5<rC"srT^^, 8. a species of hawk.* [quid. 

vS^cT, a. tremulous, diluted, thin, fluid, li- 

^<rc^^1, s. tremour, fluidity, liquidity. 

vS^^.^f^, a. inconstant, fickle, light, silly. 

v5?r«nC'5lT5Jr, o. having tremulous eyes. 

^<rf^.^, ^<r«?l^^,rt. inconstant, liquified. 

^S?"^, ItJ"^, ad. three days ago, three days 

vj^^T , s. speed, velocity, strength, [hence. 
X 2 

l^T"^y n. expeditions, quick, hasty, fickle. 

v5^^), a. quick, swift, fleet, strong : 8. a 
courier or express, a runner, the wind. 

*^?'^^, 8. a sort, a kind, a manner. 

^^1, V. a. to save, to convey a person over 
a river, to get a person over a difficulty. 

^?n^, 8. a pair of scales. 

^?t«t, a. saved, rescued : ». the saving of 
a person, the getting one over a river. 

"S?"!^, 8. a kind of umbrella ; imp ft. fear. 

^f?, '^TT), 8. a skiff, a boat, raft, [tenance. 

*^^^^ , 8, education, support, care, main- 

*I^^, 8. a canon, ru!e, manner, custom. 

X^,s.atree,shrub, plant; -9j^i, acreeper.' 

^??ej, a. juvenile, young, new, fresh, novel: 
8. a young man, a person of virile age. 

I?^«rt, a. fern, idem ; the succotrine aloe.' 

^C^r, ad. for, on account of, because of. 

*3C?"1^ "^j a. verdant, plump and fresh. 

^^, 8. decision, investigation, examina- 
tion, reasoning, logic. [a logician. 

v5^^, a. investigating: «. an investigator, 

^^'*t^T^5T, a. eminent in the ^^"Tl^.* 

\5^«l*»ft*r, a. eloquent in the ^^^*\^^S,* 

v5^*tT3, 8. the science of logic or reason- 
ing, a book treating of logic, [logic. 

^3^*1T^?^1, 8, a person acquainted with 

v5<I^'^mt5'Tt21JT, 8. the study of logic. 

^^f^^l^, a, most eminent in ^^*IT3.* 

^^'Tc^^T^, s. the jewel of the ^^*TTS.* 
[* The degrees of the Hindu colleges.] 

^f^'lf, a. investigated, sought, examined. 

^f^J^T, a. capable of being examined, 
reserved for investigation. [logic. 

^?pf , a. acquainnted with the science of 

I^, 8. a spindle, a distaff. 

^^^^5^, v5^^9(^ssj^, «. a threat, a loud 
reprehension, a scolding, threatening. 

^■5^,^,5. scolding, threatening of a person. 

\5^SStjJt, s. the forefinger, finger of scorn or 

^■5f??1, a. fickle, impatient. [threat. 

^*{«|, 8. the satisfying of a person ; the of- 
ferings of water made to the aneestops. 

^*1«1^^, a, capable of being satisfied or 

^<^^1, a. in music^ shrill, loud, [gratified. 

^^^Jfl 8. a chasm, a void space : d^^. at a 
distance : y. a. to be distressed. 


[ 164 ] 


^c?, V. n. to sink to tlie bottom. 
v5^, 5. under-part of any thing, the bottom 
depth, a pit, a hole, a chasm, lowness, 
inferiority, a stand or support, a base. 
v5c^?P, ad. till, until: a. strong (as tobacco). 
^5«nWlf 1*^9 «• a species of bambu (Bambusa 
vjcnC^^, s. the abdomen, pelvis, [tulda). 
^rics^f^)!^, s. a cobler, a bungler. 
vic^gf'^T^, s. a slap, a flat-handed blow. 
vScnCTpt^J, v5c^L"^T\5l, s. a fountain, spring. 
*s5^?, s. a summons; wages; -f^^, a writ- 
ten summons. [swordsman. 
vJcnTt?"? 8- a sword, a cimeter ; -^Tt^*^, a 
sjcn^f^, s. a valley, the lowland. 
v5c^7p('*f , a. fathomable, shallow. 
^r,1, V. n, to sink to the bottom : s. the 
bottom, under part, lower part, base. 
vjc^l^f^, a. aiding secretly, backbiting: s. 
the collecting of things, aid, assistance. 
vSc^lfs, s. the bottom part; a cane-mat. 
vjcnl^i^T, s. a division of infernal regions. 
v5«nT^, s. a sinking to the bottom: a. sunk. 
s£c^ f^, s. the bottom, what settles at the 
*'v5c^ "^j s. a pond, a pit, a tank, [bottom, 
vjc^ltl^l, s. tl e earthing up of plants, a 
\5ri1^, ad. at the bottom. [pavement. 
vJc^l^T, s. search; -^, to search, to seek. 
^?^1^, a. searching: 5. a searcher, search, 
vjcfl, a. beneath, under, lying at the bot- 
tom: s. the sole of a shoe, or of the foot. 
v5^, s. the last player [in a game). 

vSc^-5l, s. a large earthen pot. 

vJCiyT, ad. beneath, under, at the bottom, 
subject to, under the power of. 

v5Ccn^Cc^,fl(^. beneath, under, secretly. 

vjWJc^^, s. softness, softness of a bog. 

vfic^l-t^^l, 0" soft, shaking, quavering as a 

^c-K, s. abed, a tower, a turret, [bog. 

vj^^lt, s. a bundle, a package, a parcel. 

^M^«l, *'. that mark or sign, [writing. 

^f^f*^^9 «• written by him or her : s. that 

^f^f*1", s. that writing, that treatise. 

v5^C*1t^, ^cT?3l%, s. a fountain, spring. 

^cxC*tTl%?l1, a. bubbling up, flowing. 

vg^TcTl, s. a brass vessel ; the bar of a door. 

\5®, s. obstinacy, stifi'ness, pertinacity. 


■^^TTTilj s. a thong, leather, a strap. 
\5T^?r, s. a coarse sort of silk stuff. 
*«^#t, s. comfort, consolation. 
^f^5T, s. a level bar upon which a pedal 
works, a pivot, the fulcrum of a lever. 

\J^^, s. a thief, a robber. 
^^^, s. thievishness, theft. 

*^^J^, s. affliction, trouble, distress. 

*^^^, 5. arosary,a string of beads, [ing. 

^^^5^?", s. a picture, a print,portrait,draw- 

*^^^f?, s. the ordinances of a prophet. 

^^7, 'pron. his, hers, its. 

*^'^, s. a layer, a stratum, a fold. [tion. 

^^■^^^jOr l^^^lS, s. certainty, examina- 

*^^<rt5Rl, s a room under ground, a cellar. 

^^^^, s. treasury, cash, trust; -ffT"^, a ca- 
shier, a treasurer; -^1?% treasurership, 

^■^ir*., s. an accusation, censure, an asper- 

^■^^^5 s. an accuser, a censurer. [sion. 

^■^Tfic?, 5. a collection of the revenue ; -ffT^, 
a revenue collector ; -TtT^ft? his office. 

v5l, s. a sheet (of paper) ; a heating -.pron. 
that: V. a. to heat, bake, blow a fire; 
-ffl, to sit on eggs (as a fowl), [hands. 

^t^, prow, even that: 5. the clapping of the 

*T4^Wt^, s. enumeration, a summing up. 

sJl'^, s. anger, wrath, heat, a fold of cloth 
or paper, a sheet of paper ; -:^, to fold. 

15T^^, s. a heating, the heating of iron, etc. 

'^T^^l, V. a. the same as ^m. 

^t-6?lT^9 s. the causing a thing to be heat- 
ed, a provoking to anger : a. heated. 

v5tV, a contr. of zTt^-^t, ^t^flWl, which see. 

^^^, s. a loom ; a cord, catgut, a thong. 

'^t^^r, s. care or strictness on business. 

^T^, s. a weaver's sley or geer, a loom, cat- 
gut, the string of a musical instrument. 

^Tl-^T^I, a. fresh cut from the loom. 

^t^9itv5l5 s. a hole in the ground in which 
the treddles of a weaver's loom play. 

^tl'^nic^l, s. a weaver's workshop. 

^t^, s. a weaver^ a cotton-weaver. 

^T^l, s. copper : a. copper-coloured, red. 

^t^, ^t^^, V. a. to view, look at, aim : s. a 
stage, a shelf, a looking at, aiming. 

*$T^-^j vSt^T^j s. force, strength. 

^t^^, 6". looking at or surveying a thing. 


[ 165 ] 


^t^1, V' a. to look, to view, to aim at. 
v5t?Pt^, s. the looking at : a. viewed. 
^iTf^*?? *. a hastening or urging forward. 
^ll^CW, ad. quickly, with exertion. 
v5TC4>iTC?P, ad. in rows, one over another. 
^t^, s. tliread, silk or thread tied round 

tlio arm as a charm : v. a. vide 15t^. 
^Slstl^?, s. raortar used for building, the 
liole or trough in which it is prepared. 
'JT^tTytjS.alarge wooden vessel, amason's 
hod. one who prepares mortar, [nity. 
'JT^T^^, s. a dunning, urgency, importu- 
^NtFl, s. idem ; also, the hastening of a 

person ; -^, to dun, to be quick. 
v51^i^,5. an advance of money, [neglect. 
^T^^7, ^5|5^??J, s. disregard, contempt, 
* iT^Si, s. a tiara, a crown, a mitre, a cap. 
*^1^-«IT'^, 8. a sort of sweetmeat. 
*^l^?t), 8. freshness, juiciness, greenness. 
'St^, a, fresh, green, new, alive, active. 
^t®iT?a^, 5. a confronting; -^, to confront. 
v51^, 8. a particular breed of horses. 
v5t®^f f <r, 8. a greyhound, a bloodhound. 
^Tv5 , v.a. to beat, threaten, to drive away. 
vST.?, 8. a beating, a whipping, chastise- 
ment, an ornament worn on the arm by 
women, a small sheaf ; a sort of palm.* 
v5t5^, s. an ornament for the ear. 
^T\5CIT\5, s. a kind of needle- work. 
vJT^J', s. the beating, threatening or repel- 
ling of any one, a driving away. 
v5T\55Jl, s. battery, a threat, a reproof. 
^t\^JR^, s. a horsewhip, a riding-whip. 
^I^^l"?, a. deserving to be beaten or dri- 
ven away, worthy of threatening. 
v5t^^9 *• virulence, the pain of a tumour. 
^T^^^J, a. virulent, painful, sore. 
^T\^', V. a. to drive away : s. expulsion, a 
driving away ; a threat, a reprimand ; a 
bundle, sheaf; a balcony ; a bar, a bolt. 
'ST^Tltf^, ad. scufflingly, by driving from 
all quarters, hastily, speedily, quickly. 
^T^T^, s. an expelling, a driving away. 
^T^, ^Tt?^1, .<•. the juice of the fan-palm, 
1^]^^^ s. a wooden spoon or ladle, [toddy. 
^tT3^, s. a dancing ; a sort of grass. 
^f^, V. to heat, to warm : to become hot. 

^T^^Tf^^, ad. of that time, [an intent. 

^T*.«t*n, «. a scope, an object, a design, 

^T*««t^'jTvf, 8. object of one's aim,a scope. 

sTl^, «.afather; heat: a. venerable, rever- 
end, respectable ; hot, warm. 

^l^?r>T,^I15?"3ft, 8. a saccharine juice. 

^T^Jl, V. a. to warm, to heat: a. hot, heated. 

^I^T^, 8. the heating or warming of a 
thing : a. heated, hot, warm. 

^T'5Tf^?l1, a. choleric, peevish, cross. 

^i^, s. a son, an offspring. 

v5IW^^, ad. in that same way. 

^Tff 9f, or ^m^fj, 8. identity of object, the 
acquisition of a habit, a habit. 

TtWTUT, s. identity, sameness. 

^T"^, v5T^*t, a. like, so, such, similar. 

^T9*tt5?"«1, s. such or similar conduct. 

v5T^, 8. a tune, the key note in music. 

^tiR*^^!, s. commonly ^t^^l, which see. 

3T^1, s. the thread of the warp. 

^f3^9 8. a scholar, one well versed in the 
Tantras : a. mentioned in the Tantras. 

^1-5^, V. n. to grow hot, to grieve, to fret. 

^T*T, 8. heat, warmth, distress, smart, a 
fever, woe ;-Wl, to apply heat, foment, 
to sit on the eggs (as a fowl,) to hatch. 

^T'5*f'^? a. occasioning distress, afflicting. 

^T"*^^, 8. the act of heating any thing, the 
being in affliction, a basking ; the sun. 

'Jt^l^ir, ^Mi'^, a. capable of being heat- 
ed, inflammable, capable of suffering. 

^*t^T*i^3, 8. a thermometer, [ascetic. 

^T*f^, a. doing religious austerities: s. an 

^T*11, V. a. to heat, to occasion distress, to 
afflict, to give pain, to cause to heat. 

^T*1"Ii^9 8. a warming, a basking, [flicted. 

^if*^^, a. heated, excited, distressed, af- 

^I^^^, a. belonging to thee, thine. 

^T^«., a. so many, all : ad. so long, until. 

^T^l, V. a. to heat, communicate warmth, 
to provoke to anger : 8. a copper or brass 
vessel, a plate of iron used to bake bread 
on, thin plate of iron used in the smok- 
ing apparatus over which tire is put. 
*^l<f\'^, 8. a charm, an amulet. 

v5TC^,s. subjection : a. also, -WT?", subject 
to, under control ; -WT^t, subjection. 


v5Tir^f%^'5r, s. a species of dove. [Hindus. 
v5T^«^j s. a retail shopkeeper, an order of 
\5t^Tf, a. inert, stupid, ignorant,partaking 
of or influenced by the principle of inert- 
ness, ignorance or mental darkness. 
v51^f^^, a. stupid, inert, mentally blind. 
vj-frrJlY? s. night, dulness, stupidity : a, see 
v5T^1, s. copper ; expectation. [^T^TT. 

vSt^T^, or ^T^t^, s. tobacco. 
*^RT5l, s. a slap, a flat-handed blow. 
*^T5lt"5r, a. complete, perfect, the whole. 
vJt^T^'^j s. completion, perfection. 
*^T^T*t9ft?r, s, a spectator, a bye-stander. 
^"t^T*f1j s. a show, a sight, an exhibition. 
\$t^ , ^. a tent, a pavilion, a marquee. 
vJt^^^, 5. a drum, a war-drum. 
vJT^^^J5t, ^T^ ■?"^I«T1, s. a drummer. 
^T^ ?n, s. a three-stringed Indian guitar. 
v5T^ ^, s. the betel-leaf (Piper betel). 
vSl'SI, vJt^l, s. copper ; -'^Q, copper basin. 
v51"si^t^, s. a coppersmith, a brazier. 
v5t^^^, s. the tobacco plant. 
vJt^"^^, copper-crested : s. a cock, [girls. 
^T?l^l, s. a band ofmusicians or dancing 
v5t^, V. a. to convey over a river, to save, 

to deliver from difficulty or distress. 
v5T^, 5. a tone in music, wire, gold thread, 

musical string, savour, taste. 
vST^^, a. effecting salvation or deliver- 
ance : s. a saviour, deliverer, or star,the 
pupil of the eye, a pilot, a helmsman. 
ISt?"^"^, s. a wire-drawer. 
^T^^'"^, s. wire-drawing. 
^T^^t^C?3T?T, s. a peculiar note in music. 
v5T?"«l, s. the crossing over a river, act of 
saving a person, a float, a raft, a boat. 
v5t<ri>"5IJ,s. gradually increasing series, the 

state or condition of more or less. 
vSt^cTj.s. fluidity, unsteadiness, fickleness. 
v5T?rl, s. a star, the pupil of the eye, a 
planet, an asterism ; in inusic, an octave 
or alto ; also, a name of Durga. 
v5t?ri«11, s. a tune or mode of singing. 
v5T?"T'^^^, s. falling of a meteor or star. 
^t?;t*l1i%, s. the moon, a name of Shiva. 
^t'5'T^Q^, s. pupil of the eye, a stellar orb, 
'Jll^'^ of themonth. [starry region. 

[ 166 ] ^ 

*^f^^, s. praise, applause. [thread. 
^t?flf^, %\'^f^1^a. made of wire or gold 
1LT^*iJ, s. youth, youthfulness. 
iTf^^, a. studying the civil law : s. a law- 
yer, a logician, a sophist,a philosopher. 
vSl^J, s. a name of Garura, the regent of 

birds, and of Aruna ; a snake. 
^T^, s. the fan-palm,^ a musical time or 
measure, aclod, a clue, a ball, a span, a 
slapping on the left arm as wrestlers 
do, the clapping of hands. [senie. 

^T^^, s. a lock, a bolt, a lath, yellow ar- 
\5t«^^t«11, a. having no ear for music. 
"•'tc^^lW) s- ■fctie fan-palm or palmyra tree. 
vlT^^?^, s. the common swallow, [palm. 
li\y\X3 i 5, s. a swallow, the pith of the fan- 
vST^^T^, a. wound in balls : ad. in lumps. 
v5t^ -9^:^ -'^tl^, s. the leaf of the fan- palm. 
^t«?|^, s. a palm-leaf fan. 
^t^^^J, a. palatal -^cf, the class of palatal 

letters, viz. t^^^®(^^'il>^^. 
^5T5nr5]T<r^1, s. a tree with edible fruit.^ 
^Tc?^I'?r*t, s. a slapping on the left arm. 
^Ts^'^T^, s. the tender kernel of tala fruit. 
%'\m\, s. a lock, a padlock, the story of a 
building, sensation of stunning; -^T^, 
or -7]19\, to be silent, to be stunned. 
*^tc^t^, 5. a divorce, a relinquishing, an 
abandoning, an oath, [written oath. 
^T^l^^T^I, s. a bill of divorcement, a 
^T^T^, s. a rest (in music). 
*5T|^^, ^t1%^'1, s. a catalogue, an inven- 
tory, an invoice, a manifesto, [teaching. 
*^TfiliI, a. learned, clever : s. instruction, 
\5t^, s. the clapping of the hands, a stun- 
ning, patch ; -ffl, to patch, to clap the 
hands ; -s^T^f, to be stunned. 
vSt^^t^^, s. act of stunning. [mouth. 
v51c^, vJtc^^l, s. the palate, the roof of the 
"iT^^, 5. a manor, a lordship, an estate. 
15lc7^Wt<r, 5. the lord of a manor, the owner 
of an estate, a land-holder, [talukdar. 
^IcT^WT^t, s. the condition or office of a 
^t«^1,«. palm of the hand, sole of the foot, 
roof of the jtnouth, crown of the head. 
^tC5^<r<r, a. rich, respectable, illustrious. 
^t^, V. a. to brush the dust from a thing. 


[ 1C7 ] 


v5t^, s. a card, gold thread, a frying pan. 

^T^Ji^, 8. a brushingaway of dust, [brush. 

J^T^, 8. a kind of drum : v. a. to cause to 

vST^T^, 8. causing to brush : a. brushed. 

^T^l^pr. it, that ; -C^, in that, in it. [pital. 

^1^^, 8, agreement ; rent ; -<R1, a hos- 

^S\f^, 8. a furnace, a portable hearth ; a 

f^5", pron. he (honorific). [plant.^ 

1%e^, «. a bitter taste : a. bitter, aromatic. 

1%??^11, -^, 8. bitterness. [fragrant. 

1% i[, 5. heat, pungency, the heat of spices: 
a. hot, pungent, acrid, sharp. 

l%«itr, a. sharp, keen, pointed. [cantile. 

*^^T?^9 8. merchandize. 1%^f^^, mer- 

t^1%\t^f^^, or t^f^\f^r\5\, 8. a quick 
jumping up ; -^, to jump, to gallop. 

1%'?,, V. a. to wet, to make damp. 

1^^, a. bitter ; -«tT?, a bitter herb.'* 

t%Il^, 8. the Francoline partridge. 

1^^1, V, a. to cause to wet, to wet, to 
moisten : a. moist, wet, damp, bitter. 

t^^TST, s. a wetting : a. wetted,moi8tened. 

1^^Tfk*t, «. forty -three. 

^1^, a sound used to call hens and cocks. 

1%t%^1, s. distress, disgust, vexation, an- 
guish, a suffering or enduring, [vexed. 

t%^f^^, l^f^"?^, a. distressed, disgusted, 

1%t^», 8. the cochineal insect. 

t^f^t?, 8. the Francoline partridge, the 
name of a sage, the Yajur-veda. 

1%«.*tT^, or l^-p-Ptltr, «• fifty-three. 

1%R, 8. a lunar day, day of alunar change, 

^^, a. three ; -<]^, 3 jHeces ; -S"*!, three- 

^5:^1,^ 8. a small stick, a bit. [fold. 

1%5^^1, 1%^f^, a. three (complete articles). 

^t^, j^f'on. he, she (honorific). 


1%*^^, 8. a kind of ebony. 

I^f^, s. a large fish, a whale. 

1%f^:f, a. wetted, moist, annoyed, [rena. 

t^t^f ,«. darkness, obscurity, the gutta se- 

t%f^^^T*T^, a. dissipating darkness. 

1^<I'?r, 8. a class of fishermen. 

^?lT<f f , ^^15?", a. seventy-three. 

*l%?IiWiW, 5. a number, a calculation. 

t^?r^T?r, 1%^f%^1, 8. abuse, insult, repre- 
hension, censure, reproach. 

^?r^"?, a. abused, censured, insulted, re- 
t%^Ts^, t^^t^R^t, ninety-three, [viled. 
t^^T*rt, a. eighty-three. 
l%C<irT^M,«. disappearance, concealment, 

a cover, a sheath, a veil, a clonk. 
^C?rtf^"5, a. covered, hidden, concealed. 
1%^J^^, a. moving tortuously or awry. 
1%^'>C5fnf^, 8. a brute animal. 
l%s^, 8. sesanium and its plant ;* a mole, a 
freckle, a very small portion, a moment; 
in accounts the 80 th part of a caup. 
1%5l^, s. a mark on the forehead made of 
earth or sandal, freckle, mole ; in comp, 
it signifies nobility or pre-eminence ; a, 
spotted, freckled, chief, pre-eminent. 
1^01^5^, 8. a moment, a short space of 
l^rit^fT, a. minced, cut into shreds, [time, 
^^tic^, 8. oil of sesamum. [ted. 

t^cnfi, 8. a hill : a. dotted, speckled, spot- 
1%?^KT5i1, ». a sort of sweetmeat. 
t%f%, 8. a caste among the Hindus. 
t%f^?n, a. dotted, speckled, spotted. 
1^f^<II'5r'5r, 8. a species of dove. 
^tc!<]T^l^, 8. a variety of bottle-gourd.* 
1%C^^T«T, a. making a great ado about a 
little thing, mountains of mole-hills : *. 
a great ado about nothing, [heaven. 
t^Ccit^ill, s. a courtezan of the Hindu 
t%Cc1^W^, s. a kind of fi-umenty orricemilk. 
I^t", «. stop, stay : v. a. to stay, to conti- 
^^1, 8. permanence, stability. [nue. 
^fjT, 8. linseed ; vide TT^^L [folds. 

1^^I?"1, «. three-fold, doubled into three 
^^, 8. heat, sharpness, pungency, passi- 
on, haste: a. hot, pungent, sharp, keen, 
acute, zealous, active, intelligent. 
vf\V -^^1, a. active, zealous; -^T?", sharp- 
^^'(^^, «. Indian horseradish, [edged. 
€\^T1, -^, 8. sharpness, pungency, 
it^^f^, 8. wit, acuteness : a, witty, saga- 
^Iv^f^l'l, -^, «. sagacity, wit. [cious. 
"lt^Vtf».f ) 8. a strong power of digestion. 
^ Vt^f, a. sharp-pointed, [ing or fishing. 
■J^^?", 8. a class of Hindus living by hunt- 
it^, a, sharp, poignant, pungent, severe, 
excessive, energetic, urgent; -?f^, rap- 
idity, swiftness ; -^t^, sharp- witted. 


[ 168 ] 


^,?ri?r, a. very sharp or pungent, [gency. 

v5l?i1, -^, 5. sharpness, keenness, pim- 

v5^?t0t^, s. a sharp or shrill sound. 

vS^^^f^, s. wit, penetration: «. witty, keen. 

vft^C^Sf^l, s. an agony, excessive pain. 

vjt<I^, s. a sharp note in music, a shrill 
tone : a. shrill, loud [arrow. 

^^, s. tin ; a shore, a bank, a margin ; an 

vjt^r^l"^, s. an archer. €t ' ^Tf^, archery. 

^■^?r€f , ^^^5 ^. situated on a shore. 

vjtl?^, a. finished, completed, ended. 

^^, s. a sacred place, a place of pilgrim- 
age, a landing-place at a river side. 

^<?fW*f^, s. the visiting of a sacred place. 

^?f"^i':g'1, s. the going to a sacred place. 

v?t^"^i^, a. going to a sacred place, going 
on pilgrimage : s, a pilgrim. 

\s, conj. but, or, against, also, and, more- 
over, indeed ; also, thou (in contempt). 

^^^9 2)ron. thou (to an inferior). 

^Tf, \|^^, s. a timber tree (Cedrela toona). 

^^, 5. chaff, the outer husk of grain. 

v5^, \5^lT-3?, s. an incantation, a charm. 
. an arrow without a barb, a lire in 
poetry or the fourth part of a stanza. 

^•ar^, xS-^fT"^, a. strong, able, active, brisk, 
clever, keen, shrewd. [kefenness. 

^•^IT^I", s, activity, shiewdness, briskness, 

^^■, a. high, tall, loity, elevated, chief, 
principal, passionate, hot : ,v. highest 
point, top, vortex, altitude of an object. 

^■^^1, -^, s. tallness, height, altitude. 

^^, a. despised^ despicable, mean, con- 
temptible, worthless, insignificant ; -^, 
to despise, undervalue, disregard. 

^^^T*T, \|^^C^t5!f, s. a mean opinion of 
any thing, contempt, disregard. 

v^^^l, -'^, s. hollowness, emptiness, in- 
significance, contemptibleness. 

^^^T^«1J, s. contempt, derision, [ed. 

v^c^'Y^^j «• degraded, despised, contemn- 

v^C^, a. contemptuously, slightingly. 

*v|^^^, s. a trader, a merchant. 

^^^, s. the business of a merchant. 

v^^ , V. a. to break, to cut, to cut up a per- 
son's character, to criminate, to insult. 

^v5^, 5. a leap, a skip, jump ; clever. 

vf \it, 5. a fillip, snapping of fingers; a leap, 
skip ; -Tt1, to fillip, to snap the fingers. 

\|Q, s. the mouth, the face. {vide v^^, 

v^l5, V. praise, to applaud, to flatter : s. 

^1%?rl, ^*^, or ^•^r^, s. blue vitriol. 

\5li?t, s. a parrot ; other species of birds.* 

\5*w, s, the belly, the abdomen, the navel. 

^f*tf^, a. having a prominent navel. 

^f*5f ■^, N^f^c^T, a. corpulent, abdominous. 

*^^I^, s. a hurricane, a storm, tempest. 

^^I^"\, a. boisterous, tempestuous. 

'^\, V. n. to shrivel, to contract, to wrin- 
kle. v^^f%?1 *t^^, to become flaccid. 

v^^^iT, s. a shrivelling or contracting. 

^^vsY, s. a kind of firework for playing. 

\|'5I, pr. thou : s. a tree (Ganiga pinnata). 

^^J5t, s. a snake-catcher's pipe. 

vl^TTtf J s. a heap, a roll, a list, a volume, an 
account book : pron. your, thy, thine. 

^f^, pron. thou (to an equal). 

\|":jrT, s, mixed conflict, uproar, tumult, 
sound ofconflictinwar,claugor of arms. 

^,^^^^' ^' ^^^^® combat, sharp conflict. 

*x|"5r5\5T^, s. magnificence, ostentation. 

\^'5[^5\5T<f1;, a. pompous, ostentatious. 

v^^, "5^) *• t^® bottle-gourd,^ the hollow 
shell of a gourd, a buoy. 

vS'J^, s. a particular kind of drum. 

^■^•jf, ^"?'^j ^« ^ horse ; the mind, the heart. 

^"<r^sr, s. a horse ; -t^JRJ a trooper. 

^^^^ifl"^, s. manna, a medicinal drug. 

\^^*1"«1, s. a drill, a fiddle-drill, a gimlet. 

^?'*11, V. a. to drill a hole ; to cut cloth. 

"^^^^tt^j s- drilling of a hole ; a cutting of 

v^^^«l, s. a fiddle-drill, a gimlet, [cloth. 

\^^, s. a pencil, brush, shuttle ; vide "^?^. 

\|^<5, s. a Turk, a native of Turkey, [lier. 

\^^?P51^t'^, s,a trooper, a horseman, a cava- 

s^^?57f^Tft, s. horsemanship, [of horses. 

^^^, s native of Turkey; apeculiar breed 

v^^sr, s. the stocks, shackles ; a trumpet. 

^Tt^j v|'?fj, a. the fourth. 

\5c^, V. a. to weigh, to take or raise up, ele- 
vate : a. increased : 5. a pair of scales. 

\^c^<5,, "^^T^., s. paper dressed with the sul- 
phate of arsenic (used by Hindus). 

v^5^5^T^^5 *• ^ weigher, a weighman. 


[ 169 ] 


^9T;;t1, 8. similarity, equality, comparison. 

^5^^, ^.sacrod basil (Ocymum sanctum). 

^31^^Wtsl, s. a kind of gold necklace. 
\|9il, s. a weighing, a pair of scales ; sign 
Libra; equality, a resemblance; cotton. 

^f^, or v^^^^t, s. a painter's brush, a hair 

vjf^T, a. weighed, raised up. [pencil. 

^?^^?T, s. elasticity, softness, puffiness. 

^^^^f5^?1, a. elastic, puffy, pliable, soft. 

^5! J, ^.comparable, like,resembling,equal 
to similar ; -^g, a set of chimes. 

^c^J^T»r, s. the esteeming of all alike. 

vJ^J^Si, -^, s. equality, comparableness, 
similarity, a resemblance. [priced. 

\|rij^r!j,a.alike,equal,of equal value,like- 

v^rijlij^rfj, a. exceedingly like. 

^c^jT^siTiT, s. a parallel case. 

*^*T?P, s. a mattress, a quilted bed. j 

^■^ , V. n. to be gratified, to be pleased, to 

^■^, s. chaif, the husk of grains, [please. 

^^T?", «. frost, hoar frost, rime, cold, snow, 
ice, thin rain, mist; a.cold,frigid,frosty. 

vg-gt^c^,*. fire made of chaff, a capital pun- 

v^^.rt. pleased, glad, gratified, [ishment. 

v|t^, 5. pleasure, gratification, enjoyment, 
satisfaction, contentment, happiness. 

^tS^?", ^t^ S*^^, a. pleasing, gratifying. 

\|^^, or ^^^, a. silent, taciturn, grave. 
^f5^,s.frost,hoarfrost,rime; moon-light. 
N|", or ^^, loron. thou (used to call dogs), 
^cj, or ^«'Vt?r, s. a quiver, case for arrows. 
^"5, 8. a mulberry, its tree ;* -C*tT^l, silk- 
^^^1, s. vitriol, blue vitriol. [worm. 
^^, s. a trumpet ; -^TW^, a trumpeter. 
^?r\^t^, s. the sound of a trumpet, [pet. 
^?rt^lWJ, s. a trumpet, sound of a trum- 
vffcf, a, swift, expeditious : ad. swiftly. 
^TTJ, s. a trumpet : a. a fourth. 
^^n^'*T, s. a quarter, a fourth part. 
^«^, s. cotton; a pair of scales; a mulberry. 
^c^l, s. cotton ; -7nf*T, the sign Libra. 
%^^ ^t^^l, "'^'^t, a hair pencil, painting 
^i^\, rtr/. taciturnly, silently, [brush. 
^^H*ftc^, or v^^*lt«T, «. taciturn, silent. 
^«{,s. grass, straw, gramineous vegetable, 
^«l^T5^, s. amber, electric gem. 
^S^^; s, the class of palms. 

^i^sjj, 8. wild rice, wild grain, [ficant. 

^^7^, ad. like a straw, worthless, insigni- 

^•i^r^, a. abounding with grass, grassy. 

^«l?rT^, *. the fan-palm or palmyra tree. 

^i1?, a. the third ; -^l?, the third time. 

^^51, a. the third (lunar day). 

^^, a. pleased, satisfied, gratified. 

^f*l, *. satisfaction, gratification. 

^f^^?-, a. satisfying, gratifying. 

5^1, or ^?B1, 8. thirst, desire, appetite. 

^^Ic ^f^^, a. thirsty, athirst. [suaL 

^^^, a. thirsting, desirous, eager, sen- 

Nj^Tv^?, a. thirsty, afflicted with thirst. 

^^if^^, ^^T5, ^f^^, a. thirsty, eager. 

^, V. a. to cross a river, to get over a diffi- 
culty, to pass over. The final ^ of this 
root becomes -^j?-, when it is conjugat- 
ed : e. g,if,f$^l cross over. [third. 
C5t«r, a, twenty-three, cst^, a, twenty- 
C^S^sp^, 8, young plants of a plantain tree. 
«.^\^t, s. a plant. Convolvulus turpethua. 
Cl^\, V, a. to become crooked or warped. 
0:5^8^1, «. crooked, warped, awry : s. kind, 
of pulse i^v.a. to warp, to bend a thing. 
C^^, cotij. therefore, for that reason. 
C^^fT, s. the tamarind tree and its fi-uit.* 
Cl^^?l1,like tamarind; -t^^l,acentipede. 
C^^T^l, C^C^^Hi, a. triangular, three-cor- 
Cl5<&1^f^l?, s. the name of a tree.* [nered. 
CS^]^), 8. a harpoon, a trident, [apron. 
CISC^Tin, tucked in at three corners : s. an 
C15<rvt, s. a kind of striped cloth. 
C^C<f5^1, a. vile, base, blackguard. 
C^C-if T51, a. three stabs or thrusts. 
C5C'5r^l?Si53', 8. a tertian ague. 
CI^^?1, a. three-eyed: 8. epithet of Shiva. 
C15^, V. a. to relinquish, abandon, leave ; 
-^W1, to invigorate : a. same as CllPJ. 
CI^S^S*^^, 8. a heap of splendour. 
Cllf^s^^, 8. a swift pen ; a swift writer. 
CIB{*flI, or asj^'frs, 8. the Cassia leaf.* 
W^^^, 8. the most active principle in any 


lustre,vitality,ardour, vigour, vividness, 

rapidity , dignity , consequence, strength, 

energy,vivacity,power,fame, inability to 
boar an insult, impatience, spiiit, pun* 


[ 170 ] 


gency, sharpness, freshness, liveliness, 
luxuriance in vegetation, brilliance or 
intenseness of colour, semen virile, 
fresh butter, bile, the bilious humour. 

C'Jli'^^r, a. invigorating,brightening,irra- 
diating, illuminating, exciting, [tive. 

C?^^, a>- ardent, energetic, luminous, ac- 

Cl^T?"^, s. trade, commerce. [merce. 

C^§?T?"^5^, a. belonging to trade or com- 

C^^«^, a. energetic, active, powerful, vi- 
gorous, bright, brilliant, hot, pungent. 

C^f®?^, a. whetted, polished, burnished. 

ClC^t'sr^? «^- f^ll of energy, full of ardour, 
splendid, brilliant, bright, active. 

C1^\ a.crooked,warped,awry; cock-eyed. 

C^\5t^'»r^, a,' obstinate, headstrong. 

C$v5l, V. a. to wet: a. wetted, wet or damp. 

C^I/T*^, a. wetted: s. the wetting of athing. 

C^^T?"!, «. three-stringed, three-corded. 

Cv5^t«^l, a. three-storied, having three sto- 

C^^Tl%*t5 t^v5T{%*t, a. forty-three, [ries. 

Cv5^c7, C^^t^?1, same as C^^^c^, C#vff%?11. 

C^t^*r, a. thirty-three. C^f^*t1, a. thirty- 

C^^?r, a. three places or ranges, [third. 

C^^?^, (^- consisting of three ranges. 

C^'s^t^?", s. a broad plain, a prairee. 

C^5**f1^, 5. a tripod, a teapoy. 

C^C<^f5, a. having three turnings (a lock). 

C5"^\5^-1, or C^TpC^^I, a. three-forked. 

*C^^, s. the science of medicine,medicine. 

C^^^, s. a garden, a play-ground. 

Clf^^j C^^^, a. resembling that,like that, 
such : ad. in that manner, so. [ner. 

Cl^f^, ad. so, even so, such, in like man- 

C^'SICi^, ad. in that manner. [place. 

C^'srlT^'^t^? s. three roads meeting in one 

C15^t<ifi, a. three-headed, pointing 3 ways. 

C^^gj^nja.three-bladedjhaving 3 openings. 

C^^^t^lj s. a place where 3 rivers meet. 

C^?", CIC'?'1,«.thirteen.c^^f£l3, a. the 13th. 

C^C?r«il5C^ciTT^1,s.a mode or air of singing. 

C^T5l, C1'^\,^'^\ a. aslant, awry, crooked. 

C^cT, or Xltv\^ s. oil, fat ; -ilT'sr, to anoint. 

C^^151^1, or C^5^TC*'(T^'1, s. a cockroach. 

C15«^f5^1, a. musty, oily, gummy, viscid. 

C^ri^^;^T5"f%?I1, a. glossy, glos8y,with oil. 

C^^J^l?, s, ebony (Diospyros ebenum). 

C"5c?1, or t^Jc^^^, a, oily, glossy, greasy. 
C^c^T^^I, s. a creeping plant.^ [Telanga. 
C"5^T^1, s. a soldier; a red ant ; a native of 
C?c^Tf^<I1, a. smelling of oil, greasy, oily. 
Clc^tift, «. holding oil, oiled, greased. 
^5^5 tisf^^, s. an oilman, a dealer in oil. 
C^f*f7r1, a. three-nerved, three-striped. 
C^'^f ^, a. sixty-three, c^^te^, a. 73. 
C\5^?1, a. the third. C^^t"^, s. a third part. 
CT^vSt, s. cloth wove with tripple thread, 
C^^til, «. three cubits wide or long, 
C^^T?ri, a. thrice-doubled, threefold. 
t^®^, a. metallic; -'s^Tlfl,a metallic vessel 
tvSli^T^f^'^, s. a crucible, a coppel. 
t^f^?r]?, a. relating to the Yajur-veda. 
t^?!?", a. ready, prepared, ready-made. 
t^?lTl?, a. ready, prepared : s. readiness. 
ticT, Cv5^, s. oil, fate ; -■^^, an oil-mill. 
t^5c^^, s. a soldier, the Telinga country. 
tv5ri'5^1, or t3c^'Ptlf^<51, s. a cockroach. 
tl^o^if^^, t^^T W^, s. anointing with oil, 
t^c^5Sp1t^, 6\ amber, [rubbing on of oil, 
t^vfT^^, s. seeds that yield oil. 
t^5^T^, a. oiled, smeared with oil. 
t^t%^, C^c^, s. a dealer in oil. an oilman 
C^1, s. a fold, a layer ; -^, to fold up. 
C^t^j s. a child, (male or female). 
*C^T<f^, s. the seed of vegetables. 
*Cl/T«^C"sr -^^T^, s. linseed ; -'^tc^ir, a coo-. 

ing seed ; -r.^"^!^, a kind of basil seed. 
C15T^^, s. a kind of metre. 
C^t^, s. the violence of a stream. 
C^tv5^T^, s. the rapidity of a stream. 
C^TvS^., s. the breaking of any thing, dis- 

honour,abusive or insulting language. 
ClST^Si^, s. a broken precipice. 
C^Tv^c^, s. an ornament for the wrist. 
CiT^I, V. a. to change money, to break : a, 

broken : 6\ a purse, a bag of money ; a 

sort of brick used in the cornice. 
C-51^TC^t\5l, ad. by bags full (of rupees). 
C^T^lC'S^f^j s. mutual recrimination. 
C^T\5tfJR. s. ricegruel; the changing of mo- 
c^lvSTWl?"?*^^, s. a match-lock. [ney. 
C^l\5T^*t^t, s. a bag of money tied up. 
C^l^, 6*. a kind of sweetmeat. 
C^l^«i1, a. stammerin;? ; s. a stammerer. 


[ 171 ] 


C^t3l, *. a parrot, a paroquet, the cock 
of a gun, the pommel of a saddle. 

C5I^, 8. a female parrot or paroquet 

Cl^TC^I, a word used to express stammer- 

C^T3J, 8. an iron headed goad. [iug. 

a\^, 8- a gun,cannou,artillery. [battery. 

C5T**f«4fT^1, s. artillery ,a park of artillery,a 

Cit^t^, *• an artillery-man, a gunner. 

C^T^^v^l, 8. a bundle, a portuianteau,a bug. 

Clt*1Wt^, ». guutire, thefiiingof acannon. 

C"?!"^, «• rare, uncommon. good, excellent, 
admirable, beautiful, wonderful. 

CST^^l, V. a. to cause a thing to shrivel or 
contract : s, a portmanteau, a bag. 

C^T^v^T^, s. the causing a thing to shrivel 
or contract : a. shrivelled, contracted. 

*C'5T^1, *. regret, repentance, sorrow. 

CJt'sr^r, *. an iron crowbar. 

CST^, s. water j -t*lfk, the sea, ocean. 

C^fW, a. giving water : s. a cloud. 

C^T^I, pron. you ; used only in composi- 
tion ; e.ff. C^T5]T^^^, by your agency. 

CTT^I?", pron, your (honorific). [grass. 

C$]7[,pron, your (to inferiors): s. a kind of 

C?T?^^, s. a kind of musical instrument. 

C^^l, «. a portal, a porch, a gateway. 

CSTfTi^pron, pi. you (infer), [mitre-gems. 

C^T<ri, s. a bouquet, a nosegay, a cluster of 

C1»T«^^, 5. a rupee's weight; a weighman. 

ClSIc^^, s. a raising or lifting up, a throw- 
ing up (i'rom the stomach), [tation. 

CST^^ttv?, 8' a stormy dispute, violent agi- 

C^T«^1, V. a. to raise, to lift up, to cause to 
erase, eradicate, or take up, to excite 
vomiting : s. a weight of 80 rattis or 
105 grains, a rupee weight, [iugdish. 

Cn5i^1^»^T^, s. a portable hearth, a chaf- 

CliT^ti^, 8. a throwing up from the sto- 
mach : a. vomited, lifted up, raised up. 

ClT^T'^Tv^l ^ tl^® agitating of a subject in 
the mind, the introducing of a subject. 

C^T*T^, *. a cotton-bed, a mattress, [tion. 

C5T"5', s. pleasure, happiness, joy, satisfac- 

C^t^^, V. a. to please,togratify,to gladden. 

CU[^^, a. gratifying, giving pleasure. 

C15T"^«i, 8. the act of pleasing or gratifying. 

CM^*rt?I, «. fit or proper to be pleased. 
z 2 

CV'^'W^^t '• ^ cartridge pouch. 

C^T^I'irfi^l, 8. a magazine, a atorehouse. 

C'i)^t V. a, to weigh : «. weight, weighing, 

CZt^Tii^, a. weighing: *. a weighman. 

Cll^si, 8. the act of weighing a thing. 

C^^], V. a. to cause any oue to weigh. 

CTi^TJT, #. the causing to be weighed. 

11 Wy a. relinquished, deserted, abandon- 
ed, left, forsaken, teazed, importuned. ■ 

^IIF^J, a. deservingto be leftor abandon- 

ISJ^^'BSr, a. shameless, impudent, [ed. 

1/1^, V. a. to relinquish, abandon, leave. 

^J^^, 8. a forsaking, abandoning. 

^JT^, 8. the relinquishing of athing,aban- 
donment, desertion ; -^, to relinquish, 
abandon, desert, leave, surrender, eva- 
cuate, resign, to abstain from,to avoid. 
^It?f*tl5, 8, a bill of divorcement. 
sSJT^ft", a. relinquishing, abandoning. 
'STtl'T, (t. abandoned, relinquished ; relin- 
quishable, worthy of being forsaken. 
^JtliJlSl, -^, *. relinquishableness. 
;5*^1, ». shame, ignominy, modesty, [ful. 
"^ Tf%^,lif^^, a. ashamed, modest, bash- 
;g^, 8. three : e. ^. '5r^"573I^, three men. 
I^^S-pf^MT^f, S^rr-^spt^T^^, a. fifty-third. 
I5?S*(^T*r^, a. fifty-three. 
ai?S"^i^, a. sixty-three ; -vjsr, sixty-third. 
:5<iS^'^1%, a. seventy-three ; -IS'I, 73rd. 
;5?l*5^Tf^\*r,3<l*55aTf?r\*n5^,a. forty- 
:5?*B^Tf?r\*T5., a. forty-three. [third. 
3F?f3\*T, 3?ir5\*T^Tr, a. the thirty-third. 
3?i3\*T^, «. thirty -three. 
;5^, *. the three vedas, 
j5C?ITW*T, a. thirteen, 
3fC?lW*TI\*f, ». the thii-teenth part. 
3IC«Il5f*Vt, «• the thirteenth (lunar day). 
3fC<lT»^t^, a. ninety- three ; -^^, 93rd. 
;5C<iTf5J\'^^. «• twenty-three ; -^TT, 23rd. 
af3ir,7r«>, 8. an atom, a small particle. 
^■5, a. alarmed, fearing, dreading-. 
;5^, a. fearful, timorous, afrakl [verance. 
3t«». *. 8alvation,safety,preservation,deli- 
3[l«lli^1, 8. a saviour, a preserver, a guar- 
311^, a. saved, delivered, redeemed, [dian. 
;St^1, 8. a saviour, a deliverer, reileemer. 
3j]JT, *. fear, awe, terror, dread, alarm. 


[ 172 ] 


3ftf^^, a. put in fear, affrighted, terrified. 
TflT^, ^i^^^j «^. fearful, timid, alarmed. 
;§tft:, i7itj. save ! deliver ! i^tfl^tft, save ! 
f^, a, three. f^\'n<^, a. thirty. 
f^^T^, s. treacle, a kind of medicine. 
f^\*f«'sr, «. the thirtieth. [apron), 

f^^^, a. tucked in three places (as an 
f^gi^, s. three pungent drugs, viz. dried 
ginger, long-pepper, and black pepper. 
f^gi«^^, a. three-spined, trifurcated. 
f^?5f«f^1, a. trigonous. f^<!>t^1,«. trigonal, 
ft^t^, s. the three tenses of a verb, viz 

the present, past, and future. 
t%^vT, s. three families, viz. that of a per- 
son's father, mother, and wife's father. 
ft^^, ». three-peaked, three-crested. 
.ftc^*f^, a. triandrous. [gonal. 

fe^T^, s. a triangle : a. triangular, tri- 
f^l^«l, s. the three primeval qualities of 
matter,viz. ^^o^,"^^^ , and ^^^^, which 
see : a. threefold, thrice, 
f^^:^, a. three-wheeled. 
fflF55T^\'^, f^5^Ttt\*f«^, a. the forty- 
f^5^Tt?^*t^, a- forty-three. [third, 

f^^^^sgt^, a. subduing the universe, 
f^li^^ , s. the universe, including heaven, 
earth, and the subterranean regions. 
1%li?f<s,^c1, s. the creator of the universe. 
1%W*T, s. a demigod : a. the thirteenth. 
f^^*fT^T^,f3|W*fT^?r,s. abode of the gods. ' 
ftW'^Tf^, s. infernal spirit, enemy of the 
f^t^^, s. heaven, sky, atmosphere, [gods. 
flSl^C^^T, s. a god, a celestial being. 
f^CWT"^, s. a vitiated state of the three 
humours, viz. bile, blood, and phlegm. 
t%5rr1, ad. of three sorts, threefold. 
f^5^T<r, a. three-edged, trilateral, [toms. 
f^^^T^I, s. three streams, habits, or cus- 
f^^^^, ]3i^^i^$^, a. the ninety-third. 
f^i^^1%, a. ninety-three. [of Shiva. 

f^C^:^, f^^?l^, a. three-eyed : s. epithets 
f^^-Jjat^T, ra^^f^Q^, a. the fifty -third. 
f£«^^T*T<5., a. fifty- three, [three-forked. 
f^n^, f'^'^^^^a. trifoliate, three-leaved, 
f^^^^l, s. Granga, river Ganges. [tre. 
f^*tWt, s. a tripod,a teapoy; a kind of me- 
ft5j!3, s. three lines on the forehead. 

f3«t7^^, f^TPrfl, a. three-flowered. 
f;§Tp^"l, s. the three medicinal fruits of 

the Hindu physicians.^ 
f^^^j s, three objects of human pursuit, 
viz. love, duty, wealth; three conditions 
of life, viz. prosperity, equality, decline. 
f^^c?t, a. having three wrinkles or folds, 
fflt^;^^, s. the god Vishnu as a dwarf. 
f^l^5j, a, of three sorts, of three kinds. 
f^C^^, a. having the hair tied in three 
tails: s. a confluence of three streams. 
f^WW, s. the three vedas of the Hindus. 
f^^^, a. having the body bent with three 
convolutions : s, an epithet of Krishna. 
f^^^^, s. the three worlds ; vide f^^*>f?.. 
f^^-«r, a. having three faces or mouths. 
f^^t^^ s. the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, 
f:S<iT^l, s, the night. [Yishnu and Shiva. 
fsC^Tl^, s. a lawsuit from covetousness. 
f:S^tP*t'5^, a. governing the signs of the 
f^C^:*^, three-striped, trisulcate. [zodiac. 
f^C^T^, s. the universe ; vide f^^'Jf'S.. 
f^C^T5^, a. three-eyed ; epithet of Shiva. 
f:sf*r^1, a. three-headed, three-nerved. 
f^ ^c^, s. a trident ; Shiva's crest, [dent, 
f%*rc^^t^, a. holding or beariug a tri- 
l%^'i$, a. sixty-three ; -^5T, sixty-third. 
f^^WJ, R^^JI, the three periods, viz. the 
dawn, mid-day, and evening twilight. 

f3^^1%, «. seventy-three; -^5iI, the 73rd. 
[3^^, s. an astronomer who is versed iu 

three divisions of astrological science. 
f^"^!^^, s. a heifer three years' old. 
Ififf', s. a fault, failure, loss, defect, crime, 

the breaking of a promise,or command. 
C^^^l, C^ il^^j «• ill Hindu chronology the 

second age of the world ; three fires. ■ 
t:5^tf^^, a. quarterly, in three months. 
t;a?tf*t^, belonging to three signs of the 

zodiac : s. in arith. the Eule of Three. 
t^C^t^J, s. the universe ; vide f^li?f^. 
C^lW, s. the beak, the bill of a bird. 
^]W^, a. triliteral: s. the Hindu Trinity 

composed of the letters ^^, ^, and "sr. 
^T^T'??', s. a broad plain, a prairee. 
3J'nlt%,«^. eighty-three; -^^, eighty- third. 
^J'^^, 8, a name of Shiva. 

"frc [ 173 ] 

arr?;^^, ». a solar day, a day in which 
part of three lunar days meet. [days. 
2ntfl:<P, ci. tertian, occurring: once in three 
^^, 8. Bkin, an integument, bark, rind of a 
«a^f^^, rt. circumcised, cut oil. [Iruit. 
^^Cg W,*.circumci8ion,8ign of moslemism 
^^^Pfsi, a. the act of circumcising. 
^3^C^W^, a. circumcising, circumcised. 
^5 , s. the skin, the integument. 
^^^R, s. the sense of feeling, [touch. 
^^C^?I, a. palpable, perceptible by the 
^013, s. an imposition, a trick : vide^'^'X*. 
^ii\?I, a. thy, thins, your. \\kQTi.. 

^^1, *. haste, speed, quickness, expedi- 
^<rtf%?, a. quick, hasty, expeditious. 
^?:t?, ad. speedily, quickly, soon. 
^f?^, a. hurried, hastened, done expedi- 
^■?^^?1) ». hasty, impatient, [tiously. 


^5 the seventeenth consonant in the al- 
phabet : a. still, quiet, unable to reply, 
(it^, ^"l"^^, s. a mason, bricklayer, [ter). 
«|"t"<?|^, full and standing (as acrowd, wa- 
^t^^ft, «r^*f11, s. the trade of a mason. 
«f^1, s. a bunch of fruit or flowers, a clot. 
«|^I<?r?5l, ad. in bunches, in clusters, [slap. 
9i"^$\5, ». a blow, a slap ; -iT.'^r, to smite, 
9t^M^, «. the quivering motion of raw 
<if^^f^?n, O" soft, quivering, [liesli, etc. 
<i|^l, V. a. to silence, to nonplus; to pacify. 
^iT^^SI, <ir^*t^ ) «• an open-hand blow, a slap. 
<ir*M'KJl, a. decrepit, shrivelled with age. 
«tTL^1j V. n. to be startled, to stand like a 

post with fear or surprise, [iiig still, 
vfujpt^, s. a being startled, sudden stand- 
tlTsl^ll^?!, a. subsiding, moving slowly, 

tending to rest, slack (as the tide). 
9t7r,5. arow, rank, layer, stratum, brink 

of a river or stream, fishing net. 
^?r^C?r, ad. in rows, in ranks, in layers. 
^it?^?,*. a shivering motion, trembling. 
<I?"^?1? ^- w. to palpitate, to be agitated, 

to tremble, to vibrate, to shiver, [ing. 
^?5l"'?rt'<9 *• trembling,palpitation,8hiver- 
^?^^?rTf«l, s, a palpitation, trembling. 
^?^?rt, ^^^<ft) «. a trembling, agitation, 

palpitation, vibration, veriijio. 

«!7^m, a. half-roasted so as to be juicy. 
^9T, 8, a place, station, table-land, flat 

surface, bottom ; swelling (of boil). 
^91^^, *. a weed (Hydrocotyleasiatica). 
<lf9i^^, 8. a beautiful flowering shrub.* 
vlf^?1, *. a bag, a sack ; pelican's pouch. 
^^, *. a valley ; also, idem. 
9|?^7i1, 8. a bunch, a cluster, a tuft. 
<iJ^Qj"5T, 8. dangling motion of an udder. 
vTst^f^TFl, a. 8winging,dangling,pendent. 
<ir^3K, 8. a receiver of stolen goods. 
^if^^^ifpi?!!, a. soft, puffy, elastic, spnngy. 
^, s, a place, certainty, a settled state. 

regularity, a right or proper state. 
^Tl^, 8. the bottom of a river, etc. ; a row, 
shelf, a sect or party ; -ifl, to fathom. 
<irt^^l5rt.altogether,allthrowninto amass: 
ad. by wholesale, in a mass, in a lump. 
Qlt^, v. w. to stay, stop, to pause, desist, 
to remain, abide, dwell, to continue, to 
subsist, to endure, exist, to be. [layer. 
<irr?P, 8. a pause, an interval, stratum, 
<4tT^<itT^, ad. in rows, on separate shelves. 
<itt^1, s. staying, continuing in any situa- 
tion, the existing or being of a thing. 
<?1"17:^, ^TC^^tC^, ad. by layers, in strata. 
<?n^ , V. n. to be erect ; -^, to erect, stand, 
Qjl^, a. erect, standing, perpendicular. 
^T^^ril", s, a steep bank or shore. 
^ijt^l, V. a. to;erect, to cause to be erect. 
9ft^T^, *. the causing a thing to stand 
erect : a. erect, erected, made upright. 
iifT«., or ^iTT^I, v. a. to appease, to nonplus. 
^Iv5t^, 8. the appeasing, or nonplussing 

of a person : a. calmed, nonplussed. 
^im^a. whole: 8. a piece of cloth,coin,etc., 
a morsel, a place, a sheet (of metal). 
iifr^*"^1, 8. reckoning of price by pieces. 
9t]^ ^T^\a. dispersed, broken up,decayed. 
^Ts^i?t, 8. the same as ^s^^v^t. [to back. 
<irRvrr^, a. unbroken : ad. in pieces ; -^, 
^T^l, s. a military post, a police-station, a 
watch-house, resort of thieves, a horde. 
^T^l^RI. ad. by pieces, by fragments. 
^RtWT^, 8. keeper of a guard-house, con- 
stable, baiiili". ^iTTsnWT^t, his oflice. 
^K^y ad. is the same place, in one place. 


[ 174 ] 


^C^'5:'rt?r, phrase. I alone, or, I the hero 

<ilT*t^, S' flat palm, a slap, pat. [present. 

^T*t\5l,<?tt^^1, v.».toslap,topat : s. a slap, 

tiTT^vST^, s. a slapping, a patting, [pat. 

<«J"T?r% s. the paw of an animal,the extended 
palm, a claw, a talon, a fang, a slap. 

Qlt^t^t^l, «^^. with the palm, by handfuls. 

5|"T^, V. n. to become calm or tranquil, to 
forbear, desist, to be assuaged, to cool 
in ardour or zeal, to stop, hold. 

^^TT^, s. a pillar, post, stake, block. 

<?It^5T, s. a becoming tranquil or quiet, a 
forbearing,beingassuaged,a stopping. 

<i[t^rT,5. the levelling a piece of masonry. 

tifTSfl, V. a. to make tranquil, to assuage, 
to pacify, to calm, to stop. 

^T^T^5 s. tranquillizing, causing to sub- 
side, assuage, or stop : a. tranquillized, 
made to stop, subside, or slacken pace. 

^T«^> ^iTT^^I? s. a dish, tray, charger. 

^T«Ttj s. a dish, pot, vessel. [subside. 

f^<^, V. n. to become tranquil, to settle, to 

I^^ST, *. settling or subsiding of liquor. 

t^^l, V. a. to cause liquor to settle. 

f^^T^T, s. the settling of sediments. 

^, 8. spittle : intj. fye : v. a. to place, lay. 

<^, V. n. to spit : «. spittle ; -tfl, -C^v^, to 

«r^<ir^.«.full: ^.sputtering of saliva, [spit. 

^r^Ji^ToT^, s. the sputtering out of saliva. 

«r9i;^9f, ^^Qt^, ». full (as lice or worms). 

sj^^t^, qTjI, s. the chin, lowestpartof face. 

<^^5 ^<i.^\5t, s. spittle, saliva ; -Tfl, to spit. 

^^^\5, V. n. to fall flat, to fall on the face. 

5f^\5l, a. old, dull, decrepit,unmarried (in 
iron^) : s. an old bachelor ; femM^\5\ 

^^1, s. a tuft, cluster, bunch, tassel. 

^^T^^r^l ^d. in tufts, by clusters,in bunches. 

<^^, v.a. to hack,chop, mince, cut in pieces. 

^<l«i, s. the hacking or cutting to pieces. 

^^-^^9 s. shivering or tremulous motion. 

^?<ir<T«1,<ir^<ir^Tf«1, s.ashakine^by weak- 
ness, tottering with age or infirmity. 

^if^r^T^I, a, old, decrepit, crazy, ricketty. 

C^^c^, V. n. to be bruised, to be beaten. 

C^:5rT^, s. the being bruised or beaten. 

C^ ^^1, V. a. to bruise, to hammer out, to 
beat, to flatten, to beat black and blue. 

C<}^c^T3T, «. the bruising or beating of a 
person or thing : a. bruised, beaten. 

rf^?1, a. bruised, flattened, depressed. 

C<jf 15]T^, *. the placing of things in order. 

C<^^\51, V. a. to press down, flatten : a. flat. 

C<^^^T^, s. a pressing down : a, flattened. 

C<?t^\5T^T^l, 0" flat-nosed, snub-nosed. 

(.^W^\^ a. flat, wide at the top, patent: 5. a 

t^<f.'^, s. a mason, bricklayer, [cluster. 

\^v\\ or t^^j s. a bag, sack, purse. 

t^il'^tt^il'c^l. ad. by bagsful, by sacksful. 

C<^[^^, s. placing of a thing, a keeping. 

C^Jt^jI, s. a chin, bird's beak. [gate. 

C<i[T^, s. a whole, heap, collection, aggre- 

C<^T^q]"T^, ad. at once, by heaps, in lumps. 

C^TC^, C^^TTC^'^^ttC^, ad. at once,in the whole. 

C^iftC^t^^?, ad. by wholesale. [corn. 

C^iTTv?, «. thespatheof a plantain tree,earo-f 

C<?lt?1,«. few, very little : s. a few, a little. 

C^^TT^M, a. plump, swollen with the ear. 

C^T^T^, 5. a nonplussing, a flustering. 

C^r% s. a cluster, bunch, tassel. 

C^T^tC^T't, ad. by bunches, by clusters. 

C^t^t^l, s. the chin, the face or mouth. 

C<?rT*f1? C^^RI, 5. a cluster^ bunch, tassel. 

C^r^tTC^TT^Il, ad. in clusters, in bunches. 

C^T^^lj V. n. to cause to fall on the face : 
a. fallen on the face, depressed. 

d^^T^^I, s. the chin, the face, the mouth. 

C^t^TC^iTT^I, ad. by clusters, by bunches. 

W, the eighteenth consonant in the al- 
phabet. In comp. it signifies giving ; 
e. g. ":jf^?T, giving salvation, saving. 

W^9 Wf^, 5. curdled milk, curds. 

W^<lt<r^?l1, s. a disease ; also a plant.* 

^t'<lTcT, s. the name of a fine song bird. 

W\, a contraction of Pf^*!, and TrfC^. 

5r^■*^, v. a. to bite (as a snake) : s, a gad- 
fly, a snake, a tooth, fang, sting, bite, 

^\'^^, a. biting, stinging : s. a gadfly. 

W\*f 'f , 5. stinging, biting, bite of a snake. 

WN^tl, V. a. to cause to bite. 

W\*tT^, s. the causing an animal to bite. 

W\f*t\55 a. bitten, wounded with the teeth. 

W^§? ^"^§% *• a tusk, a fang, a tooth. 

pf^^l"? a. stinging,biting: s. ahog, snake. 


[ 175 ] 


#/is, 8. soft dirt, mud, mire, abog,amar8h. 
T?f^, *. a weaver's sley. [tion. 

^^jf^, s. a glowing,rodnes8,an inflamma- 
ifepi^ft til, a, glowing, fervid, red. 
T^^, a. clever, active, dexterous, expert, 
skilful, acute, able : s. Brahma's son. 
Pf^?p^7l, or W'PSII, 8. names of Durga. 
W'^^^'S^, s. the destruction of Daksh- 
ya's sacrifice ; Ji^. an entire failure or 
disappointment in an undertaking. 
Wf^«t, s. the south, right hand side ; -stU^, 

or -m, to go to the abodes of death. 
^f^«lt?^^, Wl^«l1W'9f, s. the south quarter. 
^f^«l#C^, ad. southerly, to the south. 
wf5?«tCW*T, s. the south country. 
Wf'^1'^1?^, s. one who keeps concubines 
yet has unabated affection for his wife. 
Wf^«l'»T^, s. the southern part. [zone. 
Tff^«l^iIC^Tf^^^, s. southern temperate 
^f^-Ho ^, s. the right hand. [ceptor. 
Ttf^«i1, s. a fee given to a brahman orpre- 
Tf1%^lf%^<r5 «. facing the south, [south. 
wf^^it<I^, 8. sun's course from north to 

*^•9iv\^8. possession, a holding subjection. 
pf"3rc^<»Tfr, s. a possessor, a holder. 
tf<f«^9 «• possessed, held, subject to. 

*Pf^1,5. deceit, imposture, treachery:-Pft<r, 
traitor, impostor;-WT<ft, deceit, perfidy. 

Tf9ft^T^, 8. a cheat, traitor, impostor. 

If^tT^lf"^, 8. cheating, deceit, treachery, 
Tf^W^f, 8. a glowing, redness. [fraud. 

if<55, a. burnt, consumed, scorched,singed. 

Tf^l, a. unpropitious (day). 

Tff^^l, s. half-burnt rice, parched rice. 

H^, Tt^l,.?. sedition, mutiny, atfray, dis- 
turbance, uproar, hubbub, tumult. 

^SfRi'Sf, a. seditious, mutinous, factious. 

^^5Sf.I^,a.wicked,oppre8sive, overbearing. 

?f ^s§tT<yI'pt«ll, 6". wickedness,oppressiveness. 

W^$, a. hard, firm, tough, stiff, brittle. 

If ^1, s. a cord, a hawser, a thick rope. 

W^,«. a cord, a rope, a string. [ysm. 

^^^^1, ^. a. to infiume, irritate : s. a parox- 

WvJ^l^,*- the bringing on of a paroxysm. 

Tf;5Jl, 5. arope-muker, maker of cordage. 

Tf^W?, ad. swiftly, hastily, on a sudden. 

if7, a. strong, hard, fii'm, stiff, tough. 

if^W7, ad. firmly, strongly. [five seras. 

^^, 8. a measure of capacity containing 

WtS, 8. punishment, chastisement, fine, 
mulct, staff, stick handle of a tool, 
stem, an oar, churning staff, an Indian 
hour, a pole, a pilgrim's staff, a sceptre. 

W?S-5P7fl, -^^1, 8, one who punishes others. 

W*3Vnr, a. holding or bearing the pilgrim's 
staff, wielding a sceptre : «. a king. 

W*iVfT?f^, a. bearing a staff: s. a mendicant. 

^•S^l?^, 8. a constable, bailiff, [justice. 

Wrs^'^^, 8. duties of a king, viz. impartial 

W^^?» O' punishable, liable to a fine. 

^^^\, *. prostration,obeisance, a bow : a, 
like a staff; -^, to bow, to prostrate. 

W^C^T^T, WJlT, a. punishable, finable. 

WtBl, V. n. to stand erect, to stand still. 

W»3f5rt^, 8. a blow with a staff, [nation, 

'^•Sl^l, 8. a judicial sentence of condem- 

Wt3T<I^T5I, a. standing, standing erect. 

;f«3T3St^, 8. the condition of a pilgrim. 

5tQt^^, a. assuming the pilgrim's staff. 

Pfot, a. bearing a pilgrim's staff : 8. a pil- 
grim, religious mendicant. 

W^J, a. punishable, liable to fine. 

ff^Q , a. given, bestowed, given away : *. a 
title of the Hindus of the writer caste. 

^Q^.*JJ5, s. an adopted son. 

Wi52tT«l, a. yielding to martyrdom. 

W«1, a. given in marriage : 8, a betrothed 

W^TH1,«. self-given (adopted son), [maid. 

^fS"', s, the ringworm, tetter. f curds. 

Wf^) ^^» *. curds; -51^^, the churning of 

^^, s. one of the daughters of Dakshya. 

W^», a. born of Danu : s. a demon. 

it^, 8. a tooth, the fang of a snake, a tusk. 

^^f^f^f^f^, 8. the gnashing of the teeth. 

^^B^T^f , 8. the lips, covering for the teeth. 

W^^^f •^j 8. the washing of the teeth. 

V!^C^W*^1, or i?^*|jf, s. the tooth-ache. 

W^"Sic^, 8. the root or spur of a tooth, the 

W^^ ^, a. toothed, tusked, fanged. [gums. 
W?S<rft^, W^^iJJ, W^^l^, a. toothless. 
?!^C«TI5j41", 8, a tooth-pick. 
W5f5rt^, 8. a blow on the teeth ; a biting. 
W^, a, tusked : s. a medicinal plant ;* an 
^^?r, a. having large teeth, [elephant. 


[ 176 ] 


Pf^j, a. dental ; -^cf, the class of dental 

letters, viz. ^^^ <?rw^^^^^. 
W*iTt^l^7i-^ft, s. barlej^sugar, sweetmeat. 
Pf*1^, s. pride, self-importance, arrogant 

behaviour, assuming conduct, severity. 
*W"^c^t%, 5,delay,the putting off anoppor- 
Tf'?pl, 5. time, a moment, one time, [tunity. 
W^TW^l, ad. repeatedly, from time to time. 
W^T^T"^, s- a supervisor, superintendent. 
iff'^tWT^, s. the business of a superinten- 
TfC^, ad. again, also, ditto ; item. [dent. 
W^^<r, s. a book, journal, record. 
TtTpv5^<tT^1, s. a counting-house, office, 

record-room, writing-room. [books. 
W"^^?'C'5^T*i', s. a wrapper for account 
W^T^, s. a librarian, record-keeper. 
fl'^J^, s. a wave ; shove or push. 
It^, V. a. to tread under foot, to trample. 
Pt^^, V. a. to startle, to withdraw. 
Tt^<P^, s. a startling at, withdrawing. 
Tf^^l, V. a. to startle, withdraw, conceal. 
W^^^j s. the concealing of any thing. 
W^Pf^l, s. state, pomp, dignity. [cine. 
JW^I, V. a. to trample, suppress : s. medi- 
W?;T<5>, s. an inkstand, standish. [foot. 
W^TJ^, s. a suppressing, treading under 
Wt^^, W^^?!!*^, Of. remote, farther, afar off. 
*^\, s. breath, life, breathing space, 

moment ; deceit, trick, fibs ; a boiling 

or setting on slow fire (in cookery) ; a 

spring : a. the second (sort). 
^?r, s. punishment, penalty ; boast, the 

spring of the mind, pride, ambition. 
Tt^^, s. a single effort, a spirt. 
i^TTiT, s, keeping in order, bringing in sub- 

jection,subduingpas.sions,or an enemy. 
W^^^^, 5. one who subdues or suppresses. 
Pfir^<l, a. capable of being subdued. 
TfTT^cT, 5. a screw-jack, crane ; fire en- 
TtTigscft, s. a squirt, a syringe. [gi^e. 

*W\^*f, d- drawing breath, breathing. 
Vt'ST^'«ft, s. a drawing of breath, respite. 
Tt^^l, sink, to become lower than 

before : a. much, all, the whole, [lower. 
■pfU^T^, wsi^tf^, s. a sinking or becoming 
TfTi^i^t^tsT, s. a pulling in a sudden effort, 

a pulling at an effort by united force. 

WTST^RTlt^.- *. a sudden gust of wind, a 

Tt'Sl^rt^S^, 8. a being deceived, [squall. 

Tfsryt, s. one-eighth part of a paisa. [meat. 

^■5T5fil1^^^, s. barley sugar, a sort of sweet- 

■^Tl^f^, s. a deceiver, deceitful person. 

W^^T^, s. deceit, trick, imposture, [she). 

W^^j s. a pair, pair of animals (he and 

W^, s. self-importance, pride, arrogance, 
deceitjcheating, hypocrisy, wickedness, 

WC'5T1%^, 5". a domineering speech. 

iiTTJ, a. capable of being subdued, [pathy. 

Tt^Il, 8. pity,compassion, mercy, grace, sym- 

■pfTitt^fsd", s. ocean of compassion or pity. 

"ff<iT*ii'tla, 8. an object of pity or mercy. 

l?f?t^t^, or W?IT^?, a. full of pity, compas- 
sionate, gracious, mercfful. [ful. 

W?t^, a. compassionate, gracious, merci- 

W^lc^^Sl, s. compassion, pity, mercy. 

W<lt*ft«^, a. merciful, compassionate. 

Wt§^, a. beloved, accepted, favoured. 

W^, V. n. to moulder : s. price, value. 

W'?'^!?', 8, want, necessity, importance. 

W^^t?^, tt. necessary, important, urgent, 

*^^«5I (5, 5. a tree, a plant. f cation. 

^?"*^T^, 8. a petition, a request, an appli- 

^^l^^WJ, 5. forgiveness, a desistingfrom. 

W<rsr'^^, s. a reply, a rejoinder. 

*^^®15 «. a step, an office, rank, grada- 

^^l^j 8' a tailor, a seamster. [tiou. 

W<r -^t^?"*!, -5^'^«t9S . the valuing of goods. 

W^«t, 8. decay, the mouldering away of any 

^WfTTf, 5. pain, anguish, feeling, [thing, 

W^Tf ir*W, a. pained, distressed, feeling. 

'^'^'W'^^,8. a feeling, pain, anguish, [ly. 

W?r^?")j<?. flowing, trickling, running free- 

W^Wt, ci. pained, suffering, feeling. 

*5f?!'C*1'*r, 8, before, in the presence. 

^W^^T"^!, 8. a door, a gate, a portal. 

W^"^^, 8. a porter, a door-keeper. 

W^^T^, 8. the office of a door-keeper. 

*JT?r^T^, 8. a court, a hall of audience. 

W^^tt?<11, «. frequenting courts of justice. 

W?r^T^, a. of a court, attending court, 

*^?:c'5*r, 8. a Muhammadan devotee. 

^<r^1, 8. a kind of coarse mat of reeds. 

W?L^W«?1, 8. a mat -maker, one who sells 

W^^t^l, 5. salary, monthly wages, [mats. 


[ 177 ] 

W?^t^, a. employed by monthly wages. 
♦if^f^iitsr, 8. the midst, an interval : ad. 

in the midst, before, in view. 
*W?rc?rT'Sr, ad. daily, every day. 
lf^1, a. mouldering, putrid, musty. 
W?rTlgr, a, long, wide, ample, capacious. 
*?f?'T5r, *. the value or price of any thing. 
Wf?^, a. poor, indigent, needy. [ness. 
^t?5^, s. poverty, indigence, wretched- 
*PTf?<n, s. a river, the sea. 
*5fft?t^J, 8. a conceiving, a thiniing, 
consideration, discrimination. [a valley. 
W?ft, a. modern, new : «. a carpet ; a glen, 
*W?ft?T^,5. a sea-faring man: a. sea-born. 
F7ft?T^C^\5l, 8. the morse, the hippopo- 
Tf?fi^, ad. within, in, of, relating, [tamus. 
*WC<rT^'^, a. all, the whole, entire. 
^*f, 8. a boasting, pride, arrogance, self- 
importance, vanity, courage, energy. 
Tf ^«;(, 8. a looting-glass, mirror ; the eye. 
Wf ^^^, ad, arrogantly, proudly. 
Tff«f :5, a boasted, arrogated, [insulting. 
W*?f , a. proud, arrogant, self-important, 
W^T, s. a spoon, a ladle. 
iT;j, s. a species of sacred grass, [view. 
W^i V. to appear, to be seen, to come into 
W*f ^, «. seeing, beholding, showing, sur- 
veying : s. one who sees, or shows. 
W^^, s. a seeing, an interview, a prospect, 
a scene, a view, a survey,a visit,dream, 
vision, the eye, a mirror, the doctrines 
or particular views of the vedas. 
TfwfT^^'cl, s. one who sees, one who shows. 
W*i"i^irT^, s. the mere view of a thing. 
if*f sY, s. a present, a gift on a visit, [ful. 
^■*f ^?, a. visible, fit to be seen, beauti- 
W*f JRt?^l, s. visibility, a visible state. 
W^l, V, a. to show, to exhibit, to display. 
Wf^flS, a. seen, viewed, beheld, showed, 
exhibited, displayed, exposed to view. 
W*t1^, «• seeing, beholding, viewing. It is 
used in comp. as, ^^W*tT, ^^W^tf , «S:c. 
1^5^, ?'.'«. to tread down, trample, knead : 

8. a sheath, leaf, a heap ; thickness. 
?t5T, s. a portion, fragment, a gang, party, 
a body of troops, a blade of grass, or 
2 A 

of a knife, a leaf, the petal of a flower, 
thickness, a sail, an aquatic grass.' 
^9\7^y a. soaking, unintormittodjincessant 
W^m?r, a. thick ; petalled. [(asashower). 
W^si, s. a treading under the feet. 
^9\f^^, 8, the leader of a party, the com- 
mander of a body of troops. 
pf5T*?1<^, 8. a species of bird.* 
^^\ V, a. to cause to trample on or tread 
down : s. clod, a ball, a lump, [party. 
^^1^1% fl. joined to a party, seized by a 
W^TWcT, 8. opposite parties, factions, [ing. 
Pf5lTWl%, 8. a mutual trampling orsqueez- 
^vitif,s, the trampling of a thing ; a hall. 
Wt%^, a. full blown, expanded, split, bro- 
ken, divided, trodden on, trodden down. 
*Tf ^^, 8, a vestibule, a portico, porch. 
*fTcfl?rI, 8. a kind of frumenty, [argument. 
Pfcftc^, 8. demonstration, testimony, proof, 
W^<11, 8. a particular sort of sugar, a ball 
of rice : a. boggy, quivering like a bog. 
^Wtv^y 8. the quivering motion of a bog. 
Wc^^tff^^l, or W^^ft, a. boggy, marshy. 
Ff^^c^, 8. the suite of a great personage. 
^m]^, 8. a broker. TTm^, s. brokerage. 
W*T, a. ten ; -•iflST, ten pieces ; -^«|, tenfold. 
W*t^, 8. in ai'iih. ten gandas. 
^*r^^, 8. the ten actions necessary to the 

brahmans, kshetriyas, and vaishyas. 
^*tf%<l1, 8. a small book for teaching nu- 
;f *TM3, ^^'^, a. the tenth. [meration. 
^*\^\ W*T^, «. ten (applied to things). 
Tf*ft^it, ten points, viz. four cardinal, four 
intermediate, the nadir and the zenith. 
W*t5f1, ad. of ten sorts, in ten manners. 
W*t^, 8. a tooth, a tusk, fang, [shraddha. 
^*rf*i?s. 8. ten funeral cakesoflfered before 
W*f^Tf^^, a. decennial. [the Hindus. 
W*Tf^5:f7T\^T?", 8. the ten sacraments of 
W*T5n\*T, «. the tenth part, a tithe. 
W*TVt, a. the tenth (lunar day), [roots. 
W*T^^, 8. a medicament composed of ten 
W*f"^«^'^T5Jf, 8. a decoction of dashmul. 
W*!?"^, «. aking of Oude, father of llama. 
W*n, s. the frizzled end of cloth, a period 
or time of life, a state, condition, cir- 
cumstance, a predicament,a lamp- wick. 


[ 178 ] 


lf«ttSTJr, Tf*t^«^, s. the names of Eavana. 
W*rMgf, a. placed in a state or condition. 
Tf *1R^t<r, s. the ten incarnations of Vish- 
Tf*tT^^, a. unlucky, destitute. [nu. 

*^%, 8. the hand ; stool ; -<«., a signature. 
*W^^, S' a voucher, a receipt, a pass for 

goods, a permit, a passport, a writ. 
Ff^l, s. pewter, zinc, lapis calaminaris. 
W^T5^1, s. a pair of gloves, [regulation. 
Vf^J, s. a custom, fashion, a mode, a rule, 
Tf^^, s. custom, allowance for prompt 
TfTg, s. a plunderer, a robber, [payment. 
W:g'j^?, s. fear of robbers, or thieves. 
Tf^lBCs^, ad. like a robber, [whirlpool, 
tf ^, s. a deep place in a river, an abyss, a 
Tf^;R, 8. the burning of a thing, [burnt. 
W^^ll, a. combustible, intended to be 
Tf-^^-sj^, Tf^TT^^'Si^^TJ, s. love, friendship. 
Tf1, V. a. to give, bestow, permit, grant, 
accord, to dispense with, to pay,to offer. 
Tfl, s. a bill-hook, a sickle : v. a. to reap. 
Tft^, s. a midwife, a nurse, a cookwoman. 
Tft^^, s. a ringworm, tetter : king David. 
Ttft^f^?1) s. a reaper, mower. 
Wt^, WT^^T«., s. the convenience of hold- 
ing,or of giving a blow, an opportunity. 
^T'6'51, s. a claim, a pretension, an allega- 
tion, a charge, a plaint. 
^Tv5, s. an oar, a paddle,a perch ; penalty, 

a fine ; -?5T^, a raven ; -^^, to row. 
Wf^'5I<n, 8 an open square near a temple. 
trT\$^,5. an inflicting of fines or penalties. 
Wl^lj V. n. to stand, to be erect : s. a cus- 
tom, habit, conduct, rule,common prac- 
tice, a fashion,a method, a mode, a staff, 
a bat to play with, a perch, a clue, a 
guide,the backbone : a. fined, standing. 
^T^tt6"f^? s. the game of crickets or cats. 
■^TvSl^TfvFj s. manners and customs. 
Wt'5t5!f<r*l, s, the adhering to a custom, 
iltv^t*^, s. a standing erect : a. standing. 
i^TvST^t, s. a species of harmless snake. 
■^tNlY^*. a rower, a waterman, an ignorant 
person, beam of a pair of scales, a nar- 
row causey, the mark ( I ) or a full stop. 
l^t^-s^lMl, s. a pair of scales. 
Wt^^l, s. a pair of fetocks, a wooden fetter. 

Wt'5, s. a tooth, a tusk, fang, a^serrature, 

^|\5^\^1, s. painful tumour of the molaris. 

WT^cj's^t'^, s. lockjaw, the locked- jaw. 

Ft^^rint^, s. idem ; a biting of the lips. 

ift^^, 8 a small stick used to cleanse the 
teeth, the cleaning of the teeth. 

^l^e^^l, s. a gum-boil, sore in the gum. 

#T^*trr, wt^^fs^l,^- the tooth-ache. [boar. 

TfT^TcT, a. tuskedjhaving large teeth : s. a 

^t1%, s. a snaffle, the having large teeth ; 
locked- jaw ; -c^T^^, to have locked-jaw. 

^t^?!, (i- dentate, large-toothed. [city. 

Wl^J, 8. skill, address. talent, ability, capa- 

WTl%«^, s. insertion, arrival at,a deliver- 

WTf<^1,«. a receipt, acquittance, [ing of. 

Tft'^t. V. a. to mark, stain, brand : s. a mark, 
a blot,a stain, a blemish,a badge, acica- 
trice, a scar ; -^1, or -^, to stain, mark, 
blot ;.'-^t^, to imbibe a stain or mark. 

Wt^f^t^^l, a. marked, stained, spotted. 

Wt^?:Tfe s. repairing of cracks in a roof. 

Wl^l, a, branded, marked; vide W^fl, &c. 

Wt^Tt, a. spotted, stained, marked, blotted. 

TtT^\5l, a. scabrous, callous, rough. 

WT^^TWt^vFl, ad. scabrous, with callosities. 

Wl^l, ^TWt^T^, vide ^^, ^tf 1, WSfT^Tlp". 

iitv?, WT^I, s. a tooth, a fang, a ^errature, 
serratures on the legs or antennae of an 
insect, the forceps of an insect, claws 
of a crab or lobster, the ward of a key. 

Wt\5<5T^, s. a raven, a carrion crow. 

fft^St^e^, Wl\5^«^,«. serrated, dentated. 

WTf^, ttf^, WT^, s. the chin, the beard. 

WtfvS^, s. pomegranate (Punica granata). 

ffT^I, 5. a club, a play bat, the bed-posts. 

^V^'^ls a. proper to be given. [son. 

WT^1, s. a giver, a liberal or bountiful per- 

^t^^1,-^, s. liberality, bountifulness,mu- 
nificence, generosity, charitableness. 

Wt^^*tf^, s. an ability to give, a liberal 

WT3, s. a sickle, a bill-hook, [disposition. 

T^l^, 8. equity, law, revenge, the retalia- 
tion of an evil ; the ringworm ; -"STHtJT, 
a plant used to cure the ringworm.* 

TtlW^rtf^, s. a fine variety of rice. 

ffTW^, s. an advance of money for work. 

WT^'^tj s. money advanced lor work. 


[ 179 ] 


WlWJTTrr?r> s- oil© who takes advances. 

WIW^?ri, *. a kind of responsive song, 

^IWl, 5. elder brother, a paternal grandfa- 

WTWt, «. a plaintiif ; a grandmother, [ther. 

W\W, 8. ringworm, tetter; a Hindu found- 
er of a sect ; -^'fl, a follower of Dadu. 

iffR, s. the giving of a tiling, a donation, 
a gift, a largess, a present, alms. 

Wt^^^l, s. a giver, one who gives, [son, 

Wt^^l, s. an overbearing impudent per- 

ftTJT'si^, 5. a deed of gift, a grant, a will. 

ift*^^, s, infernal beings, a demon, a titan. 

TtT^^T^, s. a house where gifts are made. 

TftJ^^lt?, s. a god, an enemy of demonf?. 

Ift*^^^. s. a man eminent for liberality. 

5fR*Ti^, 5. liberal or generous disposition. 

Wr^*^?^, a. generous, charitable, liberal. 

^f^*ttc^v5l, -53, s. generosity, liberality. 

ifT^C*!^^, s, exceedingly liberal,generous. 

{Pft^l, a. prudent, wise : s. a titan, a fiend, 
a spectre, demon j beads, seed, grain. 

Tft^T^S, s. the demons or troops of the 

lft^t^T<r, a. granulated, grained, [gods. 

WT^IPf^Tfrt, s. having a right to gifts. 

JWt^t, a. receiving alms or gifts, liberal, 
bountiful : s, a vessel, a receptacle. 

Wt^?I, «• fit to be given, bestowable, due. 

^1^1, a. offered, given as an oblation. 

WTC^l, s, a titan, a ghost,a demon, a fiend. 

m^, a. subdued, tamed, devoted, docile. 

WTf^, self-denial, subjection, submission, 

m'^^ WT^tlj v. a. to stamp, [humiliation. 

Tf f*t, «. pride, arrogance ; a stamping. 

Wl*t^T^, itT^IJ, a- responsible, amenable, 

^t<^T^, WT*1T^, s- a stamping, [finable. 

WTM^, a. condemned, adj udged to pay a 

;rrc*t, ad. with a violent stamping, [fine. 

it7^9 v» a. to compress, suppress, squeeze, 
to press, to subdue, to conceal, to stifie. 

itl^;a[, s. act of compressing, pressing, or 
shampooing, the suppressing or con- 
cealing of a fact, restraint, [a sasli. 

WT^^, s, a cord, a skirt, a girdle,a ribbon, 

Tfl^l, V. a. to compress, to suppress, to con- 
ceal, to quash : s. a portico or porch ; 
the queen (in chess); suppression,com- 
pression, peculation ; also, vide ^\^, 
2 a2 

WTTI, ». the same as PTf^^l. [foresfc 

WT^lftf, Wt^TJJflf, 9 the conflagration of ft 

Tft^TJl, s. the suppressing or concealing of 
a fact, tlie compressing of a thing. 

WI^, 9. a prayer, a request, a supplica- 
tion, a demand, a complaint, [dant. 

Wf^WI?r, 8^ a plaintiff, accuser, ademan- 

ifft^r, 8. price, value, cost; a rope, a string, 
a ribbon ; conferva, weed ; a collection. 

Wt^v^» *. castrated bull, an ox, bullock. 

Wl^it, «. the eighth pai-t of a paie6. 

^151^, 8. a rope, a girdle, a ribband, the 
flap or skirt of a garment. [girdle. 

WI"srjft,«.a tethering rope, a rope, cord, a 

WT?I^C5lT^l, a. tied with a rope, tethered. 

Wl^l, 8. a clown ; a rope, a cord : a. bold. 

WI5ITW, 8. daughter's husband, son-in-law. 

Wl5jR,s. the lee side, the lee sheet tackle 

WT^T^n, s. a kind of drum. [in a ship. 

WT^T«T, 8. a child when just able to crawl. 

Wl'srr^T^, 8. the composition of a debt, aa 
assessment, a cess. [of a river. 

WTC^tif?', 8. a name of Krishna ; the name 

WT'^Tc^, a. peevish, capricious : *, a brat. 

^Tj%^, a. bullying, blustering^mperious^ 
proud, boasting, hypocritical, [ness. 

Wlf%^^1,-^, «.blusteringness4mperioua- 

Wt?, «. a donation, gift, a nuptial present, 
a portion, an inheritance, patrimony, 
peril, danger, difiiculty, jeopardy, loss, 
trouble, an allegation, a lawsuit, a 
charge, a pretension, tenure, a debt. 

WT?^» a. giving, bountiful, liberal, muni- 
ficent : 8. a giver, an accuser, [sible. 

WT?i^^, «. involved in difficulty, respon- 

Wl?ct^l, s. a being exposed to trouble. 

TfT?!*^!^, 8. a protest, a written plaint 

WlHi^^T^, *. a division of patrimony. 

WI?^Tff, «.adivisionofpatrimony ; abook 
which treats of the law of inheritance. 

WTlI5lTfi=l^l(^*T, *. imprisonment for Ufe. 

irriiW, 8. an heir, a son, a kinsman. 

Wi?l^> a. claimable, cognizable. 

Tfl^Ya. munificent, liberal: s, a giver,ade« 
fendant, a debtor, a person in trouble. 

in?r, WT?ft, 8. a wife ; *"56", marriage 

If I^n, «. a tearing, a rending, a splitting. 


[ 180 ] 


Tft?r5f, s. a poison, quicksilver, vermillion. 

TfT?^, s. poisonous wood. [cerated. 

Trtf?"^, «. rent, torn, divided, cracked, la- 

WTf?"JJ, 8. poverty, indigence. [terer. 

WT?^> cf" having many wives : s. an adul- 

Wt^, s. wood, timber, spirituous liquors, 
wine, gunpowder, medicine, [puppet. 

WT^^9 s. Krishna's charioteer ; a doll, a 

^T??f^^5 or WT«Tf5ifl", s. cinnamon. 

WT?P^, WT??^?, a. wooden, made of wood. 

^T^«l5 a. awful, cruel, unfeeling,difiicult, 
frightful, horrible, terrific, intolerable. 

WtC<rT'»f1, s. a peace-officer, a police-officer. 

WTW, s. force, firmness, stability ,validity. 

W1^T^9 s. the thing elucidated by simile 
or metaphor, an archetype, prototype. 

m^9 Wtj%, ^TsTt, s. split peas, split pulse. 

TfT^t^, s. a hall, a hall of audience. 

Wtc^T«^,5. a broker. ^Tc^T^ft", s. brokerage. 

WT1%^, ^tf^^T, s. pomegranate. [sudra. 

m^, s, a servant, a slave, a serf, a fisher, a 

WT^^, s. servitude, slavery, bondage. 

^t^'^?5*1", a. like a servant or slave, [maid. 

TfT3^, 5. a female sudra,or servant, a bond- 

l^r^J, a. servile : s. slavery, servitude. 

WT^, s. SL burning, conflagration, combus- 
tion,burning of the dead, inflammation, 
fever-heat, a cautery; -^^q'I, incendiary. 

Iff^^, a. burning, causing to burn, caute- 

Ft^^, s. the burning of a thing, [rizing. 

WT^^«^9 s. a place to burn the corpse. 

Tftft^T'^f^, s. a power of burning. 

Tft^J, «. proper to be burnt, combustible. 

WT^J^I, -^, s. combustibility. 

t^\, a contraction of 1W''>f^, another. 
t^^, 1?^, s. a point of the compass, a 
quarter of the world ; a side, a part. 

*tW"^, s. fretfulness, vexation, trouble,per- 
plexity ; -f, to give trouble, to teaze. 

■f^^WT?", a. troublesome, vexatious. 

1^^ltT?% s. troublesomeness, vexation. 

f^^J^1%, or l^^^tT^, s. a god who super- 
intends the quarters of the universe. 

t^^?r, s. another quarter of the universe. 

#^g7r, a. naked : s. a name of Shiva. 

t^sf"^, 5. other, another, [the universe. 

t^9ff^,1^^ -Sj-^, 5. the guardian-elephant of 

t^s^*{"^, s. look on all sides, a general sur- 
vey, a general view, [general survey, 
■f^^ff^rf , a. looking on all sides, taking a 
^^F^, s. universal conflagration, [ed. 
1^^, poisoned arrow: a. smeared, anoint- 
1W"^T^tS, s. a name of Kali, and of Shiva. 

#f^§i?, 8. universal conquest. 

■f^r^^^t, a. conquering the universe. 

I^f'fl^^' *• every part of the atmosphere, 
every direction. [crimination. 

IW'f^t^^^T^, s. a general knowledge, dis- 

1^^^, 1?^"sr, s. a being bewildered, mis- 
taking the way to a place, [rection. 

1^^^*1, s. a wandering about in every di- 

1^§5T«ft", ci. wandering in every direction. 

1^<5,Ti1, *. generosity, a desire to give. 

1W"<5>iJ, a. generous, liberal, munificent. 

I^Wt, s. an elder sister, a grandmother. 

1^f>l^, 8. the second husband of a woman 
twice married,a twice -married woman. 

1?^, s. a day ; -^T^, -'^ToT, to spend time. 

1W"^^1^1, s. the spending of time. 

1^iS[^I^1, a. unable to see in the daytime. 

^^-C^'^, -C^^*!, s. thespendingof time. 

"fW"i75:v^"^<I, or 1^^yf^\^"^il, 8. four days. 

1^5^^ 1^1, 8. support, a spending of time. 

1??^:5^, or 1W"^^^?, s. three days. 

1W"Jt1^JT, ad. daily. 1W"^#t, a. daily. 

t^^f TT, or 1^^^'f ?, s. two days. [day. 

1?i?^T<ir, 1^^*t1%, s. the sun, the lord of 

t^^'stt^, s. support, occupation, spending 

1^^^t»(5 8. day, daytime. [of time. 

t^^^T3, ad. day and night, incessantly. 

I^^t^, or I^^T^yiT^, s. the evening. 

t^R^I, s. wages for a day, and day's hire. 

1?^, or ^^, s. the sky, the atmosphere. 

t^^Tf, s. a day. t^^C^T, ad. in the day. 

1^^1%^, a. proper to the day, diurnal, 

IW'^'^il, a. belonged to the day. [daily. 

1?^1, s. SL day, daytime: ad. in the daytime. 

1??[t^'?r, or i^sufsi, s. the sun. 

*1^^1^, s. a steward, a bannian. [night. 

1^^tt^t*r, s. a day and night : ad. day and 

t^^l^l", s. the office of a steward : a. civil 

#-5T^^WtcT<5., 5. a civil court, [(lawsuit). 

1^^t^**n«^1j *• a tribunal,hall of audience. 

t?^T^, S' an owl : a, the same as ttf ^l^tSl. 


[ 181 ] 


f^^t£t#t*f, s. a lamp in the day time (de- 
noting a person of unknown abilities): 
a. useless, eclipsed by superior merit. 

f^^fr^T^, s. the close of the day, evening. 

fW^TBlSf, s. the day time : a, during day. 

fW^T<rTf3I, «c^ day and night, incessantly. 

fwpH", s. an oath, an appeal to God. 

fw^J, a. divine, excellent : 8. an oath. 

tt"?j5'^, s. supernatural vision. 

t?^J'5?T^, s. supernatural knowledge. 

fw^Jt^sil, s, a comely or beautiful woman. 

*rw^T'»f, s. pride,egotism, self-importance. 

fw^T9ft,«. proud, self-important, arrogant. 

*fw^^, a. late, tardy, delayed, [energy. 

*fwc1, s. the heart, the mind, prowess, 

t%5^T^1, s. encouragement, comfort, conso- 

t^c^Jift-^, a. distressed, sorrowful, [lation. 

f^«^^?rt, s. distress of mind, sorrow. 

fff ^Jft^, a. holding the heart : s. a lover. 

fpfcrfw^, s. attention, close application. 

fw*T1, s. a point of the compass, a region. 

fiT*tt^T^1, a. lost, bewildered, puzzled. 

tTT*t;5>ft% ^' ^ boundary, a limit, a border. 

fw^, a. ordered, allowed : s. destiny. 

f9{^\ s. a quire of paper ; a thin place in 
cloth caused by a defect in weaving. 

f^^l*f \5l, thin (defect in cloth), [bearer. 

ift^^, s. a lamp, a torch ; -TTI, a torch- 

Wl^^5 s. a priest,a guru, a spiritual guide. 

^^1, s. the performance of a sacrifice or 
oblation, a worshipping, the receiving 
of instruction or initiatory formula. 

^f??^, a. engaged in worship, or in mak- 
ing sacrifices or oblations, engaged in 
giving instruction or initiatory rites. 

^^, or ^^"#1", s. an oblong pond or lake. 

fI"?!, Ftilc^, a. long, extended. 

^C"5r, ad. lengthwise, [father's mother. 

^Tft, s. elder sister, elder brother's wife, 

ftJT, a. fallen into decay, poor, needy, mi- 
serable, wretched, indigent, [poverty. 

^^v51, s. indigence, wretchedness, want, 

^W<lTil?, ft^W?T^, a. full of compassion 
for the indigentjfull of pity to the poor. 

^^tW^J, s. the indigence of the indigent. 

#t^^T«r, s. a protector of the indigent. 

Wt5^«T^, 5. indigence, wretchedness, want. 

wl5r'r5T^,fl.difltre88cd, low-spiritod. [able. 

^fts^if^ST, a. poor,wretched,iudigent,mi8er- 

Wt^^5T31, 8. poverty, misery, indigence. 

W^^^t^I^^l, *. poverty, wretchedness. 

^J=lT?*, *. a coin, a dinfir, a gold coin. 

Wt*t, 8. a light, a lump, a lighted candle. 

Wl^t^, illuminating, irradiuting,olucidat- 
ing, perspicuous, beautifying, kindling, 
inflaming; cordial: a. a lamp,a musical 
mode, rhetorical elegance or perspicui- 
ty of expression ; an aromatic seed.* 

Wt*t^^^T?", *. a figure of rhetoric which 
throws light upon the subject, an ele- 
gance of construction. 

^^ -9fT¥,-l^,-^\?,*. a branched candle- 
stick, a chandelier, a lustre, [shade. 

^t's^CiEr?:!, 8. a shade for a candle, a table- 

^t-^IWR, s. a candlestick, a lamp-stand. 

pft^t^, 8. a8hining,blazing: a. inflaming ; 

Wl«1"^t^l, *. a row of lamps. [cordial. 

Wt*fr*I<f1, s. the flame of a lamp or candle. 

^-s^I^IPf^, 8. a shade for a candle. 

#t*lT<T^, *. a lamp-stand, a candlestick. 

Wt^tT^^, 8 another lamp or light. 

^*tTr^l»1, a. luminous, clear, perspicuous. 

^^, or iftf*f«, a. lighted up,illuminated, 
elucidated, made clear or conspicuous. 

^r*J, 8. light,splendour,illumination,bril- 
liancy, refulgence, efi'ulgence. [light. 

Wtf3^5<r, a. irradiating, shining, giving 

Wtf^^l^, ^£f, a. luminous, shining,illu8- 
trious, glorious, refulgent, eflulgent, 
fulgid, radiant, brilliant, bright, clear. 

^*fT5rr*f, d' shining, conspicuous, clear. 

;fY?i^T^, a- under bestowment, being be- 

^\^l^, *. a light, a lamp, candle, [stowed. 

w1?rT^PTft, W>?rr*T9l1, *. a match (to light). 

WtTI, a. long, tall, prolonged ; -^T?, talL 

wl^'^^^T?", 8. the letter "^ or the symbolt. 

l^^^^T^r, 8, the letter § or the symbol . 

Wl"^^T^, *. a long time ; -wt^% long-lived. 

^W^t«^^t?t, rt. continuing a long time. 

^^'s^'Jt, 8. a long verse, an alexandrine, 

W^TIlfNS?r, a. long-thighed, spindle-shank- 

#1'^%^v5i, -^, s. longevity, long life. [ed. 

W^"5OT^, a. long-lived, living long. 

Wt^vl&l, 8. length, tallness, protiaotedness. 


[ 182 ] 


Tft^W«tf, «. fore-sighted, far-seeing, pru- 
dent, learned : s. a vulture. [sigh. 

^■sfl^Sl, s. death. Tft^f^tm, s. a deep 

lft^*T^9 «• protracted sound,along accent. 

ft^S^^, #t^^:ft, «. dilatory, slow, tardy, 
tedious, procrastinating. 

Wt^PJlF^I, s. procrastination, delay. 

1^-^T^T^, a. oblong. FtC^I, ad. lengthwise. 

ifl-5n?, ci. long-lived : s. longevity. 

^f5f<3s1, s, an oblong pond or lake. 

WtcSTT^T?*!, s. a long syllable, emphasis. 

F, a. two: «?. a. to milk an animal. 

F^l, a. two ; hated, disliked (as a wife). 

Tf «!t^, s. a doorway, a gateway, an open- 

F^, a. two. Pf^^l, «• two (entire), [ing. 

W^-«rt^, a. two : 8. two pieces. 

Ft^sj^ a, two-fold, double, twice. 

Pf^^f^?', s. 12 o'clock; -1??r,noon; -?rTfif, 

F^^TT, or F^l J, a. twice. [midnight. 

F^^^1, a. hesitating, double-minded. 

FS<r, s. affliction, distress, trouble, suffer- 
ing,wretcliedness, labour ; -F1» to afflict. 

Tf2'4rPT*Tl, s. a state of affliction or trouble. 

FS-^fffl?^, «. afflicting,di8tressing,painful 

F2<«1"*^19 s. labour, employment, [misery. 

F'S'^'C»t'»f, s. the suffering of affliction or 

FS"«rc »1^, a. suffering affliction or misery. 

FS<f5j"^, a. full of affliction. misery or evil. 

F2"5f ^TI5, s. wholly affliction,mere trouble. 

Pfsf<f^, ». afflicted, distressed, wretched, 

FS-Ct, a. idem ; fern, ijsf^ift. [miserable. 

FS'nt'ST, a. malicious, ill-natured, evil-dis- 

FS'Tt^^l, 5. malevolence, malice, [posed. 

?§^"5]"il, s. a time of affliction or distress. 

^2^^, ^"^"^Jj ^. unbearable, intolerable. 

Tfo^r^fJ, a. impracticable, difficult. 

FS^T^^, s. rashness, temerity, audacity. 

Fo^T^^, «• daring, rash, presumptuous. 

FS^, a. s\ii\k in distress or trouble. 

^o^^l, s. the being in distress, [mare. 

FS^^5 s. an ominous dream, the night- 

FS^»1^, s. an evil inclination or propen- 
sity, an ill-nature, a low disposition. 

^p5?rl, s. a kind of basket to catch fish. 

WtF?n, a. stubborn, unruly, turbulent. 

WWJTf^, s. refractoriness, seditiousness, 

F^l^, a, twice-cut (plant), [turbulence. 

ff<Pt^, s. a shop ; -Wt?r, a shop-keeper. 

F^t^WT^, s. business of a shop-keeper. 

F^ji^'^, a. of a shop : s. a shop-keeper. 

Tf^c^, 8. the family of father and mother ; 
the family of father and husband. 

F^^*4rT^, «. destroying the family of her 
father and husband (a scurrilous term). 

F^^, 8. the two shores of a river. 

F^<$^, Malay, s. a pig, a hog. [ed. 

F'«IC6t^?I1, a. miserable, afflicted, wretch- 

F-9ft^, 8. two pieces ; -^, to break in two. 

F^fjvSill, s. an impostor, a turncoat. 

F6"*i, a. twofold, double, twice as much. 

F^, a. milked : 8. milk ; -•^T<it, drinking 

F^^TST, s. the drinking of milk. [milk. 

F^C^T^J, a, living on milk : s. a babe. 

F^^^, a. milch, giving milk, having milk, 

FC^r^ll, occurring twice every day (fever). 

^^T^?l, a. mongrel, hybrid, half-caste. 

F^^^^^n, o. laconic, short, brief, concise. 

Fl^l, or Fit, a. two ; a few, some. 

Ffl'^t^, a. two, some, a very few. 

FC1?T^, s. two gulps, "^f s. vide ^S\. 

^ii, f^% a. twofold, double, twice as much, 

F^^, s. two objects, a dilemma. 

F^t*T^, s. two slaps, two pats. 

F^^, a. two-toothed : s. two teeth. 

FW, s, milk ; -•9n~C?r"i, to give suck. 

F^t^<Il, «. belonging to two parties, un- 
principled : 5. a turncoat. 

TffF^, 8. two directions, two ways, two 
sides or parties ; -•«ll, to break or en- 
croach on both sides (as a river). 

Ft^^5\|^^, a. ambidextrous, clever in both 

■ff^^'^, a. looking two ways. [ways. 

Ff?1"<]% ^f^^"l> ^- sucking, giving milk : 

FF, s. milk ; -<ri, to suck. [s. a plant.* 

1^5^-, s. milk ; -Wt, or -^T^ill, to give suck, 
to suckle ; -"^IvSl, to wean. 

F^X^r^^II, a. sucking, feeding on milk. 

■^sj-^f^, s. small cakes boiled in milk. 

F'<fC15T«n1, 8. a throwing up the milk (as a 

^r^:}?!^!^, s. the milk teeth. [baby). 

■5'f5:l?lT^t«^T<>, 8. a sucking child. 

F^, or F?[1, a, double, twice as much. 

^i^^, or 5]^^, ^. double-barrelled. 

*Fl^?n, s. the world, the universe. 


[ 183 ] 


Ff^T^twTT, s. a porson engaged in worldly 

pursuits : ». worldly, [world. 

Tft^?iTff1?'^, a. worldly, pertaining to the 
F^^, s. a coast sliip or boat ; a windmill. 
^5'>t\, a. twice, double. [of a giant. 

F^ f^, s. a trumpet, a kettle-drum ; name 
Fvf^, 8. a sheet made of two breadths of 
F's^'Jt, s. two rows or ranges. [cloth. 
Fvf^r, a. (^^) midday; (?flt^) midnight. 
F-s^T^, a. twico-boiled : 8. two turnings. 
F^T^, s. the name of a flowering plant.* 
FC^51, TfC^TT??!, a* requiring two turns. 
FTpt<P, ad, in two pieces : s. two pieces. 
F^c^l, a. lean, meagre, weak : s. vide ff ^1. 
Tf^T^, a. having two-coloured wings. 
Tf^lt%, a. belonging to both parties. 
Pf^T^t^, 8. a twice-married woman : a. 

having two husbands (abusive term). 
F'5Tf^<l1, or W'ST^, s. an interpreter. 
F5I , s. a tail. "^W^, s. a crupper. 
F^\$, V. a. to bend, to fold (as paper, etc.) 
FSif^i, 8. the erect hooks fixed in the walls 

of door pillars for hanging a gate. 
F^<r, a. two-faced, two-bladed, facingtwo 

ways, having two heads or openings. 
TTsgj^T^tj s. an amphisbina,also,a kind of 

serpent resembling an earthworm. 
pf^f^, 8. two ends, both sides, two heads. 
FC^fi»?n, FC^C^, ^C^C^sr, a. twice-coated 

with clay (applied to Hindu idols). 
ffs^, V. n. to bend, to be crooked. 
ifsn^l, V. a. to bend, to double, to fold, 
F^iI■^$■R, a. turned or bent, folded. 
Vf^l, a. large-tailed, thick. [sheep. 

F"9tc"5^1, 8. the Cape sheep, large-tailed 
w-<r, prep, in comp. it signifies bad, evil, 

difficult ; e g. Pf^T^, a bad name, etc. 
F'?"f^^, a- badly marked or described. 
F"^??", 8. two colours ; a. party-coloured. 
F?^, a. party-coloured, of two colours. 
F?rw^, 8. an ill fate, bad fortune. 
F^^^^^r, *•• the removal ol bad destiny. 
F?l^J, a. scarcely read, carelessly read. 
F<r^J^^, «. a studying with difficulty. 
F^^:^1, 8. a severe or harsh order. 
F?r€, a. wicked, unmanageable, restive, 

unruly, cruel, impudent, ti*oublesome. 

^?r^nir, t. a false concord in grammar. 
^?r?!ir"5, a. difficultly known or acquired. 

^?r^^i, 8. adversity, distrens, oiiHfortune. 

^<r7r^T^, s. difficultly residing in a place. 

F7rTli»Tr«j. 8, a seizing or invading with dif- 
ficulty ; an unjust invasion or seizure. 

^^tTjFT^, a. seized or invaded with diffi- 
culty ; seized or invaded unjustly. 

Y?^T^'5, a. arrived with difficulty. 

■^■^Tl??'*!, 8. evil conduct, bad actions. 

??t3^-5, a. difTicultly practised, [just. 

^?rT5T?r, J^T^l, a. profligate, wicked, un- 

^?rT?>7,a. mounted with difficulty, [cent 

^^TC^l'^;*!, 8. a difiicult or dangerous as- 

^<lT^T*t, 8. scurrilous language. [ous. 

ij^t*t^, «. evil-minded, wicked, malici- 

^^l^t?, 8. an insufficient or insecure re- 

^<rTf^3, a. secured with difficulty, [fuge. 

F?rT^W, a. scarce, hard to procure. 

Tf^l^IJT, 8, a disrespectful invitation. 

Tft?^, a, sinful ; putrid, rotten : 8. sin. 

■^^3^1, -^, 8. putridity, vice, depravity, 

F?rt, a. two, deuce (used in gambling). 

■^??^,rt. badly uttered, difficultly spoken. 

Pf^f^, s. a harsh or cruel expression. 

F^^t?^, a. badly pronounced. [tion. 

^^«.^T^, 8. rashness, audacity, precipita- 

W^^^l?, 8. a bad or unlawful expedient. 

W?[f, a. twice, two ways. 

^?S*t, s. two forms, two manners. 

W?5^, a. abstruse, difficult, obscure. 

^?S^^1, 8. abstruseness, difficultuess. 

pf?f , a, difficult of access : 8. a castle, a 
fortress, a fort, a tower. [misery, 

^^1%, 8. distress, poverty, wretchedness, 

F^1%2JT% a. distressed, afflicted, poor. 

5fTf^, 8. ill scent, a stench, foetor : a. foetid, 

F^^, <i. foetid, stinking, [ill-scented. 

Pt^C-l^iT. «. the investing of a fort. 

F^^, a, difficult, impassable, inaccessible. 

F^fJlJ, a difficultly passable, impassable. 

F^l, 8. goddess Durga ; -^*1, worship of 

F5fi:^^«l, 8. the taking of u fort. [Durgi. 

jf ^T^*^^, s. the name of a small bird.* 

F^TVij*, 8. the governor of a fort. 

FC^?, a. difficult to be sung or chanted. 

FC^1«.^^,«. thefestivalofgoddessDurga, 


[ 184 ] 


V'i\^^, s. the taking or holding of a thing 

'with difficulty, a spasm, the cramp. 
Tf^^, s. a disagreeable occurrence, a cala- 
'^ mity,bad \uQk:a. difficult, [bad fortune. 
W^^, TfSI^^I, s. a misfortune,calamity,a 
^■^■^iTl^, a. improbable, unlikely to occur. 
W^"f^'^, ». calamitous, unlucky, wretched. 
w¥^, «• wicked, ill-natured, surly, male- 
volent, tyrannical, unruly, cruel. 
PfW^l, -"^f s. tyranny, wickedness, ill- 

naturedness, surliness, malevolence. 
W^?, s. a hard-earned victory: a. scarcely 

vincible, difficult to be subdued. 
MM'^ a. hard to be conquered. [able. 
^C^?r, a. difficultly knowable or recogniz- 
^Pr'^1, a. difficult to be brought under sub- 
WW*t, a. scarcely visible. [jection. 

ifw^l, s. evil condition, a state of calamity, 

misery, or adversity, [sity or calamity. 
^pf*tT^^, ^^*TT'5t^, a. involved in adver- 
WT^9 «. stubborn, unruly, perverse. 
PtfwsT, s. bad weather, a cloudy day. 
TrSti^', a. confident, bold, impudent, [tate. 
Tf 5!f ^"1, V. a. to tremble, to shake, to palpi- 
W^nir, s. a badnailie, obloquy, a slander. 
■pf^t^^, s. the piles, hemorrhoids. 
T^T^, a. infamous, of bad reputation. 
TtR^^TJ, a, difficultly resistible. 
Tfsrf ^, a. immoral ; got with difficulty. 
W«^f .1%, s. bad morals ; impolicy, injustice. 
^^5^,^^1^J, s. abusive, low, harsh,pro- 

fane, or obscene language, scurrility. 
^^^, s. bad conductjOr road: «. profligate. 
^J#?n, a. impotent, feeble, weak, infirm. 
W^l^J, a. scarcelyutterable,scurrilous,dif- 

ficult or unfit to be spoken, [chimsera. 
'W'^^'^^^, s. an evil desire or propensity, a 
^^T^1, s. the name of a famous sage» 
Wf^Sp^, s, a bad sale, a difficult sale. 
^f^#tl5, a. badly or unfairly sold. 
W^f ^c:^?, a, scarcely or difficultly saleable. 
Wf^5if, a. wicked, of a bad sort. 
Tf^r^, s. stupidity, obstinacy : a. wicked, 

obstinate, stupid, crafty, [able, restiff. 
^^«j a. unmanageable,unruly, ungovern- 
^^1^, s. an untimely rain, a portentous 
^t^^fj, s, a quack physician. [shower. 

WC^'t^ftt. wicked, obstinate, stupid, crafty. 

T^^'^T, ^^^«i1?I, a. scarcely eatable. 

ff^'JTl, a. hated (only applied to a wife). 

W^I9fJ, s. a misfortune : a. unfortunate, 

W^T^^I, s. an evil thought, an evil or ma- 
levolent intention, malevolence. 

w|%^, s. a famine, a dearth, scarcity. 

WjSWf^, a. obstinate, ill-natured,caballing. 

tf^^Wj ci'. infatuated, blinded with pride, 
intoxicated with praise or success. 

TfT^j^tS, a. heavy-hearted, sorrowful, de- 

W^i^^ll, s. evil counsel,bad advice, [jected, 

W5^3% 8. an evil counsellor : «!, giving evil 

■pf^l, s. a half-ripe cocoanut. [counsel. 

W^^t? «^. scurrilous, abusive, [rubbish. 

^531"^, s, a rammer to beat down earth or 

Ws^" ^j, s. dearness, a high price : a. dear, 
of an exorbitant price, high-priced. 

WC^'^fl, a. dull, deficient in abilities. 

Pf^'^T^f, s. a bad joining, evil conjuncture: 
a. badly joined ; cloudy, inclement. 

T^C^T'«r^, s. the name of one of the heroes 
of the Mahabharat. [an evil omen. 

WcT^«il, s. an evil mark, an unlucky sign, 

Wc^^^, 8. the transgressing of a law, or 
overstepping of a limit with difficulty. 

Wc^ », a- difficultly obtainable, scarce,rare, 

^c^^^1, -^, 5. scarceness, rarity. 

^c^ »J, ^.scarcely or difficultly obtainable. 

Wc?r«^J, a. dear, beloved, fond. [tion. 

WC^T^, s. an evil desire, an evil inclina- 

i|c^, V. n. to oscillate, to swing, to vibrate. 

W^^l, V. a. to cause to swing or oscillate. 
a bridegroom, [per name, 
a pet, a fondling, fondness ;a pro- 

Tt5iT5n§T«t1, 8. a flowering plant.^ 

If f^^, s. a carpet, a woollen rug, 

^f^ ?I1, s. a particular class of Hindus. 

*TfcTtsT, We^t^JT, s. a bride. 

*^cT5f«\C'5lT\5l, s. Im&m Husain's horse. 

*Pf *T'5iiT, s. an enemy. Tt'^^Ti^t, s. enmity. 

W^^^? s. an evil disposition : a. ill-dis- 
posed, vicious, ill-natured. [skin. 

W*^'^!, s. a bad skin: a. having a rough 

wf*5^1, 8, evil thought, malevolence : «. 

W^?", a. difficult, arduous, [malevolent 

;t ^"5^, s. an evil act, a crime, fornication. 

F'HS^^^Tr^l^ja. wicked, sinful, profligate. 

w->-t$"S^ir^5, a, wicked, sinful, profligate. 

F^asT, a. evil, wickod : s. siu, wickedness. 

F^^flf-?1, s .a wicked action, a cniue,forni- 

Tf^f><lTf'^'5, «. guilty, criminal, [cation. 

ir^^\,s. affliction, distress, pain, suffering ; 

".frl, to punish, to afflict ; --s^l to suffer. 

^^f*4r:5, Tf^^'^rt, a. the same as "^sf^f^.' 

^^, a. wicked, depraved, vile, vicious. 

^^^1, s. wickedness, depravity, villany. 

^J^^T^, s. a depraved condition. 

Pf^'^nrj, a. having an unfuitliful wife. 

^^^fe a. bad-hearted : s. an evil mind. 

Tf^^t%,s. a wicked course, a bad method. 

Y^^^t^, a. wicked, malicious, vicious 

Tf^tf^, s. wickedness, villany. turpitude. 

F'^^l^, a. indigestible, hard of digestion. 

Pf ^^, a. difficult to please, nice, delicate. 

Tf^^r^, s. an evil nature or disposition. 

TT^i'i'^, «• scarcely or difficultly obtained. 

T^^Tf"^, s. a difficult acquisition. 

Tf^tT«f J, a. difficultly obtainable, scarce. 

Pf^vj-, rt. made of double threads : s. coarse 

"' cloth made of double threads, [over. 

Tf^?"? ^^"l?"? «• difficult, difficult to pass 

W^^T'il?!, «. impassable, difficult to pass 

^C'ST"^] , a- difficult to be pleased, [over. 

F^,a. poor, afflicted, miserable, [poverty. 

f{\lA, &'. wretchedness, affliction, misery, 

W^Tl^l, a. two cubits long or wide. 

ff<Tf^^1,«. ambidextrous, double-dealing. 

wf^^% «• a daughter, a female offspring. 

w^]"5n^, rt. under the operation of milking. 

Tf"?, s. a messenger, an ambassador, an 
angel, a spy, scout, a procurer, [spy 

Tf3C£f<r<l, s. the sending of ambassador or 

F^, 8. a female messenger, a procuress. 

w^r, a. (iistant, remote : s. a distance : ad, 
far, afar ;-^, or-"^!, to withdraw, shun ; 
-:^, to remove, to dismiss, drive awa}). 

■FTI-j^r, a. more distunt, very distant, [ous. ' 

Tr <r^*f<P5 a- far-seeing, provident, sagaci- 

■F^W*f^, 5. foresight, penetration, sagacity. 

F^W^ff, (t- provident, forecasting, sagaci- 
ous, prudent :&. a learned nuiu, vulture. 

F?^^, a. far, distant, remote, [cope. 

WfrCt^, Tr?'?^^«i, s.a8pyiuggla33,ateles- 

85 ] 


^?ir, T[7ft^, a. situated at a distance. 

ij^Tij^, ad. ovory where, far and near. 

Y^^?'«(> *. a removinj^, a dismissing. 

TJ^?^^"?, a. removed, dismissed. 

TJ^^^l, 8, bent-grass, a species of grass.* 

Wv. a. to condemn, to point out fuults, 
to confute, to convict of an error. 

tj^'5r«i, 8. a fault, guilt, offence, [ing guilt 

Tj^^«lT^^, a, worthy of reproach, occasion- 

^f^^l, 8. the rheum of the eyes. [tent. 

^t^, a, blame- worthy, condemnable : ». a* 

^^, 8. an eye-sight ; in comp, it means 
seeing the thing to which it is affixed. 

•^^yvft^, *. a glance, a look, notice. 

^^C^T^, 8. the visible horizon. 

^?», a. firm, liard, tough, strong, stable, 
tight, fast, strict, sure, irrevocable, in- 
violable ; -^, to confirm, corroborate. 

^^Ht^, "^TC^T^, 8. a firm persuasion, con- 
viction, confidence,assurance,certainty. 

^^^TT, a. very firm, most firm, hardest, 
tightest, most sure or stable. 

^7^f , a. more or very firm, harder, tight- 
er, stronger, more sure or stable. 

■^^lil, -^,s. firmness, hardness, strength, 
tightness, stability, sureness. [a rule. 

■^^f^R^lirr, a. punctual, strictly keeping to 

■^^2f f^"^, a. punctual, firm to a promise. 

W1?2J^]^, 8. confidence, firm belief. 

^72J^j^, a. confident, firmly believing. 

^7iitfl, s. constancy, firm love. 

F^?y^, 8, a firm bond, a strong obligation. 

^F^T^J,*. sure word, an affirmation, u con- 
firmation, an asseveration, [promise. 

^7?l?rl",«. affirming,assertiug,faithfultoa 

^F?TT\^, 8. liard or tough meat, gristle. 

f ^^i^* «• close-fisted, parsimonious. 

^7^<15^«I, *. the making of a tiling firm. 

^^t^, a. made strong or firm, made sure 
or stedfast, fortified, strengthened. 

^jt^T^T, 8. a becoming firm or hard. 

^ft^^, //. become strong, firm , or sted fast. 

^«TJ, a. visible, perceptible, fit to be seen. 

^*T]lRr, 8. visibility, perceptibleuess. 

W*1J^I5T, a. under the view, under survey. 

^*!n^*1J,«- visible and invisible. Levident. 

1^^, a. seen, viewed, observed, apparent, 


[ 186 ] 


■j^Z^^^l, S' evident ugliness or defor- 

•^^^S, ad. seemingly, ostensibly, [mity. 

W^^^<?, «. producing evident advantages 
or consequences. [similitude. 

Tsr^T^j s. a simile, a parable, a metaphor, 

Vf^^s. vision, sight, look, view, a vision, 
a scene, a prospect. [sight, in view. 

Wi^C9rT5?r, a. perceptible to sight : ad. in 

WI$'5r?^l, s. the pupil of the eye. 

ff tScPf I"'^", 5. fault or error in vision, [ing. 

"Ff^^tt^jS. castinga look,looking,regard- 

Prfej^C^T^^,fl!.opaque, obstructing vision. 

CW, s. a god, a demon ; a title : a. give. 

*(;W^t^<^, CW^T^'wT^, s. integrity, con- 
science, honesty, justice, piety, [ous. 

CW^tJi'Ht^,«. just, faithful, honest, consci- 

CTfsiteT^I, s. a kind of red powder. 

CW^^t, ^. a collateral relation. [door 

CW^5^, 5. a vestibule, porch, entrance of a 

C^^Tt^^, s. a porter, a turnke3\ [puja. 

CW^vT, s. a temple ; a patron of the charaka 

CF^fri?1, s. a bankrupt ; -f^, bankruptcy. 

CW^cTt, s. a religious illumination in hon- 
our of the goddess Kali ; a bankrupt. 

C^-^S, s. EL volley. [of a thing. 

CW^^, or C5t>5?1, s. the giving or granting 

C^'f^^'^l'^'T, s. a giving and receiving. 

CW<, V. to see, look, view, observe, visit. 

Cff<f^, s. a seeing, a viewing, observing. 

C!i<1, V. a. to show, display, point out: 5. a 
seeing, sight, interview, a visit : a. seen. 

Gf<T^C"^, ad. evidently, clearly, openly. 

C5f'^R?ff<, cid. face to face : 5. the imitat- 
ing of another person, imitation. 

CW<rT*T, s, the showing or exhibiting of a 
thing : a. shown, exhibited, [thing. 

C5f*«ril^, 5. the showing or exhibiting of a 
CW<ft^, a. perceivable : s. one who shows. 
C^^TT'^'^I, s. the evidence of both sight and 

hearing : a, seen and heard. 
CWvJ, or C5f 51, a. one and a half. 
C^xft, s. sickness : a. half-boiled (rice). 
CPflft^tJSiTiT, a. refulgent, conspicuous, re- 
CW<fT^, s. a species of grain/ [splendent. 
C^^Wt^, s. a debtor: a. having debts. 
Cn^mft, s. the condition of a debtor. 
1J^^'\f payable : s. a debt, that is to be given. 

CW^T^t^^1,5.debt and demand or income. 

CTf^j^^l, a. offered as an oblation. 

CW ^, «. a god, a demon, a heathen god, a 
king, a person of high rank : voc. c. Sir. 

C^^?^, s. the name of Krishna's mother, 

C^^-'^^ir, «.a clove ;-'^n5,a natural pond, 
a river, the ocean ;-9r«l , the class of god ; 
-9f^^iT, thunder; -^v^h like the gods. 

CW^^I,*. deity, the deity, a god ; the clouds. 

CW^lfl, s. the same as CWC^Te^, 

Of^^, s. deity, divinity, godhead. 

C^^ff €, a. given by a god : s. a term desig- 
nating one whose name is not known. 

CTf^WT??, s. name of a species of pine tree.' 

CW^W^, s. an angel, a divine messenger. 

CW^'^iT^, C^Z^l'^l, s. the same as cW<fT5T. 

CW^f^'^^, «• a blasphemer of the gods. 

CW^t^^l^eensure of the gods, blasphemy, 

CW^f^^, s. a believer in God, a theist. 

C^^t^^l, s. a belief in God, theism. 

CW^^^^? O'. worshipping heathen gods ; 
s. an idolater, a worshipper of demons. 

CW^'^^'^il? 5. idolatry, the worship of gods. 

CW^^T'Vt, s. an oracle, a divine word. 

CPf^HT^^, ci. (land) watered by rain. 

C^^C^lR, a. descended from the gods ; 
s. SL demi-god, an infernal being. 

C^<i'^fS. a husband's younger brother. 

C^^TitW, s. the king of the gods, ludra. 

CW?rf¥^ s. a divine sage. [goda. 

CW^^, CW<r^rr, CW?=5I^, .v. a temple, a pa- 

CW^C^t^, s. the abode of the gods, heaven. 

CW^^T^I, s. court or assembly of the gods. 

C^^C3^^1, 5. idolatry, attendance on gods. 

C^l^, s. sacred property, a sacred thing. 

O^^f^S^^, s. one who injures the gods. 

CW^f^\^l, s. an injury done to the gods. 

CTt^T?"!^^, or CW^i^<l>, a. worshipping the 
gods : s. an idolater, [gods, idolatry. 

C^'^1?]^^), Oi^m^), s. the worship of the 

CW^T«^?I, C'ff'3t<I^^, s. a temple, a pagoda. 

C^^1's^?'5j^\ s. the owner of a temple. 

CW^l, s. a goddess, a queen. 

CWC^Te"^, s. endowment of a temple with 
land or other property, an estate given 
for the support of the worship of a god. 

r.WC<lt^R^j C^C^tnt^^l, see c^^T^'T^jT^, &c 


[ 187 ] 


Cif^, a. due, fit to be given, payable. 
CW<iT^, *. a wall;-^^,awallsha(le. [wall. 
CW<lT^, a. building a wall : 8. builder of a 
*OT?<r, a. late. CW^, s. lateness, delay. 
CW?1, or r.\F?rl, 8. a tent, a tent rope. 

tW37, *. a demon, fiend, titan, evil geniiw. 
t^'bl^'^y 8. the race or family of titans. 
t«^3^«!, 8. the genus of titans. [Venus. 
tmJS'^^ 8. Shukra, regent of the planet 
tif 13Tf?, 8. a god, enemy of the demons. 

C5f^^'1,C^2|5s1,«. a lampstand, candlestick. tWJ^fnt^, or tift??^, a. diurnnl, daily. 
CW*r, 5. a country, province, place, region, t^sij, «. indigence, poverty, want, need. 

CW*i^J^, n. banished from a country. 
CW*i^5TT^, 8. being a disgrace to a coun- 
CW*lC5r*TT^^, s. various countries, [try. 
CPf *T^T?rl, s. the custom of a country. 
C^*t^cf^1, s. the description of a country. 
CW*Tl^C5f*f, s. one's own and foreign coun- 
CW^f^C*r^,s. a particular country, [tries. 
CTt*t<TJ^^l, s. the laws of a country. 
CW*T^j?fT^T<r, s. the custom of a country. 
CW^fwf^l, s. a vernacular language, [try. 
Cff*T^5I«|, s. wandering through a coun- 
CW*f^"5T«it, a. strolling, wandering, [try. 
CTt*f^<r5fl?.full, abundant all over the coun 

tw^T5f*T1, t^sjT^^i, 8. a state of poverty. 

t»f ^ft, a. indigent, needy, wretched, poor. 

tw?, 8. providence, fate, chance, an inci- 
dent, amisfortune : a. divine, religious, 
providential, accidental. [remonies. 

tfr^^^, 8. a religious action, religious ce- 

tw^^, «.the name of Krishna's mother. 

tw?^'t-^*W^,-^^, 8. names of Krishna. 

tw<l^^''1, *• «- providential occurrence. 

tw>:^, 8. an astrologer, a fortune-teller. 

t>ti?r3T*Vt, s. a divine revelation, an oracle. 

t^f^C^hf, 8. an impulse, a divine interpo- 
sition, a communion with the deity. 

CW'^TTit^?-,^. known all over the country. ' ^^^^^^-^^ t^^'i^, ad. accidentally, casa 

CTf*TTt1%, s. the custom of a country, 
CW*T?5*1", 8. propriety, correctness. 
CW*TcTl, 5. a match for lighting. [bly. 
CW*T^^1, 5. aparliament, apopular assem- 
CW*!^"©!, a. eligible to a national assem- 
bly : 8. a member of parliament, [try. 
CW*tt5T?r, 8. a custom prevalent in a coun- 
C5f*TTl>f*f, orC5T*flt%'sl'l^, s. a sovereign, a 
king, ruler, the governor of a country, f 
C^"*!!^, s. a frontier, the boundary of a 

ally, providentially, unexpectedly. 

t^'lT^fti', a. under the dominion of provi- 

t^T^il^^j, 5, sudden death. [dence. 

tw^T^T^^^I, s. supplication to heaven. 

t^f^, s, a providential dispensation. 

t^C^K^TTS, 8. a providential calamity. 

twST, or tpT"SrJ, 8. length, longitude. 

C^1,«. two ; hated (applied only to a wife). 

CWt^l, V. a. to cause to milk, to milk cat- 
tle : s, prayer, supplication, Idessing. 

CW*TT^?",5. a foreign country, [country. ^ c?T^T«.5. aninkstand. [hire of milking. 

CW*TT*%?r^"5, a. gone to another country. 
CW*tT^?'CSt^^, «. sent to another country. 

CTf T^T^fY, 8. an eighth ; a branding iron ; 
CWT^T^, a. milch ; -?ni^, a milch-cow. 

CW*TT, or c^'Tt?!, a. country, belonging, or \ cWl-^T^c^1, mongrel, hybrid :-^T5i,coun- 

natural to a country, home-made. 

CW^, the body, matter ; -"SjT^r.-'pfT^, death. 

CW5^T?i1, s. the assuming of a body. 

CW^*{i^9 5. a pampering of the body. 

Ct?^^^ a. embodied, material, corporeal. 

CW^'^'ft^, orcW^^*Y^, «. unembodied, im- 

CW5:1^^1W1", s. a materialist, [material. 

CW^T^^, 8. another embodied state. 

CW^,«corporeal, embodied, material, con- 
nected with body : s. embodied soul. 

I ♦cttt^'sr, the second (sort). [try-liquor. 

C^f^T^^i, two-fringed, double-bordered. 
j CWI^I*T, a. consisting of two ingredients, 
I C#I^1, 8. a kind of verse; the second singer 

C?[TC^, a. two, both. [in a choir. 

CWI^lSl, *. dried tobacco leaves. 

C^T^TT, double, repeated, twice ;-^^, re- 
I petition, tautology; -fc^<r^, a tninscript. 
^ CWT<i^«^^1,C^T^«^f^<I%holdingpen with two 

C»Tt«1,C^T<n,5. rope to yoke oxen, [fingers. 

C^^ft, 8. a door, gate, vestibule, [body. ctfT^Pl^, a. produced by two cuttings orin- 

CWC^T^^, a. inborn, natural, bora of the | cisions (as the palm-juice) j twice cut. 
Q T» a ' 


[ 188 ] 


C^t^1^?rl, «. consisting, or made of two 

pieces of wood, or two sticks, [prices. 
C1?T??tH?Ii, a. of both sides, making two 
CWt^tST, CWt^T^^t?", s. same as w"^!^, &c. 
C^T'SfvSt, s. a sort of striped cloth. 
CTfl<^, s. two corners or protuberances. 
"^CWT^T??", s. a daughter, female offspring. 
CTtl9ll?l,5. asort of covering cloth, [fever.) 
C^rTrat:?]!, a. occurring twice a day (as a 
CWt^^% C^T^c^l, a. double-barrelled. 
CWt^"^^^ s. two pinches of any substance. 
CWIC5^1, a, split into two but not separat- 
^C^i'^cP, 5. hell; infernal region. [ed. 
Ci^t^^ft?Il, a, twice-married (used in con- 
CTfT®tlJl, a. mongrel, hybrid. [tempt.) 
CWl^T^ljS. a dilemma, a pulling two ways. 
CWT^^.1, a. cheating both sides : s. a cheat, 

double-dealer, mischief-maker, [ties. 
CWt^^tl^, s. doing knavery on both par- 
C^\5^, s. an option, an alternative. 
C^I^T^, a. twisted double (as thread). 
CWI^T^I, a. two-stringed (instrument). 
C^Tl5tc^1, a. two-storied, locking double. 
C^TC^l, a. doubled, folded twice. 
C^t^^T^r, C?!^^?'^, a. occupying two places. 
C^ #l1^?l5 a. having two teeth. 
CWtT^T^, s. a tind of needle-worked cloth. 
CTtlF*iJ"5rt^, a. swinging, oscillating. 
CTTt?f\5C^n\F, a. torn into tatters. 
C^t^^t?^, a. striped with two stripes. 
CTfT*1(;§", ad. in two rows or ranks, 
C^T-s^^SI, s. a twice-married woman. 
C^t*Tlt?1, a. biped, having two feet. 
CTfT-s^it^, a. twice-cooked: s, ordure. 
CWT^tt^.l, a. boiling two pots at once. 
CWfs^l^l, or CTfl'i' t^l, s. a covering sheet. 
CWlC*t5l, a, turning twice (as a lock). 
CWl^^^l, or -i^t^c^S^I, a. bifurcated. 
CW1<P«^1, a. producing fruit twice a year. 
CWR^I, s. a kind of covering cloth. 
C^T^m, a. mixed, doubled, twice-folded. 
C'Vrt«Tf<[?I1> s. an interpreter, [two folds. 
CWl^^^, V. n. to be folded double, or into 
CWT"5r\i1, V. a. to double into two folds, to 

double : a, folded, double, doubled. 
C^1"S[\5TiT, s. the doubling of any thing, the 

folding a leaf in a book : a, doubled. 

CWl^\5Tt^, s. the folding of a thing. 

C^fT^^I, a. double-minded. [nuts.) 

CWt^T«11, a. half ripe (applied to cocoa- 

CWl?", s. a door-way, an opening. 

CWt^^l, a. partycoloured, piebald, [brid, 

C^l?"Wt9 tt. partycoloured ; mongrel, liy- 

CWt<r3^1, a. altered in taste, half-putrid. 

CfftcT, s. a swinging, an oscillatory motion, 

CWTcn'^^'^^^? s. a dilemma. [oscillation. 

C^tc^^, s. a swinging, oscillating. [die. 

CJtT^^I, 5. oscillation, a swinging ; a cra- 

i.WT«1^t, s. a swing, a child's cradle. 

cWT^^^rI"?, a. oscillatory, vibratory. 

cWtc^^tcT, 5. a swinging at random. 

CWT«n"^t^l55. a festival in honour of Krish- 
na and Ecidha ; also that of Kama. 

CWT^Ij V. a. to cause to swing, to impel a 
swing : s. a swing, a litter, a palki. 

C^l<yil^, s. a kind of mantle, or covering 

c^ft^tC^TcVt,^. amutual swinging, [cloth, 

C^Te^T^, s. the causing of a thing to swing. 

CWT^tt^, s, the act of swinging. flitter. 

C^rlc^l^T^^, 5. a palki-bearer, bearer of a 

C^T^T?I^TiT, a. swinging, oscillating. 

Cffl^tT^II, ct. having two branches or pro- 

CW]\, V. a. to refute, invalidate, [cesses. 

CWl^, s. a fault, crime, guilt, sin, a vice, a 
defect,an imperfection, blemish, a flaw, 
calumny, a vitiated state of any part of 
the body ;-^1, to blame, accuse, calum- 
niate, defame ; -^, to offend, to do evil. 

CWt"^^?", «. hurtful to health, injurious. 

C^T'^^'sil, s. the forgiveness of a crime. 

CWl'^C^^a, s. the scene of crime, a crimi- 
nal, a diseased body. [ator. 

CWT'^'ifT?!^? ^- calumniating : s. a calumni- 

CWf^^f^, a. involved in guilt, guilty. 

C^l'^'nt'^^5 a. accusing : 5. a fault-finder. 

C^T^I, s. imputation of crimes, the invali- 
dating of a testimony, or argument. 

Cfft^^"^? s. the ascertaining of crimes. 

Ciil"^^?, a. full of crimes or faults. 

CWt^^t^, nothing but crime, mere crime. 

CTtt^^S^, a. indicating guilt or crime. 

C^T"=3;'d^t?'9 «. the confession of sins. 

CWT"^1, V. a. to criminate, to condemn. 

CTtKT^^j s. a source of faults or crimes. 


[ 180 ] 

CWt'^lj^rs^rt. seized or loaded with crimes. 

C^T^I'vrr^, a. guilty, criniiniil, fjuilty. 

CTfl^I*!,*'. acrimiuatiug, a fiudiug fault. 

cWl^lCffT^, s. merits and defects, good and 

C^I^TC^Tf%,*.uuituulrecrinjiuutiou. [evil. 

C^HTf^J, a. guilty, crimiual. 

CWT^t^^, a. bringing fuults or crimes. 

CfrT^Tl^^, <?. engaged in faults or crimes. 

Cffl^l^, a. befitting the fault or crime. 

CWI^, a. culpable, guilty, faulty, criminal, 
sinful ; incorrect, inaccurate: s. a crimi- 
nal;-^, to criminate, to convict. 

CWI^1\5iRt, s. two wives of the same hus- 

C^t^<r, s. a second, a companion, [band. 

CWI^^I, a. the second, another. 

*C'lT^, CWI^WI?", s. a friend, a companion. 

C^mt-^t, cm ^t, C^f I5!m?rt,friendship,kind- 

CWT^, V. a, to milk ; to draw away. [ness. 

CWT^^j a. milking : s. one who milks. 

C^T^ff, s. the longing of a pregnant wo- 
man J the foetus, the embryo ; a stain. 

CWI^^, s. the milking of animals. [ed. 

C^T^s^t?, a. milchjCa^Jable of being milk- 

C^T^I, s. a couplet, a kind of verse. 

C^T^l^, 5. an exclamation or call for jus- 
tice, an oath, an appeal. 

CWt^T^I, C^T^Tt%<i1, the same as Tf^tT, &c. 

C^T^l?",*. a second, a prompter. 

C^I"^!?!!, a. double, two-fold j -*lt\5l, a re- 

CWT^T^T*ftf^v5, rt- relapsed. [lapse. 

CWT^T<rT'.^<% 5. a transcript, a coj^y. 

C^1^,v.a. to run ; CWtfv5<l1 ^TvQ^, to run,to 
run swiftly ; CWtf^^ Vf^«l, to overtake. 

C^'S^s. a race, a career, a running, [ning. 

C^flv?^!^, s. endeavour, exertion in run- 

C^'t:55T, s. the act of running, scampering. 

CWl^t^, s. a running, a race, [to impel. 

C?)i1, V. a. to make any one run, to drive, 

C^^^tCWtf^, s. a running about: ad. hasti- 
ly, speedily, in great haste, at a run. 

C^'l^T^, 6\ a causing to run, a running. 

CWt^j, or C^i^^'S^, s. the office of a mes- 
senger, ambassadorship, an embassy. 

CWt^T^^j s. a porter, a door-keeper. 

C^?r'i^J, s, violence, outrage, oppression. 

C^1^^J,5. wickedness, violence, [fatigue. 

Ciifl'^«^J; *. weakness, iufii-mity, weariness, 

C?f)'BT«D, *. misfortune, ill luck. 

*CWl«T^, 8. riches, wealth, trooKuro. 

Ctfl^i^-ftftfll, 8. a mansion, a honso. 

CW^^ft, or CTftfll^TT'W, a, rich, wealthy. 

Clftt%l[, s. a dauglitor's son '/em. Cpftf^'aH'. 

WJf^, *. light, splendour, lustre, 

Wjf5?*r, *. a day and night. 

W^j^,«.dice;-3?t^1, play at dice, gambling. 

C^Jl^, s. light, lustre, sunshiuo. 

Cit*7Tl5^, 8. nonsense, unmeaning word. 

C^JT"5JT, 8. a revealing, an enlightening. 

5^, a. liquid, fluid : 8. fusion, melting ;- J, 
to fuse, to melt ;-^, to be dissolved. 

5^^t7, *. fluidity, a liquid state. 

5^?"^, s. a fluid or liquid substance. 

5^"nf, a. dissolvable, fusible, soluble. 

5(^«l, 8. wealth, substance, gold. 

5^^^, a. liquefied, made fluid. 

3^ ^"5, a. become fluid or liquid. 

g;?;, 6-. a thing, substance, article, matcri- 

2?J;^^J, 8. price of an article, [al, stuff. 

J^IT^?", s. another thing. [of things. 

3^]TC?IT^^, s. the collecting or preparing 

gi^l, 8. a grape, a raisin j -5i ji, a vine.' 

^T^T^T^, ^. wine, thejuiceof the grapes. 

^Tf^isn, 6. length, longitude. 

2173, A'. firmness, solidity, strength, [acid. 

JT^f^,*. elixir of vitriol, diluted sulphuric 

51^^, solvent : s. a solvent, a flax ar^sistiug 

2T?i«l, dissolving, melting, fusion, [fusion. 

WH^9 d' soluble, dissolvable, fusible. 

WT^I, 5. I^nff. a drachm. 

-^, or :gs5r, «. a tree. Iff*!, *. a scorpion. 

IS^H, a, speedy, hasty, accelerated, quick ; 

3P^^T5[t, a. swift, fleet. [liquid, fluid. 

:sJ5:t^, s. the branch of a tree. [sera. 

cm% 8. a measure of capacity, about 32 

CWT«j5'T^, 8, a raven, a carrion crow. 

G»T«'i'l, 8, a kind of boat, a canoe, a raft. 

CWT^",*. injury, spite, malice, malevolence, 
envy, murder. ^T^CJI^^, a treason. 

C^^^,CWi^, envious, injurious, malevo- 
lent, spiteful, murderous, treasonous. 

f ^, *. a pair, a pair of opposites ; as, a 
man and wife, good and evil, pleasure 
and pain, etc. ; strife, dispute, quarreL 

^^^y a. arising from a quarrel or dispute. 


[ 190 ] 


^-sft, quarrelsome, disputatious, litigious. 

i|"^, 5. two, a pair, a brace, a couple ; used 
only as the last member of a compound. 

■^S'f, «• standing at the door or gate. 


^lf:5\*t«.,fl^.32.flf:5\*tQir,«.32nd. [row. 

^f^*T, a. twelve ; -irfHTir, 12 temples in a 

Tiff ^TT'f, s. a dodecahedron, parallelopipe- 

^IPt^rt, a. the twelth ^lunar day.) [don. 

Tft^^t^,a. ninety-two ;-^jT, ninety-second. 

^1-5^*1*1 <5.,a.£Lfty-two.^in'2Pl*r€ir,ff.52nd 

^T^t?"} s. 3rd yuga or chronological period 
of the Hindus ; doubt, uncertainty. 

^Tt^V"*!^, a. twenty -two ; -^5^, 22iid. 

\X^^ s. a door, passage, entrance, opening, 
a medium of communication or action. 

l"!"^^!, s. a famous city of pilgrimage. 

ift^ -*tt'?f,-'?^^^9*. aporter, door-keeper. 

■^t?r^, orTt^,<?. being at a gate or door. 

"^f^l, ad. by, through, by means of. 

1"t?ft, or "^Tt?^, s. a door-keeper, a porter. 

^1"^i$, a. sixty-two ; -"SIT, sixty-second. 

l"T7i^t%, seventy-two ;-^"5r, 72nd. [heard. 

f^2§F^?f<r, a. retaining what has been twice 

ff ^<r, s. two hands : a. having two hands. 

fe^l«l,two angles: a. having two angles. 

f^^fcf^i, a. having two pedicels or fruit- 

f^C^*r^5 a. diandrous, diandrian. [stalks. 

f^C^'t"^, a. having two seed-vessels. 

ff "^r^S, s. two pieces : a. bisected. 

f^Tf^j^. bilocular, divided into two cells. 

f^§3*«l, a. double, twofold, twice. 

f^6"*iT^, s. a peculiar Hindu method of 
working a sum in multiplication. 

1%5^lt?\*I<^, a. 42. f^5^lti\^5^, 42nd. 

f^fs^^, a. bisected, cut into two. 

f^S?,«. twice-born, regenerated : s. a brah- 
man, abird, oviparous animal, [birds. 

ff ll^T^, s. the moon ; Garura, regent of 

f^T5, I'^mt^, a, twice-born S s. a brah- 

f^^l^?r, a. of a brahman ; hybrid, [man. 

f^SiT«n<l, s. the habitation of brahmans. 

f%f®^, s. a serpent, a snake. 

ft^ft, a. two-stringed, having two fibres. 

f^^il, a. twofold, of two sorts, two. 

f%^t¥, a. the second. 

f5^?I^S, ad, secondly. 

lTi\?1, a, the second (lunar day.) [day. 

(■W^J^, ad. in two or three days, the other 

f^^, s. a reduplication, repetition, [ties. 

V^v^,a. two-leafed, bilobated : 5. two par- 

fWrft^T^, a. drawn by both parties. 

rilff^<11,«. si ding with both; unprincipled. 

f^^% ad. of two sorts : s. a dilemma, a 
word having two meanings, a doubt- 
ful circumstance, a doubt, hesitancy. 

fT<^<^'^, a. doubtful, precarious, [cond. 

f^^^^, a. ninety-two ;-l^, the ninety-se- 

f^n?^T*f, lT*1"^l*t€^,<^. the fifty-second. 

f%'s^?^1*t<s>, a. fifty-two. 

ff*tW, or ff-s^Tl??, a. two-footed, biped. 

f%5^^^^ a having two rows of petals. 

fW^^, a. having two curves, bending two 
ways : s. in ana. the sismoid cavity. 

f%^5^, s, the dual number in grammar. 

f%^5^t^5 a. ending with a plural termina- 

f^?r^%, a. biglobose, bispherical. [tion. 

f%(t 5d", a, twofold, of two kinds : s. two sorts. 

ff-^T^, s. two parts or shares ;-^,to divide. 

"jl'^lt, CL. two-armed : s. a figure with two 

f%5l^^, f^^9 a- two-headed. [sides. 

tT^<t, a. having two mouths, two-faced : 
s. an amphisbina, a deceitful person. 

IT^^I, or lTf*f?'tS, a. two-headed. 

IT''^:?!^, a. springing from two origins. 

fe^tf^, a. digynous, having two pistils. 

fV^ff, or 1"^'^, s. an elephant. 

f^?I^f"5r^, s. a second coming of a newly 
married girl to her husband's house. 

f\?ri|f%, s. a second return, or revolu- 

f^^^, a. twice spoken, repeated, [tion. 

1%^f^, s. a repetition, a tautology. 

f^^F, a. twice-married : s. twice-married 

f^lfi^l, s twice-married woman, [man. 

f%^«t> (^ two-fold, of two sorts, of a dou- 

f^^S^ft, a, having two forms, [ble form. 

f^C?"^, s. a humble-bee, so called from 
having two ^ in its name, viz. g^?". 

RC^l^JT, a, eating twice. [teeth. 

tX*f^J, a. bicuspidate : s. the grinding 

f^^®, a. sixty-two ; -^IT, sixty-second. 

ff 3T^1%, a. seventy-two ; -^ir, 72nd. 

f%J^ir^^?'5, s. quadrangle with two equal 

f^Tjisjf^^-^ isosceles triagnle. [sides. 


[ 191 ] 

ff 5'"^, 5. two hands : a. two-handed, 
ff 5:T?st» ^- two years' old. 
j\'^i s. an island, a contii\ent. 
Tt*tT^?, «. another island or continent. 
C^^, s. envy, malice, hatred, injuriousness. 
Cf oas, a. injurious, malicious, malevolent. 
C^^^T^J, s. a malicious speech. 
CW"^"^!^, «• maliciousness, malevolence, 
C^^^5^, a. indicating malice or hatred. 
C9'5'TC¥'5r, s. hatred and good will, [volent. 
C^€t,«envious,injurious, malicious, male- 
Cf^1»«. malevolent, hostile : s. an enemy. 
CT^"!, a. deserving to be hated. [kind. 
t^:5, s. a second of the same nature or 
tf ^H, «. believing in a plurality of gods. 
t^^^T^T, s. belief in a plurality of gods, 
t^^^lf^^? «• ^aith in a plurality of gods. 
t^^^I*^? ii- the same as tf "i^. [theist. 
t^l?rT^»«. polytheism, t^ ^t^TTt, s. a poly- 
t^5Tt^?,«. a 2d of the same nature or not. 
t^'«f,s. ambiguity, dilemma, doubt, double 
speech, or resource, stratagem, a two- 
fold form or state, a contest, a duel. 

t^"<f <I1^J, s. a doubtful speech, a dilemma, 

t"%^^^, ci. brought into a dilemma. 

t^5iT>)'2r, a. having two mothers : s. an 
epithet of Gauesha and Jarasandha. 

^jsr,^?. ending in two points, bifid, biceps. 

^m^T\^C*1*fl', s. the biceps muscle. 

^J^i^, a. two fingers wide or long. 

^j«l<5, s, a particle, an atom. 

^j9tv^- admitting of two meanings. 

■^^t^^ill, s, a quibble, a pun, a bon-mot. 

^31i^<P, a. occurring every other day. 

^J^?r, cf. digastric (muscle). 

^, is nineteenth consonant in the Bengali 
alphabet. It is the aspirated dental d. 

SifC^^, s. a thrust, a push, a shoving in. 

Vf^^l, s. a push, a shove, a thrust, [tion. 

5!f^'<f^, s. a blazing up, glitter, a palpita- 

5:[^<f<iJl, V. n. to blaze, glow, palpitate. 

^^^<^T^,5. the blazing up, the palpitating 

^'^y s. the body, trunk. [of the heart. 

5(f\$1, ^^1^,5. old garment, a rag, a piece 
of cloth worn to cover the privities. 

>f\^^f^, a. deceitful, crafty, roguish. 

if^^t^, B. rognishnoss, craftiness. 
^^Jtf?, 8. sudden palpitation. 
vj^J^fpTl, a. ragged, hanging in tatters; 
squirting, soft (as ordure). [tering. 
^fvjTp^^, «. a struggling, a flouncing, a flut- 
^^JP:$1, V. a. to struggle, flounce, flutter. 
%f^Tp;5t^, 8. a struggling or fluttering. 
vr^Tp^STf^, 8. a violent stniggling. 
5:fJT, 8' wealth, property, riches, goods, a 
treasure, property consisting of cattle. 
Vfs*<I, s. the loss or decay of property. 
'<f^*»Tt?5i1, or 5i-5TSt^, «. the pride of wealth. 
^^•»Tf^U, or 5[f5ilf^5iT^, a. purse-proud. 
^^•^^Ij^.thegod Agni, a name of Arj una. 
^^^1^, 8. Kuvera, the god of riches. 
5:f^^T^, a. wealthy, rich, opulent, allluent. 

^JR^l^c^J,5. abundance of wealth, [riches. 

'<^ -^f^> ^.increase of riches ; -^TTjJ, mere 

^^^J?5 ». the expenditure of wealth. 

'<f^^?J, a. intoxicated with wealth, purse- 

5^;5llc^<f., originating from riches, [proud, 

Sf^<r^1, s. the preservation of wealth. 

5:fJ^^lf*T, 8. a heap or stack of treasure. 

'<fJlcnl^, 5f site's, s. acquisition of wealth. 

ifs^CSTl^, 5. desire for wealth or property. 

5f^C^T^, a, desirous of wealth, covetous. 

5;fsi7i?P<I, s. the accumulation of wealth, 

^^T^Tl^l, desire for riches, covetousness. 

5f^|^Ist,gT^, 5f^T<i[f,o. desirous of riches,cov- 

5f ^l^J, a. wealthy, affluent, rich, [etous. 

^^15:ft?",^^»T!sT?',«.a storehouse, a trea- 

^^lt>f<5l<r, s. a right to property, [sury. 

^JlTPf^'lt?^!, *. proprietorship of wealth. 

^^lR^<ft, a- having a right to property. 

5f^lfV<1^, 8. Kuvera, the god of riches, 

?f5iT^J^, 8, idem. [a treasurer. 

^sT*T1, 8. a hope for riches, a thirst for 

5ff^5l, 8. the Indian fiax-plant.* [wealth. 

>f ^^1, -^, 8. affluence, opulence. 

Slf^?1, 8. coriander seed ; vide vsril. 

Vft^^%«. the 23d stellar mansion, [happy. 

5(f^>, a. rich, affluent, opulent, fortunate, 

^^^ «. a bow ; the name of a measure. 

5(J^:, '<f^^Tf*T, 8, the sign Sagittarius. 

5f^^, 8. a bow, the bow of a violin. 

Vfij^^l, 8. a bow for cleaning cotton. 

^•1^^» «• arcuated, bent, curved, arched. 


[ 192 ] 


^^jt^f-"^'*!, s. tlie drawing of a bow. 
^■^^T^.T^, or ^^^t^i^, a. arcuated, bent, 

curved : s. the segment of a circle. 
^Jj$?«1,s. a bowstring, the chord of an arc. 
^^^'^, s. an archer, a bowman. 
^^RTfJlr?- archery, the science of archery. 
Sf^^^r, s. the breaking of a bow. [wager. 
5i^^^5f*1ci, s. a firm threat, promise, or 
W^^T?", 5. the twang of a bowstring ; 
>fij^^, s. rigidity from spasms, [spasms. 
%r^^, s. a bow, a curve, an arc. 
S;fC^'*f,s. appellation of K-uvera. [proud. 
^C^TWQ, intoxicated with wealth, purse- 
5tfC^T*tT^§Si^, s. the acquisition of wealth. 
^^), s. the defective sight, a mistake. 
Sd"^!, flr. praiseworthy, happy, blessed. 
%f^j5d"J7j, mtj. brave ! praiseworthy ! 
^'^I'^lW, s. ascription of praise, blessing, a 

thanksgiving, thanks ; -^, to thank. 
5f^Rt^, a. ascribing praise, thankful. 
.^:^J1, ^^]1^, s. coriander seed, its plant.' 
Si^^t?, s. the physician of the gods. 
§^■^5 s. an archer : a. armed with a bow. 
5:f<p>f5:f's>f, s. the sensation of clearness. 
I^vf-?f<s?fl, V. a. to appear clear or bright. 
SJ-s^efs^T-^jS. an appearing white, a shining. 
^jfpfSjff^zri, a. clear, bright, open, white. 
5:r^,s.ahusband; linen, clothes : a. white. 
5:f^e^, a. white : 5, white lepros3\ 
%r?[co'^^, s a species of white leprosy. "" 
5:f^e^^t^, a. leprous, having white leprosy. 
Sf^cnl, a. white, ^^^, s. a white cow. 
S:f5T^, s, the kindling up of fire. 
.5d'i[^, 5. a vein, artery, a nerve. 
^I"^^, s. a threat, a censure, a reproof, a 

scolding, a childiug, a shock, a report. 
s^'Sl^^vfi'sr^, s. threats and reproofs. 
XTP^, y. to threaten, reprove, reprimand, 

to chide, to scold : s. a pair of bellows. 
s^TR.f^f^j^,*. mutual scolding, a brawling. 
sjir^'r.T^, s. a scolding, threatening, reprov- 
5iTI^^.T^lv5, 5fsr^^1, s. a squall of wind. [ing. 
5:IP3I^, s. embroidered hair. 
%(■<[, V. a. to seize, to catch, to hold. 
5:f^cj,5. the having or holding of a thing, 

a seizing or apprehending, a ceasing (of 

a shower,) a stopping (the lax bowels). 

5f^ «11, s. a scafi^old ; a dunning ; -ffl,to dun. 

5d'^«itWI?'^, ct. dunning : s. a dunner. 

^?rf^?U «. catching, holding, seizing. 

5f^<^, s. earth; --J^^, --^TT^, a king, sove- 

5d"^«?l"^c'T, s. earth, bottom of earth, [reign. 

Vf^eft'ef^, s. a king; a mountain. 

5^^^?? worthy of regard, or of being con- 
troverted, assumable, a]3prehensible. 

^Jil.fV. a. to cause to seize or hold ; to plas- 
ter : s. the earth, seizure, capture, ap- 
prehension ; -n^S, to be apprehended. 

5f<^T^, s. a catching, a holding. 

id;"^!^, s. an allowance or iuterest upon 
money lent for trade, usury, interest. 

5^?rT«l5 *• ^ causing to seize or apprehend. 

5f:^T5rf^, 5. a mountain ; a name of Vishnu. 

^^T«rt?, s. a mutual holding or seizing. 

5d;^t5r!3^, s. a terrestrial globe. 

^d"^!?!, a. apprehensible, accountable. 

5:r1?^, s. the earth. Srfcfl, s. vide. 5^^«11, 

^<r^J, a. apprehensible, worthy of notice 
or criticism, accountable, significant. 

5;f5^, 5. inherent virtue, nature, temper, 
character, religious merit, duty, righte- 
ousness, justice, religion, joiety ; name 
of a god ; -'^^, a name of Yudhisthir. 

5^;^^^, s. piety, godliness, a religious ac- 

^^^l^ad. piously, rightly, justly [tion. 

5rf5^^1, -^5 s. religion^ virtue, rectitude. 

5:l^C^T»t?", s. a duty or obligation to be 

^■s^^Jt^, s. apostacy. [sacredly fulfilled. 

^"S^^SJT'^rt, s. an apostate. 

?f?^t7f^, establishment in virtue, firmness 

5:f^*1"€iT, s. black'pepper. [in religion. 

J^T^^f^, s. the road of religion or virtue. 

5i"5^'S^:^t<I'1, devoted to religion or virtue. 

^■^■ff^t^^f, averse to religion or virtue. 

5:f^'sl't?^"€<3j, s. a proselyte, a convert. 

^■^*tt?^^iR^^ s, a conversion, a change of 
religious profession, [gion or virtue. 

^■S^f^T^i^, a. observing the duties of reli- 

Vf^^^Tc^^, 8. an observing or practising 
the duties of religion, [vent, hospital. 

5:j":5^*tt'^1, s. an almshouse, monastery, cou- 

s^'^^TtS, s. the body of Hindu law, juris- 

5C5^*tTS^'T<r^5 s. a legislator, [prudence. 

^^'TI'^, «. pious, virtuous, religious. 


[ 193 ] 


ifS^^vfir^l, s. a digost of laws, a ritual. 

^ifS^Tir, s. the Holy Spirit : a. holy, pious. 

Vj"5^5;r?^, 8. roligion and tho want of it, re- 
ligion and irreligion, virtue and vice. 

5f 5$rTfvf^<r«l, «. a court of law, a tribunal. 

5f^lf^^T<r,5. the right to administer jus- 
tice, tho duties of a sheriff, [do justice. 

5f?^ir<r^T<n,5.asheriff:fl5 havingarightto 

S5"5^T'''T'55, s. a spiritual teacher, a bishop. 

^|[^^i 9- a decay of tho vital fuaotloas. 
^T"J'^?r«l,». thooozingof rnattorina gleet. 
VfT^Tif^?, a. motallino, mixed with metal. 
^t^-^^Urt^*!?'! *. a gleet, a gonorrhea. 
^"1^5?"^, *. a coM, a catarrh, [trio flatd 
^frvf%«. alimentary juice, chyle, thegas- 
^T^<ft3r, 8. a metal dish or cup. 
Vit^^i^, 8. nutrition, nourishment, the 
strengthening of tho bo<ly by aliment. 

'sf^l^JlfT, s. an incarnation of justice or | Vft^^J^i^^^, a. nutritive, nourisliiug, ali- 

virtue (a term of Hindu flattery). 

mentary, strengthening 


^iffs^i", ^"S^, a. virtuous, religious, pious, | iftv^^ll^^, a. nutritive, nutritious, fat- 

godly, just, righteous, honest. 

fC^T^fCit^t, s. religious instruction. 

5tlC'5^r'^CW*t^, s. a preacher of religion. 

^X^j^a. lawful, proper, just, right, [ing. 

Vf^"??, a. daring, bold, imposing, over-aw- 

5i^«l, ^"^«(^^i, s. the daring of a person 
to combat, a brow-beating, boldness. 

^ j^ , white, fair :-^3, white or washed cloth. 

5fT^, s. a nurse, a wetnurse, a midwife. 

JiT^C^^iljOveranointing (a babe) with oil. 

5i"T^f^?l1, s. a runner, an express, a mes- 

5!fT^<3l,5. expedition, speed, haste, [senger. 

VfT^^, or 1>T^?", 8. a large paper kite. 

5f I^?(, 5JT^?1, s. a going fast, a running. 

^W1, 8. mistiness or dimness of sight, 

blindness, a stratagem, trick, a sleight; 

-^T^, to overlook, mistake, to wink at. 

^rW«^l^T^,5. a confounding, causing mis- 
takes by introdiicing confusion, [ed. 

^:"5ft'Vt, tiffin Tf^, dim-sighted, short-sight- 

i^ir\, of a brisk motion, or of a drum. 

^T<i>1, 8. the sum deposited in gambling. 

^T*?^!, 8. a push, shove, a thrust, shock. 

%r|^1, 8. a balance; a row of coarse stitches 
or patches in cloth ; mat screen or door. 

5^\jTC*i<11,«. a patching, a patch work, a 

5fff^?1, or C^f^<l1, 8. an otter, [patcher. 

Mtvf^,a. 8trong,robust,full grown : s. a dam. 

Vfl^l, 8, one who nourishes. Providence. 

5JT^, 8. a principle or humour of the body, 
as phlegm, wind, and bile ; an organ of 
sense ; metal, metallic ore, the element 
or root of a word, semen virile, the mat- 
ter which oozes in a gleet, the pulse. 

'<t^^l*f1*t, 8. the red sulphate of iron. 

^Tvj^t^, *. an assayer, mineralogist, a mi- 

^T^CS? , 8. change in the humours, [ner, 

5:fT^^, a, made of metal, metallic. 

%fT'^^lf^?P, 8. a sort of mineral substance. 

^Tv^^llt'Vt, borax, cop pie-dust (a solvent). 

^ff^^srjjs. a state of perfect health, [ry. 

^i;gt, s. wetnurse, midwife;-^i6', midwife- 

^ftStf^l^Jl, «. obstetric science, midwifery. 

^T^j s- grain, rice ; -^T^, to reap; -^T^5^, 
a reaping ; -?rT\^;f, a threshing (rice). 

«it^^r?r5 «. a variety of capsicum.* 

?iTi5\, a. (rice) mixed with unhusked rice. 

511^^55, ^1^^, 8. an archer, a bowman. 

5f f?ij, s. unhusked rice, corn, grain. 

^fT^JC^S, s. a rice-field. *?fT^]Tf5f, 8. grain. 

'<l^J^?r, (f. abounding with rice, or g^aia. 

^T^J*Trcf\, «. (soil) fit for growing rice. 

vrt-s^, 8. the step of a stair-case. 

\i]7i, V. a. to run, to go fast, to scamper. 

5iT^^, 8. a runner, one who goes express. 

^^f^ill, cr. quick, swift, running express. 

5fT<T5? . ^l^fJT, YU^X a running, goingfast. 

ifT^5iT5T, a. running, in the act of running. 

^I^^f%, «. a promiscuous running. 

^fTsr,*. the body; a house, a dwelling, a 
place, a spot, a country, dignity, light 

'tftsr^, 8. a kind of kettle-drum. 

^51, Mttft, 8. a scuttle or basket of ratan. 

?(rr?r, V' «• to borrow, owe, hold as a loan 
or debt :«. a loan, debt, an end, border, 
boundary, a line, limit, edge of a pre- 
cipice, or of a weapon, sharpneas, dis- 
tillation, dripping or oozing by drops, a 
leak, flaw, a stream ; -^, to borrow ; to 
whet, sharpen ; -iTtf j^ to make blunt. 


[ 194 ] 


Sff^^, 8. a holder, one who examines the 
accuracy of the text in reading the sha- 
stras, an umpire : a, having, holding. 

5^T?r?&^1,-^, 8. the office of an umpire. 

vrt?^^^^, s. a borrowing; a harpening. 

s«fT^«l, s. a having, holding, maintaining, 
assuming a habit or shape, supporting, 
sustaining, upholding; -^, to sustain. 

?!rt?r*11, s. continuance in aright way,perse- 
verance, fortitude, firmness, resolution, 
restraint, mental retention, memory, a 
debt, a sustentaculum. [restrained. 

5Jt?r«lT^t^, a. persevering, firm, resolute, 

^T?r*it*tf^, s. an ability to be firm, resolu- 
tion, power of restraint, [straight line. 

^t<r^, s. any tubular vessel of the body, a 

s^fT^TI, s. a method, a custom, a habit, a 
usagef a fashion, a course, a stream, a 
general practice, a section, conduct. 

5ft<rt^Cir, ad. according to custom or ha- 

%rt?rt^^t^, ci. customary, habitual, [bit. 

'^T^TJJ^^TC^j ad. customarily, habitually. 

s^T^'T^ttt^, or ?^T^T^1^, a. flowing down 
the stream of custom, [cloud ; a sword. 

S:ft?rT?, a. apprehensible. Jrft^T^f^, a 

Si"l"?rt5T, or S!rt?r^^, a. edged, sharp, keen. 

5!rt^fTf»^tv5, 5. a heavy shower. 

sjT?rt^s. an edge, margin: a. having, hold- 
ing ; e. g. ^^5i-T<f>, bearing arms, etc. 

sjtC^, ad. ashore ; on credit. [ous, just. 

M ti "^^5 fl!.pious, religious, virtuous, righte- 

>rtf^^^5l, -^, s. righteousness, justice. 

*rT"^J,«. apprehensible, restrainable, reten- 
tive;-^, to nominate, determine, assign. 

^t^J, s. impudence, shamelessness. [ment. 

f5^^, f^\ 5^T\, 1%\«^«i1, s. a tumult, out- 
rage, a confusion, anarchy, sedition. 

1%^, intj. fye or curse on it! woe be to it ! 

f5f:^f?", 8. contempt, reproach, censure. 

fVf^.^"5, a. cursed, contemned,reviled, cen- 

fV^fVf^, a. a burning slowly. [sured. 

f%^1>f1%, a. quivering or burning slowly. 

t%"S[1,«. slow, abated, deliberate, cautious. 

1>Csn?r, ad. faintly, softly, deliberately. 

f^^«)l, s. a name of Vrihaspati. \_a. wise. 

sjt, s. understanding, knowledge, an idea : 

*flf^"?^> *. an organ of perception. 

5ft ^■^, s. a fisherman. [ous ; Vrihaspati. 

vft^t^, a. wise, learned, intelligent, sagaci- 

^<r, a. wise, learned, sedate, sagacious, 
grave, deliberate, tranquil, serene, tem- 
perate, docile, slow, lazy, steady, firm. 

5^^^1, -^, s. deliberateness, temperate- 
ness, sedateness, gravity, steadiness. 

^^1, a. jealous of a lover, yet suppress- 
ing resentment ;-'^'^1, a j ealous woman. 

?ftc^,or5fl-c^^"^,«<i. deliberately, slow- 
ly, coolly, sedately. [report. 

^*f^, or 5fl"«fl"*l^, 8. a report, a common 

^^f^^,5, a barrister, counsellor, pleader, 

^, or SjT^^, v. a. to wash any thing. 

sJpfcT, s. a climbing plant and its fruit.^ 

5f ^N^t, a. coarse : s. a coarse bag, or cloth. 

5!r^5i"^, s. a feeble palpitation, a panting. 

5!f^5f^-|j or ^, V. n. to pant, to palpitate. 

5f^JC^^*^> *• act of panting, a palpitating. 

5f^5f <5tf^, 8. an anxiety about any afi'air. 

5f^5f ^, s. anxiety, remorse ; a neck orna- 

%7^^^s. a panting ; a blow-pipe. [ment. 

Ssf^^T", s. a kind of basket for washing rice. 

'^1>, a. agitated, relinquished, [crimes. 

^CJ^c^^"^, or 5rr^«^T*f , a. freed from sin or 

vr€t, 8. the lower garment worn by the 
natives instead of breeches ; a bribe. 

Sjf^^l, s. the thorn-apple (Datura metal). 

^Vr,s.the blazing up of fire : a. wide open. 

5!r?r, V. a. to clean cotton with a bow. 

5f ^"^^Ij^^f^,^. a bow for cleaning cotton. 

^"^•{^ 8. the cleaning of cotton ; a beating. 

^i'^fJT, 8. the cleaning of cotton with a bow. 

5f^^, s. the price for cleaning cotton. 

5f •Tt??, or ^f^?1, s. a cotton-cleaner. 

5!f^, s. ardour, zeal, fervour, diligence : a. 
great, prodigious, ardent. [uproar. 

^^^T^5 s. rebellion, sedition, tumult, an 

'W<i 8. incense, resin ; a sabre ; the sun. 

5^«lt, or 5f rl", s. a washerman, [will. 

^99iz7{'^'\,s. a strong desire, a determined 

5:[^^, s. zeal, ardour, fervour, ado, tumult, 
pomp : a. thick, gross, large, spacious. 

SiT^Ivft, s. a concubine, a fat vagabond wo- 
man, a female Vaishnava. [cherous. 

^^vft"srT"^l5«. vagabond, vagrant, lewd, le- 

^^^^jft^j 5. hubbub, tumult, pomp, parade. 

[ 195 ] 


^"51^:7, a. bulky, heavy, thick, gross. 
^^*T,*. tho monotonous bouting of a drum 
to call persons to a festivity or show. 
^?i1, s. the burden or chorus of a song. 
5![JI^,«.the axlotrco, a carriage pole; reflec- 
tion, thought; a load, burden. [burden. 
^^^<r, a. bearing a burden : 8. a beast of 
^^^^ 5j^?rt«<, a. chief of those who sustain 

the burden of office, viz. a king. 
^5T, s. a measure of land equal to a katha. 
?' ov^i^^ expressive of a blazing up. 
^^1, 8, smoke, steam, vapour ;-Tri, to fumi- 
^^T^?n,«. chimney, smoke-tunnel, [gate. 
I^^l^l, a. smoky, like smoke. [place. 
^siTCW'S^, s, the fumigating of a thing or 
^*^T'^«J", ^^T^^T^, s. a chimney. 
^s^fl?, or ^jft, s. a censer, an incense-pot. 
^^1, ^^^, s. incense, resin of Shala tree. 
^*f , 8. incense, resin ; the sun, solar rays ; 

-Wtm, solar-shaded (a sort of cloth). 
^^^) perfumed with incense, fumigated, 
^ir, s. smoke, steam, fume,vapour-; -v5t«T, 
-^t-^, a volume of smoke ; -C^tfJTjCloud. 
^iTC^v^, s. a comet, meteor, a falling star, 
^iT'^t JT, s. the smoking of tobacco, [fire. 
^51^?, a, covered with, or full of, smoke. 
^U, a. purple, smoke-coloured : s. purple. 
^€, a. cunning, subtle, crafty, sly, knav- 
ish, roguish : s. a gamester, a rogue, a 
knave, a cheat ; the thorn-apple. 
^^^1, s. craftiness, knavery, slyness. 
^^^^t^^ 5. the flower of the thorn-apple. 
^:QVjn^|^.|^^ or ^Q'^^JP^it^l^, a. funnel- 
shaped, infundibuliform, arytaenoid. 
^^'f s. a particular tune in music. 
^v\\ ^f%, 8. dust, pollen ; -HT'^r^, a smear- 
ing with dust ; -^T<f1, smoare d with dust. 
^f^^^'?r,rt.cinereou8,dustor ash coloured. 
^t%5i^, a. dusty, covered with dust. 
^(^^1$, a. dusty : «. a handful of dust. 
^5lJ^^^?r, s. a veil to keep off the dust. 
y^^^ , gray ; «. gray colour, an ass, oilman, 
^7\\s. flannel. '^^?^, a. gray, [a vidturo. 
^<g^, 8. the thorn-apple (Datura metal). 

^, V. a. to hold, to seize, to apprehend a 
criminal, to have, to coutinuo, rqinain. 
2 fi 2 

^, a. caught, seized, hold, taken. 
'^^?ri^, B. a king colebratod in the Mahi* 
bharata ; a kind of wild gooso, a swan. 
5^,*. sacrifice, a religious rite or ceremo- 
ny, restraint, retention, tenacity, firm- 
ness, constancy, a liolding, a having, 
pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, an 
astronomical yoga, a particular kind of 
verse or metre. 
^^TTT^, a. firm, steady, constant, restrain- 
ed, satisfied, happy. [insolent. 
^, or ^^, a. impudent,8hamele88,bold, 
C?^5^, *. a vegetable commonly called the 
C^f\^, 8. a sort of earring, [ram's horn. 
C^\?, V. n. to purge or have a looseness. 
C^t%?1, or 5ifTf^?1, *. an otter. [cow. 
C^^ 8. kine, a cow, recently calved milch- 
C^<i, a. fit or proper to be held in. 
(X^y V. a. to think upon, to meditate. 
C5^<lT5i, *. meditating, reflection, attention. 
t^f ^J s. deliberation, temperance, forbear- 
ance, steadiness, patience, coolness. 
ts^^J^s7r«l,*. the exercising of forbearance. 
tvr^J^?ri, s. a maintaining patience. 
t^i^J^TsT, t<f^'j*TT«ft, a. patient, forbear- 
ing, temperate, deliberate, cool, steady. 
tsj'^Jim^, a. idem. 
t^f^jT^s^^^, -s. restraint, abstinence. 
tsinrjt^c^^^ «. patient, restrained, absti- 
C?fl, V. a. to wash, to clean. [nent. 
C^T^ST, s. a panting ; a blowing the fire. 
C^T^l, V. a, to cause to pant : s. a panting. 
C^l^lf^, 8. a panting with hard running. 
C^r^l, s. a species of water-snakeu 
CSft^T^j 8, alluvial soil, washings. 
CMT^^i *. the washing of a thing. 
C5CT^T» OJ^ C^^yt, 8. a coarso bag, a sack ; 
the testicles : a. coarse. [a doubt. 
C^I^I,*. an illusion, deception, suspicion, 
C5fl*t, *. washing of clothes : a. washed. 
^*fWl^, CVfr*fT51, a. washed, clean. 
C'ft^^C'Tt^l, 8. a washerman; Am. C^ff^Tat. 
C^ft^^'U V. to seek after a person's health, 

to inquire, to ask how a person does. 
CSsTITl, 8. a cleansing, washing : a. washed, 
C^nrft^, 8. washings, dregs. [clean. 

cMT'11} 9> 0' l^ii^^ of bilk and cotton cloth. 


[ 196 ] 


C^"^, ct. washed, clean ; -?|5, to wash. 
C^'t^^-Cc^??r, /I^d^^T?, a. washed, bathed. 
C%fll5^5, s- washed or clean clothes, 
vnt^? J? o,. fit or proper to be meditated on. 
VOt^lj a. contemplative : s. vide ^^rit^^el- 
5oT^, s, meditation, thought, contempla- 
tion, cogitation, reflection. [plates. 
MTt^^cl, s. one who meditates or contem- 
^t^9t?3j, a. accessible to meditation. 
^JT^^^5 S' an interruption of meditation. 
5!l7t^^^, a. contemplative, sedate, reflect- 
^fjt^C^t^, s. religious abstraction, [ing. 
soT^j d' contemplative, thoughtful. 
OU^i s. the object of meditation. 
^^'W, s. a particular tune in music. 
^^,af?. permanently, certainly : a. perma- 
nent, eternal, continual, fixed, stable, 
firm, certain, ascertained : s. the polar 
star, the north pole ; logic, reasoning. 
^^?P1, 5.thelongitude of a star ; a chorus. 
^<r-C''?it^, s. heaven ;-^t?ri, the polar star. 
^\TT,5. destruction, ruin, loss, detriment. 
50\Tf^, or 5:ff\^-, a. destructive, ruinous: 

s. a person who ruins, a destroyer. 
^\Ti^, s. destruction, ruin. [ruined. 

'I?\^5?1<I, ci. destructible, capable of being 
^If, s. aflagstafi", an ensign, a monument, 
sign, symbol, thepenis;-?rt^, a flagman. 
^;g?"^y , s. a, disease which consists in an 

inability to erect the penis. 
^griil, ^^^, s. a banner, a standard, an en- 
sign, flag, a monument, a sign, symbol. 
^f^iTt,^. an army; a high landmark. 
%jjf^, s. a noise, sound. ^f^s5, a. sounded. 
^TTJt^^, a. sounding, expressing sound. 
^^, fallen, ruined, degraded, destroyed. 
%0X5^, s. inarticulate sound. 
%H|7?, s. darkness, gloom. 

7[, the twentieth consonant ; a negative 
particle, no, not : a. nine : s. the fourth 
son or daughter in a large family. 
;:(^, a. no, not; new; ninety. [tube. 

Ti^^l, a. young (applied to fish) : s^ a huka 
^^fiP a. the ninth. [bagpipe, etc. 

*^>S^^, s. a music consisting of drum, 
^vS^ ^-511^1,-5. amusic-room, an orchestra. 

*^^rf , s. a copy, a transcript, imitation ; 

a show, mimickry ; -'^T^^ft, a copyist, 
^^rT^q^*^^, s. the profession of a copyist. 

^^c?^?R, s. the reading of a copy. 

^^1%?1,«. mimicking, imitating, copying. 

*^^*t:^*5T, s. a class of Moslem beggars. 

5T^f^, 5. the letter ^ ; a denial, refusal, 

55^, s. a brass vessel. [negation. 

^^'^^j 5. a forerunner whose oflice is to 
proclaim his master's approach, [davas. 

^^^, s. ichneumon ; one of the five Pan- 

*;^^T*T,5. a map-maker, a painter, a lim- 

^^, s. the night : ad. by night. [ner. 

^^^^, 5. a vow to eat only in the night. 

^^t^, a. unable to see by night, [shark. 

'^W, s. a crocodile, an alligator; -<n^, a 

*^^^1, 5. a feature, countenance, visage ; 
a map, a chart, a picture, a plan. 

^ ^15, 5. lunar mansion, a star, constella- 
tion ; -^f%, or *"?rt^, the moon. 

3T'5^;^^T«n1,s. arow of stars; a kind of neck- 

^?^:5C^T^, the starry region, sky. [lace, 

^'Sp;5r.2i(<^, s. a row of stars. 

^^^T^, s. injury, loss, detriment, [talon. 

^•9r, ^•^^, 5. finger or toe nail, a claw, a 

^"4fn5^, s. a scratch, a mark of the nails. 

^•^T^l, s. the spur of a cock, a point. 

^•^?^^% s. the same as ^^«i, which see. 

^^-^r^l, s. a trick, an artifice, a joke, wag- 
gery, coquetry, a sham, a pretence. 

^<;^c7, a whitlow. ^•4ftl%, the os unguis. 

Jl'jri'SJ', s. the point of a nail or talon. 

i^'^tTftv5, s. a stroke with the nails or ta- 

^<rt? ^, a. having nails or talons. [Ions. 

iR<Ft, «. idem: s. a bivalve shell ; a kind of 

^9f, 5. a mountain, rock, a tree, [perfume. 

m\W9 s. an elephant ; a mountaineer. 

^■Jf^iJ, ^.of no estimation, mean, worthless. 

^sftf, a. prompt, ready, in hand (applied 
to money) ; -^T^-1, cash, ready money. 

^^Wf®?t^*f, s, articles produced. 

^9fWl^:^, s. a sale for ready money. 

^?f?Tt^^1%, or ^^^, s. ready money. 

^^1^9 ^9f^, 5. a city, a town. [a city. 

s^^^'l^^ 5. the vicinity of a city : a. near 

^?f^2|t^, s, the outskirts of a city. 

•^^?«l^t, or ^T^?:, s. a citizen. 


[ 197 ] 


^?f^^, a. standing or situated in a city. 
^^^13^T^, a. held or confined in a city. 
5}5fiir, 5. a bridle; vide ^]'i\]'5l. [bowels. 
sifsf, s. urine ;-^???[^, constipation of the 
^9Tt, *. a standing (as a little child) , a pole, 
^^, a. naked, uncovered. [a boat-hook. 
^f^^l, s. a young girl. 
^??"?r, 5. an anchor ; -^, or -C^^, to cast 

anchor ; -C^JI^, to weigh anchor. 
7{^7i -^7[^,'C^v\7^, s. a casting anchor. 
^^<r^t\5t, s. anchorage, harbour, [else. 
^C5^, ad. perhaps not, if not ; otherwise, 
*?i-^;^^, STSrt^, a. near, in the vicinity. 
^^^^®]1, a. poachy, soft, plashy. 
*'^'^J. s. a view, a sight ; apresent, a gift. 
^^^^*W,«. fascinated, guarded, watched, 
^■^^<l*5ft, s. imprisonment, [imprisoned. 
^^^■^TTp", a. sharp-sighted : s. one who 
sees or views, one who ogles, a juggler. 
5i"^<r^T^, s. sharp-sightedness. 
^^^■1, 8. a view, a sight, a present. 

•^■5r<rt^1, *.a present, present at mieeting. 
^fij3,<j!. the ninth. ^il3, a neg.'part. no, not. 

^^, s. a dancer, an actor : a. curdled. 

^^<f^, s. an intricate affair, perplexity : 
a. wicketi, troublesome, vexatious, [cy. 

^^•9f^,*. perplexity, wickedness, intrica- 

^^^, 8. a ball, dancing. [limbs. 

^^-sf^, «. a struggling, feeble state of the 

^^^■^, 8. a fop, a rake, a lewd fellow. 

^f^?1, s^JT,«. several species of amaran- 

^^, «. a female dancer ; a harlot, [thus.* 

Ji^JtvT?, 8. a brothel, a bawdy-house. 

^^T*T1^, 5. spinach, amaranthus. 

5(\^, V. n. to stir, to move ; properly ^^^ 

^\5, s. a kind of reed, ^v^^, vide ^v^^. 

^\5^, s. a cane, a stick, a staff, a wand. 

5T\5c^, or T^vfet^, a. abounding in reed. 

5(s5, a. bowed down, bent, prostrate, de- 
scended, reclined, crooked : s. vide ^qf. 

^^^•^r^, a. bowed, holding down the head. 

5T^^Tf^^, a. having a depressed nose. 

^^1, s. an excuse, a pretence, [papers. 

^^,s. humility, a bow, prostration ; fileof 

^f^^ijiitl, 8. the sewing of loose papers. 

*^f5^l, s. a retribution, a rewai'd. 

7{^y conj. otherwise, or, but. 

^^^1, con;, if not, otherwise, else, [very, 

mS],s. theniuthdayaftera woman's deli- 

^^y sjfi^t, *. a ring lor the nose worn by 

^^, 8, a river, a male river. [women. 

;iTf;;nf, «. softness, plashinese. 

^WJlfiif?!, a. plashy, poachy, 6oft. [ing. 

J^WT^T^r, ^Wt^flS, o. like a river, meander- 

JItrt, 8. a river, a female river; -^9T,-75^, 
or -iA"?, the bank of a river. 

J^WtsiT^^, a. fed or watered by rivers. 

^^r^^^,«. broken, worn away by a river. 

JT^, a negative particle^ no, not. [sister. 

^JJW, 5^5Jl%st, ^J^ift, 3T^»5tl, 8. a husband's 

^jft 5. butter, fresh butter. [objection. 

^^, apart, used to draw attention to an 

Jl'SfjS. joy, happiness, festivity, pleasure, 
felicity, prosperity, increase ; Indra's 
paradise ; the foster father of Krishna. 

^*ii9l",5. happiness, pleasure, joy, festivity. 

5f*^^, s. a son ; gladdening. [Krishna. 

^**f^5?f ^, 8, the son of Nanda, a name of 

^*5t1, prosperity, increase ; a water jar ; a 
husband's sister ; a goddess, [see ^"ftt. 

^1%, s. gaming, gambling ; happiness, joy ; 

^f^^, s. a timber tree (Cedrela Toona). 

^f%fl^, 8. a daughter ; a husband's sister. 

^5^, rejoicing : s. one of Shiva's attend- 
ants, speaker of a prelude to a drama; 
one who pronounces a benediction. 

^5^1 ^'5P, a timber tree ;' Indra's paradise* 

^CftT^,^^, 8. Krishna's birth-day festival. 

•T^f^TTl, a. swinging, pendenf. 

JT*(5<^, 8. haste, speed. [eunuch. 

^*^\^^, a. neuter : «. a hermaphrodite, a 

^-s^Tj*' a jingling ornament for the feet 

sj-^l, 8. a grandson ;/em. ^?jt. 

^Tj;^<^, 8. a plant called heart-pea.* 

Ji^^, «. a servant. ^TF?"T5^,servitude, ser- 

*^TFi, 8. gain, profit, perquisite. [vice. 

^^, a. new, fresh, young ; nine : 8. panegy- 
ric, praise ; -^511^, an infant son ; -iflF, 
the nine planets ; -^^^5T, noble. 

5151^,-^, 8. newness, recentness. 

^^fs, a. ninety ; -^^, the ninetieth. 

Ji^f T^, a. having nine doors : 8. the body. 

w^5I?i1, 8. the ninth day after childbirth. 

5(^^Tf?:^l, 8. a newly married woman. 


[ 198 ] 


TT^^, or 5T?r^'5, s. butter, fresh butter. 

^^?s^, s. a bride, a newly married woman. 

^^irr«- tbe ninth. ;?(^^, 9th (lunar day). 

7T<TC^V^5 «. young, opening into youth. 

^?r^^, s. the nine gems, viz. diamond, 
emerald, ruby, garnet, sapphire, topaz, 
lapis lazuli, pearl, or more probably the 
cat's eye, and crystal. [nine terms. 

^^?:Tf*t^1? s. the rule of proportion with 

^^^"j%<5l, 5. one newly become a mother. 

5^^C^^^^, s. a newly blown water-lily. 

Jl^t^^, s. a young sprout. 

^'^H^ s. a kind of sweetmeat. 

5^^TS, s. new rice, new corn, a festival ob- 
served on cutting the first ripe corn. 

*^-^t^, s. a vicegerent, a nawab, a viceroy. 

7(^T^, a. of a nawab : s. viceroyship. 

^^^, ^^'^^Ij the same as ^^7, ^^J^l. 

^C^t'S'l, *• a newly married person, a bride. 

;p[^j, s. new, fresh, young, modern, novel. 

^^J^l, s. newness, novelty, recentness. 

^^3^T2t^l*f9 s. a display of novelty. 

3^^J*1"WJ^t«^^, s. a schemer, a projector. 

;R^t, or il^f^, a. ninety. [sphere. 

^^S, ^^S^^, ^C^t5r?3»T, s. the sky, atmo- 

^"STS, s. a bow, a salutation, obeisance. 

i^irsT, s. a descending, stooping, becoming 

^IT^?, d' flexible, depressible. [humble. 

^i]Wf?f, s. a Ohandala, an outcast©. 

5l'sr'^[<r, s. a bow, a salutation, obeisance, 
a prostration ;-^, to bow. [tration. 

^"ST^'5,«. bowed to,saluted,bowedbypros- 

^^^J, «. honourable, venerable, worthy of 
respect or salutation, reverend, [tion. 

5J"5r^3ti5"5T^J, a. worthy or not of saluta- 

*iT^^,5. aniudex, a guide, an appearance, 
a beginning : a. apparent, famous. 

♦^USTl, s. a pattern, muster, an example. 

^■srjjfl^. flexible, depressible ;-v5l, flexibility. 

^^,flj. humble, lowly, condescending, soft, 
gentle, meek ;-2j;:^f^, -"^^T^, naturally 
humble, gentle, meek, lowly. 

PCSi-Jl, s. humility, meekness, lowliness, 
condescension, gentleness. 

ir"Sit^2<5?«l, a. humble-minded, lowly. 

7(?r, ad. no, is not : a. nine : s, morality, 
justice, righteousness, right. 

7(^5T, or7r^t^,5, an eye ; -^T?r, a wink, eye- 

^?r^C'>rt5?'5 «. obvious, visible. [sign. 

^?r^^T?"1, s. the pupil of the eye. 

^?r^f2t?I, a. agreeable to the sight. 

^^1, a. new, fresh, novel, modern. 

5T<IT^^T*1, s. the eye resembling a dart. 

^?t^^*$r, s, a sort of fine cloth. 

'^7[, s. a man, a male ; -'^^, a cannibal. 

^^^5 s. the infernal region, hell, torment, 
misery, punishment; ordure ; -5tt^, go- 
ing to hell ; -CBt^r, the suffering of 
hell ; -Tr:^«i1, the torments of hell. 

^^^, a. hellish, infernal, tormenting. 

^<rcw^, s. a sovereign, a king, a brahman. 

^?r^1%5 s. a king, sovereign, governor. 

^^fSf ?, a. philanthropic, loving mankind. 

ST^^fir, or ^^C^5j, 5. a human sacrifice. 

^^^5 a. gentle, soft, mild, tender, supple, 

^^TTl, V. a, to mollify, to soften, [pliant. 

^?'^t«l, 5. a mollifying, a softening. 

ST"^^, 5. softness, mildness, tenderness. 

^<rc^t^, s. the earth, the world inhabited 

^^^\^^, s. human society. [by man. 

^■?"f^\"55:, s, in mytho. the 4th incarnation of 
Vishnu ; an eminent man, a nobleman. 

^^■^'tT^, s. an epithet given to a barber. 

^^T^t%,5. humanform : a. human-formed. 

^^tf%15,«. ascertained as certain, corrobo- 

ST^rt^jS. beam of a weaver's loom, [rated. 

^^TVriTj^.a vile man : a. vilest among men. 

^^^TtX-stt^, s. a king, a sovereign, a gover- 

^<rttX^T^5 s, a human residence, [nor. 

JT^«1, s. an instrument to pare the nails. 

^C^'W, or J^C^T"^^, s. a sovereign, a king. 

^C^Tq "Sj, s. an excellent man, a nobleman. 

^■q^, s. a dancer, an actor, a dancing boy. 

^^^*tM1, s. a ball-room, a theatre. 

^«<5tj s. an actress, a dancing girl. 

^^^, s. act of dancing, acting, [trench. 

J^T^iisrl, s. a channel, gutter, drain, canal, a 

^"3^, 5. sport, fun, amusement, jocularity. 

^'^^, a. devoted to sport or pleasure : 5. 
a nipple ; a rake, a lecher, a libertine ; 
sport, amusement, coition. [river. 

Jl'S^Wl, ci. giving pleasure : s. name of a 

J(^, s. a tube, a pipe, an earthen spout or 
pipe, the trachea or windpipe, a reed/ 


[ 199 ] 


the hulta tube, a measuring rod ; tho 
namo of a famous king; a water-lily.* 

^91^, s, tlio drop of a nose-ring; tho tibia, 
tho radius, a cylindrical bono, a tube. 

^c^^^5, s. a telescope, a spying-glass. 

^^t%^t, or ^c^^5T, 8. the knee-pan or pa- 

5i5T-ort^^1, s. a species of reed." [tella. 

^c^5Toff1, s. lit. the moving of a reed ; or, 
an artifice or incantation for the disco- 
very of stolen goods. [spikenard." 

'^v\'^^ s. the nectar of a flower ; the Indian 

^c^^, a. of the windpipe, bronchial. 

^511, s. the arm, a cylindrical bone. 

^t^, s. a cylindrical bone, a reed on which 
weavers wind thread for the shuttle. 

TTt^Fl, s. a huka-snake, the tube of a hukd. 

7rf?T^, s. a waterlily, lotus ; -3^?^, lotus- 

^fi^jft, s, assemblage of waterlilies. [eyed. 

^t^l, s. a fowler ; -Vf ^, a cross-bow. 

SRcit, s. a tube, the barrel of a gun, the 
trachea or windpipe, realgar, red arse- 
nic ; also, vide ^\M. [faux or pharynx. 

^«Tt^T?r, s. the opening to the throat, the 

^crt^IWT^, V. the caliber of a gun. 

^«^, i?«^1, s. a. to flash, to emit flashes. 

7(=^^,^f^T^, 5. the flashing of lightning. 

TTc^j^f, s. the glottis, larynx hole, [cubits. 

7(M, or JJc^, s. a measure of four hundred 

^^<r, a. liable to destruction, perishable, 

ST'Jf?"^!, s. perishableness. [transitory. 

^^, a. dead,perished,spoiled,ruined, lost, 
debauched ; -^, to spoil, ruin, destroy, 
debauch, deflour, taint, undo, squander. 

^^^T?'*?^, (I. injurious, ruinous, destruc- 
tive: s. a destroyer, a seducer, [ergy. 

^^^■JTs, a. foolish, want of heart or on- 

^^^1, »^f^, s. roguery, knavery ,debau 
chery, profligacy, pollution, turpitude. 

71^1, 8. a debauched woman, a strumpet. 

5TC^T^T?r, s. the retrieving of an affair. 

*si^^, 8. fate, destiny, fortune ; a share, a 

*;i^'^^, 8. exhortation, instruction, [lot. 

^JIJ,5. snuff ;-WT^, or -PfTsH", a snuff-box. 

^^■^Tf^^, s. a sort of Persian writing. 

^f^, neg.par, no, not ; (^tf^-), I am not. 
^C^:, «c?. no, not (ct) , s^c^:^ (f^t^T) , he is not. 

31, ad. no, not ; or : ». a boat : r. to batho. 

5?rt", ad, no, not, is not : #. a barber, tho 

^ft'^'f^, #. tho navel. [naveL 

JTT^ff, «. a bathing tub, a jar. 

J^TT^, 8. a waterman, a boatman. 

♦sn^CWR, a. hopeless, helpless, forlorn. 

^l^?lC«t^l, a. abdominous, pot-bellied. 

*5TT^?P, 8. a corporal in the army. 

5^T«il^\ 8. a deputy, a vicegerent, [puty, 

^T^il^f), 8. deputyship : a. belonging to ade- 

^T^^^56^, 8. the business of a deputy. 

^T6^, s. the act of bathing, ablution. 

^T^, s. a gallant, a paramour, sweetheart. 

^t\'^«if , 8. a lewd woman, a strumpet. 

•Tt^^, a. having a gallant or paramour. 

5(T^, 8. the nose ; -TT^^TTJI, -\FT^, to snore, 
to snort; -ClT^, -C^^^l, to sneer ; -^ifl, 
-C<?l"^^1, snub-nosed ; -\?r^, a snoring ; 
-C^ST^^, -C5T^1, a sneering at any one ; 
-C^I^, having the septum of tho nose 
bored ; -cf ^, crook-nosed, wry-nosed. 

5(T^^1, s. a polypus of the nose. 

^T^T^Tt%, ad. nose to nose, to tho brim. 

*?lT^T<rl, useless, fit for nothing : 8. a drum, 

^T^PteT, s. a pair of pincers ; vide Jiff ?1. 

^Tf%, ad. a particle expressing an option 
or alternative, or not, or no, or what. 

*^Tf%'7, 8. bad, vile, refuse, worthless. 

^T^, a. nasal : «. the ward of a lock. 

^T^^^iTl, s, a speaking through the nose. 

•^T^^?"> ^^ ^T<3^^^, s. a nasal sound. 

^Tf <I1, a. having a prominent or fine noso. 

s^TC^^TS, 8. the punishment of rubbing a 
person's nose hard on the ground. 

^tC^W^, a. having all tho breath or lifo in 
the nose as though ready to depart 

JlTC^?ft^T^, 8. a species of tiger, a leop- 

*JlTC^T^v, a. feeble, weak, infirm, [ard. 

s^rsapa, ^f^fa^, a. relating to the stellar 

^T'pa'sn'T, 8. a stellar month, [niausious. 

*;jKI*Rl, a, unable to read. [joyful. 

*5rr<'*T, a. displeased, not pleased, not 

♦5(TC<IW1, 8. the captain of a ship. 

^T<fjri, *. a trick, an artifice, deceit, wag- 
gery, coquetry, a sham, a pretence. 

Sl'^?ril!, a. rent-free: 8. a freehold. 

s^T-if^TT^T^, a. gay, waggish, shamming. 


[ 200 ] 


Jlt'»f?rt<r1l|Ft, s. gaiety, waggishness. 

^t9f, s. in m^tho. sl race of fabulous beings' 
in the form of serpents ; the spectacle 
snake, a hydra, a serpent ; an elephant. 

^t^^'51", s. a burning well, a volcano. 

^T^C^*t?',or ^tr.^f^T, s.a flowering tree.^ 

^[T^r®?, s. Vermillion, redlead. 

^t^W^^l, s. a plant (Artimisia vulgaris). 

^T'»t^^9 s. a pin or peg stuck in a wall ; 
the battlements of a house ; ivory. 

^t^*1't*f, s. a Hindu fabulous weapon. 

TTKrc^c^, s. a strong climbing plant.^ 

^T*»f^t^9 s. a centre-post in a pond. 

^t'>f^,«. of a city, town-born, clever, sharp, 
knowing, nameless, bad, vile : s. a de- 
nial of knowledge ; a citizen ; a wag. 

^t-Jf?"^, s. an orange. 

^T^?:CWT^19 s. a kind of swing. 

Td^f?"^^!, s. a species of grass.' 

T^r^^l, or ^T'»fT?l1, s. a sort of drum. 

7^|9f^Tl', 5. Yasuki the king of serpents. 

^T^?"Tf^, s. citizenship. 

7(t9f <ft, a. of a city : s. a citizen ; the Na- 
gari character ; an intriguing woman. 

^T'»f^^\55 s. a fine kind of molasses. 

^t^tl^c^T^, s. Patala, the infernal regions. 

#^t^l, a. near, armed : s. an order of asce- 

^T'>fT«^, s. a vestige, a situation. [tics. 

^TfVfi?t, ^t^, s. a female serpent or hydra. 

^t^sT, s. a plough ; -53^^, a ploughing. 

^T^^1, a. ploughing : s.a plough-bullock. 

7{]'5, V. a. to dance, jump, vibrate, shake. 

7(t5, s. a dance, dancing, gesticulation. 

^tl5'5r^,55t5*n«^l,s. a theatre, a ball-room. 

^Tl5J^, ^tst^, s. a dancing, skipping, [cing. 

^tl5l, V. a. to cause to dance : s. act of dan- 

^tM^, s. a particular measure of verse. 

^tM^,s- the causing a person to dance. 

•iT^ll^^rl, d- dancing : s. a dancer, 

7rT5t?",«5.poor, helpless, hopeless, forlorn. 

^t5t<rl", ^f. helplessness, hopelessness. 

^T^Pf?T?", s. a back-door, a private door. 

^i^t"^?",*. a jailor, an inspector, a super- 
intendent, the chief of the peons. 

7[f^^, s. the business of a Nazir. 

*^1^^, a. delicate, tender, elegant, face- 
tious, genteel : s. the sensitive plant.* 

^tC^^tST, a state of unparalleled wretch- 
edness or misery, excessive fatigue. 

^t^, V. a. to dance : s. a dance, a scene. 

7(T^^, s. a drama,- a dramatic writing, a 
dancer, actor : a. theatrical dancing. 

^t^^, s. dancing girl, dramatic writing. 

JRl^i^, s. a dancing, acting, performing, 

^Ti^irf^^, s. a ball-room, a theatre. 

^T^<rf5lT^'^1, a. topsyturvy : s. nicknacks. 

STl^l, V. a. to reel silk or thread : a. dwarf : 
s. a reel for silk, etc. ; a climbing shrub.* 

^t^t^, s. a reel for silk or thread, [turvy. 

i't^t^T^I, a. towzled, entangled, topsy- 

?IT^T^, s. the reeling of silk or thread. 

^T^Tt^, s. distress, misery, exigency. 

^T^tf^TII, a. miserable : s. one who reels. 

J(lf^^1, 8. a light comedy, a comic play. 

^tf^sr, s. a top, a child's teetotum, toy. 

^tf^^t^T?", a. toy-shaped, pyriform. 

^lf^?lT#if^^lir5l, s, the outliving of the 
greatest distress or dangerous illness. 

5T1^^1, 5. adancingboy,adancer, buffoon. 

^t^j, s. a dance, a dancing. 

i^l^JltWJl, 5. the science of dancing. 

^l^J -"STJ^fr, -"^tt^l, s.atheatre, ball-room. 

STTcVtf? ^. unascertained, uncertain. 

STT^^, V. a. to move, to stir, to wag, shake. 

^Tv5^, 5. the act of stirring or shaking. 

^1^51, V. to move, stir, wag : s. a stirring ; 
straw, stubble : a. stirred, shaken. 

^t^T^T^I, s. a stirring and moving about. 

^T\5T^, 5. the stirring of a thing: a. moved. 

^T\^RT1%, s. a moving or stirring about. 

^T^T^^lj, s. a species of Euphorbia.^ 

JTtvft, s. a tubular stalk, culm of grass or 
corn, a blowpipe, the intestines, guts, a 
blood-vessel, vein, tiie navel-string, the 
pulse ; -C^<(, to feel the pulse. [babe. 

5^T\ft^T^l s. cutting the navel-string of a 

^T\ft^rt%,5. pulsation, motion of the pulse. 

5^t^'»rt5TJT, s, the extracting of the guts. 

STT^'^ts5^, 8. the cessation of pulsation. 

^tvft^cTJT, s. a pain in the bowels, hunger. 

^Tvft^, O" versed in the doctrine of pulse, 
skilful in tracing disease by the pulse. 

^t^^T^T, 8. a knowledge of the pulse. 

^txSt^^^lj s. a physician (in contempt). 


[ 201 ] 


^t^CW'itl, 8. a fooling of tlio pulso to as- 

^T\5^^^, s. a goldsmitli. [certain disease. 

^Tv^t^^Jl,*. angiology, or science of veins. 

5l1\ftt^*f ^, 5. the cessation of pulsation. 

^Ti1^«l, s. a fistulous ulcer, a running sore. 

^T^-^ft,5. intestines, -"sr?, veiny, veined- 

^T^1^'?rl, s. inappetency, loss of appetite. 

^Ti^"^^, stoppage of pulsation. [Krishna. 

^V5,s. aball-sweetmeat;-C'JfT^le^,imageof 

*i?l-^Tff^?r, a. unthinking, unreflecting; 
-^sitsr, unfinished ;-^f^^, uneducated ; 
-15T«^^, want of instruction or doctrine. 

»(Ti^, s. a grandson; fem. 5^11%^. 

^tt%<Jt%, s. grandsons, grandchildren. 

•TT^T, s. a lord, master, protector, a ruler, 
husband ; a bullock's nose-rope. [lord. 

^t^if^t^, a. dependent upon a master or 

^ttt, V. a. to expel the fa3ces (as cows, etc.) 

^TPf , s, a sound, a call, a noise, a roar, the 
dung of animals, a large earthen pan. 

^tW^T, s. expelling of the fseces by cattle. 

^tWJRl, s. a rammer, a bludgeon ; a jar. 

^1W*T51, a. rotten or tainted while stand- 
ing in the vessel (applied to rice). 

^twl^^, or 5'5l^*'J, s. the nasal mark. 

^TWI, s.alargepan;-^^^^, pot-bellied, ab- 

^Tf^l5, a. made to sound. [dominous. 

^iTt, s. a pellet or little ball of dung. 

^T^^, s. a kind of boat ; skifi's and boats. 

^1C^T^5il"^, 5. thenameof afish.^ [bread. 

*^]'^y s. a flat-bread ; -•ilt^T^, a ginger- 

^l^^l^, s. a baker of nan, a public cook. 

5^T^^, s. the founder of the Shikh reli- 
gion ; --si^, a follower of Nanak. 

^T^l, d. various, diverse : s. a mother's fa- 

^T^TS'l^^T, a, of various sorts. [ther. 

^T^TH^W, s. the doctrine of every per- 
son's possessing a distinct spirit. 

^W'^l, s. distinction of spirit in each per- 
son (a tenet of Sankhya philosophy^ ^ 

^T^tfw^, s. various points of the compass. 

5?T^l1?^CW*T,»- various quarters and coun- 

5lT^TCW*T, s. various countries. [tries. 

5I1J1 tCW*Tl?I, a. belonging to various coun- 

^T^T^, a. various, diverse, divers, [tries. 

^T^T^t^, s, various roads or ways. 

^t^tSf^T?", ^t^t1^5f, a, of various kinds. 

^T^t^«f,flf. of various colours, partycolour* 

od, chequered, of various sorts. 
^T^]C7*T, s. various habits or droaaeg. 
!iT^TBt7, S' various circumstances. 
5?T5?t?r"5,a. various, of yarious sects. 
sfT^TsJCS, ad. by every means, variously. 
^T^n?^, 5'T^t?r5ft, a. of various colours. 
^Rl?"^, «. a variety of sentiment. 
^t^l?P^, various forms: a. polymorphous. 
^T^T5f, s. various meanings, orobjects : a. 

having various meanings. [ings. 

5?T^T5f^Ti5^, a. expressing various mean 
^t^T*T^^\5j"5,«. a dictionary, vocabulary 
^T^T'*13, or?;T^I9,«. various weapons. 
5^1^1*113, «. variuu.^ writings, yarious sci- 
^t^t^T^T, 8. various places. [ences. 

^T^T^T^, a. strolling, unsettled, vagrant. 
i^T^Ct, s. a maternal grandmother. 
^TC^T*tlir,5. various expedients, [prelude. 
sT*^, ^.praise, a benediction ; a prologue, 
^■ptft^*^, s. an ancestor. [of ancestors. 
^T*^^*^2rr^, 8. an oblation to the manes 
^T-*1"^''f,unchosen, unapproved; -'«tT^,nn- 

clean, impure, unholy ; -vtT?^:, unborn. 
•Itl^^, 8. a barber ; fe/n. ^T-Jt^^t. 
^T^^, V. n. to descend, to purge oflf by stool. 
5(I^JI, s. a descending, a purging by stool. 
s'T^I, V. a. to bathe another person. 
^t^T^T^, a. boat-shaped, cymbiform. 
*^T^ifl?^t, <i. not right or just, improper. 
^T^T^,5. the bathing of aperson or thing. 
s^i^Jc^, a. low, not high ; -^f^, lowland. 
^T^T5T^, a. under lawful age : *. one under 
sTi%,a. latein the season, [age, a minor. 
si^^, s. a navigator, a pilot, a helmsman, 

a sailor, a mariner, a boatman. 
^t^^v, a. dull of understanding, stupid. 
^T^J,nafigable, beatable ; marine, naval. 
s^tf^, *. the navel, the centre of a circle, 

the nave of a wheel ; -^•s?r, the navel, 
^Tr^^*f» 8. a depression in the navel. 
^Tf5C^T»S, 8. a prominent navel. [naveL 
^lf¥C^«T, or snHs^?^, *. the region of the 
^Tf%^T^^^*. the umbilical cord. 
^Tf%'!C^T^?', s. a depressed navel. 
^t9JC5ilC^*r, *. the pelvis, the abdomen. 


[ 202 ] 


•jfsi^, V. to descend, to purge off by stool. 
^fSTj^. a name, reputation, an appellation, 

^t^^lt^rt, s, a king, a sovereign. 
^T?^?, (I. belonging to a lover, or guide. 

a noun ;-'^, to repeat a name, to extol; i ^Tf%<ii1, 5. in amatory poems, the wife or 

mistress . 
51 T^^, a- infernal 

a name of Durga, 

hellish : s. hell. 

-?'1'*Cj ^^ "^^J ^^ name, to give a name ; 

-Zt^^l, to promote a person's fame, 
^t^^, «• in comp. named, denominated ; ^t?"^, a. impious, hellish, infernal, 
bending downward: 5. the flexor muscle, i ^r?"W, s. the name of a Hindu sage. 
^t^^?r«l,5. a naming, repeating of a name. ! ^T?^#t?, «• belonging to the sage Narada. 

;r1I[^€''^, s. the proclaiming of a name. 

i?[l"sr®TW, ci. named, renowned, famous. 

^T^^t?^9 s. the celebration of a name. 

5Tt"Sr\5T^1, s, the calling one by his name. 

^fsiv^^T^, s. the ruining of one's reputa- 
tion : a. of lost or ruined recantation. 

^t"sr^5l, s. the multiplication table. 

^t^WT?r, a. named, renowned, famous. 

^t"5r^T,^t^5fT^,a. named, called, fnoun. 

5qt"sr5:ft\|, s. a verbal root formed from a 

^T^CM"^, s. a name, an appellation. 

^fST^, s, a descending, a condescending, 
an alighting, a purging. [accepted. 

53t^^^?r, cf, unapproved, null, void, not 

TitiT^I, s. the branch roots of Ficus indica. 

i^t^^TS^, ^t"5T^t^J, «. expressing a name : 
s. in ffram. a proper name, [putation. 

^T^^T'^t^, s, the promotion of fame or re- 

^1^ -■5rT3i,5. a mere name;-"^*TS, renown, 

^t^'^, a. effeminate, unmanly. [fame. 

^T^c^^, a. famous, illustrious, [named. 

Jitirl, V. a. to cause to descend, to lower: a. 

^t"5rt^5^Us the spasmodic cholera morbus. 

*^"| -Tri^«?5 ignorant ; -"i^pifyf^, improper. 

^t^li%^, a. marked with a name. 

^t^T^, s. a causing to lower, a descending. 

^TUt;^^, ^fSTT^I, 5. the not regarding of a 
saying, a not admitting, or obeying. 

^t'srt^f^, s. a sort of cloth printed like 
chintz with the names of Hindu gods. 

^t^t^^9 «• the nectar of a name. 

j^fSTToEt?, s. shelter in a name. 

^TC^I, s, the bottom, the lower part. 

^K"SrTC^, ad. beneath, below, under. 

^1^, s. guidance, instruction. 

^I?^, s. a leader, a guide, a conductor, a 
constable, a chief, ahead, a general. In 
amatory poems, the husband or lover ; 
a. leading guiding, chief, principal. 

^t?rT^5 s. orange ; -7[W^ orange-coloured. 

^f?"T"55 s, an iron arrow ; a shuttle. 

•^f?"!^? (i' not pleased or satisfied. 

•^t^t^, s. displeasure, dissatisfaction. 

^T?;T?I«1, s. God, a name of Vishnu. 

^T? WCW:5, s. the space of four cubits on 
each side of the water of the Ganges. 

^t^'T^I^tj s. Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu. 

^l1?C^«^, s. the cocoanut;-'«i?S, the medi- 
cine prepared with cocoanuts ; a piece 
of cocoanut ; -t^c^, cocoanut oil ; -it f\F, 
coir-rope ; -"srT^^I, cocoanut-shell. [kind. 

^1"^% woman, a female ;-^5f, -9fcj, woman- 

^T^^ifS^, s. custom of women, the menses. 

^T?^*f ^t?I*l,«. attentive or devoted to wo- 

^T?^f2|?, a. fond of women. [men, 

^t«^, s. a tube, tubular stalk or vessel, th 
culm or stalk of a plant, saliva, slaver ; 
a horse-shoe ; a fee given at gambling ; 
-^^, to drivel; -fl^^, to shoe a horse. 

^T«?^, s. a sort of palki or sedan. 

^T«^**f\Ll, a. drivelling: s. a drivelling. 

stfi^^*^, s. a farrier, a shoeing smith. 

^t«^^*tft5S. farriery, shoeing horses ; a sub- 

^T^f T^'^, s. shoeing of a horse, [sidy. 

^T«".l, 6'. a rivulet^ a trench, a drain, a gut- 

^T«nTt^?n, a, drivelling ; gluttonous, [ter. 

*^T^tC<I^5 a. unworthy, unfit ; not of age. 

5Rtt%^l, s. a kind of bitter potherb. 

^Tl^C#I^^, s. a defect in weaving of cloth. 

*STTl^*t, s. a complaint, a plaint, suing. 

s(tl%"*f^^, or ^Ti«^*rt, s. a plaintiff. 

^T«Ttj s. a tube ; a fistula ; a drain, sluice. 

s^jcT^, s. a driveller : a. thin, worn. 

51|*t, s. destruction, ruin, perdition. 

s^l*t^, destroying, ruinous : s. a destroyer. 

^■[*tiR, s. the destroying of a thing, [ble. 

^T*f^"t<r,or ^t*tJ, ^.perishable, destructi- 

5^lf*t^, a. destroyed, ruined, spoiled. 


[ 203 ] 


5iT'w^, «. bereft of owner, or of property. 
»T^, s, snuff ; -ifT^T, or -TflJR^, a snuff-box. 
^T^l, s. the nose ; tlie polypus ; a lintel. 
^Wf^^, or JTT^T<r?f, s. the nostrils. 
^T^TST^fr,**. a fever caused by the polypus. 
^T^I^5^, s. the mucus of the nose. [nose. 
^t^1C?'t9f, 8. the polypus, a cancer in the 

t^ :C*T^IX, ad. entirely, wholly,completely. 
t^:c*Tr^'5, a. completed, finished, [stops. 
t^r/^'iY, 8. a ladder, staircase, a flight of 
t^r.^lt^I 71, «. final beatitude, emancipation. 
f^l'^l^, -St'Jtl^, *, breathing, respiration ; 
-^T^, or -c"^«T, to respire, to breathe. 
1^:^15^, a. solitary, alone, without society. 

^iTTTCTT^rt, a. afflicted with the polypus. I f^S^^R, a, childless, without posterity. 

^Tf^^l, s. the nose ; a door-lintel. 
^tf^^T^, s. the point of the nose. 
*^f^1, ^. breakfast, morning meal. 
*^T^tJTi"^W, a. ruined, entirely destroyed- 
^■f%, phrase, it is not, empty, wanting. 
^Tl%<l>, s. an atheist, infidel, unbeliever ; 

-«t^j or -"51^, atheism, tenets of atheism. 
^f^^=3i,« atheism, infidelity, unbelief. 
^Tf^?l>J, s. atheism, infidelity, unbelief. 
^Tf^^, s. non-existence, nonentity. 
*J^I^^, a. unrighteous, improper, unjust. 
T^tf^, ad. none, no, not, certainly not. 
t^, a. prefix J meaning under or down; also, 

completeness, excellence, [diagonal. 
t^^T\5, a. straight, at right angles, not 
f^t§|^, s. a wooden trowel for fine work. 
f^\v5, V. n. to drip, to fall in drops. 
t^\v55T, dripping of water from wet cloth. 
t^\v5l,v.«. to wring out, to press, strain, or 

squeeze out, to force the juice out. 
f^\\5T^,*. the wringing of wet cloth, the 

pressing of fruits to express its juice. 
f^S, Si prefix, implying separation. 
t^sf'^*S,«. deposited, pledged, abandoned, 

rejected, given up, cast away. 
t^S'^, a. undisturbed, placid, quiet. 
t^SC^*^?*. a deposit, a pledge, a throw 

f^S'^f*^?^, a. unsuspected, undoubted. 

f^S^i:*iT^, or t^:iT\«T"?r, a. indubitable, un- 
questionable, doubtless, clear, certain. 

t^syit%, a. whole, seamless, jointless. 

t^S^TT^f, a. unable, incapable, powerless. 

tT»7i'M^,f7rsTTq^,«. destitute of relatives. 

f^S^'^ilS, 8. midnight, 12 o'clock night. 

f^S^^«l, s. issuing, exuding, oozing, a go- 
ing forth, a going out, death, a dying. 

f^S^?r«l^<J1, s. one who goes out. 

t^2^5^T?, a. destitute of helpers or allies. 

t^STTI^JT, a. fearless, familiar, tame, bold. 

f^S^T^, s. tingling of any part, throbbing. 

1^§^T?r, a. pithless, sapless, unsubstantial. 

t^S^T^^, going forth : 8. he who goes out. 

t^oT'fr*!,*. expelling, pushing, drivingont. 

f^S^Tl^lS, a. expelled, driven out, cast out. 

1^2 JTTi^:^, f^2>iT^fJT^,f^S 11^^, a. coward- 
ly, timid, pusillanimous, irresolute. 

t^J^^, «. extracted, exuded, issued, gone 

t^: J^'it , a, not tremulous, [out, or forth. 

t^S-^^, a. free from desire, apathetic. 

t^S^, a. poor, indigent; destitute, bereft. 

t^S'g^l,-^, 8, poverty, indigence, [rent. 

fr S^^, forfeiture, deprivation;-^:^, rack- 

t^l^^^, a. rapacious, confiscating. 

t^^, V. a. to plaster, smear with cowdung. 

another : s. one who deposits. 

t^2C^T^,rt. tranquil, easy, placid: *. quiet- 
ness, tranquillity, placidity, repose. 

t^SC^T^, a. quiet, tranquil, unagitating. 

t^S*t^, a. safe, fearless, secure. 

t^S*r^l, s. fearlessness, safety, security. 

t^§*T:^, a. free from enemies, foeless. 

t^8*t^, a. silent, still, mute, noiseless. 

t^S*t3, a. not armed, unarmed. 

^SC^<^^, a. pledging, depositing with t^*^,*- vicinity, proximity : a. near, adja- 
cent; -^?js, a being near, vicinity. 
t^^^^^, f^R*^^, a. near, neighbouring. 
^<r'^T>fl5,«. conieto, approached, [near. 
f3R^^Tt^*f&, tid. at hand, nearly, almost, 
fs^^C^, ad, in the vicinity, at hand. near. 
t5?*f^?n, a. poor, indigent, penniless. 
t^^3[,5. a cowdung plastering :«. plaitter- 
t^*Jl"^<5a, «. plastering of ahouse. [©d. 
f^<3f^?1, a. headless, shoulderless. 

t^SC*f^, entire, complete, uttermost, with- ; fJR^^, a. clear, free from taxes andduties. 
out remainder ; -IPC^, vide f^:c*f^^;. ; f^^"^1, s. the mother of giauts : a. near. 


[ 204 ] 


t^^sTt^lr, s. an imp, a goblin, a giant.* 

f^^1, s. a marriage : v. a. the same as ^^^. 

t^^t^?r«i, s. a being married, a marrying. 

t^^t^, s. a plastering with cowdung. 

f^^t?r, 8. an injury, offence, obstruction. 

f^<Pt<fl, a. injury, hindering, obstructing. 

^^T^J, s, a habitation, a dwelling. 

f^^t*t, s. a paying off, clearing up, a dis- 
patching ; an issue or outlet for water. 

t^1%:^, 5. a class of Moslem fishmongers. 

f^^^, «. penurious, stingy: 5. a forest of 
climbers, a bower, arbour, a thicket. 

f^^^^-f;?!^, s. a forest of climbing plants. 

f^^'^R'5t'?rt, ci. roaming or walking for 
pleasure among thickets or bowers. 

t^^^, a. insincere, cunning, devious, dis- 
honest, perverse, low, mean, base, vile, 
removed, set aside, dismissed, cheated. 

f?[^1%, s. low cunning, dishonesty, abuse, 
reproach, poverty, rejection, removal. 

t^?^f^^, a. not counterfeit, unadulterated, 
inartificial, genuine. [ed, outcast. 

f^^"^, a. niggardly, bad,low,vile,despis- 

l^^^^l , -^, s. badness, vileness, lowness. 

t^C^^^.s. ahouse, an abode, habitation. 

t^#^, s. a small pair of scales. 

f^"^«l, 5. the sound of a lute or harp. 

t^^1, t^«^,f^^, s. a nit, a louse, [tered. 

t^f^*^, «. thrown about, dispersed, scat- 

f^C'5»*1', 5. a throwing about, casting, dis- 
persion ; pledge, deposit ; an injection. 

t^C^^ep, s. one who throws about, or de- 

t^C^-pt*!, s. the act of throwing, [posits. 

f^C^«t«ll?, f^L^n^l, f^C^'^fJ, a. fit to be 
thrown about, proper to be deposited. 

f^K^iTr, s. interment, burial of a corpse. 

l^'Sf^yl, a. cost-free, without any charges. 

^•if^, a, dwarfish; a billion: s. a dwarf. 

t^-slt^, without work, idle, [landmark) . 

l^<rT^,«. apit, moat, cavity, a ditch (as a 

t^f<r?T, a. all, whole, entire, complete. 

t^-srl", f^<p1', t^'S^I, s, a nit, alouse. [culate. 

fJi-^f, a. free from flaw or blemish, imma- 

t^^TvF, s. an iron chain, fetters, shackles, a 
pair of stocks, elephant's foot-chain. 

t^^fir, s. a town, a city, a market, a fair, 
a high road, trade, traffic; the veda. 

t^*»f^^, a. acquainted with the veda. 

t^*»t?r«l, s. a swallowing ; the throat. 

"^'t^^^-^t?", -"^t^, s. a watchman, an over- 
seer, a superintendent, [intendence. 

t^^^ -Wt^, -^T^5 5. overseership,super- 

1^9ft^, s. a horse's throat or neck. 

t^if^,a. fast, tight, strict, close,profound, 
abstruse, hidden, mysterious, [tence. 

t^^F^"^!, s. a mysterious or obscure sen- 

f^^5t9f, mysterious, profound, abstruse ; 
s. a mysterious object. [persecuted. 

f^^"^^, punished, treated with severity, 

l^^'^, punishment, harsh treatment, per- 
secution, aversion, disfavour, disdain, 
dislike, confinement, a binding, a tie. 

f^^^^t?r^, persecuting: s. a persecutor. 

t^^^sfl?, or fTt^t-^;!, a. punishable. 

1^^5tf%3,a. ill treated, mortified, [ing. 

f^^t'^;^, f^^t^, a. persecuting, punish- 

f^'SF*^, s a list, a table of contents, a voca- 

f^'^"^, s. sound, noise. [bulary. 

t^'^, a. docile, yielding, subservient. 

f^W^, V. n. to wring, to express juice. 

t^^\F^, «• the wringing of wet clothes. 

t^^Sl, V. a. to wring out, to wring wet 
clothes, to exact, to squeeze the poor. 

t^W\5l^, s. act of wringing or pressing. 

t^'^cT, or fyf^, V. a. to swallow, devour. 

t^^rjj^, s. the swallowing of a thing. 

t^^^, 5. a collection, a heap, a batch. 

t^^, or l^i;, «. only, alone ; low, below. 

f^C^T^^, «. a mantle, a wrapper, a surtout. 

f^C^Tv5, flf .illiberal, niggardly, parsimoni- 
ous, base, mean, contemptible, [mony. 

f^C^Tvg^l, f^C^T^lf^, s. meanness, parsi- 

t^^^jftc?. undoubtedly, without difficulty, 

t^^f^TII, a. friendless, orphan, forlorn. 

t^lt, 0,' own, one's own ; pure, unmixed. 

t^®^^t^«^'3^5 a. self-opinionated. 

t^^^T^, a. free from disorder, confusion, 
trouble, or care, at ease, tranquil. 

t^^lSS^, (^- autocratical, independent. 

f^lfl, s. one who is a helpmate to her hus- 
band in this world and by burning with 
his corpse secures him the next. [own. 

t^^, t^C^, «. ownself ; -•^^5 made one's 

t^W\^,«. not tempestuouis or stormy, calm. 


[ 205 ] 


t^^tf^9 fl. clean, completely emptied. 

1*^^Tj^ a. still, close, calm, silent, quiet. 

fi\%, a. certain, sure, true, exact, neat. 

^^f*t5Jl, a- slothful, dilatory, negligent, 

f^l^?", a. cruel, harsh, unfeeling, [slow. 

f^\9, V. a. to weed, f^^^, s. a weeding. 

f^^tt^^Jl, a. lazy, slow, tardy, loitering. 

f^^^l, V, a. to weed, to cause to weed. 

t^^T^, s. the weeding of a garden. 

t^iT^, s. a weeding-kuife. 

fs^^^j s. the posteriors of a woman, but- 
tocks, rump of an animal, a gibbosity. 

f^^^Ctf *t, s. the posteriors, [perpetually. 

^ZJ[^'^^(ld. always, continually, eternally, 

t^IrT,«. a division of the infernal regions. 

f^lj^%ad. entirely, certainly, excessively, 
quite, downright; -^4j^7 indispensable. 

f^^TC^"^, a. solicitous, very desirous. 

f^i%f^f5, dd. constantly, perpetually. 

t^^T, a. constant, perpetual, incessant, f^^i:??;!^, a. soporific, narcotic. [room 

science ofmediciae:a^. at last, at Icaat, 
at the lowest ; -9T9T,tIie time of death* 

f^W\^^, a. fearless, bold, crueli severe. 

t^Wl^, 8. an incantation used by bur« 
glars to cause a profound sleep. 

t^f^vf JI^^, 8. a desire to fix the mind in- 
tensely on an object, or on God. 

f^f^^, a. commanded, spoken, said. 

f^CW*T, 8. a direction, a command, injunc* 
tion, order, speech, utterance, the word 
of command ; vicinity, proximity, 

f^CW*Tj, a. fit to be commanded or spoken. 

f^^1, 8. sleep, drowsiness ; •^<r, narcotic, 
somnific ; -TTI, to sleep ; -^5f, to awake. 

t^Trt^^ej, s. sleepiness, seized with sleep. 

f^iifl^^, f^WT^T, a. distressed with sleep. 

f^Wt^^, a. seized by sleep, sleepy, drow- 

f^WI^T, a. asleep, gone to sleep. [sy. 

I^^l'yrt?', f^WtSn?, 8. a dormitory, sleeping 

eternal, continual , daily, regular, fixed : 
ad. always, eternally, continually. 

t^:5J -^^. -flfl><n, -^t^J, s. the daily cere- 
monies of religion, the daily duties. 

f^UJ^I, s. perpetuity, constancy, eternity. 

f^^jt^^J, ad. constantly, perpetually. 

f^:5]tJjf^|%^, a. constantly performed to 
secure some object or advantage. 

^^IC^^^Ji, s. perpetual youth. [nally. 

l^^l'^S, ad. perpetually, constantly, eter- 

f^l5J*f^1, s. constant suspicion or fear. 

f^l^J'^ST, 8. the regular duty of ablution. 

^^Jt^^, s. continual happiness ; a chief 
of Vaishnavas : a. continually happy. 

f^^7Tt^5J, a. eternal and temporary. 

^9/ J, a. still, calm, tranquil, quiet, [less. 

f^-Wtl, a. toothless; -tf^, breathless, life- 

fj?W<r, a. pitiless, merciless, cruel, severe. 

f^W^T, 8. a simile, a type, a pattern, an 
elucidation, an example, proof, sign. 

f^^^«^U, s. a specimen, example. 

#[TH'^\a. showing, elucidating, proving. 

^VrTst, a. stainless, spotless, immaculate. 

I^fflir, 8. the hot season, heat, sweat. 

fiRWT^, 8. a first cause, primary or remote 
cause, purification, correctness, purity, 
accuracy, an end, a treatise upon the 

f^Flf^^, f^WTi^^, drowsy, sleepy, asleep. 
fJSTftC^^t, 8. an inclination to sleep. 
f^5fT«^, 8. the interruption of sleep. 
fs^WTc^, a. sleepy, drowsy, lethargic. 
f^f"^^^ or t^VfTei, a. asleep, slumbering. 
f^^^, poor, needy : 8. death, destruction, 

annihilation, disappearance, want, loss. 
t^^T^,^agem,jewel,valuable thing, are- 
t»J5fi7r, «. blunt, dull; debtless. [ceptacle. 
t^f^, *. a valuable thing, a gem, property, 

a thing found, treasury, granary; im 

asylum, a nest, a receptacle ; the ocean. 
f^t^f , a. pernicious, destructive, ruinons. 
t^Vf?1,-«,«. perdition, destruction, ruin. 
f^^^5i,s. coition, pleasure, pastime, sport, 

play, enjoyment; agitation, trembling. 
1^^^, o. smokeless, clear. 
f^^, or 7T^r5T, *. a carpenter's chisel. 
f^^T7, 8. a sound, noise, roar, bellow. 
t^^lirt, a. roaring, making a noise, noisy. 
fj^'iT*, a. reviling, reproaching, abusive. 
t^**? a, *. a reproaching, reviling, censure. 
f^*it5?1?, a. contemptible, reproachable. 
f^*itl, s» reproach, contempt, censure, re^ 
ti?*itT^^, a. reviling, censuring, [buke. 
f5?»*tTf^5, a. reproached, censured, reviled. 
t^'^RT^l, «. censure and i)raise. 


[ 206 ] 


f^'^rtC^t^T, f^'^t^ ci. worthy of censure. 

^f^'^, a. reproached, reviled. [able. 

f^f^'5^J,«. reproachful, blamable, censur- 

t^*^^, a. reproaching, reviling,censuring : 
s. one who reviles or censures. 

t^**tT, a. deservingreproach, contemptible. 

t^-pf^, a. indeed, truly, really, completely. 

^^45, a. death, destruction, ruin, an over- 
ly -pf^^, s. a falling, going to ruin, [throw. 

1^*1^^?, a. liable to falling, fallible. 

f^^fs^, a. fallen, gone to ruin. 

t^ -5^!^, s. death, destruction, an overthrow, 
ruin; mgram. an anomaly, irregularity. 

f^'p^lv5^T^^,«. mortal, deadly, murderous. 

t»t*tT^^, s. a causing to fall, a destroying, 
ruining, causing death or destruction j 
in gram, an irregularity or anomaly. 

t^«^T^^<l, or f^*tT^J, a. capable of being 
cast down, killed, or destroyed. 

f^*fTf%v5, a. cast down, killed, destroyed. 

f^«fT^5 s. a watering-trough, a milk-pail. 

t^'51«l, a. eminent, able, expert, clever, skil- 

t^^«1^1, -^, s. the same as ti^<^«ij. [ful. 

t^^, V. n. to be extinguished, to expire. 

t^^\5 , -y. n. to be finished, to come to a 

t^^^^, a being empty or finished, [close. 

t^^\5l, V. a,io accomplish or finish a work. 

t^^vFT^, s. a completing : a, completed. 

t^^^, a. composed, treated of, discussed. 

t^^W, 5. an obligation, a voluntary obliga- 
tion or vow, a subject, topic, treatise. 

t^^'^JT, s. a cause, motive, origin ; a bind- 
ing, a confining ; compiling of a work. 

1^?r^1, s. an author, a compiler, a lexico- 

t^^^, s. cessation, restraint, [grapher. 

^^€^, causing to cease, putting a stop to. 

t^^^^, s. the putting a stop to, a making 
to cease, the rescinding of a law. 

^^«^?,t^^'Gll^^^j, f^'^'^'i, a, proper, or 
requiring to be stopped. [fied. 

f^^f^^j a. made to cease, stopped, paci- 

f^^7it%, 5. a dwelling, a residence, abode. 

t^^^, t^^st, ci. unclothed, naked, unclad. 

f^^"^, s, a multitude, a quantity ; all. 

f^^l, V. a. to extinguish, to put out. 

t^^T\5, s. completion, a finish, conclusion. 

t^^t^^, s, the completing of a thing. 

t^^tT, or t^^tl5t^, a. sheltered, calm : .«, a 

t^^t^, s. extinguishing of fire. [calm. 

f^^t«t>«- fatherless : 5. funeral cake, [ing, 

t^^f^^,a preventing, prohibiting,hinder- 

f»(^t?r*l55. resisting, stopping, preventing, 
prevention, restraint. [preventible. 


i^<rT?ri, t^^T^J3l,5. prevention, restraint. 

t^?rTf?5, ^.resisted, prevented, hindered. 

t^^t^J^T«l, iJ.sufi'ering resistance. 

t^^ITf, s. a place of residence, a dwelling, 
a habitation, a house, a residence. 

f^^tJit, a, residing, dwelling : 8. a dweller, 
a resident, an inhabitant. 

t^^\5,«.thick, close (as trees, etc.,) umbra- 
geous, dense, impenetrable, impervious. 

t^tt^, a, engaged in, devoted to. 

t^R"§^l, s. engagedness, devotedness, 

t^TtlS, s. the Brahmanical thread. 

1^|:^,«. made to cease, stopped, hindered. 

^|f€, 5, cessation, stoppage, appeased. 

f^C^W^, s. information, a representation, 
a request, an offering, a present. 

t^C^W^^t^, s, a written request, petition. 

f^C^IW'^S, a. offered, mentioned, communi- 
cated, made known, represented. 

t^C^^, I^C^Vt^?, a. fit to be represented 
or mentioned, fit to be presented. 

I^C^^^T^, a. in the act of being offered. 

t^C^% s. engagedness, devotedness, ear- 
nestness, a being interested in. 

1^C^*T^, a. engaging with the mind, en- 
tering things into a writing. 

f^C^*T5T, s. a house, an entrance, an entry. 

fs^C^'n^?, t^C^*TJ, a. fit to be engaged in, 

I^C^f*r^ a. engaged in with the heart, 
devoted to, entered in a writing. 

t^^[^, a. unadulterated, pure, genuine, 
real, unalloyed, smooth, free from folds. 

f^^'^, secret, private, concealed, seclud- 

t^"sr, orf^g, s. the name of a tree.^ [ed. 

^5T^, s. salt ; -WT^, -T?ft^, a salt-cellar ; 
-■5:i^T"5r, unfaithful, u ngrateful ;- ^t^Tt^, 
ingratitude ;-'5:i«nT=?, faithful, grateful, 
loyal ;-'5:T«^Tc^, faithfulness, gratitude. 

f^^^^^t^, a. young, half fit for roast. 

f^-a^er'tirl", s. a Moslem petty judge. 


[ 207 ] 


f^-sj-dfti^l, a. middling, ratlior good. 

f^TTtf, dipped, immersed, sunk, drowned. 

*f5R5r51, ». a small sword, a scimetar. 

t^'5iCf|[T|, a. parboiled, half-boiled. 

fs^^^Wl^l, s. the elephant (in chess). 

fjTiI3, s. invitation, a call ;-^, to invito. 

f5l^3?5, a. inviting: s. one who invites. 

#riia«1, *. an inviting, invitation, call. 

t^sTgcivfj^j s. letter or card of invitation. 

t^^3«lt?, I^^3J, «. fit or proper to be in- 

^^f3^, «. invited, called. [vited. 

t??!!?, s. a change, a succession, an altera- 
tion, a barter, an exchange. [ed. 

t^iI^?"Tl^, somewhat satisfied, half-pleas- 

*fsR^1,t^5rTf^^,5. a sort of jacket, cloak. 

*f^5n'Sr, s. Moslem prayer, a prayer. 

t^f^Q, s. a cause, reason, a motive, an in- 
strumental cause, a source, mark, sign. 

f^^Q^, ad. by, through, caused by, aris- 

f^f^Q'51, -^, s. causality. [ing from. 

f^f^Ce, ad. for the sake of, on account of. 

fTjf^jS. a twinkling of the eye, a moment. 

tTTiftr!^,^. shutting the eyes : s. a sphinc- 

fi(5f^c^;r,5. winking, closing the eyes. [ter. 

f^^fi^^, a. closed, shut. [forlorn. 

f^T^^^'j or f^':3^^Jl, a. friendless, orphan, 

f^C^^, s. a wink, a twinkling of the eye. 

t^'SR, a. low, depressed, deep, sunk. [ing. 

■JTrsR^f, descendingjgoing down; deep-flo w- 

f^^^, s. lowness, a depression, a cavity. 

f^^, 5. lime, lemon, orange, citron, [tual. 

f'^Tll>,a. regular, directed, uniform, perpe- 

fjr?lt%, s. a law, regulation, appointment, 
destiny, luck, good or bad fortune. 

f^^^l, s, a ruler, a director, a regulator. 

f^?5^i, s. directorship, regulatorship. 

f^<lt3^, d' not obstructed, free. 

f^?in2^1, s. a freedom from obstruction. 

f^iJ-sr, s. a regulation, a rule, a law, a law 
of nature, an agreement, a covenant,.a 
stipulation, a treaty, a contract, assent. 

f^<l"sr^I51, s, one who makes rules or laws, 
one who stipulates or covenants. 

f^<I5r*13J, s. a writing, regulation, a writ- 
ten agreement, a treaty. 

t^iJiTB^, s. the making of a rule void, the 
infraction of a treaty or contract. 

f^nrsr^T^sr^, *. the transgp-essing of a rul^ 
or precept, or the terras of a treaty. 

f^?f^?, f^Ttf^'S, a. orderly, stipulated, 
agreed on, regulated, covenanted. 

f^?TT, 8. the same as f3?ir. 

f;;^<]til^, a. regulating, acting as a prime 
mover,rcgulating the motions of machi- 
nevy : s. a regulator, regulating cause. 

f^<lT^^^i, -^, s. the condition or office 
of a regulator, or of regulating cause. 

f^T^^, a. appointed to an office, appoint- 
ed, constituted, commanded. 

f^^ff^^l, s. a being constituted or appoint- 

f^^\5, a million, ten lakhs, [ed to office. 

f^^^, s. a wrestling, a boxing, pugilism, 

f^C<n^^J, a. eligible to office. 

f^C?lTe^l, s, commander, one who enjoins, 
or appoints to office. [commanding. 

^^C^l^»l, s. the office of appointing or 

f^C^I^, s. an appointment to office, an or* 
der, a command, a precept, a constitu- 
tion ; in ff7'am. the imperative mode. 

f^C?il9f?p^l, s. one who appoints to office, 
one who issues precepts or commands. 

f^C?Tl?f5:f5&j s. in the Hindu law, the ap« 
pointing of a widow to raise offspring 
by her husband's brother. [ed. 

f^C?lT^, a, appointed, ordered, command- 

f^C^T^f^, appointing to office, command- 
ing, enjoining : *. same as fsRC^Sppiffl, 

f^C^®^, s. the appointing of a person, the 
laying an injunction upon any one. 

f^C^T^^t?,f5^C^l^J,«. fit to be appointed, 
requiring a precept or command. 

TO^it«^> a. appointed to office, consti- 
tuted, ordered, commanded. 

t^J^i P^^P' in comp. it gives the idea of 
privation, absence, or negation. 

f^^\*T, a. destitute of a share or lot. 

f^^TV^H", <i. destitute of a partner, single. 

f^^i^*T, a. unrestrained, free, self- willed. 

f^?^*l^, *. freedom, liberty, free-will. 

f^^>fi^,a.pure, free from stain, holy ; free 
from antimony : s, the castingof an idol 
into the water after its worship is over, 

f^fri5, «. excessively delighted with, very 

fi(|r^^Ij^^, a. not nasaL [fond oL 


[ 208 ] 


f^<r^?",«.liaving no space between, inces- 
sant, unintermitted, solid, impervious. 

f^I^^^t^, a. close, solid, having no space 

f7(^^, a, destitute of food. [between. 

f7(^^^, not agreeing with another word 
in a sentence ; destitute of posterity. 

f^^*t5<T, a. free from loss or detriment. 

f^'^'^i^ ,fl^. childless, without issue, [dent. 

•ji^^'s^f^^'s^, a. shameless, immodest, impu- 
te?" '^^T'T, a. free from accusations, [less. 

f^?r*T?'l^, f^^^^^T^d, a. innocent, guilt- 

f^^«^l^, s, security, safety. 

f^?:'^tft; «. secure, safe. [ence. 

•fTT^Cs^^, a. independent ; -\$1, independ" 

f^^^Cft^l) *. independence, indifference. 

f^<r?, a. silent, mute, quiet, [of leisure. 

f5T^:^?5T*f, without leisure, busy : s. a want 

fiT^^^T^ft, a. notatleisure, busy, [willed. 

t^^^^^, independent, uncontrolled, self- 

f^^^1%^,«.unaffected by, unpossessed of, 
alone, unadulterated, [high, not mean, 

JT^'^^ff J, ^.superior, complete, established, 

f^'^^ffjf^WJ, a- clever, well-versed. 

fj^^r^f^, a^ unlimited, endless, boundless. 

fTC^^^^, a. destitute of members or com- 
ponentparts, simple, unorganic. [ture, 

f^?^?^^U -^> s. a want of organic struc- 

f^^^^r^^^, s. a want of dependence. 

f^^^c?€^, a. not depending on. 

f7(^^Ti<r, a. without leisure, busy. 

f^i"^^, 5. hell, a place of punishment. 

■J^^^^f ?T, unobstructed, uncontrolled, easy. 

f^?"^, f»l^^^> ^- useless, vain, fruitless. 

f^^of^'^l, s. vanity, inutility, uselessness. 

JTi^c^yf, a, not idle, not indolent,diligent. 

f^^*!^, s. a not eating : a. fasting. 

f^?r^9 «. juiceless, dry, sapless. 

fTrfr"^, a. defeated, desisted, restrained, 
appeased, assuaged, calmed, allayed. 

f^?^"^^, a. subduing, calming, allaying. 

f^?r3, a. weaponless, unarmed. 

f^<r'5^, ci. peaceable, pacific, tranquil. 

f^^i^;-?^!?', humility : a. not proud, hum- 

f^I^'^^t^l'j a- not proud, humble, [ble. 

f^^^^lS, a. not grown proud. 

t^? 1^^ «1, s. the driving away or expelling 
of a person, extermination. 

f^?rt^3r«jt?, f^?rt<5T^'T5 «• exterminable. 

fsT^'t^txS^^, f^?t^T^^^5 «• free from de- 
sire, contented, satisfied, [out form. 

f^^t^T'?', a. incorporeal, shapeless, with- 

f^-^I^^, a. expelled, driven away, banish- 
ed, exterminated. [extermination. 

R"^T^I%, a. vide R?r'W<r : s. expulsion, 

f^^TC5»l*r, 5. the absence of displeasure. 

f^^l9r"sr, 5. a not approaching, [cealed. 

f^^f^^,f^^l^l1W^5,«. uncovered, uncon- 

f»(^T^R^, a- destitute of a covering. 

f^^t^, «. close, concealed, solid, nothol- 

f^?'t'5'^, a. safe, secure, fearless, [low. 

f^?"t5^T?', a. destitute of a receptacle, ful- 
crum, or support ; incessant, continual. 

t^?"1^T?'l, a. incessant, continual. 

f^^t^il", or f^i^t^^^, a. ninety-nine. 

f^^tH'^, «^. sad, dejected, joyless, cheer- 
less : s. sadness, dejection, displeasure. 

f^?rt^1%3, a. not gladdened, gloomy, sad. 

f^?rT'*lf^, f^^T^TW^, «. secure, safe : s. free- 
dom from misfortune, security, safety. 

f^?"T's^W, ad. in safety, in security. 

f^?^T|^, a. uncovered, bare, exposed. 

f^^I"sr?r, a. free from disease, healthy. 

f^?'T'5T^, a. not diseased, healthy, [flesh. 

R^lf^"^, a. destitute of flesh, excluding 

R^lC^Iff, f^?"TC'5TTift, «. joyless, gloomy. 

f^?"t^^, «. destitute of weapons. 

f^^^.?,«.desert, destitute of habitations. 

R^t^^J, s. freedom from indolence : a. 

R ^t?n, ad. privately, in secret, [diligent. 

f^^|*T, a. hopeless, despairing. 

R ? T'^^, a. destitute of a scope or object : 
5. the want of a scope or object. 

f^<rT*T1,5. despair, despondency, [ness. 

f^^T'Jtrs^, s. discouragement, hopeless- 
ly ?"T^T^, a. not hoping, discouraging. 

f^^T^, s. a repelling, a driving away. 

R<rT^^5 a. repelling, repulsive. 

R^T^^^I, s. repulsion, repulsiveness. 

f^?T^^^^C*f, ad. repulsively. [food. 

R?rT^T?r, a. fasting: s. an abstaining from 

R^I^T^, abstaining from food^ fasting. 

f^^«Ei^,a. looking at, gazing at, viewing, 
observing, seeing : s. one who looks. 

f^^^^l, s. a looking, seeing, viewing. 


[ 209 ] 


f»(?r1'P«rt?, a. visible, observable. 

l^^ftPP^, «. viewed, observed with care. 

t^?"Y'«f, 8. a fixed price, a price-current. 

f^<n'^<r, 8 the denial of a God, atlieism. 

tJ?/)'5f^^TFf, t. the sentiments of atheism 

f^^'^^^TWt, a. professing atheism. 

t^<?^, a. not spoken or mentioned. 

f^^5<r, a. without an answer or reply. 


^???<f\, or f^7?'^^J}, a. not answering. 

M?cT«1", fl5. free from heat, anger, or jea- 
lousy, cool : s. freedom from heat. 

^^^*f r^, 8. safety, security, fearlessness. 

t^^'S.^T^", s. a want of effort or courage. 

f^^^,a. blocked up, besieged, obstructed. 

f^<pfw^, a. not perplexed, easy in mind. 

H^C^-jf, a. idem : s. freedom from per- 

t^^C^^rt, a. unanxious, easy. [plexity. 

t^^C^C^f, ad. without perplexity, safely. 

M^WJ^S, a. not ready for, not engaged in. 

f^^?J^, a, not engaged in exertions. 

f^^CWJt^f, s. a want of zeal or exertion. 
t^?^3^, absence of outrage,tranquillity, 
f^^*t5«ft, «.free from oppression, [peace. 
FT^^f :^:5, a. not ravaged, not oppressed. 
t^??'sl"5r, a. peerless, incomparable, une- 
t^^*tl<l, ^*. remediless, helpless, [quailed. 
t^??«tT?t, a. not contriving, not scheming. 
t^^C^^l, 8. attention, regard, respect, 
M?6*t,«- without form, shapeless. [honour. 
t^?5*T^,«. directing, ordering, regulating, 
ascertaining ; ». a director, a regulator. 
f^?5*t^n, -^, s. directorship. 
P\J5'^%8. planning, establishing.settling, 
fixing, prescribing of a course of life. 
t^?5*1«?t?, or f^^S-p^j, a. assignable, nomi- 

nable, ascertainable, determinable. 
A?6f*t^, a. appointed, fixed, assigned, 

prescribed, nominated, regulated. 
^C^TVf, s. a blocking up, un obstruction. 
t^C<lT^^, «. blocking up, obstructing. 
ff{^l5, a. gone forth, expelled, extracted, 
t^^^, a. scentless, stenchless. [past. 
f^^^, «.an outIet,an issue,a going forth. 
tiR^sjc^j .<;. a going out, proceeding,depart- 
f^^ei, f^g^, a. wortljless, useless, [ing. 
t^S^S^l; -^, s.worthlossness, useJessness. 

f^^^, i. survey, table of contents, index. 

fS^TTTlJ, 8. a thunderstroke, a serere blow, 

^Cifr^, *. a sound, sound of a trumpet. 

f^^3T, a. secluded, solitary, aninhabited, 

^^C5r,a(/.privately,a8ide.[de8ert, private, 

t^^?, 8. complete conquest. 

f^^?r, a, free from decrepitude or infirmi- 
ty^ ?t, a. destitute of water, [ties of age. 
i HfsfS, a. completely overcome. [guid. 
I f^5^7, a. lifeless, inanimate, weaJk, lan- 

t^^, 8. a fountain, a spring, a cascade. 

f^^?"ej, 8. a shedding out, an oozing. 

M^?ri, s. a place abounding in springs. 

^«f?, s. certainty, the ascertaining of a 
thing, an agreement, an engagement. 

R«f<i^^l, 8. one who ascertains or settles. 

^«f?^?l, a. ascertainable, determinable. 

t^'-tTll^P, a. deciding, ascertaining. 

t^f«f^, a. cleansed, purified, corrected. 

t^'iY'^, a. ascertained, settled, determined 
on, fixed upon, established, confirmed. 

t^ccfjl, 8, one who decides or ascertains. 

t^*>i?I,a. pitiless, merciless, hard-hearted, 
unfeeling, inhuman, cruel, relentless. 

f^Ht?ii5l, 8. unmercifulness, cruelty, seve* 

rity, unfeelingness, relentlessness. 
I fJl^?I1,«. brutality, cruelty, unfeelingness. 

f^^]T,^:S, s. an acquittance, a release. 

t^f^^, fixed upon, pointed out, identifi- 
ed, nominated, appointed, commaudt'd. 

firf»R^^l,«. a being fixed on or appoiutud, 
a being nominated or commanded. 

f^CHf*t, 8. appointment, mandato, appro- 
priation, a designation, a testimony. 

fi^C^*T^,a. appointing, appropriatirg, de- 
signating, bearing a testimony : t. one 
who appoints or designates, a witnens. 

f^CHf^Tsi, s. the ascertaining of a circnni- 
stance, act of appointing to an office. 

f^C^*T5fi^, ^CH^*T7, a. ascertainable, nj*- 
propriable, capable of proof, [bility. 

r5iCir"T)v5i,«.a8certainableuess, appropria* 

f^W^, or fsiC^ITt, <i. free from fanit, in- 
nocent, blameless., sinless, accurate. 

f^ C^ ^^15, a. j usti fied , cl eared from gu i 1 1. 

fjl^OT, wretched,poor, indigent, penniless, 

r5^>f<R^,*. poverty, i)euury, want, [needy* 


[ 210 ] 


f^5aT?r, 'Si^^, a. free from debt, [certains. 
f5^ift?r^, <?. ascertaining : s. one who as- 
f^^t?r«l, s. the confirming or ascertaining 
of a thing, an agreement, a covenant, 
f?!^?'^?, or f^vff^, ct,' inviolable, not to 
be relinquished, ascertainable, capable 
of being settled, fixed, or decided. 
f^5ft^^, a. confirmed, ratified, determin- 
ed, ascertained, settled, decided, cove- 
nanted, agreed upon, bargained. 
T^'iv4l1\ -^, s. a capability of being set- 
f^^sr, a. smokeless, clear, [tied or fixed. 
fs^T^T, nameless, stripped of name or ho- 
fjtf^%, uncertain, not established, [nour. 
f^^\*f, f^^\f*l?n, a. without progeny, 
destitute of race or family, [relating^ 
f^^^^, s. speaking, defining, describing, 
f^^5^?I,a. capable of being spoken or ut- 
tered, capable of being narrated, [tion. 
f^^5l, 5. speaking, a description, a narra- 
f5^:^^,f^^^^, s. bondage, slavery, an ob- 
ligation, a decree, a detention, seizure. 

fij^^, a. not flowing, stagnant. 

f^^Tq, s. the extinction of any thing, ex- 
tinguishing of a lamp or fire,final eman- 
cipation, annihilation, a disappearance, 
a departure,cessation,union,repose,va' 
cuity, space, vacuum : a. extinguished, 
extinct, gone out, departed, defunct. 

f^^t«»^1, -^, s. extinction, extinguishing. 

fii^tli, a. airless, calm, close, sultry. 

f^^TW, censure, blame, reproach, rumour, 
report, an asseveration, an affirmation. 

f^^l^J, a. acting fearlessly, undaunted. 

fil^T^, s. expulsion, expatriation. 

fj^^fr^j^.the expulsion of a person from 
his house, the exiling of a person. 

f^^T^, s. a sufficiency, adequacy, abund- 
ance, a livelihood, a competency ,provi- 
sion ; -^, to supply or suffice a person. 

fjR^T"^^, 5. a manager, one who provides 
for others, a providing for, supplying. 

f^^T^^l&1, -^^ s. the office or condition 
of a manager or caterer. 

f^^R^^l, s. the act of providing for. 

f^f^^»*^, a. not optional, subject to. 

f^f^<5t?r, a. unaltered,uniform,unchang- 
f^rf^"'^, «. free from obstacles, safe. [ed. 
f^f^C^, ad. without obstacle, safely, 
f^f^cl, a. senseless, distressed, paralyzed. 
f^f^C^T^, a. peaceable, free from strife. 
1^f^C?rTl>:^, -^, s.peaceableness. 
f^f^C^T^j«- not quarrelsome,peaceable, 
f^f^C<rTC?^, ad. peaceably, quietly, 
f^f^"^, a. free from venom or poison, 
f^f^"^, 8. a kind of grass and its root/ 
H^f^, a, void of understanding, silly, 
foolish, dull : s. want of intellect, folly. 
1^^t%^1, -^, s. want of intellect, silli- 
ness, foolishness, dulness. 
|^^^,s. ease, safety, security, final eman- 
cipation, happiness, repose, rest, tran- 
quillity, cessation, completion, [done. 
■|^^«, finished, completed, accomplished, 
T^^fe, accomplishment of an undertak- 
ing, satisfaction, final emancipation. 
fs^^i9, s. a want of rain, drought, [pain. 
f5TC^W^,orr^^7^, a. insensible,freefrom 
fjRC^T^, «.void of intellect, ignorant, fool- 
ish, stupid, senseless, simple, silly, dull. 
f^^J^iTI, 5. freedom from pain, ease. 
P^Jtf^r, a. free from disease, healthy, 
f^^'?, a. bold, fearless, undaunted, secure, 
f^^ <I^5^, s. a promise of security, [safe. 
t^^"<r,«. permanent, confident; excessive, 
brimful: s. ceutreof gravity ; a fulcrum, 
prop, dependence: ad. excessively. 
f^^'V^I? *• despair, despondency. 
f^^RisI, s, thoughtlessness, inattention, 
a freedom from care or anxiety, [rut. 
f;i"5^W, a. sober, quiet, unexcited, out of 
■fsT'S^ir, a. not considered as one's own. 
f^^5I^1, -^, 5. a want of attachment. 
f?(^c^, a. pure, clear, clean, transparent, 

limpid, honest, fair (as weather). 
t^"5^c^11,-oii, s. cleanness, clearness, puri- 
ty, transparency, limpidness, honesty. 
■j^'W:c^1', a seed used in depurating water.** 
f^'S&cTt^?*!, s. a purifying, a depurating. 
fi;5"^cvt^^,«.purified, cleaned, depurated. 
t^?5rT«i,s.the forming ormakingof athing, 
a fabricating or building ; -^, to fabri- 
cate, to build, to make, to form, frame. 


t 211 ] 


f«"l^T«i?P"5i,fi^'^f51, *. a maker, fabricator, 
a builder, a constructer, an architect. 

f^?&T?i^, nuikingjfubricating : «. ainuker. 
constructer, fabricator, builder, author. 

t»t7^t^7, a. destitute of a necklace : s. a 
garland of flowers offered to a god. 

rT'^^, a. made, moulded, framed, fabri- 
cated, built, wrought, constructed. 

f^^"^, a. liberated, set free, released. 

f^^cT, «. destitute of a root or origin ;-^, 
to extirpate, to eradicate, to root out. 

f^C"5^<f, a. dull, stupid, without intellect. 

f?,;EfT^, 5. extract, a decoction, an infusion, 
gum, resin, mucus : a. firm, positive. 

f^^'i'^^^^, s. a positive answer. 

f^^IJ1?5C«t, ad. firmly, positively. 

fjic^^sSt, f* c^i;§f, a. shameless, impudent, 
immodest, indecent. [impudence. 

f^^5§fl *'. a want of shame, immodesty, 

f^C^T^, free from desire : 5. contentment. 

f^Ccfr€t, a. not covetous, contented. 

f^5TT^,a.shamele8S, impudent, immodest. 

f;icnT5r,5. an auction sale; ballast of a ship. 

f^^l^'51?', •^. an auction-room. 

f^*tl, s. night; restitution; -^TT, -"^t^, the 
moon ;-«tTcnf,a watchman, night guard. 

f5^*tT5^, s. anight-prowler,raksha8,giant; 
an owl, nocturnal animal, a watchman, 

f^*Tt5^, s. a female rakshas, a giantess, 
a lewd woman, a nigh tstrolling woman. 

f^*tt^, s. a flag, a sign, a badge, a mark. 

f^*lT^Vfl7ft, carrying or holding the flag. 

f^*TTsi^W^f^, s. one who holds the colours. 

fsi^tT^^Tir^l,^. the striking a mark or butt. 

f?(*lT^, s. a good marksman; vide f^*TR- 

f5T*fr5,f^*lTJT^Ti^,«. the close of the night, 

f^*TT^T^, or fii'^l^^l, s. the night. 

t^*rT^5a, or R*ft<ir, s. midnight, [night. 

f^f*r, 8. the night ; ad. at night, in the 

f^f*tv5,«. sharpened, set, whetted, ground. 

fi^tST^, a. fast asleep, profound sleep. 

fs?*65p8T, a. steady, immovable. 

f^*5?, a. certain, sure, true: *. certainty, 
clear knowledge of a thing ; -^, to as- 
certain ; -?pi5', to affirm, to confirm. 

f^*5?^^1, s. an affirmation, an assevera- 

f^*5^^H, s. certainty, confidence, [tion. 

fsr*P5T, a. immovable, fixed, firm, 8t«d- 
fast, stationary, still. 

R'S^rar, a. not current, obsolete. 

fjl*^!?^, a. ascertaining, deciding : *. one 
who ascertains or decides, an umpire. 

f^f'*5l5, a. ascertained, sure, certain. 

f^f*5'5*'^, a. acting on sure grounds. 

rsf*59, a. careless, thoughtless, uncoa- 

faf»5^?iC*^, ad. carelessly. [cemed. 

RC*5^,a. void of motion or exertion, Hst- 
t^C*5^1, inaction, want of exertion, [less. 

t^'^T^T, respiration, breath, breathingout, 
a sigh ; -^T^, -c^^,to respire, breathe. 
fiT'^TJ^i!!'!!!^, 8. respiration, breathing. 

f'l^Sl, a. sad, dejected, melancholy. 

f^^lif, s. dejection, sadness; an outcast. 

5(1%^, a. prohibited, forbidden, inter- 

r^R^'51,*. prohibitedness. [dieted. 

RC^^, s. the injection of the sperm, the 

impregnation of the uterus, [veutive. 

f^C^^1,5. a prohibiter, a preventer, a pre- 

RC'^'f , 8. prohibition, prevention, hinder- 

ance, an interdict, a restriction, 
f^ C^ 5f^, M C^5!f<iit 5"^, pre venting, prohibi- 
tive, preventive : 8. one who prohibits. 
f^C^^^ol, s. a preventer, a prohibiter. 
f^C^ifiTt?, or f'^C^^ij, a, prokibitablo. 
Ji{'^^^, a. free from thorns or obstacles, 

free from paiu or trouble, at ease. 
f^^f , a. free from tribute or taxes. 
f^i^iaY, not diligent, useless, [occupied. 
fuT^"^, 8. proof, evidence, certainty, deci- 
sion, an appointment to any office. 
f^^^'fil^ 8. the coming to a decision. 
f^^.^, a. waned, diminished, impotent. 
f^^?l^,fiiTJ5.i«t, a, spotless, unstained, 
not blamable, immaculate, [bearing. 
f^9{^1, a. pastmenstruation, pastchild- 
f^Wt^jf'i^TsJI^, a. free from lust. [som. 
1^5*^, 8. acquittal,clearance,pardon,ran- 
f^^$^, a. ascertained, plain, clear, [ing. 
f^^^^T^, ascertained and decided mean- 
f5?W5l«|, 8. an expelling or bringing out 
fJ^^PS, a. expelled, brought out, gone, 
fa^r^T*, a. expelling, bringing forth. 
f^^$^, a. useless, ineffectual, vain. 


[ 212 ] 


f^^, a. fixed, established, devoted to, up- ' 
right, faithful, just. 

fjH^l, s. firmness in religion, uprightness, 
confidence, affiance, certainty : a. firm, 
upright ; -^T^, to be sure, or confident. 

f^"^^, s. spittle, phlegm, saliva, slaver. 

f^^?"} cruel, unfeeling, unmerciful, hard- 
hearted, barbarous, inhuman, morose. 

fj^^?v5l, s. cruelty, unfeelingness, hard- 
heartedness, barbarit}', inhumanity. 

fjRC^^ST, s. a spitting, expectoration. 

fs5^t^, «. learned, of finished education- 

■JTi^-^, a. unripe, raw, unconcocted. 

f5[^f%, ^. a finishing, a decision, a deter- 
mination, a final settlement, an award. 

f^^ff^^-^fjS.a judge, an umpire, one who 
decides : a. settling, deciding, judging. 

f^^f;5,f^^l^,a. leafless,without leaves. 

f^^^, (i- accomplished, settled, decided, 
ordered, finished, concluded, awarded. 

fil^tW^, a. deciding, accomplishing : s. 
one who decides, or accomplishes. 

f^^tW^, s. the accomplishing of an un- 
dertaking, the deciding of a cause. 

f^^tWifi?!, f^^*f fWJ, a. capable of being 
brought to a completion or conclusion. 

f^^Tt^^, a. brought to a completion. 

f^^t*^, or t^^tt^ft, a. sinless, innocent. 

f^^8?ft\55^, s. a wringing out, a squeezing. 

f^^^f^^, a. wrung, wrung out, squeezed 

f^^C?tSi^,«.needless, unnecessary, [out. 

f;;5^rT, a. fruitless, abortive, useless, in- 
effectual, unprofitable, worthless. 

f5^^5nv51,-^,5. uselessness, fruitlessness. 

f^^^yS. natural state; rejection, abandon- 

f^3^1v5, a. benumbed, torpid, rigid. [ment. 

f^fji'^1, s, name of a tree.^ [tion, rescue. 

f^'^T^'jS.salvation, deliverance, preserva- 

f^'^l^T^, a. saving, preserving : 5. a savi- 
our, a preserver, a deliverer, fliverer. 

T^^T?'^€ i,s. a saviour, a preserver, a de- 

f»T'^t'^<l, s. act of saving or preserving. 

f^^l^J, a. saleable, deliverable. 

t^^«r, a. delivered, saved, rescued, [led. 

t^^^, ». unequal, unlike, uneven,unrival- 

f5IC^;§?,dull, obscure, blunt, flaccid, weak. 

K^*tt, «. still, motionless, inanimate. 

f^^"^1, disinterestedness, contentedness, 
fs(715^^, a. contented, disinterested. 
f^T"^, destitute, poor, penniless, indigent. 
R^ST, s. a bellow, a sound, a loud noise, 
f^^^, a. killed, smitten, slain. 
*1^'^t?t«.,5. an extremity, excess : a. very* 

much, excessive : ad. at the utmost, 
fs'^:!^, ^^t^, s. frost, cold : v. a. to see. 
f^^T?'«l,5. a seeing, a viewing, beholding. 
1v[5t»ft, or R"^Iifl", s. an anvil, [lation. 
fJT"i^^,f^^ f^j^. a denial,mistrust,dissimu- 
f^'^vS, a. denied, concealed, mistrusted. 
':^5, a. low, base, plebeian, vile, inferior. 
^5^t5fl",a. descending, going downwards. 
^^■^Tt%, 5. a low tribe : a. of a low tribe, 
s^^^l,-^, s. lowness^baseness, inferiori- 
^5^W, s. a low office or station. [ty. 
^5^t^1, s. low or rustic language. 
sft^CcTI^, s. a low or mean person. 
^5^5 a. situated beneath, placed low. 
^^1, a. low: s. the lower part of a thing, 

the base, the bottom, a skirt, [turvy. 
j^^t^^C^, ad. bottom uppermost, topsy- 
^5I^T^, s. low or mean conduct. 
^^T*t?, a. servile, low-minded. 
^15^, a. below, low ; -TI^, a cellar. 
^C5, ad, down, below, beneath, 
^tss, ad. slowly, softly, with a low voice. 
sftC^Tfe^, s. a low or mean expression, 
^v]^, s. a bird's nest. [ed. 

J«^^, a. taken, accepted, received, obtain- 
i[t1%, s. justice, right, morality, ethics. 
^t^^^Tlj s. a moral sentence or discourse. 
»rt1%^, a. acquainted with the rules of 

morality, civilized, [moral philosophy. 
^t%^^1,s. an acquaintance withmorals, 
^1%^T^1, s. a moral philosopher. 
^^^W, s. morality, ethics. 
^1%!^^, a. skilled in ethics or morality. 
^t^t^WJI, s. ethics, morality, politics. 
5ft1%ft??^, a. opposed to justice or right. 
^1%C^S1, s. one acquainted with ethics. 
^1%*tt^, s. the science of ethics, a book 

treating of morals or politics. [tice. 
^t^f*f^l, s. instruction in morals or jus- 
srt^srTsir, a. that which can be taken. 
^?n, s. the taking of a thing. 


[ 213 ] 


^^, s. water, juice, liquor ;-^l%, the sea, 
the ocean ; -"si?, watery. 

^<r^,a.bloodle8s,without blood, sallow. 

^^^?'9f, 8, a wave ou the water, [less- 

5^>^W, 8. a cloud : a. giving water ; tooth- 

^^TT, a. silent, quiet, mute, Bpeechless. 

•^?"^, a. juiceless, sapless, tasteless. 

^^T?f, a. free from auger or passion. 

^C?rT^, a. free from disease : 8. health. 

s^C^rtsrt, a. not diseased, hale, healthy. 

i^c^, a. blue : s. indigo, the indigo plant/ 

•rtc^<f*^, a. blue-throated : 5. an appellation 
of Shiva ; name of a bird ; ^ a peacock. 

^«^^^, s. an indigo-planter, an indigo- 
maker, one who dyes things blue. 

^cT^T^, or ^^^T^^f«l, s. a sapphire. 

^c1*^»W, s, the blue waterlily.^ 

^c^^fv^, s. a ball or square of indigo. 

^^?r«f, a. blue-coloured, blue. 

^G^^T^?r, s. a species of monkey.* 

^«!^f«il, s. a sapphire, a precious stone. 

^c^CrJlft^, a. purple, red and blue. 

^^cfl",^t%^1, s. the indigo-plant, indigo. 

5J, V. n. to bend, to incline. [ciency. 

*«J^T^9 s. loss, injury, a defect, a defi- 

^^, «J^^^> s. a ball of any thing wrap- 
ped together ; -■^, to wrap together. 

«J^, 8. a wisp of straw or grass ; a wager. 

^^5^^, s. a hanging pendent, a swinging. 

•IV5'^^^ s. balls and clods : a. rolled up. 

^J^, 8. a pebble, fragment of brick, a mul- 

^«1, 5^^«t, fs^'ST^, s. salt. [ler, a stake. 

^f^?1, a. salt, selling salt : 8. purslain ; a 
dealer in salt ; -■*tT^, purslain. [tion. 

^t%, 8. praise, adulation, flattery, solicita- 

^[^, a. sent, ordered, commanded. 

^t^, «. a fat belly, fatness, corpulency. 

^t?c^^1, a. fat, corpulent, abdominous. 

^g\|\, 5. trachea, wind-pipe, the clapper 
of a bell, a woman's ear-drops, [ble. 

^?I1, V. a. to bend down, to bend, to hum- 

^gtST, 8, a bending, the humbling of a 
person : a. bent, inclined, humbled. 

*^f , 8. splendour, light, the dawn of day. 

Jj<f\, 8. a particular species of parrot.* 

^5^1, a. lame of tho hand, maimed. 

5^»i, a^ new, recent, novel. 

;j^, ad, certainly, assuredly, probably. 

^^7, 8. an ornament for the ankles. 

^^1, 8. an ornament worn on tho wrist. 

^, Si prefix^ meaning man ; -^vfm, human 

^If, 8. a manslayer, a murderer, [skull. 

^^J, 8. a dance, dancing.a ball, a jumping. 

^IST^T?"^, a. dancing ; *. a dancer. 

^Tjf^WJl, 5. the science of dancing. 

^IJ*TT5i1, *. a ball-room, a theatre. 

^«t, or ^<^I8T, 8. a king, a sovereign. 

^*f ^9T, s. a royal race, a royal family. 

^9f^i, .«, 8, kingship, sovereignty. 

^■s^^, 8. a king, a sovereign, a governor. 

^^^^, s. an excellent king. 

^'H"f^I?r, s. a king's palace. 

^*11^'St, 8. a king's son, a prince, [nant. 

^*T\^, a. injurious, malevolent, malig- 

^f^^ «5^, s. the fourth incarnation of yish* 
nu in the form of a lion, a noble man, 
a lion of a man, an excellent man. 

C^^<r, s. a broad sort of tape. 

C^^"^^ CJi^^l, V. n. to turn back, to return. 

C^^^, 8. a tame animal ; -^fTv^l, intimacy, 

C^^^^T, s. a returning. [intercourse. 

C^^rT, s. an ichneumon, a weasel. 

C^^, 8. a foundation ; a law. [of a gun. 

C^-^rll, s. a morsel, a mouthful, wadding 

C^S, s. the leg ; -^T^, to push witli the 

C^\5^ V, n. to halt, to be lame. [leg. 

C^\5'^j 8. a limping, halting, hobbling, 
^\^, or c^\^, a. naked, stripped. 

C^\^, or c^^f^, 8. a piece of cloth worn 
merely to cover the privities, [mouse. 

C^\^?I1, a. naked : s. a mouse; -^^nr, a 

*C^^, a. pure, holy, good ; -sJinr, the eye 
of mercy ; -.n^, a good name ; -^^Rt, 
reputation, fame ; -^^, fortunate. 

C5?^^1, -^It??, 8. a rug, a shred of cloth. 

C^T^f^?!, or CSJ^JI, 8. a hyena, a wolf. 

C^^y a. playing the buffoon, pretending. 

CS^;^, s. buffoonery, pretension. 

C^9T?r, s. a vomiting, puking, a nausea. 

*C^^, ». goodness, holiness, purity. 

C^««r^1, 8. a trick, a sham, a pretence, an 
artifice, a joke, waggery, coquetry. 

CJiSl, a. left-handed, c^w, #.a step, a foot- 

C5^8f ^, a. limping, lame, hobbling, [step. 


[ 214 ] 


C^fv^, s. a striking witli the leg to throw 
down an opponent in wrestling. 

C7[^51, s. a sausage, a hog's pudding. 

*C^C»t^1, a. destitute of race or family 
(abusive term) ; lit. destitute of feet, 

C^Rlt, s. a tail. C^®Tv5, s. a crupper. 

C^lfl, s. a tail ; a spear, a lance, a pike. 

C^©T^^, s. arrangement, government, the 
administration of criminal justice. 

C^SiM^I, s. the tail and the head. 

C^^j:^fl??1, a. plashy, wet, ropy, slimy. 

C^^^, a, left-handed, sinister-handed. 

C^'^TC'^^I,*- a being tarnished, a tarnish. 

CJ^^<ll, s. a professional dancing boy. 

C^T^, or ^3t\5, s. hard excrement, ordure. 

Ci\\5\ a.pc^llard, lopped, shorn, bald, bare: 
s. balladsinger,a Vuishnava (in irony). 

C^TO^vSl, ct. shorn, bald, unadorned. 

C^^t*Vt®', s. the same with iSTv5T'*l^Sf. 

C^vft,«. a female Vaishnava, a balladsing- 

C^C\5T^, s. a species of wild duck. [er. 

C55\F)1, s. a Musalman (in contempt). 

C^^^J, a. proper to be received or taken. 

C^\5l, s. one who takes, a receiver, a lead- 
er ; a rag used in cookery ; a rogue. 

C^Xtl^, s. a hemistich : a. half; -"sri'^l, 

C^^^9 tt. slow, inactive, lazy, [half-done. 

C^lfl, 5^, s^5i^, 8. the eye. [the eyes 

C^ISC^ns^, s. an object of sight ; a. before 

C^la-*1^\5l, -C?rT'»f, s. disease of the eyes. 

C^3iC?t'>rt, a. diseased in the eyes. 

C^t^, 5. clods of cowdung dried for fuel. 

C^t^^, or Ci^wt?[R, a. nearest, very near. 

C^TfC^Tf , s. softness, plashiness, pulpiness. 

C^TfCi^1^<11, a. soft, plashy, boggy, pulpy. 

C^*fl, 5. a membrane, web of fibres. 

C^-s^t^H, ci. web-footed, palmipede. 

^•^*tj» *• ^^ ornament for the feet. 

C^^l, 8. the jaundice, a disease of the bile. 

C^l^, 8. a lime, lemon, orange. [circle. 

C^^, s. the circumference of a wheel or 

C»T?iT<r, or C^?It«^, 8. a kind of broad tape. 

C^C?,s. a boatman, a waterman, [dog on. 

C^v\, V. a. to excite, to stimulate, to set a 

*C^*t1, 8 intoxication, intoxicating drug. 

CJ^^ttC'itT?', 8, a drunkard. [toxication. 

C5l*tTC<t^, s. drunkenness, inebriety, in- 

c;T^t?r, V. a. to look, to view, to behold. 

C^'5^T?<1, s, a looking, a surveying. 

t^T, s. a lump of earth or dough : a. new, 

recent ; female (applied to a calf) . 
t^^^^J, s. vicinity, nearness, proximity. 
t^T^f ^, s. a shop-keeper ; a portion of the 
t^^J, 8. eternity, continuance. [veda. 
t^^«ilJ, s. cleverness, skilfulness, address, 

expertness, ability, superiority. 
ti^c^WJ, s. an offering, present, [causing, 
t^fs^^^, a. causal, producing, procuring, 
t^UTl?^, a. professing the doctrine of the 

Nyaya school ; a logician. 
t^^§^, 8. an appointment to office. 
t^'^^^J, s. incessantnesSjimperviousness. 
t^^T^T?", 8. incorporiety, formlessness. 
t^<rT*t, t5^^1*t1, s. despair, despondency. 
X^Z^ "$, s. the south-west quarter ; a giant. 
t^^«lJ, s. inutility, a want of good quali- 
ty ^^TJ, 8. poverty, wretchedness, [ties, 
t^^c^j, 5. purity, transparency, clearness. 
t'l^^sS", s. uselessness, inutility, 
t^f^^, s. the master of the mint. 
t^^J, 8. establishment in any sentiment. 
c?('!fir<P, a. natural, arising from nature, 
t^f^\f*t^, 5. a swordsman. [humble. 
C^t^l, C^T^T^, vide ^?1, ^^t^T. 
*C^t^^^1, 8. a point, a bird's bill, a spur. 
C^t^3^R, or CiTt^^4^, 8. vide ^^TftiT. 
C^Te'l, 8. a point, dot in writing, a blame, 
C^Tt^^, s. a boat or ship anchor, [stigma. 
C^T^?"1, or Ci^t^?"lf^?n, a. filthy, beastly. 
C^T\?, s. alloy, base mixture; an acid fruit. 
C^T^Sl, 8. a muUer, a stone muUer. 
Ci^T«l1, a. salt, brackish ;-c^5f^1, a fish.* 
C^twt, s. a paunch, a large belly; -cn^1, 
C^T^I, a tree and its fruit. ^ [pot-bellied. 
C^l, 8. a ship, a boat, a skiff. 
C^l^l, 8. a boat ; --s^oj", a passage by water. 
C^^^fsf^J, C-^sT], c^'t^T^'j, a. navigable. 
C^T^r*fC«f, ad. by boat, by ship. 
Csn^iTW?", s. sal-ammoniac. 
^J^T^, s. a loathing, disgust, a nausea. 
^J^^t^^, ^J^^'S, a. abhorred, loathed. 
JTJ^S^t'^'j, a. abominable, disgusting. 
JT3^^, a. dwarf, short, base, mean, evil, 
^]^^51, a, lame, halt, club-footed. 


[ 21.5 ] 


^J"?!, «• deposited, pledged, placed. 

^J^^, a. saving, hoarding : s. a hoarder. 

^JT^t^, s. a vomiting, puking, nausea. 

^J1^1, a, left-handed, sinister-handed. 

^]t?, *. one of the six schools in which 
vedic philosophy is professed ; right, 
justice, truth, equity, law, righteous- 
ness, logic : a. resembling, like. [er. 

^Jt<l^, s. a judge, logician, just reason- 

5iJt?^I5l, s. one who acts rightly, or with 
equity, one who does justice, [justly. 

^]T<i^T?"^, doing justice : s. one who acts 

^7T?I^o, ad. according to right or justice. 

^3T?^<(^^, ad. by a law suit, with justice. 

^Jf?*TTS, s. logic, or the science of philo- 
sophy usually called the Nyaya. 

^}T?t, a. rational, right, just, proper, do- 
ing right, doing justice. [at law. 

^JT^J, a. right, just, litigable, recoverable 

^H«nr, a. satisfied, sufficient, successful. 

^JfT, s. a deposit, a pledge. 

JiJIJ^T*!'^^, 8. the denial of a deposit. 

55[JW, s. a ladle: a. crooked, curved, crook- 
backed, stooping, looking downwards. 

^3W^^^, «. made crooked, bent. 

^J^, a. less, deficient, defective, wanting. 

^7^^1,«. defectiveness, deficit, deficiency, 

^JJ^t^C?r^, or ^51 if 5^^, a. lessor more. 

^s^lf^i^J, s. a deficiency or excess. 

^, the twenty-first consonant in the al- 
phabet. It has the sound of English p. 

*1^^1, s. steps, stairs, a stair-case. 

^^'^^I, s. the Hindu sacerdotal thread. 

«1\f^, s. a row, a range, a line, rank ; a 
metre : a. ten ; -s^fT?"^, a catch-word. 

^^^1, 8. a bracelet^ the wrist. 

<^^r;?*T, or 'S^<]f3'«T, a. thirty-five. 

^5]GJ, seventy-five. -pf^I^i^, eighty-five. 

<^5T5^^, ^IJ^^"^, a. ninety-five. 

-^[5*1, twenty-five. 'Kfs^tl, twenty-fifth. 

•^^^if^n, forty-five, -^^^f^, sixty-live. 

^^^, V, n. to arrive, to come, to reach. 

*f^^^, s. the arriving at a place. 

«i^^, s. a pond, a pool, tank, a reservoir. 

«1^^15T5^, 8, a place where salt is made. 

*f^^Tl^, a, belonging to salt manufactory. 

*t^, a. ripe, cooked, mature, concocted, 

^(■^ryi, 8. maturity, ripeness, [digested. 

<1^5«T, s. a chymical preparation of oil 
used as a medicine, boiled oil. 

*f?st5, baked meats, a short of sweetcake. 

<>f9p,«.anarmy, a feather, a wing, the fea- 
ther of an arrow, a side, a flock, a party, 
a friend, a fortnight ; a proposition or 
side of an argument in logic, a plaint 
in law, a position advanced, an alterna- 
tive, contradiction, opposition, rejoin- 
der, reply ; in arith. primary division. 

«t^*tT"5, s, collusion, partiality. [zan. 

*t^*tTl5t, partial, attached to : 5. a parti- 

*f^^l^, a. winged, feathered. [tions. 

^t^CwW, s. a distinction between proposi- 

«^^:^ft^, or *1^^5T, a. destitute of fea- 
thers, unfledged, wingless, [true bill. 

*1^yl^«lj s. the sign of a valid plaint, a 

-s^^U.!?", ^^T^t%,a. feather-shaped, like 

*1^1"5rT'5, s. the palsy, paralysis, [a wing. 

*t^^, 8. end of a proposition or plaint, 
last day of waxing or waning of moon. 

^'5PT^?r, 5. another side, another view. 

*t^t^C^, rtfl?.otherwise, on the other side. 

''^f'^*^*!, s. birds, a class of birds. 

^f?P^, *. night reckoned with its preced- 
ing and succeeding day, a female bird, 

^rf^A^iTW, 8. the singing of birds. 

*lf^^T?rl, s. a bird-catcher, a fowler. 

^ff'^^tSf, s. Garura, the regent of birds; 
a swift horse ; a peacock. 

*f^, a. winged : «. a bird, a fowl. 

<>f ^, 8. the eyelash, the barl or fibre of a 
thread, a fibre, the filament of a flower. 

**(^4^, *. a footpath in a moantain. 

^sfT<r, a. a mound, a bank. 

<1^, #. mud, mire, clay ; sin, guilt 

9\%'9i^ or 't^CT???", 8. a lotus, a waterlily. 

^^[%W^^'^^ a. fern, lotus-eyed. 

«Y999^, a. resembling the lotus. 

*l^f«s1, «. an assemblage of waterliliea. 

^TfZ\y a, resembling mud, pulpy. 

*^^<lHfl?^'T, s. chyle, the gastric juice. 

*f^^, ^r^«l, «. muddy, miry, clayey. 

'IC'ST^l?", *. the cleansing a pond or other 
receptacle of water from the mud. 

[ 216 ] 


'^W^, s. confraternity, a religious society. 

"pf^-s^ft^, 5. a locust,' a flight of locusts. 

t^W, a. lame, crippled, halt : s. a cripple. 

"pfl^, V. n. to putrefy, to mortify, to rot. 

5^5^ s. a putrefying, a rotting, decaying. 

•sf^l, V. a. to promote putrefaction, to ma- 
cerate: a. rotten, putrefied, digested. 

*f5T^, 5. the causing of a thing to putrefy. 

•^ST^, 5. pu.tridity, rottenness, a stiving. 

*tn^T^f ^1) ^- worn out, rotten, putrid. 

^^t^?", s. foppery, glare, outside show. 

«>f5t«^, s. scurrility : a. scurrilous, obscene ; 
''^'t^t to use scurrility, talk obscenely. 

«1"M^*i"T^^, s. a talking obscenely. 

^Mt^^l, ci. scurrilous, talking obscenely. 

'pf^^'^, s. sloppiness, splashiness. 

<^15fff^?1, a. sloppy, poachy, miry, dirty. 

«t^T, a. digestible, that may be digested. 

^^J'sn^, a. under digestion, ripening. 

«t^, «.five :«.an arbitrator, an assembly. 

«t^^, s. a tax of a fifth : a. relating to 

«t^^*t^5, s. five per cent. [five. 

^QPC^t«l, s. a pentagon : a. pentagonal. 

«1'?t*C^T«^, s. five pungent plants,^ much 
used in the Hindu ^W^, or decoction. 

^5^9r^J,s. five productions of the cow, viz. 
dung, urine, curds, milk, and butter. 

^^^^T^\'*t^, a. forty-five. 

^9|s5^t^\*t€ir, a. the forty-fifth. 

^t^^-i^TS, s. a kind of religious austerity. 

<i"^'s?r1, an inland duty on merchandise. 

's^Qpf^\*r^, thirty-five. -s^^tsfs's-^Tc 51, 3 5th. 

*t9P^, s. death, viz. a resolution into the 
five primary elements ; --s^d, to die. 

«fQPW*f, a. fifteen ; -'<f1, of fifteen sorts. 

«t^5^l9 «f^- of five sorts. ^^^, a. five. 

<^o^vfQpt*t, 's^^^^^T'ne'sr, a. the fifty-fifth. 

-pfQ^ns^T^t**, a. fifty-five. 

^^•s^^^, s. the twins of five trees^ used 
as a medicinal preparation. 

<1SpnT^^, s. five heroes of the Mahabha- 
rata,viz."^f^1%^,^lir,^W^,5l^ci, and 
^■^CW^, these are the sons of Pandu, an 
ancient king of Hastinapur or Delhi. 

<^^2t^T?", or M5is^s:f, a. of five sorts. 

*t^2tft«^, s. five lamps (as an offering). 

"s^i^^^t*!, s. the five vital airs. 

'^5^t^\*tt%, twenty-five ;-^$^, the 25th. 

-pf^^^W, a. pentagonal : s. a pentagon. 

•pf^tJ^^xj, s. the five elements, viz. earth, 
water, air, aether, and light or energy. 

•c^^^lSTlTl, s. the individual as consisting 
of the five primary elements of matter. 

'5T?^C^'t1%^, a. material, not spiritual. 

*t^5r, a. the fifth ; -^■^?, quinquennial. 

«^?pir^T*fT^^, 5. five mortal sins, viz. the 
murder of brahman, drinking of spirits, 
stealing above 80 grains of gold, defil- 
ing the bed of a spiritual guide, and the 
society of a person guilty of mortal sin. 

^^^^'1, a. the fifth (lunar day). 

-s^^^^e?, a. composed of five roots. 

*t?^^^, s. the five precious things, viz. 
gold, silver, pearls, crystal, and copper. 

«^5^*t^, *. a name of the Indian Cupid. 

•s^^T^s., s. an assembly, a company, a jury 
ofa court, a committee for arbitration. 

«t^T^, s. idem : a. pertaining to a pan- 
chat, (duty) done by a panchat. 

^5^T^7^", a, having five faces : 5. Shiva, a 

-s^^T^, a. fifty-five. [lion, sign Leo. 

-s^^T^t, <^5^T*r<^, a. fifty. ^IQ^m^ir, 50th. 

-pt^T^rll^, a. eighty-five ;-^ir, the 85th. 

-s^^Pt^, s. a pentagon : a. pentagonal. 

-pf^TT, s. a rib, a side of the body ; a cage. 

^ff^^l, s. an almanac, calendar, [nomer. 

*tf"^^T^T?"5 s. almanac- maker, an astro- 

'^% y. to be in the way of succeeding. 

"s^^, s. the canvas or ground ofa picture, 
a picture, fine cloth, canvas. 

'5^^<t.1, s. a squib, a cracker; the bladder. 

^t^^t?", s. a draughtsman, a limner. 

^^^, s. mark on the forehead with san- 
dal wood, a basket, a film on the eyes. 

*^^'5^^, s. the name of a particular medi- 
cine, a pop-gun, a snapping sound. 

«t^1, V. a. to make an undertaking sue. 
cessful,to accomplish a work or design. 

*f^T^l, s. a squib, a cracker. 

■si^R, «. the accomplishment of a work. 

*t^, s. a cloth, a slip of cloth, a bandage, 
a roller, a garter, a small strijJ of land, 
a quarter or part of a market. 

^^^15^1, «. the tying of a bandage. 

«fei [ 21 

^f'^, a. eminent, clever, able, export, skil- 
ful, doxtorous, diligent, smart, sharp, 
crafty : s. baize, woollen cloth. 

*tF^1, 8. a painter, a limner, an image- 

<^^d5l, s. a girdle, a belt, a sash, [maker. 

*1^!<1,-^, s. expertness, eminence,clever- 

^C^t?T, 8. a cucurbitaceous fruit.* [ness. 

^tC^fG^C^T^Tl, s. the gathering of Patola ; 
(met.) a dying, death, flight for debts. 

^u^?is, V. n. to fall in wrestling. 

*1^^Jr, 8. a stumble, a slip of the foot ; 
-"511^, to knock down ;-<ri, to get a fall. 

*t¥^], V. a. to throw down in wrestling. 

«t^^T^, s, a dashing, a throwing down. 

*f 5, s, a kind of silk ; a mark on the fore- 

*t^^3, s. silk cloth, satin. [head. 

*1^5lf^^, or *1^?T«ri", 8. the chief queen. 

*t^, 8. the same as ^t^* 

*1^*tf^?1, a. snapping, crackling. 

^^^, s. a reading, a reciting. [read. 

«^^^?I, -s^ft^^J, -Pf^J, a. legible, fit to be 

*tft^, a. read, repeated, recited. 

*1^!I"srT^,«. in thecondition of being read. 

*f^, V. n. to fall, drop, to fall into disuse, 
to occur, happen : v. a. to read, repeat. 

*t\5^, or "PtlvBT-s^^^, s. a neighbour. 

*f \5l, V. a, to cause to fall, happen, or read, 
to teach : «.fallen,fallow,uncultivated ; 
reading : s. a lesson, a throw at dice. 

^vJt^T,^. causing to fallj a teaching, caus- 
ing to read, casting of dice : a. reading. 

^tf^^R, 8. the woof of a piece of cloth. 

*t^?1,*tC^5l,a. fallow, waste ; reading : «. a 
student, a pupil, scholar, a school boy. 

<^«i, s. a wager, a pledge, a bargain, a 

stipulation, a condition, a compact ; 20 

^ gandas, or 80 cauris ;-^, to bet, stake. 

^«l4^?, a. subject to a wager, negociable. 

«^«l'^?r«J^7T?, 8. the reckoning of a sum 
or counting of articles over and over. 

«t«l2rf^^^1, s. the laying a wager. 

^^1^^y s. matter of indifference, [wager. 

«if«115, (I. made a matter of trade, laid as 

^f«ll^J, a- merchantable, saleable. 

«^?S, a. futile, fruitless : s. a eunuch, a 
blank (in a lottery). 

^•i^ir, s. a fruitless labour, a i)loddiDg. 

7 ] 


*f»*3!tift, a. laboriouB to no pnrpofie. 
*f^1,«. learning, philosophy; brahmansof 

Jagannath's temple in Upssa. [pher. 
*lf*s^,«. learned: «. learned man, philoso- 
'^f^'S^i^, or nf^"5^5f, «. a claa« or society 

of learned men, or of philosophers. 
*fr?S?:5l, -m, 9. learning, philosophy. 
*tr*83^s]tBf, 8. a society of philosophers. 
*lf^lTf^5lT^, a. esteeming or accounting 

one's self to be a learned man. [dise. 
*t«il, a. marketable, saleable : i. merchan- 
^l^yS. a grasshopper,a bird ; paper-kite. 
^t^S^r, a. falling : s. a falling, subtraction. 
^I^SsTt?, a. fallible, liable to fall. 
'^Itjf 8. a plate of metal, an iron hoop. 
«t^T^7, 8. a flag, an ensign, a pendant, a 

standard, a weathercock, a signal. 
*1^^, s. a standard-bearer, [possessor. 
^fSf 8. a lord, a master, husband, owner, 
'^^W],8. a grasshopper,butterfly ; a kite. 
*Tf^^, a. degraded, fallen, laid down with 

grass, neglected, uncultivated, fallow ; 

-*1T^^, purifying the fallen, or sinful. 
*tf3£tl«11, a, loving her husband as her 

own life, burning with her husband. 
•^f^^^, a. having a husband, married. 
•c^l^^^l, a. chaste : s. a chaste wife. 
*ff5^?l, a. choosing her own husband. 
*f ^^, a. building, founding : *. a city, a 

town, the settling of a colony or town, 

laying a foundation; advance of money 

for manufacturing any article. 
^?5^?r1, a. (article) for which money has 

been advanced beforehand, [thing. 
*t^, s. a wife, the female owner of any 
vf3I, 8. a leaf, a blade of grass, the leaf of 

a book, a letter, a writing ;«metal plate. 
^39, 8. a luaf, a letter, a writing. 
^^^f^^?", 8. a hut of leaves. 
*13l5T^15lfi^, *. correspondence by letters. 
^3Jsit^l, meansof aletteror writing. 
*f3li^, 8. number of the page in a book. 
-^^T^srt, 8. a list of tickets in a lottery. 
^'si\, 8. a letter, writing, a bird, an arrow. 
*f^, *. a road, path, way, route ;-'^T?l, to 

.lose the way, to go astray, [journey. 
«f ^<rir5, 8. roud expenses, provision for a 


[ 218 ] 


«f<irc^ttf^?1, s. a scavenger, a sweeper. 

sfol";?^^, s. a guide, one who sliows tlie 

«t«ir^«T, s. a being bewildered. [way. 

^f^T^'sr, s. a mistaking the road. 

*i"9tt^?r, «, a different road, another way. 

<^f^<p_, s. a traveller, a passenger. 

<1"f^<5T^T^, ^R^T^^, «^f^^l3£(<l,5.aninn, 
a baiting place on the road. 

<tf^^, s. a road, a way. 

^t%5ic<rj, ad, on the road, by the way. 

<^^J, a. salutary, wholesome : s. diet, regi- 

*t^JWl^^,«. giving wholesome foQd.[men. 

«f^]T*t^J,a. wholesome or unwholesome. 

's^^Jt*?!', d- feeding on wholesome food. 

«t5f, s. a foot, the foot of apiece of furni- 
ture, an employment, a station, office, 
a rank, a step, an inflected word, a con- 
nected sentiment, a place, a site, a 
mark, a stage, a foot in poetry, a verse. 

*tW9f, '5f?'»r, d. going on foot : s. a footman. 

^f^f^"^, s. a footstep, a foot mark. 

^^^J^, «t^^^, a, fallen from a station, 
discharged from an office. 

^W^«T, «. the sole of the foot. [a road. 

-p^WTt, s. a title, patronymic name ; a way, 

*tit^CSf, ad. on foot ; -'^1, to walk, to go 

^??'9ft, s. stockings, a boot, [on foot. 

*tW^\I^^«), s. the departing from the sub- 
ject matter of a plaint and complaining 
of something else in a court of law. 

*tW^^«f, ci. mixed or compounded (ap- 
plied to mixed plaints), [a station. 

«^^^, a. in possession of an office, fixed in 

f^^f^^, a, situated in an office or station. 

<^W5?r,^. plagiary : s. plagiary ,plagiarism. 

*1"W5^1, s. a plagiarist, a literary thief. 

•ptWI, V. a. to applaud, to praise, celebrate. 

"s^WmT^, s, a kick ; -^, to kick. 

^^Wt"^, s. a footstep, the print of the foot, 

*t^t1%^, a. marked with the foot. [toe. 

-s^w I^t^j s. a toe. "s^ifT^J^, s, the great 

«^TfT^, or *tWtri^. s. a foot soldier, in- 
fantry, a foot messenger, a footman. 

'H'^T^, s. applauding or praising of a per- 
son, the marking of the cases of nouns 
with figures for recognition ,the spacing 
of words in writing, punctuation. 

's^Wt^^S, -^t^^v?, CI' bowed at the feet. 

•^Pfi^^, another part of a law proceeding. 

'^Wt^oft, s. a list of titles ; metre, verse. 

^T^ftf^f^^, a. installed into an office. 

-s^WT^, s. material object, substance, pro- 
perty, essence, quality, a thing, thing 
expressed by a word, a category. 

«t^I^«l,5. the induction of a person into 
an office, the installation of a person. 

<>fpft^^9 s. a footstool, a stool. 

*tw), s. the tonnage of ships or boats. 

n^^, or 2(Tft*T, s. a lamp, light, candle. 

^1J?1, a. belonging to an office, official. 

n^git^:^?, s. wholesale, not retail. 

•s^Cffs^CW, ad. at every step, step by step. 

*tf^, or '^\\, s. a title, a surname. 

-st^t^, s. a road, way, a line, a row, range ; 
a ritual, a manual. [a battle array. 

«1^, s. a lotus, a waterlily ;^ ten billions ; 

■s^^^f^^l, s. an unexpanded waterlily. 

^fisf^^, s. the sun, a bee, a humble bee. 

^f'WsjJsr, s. the honey of waterlilies. 

«1^C"?rTt^, -^m^]-^, «t^lTi5T, s. Brahma's 

'^^J]9{, ^t^irfyf ^fl , s. a ruby, [names. 

^f'iflCc^T^^, a, having eyes like the lotus. 

«^]%4^, s. assemblage of waterlilies, par- 
ticular description of delicate women 
in the amatory writings of the Hindus. 

'^m, s. verse, metre ; rule, usage, custo- 
mary behaviour ; idiom of a language. 

<^Tf):5»5r,5. common or customary practice. 

^5fJ^^, a. unprecedented, unusual. 

«t^^, s. the same as ^T^tc?, which see. 

'^^'^■^j s. cheese ;-^^1, a cheese-seller. 

"^Z^J, a. fifteen. ^Z^jf^, the fifteenth. 

'^%\ s. a road, way, path, route ; a clue. 

'^^,a. travelling, following the tenets of 

«^g?r, s. a serpent, snake, reptile, [a sect. 

-51^^, s. a shoe, a boot, stockings. 

-5^^^, s. the wind, the god of wind. 

•s^"^^^***^, s. Bhima and Hanuman, who 
are fabled to be the sons of Pavana. 

*T^;5, a. pure, clean, holy, sacred. 

«tR^^1) -^) s. purity, holiness. 

«tt^^^^j a. sanctified, purified. 

«fsr, s. a clue, a guide. 

'^z^s. milk, water} prosperity, good luck. 



[ 219 ] 


*«1TI^'r, 8. a message, a letter. 

*1"?^t^<r, 8. a messenger, a prophet. 

**1"?l^t?r, s. a slipper, a shoe. 

**f^*f1, a. produced, born, created. 

*1?«Tc^l,«tC?T^T<^1, s. drain, gutter, aque- 
duct, watercourse, a spout, a tube. 

^?^5, a. prosperous, fortunate, lucky. 

**t<r^TcT, a. trampled on, ruined, overrun. 

*5^3T, s. milk, water. 

-p^JTl, s. a co2>per coin ; money. 

^H^Jfa. made of milk, produced by milk. 

*t?lf%^9 a- milch, giving milk. 

<^?t^, s. a marching, travelling, going. 

'5t?T?"9 *• a metre, a measure of verse. 

*tC?lT'<f?r, s, the teat or udder of an ani- 
mal, a woman's breast ; a cloud. 

*tC?rtl>f, 'p(C?tRfV, s. the sea, the ocean. 

«i"?lo ^' ^' ^^ dress, to put on clothes. 

<t?r, a. other, another, different, remote, 
next, subsequent, following after, ini- 
mical, adverse: s. a stranger; a feather. 

^^^^, a. at another's expense. 

«t?"<5=^1» «• transparent : s. glass, crystal. 

<f ^^T5^, s. another world, a future state. 

*1"?r^?, a. belonging to another. 

*^?r^?1, a. fem. belonging to another (an 
epithet of a loose woman) . [probation. 

^t^r-if, s. an ordeal, experiment, a trial, a 

*t?r<fWl<r, s. one who tests or tries. 

*1?r<r^T^, 8. the making of experiments. 

^■^■•irT^, s. an experiment, a trial, a test. 

«^?r9tei1, «. a district, a division of a coun- 

«t<r^^, s. another person's house, [try. 

false hair, a wig, a periwig. 

^?'^T^1,«.the shadow of another person. 
'5^?rf^3, s. another's faults, 
^t^'g!^, s. the eaves of a house. 
^^"^^a. born of, or produced by, another. 
<>f<r«l, «. a wearing, dressing, putting on of 
^'^tl, ad, by or from another, [clothes. 
*f?r^3, a. dependent on others, subject. 
«^<ri3^1, -^,5. dependence, subjection. 
^?r^«T, 8. a patch, -5nW, to patch. 
^<r3, ad. about another world ; in an- 
other, among others, among enemies. 
^fTWlT, s. another man's wife ; adultery. 

*t?r^T?^^^, 'pt?rwT?"Tn5^^?r, s. adultery. 
2 F 2 

vf ^ if T^ftt^,ri. committing adultery: t. an 
<t?l^T?t, «. adulterous. [adulterer. 

*f?Cif"f, 8, a foreign country. [eignor. 

<^?^CW«ft, «1?rcFf«Tt<i, a. foreign : t, a for- 

*t?r^, conj. but, moreover. 

*f ?r*f3r, *. a catch- word. 

*f?r<ia^,^. using a catch-word, [further. 

^f?"*^?", ad. more and more, further and 

*f?ri^^, *. a kind of pigeon. [jilt* 

*^?r*t.^^^^^'^. «• an unfuitliful wife, « 

^? ^^1» «• /• twice-married ;-it,8he who 

*f<r^,«. a festival, a feast, [is re-married. 

^t^'^^T, a, subject to another, dependent. 

**^?r^l9 8, fear, care, anxiety, concern. 

*t? TT^^,*. command, order, permission. 

**f?TRl, s. an order, a command, a war- 
rant, a licence, a pass, a passport. 

*t^^f%, *• another person's livelihood. 

<t?r^, a. excellent, chief, sublime, great, 

^f iI^?r3T«l,5. chief blessing, [principal, 

*t<r?r^«^JT«l^C<J"^,^Ara. thou art the ob« 
ject, or worthy of the highest blessing. 

-pf^iT^vTJTeit?!, a. attending chief blessing. 

'5>f<r5j^T^P<p9 «, highly compassionate. 

vf^sTiff^, s. heavenly bliss. [Spirit. 

^t^'sr*^??"^, 8. God, the moat excellent 

*t?"^'^^^T"':T, a. highly revered. 

'si"|r5lc=iT^,5. happiness, consolation, [tee. 

«t^^^\^,«.an ascetic,8elf-denying devo- 

«t?^5iT<i, «. an atom, a particle of matter. 

*t?^Tin, 8. the supreme Spirit, God. 

«t?r5n^*tT, 8, excess of joy, sublime plea- 

^^'srl^, «. rice-milk, frumenty. [sure. 

*t?"5n?:, 8. the period of a person's life, 
the age of a person. [Being. 

<*f <r^i9|", 8. an excellent object, a supreme 

^IfT^TI^Iff,*. great joy, exalted pleasure. 

<^?^l^rfffl5, a. highly rejoiced. 

•pf?C5I'a<r, vf?^^, «. the Supreme God. 

^^l*^?^!, a. communicated from one to 
another in succession, successive. 

*f]r'M'|ri«J5, a. defeceuded by tradition. 

*f?'^?l'^^W> 8. mediate connection. 

**f?C5^T*,ff. another world, a future state. 

*f?rC9lT^^3, or <^ffC9fI^3T% <». gone to 
the other world, dead. [death. 

M^TC^T^SjlfvJ, 8. going to a future state, 


[ 220 ] 


<5^^*t, V. a. to touch ; -fs^*JfT, s. a tree/ 
*t?r*l«tM?"5 s. the philosopher's stone. 
*f?r*It^5l,s. a parasitical plant, a parasite. 
«t?r^5 s. a battle-axe, hatchet ; vide -s^^t. 
-s^TT^^l^J, s. envious, malicious. 
^7i%ad. day after to-morrow, day before 
«^<ri^^'5r^, s. adultery. [yesterday. 

<^?r3^'»rT^,«. adulterous: s. an adulterer. 
*f?r^^'?'*l9 s. seduction, adultery. 
£t?"i1^T<rt, s. an adulterer, a seducer. 
«^'?r^?r,a. each other, mutual ; mutually. 
«t?rt^^W5 s. the active voice of a verb. 
-51^^^^^, «. delivered over to another. 
'^f[], V. a. to dress another, to harness an 
animal ; to put a thing into a socket, 
to case any thing : a. put on, dressed. 
*f?^T^, s. a religious vow ; a cimeter. 
'pf^'T^^jS. power, energy, strength, force. 
"^ <r t^^j «t?"t^^f^ f*i ^> powerful, brave, 

strong, puissant, energetic, forcible. 
-pf^T^l^, a. idem; drawn by another. 
•s^?rt^j s. the pollen of a flower, dust, ar- 
ticles for bathing, an eclipse, [averse. 
-5^-^t^<t, (t' having the face turned away, 
«^<[tK?, s. defeat, discomfiture, a repulse, 
loss of a lawsuit, being cast on a trial. 
^?[t^?^^'lj^?'T®^^T?'^, s. a conqueror. 
^^TSi?'^^,«. a decree of a legal decision. 
^<rTSJ?t, «• defeated, conquered, subdued. 
«t?[lf®^, ». overcome, defeated, subdued, 

vanquished, repulsed, discomfited. 
^^tC^^^J, or *t?^tC^^5 (^' vincible. 
*f?rT^t^^?«'. under the orders of another. 
*t^T«l, s. the dressing of a person, a har- 
nessing ; also, a corruption of £tT*i life. 
•s^^H^"?") s. God, the most high, 
^t"?"!^^? «. dependent on another. 
«>f?rt^'\'^'5l, s. dependence, subjection. 
^f^T^^T^^ s. the accusing of another per- 
<>f5"t^^,a. contemptuous, scornful, [son. 
*t<rT^^'^^, s. a returning, reverting back. 
*t^H€''i^1'?, a. returnable, revertible. 
'S'T'^t^^'^^^?!^!?-'^? ^' revertibleness. 
*t?^t^^Jj «• revertible, returnable. 
^<rT|'e, a. reverted to, returned. 
*f?:T|f^> s. a reversion, a returning. 
^I^^t^^j s. defeat, discomfiture. 

*T^t'S^^?, a. vincible, vanquishable. 
'^J]'^, a. defeated, subdued, vanquish- 
ed, conquered, overcome, discomfited. 
*t?rt^^^5 s. conversion, repentance. 
'5*f?rT5I^, s. advice, counsel, consultation. 
^?^T^'*f^, s. an adviser, a counsellor. 
^^T5J*r^tl^1, ^?:T^'*nTt<l^, s. an adviser. 
^^1"5I^*J^^, ad. by advice or counsel. 
's^^T^'^, a. advising, counselling. 
*t^T^Tf«i^5 *• the chief man of a tribe, the 

chairman of an assembly, a barber. 
'5^^r^^5«. defiled, defloured ; counselled, 
*1"f t?!*!,^. devotedness,a votary, [advised, 
"s^^l^f, ad. for the sake of others, 
-s^^f^, a. the same as 'J^^Tt^'S. 
'^f?, an insepar.prep. in comp. it gives the 
idea of an increased or accumulated 
degree of the action or passion. 
^1?^«tt5T, s. in ana. the pericranium. 
'pft?"<5'^, s. the decoration of the body. 
*t1?'^?I, s. complete decay, ruin, 
"s^^^fl, s. a ditch, moat ; an encircling. 
<^f?^Vt^5«^. owned, received, accepted. 
*1^^^, 8. the reserve of an army, the sun 
near the moon's node, a wife, depen- 
dents, servants, a retinue, assent, ac- 
ceptance, a taking, a root, an origin. 
^^t?"?!, s. bludgeon, a pike ; a glass vessel. 
*tt?5?, s. the making known, or introdu- 
cing of one's self, acquaintance. 
*lt?5^'jl, s. service, attendance. 
*tt?5T<l^, a. making a person acquainted, 
causing to know : s. he who introduces, 
■s^^^l^^, a. attending on : s. a servant, 
'^l?^!!?^!, s. female servant, [attendant. 
*f f?f5^, a, acquainted with, known, inti- 
's^t^^W, s. clothing, a garment, [mate. 
*lt?^'g, a. clothed, covered, arrayed. 
'^f^f^fe, *l1?C^W, s. a partition, a space, 

a separation, a boundary, a limit. 
*t^f^^j «. bounded, limited, separated 
with a boundary, defined, [attendant, 
"i^f?^^, s. family, member of a family, an 
*tf?^T^, s. a complete idea, comprehen- 
sion, knowledge, detection, conviction. 
^f?^t*t^, s. information, conviction. 
nf?^lf^:j, a. informed of, convicted. 


[ 221 ] 


*f^«l"35, «. curved, deflected, changed. 

«>tf7r«it^, s. a change of subBtauco, trans- 

*lf?*i^, s. marriage, nuptials, [mutation. 

"^if?*!?!^, s. a giving of marriage. 

♦lf?^*iT^9 s. transmutation of a substance, 
any change, a chymical production. 

^f^«lT5IPt*t"^, a. provident, prudent. 

^ift «iT?Iif*t^,« aviowofchanges likely to 
take place : a. looking into the changes 
of human affairs. [dence, forecast. 

^f?6iT^wM"151, providence, foresight, pru- 

*tf?^l^W*TT', a. provident, prudent. 

^f<<i)l1, a. fern, married. [flamed. 

^i?1'^, a. heated, thoroughly heated, in- 

^tf^^T^f, s. heat, agony, torment, distress. 

^f?\|^, a. satisfied, contented, pleased. 

tification, joy, pleasure. [pleasure. 

^f^'C^^^jfl^. gratifying : s. one who gives 

*tf?rv5J«^, a. relinquished, deserted, left. 


*^f?r\5JTstt, ci, relinquishing, abandoning. 

'^f?ri'7Tl;7,relinqui8hable,may be forsaken. 


<1"f<r3t«l^s1, ^tlr^l^l, s. a saviour, a deli- 

*lf?rwt^, s. exchange, barter. [verer. 

*ff?rcw^^1, s. wit, prudence. [clothes. 

v^f^Vft^, s. the wearing or putting on of 

*t f?" 5^1^*^ ^^.consideration, thought, reflec- 
tion, a running after pursuit. 

*^f?rfV, 8. the circumference of a circle or 
ellipsis, a periphery, a disk. [worn. 

^^f?"^^^, ^f? 5^T^?, a. wearable, lit to be 

*ff?r*1 ^, a. ripe, completely ripe, mature, 
perfect, complete, digested. [ness. 

*ff^^^:j1,s. ripeness, maturity, complete - 

^f?r«1^, a, circumventing : s. a circum- 
ventor, a foe, an enemy, [a ripening. 

^f?r*1t^, s. maturity, ripeness, digestion, 

•^fr^l^, s. order, regularity, method. 

*lf?^lf^^,a. preserved, kept, nourished. 

^if^^-j^J, a. worthy of being preserved 

*lt7r^cf, a. tilled, replete, complete, full. 

«1^^«|^1, -^, s. fulness, completeness. 

«tf?r^€f^, s the relinquishing of a thing. 

<1'f|r^®^?, «. reliuquishable. 

*lf?"^f®^, a. relinquished, abandoned. 

^fj^H, 8. arcquital, arocompenseyan* 
tribution, reward, an exchange, a vicis- 
situde, an equivalent substitution, per- 
mutation, a barter, reciprocity, [tion. 

*ff?r^njfk, 9, exchange, requiting of an ac- 

**ff?^?i^'>?, a. requitable, exchangeable, 
may be exchanged or bartered. 

*ff?r^^^?I1, -^, 8, a capacity of being 
requited or exchanged. [pensing. 

*Tf?r<i?5f, a. changing, requiting, recom- 

*tt?^C?r, ad. instead of, in lieu of. 

*tf]r^TW,«. an accusation, a charge, an eyil 
report, a slander, blame. [accuser. 

*tf?r^Ttf?is, a. slandering: 8. a slanderer, an 

*^f?r?TW^, 8. the accusing of a person. 

*^f^^t^, «. accusing, slandering: «.anac- 

^tft^TWJ, liable to an accusation, [cuser. 

^r^^T?", 8. household, family, relatives. 

*tf^t^f5, 8. an unmarried elder brother. 

*tf?r^??, a. surrounded, attended by. 

^ft'C?^!, 8. a younger brother who mai> 
ries before his elder brother. 

"^^C^W^l, 8. prudence, caution, pain, re- 
pentance, regret ;-?"f%15, nnregretting. 

'^f?rc^*f, s. the sun's disk, circumference. 

^tflrc^*! ^, a, serving out at table : *. ono 
who serves at table. 

«tr?rc^*i^,«. theservingoutattable ;'91S% 
or *ff?rC5^1, one who serves at table. 

*tf?C^*Ii^'1?r, a. proper to be attended on. 

•>?fff C^^^,surrounding, wrapping round. 

<pf f?rw^^, 8. a surrounding, a wrapping. 

*(t?W^^ir, a. that may be surrounded. 

*lt?C^®^,«. BurroundedjWrapped round. 

*^t?Tt^5, a. wandering about : *. a religi- 
ous mendicant, a pilgrim, a vagabond. 

«lfti5<T, *. disrespect, disregard ; defeat 

i^t?9l'^1, 8. a glossary of technical terms, 
conversation, discourse, a speech. 

^ftBlft"^, agreed on, conversed, spoken. 

*ff?15^, a. enjoyed, possessed^ [ed. 

^flTT^li, a. disrespectedjdespised ; defeat- 

<*ff?rc^1?t, 8. the enjoyment of any thing. 

*f r?r^^, s. a wandering, a mistake, error. 

vff^i^H^, a. fallen, corrupted, degraded. 

<^f?r^Tsr^,ff. wandering about, mi staking, 
erring : s. a wanderer, a pilgrim. 


[ 222 ] 


*tlir'srt«<9 s. measure, weighing, size. 
* *ff^^l\5l,5. one who weighs or measures. 

*tft'5rT*t^, (i- measuring, weighing. 

'^f?r5lt*1'^5 5. the causing to be measured. 

*tf?"^l?^5 «. measuring, weighing. 

*^^l^^, o>. measured, defined, limited. 

«tf^f^l5^1, s, measuredness, limitedness. 

«^f<rf^^^J¥, s. frugality, economy. 

«tt?f^^^J^5 (i. economical, frugal. 

«t^f^^^^5 temperate, eating moderate- 

*f^t^^C^T^1, s. a moderate eater, [ly. 

^ffrt^sST^T?", 5. temperate or limited diet. 

<^llrcir?5(?. measurable, finite, calculable. 

^fftcsT?^!, -^, 5. measurableness. 

*tf?r?r^«l,s. the preserving of a thing, [ed. 

/s^^^f^^j^. well guarded, kept, preserv- 

*tt?i3'^5 a. cleansed, purified, cleared off, 

*tllr^^, a. dried, completely dry. [paid. 

*tf^C*T^, s, a complete end, an end, a li- 
mit, a boundary, a border. 

'^f^V^'^f, s. a paying or clearing off (a 
debt,) payment, recompense, requital. 

'*tf|rc*fT^^5 ci. clearing off, paying off a 
debt : s. a person who pays a debt. 

«^f?'C*(t^^,«. paying or clearing of a debt. 

*1^C*tt53^, *t§C*tT5!r7, a. payable, due. 

<lf?rc*ttf5:fJ, cleared off, paid, made pure. 

*{f?rc*tt'^, s. dryness, complete dryness. 

«f^^ir, toil, exertion, labour, endeavour, 
fatigue ; -t^f*f^, -¥^, vide ^fj^^. 

<?ff^3£t":ft, fatiguing, toilsome, wearisome, 

<^f? ^t^, a. wearied, fatigued, [laborious. 

«tflr2£rt1%,toil, fatigue, weariness, labour. 

«t^^^> S' a court, an assembly, audience. 

*tf?r^^*Vt?r, a. requiring to be cleaned or 
purified, requiring to be repaired. 

^if^^t<r,«. clean, correct, plain: s. clean- 
ness, clearness,transparency, accuracy, 
the repairing of a building ;-^,to clear, 
to acquit, to polish, to cleanse, refine. 

«lf?:^T^^, "s^f^^I^, a. cleansing, puri- 
fyingjclearing up, polishing, repairing. 

«ff|:^5$l^, capable of being cleared, pol- 
ished or refined, requiring reparation. 

«ttl^^j «. cleansed, refined, cleared, pu- 
rifiedjdepurated, cleared up, acquitted. 

^ttir^^l'^t^?, finishable, may be finished. 

*Tf?r'i"5rt'^, «. finished, ended, concluded. 

'^f?r^^t|%, a finish, a conclusion , an end, 

*ttT^?r,5. the width of any thing, breadth, 
dimension, space, room : a. horizontal. 

*1"f^^'5Tl, s. a limit, a boundary, a border. 

*t^^^^, 5. vibration, agitation, flutter- 

*tf<r^f^^, a, vibrating, agitated, [ing. 

"^f?^^?"*!?^. the confuting of an argument, 
the repelling of a charge, [repelled. 

'^f?f^<r «?!?,«. confutable, capable of being 

*lf?r^^^t?5 a. laughable, ridiculous. [ed. 

*1"?^^l%15, a. laughed at, ridiculed, mock- 

■s^tr^T^r, s. a confutation, a repulse, dis- 
regard, disrespect, disesteem. 

*Tf^^T<r^, a, confuting, repelling, treating 
with disrespect: s. one who confutes. 

*t1?^T'^'j, flf. confutable, that may be repel- 
led, deserving disrespect : s. a bracelet. 

*Tf?r^T^, or -s^^l"^!^, 5. laughter, ridicule, 
raillery, mockery, jesting, pleasantry. 

^t?5T^^, s. a jester, a buffoon : a. jest- 
ing, ridiculing, railing, mocking. 

^f?r^T^^^1, ^f?r^T3Fi^^^, *. one who ri- 
dicules, a mocker, a mimic, a buffoon. 

^f?r^T^C^T^fJ, a. worthy of being ridicul- 
ed, deserving to be laughed at. 

*tf?r^T^, a. jesting, mocking, ridiculing. 

*lf?r^t^J, a, laughable, ridiculous, [ment. 

'^flf t^^5 d' clothed, clad, put on as a gar- 

*tr?^^^5 confuted, repelled, disrespected, 

**t?1"? «. a fairy, an elf. [tempting. 

«t^^^, a. trying, bringing to the ordeal, 

'^?rl^«l5 s. the trying of a thing, the put- 
ting of a thing to the proof. 

«^<rt^6?t?I, a. capable of proof, requiring 
to be brought to a trial or proof. 

^t^Tl"^!, *.an ordeal, a test, trial, examina- 
tion, an experiment, temptation. 

*f ?ftf%^, tried, put to the proof, brought 
to the test, tempted : s. name of a king. 

«tft^I, a. subject to a trial or ordeal. 

*T^^^^, s. vide -s^f^^e^ &c. [reproof. 

'^^^^^■^IWj s. an accusation, censure, blame, 

*1'?rl'^T?'5 8. a relation, an attendant, a re- 
tinue, the sheath of a sword, [pensed. 

*t?rt^^, a. exchanged, requited, recom- 

*t??, s. Fort, a leek, a common potherb. 


[ 223 ] 


<>f7??1, *. a bladder, packet, a hag, purse. 

^?F"^, a. unkind, harsh, insulting, severe, 
scurrilous, rough, rugged. 

^C?", ad. afterwards, after, hereafter. 

^^^, a. dead, gone to another state. 

«TC'?'WJ^, *H:<IWJ:, ad. on the next day. 

^C?rT'5P, absent, not under one's own eye. 

^C<rT'5PTQf, 8. an invisible object, [others. 

^C^I*1'^t?r, s. beneficence, the helping of 

<>fC<rT<1"?PT<r^P, <^C?rT's^?PT^, a. beneficent, 
hospitable : s. one who assists others. 

*tC^M^^, a. assisted by others, [others. 

^C^M^t^, s. beneficence, the helping of 

*1?P«^1, a, transparent : s. glass, crystal. 

^fsf, s. a leaf, the betel -leaf. [patch. 

*f5o^, «. a false bottom, a patch ;-riT^, to 

^I'vl, s. a curtain, a skreen, a partition. 

**f'iftC^t*f, *f^'tc*ft*ft, a. skreening : g. a 
covering, a veil over faults, protection. 

*^*'5^, s. a kind of red aluminous earth. 

^^, 5. the jointofabambuor other plant, 
a knuckle, a gibbosity, a section, a divi- 
sion, a chapter, a festival, a feast. 

*f^v5, 8. a mountain, a rock, a hill. 

<t^?'«^T*ttj%, s. a valley, the side of a hill. 

«^^^£tsrTfl, a. mountain-sized, [a crag. 

*t^I*t^, ^"^^Y^), 8. a mountain peak, 

^^JC^StsV)", *. a range of mountains. 

^^^T^l<r,«. mountain-formed, gibbous. 

**f^i1?T, mountain, alpine, mountainous. 

^t^^, s, a joint, the joint of a bambu or 
stalk of grass ; the equinox, the solstice, 
a festival, a holding, an opportunity, an 
occasion, a chapter, a section. 

^^^^, a. geniculated, resembling a joint. 

^l^^f^, s. a joint, the moment of the full 
and change of the moon. 

^^T^, s. the day of a festival, [terpane. 

«t^^,«. abed, abedstead;-C*tT«T,acoun- 

^ti]^;t, s. a peregrination, a perambula- 
tion, a tour, progress. [until, unto. 

^^3^, 8. alimit, a boundary : ad. as far as, 

*f^J?r^tJT, «. end, conclusion, [finished. 

*f^J^r^^, a. declined, brought to a close, 

^t^ll^^, a. travelling : *. a traveller. 

^t^ll"^, a. obtained, gained ; finished, con- 
cluded, voluntary ; enough, sufficient. 

*ftht(%" acquisition; warding off a bloir. 

*1^Jt?, t. regular order, rotation, succes- 

<*f ^)1?lFC?r, in regular succession, [siozir 

*f]^ir*^'^T?', ». a turn in rotation. 

*f ^)T?T^/»!TC^, ad. in rotation, in turn. 

*1>ljf^"5, a. corrupted, stale, not fresh. 

'sin^'PI, «. a rib. 

v(?T, 8. a minute ; straw, flesh, a bevelled 
edge ; -CI t?n, rim of a bevelled edge. 

9\^^, 8. eye-lid ; a wink, twinkling of an 

vfci?T, 8. meat, flesh, [eye ;-^l?^, to wink. 

<1i?Ti, V. w. to fle?, to escape, to run away : 
8. oil-ladle, a coral, a bead of red lac. 

^c^t^^l, *f «1T^f^, «. the same as «1C^I^. 

*t5^T!3, 8, an onion (Allium cepa). 

's^an^'5, *. a fugitive, deserter, a runaway. 

^o^T^, or *f5!T^;^, *. a running away. 

<>f5^tf^<rl, a. runaway, fugitive, deserting, 

^c^i?^, 8. a running away, escape, flight, 
an elopement, an absconding, [flight. 

*f5nT?"5n^, «• running away, in the act of 

-p^c^ltl^f , a. fled, run away, absconded. 

<t^T^,«. straw for fodder, [pitiless, crueL 

•^c^t^t, s, a leaf, a beautiful tree :* green ; 

<1"f%^, a. hoary, gray -haired, old. [lock. 

^t^'Si, 8. the wick of a candle or match- 

-s^C^TT^I, 8. a feathered white-ant. 

<>j?^1, V. n, to be impaired, to decay. 

<i"?^T5T, «. a being impaired, a decaying. 

VI c^;t, 8. a regiment, a corps, an army. 

vf^^^l, a. belonging to an army or reg^- 

*>fW5l, 8. the leaves of Patola. [ment. 

^?I^, s. a twig, a sprout, a yonng shoot. 

*t9l^3Tf^^1, *. catching at a twig, or at 
trifling objections, a carping at trifles. 

*t?T^^Tft<Trr'?3^J, *. twig-catching learn- 
ing, a smattering of learning. 

*(?I^2T5% a, twig-catching, catching at 
every trifling objection, carping. 

*f?T^^, a, covered with twigs. 

*f f ej, or *f wt, 8- a district, canton, hamlet 

^^fw^T^r, 8. a country, village, hamlet 

*ffa^T^, a. rustic, country. [canal. 

vf5T5T, s. a small pond, a pool, a tank, a 

vf^i^^T, 8. the same as *fC^r«T. 

<1'^, V. a. to enter. [ties (ironically)'. 

*<1*Tir, 8. wool, fur, the hair on the privi- 


[ 224 ] 


«»f*(^, *f *t^^l5 0^' woollen, made of wool. 
«1-*T"^^3f> «• flannel, broad cloth, 
vfig 8. a beast, animal ; an order of gods, 
-pf^^cj, or. -51^^^, «. beasts, the genus or 

order of beasts, the mammalia. 
•K^Sill^, s. the genus of beasts, mamma- 
•^^^1^?? C" pertaining to beasts, [lia. 
-^^"5^^, 5. the lion, the lord of beasts ;an 

appellation of Shiva. [tie. 

*^^^t«^^, 5. one who keeps or feeds eat- 
«f^<r<^, ^^^^I? CL> beast-like, irrational, 
«^^^Wt5f^, s. beastly conduct, [beastly. 
-pl^RffJl, s. the knowledge of beasts, 
^t^^'?^, 8. a person who keeps cattle. 
*f^?"t^, s. the king of beasts, the lion, 
^i9^^*t, a, like a beast. [sequently. 
«t*5T^,«^. behind, after, afterwards, sub- 
'^*5t^T's^, 8. regret, repentance, remorse. 
«t*5t^t*?t, «. repentant, penitent, regret- 
^*5tWT^^, «. came after, followed, [ting. 
*t'^tWt9r5T»T,5.a following after, [follower. 
<^*5tTf9rT^,«^. following, succeeding : s. a 
^^t^^^,«^.seeingafterwards, reflecting. 
«5>f*5t^^^, s. an afterview, reflection, 
•sfse^f^^tf , reflective, viewing afterwards. 
^■*^T5v?t$, s. aftersight, reflection. 
"^t^et^T^^, s- a following or running after. 
<^-*5tf "iY , «. following, situated behind. 
'Si'fpt^T^STl , s. afterthought, reflection, 
^tf^pir, 5. the west : «* western, after, be- 
«tf*5^fw^^, s. the west quarter. [hind. 
«lf*55r, a. western, hinder : 8. the disease 

of tetanus or locked j aw. 
^ff»5^T^J9 a. facing the west. 
«t^5 «. clear, plain, evident. [lect. 

«f J^*5f, 8. choice, approbation ; -^, to se- 
-pf^^l, s. a vessel, a basket for vegetables. 
^^5^1, s. a slight shower, a drizzling. 
^Tft^, n. to extend, expand : s. extension. 
^I^t?"*!? s. a spreading out, extending. 
^T^t?\, 5. five seras ; a druggist, a grocer, 
-sf ^TTt, 8, a weight of five seras. 
^^1, u. n. to repent, to regret: 8. a piece. 
'S^'^TST, *. repentance, regret, remorse. 
^^Tf^^l, ci- penitent, regretting. 
<1"^"?r, 8. a fourth part of the day or night, 

the space of three English hours. 

-pf^Tpl, or gf^"^, 8. a watchman, a sentry. 

-s^f^c^l, a. first, the first, before. 

«11, V. a. to obtain, gain, find, get, receive, 
suffer, possess, acquire : s. the leg, foot. 

^T^, a, a quarter, a fourth part ; in acct, 
4 pai or 12 pai, are reckoned one ami. 

«1t^^, 8. an armed footman, a watchman. 

'STft'^'^l, a. (land) let to non-resident ten- 

'^tt'^t?', 8. a pedlar, a hawker. [ants. 

«tT^^, 8. a selvage, hem, edge, a breast- 
summer or beam laid on pillars to sup- 
port other beams, an architrave, a bam- 
bu or beam to support a pitched roof. 

'^fT^T^, 8. solder ; -'^TcT, a soldering. 

'si'T^^I, V. a. to cause to obtain or suffer, 
to induce, to procure, to obtain : 8. ac- 
quisition, gain, the obtaining of a thing. 

-s^T^^, 8. the getting, obtaining, or find- 
ing of a thing, the suffering of a thing. 

"^t^^l, a. due, demand, pecuniary claim. 

•^K"^, 8, dust, ashes, manure. 

•^T^v^, 8, a distaff; the name of a fish. 

-s^t^vS, s. a row, range, continuous line. 

^r^^^, 8, leavened bread, a loaf. 

'^r^^T^I, ad, good-morrow, or more pro- 
perly, I touch your foot, a salutation. 

«=1t^, 8, clay, mud, mire. [the foot). 

«1T?P^, a, occasioned by mud (as a sore in 

'pfT<5T*T, clayey, miry : 8. a species of fish.* 

"sfr^^till, «, living in mud, muddy. 

"PfT^, V. a. to lance with a lancet. 

•s^T5, a. five ;-C»tI%^, material. [livery. 

-^15^, 8. the fifth day after a woman's de- 

-^f^^l, or 'SIT^'^, a, five, only five. 

^i'5^, 8. the act of lacning ; a decoction ; 
-^515, a lancet ;-'^t^5t, a rod, a staff. 

"s^l^^, s, a twig, a rod, a wand, a cane. 

*ft5^Tl%^5 or <^T5^^, a. quinquennial. 

^T^f^*tlt%, 8. a promiscuous mixture. 

^T^, V. a. to cause to lance, to lance, cut 
slightly : 8. brine used in making salt. 

<^T5Tt%, s. a particular sort of metre used 
in poems, a particular mode of singing. 

^T^tcT, 8. a wall, a brick wall, fence wall. 

^^fjsp, a. the fifth, -s^li, pedigree ; foot- 

^t®?", ^\W^\ 8. a rid, the ribs. [print. 

^t^l; s, a wisp, bunch, bundle ; brick-kiln. 


vit^» «• ^^ almanac, a calendar, a dirccto- 
«ll«rt^<r, 8, an almanac-maker. [ry, 

•s^IjI , s. a he-goat ; a blockhead ',fcm. «1T^. 
^I^C^^I, a. disposing of liis daughter in 

marriage for a stipulated sum. 
<^^ , a. blanched, reserved for seed. 
'sfT^g^^v?!, s, a gourd reserved for seed. 
«tI^T?r, or ^ifl^l'?', s. the width of a river ; 
-^fs, 8. a row, a range, a line, [a flood. 
*^tWt^> «• the back part of a house. 
^Ifitf^TII, «. of the back part of a house. 
*fl^\^, ^t*f?r, s. a thin kind of biscuit. 
«il*r, 8. the ashes of cow-dung, ashes. 
*1t^, V. n. to ripen, concoct, suppurate. 
*1t^5«- I'ipOj cooked: s. ripeness, cooking, 

boiling, twisting, digestion ; a circular 

motion ; a screw ; -W1, -^1^1, to twist, 

turn round, writhe ; -^, to cook food ; 

-•sri, to be twisted ; -'sn, to digest, 
^t^^-gl, s. a cook, one who cooks. 
<^T^<rT^8^, s. a being twisted. 
<1'T^'C'4rTyil, s. a turnscrew. 
<1t^5;5»5 s. deceit, collusion ; an eddy, a 

circular motion, a wheel, 
*tT^'^, V. n. to seize, to hold. 
-p(|^f.\5Ji, s, a seizing or holding, [thing. 
^t^^l? '^- »• to take or seize a person or 
'ptt'^'^9^* the corolla or petal of a flower, a 
*tT^^^^9*' prepared or boiled oil. [branch, 
*tt^^1, s. a whirlpool, an eddy in water. 
-s^lTp-flvSl, a. intricate, contorted, [signing. 
•Ptt<5'^T^1, d' insidious, artful, crafty, de- 
«tt^vfT\5T^, s, insidiousness, craftiness, 

artfulness, craft, finesse. [digested. 
<^t^c^, a. concocted, ripe, mature, perfect, 
^T^«11, V. a. to clean, to wash : a. washed, 
<>ft^9lT5T, «. a washing, a cleaning, [clean. 
*tT^*tTc^1, 8. a cook-room, a kitchen. 
*t!<P^1v5Tf*T, s. a smith's vice, a turnscrew. 
«tl^^t«Tt, 8. seething pot, culinary vessel. 
^t^l, V. a. to cook, to twist, to screw : a. 

cooked, ripe, mature, twisted : s. a fan. 
*^T^.t^yT, 8. gray hair, hoary hair. 
-s^T^T^i, <1T^^1^» 8. the stalks of hemp. 
<^T^t^, 8. the cooking of food, a causing to 

ripen, a twisting ; a sort of sweet cake. 
^iT^Mlf^, a. mutually agreed on, settled. 
2 a 

[ 225 ] Pit^ 

<^tf^, *. a bird, iho leaves of a vonition. 

*n^^, 8. a flg tree (Ficus infectoria). 
*n^f^lI1, a. pertinacious. 
*1T<r, 8. a wing, a feather ; - *T^, to moult. 
*1" i<r?riW, *. a email drum or tabour. 
•tT'df'Tl, V. a, to rinse, to wash, to clean. 
<1t<r^R, 8. a washing, rinsing, cleaning, 
^I'T'^f^T^, 8. a blow with the wings. 
nt**;!, 8. a wing, a fan, the fin of a fish, a 

feather ; -f, -^1, or -T?9ii, to fan. 
«tT*9r), ». a bird ; the leaves of a venition. 
*ft*5rl^T?ri, fs. a fowler, a bird-catcher. 
*f T'fir^l, 8. a chisel, a fin, the upper arm ; 
^T-^l, 8. a feather ; a whirlpool, [a bird. 
-s^T^, or <1T'»T^, 8. a turban, 
-s^tsf 5T, a. insane, mad, maniacal, foolish : 

*. a maniac, a madman •y/em, «tT^5i^- 
^T^^'iTT^Tl, 8. an insane hospital. 
«11st?Tl,*. a maniac, a madman, an idiot. 
*tt'»f«nT9ft?rif, 8. a mad-house. [foolish. 
*ft^5lTf^1, a. weak, silly, mad, insane, 
*tH«^T5j^, 8. foolishness,in8anity,madne8S. 
*fT^9 V. a, to perceive, to form an idea. 
■^IT^I, V. a. idem : 8. a kind of rock-salt. 
*tT*f*T, 8. name ofafish :' a. whitish, pale, 
'^T^T'Tlill, a. tawny, pale, wan. [tawny. 
^T^^, a. concocting, digestive : «. a cook. 
^15^-^51, '^s. a digestive quality. 
<^t5\51, 8. the itch. [a decoction. 

<>fT^^, 8. act of cooking, digesting of food ; 
*fTf5^1, 8. a cookwoman. [posteriors. 
*1'Tg, 8, the hinder part, the back side, 
*fT^«T JIT^, 8. the back part of a house. 
<1t^v5, V. a. to winnow grain. 
<^T^v?^,«. the winnowing of grain, [now. 
vft^^l, V. to throw in wrestling; to win- 
^ft^^Tsr, 8. the winnowing of corn ; the 

throwing an antagonist in wrestling. 
*tT^^!*fT15f^, 8. a grappling in wrestling. 
**ft^^, 8. a kind of prepared rice. 
*ff8"f T?r, 8. a back-door. [tho stem. 

*ft?l, 8. tho hinder part, buttocks, rump, 
''IT??!?, V a. to throw in wrestling : «. a 

fall in wrestling ;-Tn^, to throw down. 
<lT?T*^trS", 8. rump to rump. [p^^^. 

<1"tf , 8. the rear of an army, the hinder 
*ft^ft, 8. a wrapper, an upper garment. 


[ 226 ] 


*ftc^, ad. behind, after, afterwards, siib- 

«>nei1, s. a brick-kiln. [sequently, lest. 

«TT®t^1, s. a pair of breeches, trowsers. 

f^W^, a. low, base, mean, vile, slavish. 

*t1^^T5Tl,«. meanness, baseness, vileness. 

'^i^\*^l??"1? «• very mean, base, low, vile. 

^IT^^N"^"!^? ff. mean, obstinate, of bad 

^tlClisr, s. meanness, baseness, [conduct. 

«^t^®^J, s. Krishna's couch. 

«1"l5ts(;^1t%^, ci. material, composed of the 
five original elements of matter. 

«tT^1, s. the hand, the claw of a bird or 
beast ; five torches burning on a pole. 

^t^, 8. a folding of clothes in order, an 
altar, a board, a stool, a throne, a ter- 
race, breadth, extension, sack of corn; 
a plant,* its fibres are used for cordage; 
silk ; the earthen hoops of a well. 

^I^, 5. a city, a town, a mart, a seaport. 

*1T^^1, s. the name of a city in Behar. 

^l^siT^, a. produced at, or coming from, 

«ft"^^, s. a ferryman. [Patna. 

*tt^^, s. eminence, cleverness, expertness. 

*1't^'5t^, s. a tax-gatherer, a bailiff. 

*ft^^T5f1, s. the ceremony of falling on 
knives at the Charaka festival. 

^l^^t^ s. the chief wife of a king. 

<^l^rT,«. pale-red, rose colour, pale-pink ; 

"s^T^l^, 8. trumpet flower, [a kind of rice. 

^l^*rt^, 5. Jew's mallow used as potherb. 

^tt'B^I, 8. a board, a plank ; a lease for land. 

«tT^tf^^?, «. thin cakes of molasses. 

^T^TC^c^t^, s. a present given to obtain 

*1tf^C^^, 5. a brick. [a lease. 

<tt^, 8. a flat plate or bar of metal, a bar 
or rafter, a valve, the four side bars of 
a bedstead, a mat ; one of a pair, a 
row, e. g. ^^f?" *tT^, a single shoe ; 
^lC^<r *tt^, a single row of teeth. 

^t^«^, s a large flat boat of burden. 

''^K^'sf ]c^j ad. in every sack, sack by sack. 

^ttctT^t^, 8. a silk-mercer; one who 
strings native bracelets, beads, etc.* 

*1'1C^^T?\, 8. idem ; also, a tax-gatherer. 

^T^l, s. a lease for land, a patent, a rake. 

*1"t^J^1, s. a wrestler : a. young, [perusal. 

^1^, s. a text, a lesson, a reading, study, 

«^t^^, «. reading : s. a reader, a student. 

^Xt^'^}^ 8. one who reads, a lecturer. 

*f T"Xl^^, s. order of study, order in reading, 

'^\%^'^, s. a schoolmaster, a tutor, [style. 

's^T^^tSt*^, «. the style of an author. 

^^t^'^T^I, s. a school, a seminary. 

"s^T^f*!^, s. a pupil, a scholar. 

^fZ\,v. flj. to send, to delegate, to despatch ; 
<^T'^T^?I1 Wt, to send. [of Moslems. 

'^t^T^'^, 8. a sending, a delegating ; a class 

'^Xt\'^it, 8. right or wrong reading of a 

*1t^T^, a. desirous of reading. [text. 

•J^l^tC^, ad. for the purpose of reading. 

's^T^i'^, a. deserving to be read. 

*tlffil, a. caused to be read. 

*tT^J, a. legible, worthy of being read. 

*tT^^, V. a. to lay, to cast down, to spread, 
throw down, to gather fruits or flowers. 

-pf t\5, s. a breastsummer or crossbeam sup- 
porting other beams, a coast, steep bank. 

*TT\5^, s. act oflaying or spreading, a caus- 
ing to fall, a collecting of fruits, etc. 

-pflvSl, V. a, to cast down, to cause a mat to 
be spread out, to cause to collect fruit : 
s. a quarter of a town, a canton, hamlet. 

^ttvSt^l, s. a hamlet, small village, [lage. 

*1"t^t^T^?1, a, rustic, belonging to a vil- 

^T^T^5 s. the causing to spread a carpet 
or mat, the causing to collect fruits. 

<>ff\5<s^;5>«rt, or -pf^S^^, 8. a neighbour. 

^tf^, s. a selvage, hem ; a passing to the 
opposite side ; -Wl, to pass over a river. 

•s^jei,*. betel-leaf, the leaf of Piper betel. 

^t«l^^, 8. a writing of betrothal, betel- 
leaf given in conclusion of a marriage. 

'sTf'l^l^l, 8. a betel-box. [tel-leaf. 

*fT«l^f^5, 8. a plant -^ pepper fried in be- 

^It^ll, 8. an aquatic weed (Salvinia cucul- 

^tr«J, 8. the hand. [lata). 

mf«l^^i1, a. taken by the hand : s. a 

-s^flfcj^^, -PtTf^i^^^l, 8. marriage, [bride 

«^t?3^, 8. race of Pandu ; vide ^t^t^^tT^^. 

■^iTS?", a. pale, yellowish white : s. a pale 
colour, redcbalk. [Urissd, idol's priest. 

'5ft?3l, 8. a priest of Jagannath'stemj^le in 

•^if^^J, scholarship, learning, erudition. 

*tTi%^J2t^t*f, 5. a display of learning. 


[ 227 ] 


♦ft9» a. yellowish wliito : 8. the jaundice ; 
the name of an ancient king of Delhi. 

*tT^^«f, ^t^?r, a. wliite-colonred, white> 
pale, whitish, wan, yellowish white. 

^t^C?"?^; 8. the jaundice ; dropsy, a dis- 

^T^f©^f*f,«. a rough draft, a sketch, [ease. 

^^fl^Co^-arj, a. fit to be drafted or sketched. 

*fH, V. a. to lay down, spread out. [thin. 

«>fT^, 8. a fall ; a leaf ; a note, writing : a. 

«fT^^, s. sin, guilt, crime ; cause of fall. 

^fT'S^t, «. sinful, guilty, criminal. 

<^t^C*4rT«^1, s. a thin little earthen vessel. 

*fT^f9p<I1, s. a mattress laid over a mat. 

vfl^^rT, s, one of the six schools of phi- 
losophy, it was founded by Patanjala. 

<^T^\?15 5. orts, refuse of a meal ; ration ; a 
wastebook, rough sketch ; -^1^1, -'STt^l? 
eating a ration ; living upon orts. 

-^t^^l, 8. a muster, a specimen, [diluted. 

«^t^5T, «tl^5^1, a. thin, light, lean, slender, 

«f Tv5l, s. a leaf, blade of grass ; -^, to reel 

<fr^T*f1, a. web-footed. [silk ; to pray. 

*fTl5t«T, «. the infernal region, hell, a hole, 
a chasm ; -C^^, a fountain, a spring. 

*ft^T«^*t?^, s. the infernal region. 

^l^^^'srt", 8. (w«^^.) pudendum muliebre. 

^1^, a. small, little, diminutive, petty. 

*tlf^C5t<r, s. a pilferer, a petty thief, [sin. 

«fff^^J, s. a fallen or depraved condition ; 

*ttt%C^^fe]l9 s. a nickname for a Moslem. 

•tffscs^, 8. the best variety of lime. 

*nf5'^lf$, 8, a searching minutely. 

«lTf5<'^T, s. chastity, devotedness to a hus- 

*tlflC^l^, s. a bridal crown. [band. 

«1tf^C*r?T^, s. a fox, a jackal. 

-Pttf^T^T, 5. the common duck, a drake. 

^T^, 8. a letter, a writing, a note. 

<lT^ep, a. disposed to fall : s. a precipice. 

*<1tC^I^tJi, 8. exchange, discount, an ex- 

«ttC^T^T«T, 8. a helm, a rudder, [change. 

-KH^'f^, «. the bud ofa plant, a leaf-bud, 

*fK^<l1, *. a well, a deep well, [muster. 

«1t^1, 8. a jar ; a rough sketch, specimen, 

«^13f, s. a vessel, a recipient, a bridegroom, 
a plate, a cup, a jar, the body, a king's 
minister, counsellor, a person entrust- 
ed with an office, propriety, fitness. 
2 a 2 

^tlllt, -V, i. confidence, patronage. 

^iT^tf?', 9, a stone, rock ; -^tll, a stone- 

^ff'^f?^?", «. an aromatic plant.* [mason. 

*1T^?ft, 8. the stono or gravel, the tartar 

*1Tiii'?f^?l, 8. a stone-cutter, [of the teeth. 

*fT^^, 8. water. [iJug expenses. 

■^ITC^?, ft. belonging to a road : *. travel- 

■siTTf, V. a, to expel wind backwards. 

<1TW, ». a foot, leg, step, foot in poetry ; a 
quarter ; wind let out ; -fS^CW*f, a step. 

^1^^^f 8. the sole of the foot. 

*tTW5;f^, -s^TW^^f, 8, the dust of the foot, 

-s^tW^i^.the breaking of wind backwards. 

«tT^«t, «• a tree. ^IW^^,«. the lotus foot 

*TtW*t1^> «. a footstool. [(term of flattery). 

<^twgt^T515r, 8. the washing of the feet. 

*ttWR?r^TS, '«lTW?r<«rt, s. a boot, shoe, slip- 
per, a stocking. <lTWt^'5, 8. a kick. 

*1tvrf^^5i, a. destitute of foot, apodal. 

vftwfr, s. a priest, minister, clergyman. 

^itWC^IJft^, s. a kibe, a chilblain. 

«i"I^t^, s. a footstep, a footprint, track. 

*lTWTf%^, 8. a footman, a foot soldier. 

*ftWI*f «1, s. a placing the foot, a stepping. 

«tt^sTC*tI^l, 8. a kind of cimex or bug. 

•s^tf^l, or «tTf J «. a shoe, a slipper. 

*1TCWTW^, «. the water in which a brah- 
man has dipped his feet. [his feet. 

<ftff J, 8. water offered to a guest to wash 

-flt^, 8. the act of drinking ; -J, to drink. 

*tT^^^1, 8. one who drinks, a drinker. 

*fT^*tl^, 8, a drinking vessel, [sottish. 

<^llfir^,or'pfTJiC*ttl, a. drunk, intoxicated, 

<1T^3^, 8. a sort of small covered boat. 

vf Ts^l, «. breadth ; lemonade, sherbet; moss: 
V. to induce a cow to give milk freely. 

*TT^T^, a. thirsty. *(laT*t^, a. sottish. 

♦ffJlTC^f, ad. for the purpose of drinking. 

*fTst, 8. water, drinking liquid. 

*f T^'^^t«11, «. a tree and its fruit.* 

*fTs)c«lf^, 8, a species of water-bird.* 

♦fT^^^, ». a clepsydra. 

•^Iti^^?"^, 8. a water-mill. 

*fl^lr5, «. a hydraulic press. 

*fl^ll?'t51, 8, the keel of a ship or boat. 

<^Ti5\^R1, a. a kind of sweetmeat, [tor. 

<11^^T511,«. an aqueduct, a trench, a gut- 


[ 228 ] 


<tt5T^^, a. travellingby water, voyaging. 

<^t^^«T,s. an aquatic plant and its fruit.^ 

<^T^^^^5 s. the chicken-pox. [water. 

^ft^^"?:!, s. a water-bearer : a. full of 

«1"t^^^1, breaking of water : s. a female 

^ftiTj-igf^, s. liquor amnii cyst, [disease. 

*fT^^3, s, a hydraulic machine. 

<1"t^?, a. fit for drink, potable : s. water. 

«tT5^^1, "s^fTsT^Jlj a- watery, diluted, insi- 
pid, serous ; -'^l'^, a bleeding tooth. 

«tt^^, s. a pair of slippers, shoes, boots. 

<^tC5T, ad. towards, near, [ture meal). 

-pft^l, s. stale rice kept in water (for a fu- 

«Tt^, 8. a traveller, passerby, a passenger. 

-s^ft^l, s. eating of first meal after a fast. 

-s^fs^, s. sin, crime, guilt,wickedness ; -^, 
to commit sin ; -f^^l, to atone for sin. 

's^\'?\7^t^, s. a sinful action, a crime. 

<5ft«t^"S^1, (t. guilty of sin, criminal. 

<?ft^^?I, s. mortification of sin. [luck. 

^1'^^'Kf 8. an evil planet ; calamity, ill- 

^Mlf, sin-destroying, expiating for sin. 

'5l"t's^1%*«t^?", s. a kind of catechu, [of sin. 

<^t'«^C^T^, s. a suffering the consequences 

fl^T*^^?? ». made up of sin, wholly sin. 

-sjfs^l, s. Fort, the Pope, a father. 

«^Mi5?r«l, '^I'^Wj^s. a wicked or sinful 

<^t*tt^1, a. sinful, wicked. [practice. 

«^t*tt*I?, «. wicked, intending evil. 

*tTf<lV, «. wicked, guilty, sinful, criminal, 
highly wicked : s. a sinner, a rascal. 

«tT<fl", a. sinful, wicked, guilty, criminal ; 

«ftC^T5, s. a wipeshoes. [fe7n. ^t'^fl?^. 

-ptTCsit*!, 8. a pair of slippers or shoes. 

•pft^, s. space betweentwo joints, a knuc- 

«^t^Wl, s. a kind of fish.^ [kle, a joint. 

«tt^^, '^^^, ci. purifying, cleansing. 

^T^^^Sl, -^, s. purification, cleanness. 

«^t^^, a. base, vile, despicable, low, wick- 
ed, stupid, silly. [stupidity, idiotcy. 

'^T'sr?^^!, s. baseness, vileness, meanness 

^t^^5 8. a mean woman ; a sort of cloth 

*ft^5T?^5 a. going on foot, walking, [ers* 

*tt?®t'5rl, 5. a pair of trowsers, long draw- 

^fl^cT, a. pedestrial. on foot, [the feet^ 

^l^'K^^I, ci. sycophant, servile, falling on 

^t^*tt?, ctd. step by step, at every step. 

*1"t?<r1, s. a pigeon ;fem. -s^t?^. 

-J^T?^, s. frumenty, sweetened rice-milk. 

«tt?i1? 8. the foot, the leg or foot of a piece 
of furniture, a situation, office, rank. 

•5tf5^, 8. the anus. 'pfT?[^, v. a. to be able. 

«tt^, 8. across, opposite shore of a river, 
a working of pedal by the foot. [ver. 

'f1"T?r^, «. able, expert, capable, active, cle- 

«^T^?P^1, s. ability, capability, activity. 

'^t?r9f, a. well- versed, efiicient, skilful, cle- 
ver, studious, going to the other side. 

'^T<r'»f^1, -^, s. skilfulness, studiousness. 

«tI?"^T^l5 s. the landing-place where a 
ferry-boat plies. 

*TT?r«!l, s. the being able to do a thing ; the 
first meal after a religious fast, [power. 

'^tT^^'^^, a. the object within a person's 

*fT?n53J, 8. subjection, subserviency. 

'pfT?:f^<[>, a. same as 's^T?"C^'lf<s^. [ing. 

*TT^W, 8. quicksilver, mercury ; extricat- 

^T?r^*f^, «tT^^*Tf 5 seeing the other side, 
far-seeing, skilful in an art or science. 

^tT^Trf^f^l, 8. skilfulness in an art or sci- 
ence, a view of the opposite shore. 

*tt?rWTf?r^, a. adulterous : s. an adulterer. 

^t?r"PfTlT^v5l, 'Ptt^'Tft^J, 8. adultery. 

"^^TfT^Tt^^, ci. spiritual, excellent. 

**ft?'^"^J, a. traditional : s, tradition, tra- 
ditional doctrine, continual succession. 

^T^TCc^'tf^^) ^< relating to the next world. 

'^t?r*T^5 s. a brahman's son by a shudrani, 
a son by another's wife, a living corpse. 

*1"t?'t3C«lir, 8. an adulterine, son by ano- 

*tt?r1, quicksilver, mercury, [ther's wife. 

*tT?rT«Vl", «. paid for crossing ari ver : s. hire 

*tT^T^w'^<5l, 5. a ferry-boat, [for a ferry. 

*it^T^"5, 8. a pigeon, a dove. 

*'(T?^T^t?", 8. the ocean, sea, both shorog 
of a river : ad. through and through. 

*TT'?rt¥«l5 study; totality, entireness, com- 
pletion • a crossing to the other side. 

*ttr?"f^^J5 s. the adjustment of any affair. 

^tf?f^l^, 8. the coral tree of paradise.'* 

^TTf^Cl/tf^^, a. gratifying, satisfying: s. 
a present, a reward, a gift, a gratuity. 

^ttf^'-s^T^J, (I. regular, orderly, neatly. 

*tTr<r^lf%^, a. technical; not common. 


[ 229 ] 


^tf2r*11, s. the namo of a species of fish." ^ffsrl, «. the maintenance of a person ; 

^TtlT'^'?, <fr^W,«. a spectator, attoiulante, 
rotiuue : a. belong iug to an assembly. 

«tT??"g7, 8. abuse, reproach, scurrility, 
severity, harshness, violence, defama- 
tion, a misdemeanor, an assault. 

*1"T^fw, s. a separation, a division. 

*tlfQ[7, a. earthly, terrestrial. 

<>fT^ci, s. a festival, a feast, [at festivals. 

^l^^itf s. presents at festivals : a. given 

*TT^^, s. a name of Durga. 

'si^Wi, ^^TO^T*!, rt. possible, practicable. 

'pft'^', s. a side, the side of the body. 

<*f 1^^^, a.situated on the side, collateral. 

^t^^, s. an eye-tooth. 

^ff^^^, *tT^^9 a. adjacent, situated at 
the side : s. an associate, a companion. 

^ft'^rf^, *f^"^1, '^^J, ^m?r, s. a rib. 

^IC^fUd, aside, privately. 

«^lf¥, s. the heel, the rear of an army, the 
back, a violent woman. 

^t^, V. a. to preserve, nourish, support, 
maintain, educate, to keep a promise. 

<>ftcT, s. a nourisher, a protector, a flock, a 
herd, a drove, the copulation of beasts, 
a sail, a sail cloth ; -"^^j to hoist a sail. 

^t^^, s. a stack or rick of corn, a gran- 
ary, a storehouse, a magazine. 

'^]v[^, a. preserving, nourishing : s. a pre- 
server, keeper, protector, a cowherd, 

twig, hoar frost, a time or turn in rota» 
tion : a. supported, domestic : p. a. to 
nourish, maintain, to flee, run away. 

*fT^l^l«^1, 8. twigs and branches, [wall. 

*fT«?n3f1, 8. a shelf; small shed on a mud 

*1T51T5«, a. running away : #. a runaway. 

«tT^l^, *. a packsaddle, the udder of aa 

*tT^R, «. flight, escape, flying, [animal, 

■^Tc^TfJ??!, 8. a runaway, a deserter. 

-^if^, 8, a sail, edge of a weapon, a cor- 
ner, the tip of the ear, a line, a row, a 
spot, stain, a causey, a woman with a 
beard, measure of five sera ; a.cockpit. 

«trf%'«, a. nourished, protected, educated, 

*lTt%^l"srM<r, 8. a tree.* [preserved, 

*lTC5n1, 8. an infusion, vegetable farina. 

*ttC5TT^T5T, V. a hero, a wrestler. 

<^TM1, 8. a pair of scales, space, distance. 

'pft'T, 8. a rope, noose, snare, fetters, dice ; 

-ptt^T*?, s. a die, dice. [a side : ad, near. 

«ft*tl^^^, «. a gambler : a, playing at dice. 

«fm:]^^1, s. play at dice. [the other. 

'si^T*tC"srl\;^, s. the turning from one side to 

^t*T«^, *. a toe-ring ; the collar-bone. 

-pft^TI, s. dice, a rope for the feet used in 
climbing palm trees ; an ear-ornament. 

^^TTC-ftfc^l, 8. a play at dice, a gambling. 

*ft*tT*tTf*T, ad. abreast, side by side, near. 

*tT*Tt, 8. a frame, one who extracts palm- 

<^Tc^^^^, *tT«^^C^^1, s. an adopted son. «^T'5't), s. a ring for the toes. [juico. 

*1"T^^C^^t s. an adopted daughter. 

*tl5^^5 s. a sort of sedan chair, a palki. 

•5tTc^^ f?, s. a switch, a twig ; pinfeather. 

^iT^^r, s. a plume, feather, wing, pinion, 
the eye-lashes ; -^WS^1, to moult. 

^ft??^, s. beet-root, beet f a bedstead. 

«tT^?rwt^1, 8. an ornament for the neck. 

«^T«??fC«1T"3", 8. a counterpane, a bed-cover. 

«^Ts^^, v^n. to turn, to turn back. 

«tT9l1t, a. reciprocal, mutual, alternate'. 

*(i5I^, 8. the act of nourishing or main- 
taining, act of keeping or observing. 

*fl^;^^?f|, s. a nourisher, a supporter, an 
observer, one who keeps a thing. 

*1T«n^1,5. a cradle, rocking bed. [supported. 

*tT«1^?, "^I^J, (I. fit to bo nourished or 

9i]'*5]Uy a. western, hinder : *. hinder ()art. 
*TT^^, a. impious, blasphemous, heretical : 

8. a blasphemer, a heretic. [phemy. 
*fT<i?S"5l,«.hypocrisy,impiety, heresy, blaa- 
^I^T«J,«. a rock, stone, inequality in a pair 

of scales, any thing used to equalize it. 
<^T^l«i?I?r, a. full of btones, stony, rocky. 
«tI^I«J^?f?, a. hard-hearted, unfeeling. 
*f1^.^, 8. pickaxe, a mason's hammer, a 

stone-cutter's chisel ; -?!, stony, rocky. 
*fT®, 8. dice for playing. [getfulneso. 
*1t^, *lT^?r1, V. n. to forget, err: #. for- 
^l^?"*!, 8. forgetting of a thing, erring. 
*fT^T^, 8. a mountain, a hill, a rock, 
*fT^T^^^, 8. bottom of a hill, a valley. 
<^T^T^t, 8, brink of a precipice; a lullmau. 


[ 230 ] 


*ft'5:t^5^?1, «. liilly, mountainous, belong- 
ing to a mountain : 8. a mountaineer. 

f«i", V. a. to drink, to smoke tobacco. 

f*t^1%, s. yellow ochre, f*^^^^, a drinking. 

t^^^l, s. a cage, a bird-cage, a fowl-cage. 

f^tv^l, s. a stool, raised floor of a house. 

f*^*t1\5l, «. an ant, emmet, pismire. 

fM«^«T, s. long-pepper (Piper longum). 

f«t^, s. the black cuckoo (Cuculus indi- 
cus) ; the spittle when chewing betel. 

f*t^WT^, or fn^TWT^, s, a spitting-pot. 

f*1^^?r, a. chief of cuckoos : s. an appella- 
tion applied to an excellenc singer. 

f^"^, f^l^^l, a. tawny, brownish-yellow. 

f«t^c^,s. brownish-yellow colour : tawny. 

f '^^col, 5. a particular vessel of the body. 

f^t^^l"^, s. a syringe, a squirt, clyster- 
pipe ; -W1, to inject, administer enema. 

f*1 5Tt, s. the concrete rheum of the eyes. 

f*1"f5^, s, the belly, the abdomen, pelvis. 

f *T^, s. a peacock's tail, a crest, a tail. 

f*tf^«^5 s. sauce mixed with rice- gruel. 

f^W, V. n. to fall back, recede, go behind. 

f*1'^'5^1, s. a receding, a falling back. 

f 's=^'g;©T, V. n. to slip, to slide : a. slippery, 

f^'^c^sT,^. the slipping of the feet. [wet. 

f«t^1j ^- «• to repel, to cause to go back, 
to cause to desist ; to fall back. 

f*tWT^? s. the hinder part, the stern, the 
rear, the hinder feet ropes of a horse. 

1%'^T5T, s. hinder part; receding, desisting. 

t^i:TM1%, ad, behind, following behind. 

f^t^, f^fC^, flcZ.behind, after, afterwards. 

f'^'^v\\ V, a. to slip : a, last : s. slippery. 

f*T>^, V. a. to card cotton or wool, [thorax. 

f*t"^?", s.a cage, a bird-cage, the ribs, the 

f'^T?, V. a. to strike, beat, hammer, punish. 

fs>f^?T, s. a beating, a striking, a hammer- 

tM^^^I? s. a mason's floor-rammer, [ing. 

f*1^1, s. a sort of cake : v. a. to cause to 
beat or hammer, to beat, hammer out. 

f*1^t?r, s. a beating, the causing to beat 
or hammer : a. beaten, hammered out. 

fpf^Tfvftt, s. reciprocal beating, [a fish. 

IM^T^, s. pulp of rice made into a paste ; 

ft^j''*1^, s. peevishness ; a tingling, an 

fvt^Jvt^l^ V, a. to itch, tingle, [itching. 

f*1^, 5. the back ; the same with f^f^. 

f^t'^C^t^JSl, s. a knapsack, bundle, [back. 

ft^tf^tf^, ad. one after the other, back to 

f*1v5l, s. a raised floor, a stool, a portico. 

[Vff^5^, s, the name of an edible plant.^ 

f^tlYj s. a stool, a terrace, the pedestal of 

f*fc|T^, s. name of Shiva's bow. [an idol. 

fs^rS, s. a mass, lump, ball, funeral cake. 

f^t^'^r^^'V? ^- Arabian preserved dates. 

f^?3TrT5?T, s. the offering of a funeral cake. 

f^f^, s. a mass, lump, ball, funeral cake. 

f^^it^^, a. become a mass or ball. 

f^^it^^, a. made up into a mass or ball. 

fW^cT, brass ; -U^, brazen, made of brass. 

f-s^^l, s. a father ; -ITI^I, parents, [ma. 

j^Ttsr^, s. a paternal grandfather ; Brah- 

t^f^T^^, s. a paternal grandmother. 

f *t^, a. paternal : s. a father. 

fH^ -^^, -f^<n, -^^J, s. the ceremonies 
due to ancestors, funeral obsequies. 

tM^^cT, s. paternal race or family, [cide. 

f^^ -'^t^<Pj -CJT^, «. parricide : s.aparri- 

f*t^<f^,5. paternal or hereditary property. 

f<5?f^vf^^ <?. paternal: s. paternal relations. 

f^^^tfj, 5. Yama, the regent of death. 

f^^'^W, s. the office held by a father. 

■JM^t^^t^^tt^, paternal ancestry, proge- 

f«^^*^^^, s. paternal ancestors, [niters. 

fst^^t^^, 8. the son of a grandfather's 
sister, the son of the sister of a father's 
mother, the son of a father's uncle. 

f^f'^^J, s. a paternal uncle. 

1%y^'»^, a. devoted to a father. 

fM^^f^, s. devotedness to a father. 

f^t^WT^ift^, a. bereft of parents, orphan. 

f^t^C^^T^, s. an ancestor, ancestors, fore- 

f^T^'^^^l, 5". a paternal aunt. [fathers. 

fpf^i^^jl^ s. the murder of a father. 

f*f^, s. bile, gall ; -C1»T"^, the gall-bladder. 

f^te"^, a. antibilious, destroying bile. 

f*t€ST^^, s. a bilious fever. 

fVf Q rf, s. brassj-TT^r, brazen, made of brass. 

f5^C^tc^^,*.an excess of bile jbilious fever. 

f^^], a. paternal, hereditary. [cloak. 

fH^T^, s. a cover, a covering, wrapper, 

f*tt^^, s. a pinnace, a pleasure boat. 

f^\, V. a. to put on clothes, to dress. 


[ 231 ] 


f^^^, s. a dressing, putting on of clotlics. 
f*t<n, f*fC«t, s. tt barrel, a pipe, a cask. 
f*t*^I^1, «. desire, thirst, drought. 
f*1*1lf^^, a. athirst, thirsty. 
f*t*fT^t, f^^T^g;, r*f^iT^lf%^, «. thirsty. 
f*t*lt?l, fn^ytf^, mvf'rfST^I, *. an aut. 
f*f*t5» ^^^' iM***1'=^» «. long-pepper. 
f*1*^^*ftXl, «. an ornament for the ear. 
f^'5'VfcVt^c?, «. the root of long-pepper. 
f*f?l1, V. a. to cause to drink ; a corruption 
f*t?1^, C^-iTHW, 8. an onion. [of fgj?. 
fVf<nW1, s. a footman, a messenger. 
f*t?T^1, a. beloved : s. a lover j a guava. 
f*t?Tc^, «. the name of a fruit tree.* 
f^t^T^I, *. a cup, a tea cup, a water glass. 
f*f?T^t^t^, 5. a drunkard, a tippler. 
■R^T'nt^f^, s. drunkenness, tippling. 
f*t^T*tt^, s. the name of a timber tree.'' 
f-Pt?!?^, s. thirst. f^?lT^1, a. thirsty, 
fs^l?^, or f*fnr;g?, s. Port, a saucer. 
f-s^f^T^, ^1%, s. love, affection, kindness. 
jvf cT, s. unfledged bird, a young animal. 
f*1"c^1, f*t^^^ «• the spleen, the spleen dis- 
]>?frifvf cT, s. a crowd, a multitude, [ease. 
fs>(c^;§f,5.1ampstand, candlestick, [beads. 
f*t*tT:>, s. fiends, demigods with horses' 

f<f5, s. a flea. f^f*T^, s. flesh,, meat. 

f«^i5^, s. saffron, a crow ; sage Narada, 
cotton, a spy ; a. cruel, wicked, mean, 
low, base, contemptible, stupid, foolish. 

f<t^95T^1, s. cruelty, wickedness, meanness, 

f^, V. a. to grind, to bruise, [stupidity. 

fvf^^, 8. baked meats, bread, a cake. 

f -s^Tll, s. a father's sister's husband, [aunt. 

f*1^T^, s. a wife's or husband's paternal 

f^t^, s. a paternal aunt, [or daughter. 

fH^lS -"51^, -"^f^^, s. apaternalaunt'sson 

^^1, a. beloved : 8. a husband, a loyer. 

'^f^^ s. a stool, a bench, a terrace. 

^^, V. a. to strike, to beat. [ing. 

<5^^?T, s. a striking, a beating, a hamnier- 

•sft^, s. the back, a page or side of a leaf, 
a stool, a bench, a pedestal, a terrace. 

'sf^^'SI^, s. a lover who labours to appease 
an offended or angry mistress. 

«t^^, V. a. to cause pain, to bruise, to ex- 
press the juice of the sugarcane, etc. 

<1^^^, a. hurtful, distressing, sore, vexa- 
tious : *. a persecutor, an oppressor, 

*ft^5J, *. act of giving pain, persecuting, 
tormenting, a bruising of seeds. 

nt^^, *f1f^i^J, a. sensible, susceptible 
of pain, deserving to be pained. 

^Vi 8. pain, affliction, torture, distress. 

vftf?^, a. pained, afflicted, ill, sick. 

«ttv5)^T5J, a. suffering pain or dihtross. 

i^S, a. yellow ; drunk up ; s. safflower, a 
topaz, yellow orpiment, turmeric. 

t^^^*^^, *rt^^T?r, 8. yellow sanders. 

-sftZ^TT, s. turmeric. [bell-metal. 

«lt5C5^'t"5:, 8. yellow brass, queen's metal, 

*tt^t^?r, a. clothed in yellow : *. n name of 

'^1>]% *?tl^t<r, s. a topaz. [Krishna. 

'pftJ^,«. fat, plump, sleek, smooth : *. apin. 

«tt^^, «. a disease of the nose, [a peg. 

*ilc^t^, a. having large breasts or udder, 

-pft^^, a. fat, plump, large, sleek, fleshy. 

-plt^f , a. plump, fat, large, lusty, [ness. 

*?t^^^1, -^, s. plumpness, largeness, ful- 

•sf}?!^, s. nectar, water of immortality, 

-pft^, s. a young bird, [cow's first milk. 

«ftcTl, s. the spleen : a. yellow. 

^ft*^, V. a. to grind, rub, bruise, [fritters. 

«^^1, s, a fourth part, a quarter; a kind of 

5^^Tc^, *. straw, rice straw. [manhood. 

<^\,man, male, masculine; -*Tf^, virility, 

*^\^^, ad. manlike, manly, masculine. 

^\^<>3t, s. a virago, a masculine woman. 

«^\f>.?f, 8. in ffram. the masculine gender.* 

*'J^\»^c^, a. going to men, loose, wliorish, 

^J\7\';9f,8. a snake like earthworm. 

vf 5i V. a, to wipe, to mb off, to wipe oflT. 

vf^ij^s. a wiping, a wiping or rubbing off. 

vj"^!, V. a. to cause to wipe, or rub off. 

<^5T5J| 8. the causing to wipe or rub off, 

«£w, 8. purulent matter, pus. 

^ »ir?, a. full of purulent matter. 

*f;&t, s. a heap, a hoard, wealth, cash, a 
stock or capital in trade. [goods. 

•s^^l^il^, 8. wealth, substance, capital, 

^ ^"^T^ll, «. possessing wealth, rich. 

*f ^^, 8. a bundle, a packet, a parcel. 

«f ^5Tt?1, 8. round hand (in writing). 

^"^^j 8. the anus. 


L 232 ] 


»J^j1, a. low, mean, despicable : s. abut- 
«t^]t^?:1, s. a button-bole, a loop. [ton. 

*J^, s. tbe name of a species of fisb.' 

«J\51, s. a store-house ; seller of vegetables. 

«t^, V. n. to be infected with maggots (as 

«J^^, 5. a pond, pool, tank, [an ulcer). 

*tf ^^U it- belonging to a pond. 

«tJ%f, s. tbe featber of an arrow. 

9^-^^s. a bull: a. eminent, chief. 

^p^^ s. the tail of an animal. 

*J^, V. a. to ask, enquire, to interrogate. 

«T^1, V. a. to cause to ask or interrogate : 
s. a question, enquiry ; ^J^t?" =^?r«l, to 
question a person, enquire of a person. 

«Jgl, s. a rotten rag, a rag, a fragment. 

«^5i, s. a heap, a heap of grain or the like. 

*j;;-t'5TT^, a. increasing to heap, plenty. 

«t^, s. a joining of the hands, a pair, a 

«J^5, V. a. to burn, to burn away, [cover. 

*^\5^, s. a burning, a kindling. 

<tvrt, a. burnt up by the sun : s. the teeth 
of a saw or sickle ; a sort of sugarcane. 

<t«lj, s. purity, holiness, virtue, religious 
merit, a good action : a. pure, holy, vir- 
tuous, righteous, beautiful, pleasing. 

<pfeij^:5l, 5. one who performs holy actions. 

«£cij755^, s.a meritorious or holy action. 

«J«ij^-5^1, a. performing holy actions. 

*t«l]^^, s. the fruits of purity or holiness. 

«^«i]^^, a. pure, holy, virtuous, religious. 

<^«1J^1^, s. a holy place. [meritorious. 

*tsJ^?5*t, a- identified with purity, holi- 
ness, or religious merits, [or holiness. 

*J«i:Jt^?r, s. the first appearance of purity 

«t«i7T5?^^9 S' a virtuous or holy life. 

^«i]t^I'<f1", «. leading a pure or holy life. 

*t«tJT^^, ci' consisting ofor identified with 
purity, holiness or religious merit. 

«1"«iJt^1, a. holy, pure, religious, virtuous. 

^Jcilt*!*!!, s. holiness and the want of it. 

*t«l]tQjf, a. desirous of religious merits. 

«t«i}tC^,«^.forthe sake of religious merits. 

*X^7T^, s. the day on which the tenants 
make the first payment of their rents. 

«^.ift, a. holy, meritorious, sacred. 

^, V. a. to plant, to set a stake or post 
in the ground, to bury, [(an abuse). 

*^3, s. a son ; -•^fl^rl', fern, son-devouring 

^^5T, s. a burying, planting, setting up. 

^t^^f ^r^^^l? •^' ^^ image, a doll, a pup- 

*t€ cTt, s. idem ; image on the eye. [pet. 

*te ^^^^, an idolater, idol- worshipper. 

*^^=^'^^% s. idolatry, image worship. 

*^^, s. a son ; -9f«l, a number of sons. 

^iSfll, ^i^^, *Xi^^t^, s. sonship. [son. 

*JJ5^^J, ^^T<5,, a. like a son, equal to a 

^i^cH^^tI^, s. posterity, [ness for a son. 

'^^ --^<s,7\v[^a. fond of a son ; -•^t<s,7to^j,fond- 

5jj^^^, a. fern, having a son. 

«^55^^, s. a son's wife, a daughter-in-law. 

«1lq^]ir, ci. having a son or male children. 

^^it^sT, <^j^^^t^, a, sonless, childless. 

^J;j^3^^t^5 or *Jjq^^1%, s. male posterity, a 

^igtsiff , a. desirous of a son. [male child. 

«J^C^, ad. for the purpose of a son. 

«j^f%^1, s a daughter ; a doll, a puppet. 

*J1%^t*^^, s. a daughter's son. 

"^^^ s. a daughter : a. having a son. 

-s^:^?!, a. filial, relating to a son. 

«^C^i^, s. a sacrifice made for obtaining 

*^<?ft, 5. a book, a volume. [a son. 

«JI?^% s. the herb mint (Mentha sativa). 

^X^j^conj, but. ^i^%, ad. again, once more. 

«^j:fS5j^^2. ad. repeatedly, again and again. 

«^JT2^C^T5^, s. a collapsing. [also. 

^J^'^f^, co?ij, once more, again and again, 

*^^?"T?f^^, s. a returning, a recurrence. 

*J^^T|f^, s. a return, turning back again. 

*^*^?^i?r? (^d. again, over again. 

*J^^?rt*t1, ft. revived hope. 

"^"^W^ a. repeated, spoken again. 

9^-^f^^ s, a repetition, a tautology. 

«^^^*atT^5 *• 'tbe resurrection. 

*X5^*5tTf*t^, a. raised again. [lenting. 

*JiT??f^:5, a. risen again. ^J^W?!!, s. a re- 

-5^;^^%, 5. regeneration, second birth, re- 
covery from dangerous illness. 

^JI^T^, a. regenerated, born again. 

'5^5;^'J'T^,5. a revisal, a revision, a review. 

«J»^^^1, s. a plant (Boerhaavia diffusa). 

<^:^f7t%^, a. re-appointed. 

^^f^C<lT'?f, s, a re- appointment. 


[ 233 ] 


*t^^^^» 5. tho seventh mansion in tlic zo- 

*J^^^t?r, ad. again, anotlier time. [diac. 

*J^^f^5T?r,«. are-invostigation. [tribunal. 

*^^f^^T^2fT9f5Rl, 8. an appeal to another 

*^^f^^T^, s. a second marriage, or first 
appearance of menses in a married girl. 

*t5?^?r, 5". a linger or toe nail; regeneration. 

*J^^^, s. a twice-married virgin widow. 

<^iT*5, ad. again, yet again, once more. 

*J^5Tl^, 8. a male, a man. 

«J^, s. a city, a town, a habitation, a place. 

«J^S, ad. in front, formerly. 

*^^27f^, a. preceding, going before, going 

*X?'^I?r, s. a city gate. [forward. 

*J?r*^<r, s. Indra, the king of the gods. 

*X^rf^) *• ^ matron, a housewife. 

*X^^'^^' ^-^^st, eastern, [or rewarded. 

*X?^^<l '•?t?',*t?^I^J, a. fit to be promoted 

^t^^Qlj s. he who honours or promotes. 

*jj^^l<r, s. a royal gift, a reward, renm- 
neration, present, promotion, honour. 

*t?"^T?'^3 s. an honorary dress. 

*1^?'^1'^, <?. honouring, promoting. 

*t<r^3, a. honoured, advanced,promoted, 
remunerated, rewarded. [eastward. 

*t^?"'^K9 ad. in front, from the forepart: a. 

*^?r^,*. mistress of a family, ahousewife. 

^J?^"^? d' standing before, staying at home. 

*j[^^f%^, a. situated before. [dose. 

*t^1, ad. before : a. complete, full : s. a 

*t?T*l, a- old, ancient : s. the ancient his- 
tory or mythology of the Hindus. 

*t?T«i^^, a. approved by the puranas. 

*t?rt«l'*lt3, «• the writings called puranas. 

*^^T^^, a. old, ancient, antique, [tion. 

«t^T^5I^9l"1,«. ancient story, legend, tradi- 

«j-^T5:fJ^, s. thegovernor ofacity, orofa 

«jf?, s. a sort of fried pancake, [house. 

**tt??1, 8, a dose ; a small packet. 

<t<ft, 8. a city, a town, a palace, residence. 

^J^-^, s, dung, ordure, excrement. 

'^, a. thick, coarse. *t?1, »• a priest. 

*J?P5I,«. aplumbline, amason'splumbliue. 

*t^^, a. male : «. a male, man, a genera- 
tion, the soul, God,the8upremeBeing, 
the sensitive soul, life, [man exertion. 

^J^^l^T, s, human action or conduct, hu- 
2 II 

^ijr^:9Z'Vt o^* '^^ successive generations. 

♦j"??^^, 8. manlincfw, manhood, virility. 

*t<?^«2t^T*T, ». a disjday of mnnlinCM. 

«(^?'^«f^'^?r1, *. a sncceasion of genera- 

*^??^tiIjB, 8. merely a man. [tions. 

*t??^f^VT, n. an eminent man, a lion of 

'Jir^rT^T?', a. human-formed. [a man. 

<^^T8f , 8. the male organ of generation* 

*^^^tVfTr, 8, a vile or base man. 

*^<P^T^35^, 8. a succession of generations* 

*J?P^I^5»C^, ad, successively, from gene- 
ration to generation. [human life. 

*J?f^5!f, s. manliness, courage, an objectof 

^j^^C^I?!^, s. Vishnu, an eminent man. 

^:<rT5f^^, 8. a going before or in front. 

<JC^T^^, *fC^T^, preced i ng,going before. 

'5JC?rTfl:i5, ^Jp^Txri:, «. a family priest. 

^^-ifl, a. shrewd, acute : 8. an ancestor. 

*t^, *. a bank, a dam, a dike, a bridge. 

•sje^^f^, 8. an embankment. 

^J\^, s. erection of the hair of the body 
through delight or pleasure. [gay- 


«Tc^1, s. a sheaf, a bundle, a wisp (of hay). 

*fl^5-f*t^l, 8. a sort of cake or sweetmeat. 

^f%5T, 8. a shoal, an island, a strand. 

^fi^'^fl, 8. a bundle, a parcel, a package. 

*'s^*TtWl, a. secret, hidden, concealed. 

-sf^, V. a. to nourish, to feed. 

*lf^^, a. nourished, fed, fattened. 

«^^^, *. water, the sky, the atmosphere, 
a waterlily, tip of an elephant's trunk, 
the art of dancing, war, intoxication, 
union, a cage, a port, a pond, a lake. 

<1^5|rf^**l, ». name of one of the seven 
continents in the Hindu geography. 

'i^f?st, * a pond, a pool, a tank, [arrow. 

<^^«7, (/. much, many : *. feather of au 

«f^, a. nourished, maintained, fed. 

-W^^l, «. a thriving condition of the body. 

-tft^, 8. nourishment, maintenance, sup- 
port, increase, prosperity,a good condi- 
tion of body, a prop, a shore, a bank. 

<^t^ -^ir, -»^^,«. nutritious, nourishing. 

«5^, «. a flower, blossom ; the menses. 

vt^*,«. a flower, calx of brass, copperas, 
speck on tho eye, Kuvera's Lhariut. 


[ 234 ] 


-^^^t^*^, ft- the green snlpliate of iron. 

-si^f 1^, s. a shower of flowers. 

"sf^il?, (I. full of flowers, flowery. 

<5T<ff>f <r^, s. honey, the honey of flowers. 

*1^C<rc|, s. the pollen of a flower. 

-s^-^^f^Jl, s. a bed of flowers, [an author. 

-5^f^<5l, s. a chapter, division of a book ; 

«^f^'5,«. in flower, covered with flowers. 

^lZ'^'\m'\^,s. a flower garden, aparterre. 

*^"^1, s. the eighth naansion in the zodiac. 

^■^<P,5. a book, volume ;-<Ptt , bookworm. 

«i;^5^'t9rT?r, or -sf^^.t^^?, s. a library. 

^f"^!, 5. an embankment, a shore, a prop. 

vf t", s. an edible plant (Basella alba). 

•St SI, 5. pus, matter, the purulent matter. 

*J^, s. a multitude, aheap, 
ture, disposition, betel-nut. [shipper. 

«i"®^,fl!. honouring, worshipping is.awor- 

^;§^^, 5. a showing respect to or honour- 
ing of a superior, a worshipping. 

^fgf^?, ^W, a. worthy of worship orhon- 
our, honourable, worshipful, venerable. 

^lif?r^i, s. a worshipper, adorer, [tion. 

«J^1, s. worship, honour, homage, adora- 

^^ffl", «• a worshipper, a priest. [ted. 

«lf^^5 a.Jworshipped, honoured, venera- 

^^J^5l, s. worshipfulness, venerableness. 

<T^, *• a fl^^ ^^1' metals, a menstruum. 

<^:5, a. pure, clean, holy, sincere, honest, 
speaking truth ; threshed, winnowed. 

^1^1, -^, s purity, holiness, sanctity. 

■sj^l^l, a. pure, holy : s. the Holy Spirit. 

«tt%5 putrid, musty, corrupted : s. purity, 
sanctity, purification, holiness, truth. 

^1%^!, 8. a civet-cat ; a potherb ; vide ^. 

*J^5J**, s, the musk-deer ; the flying-bug. 

■sj-s^, s. bread, loaf, cake ; -^T?", a baker. 

-sj^?, a. eastern; -^f^T^, east wind. 

«JC^, ad. easterly, eastward, in the east. 

«jjSl, s. putridity ; pus, matter, [an ulcer). 

*^<r. V. n. to fill or become full, to heal (as 

^'^-, high, full (as water,) thick : s. a city, 
town, habitation, lake, healing of ulcer. 

^^'^^y s. a multiplier ; inspiration ; a ci- 
tron : a. filling, fulfilling, completing. 

«j-^^, a. filled up, choked up, full. 

<j^ci, s. the act of filling up, the charging 

of a gun, the multiplying of numbers, 
the completing of a work. [pleted. 

'^^r'ft?!, a. capable of being filled or com- 

■^J^^l, s. a filling up, a completing : a. full, 
complete, perfect, plenary, copious : 
V. a. to fill, to complete, to accomplish. 

'^?"T«i, s. the filling up of a cavity, the 
making a thing complete : a. filled. 

-5^1?^, a. full, filled, completed, accora- 

'sjTTt, 5. a sort of pancake. [plished. 

^^, a, thick, gross, coarse, full. 

«1"^"^, 5'. a man, a male, mankind. 

•^•iri^ a, shrewd, active, old: s. an ancestor. 

"^•f, a. full, filled, complete, whole, entire, 

^cf^T^T, s. complete or full time, [perfect, 

^«f*1t^,s. a full vessel, present to a priest. 

^cfsrl, or ^cfsrT^, s. day of full moon. 

"sjfcf^, '5j«f^i':5l, a. full, complete, entire. 

-s^fsful, or '^'jfs'^, s. the full moon. 

■sjf^', s. fulness, repletion, completion. 

^^, a. first, preceding, foregoing, former, 
ancient, prior, preliminary, east, east- 
ern, fronting, before : s. the ancestors. 

'=J^;§', «. previously produced, first-born, 

^^ffr^, s. the east quarter. [eldest. 

^<^rw<^^, a. situated in the east. 

'^^^Vr7[, s. yesterday, the preceding day. 

^^■^1^, s. foresight, a former view of an 

^^CW*t9 s. the east country. [object. 

«J#CW^^, '=J^CW*r|"?, a, oriental, eastern. 

^^fii <I n, 5. a preliminary, [destiny, luck. 

^^fi^^^,5. preliminary agreement, fate, 

'H^'^^^ s. a thesis, a proposition, the ma- 
jor proposition in a sylogism. [nitor. 

^^<^^'^, s. ancestor, forefather, aproge- 

^:^Tp^§JqY, s. the eleventh mansion in the 

«J^^'5,,a^. as before, as formerly, [zodiac. 

•^^^f^^l, s, precedence. [previouslp. 

'^^^'otj a. previous, preceding, existing 

^<H"^TPf, s, a former assertion or plea. 

^^^Tlft, speaking in the first instance . 
s. in law, the plaintiff, the first speaker. 

«J^^t5*tW, s. 25th mansion in the zodiac. 

^^«T^, s. the first or prior state or con- 

«J^^^, a. like the foregoing. [dition. 

*Jj^?rT^, s. the past night, yesternight, 
former part of the night. 


[ 235 ] 


^^f^f^^ya, abovestatod, foromentioned,. 
^Jj^^tfitf^ A> s, a prior owner, [forocitod. 
*3^^T*tf, a. in regular order; chronic. 
^'J^^I^fif, from antiquity, or a former time. 
^^T^^l, s. a former state or condition. 
^^RT^i,«. the twentieth mansion in the 
^<^1^, 5. the forenoon, morning, [zodiac. 
<^^9, a. eastern, easterly. 
<JC^, ad. before, previously ; eastward. 
^C^FJS, ad. on a former day ; yesterday, 
^C^Te^5 «. beforespoken, aforesaid, fore- 
"^h capable of being filled, [mentioned* 
^^,a. smeared, mixed, combined with 
<Jiif^^, a. apart, separate, distinct; -^?<1, 

the making a separation, a separating 
<j«if^^, s. separateness, distinctness. 
^'<J^^'5j<?f^, ad. separately, distinctly, 
"^f^^t, 8. the earth ; -v5«?, the surface of 

the earth ; -*Tt%, a king, a sovereign. 
'5jN"^^^;35Tr, s. the orb of the earth. 
^^^> fs^l, s. rice soaked and flattened. 
'sj'ij-t, s. the earth, the base of a triangle. 
^■^■£.,5. the porcine deer ; a drop of water, 
's^^, a. asked, interrogated, questioned. 
^%, flat surface, the back, page of a book. 
<^^^.c^^, s. the processes of the spine. 
^^tl, ad. behind the back, behind, in the 
^^1, s. a page, the page of a book. [rear. 
^^T^q'<3>, s. the vertebra of the back. 
C^^, s. mire, mud, the voice of a duck. 
C-s^^C^f^, s. the quacking of a duck. 
C*T5, 8. a screw, a spiral motion, intricacy, 

perplexity, an intricate scheme. 
C*^5<^15, s. a machination, intricacy. 
C<^51, V. a. to screw : s. an owl. [intricate- 
C^51<J, s. a turning; a schemer : a, spiral, 
C^t^I^, spiral, twisted : s. a twist, turning. 
C*f5lf^<i1, a. making things intricate. 
C*f51C*^r5, s. an intricacy, a difficulty. 
W^t^itt. artful, intricate, tortuous, t-piral. 
Cs^fs, a disputatious, litigious. [sot. 

C*if55Tl^1c^, s. a litigious or quarrelsome 
C^IS^I, s. hysterics : a. spiral, intricate. 
C^flJ^t^s^, s. a long huka-snako. 
C^f^'f^, s. the sordes of the eyes. 
C^Sf^, 8. the carding of wool or cotton. 
C^Sil, V. a. to cause cotton to be cai-ded. 
2 u 2 

C^t7, t. n causing to card cotton. 

CkHuI, 8. a tree and its fruit.* 

C*t*^l, 8. an excuse, a pretension, coquot* 
ry, amorous jest, a mocking, a jesting. 

C^^issr,*. feather, apeacock^soxpandingof 

C*f 5^, or C*t51, «. an owl. [it's feathers. 

C*1^, «. the belly, the footus, tho womb, 
pregnancy ; •^TT^l, -^Js., to have a gap- 
ing ; -^Jlto miscarry ; -c<P^,to have an 
abortion ; -^1^, or -5^, to have a dy- 
sentery or purging ; -OTT^il, to starve 
any one ; -"SlTl, to satisfy the appetite* 
-^ ^,, to rumble in the bowels ; •''^*<, 
or -^«^, to be flatulent, to be hoven ;-?J', 
to stop the purging ; -^, to be pregnant. 

C^^^^T^^, *. a costive state of the bowels. 

C^^^l^^T*^, *. a griping of the bowels. 

C«t^^^, intemperate, gluttonous, greedy. 

C^^^'ifJfi, 8. a miscarriage, an abortion. 

C*^^55nl, s. a dysentery, a diarrhoea. 

C*f^5d"?«l, 8. the stopping of loose bowels. 

C*1^5T, 8. a beating, a hammering. 

C^^^<r^, a. lax in the bowels. 

Cvf^st5I?T, s. a looseness of the bowels. 

C*t^C«1t^, 8. a medicine used to procure 
abortion, also, to prevent conception. 

Csq^^r-H^T, 8. a distention of the bowels. 

C^i^i'^^^t 8. the producing of abortion. 

(.^^^^, s. the cure of a dysentery. 

r.«^^ -■5?ri, 8. repletion ; -*T?^, the colic. 

Csi^^T^I, 8. a diarrhoea, a dysentery. 

C*1^C?t^1, a. diseased in the bowels. 

C*t^^^^,«. making tlie belly one'sall: *. 

C^^5;^^5 8. a being pregnant, [a glutton* 

C^^l, V. a. to cause to beat or hammer. 

C^f^l?"!, 8. a clothes-basket, portmanteau ; 

C*i^.lft» *. id^tn. [a balloon. 

C*i^^, voluptuous, gluttonous, greedy. 

d^l^l, a. large-bellied, pot-bellied. 

C*lf§^?i*tl\$5i,«. the drefetingof a woman's 
hair by parting it on the forehead. 

C*t^, 8. a box, a chest, aw icker basket. 

C^i^*, a. gluttonous, ravenous, greeily. 

C*1§^1^, 8. gluttony, ravenousness. 

C-s^^gl, a. included, largo-bellied. 

C<1^jT«T, 8. one who is included in on* 
other's office or account, a mate. 


[ 236 ] 


C^\^^, V. <?. to grind, squeeze : s. a portman- 
teau, a sort of sweetmeat, young buffalo. 

C'5tC^5"5rT?r«i, s. a throwing down and beat- 

C*tl5^1, s. a sloven, a dirty fellow, [ing. 

C^IS^? s. an apparition, a spectre, a slut. 

C*^^^^, C*t^i^?«., s. a slut, a slattern. 

C^^t^^Tl, s. a basket, a covered basket. 

C<^t%<It^, s. a stand to support boxes, 

C^CPtTC's^T^I, s. a flying-bug. [bales, etc. 

C^C^^, s, the female part of the Phallus. 

C^t?, potable, driukable,fitfor drinking: 5. 

C^TItSi, s. onion (Allium cepa). [a drink. 

C*1?TWl,s. a footman, a messenger, a peon. 

Cs^iiTiitf^f^l, s. the business of a footman. 

^'C's^?ll<r, s. affection, love, fondness. 

C*t?It?^lj afl'ectionate, beloved: s. a guava. 

C*t?lT«nli s. a cup, a teacup, a sneaker, a 

C^^i s. Port, a turkey. [bowl. 

C*tC<r^, s. a nail, a spike. [in, trusted. 

*C^*r, s. the front, forepart : a. confided 

*C'5t*f^*^^, 8. a dagger, a stiletto, a dirk. 

*C*t*t^T?^» 6". an agent, a deputy, a man- 
ager, an assistant ; C'l^f^l^'^, his office. 

^C^f^t^R", s. an advance (of wages or cash). 

C^'*tv\, a. clever, eminent, famous, beau- 
tiful, heart-ravishing, crafty, knavish. 

C^^tl, 5. a profession, trade, custom, prac- 
tice, habit ; -WT?", holding a profession. 

C^f'ft, s. Q^g of a bird, a scabbard,a mus- 
cle, a lump of flesh, spikenard, a bud. 

C^"^^, a. grinding, masticating. 

C^^^'1^,C'5^"^«iTt^, 5. large teeth, grinders. 

C*^"^^j s- grinding of corn, etc. ; a muUer ; 

C^"^*?!", s. a millstone, muller. [bandage. 

C'^"5'«i1'?5 «. capable of being ground. 

\^)b\ s. one step of a staircase ; a flight of 

\'^1)\ s. the Hindu sacred thread, [steps. 

t^t^l^'^^, a. relating to a grandfather. 

t*t^^, ci. ancestral, paternal ; -5f;i, a pa- 
trimony ; -^f€, paternal inheritance. 

t^^^lR^-t?',s. ancestral inheritance. 

t^t^^^?, s. the son of a paternal aunt. 

^-5^1%^, a. bilious, of the nature of bile. 

t*t^, tt' ancestral, paternal, hereditary. 

t^t'^T^, a. devilish, demoniacal, infernal. 

t'l'^T^I^^t^, s, a marriage in which the 
bride is decoyed away by stratagem. 

t^t^'^Jj*- defamation,backbiting,slander, 
C^l, s. a son, a child. [spite, cruelty. 
C-s^t^l? s. quarter, 4th part, pedal-posts. 
C^fT^tit, a- pregnant, mother of child. 
C*tt^T^, 5, a potter's kiln ; a basking. 
Cffl^tc^, s. straw, rice straw, [a coating. 
C^fl?, s, a whitewash, the plaster of a wall, 
C'%5\5l, s, a whitewashing, plastering ; a 

wiping brush, a whitewashing brush. 
C^T^sjlf^, s. a potter's glazing earth. 
C^^T^I, V. a. to cause to wipe : s. the wrist. 
Cs^^l, s. a gut, entrails of a fish or other 

animal, the mucus of the nose, snot. , 
C-s^IW? s. the anus, the hips,the posteriors. 
C^T^tct^f^f, s. a dragging along by the legs 

while a person sits on the ground. 
C^tW^^^^I, s. laxness of the bowels. 
C'sffWlC's^ff^, ad. rump to rump, closely. 
C-stT^I, s. an insect, a worm, a maggot. 
C*tt^W^1, C'S^t^TC'ftrf <I1, a, worm-eaten. 
C^t^r «. ripe, cooked, complete, perfect. 
C^t^tJT, or C's^t^Ts'^, s. ripeness, a being 

complete, the boiling of salt. 
C«^T9f«s, s. a beardless boy : a. deformed. 
C's^T^I, s. the anus, the privities, [book. 
C*tt^, s. a foundation, a basis ; back of a 
C*1t^1, s. a woman with a beard. 
C*ft\5, a, baked, burnt, calcined. 
C^Tv5«^^lf^; s- a kind of burnt earth. 
C*ft^Fl, V. o. to burn, to destroy by fire, to 

roast, to scald : a. burnt, roasted. 
C'5^t\5t^«1"T«^5 s. a misfortune, bad luck. 
C's^t\5t^'^tt^?1, a. unlucky, unfortunate, 

wretched ; lit. having burnt forehead. 
C*1t\5T^, 5. a burning, a searing, aroasting. 
C«tt\5T^T<n^1, s. a disease of the skin. 
C^t^Stf^, s. a burning or calcining, calci- 
nation : a. due for burning things. 
C^Tv^Tt^?!, a. incendiary, burning. 
C^tK, V. a. the same as -s^^, which see. 
C^^T^, s. a boat, ship, young of an animal, 

glass beads, foundation,the floor, cloth. 
C^t^JT, s. the same with '^it'^. 
C^tl^^f*!^^, s, a merchant who trades by 

sea, a voyaging merchant. [rower. 
C^ft^'TT^, s. a boatman, steersman, sailor^ 
C«tt^^T^^j s. a mariner, a ship-captain. 


C*ft^1, s. a burying, tho floor, a canton, a 
seaman, a waterman, the testicles. 

C^t^t^T^T, 8. young fry, a slioal of young 

C-s^TW, s. a low caste of Hindus. [fish. 

C^tT^r?", s. a money-changer, a banker. 

C<1t'»tT?f), s. the business of a banker. 

C«tT^1, s. young fry, the young of fish. 

C^Z^J, a. fifteen. C^IK^^f^^ fifteenth. 

C«tl?1, V. a. to warm one's self, to bask. 

C*lT<lTt%, s. a newly confined woman. 

C'^T?'!, V. a. to load, fill : s. a load, freight. 

C'si'T^I, s. a son, a child ;fem. <^6^. 

C^lc^I^,*. a dish prepared with rice, but- 
ter, flesh, and hot spices. 

C^]v]VS, 8. steel. C*1"lC?I1, 8. a harpoon. 

*C«tT*tT^, 8. clothing, dress. [clothing. 

C^fT*fT^, a. belonging to dress, fit for 

C*1t*tv5, *• the language of Afighan. 

C*tt"^, V. a. to maintain, cherish, nourish. 

C*Tt^^, a. nourishing, maintaining. 

C^tt^S, 8. a nourishing, a maintaining. 

C^T^<?t?, a. proper to be maintained. 

C^tf^lj^. tame, domestic : «. maintenance : 
V. a. to cause to nourish, to tame. 

C^jT'^T'lj ». a causing to be maintained, the 
recompensing of a person. 

C*1T^, 8. one who nourishes or maintains. 

C^T"^!, a. requiring to be maintained. 

Cvffg-j«jj5^ s. an adopted son. 

C'5^1'^, 8. a poppy (Papaver somniferum). 

C*lT"^1,orc*fl'^T^*ff^,5. a bulwark, an em- 
bankment, a buttress. [pass away. 

C*1t^1, V. n. to become light, to dawn, to 

C^ lff'3, 8. a lad under sixteen years of age. 

C^ttf?, 8. properly C^flf^, which see. 

cWt^i 8. a grandson, a son's son. 

cW)^, 8. a son's daughter. 

C^^'^'^^ 8. a repetition, tautology. 

cWt^^V, 8. the son of a twice-married 
woman by her latter husband. 

C^^?r, a. relating to a city, civil, civilized. 

C^^^tf*!^, a, well versed in the puranas : 
8. a professor of the puranas. 

C^'t^'^, 8. manhood, manliness, virility. 

C*lM^I^, a. belonging to tho full moon. 

C<tt^, 8. a Hindu month containing part of 
December and part of January. 

[ 237 ] et? 

C^t$9, a. nutritious, fattening, [vulva. 

<>*3T5r, a. a diseased mass protruding from 

gf, a, prep, in comp. it gives the idea of an 
increased degree or greater excellency 
of the action or thing. [displayed. 

SJiai^, manifest, evident, plain, notorious, 

St^f^^, a, displayed, laid open, apparent. 

2t^7r«l , 8. a treatise, a chapter, a section of 
a book, the subject of a treatise, an af- 
fair, an introduction to a book, a pro- 
logue or prelude, a poetical fiction. 

2l^?r«^?, belonging to a treatise, belong- 
ing to tho subject matter of a book. 

£f^f^^, a. made to exceed : «. a surplus. 

2t^TTS, a. tall, stout, strong, robust, stupen- 
dous, excellent, best : ». trunk of a tree. 

2t^T'i^t?r, a. gigantic, large-bodied, [ner. 

gj^t?", s. a sort, a kind, a method, a man- 

£t^T^Rc*f^, 8. a particular sort, [other. 

2f^T?rT^?r, 8. another sort : a. dissimilar, 

£|^T?rT^C?r, ad. otherwise, in another man- 

St^T^, 8. a noted time ; a long time. [ner. 

£J^T*f, 8. expansion, diff'usion, manifesta- 
tion, light, illumination, revelation, dis- 
covery, an appearance, ; -^, to reveal. 

£t^T*t^,a. shining, illuminating, display- 
ing, publishing, visible : 8. a publisher. 

gJ^T^t^lil, -^, *. the property of mani- 
festing or displaying. U^S' 

SJ^T*t^-T<r^, ft. making manifest, display- 

*J<r.t*T?T, shining, manifesting, appearing. 

£f^PT«T^'>?l, a^J«T^^J,riV/<j2t*l«TJ- [ing- 

£f ^T*TirT5(,a. shining, manifesting, appear- 

£t^T*T^C*f, ad. openly, publicly, visibly. 

gj^lf*!^, a. manifested, revealed, blown. 

2J<i>l*I^, a. appearing, shining, radiant. 

2(^1*TJ, a. discoverable, capable of being 
revealed or made manifest, visible. 

gt*T*T3'51i «• visibility, manifestness. 

2f^<f, a. scattered about, interspersed, 
bespread, published, miscellaneous. 

2t^«f''> *• 0- ^fto made of the tail of Tar- 
tar ox ; a section or chapter in a book. 

gj'^e'ip, *. a mentioning, a declaring. 

2t^f%'3, a, spoken, declared, explained, 
mentioned, revealed. [real, true. 

S^flj a. right, genuine, proper, veritable, 


[ 238 ] 


£l^lv5l, -^, *. rectitude, veracity, genu- 
ineness, reality, propriety, accuracy. 
gf^^^C^t, ad. rightly,properly, veritably, 
£lf ^T^f, a- the same as S^fl. [truly, 

gf^t^, s. original and unformed matter, 

nature, disposition, a subject. 
£J^1^2tT*1"^? «• elastic, springing back. 
£f^1%R^, a. natural, effected by nature, 
gj^"^, good, excellent, eminent, superior 
gf^"^^], goodness, excellency, superiority' 
£fC^l^,s.theforearm; door-frame, [ment. 
Si"^^, s. attempt, beginning, commence- 
£t:§5-f^, a, attempted, begun, commenced. 
gf :^|^^1, s. a being attempted or begun 
£rra»<l1,«.bearingroyal insignia ; adminis- 
gf^T?"^, ct. exhalent. [tering remedies. 
£f ^tc?^, s. cleansing, the washing or rins- 
ing of a thing, the expiation of a crime. 
£[?^Tcn^?, gf^tc^J, a. requiring to be, or 

capable of being, washed or rinsed. 
St^ti^^, a. washed, rinsed, [propelled. 
gjfW'^, projected, thrown, cast, injected, 
SiV^'^, s. projection, a throwing off, injec- 
tion, propulsion ; share in a joint stock' 
SiV^^^, a. propelling, throwing off. 
gjC^^'s^^'^?, a. capable of being projected, 

propelled, thrown, or driven forward. 
gf^r^j keen, sharp, acute, acrid, smart, emi- 
£|<r^C®»JTf^S, s. glare, keen lustre, [nent. 
gK^'^f^, 5. acuteuess, penetration. 
gj-jf ^i, s. the upper arm above the elbow. 
gf-Jf^"^, a. overpowering, bold, confident, 
intrepid, audacious, shameless, impu- 
dent, strong, insolent, able, firm, ready. 
gf^fs'B^i, s.boldness, insolence, audacity, 

impudence, intrepidity, perverseness. 
gfsfc'^l, s. a wanton or lustful woman. 
gf^TTF, a. steady, serious, firm, much, ex- 
cessive, hard, difficult, profound. 
gj'jft^il, .^, s. steadiness, seriousness, 

firmness, abundance, difficulty. 
gJ^«S,«. passionate, angry, furious, violent, 
headstrong, intolerable, insupportable, 
acrid, bold, confident, fierce, presuming. 
gf5<^C^5 ad. currently, commonly, po- 
pularly, publicly. [currency. 
gt5«^^, s, activity, alacrity, briskness^ a 

gf^f^^, a. moved, stimulated, current. 
gl^t^, s. commonness, notoriety, publi- 
city ; the tending of cattle, [ing cattle. 
gf5T^^, a. publishing, manifesting ; tend- 
gf^i"^^, a. made known, published. 
2115^, ^.abundant, sufficient, ample, much. 
gj^^^l, s. abundance, sufficiency, plenty. 
g(^^, a. concealed, covered, disguised. 
gfe^^^C'^t, ad. incog, in disguise, clandes- 
gJs^^T ^T^^, a concealed thief, [tinely. 
gt;§il, individual,thesubjectof a king, 

a tenant, a dependant, an offspring. 
2t®T^«l, gt®l^^, gt®T^^^, s. the body of 
subjects or dependants, the peasantry. 
gt^T*tt^9«. Brahma the sire of all, a king, 
a prince, a sovereign, a daughter's hus- 
band, Vishwakarma, a butterfly, 
gf^rjsr, s. a blazing, a taking fire. 
gJjSil^^^^?, a. combustible, inflammable. 
gJ^gi^lcTlS, a. enkindled, made to blaze, 
gf^, a. learned, wise, intelligent, [ing. 
Sj^lj^.an intelligent woman,understand- 
gt^T^l^, «. intelligent, knowing, wise. 
gfcjT, a. i^rostrate, humbled, bowed, 
gfst^, s. obeisance, prostration, salutation. 
gt*l^^<^^, ad. humbly, submissively. 
gf«1^, s. the mystical syllable ^. 
gl«l <r, A\ intimacy, affection, love, familia- 
rity, concord, friendship, acquaintance, 
gf^t?), a. intimate, friendly, affectionate, 
gjej^, a. spoiled, lost, ruined. [-^,to bow. 
gf«iT^5 s. prostration, bowings salutation ; 
2t*lT^j«. bowing, saluting, prostrating : s. 
the present given after bowing to an idol. 
gjcjt1%^.l, s. a tube, pipe, vein, a tubular 
vessel of the body, a conduit, [custom. 
gf«1tcft, s. a water-course, a series, ahabit, 
2J«IT«^^^^, ad. customarily, habitually. 
gf«lT*f, s. destruction, ruin, loss, perdition. 
gffs^T^^, s. an object of desire, attention, 
regard, a great effort, stress, energy, 
profound meditation, access, entrance. 
gtf«ll%, s. a request, solicitation, a secret 
agent, an emissary, spy, a place, situa- 
tion, an agreement, an engagement. 
gtH*t115, s. prostration, a bowing with re- 
spect, reverence, obeisance ; -■^, to bow. 


[ 239 ] 


gjf«lf^"5, a. consigned to, obtained, acquir- 
ed, received, acknowledged,decidod, de- 
termined, placed, deposited, fixed. 

£t«l1l5,«. consecrated fire :a. cooked, made, 
done, constructed, compared, thrown, 
sent, approached, entered. [able. 

SfCei <I, a. amiable, docile, tractable, agree- 

Sil'^, a. ardent, dignified, high-spirited. 

£flT^, s, splendour, ardour, zeal, power, 
glory, majesty, dignity, high spirit. 

£JiT*1"lt>3["5, rt. ardent, zealous courageous, 
powerful, majestic, dignified, glorious. 

St^T<r^, a. deceiving, insidious, perfidious: 
s. a deceiver, a cheat, a knave, a rogue. 

gf^T^II, s. deceit, imposture, fraud, per- 
fidy, knavery, a trick, an imposition. 

£f^T^«iM^^, a, deceitfully, fraudulently. 

2f5T?st?l, a. deceivable. [on, cajoled. 

£J^Tt?5, a. deceived, cheated, imposedup- 

i::\\%, a prep, joined to a word it gives the 
sense of a reflected or reiterated ac- 
tion : ad. every, each, to, back, again. 

Stf^^T^, s. every work, every action. 

£it%^T<r, s. an action in return £or some- 
thing done, revenge, retaliation, a re- 
flectedaction, a remedy, a preventative. 

Sf^^t?"^, a. revenging, retaliating, re- 
turning an action, remedying. 

gJ^^lTTj, a. remediable, capable of being 

Stt%t^Ti1, *. a reflected image, an imag«^ 
a picture, a bass-relief, a fac«imilo. 

211%Ct^if, s, opposition, contrariety. 

Sff^flf^f, 8. every man, every one. 

£tt^^, 8. a promise, engagement, a de- 
claration, a plaint iu a lawsuit. 

£tt%:ST?, a. promised, engaged to, declar- 
ed, afiirmed, deposed. [declaration. 

fit^^I-^^jf, 8. a promissory note, a written 

Stt^^*1T^'i one who keeps his promise. 

2tt^^I<lT5T»i, *. the keeping of a promise. 

2j1%^^#^, ad. by orthrough a promise. 

2lt%if ^, a. given back, returned, [turn. 

2ft%Pt'*f JI, 8. the looking at a person iu re- 

£tt^RT5T, s. a recompense, retribution, a 
remuneration, the retui-ning of a gift. 

£tt%WT*1^, s, causing a person to retnrn 
or give back a thing received, [tnrned. 

Stt^WTf^^, a. decreed by a court to be re- 

^^W\^l, a. liable to be returned iu con- 
sequence of the decree of a court. 

2j!%1^^, ad. every day, daily. [turned. 

Eft^CW?, a. returnable, subject to be re- 

£lf%^f^, s. an echo, reverberation. 

Sj1^f^f>f, s. a deputy, substitute, repre- 

2fi%^3i^, 5. amutual deposit, [sentative. 

gji^-s^sgpj s. an enemy, an adversary, a 
contrary thesis or proposition, [crease. 

Stt%*f^,*. the first day of the moon's in- 
retaliated or revenged, [tile, inverted. £tt^*f f?5", «. obtaining of a thing, accora- 

£tt^^2^9 adverse, opposite, contrary, hos- 
£fi%^ri^1, -^, s. opposition, contrariety. 
£:jt%^t^,5. retaliation, revenge, areflected 

image, a picture, worship, reverence. 
£ti^%p6|^ ad. always, at every moment. 
£t1%f^'^, a. dismissed, rejected, opposed, 

repelled, resisted, calumniated, sent. 
£t^9f ir^, 8. a going back, areturning. 
Stt^itt^, a. going back, returning, [to. 
gl^^^'5, a. received, accepted, assented 
£ti%^^, s. a spitting-pot; a receiving. 
£j^^5^?, or £tt^5^T5J, a. acceptable, fit 

to be accepted or received. 
2tt^5rr^^, (t- obtaining, receiving: s. a 

person who receives gifts or presents. 
£j1%Tlt^, 8, a blow in return, resistance. 
^I'^sY, a* western, west : s. the west. 

plishment of an object, acquirement, ad- 
vancement, promotion, success, acqui- 
sition, knowledge, ascertainment, the 
acknowledgomentof a charge, fame, re- 
putation, renown, a demonstration. 
Sjf^'^ft^^, or 2lt%*fT^^, a. ascertaining, 
ing success, demonstrating. [ation. 
2t1%*^W, 8. every stop, every place or situ- 
SI^*fS, a. effected, accomplished, advan- 
ced, demonstrated. [motion. 
Sffl^^Zl, s. success, demonstration, pro- 
2jf^<lT^, i. an ascertaining, a demon- 
strating, a causing to acknowledge, the 
giving of success, a promoting. 
Stf^TlW^TT, or Stf^^ft^, ff. ascertainable, 
demonstrable, obtainable, probable. 


[ 240 ] 


gft^'5^lt^"5, a, ascertained, demonstrated 
obtained, promoted, acknowledged. 

£li%«^t^<>, a. providing for, nourishing, 
supporting, protecting, preserving: s. a 
protector, a provider, a benefactor. 

£f^«tTc?^^1, -^, s. the circumstance of 
being a nourisher or protector. 

£tt%*tTc^^,*. the nourishing, maintaining, 
or succouring of a person, the preserv- 
ing or providing of a person. 

£tf^*frc^;|t?, £tf^*1T«^5, 0^. proper or re- 
quiring to be maintained or nourished. 

gjf^S'S^lf^^, O" provided for, maintained, 
nourished, protected, preserved. 

£tfl«^Tt%^l5 5. a protectress, benefactress. 

£jt%^cT, 5. a retribution, a reward, recom- 
pense, a remuneration, a retaliation. 

gfns^^S, £f f5^5^, s. a reply, an echo. 

g^f^^^,^?", ad. every year, yearly. 

£fT%^^, 5. an impediment, an obstacle. 

glflS^W^) ^- obstructing, hindering, im- 
peding, opposing, resisting. 

Stfj^^^^l,-^, s. an obstruction, an im- 
pediment, opposition, resistance. 

gfl^^T^J, £tf%^t^, s. an answer, a reply. 

Sjf^^lW, 8. a reply, an answer, litigation, 
a pleading in reply, a rejoinder. 

gjf^^tfW^I, -^, s. the office of a respon- 
dent, litigation, a pleading in reply. 

Sft^^tfTt, <7. replying, rejoining, pleading 
in reply: s. a respondent, pleader, [ing. 

£tfl5^T^^, a, resisting, opposing, prevent- 

£tf^^Tvr^^1, -^3^, s. opposition, resistance. 

£tt%^T^, a. opposing : s. an opponent. 

£t1%^T^, fl^. neighbouring : s, neighbour. 

£tf^lt'3, 5. a reflected image, a picture, an 
image, a shadow, a resemblance, [out. 

Stn-f^f^^, a. typified, reflected, shadowed 

£t1%C^T^, s. a reflected or opposite idea. 

£lf%C^T^^, a. opposing an idea. 

£tl%^1j5. a conception, understanding, in- 
tellect, an idea, light, splendour, reflect- 
ed light, boldness, confidence, [wise. 

£jf5'5tf%^, O" bold, confident, intelligent, 

gff^^, s, a bondsman, a security, a surety. 

£jf%?]1, Stf^'STt^, 5. an image, a likeness, 
an idol, a picture, a reflected image. 

gfn&^t^j ad, every month, monthly. 

£jf%^f%'^«.|aresemblance,image, likeness. 

gffs^^jS. retaliation, revenge, resistance, 
a strenuous endeavour, a desire, wish, 
comprehension : a. acting aright, retali- 
ating, resisting, making efforts, [ance. 

Stf^^^T'^r, a counterpart,opposition,resist- 

2jf^C^tf^^1,5. partnership, mutual union, 
co-operation, coadjutorship. 

Stf^C^Tf^-^l^?'^, s, co-operation. 

gfr^C^T^j^^- co-operating, counteracting : 
s. a coadjutor, a partner, a second self, 
one who counteracts. [image. 

2|1^^'!?f, s. a representation, a likeness, an 

£tf^?5's^'^, a. resembling, substituted. 

2tf%C^T'5J, s. a blocking up, a besieging. 

£f1%C^T51'^, a> blocking up, besieging. 

£l"f^C«^T"5r, a. contrary to the naturalcourse 
or order, against the hair or grain, re- 
verse, inverted, low, base, depraved. 

£|"fi;C^T^^, a. born of a woman of a supe- 
rior tribe by a man of an inferior one. 

£ti%*nT?, s, a catarrh, cold, phlegm. 

2ft%^^, 5. a promise, engagement, assent. 

gf pjsp^, a. engaged by promise,promised, 
assented to, agreed to, accepted 

£tftf^'5, a. forbidden, prohibited, denied. 

gjf^C"^'^, a, prohibition, a denial. 

2jf^C^*<^, s. denying, prohibiting. 

2tl%^1, *. fame, renown, celebrity, appro- 
bation, reputation, consecration, [ous. 

2ff%^tP^^5, a. renowned, famous, illustri- 

2jf^1%^, a. celebrated, famed, renowned, 
applauded, consecrated, 

2tf^1%5l, a. possessing wealth, wealthy. 

gff^'^^^, a. smitten in return, resisted. 

gfra^^l, s. one who returns a blow, a re- 

£:tn5f^\7f1, s. revenge,retaliation. [sister. 

2l'n5f^\f5T^, a. injured in return. 

St^^, 5. a member, a limb, a part. 

£f vjt^T?", 8. a thing done in return for some 
other act, a retaliation, remedy, relief. 

gjit^t^J, retaliable,remodiable, curable. 

£f^^«l, s. the waiting for or expecting of 

gfi\^1, s. expectation, waiting.[a thing. 

gf^f^^, a, expected, waited for. [ern. 

gf^st, s, the west quarter : a. west, west- 


[ 241 ] 


filvSl^, «• known, famed, renowned, cele- 
brated, venerated, delighted, past.gone. 
Slitf'5, s. fame, notoriety, knowledge. 
£f^c^,5. abundance, sufiiciency, adequacy. 
£t?J, a. given, presented ;/<?;/». betrothed. 
Sf^J^ a. western, subsequent, followiug. 

£J^^, «. evident, visible, plain, obvious, 
clear to the senses, before the eyes. 

SjlS]^^:, ad. evidently, clearly, sensibly. 

St^J'PW^f ^, 8. an eye-witness. 

€t^J^2t5iTej,5,the evidence of the senses. 

SJlJ^TiJc^, s. evident consequences. 

£t JJ^?r, ad. literally, every letter, [ly. 

fJ15]^?5C*t, a^.clearly, evidently, obvious- 

S^IW, s. an organ of perception, every 
part, or the extremities, of the body. 

£t^J^^^^, *. an excuse, a special plea. 

£J^]^^T5T, 8. returning to reside at a for- 
mer residence, return to the late house. 

St^]^f^^, «. inhabited orresided in again. 

£f^jf%^1,«. knowledge, idea arising from 
reflection, recognition, recollection. 

£tl57r»^e^, a. accused in return. 

£j^jf«C^T9f, s. a counter accusation. 

f action, knowledge, apprehension, a cus- 
tom, usage, practice, fame, celebrity. 

£t^]?I^<^^, ad. through faith or trust. 

£t^j?icm?fj, a. worthy of belief, credible. 

SfUllI^, a. believed, confided in, trusted. 

SJlBJ^I", a. believing : s. a believer. 

£f^J<?rf, a. making a counter request : 8. 
a defendant in a lawsuit, a respondent. 

£t33*f«i, s. the restoring of a thing back. 

2fl/]^«it?, a. liable to be restored. 

€:jq5jf^^,a. restored, re-delivered, return- 

£f^J^, ad. daily, every day. [ed. 

£tl5K^^, a. drawn back. [annulled. 

SJ^JT-iTJivSja. set aside, denied, refused,dis- 

£fin'4r3R,«.a refutation, a disannulling, 
disregard, rejection, a denial, a refusal 

£t^]T9t^J{, s. a returning back, a return. 

gJl/JT^T^, s. retaliation, resumption. 

£JZJ1WTJ^T^, a. resumable. [published. 

gJ^Jtt^^, a. warned, spoken as an oracle, 

£tl5JTCW*T, 5. an oracular saying, a warning 
from heaven, an impulse, a revelation. 
2 I 

£|^Jt?rw» *. asocond commoncemont. 

21^1 "II, s, hope, expectation, confidence. 

StlJl-lT'tUr, Si^n^Ja. po8«e8»edof hope, 
lioping, hopeful, expecting, waiting for. 

S^^J]7\v, a. near, proximate, contiguoui, 

£t^JT^T^, *. resumption, the collecting or 
bringing back of wandering thoughts, 
an abridgment, a compondiam. 

£t57T^l^, a. resuming, recollecting, 

a^J^, a. replied, answered. 

a'»> J^ <r, or gf^jf^, *. an answer, a reply. 

2J^Kng, a. prompt, ready, reproduced, 
produced by multiplication:*, multipli- 
cation, the product in multiplication. 

2r^7<^<^^^f%, SJ^K»ls^t%, a. poesessed 
of prompt or ready understanding. 

£f^J*1"^^*Tt<l, a. proper to be done as the 
grateful acknowledgment of a favour. 

£t^7*t^-?Ji,one who returns assistance or 
benefits, a grateful person, [kindness. 

£f^j«f ?1>T?", s. a grateful return, a retumof 

£t^J<^^^^,£t^I*f^r?ft, a. helping, help, 
ing in return for a kind action, gratefuL 

f|^J*t^'5, a. done as a grateful return. 

2J^^J^fw^,«. advised or instructed in ro- 

£tv|T'pfCR*T, 8. advice in return. [turn. 

£t^J*1CW*t^, a. giving advice in return. 

£J"^]^, s. the morning twilight, the dawn. 

£tC^J^, ad. every one, each, each one. 

.?fClJ^^J, a. credible, worthy of credit. 

24iir?r, «. the first, first, chief, principal, 
prior, previous ; in arith. first product. 

S^^^S, (id. in the first place, firstly, pre- 

£f<4r^>n^^, 8. a capital crime, [viously. 

£t'/l'5n^?l3',a. embryo: *. a foetus, embryo. 

gt^ifcsr, ad. in the first place, firstly. 

2Iiirc"srT^*11ff, a. first-born, first-produced. 

2J<ircirK<1fri\*T, *. an embryo, a foetus. 

•:^^\ 8, fame, celebrity, custom, usage. 

£ff^^, a. famous, renowned, illustrious. 

gj^, a. giving, bestowing, conferring. 

SJ?Tf«P<l, circumambulation, going round. 

gJW5, a. given, bestowed, conferred. 

£JT!^, rt. clear, evident, obvious, manifest. 

£tW<r,«. disease of women (menorrhagia). 

£|i!*f *, a. showing, seeing, viewing : s. a 
seer, a persou who eeea or i^hows. 


[ 242 ] 


2tPf*f^l5l, s, the circumstance of being 
a seer, or a person who shows things. 

£|Tt*f5T, s. a seeing, showing,pointing out. 

fiwf^fs, «.shown,declared,niademanifest. 

aWT^, s. a gift, a giving, a presenting. 

£|TfT^<I, «^CW?, ci. bestowable,conferable. 

S\f\^, s. a lamp. ^^'^, a. lighted up. 

£t"^^, a. proud, haughty, elated, 

£t^Tt*f, s. a district, a province, a country, 

2jC^f*t^5 s. the forefinger. [a place. 

gJCWl^, «. evening, forepart of the night. 

£f5^^, s. war, battle ; tearing, rending. 

£f^1*^? fi' noble, chief, principal, prime. 

£f5:fT^^1, -^, s. the same as 'pfT^tJ^J. 

gJ^^Qf*, s.extension,expanse, expansion, co- 
piousness in style or composition, pro- 
lixity, abundance, reverse, opposition, 
inversion ; ideal existence, delusion. 

£j«^t%)^, a. expanded, extended, dilated. 

g:;^^, a. obtained, poor, needy, afflicted. 

gf-s^l, s. a watering-place for travellers. 

£jf*'('5l"5I'^, s. paternal great-grandfather. 

gjf'i^^t'sr'ft, s. a father's grandmother. 

gJC^i |i^, s. a grandson's &or\, fejn. gfc^"^^. 

£[■^^5 expanded, sparkling, smiling, gay. 

£l"^^f&€, a. gay-hearted, glad-hearted. 

gf^^^^l? or £tt^^J, s. expansion, gaiety, 
cheerfulness, gladness. [with joy. 

gJTp^^^^, a. having the eyes sparkling 

£J"^M^W^, a. having a sprightly counte- 

£t■^Mt^^S^^«l, a. glad-hearted. [nance. 

2j'?pf^\5, a. expanded, spread open, patent. 

gj^^l, s. a speaker, orator, an eloquent 

Sf*^^*^) s. a treatise, a discourse, [man, 

£t^^^, a. deceiving, insidious, deceitful ; 
s. a deceiver, a knave, a cheat. 

gf^Q^^^il, -^, s. knavery, deceitfulness. 

gj^^i^l, s. deceit, fraud, deception, cir- 
cumvention, imposition, an imposture. 

£f3'5pi^t'^^^, ad. deceitfully, fraudulent- 

£1^<^^?,«. deceivable, imposable. [ly. 

£j<r^, s. a connected narrative, a set dis- 
course, a treatise, composition. 

gj^^^^i^l, s. a feigned story. 

£t?^, s, a commencement, excitation. 

gj^e'-^i, exciting, stimulating : s. a stimu- 

£(^^^*lfe^, s. a stimulating power, [lus. 

£f^"5 5T, s. the beginning of an action. 

£t^^^l, s. a stimulus, an excitement. 

£|^€"ifl?, a. excitable, fit to be stimulated. 

£J?r^^5 «. causingtogrow or increase : 5. 
that which causeth growth or increase. 

2|^^'^5 s. a growing in size, increasing in 
riches, growing fat ; in ana. a process. 

gf^STja. strong, powerful, mighty, cogent, 

gf^cfjvjl, .^, s.thesameas£fRc=TJ. [valid. 

Sj^rrgt^T-s^, a. highly energetic, [tory. 

2i^t5^, a, technical, expository, explana- 

2j^tW,rumour,report, current story jstrife. 

gf^tcT, s, coral, a young shoot, a sprout. 

gj^T^, s. temporary residence, a lodging. 

gt^t^l", «. residing temporarily in a place : 
s. a sojourner, a lodger. 

gf^T"^, s. a stream, a current, atrain of cir- 
cumstances depending on one another. 

*:t^T'5^^j a. carrying or flowing off. 

2t^t^^£t6iT5^, s. an artery, a vein. 

gtf^^, a. entered, engaged in a thin^. 

21 ^«i , clever, learned, eminent, well-vers- 

£t^«1^1, eminence, cleverness, talent, [ed. 

2J^^,<?. convinced, convicted, stimulated. 

£f |G , setting about, engaged, commenced. 

gf^fe, s. an effort, the commencement of 
an action, excitation, a stimulus, an in- 
clination, a tendency, a predilection ; 
-®^i, to incite, to induce, to instigate. 

Sflfe^^, or 2J^f%^JT^, a. stimulating. 

£iC^*r, s. entrance into a place, introduc- 
tion ; -^, to enter ; -^^1, to introduce. 

2tC^*l^, a. entering : s. one who enters. 

gfC^T^T -ft<r, ''^^, 5. an entrance to a place. 

gfC^'^i^, s. an entering, penetrating, [ble. 

gJC^*t^%, glC^**"), introducible, penetra- 

2f'^^f'^^) ^- introduced, brought in. 

gJC^T^, s. conviction, attention, vigilance, 
knowledge,understanding,intellect, de- 
monstration, consolation ;-i^^l, to force 
conviction ; -iJf 1, to convince, to console. 

£(C?t'f^,«. convincing, awakening, excit- 
ing to vigilance, promoting knowledge. 

£tC?T<f^, s, the convincing of a person. 

gJC^t^, a. convincing, awakening, [tion. 

£t^^, s. a generative cause, birth, produc- 

gj^l, s. splendour, radiance, glory, lustre. 


[ 243 ] 


£t^t^?r, radiant, sheddingalustre : 8. the 

£J^t^, *. the fraction of a fraction, [sun. 

£JBT'5, s. tliG morning, the dawn of day. 

gfwT^, 8. majosty,dignity,magnanimity, a 
h\rr]\ sense of honour, power, influence. 

gf^T^TTlF, a. energetic, liigh-spirited. 

S\^, s. a lord, a supreme governor, amas- 
ter, a sovereign, an owner, a governor. 

£J^11, -^, s, lordship, dominion, supre- 
niacy,sovereignty, government, superi- 
ority, mastery, ownership, [faithful. 

2J^ »e^,a. devoted to, obsequious, loyal, 

£l^^f^, devotedness to a lord or master. 

^\1, a. much, many, great, sufficient. 

Q^l%, 5. a sort, kind, and thelike,etcetera. 

£:1C^W, s. a difference, a distinction, a dis- 
parity, an inequality, a nick name. 

£JC^W^,«. distinguishing, discriminating, 
separating, severing. [ate,inadvertent. 

£f5iiG,a. elated, intoxicated, rash, precipit- 

gJilTifl, s. a beautiful woman. [ception. 

gjm, s. trueknowledge,consciousness,per- 

£|5iTei, 8. evidence, proof, a testimony, au- 
thority or warrant for an opinion, an at- 
testation, a demonstration, an example, 
an instance ; -^, or-Wl, to attest, prove. 

2j"5Tt«l "W^IT, s, a voucher, an affidavit. 

£JilT^l1,5. one who gives evidence or proof. 

£t^T^l"5r^, s. maternal great-grandfather. 

£J"sri^T^^, 8. a mother's grandmother. 

gfsjlPf, 8. ruin, confusion, inadvertence, in- 
accuracy, error, carelessness, [tence. 

£|"^l^Tf'S^t^, s. a plea of error or inadver- 

£J?It^, a, inadvertent, inattentive, care- 
less, infatuated, erroneous, ruinous. 

£t^t<l^, a. giving proof or evidence, testi- 

S:if^'5,rt.proved, authentic, settled, [fying. 

£J^?, a. dead, deceased, defunct. 

£:f"^«4r, s. the face, the mouth. 

2j^«4fT«., ad. from the mouth of, orally. 

Q'sgrif^, a. overjoyed, elated, delighted. 

etCS]^, a. capable of proof, probable. 

£tC5I5^1, -^, s, a probability. 

gJC^TS , -ft^T?", 8. a gonorrhea, a gleet. 

gJC^l^^, a. liberating, freeing from. [free. 

£tC^T5^, s. a liberating,deliveriug,makiug 

£tC^T5irt?I, a. capable of being liberated. 
2 I 2 

SfCTTt?, i. excessive joy, delight, rapture. 

StCT!W«>, gJC^rTwt, a. causing excessive joy. 

StC^lffflS, a. ghuMoned, cheered, elated. 

St?"?, ad. purified, holy, pious, sanctified. 

tl^in, «.an endeavour, effbrt,Iabour, care. 

St?T«l, *. a going, an exit, a departure. 

St<iT15, a. gone, departed, deceased. 

St^iTT, s. an endeavour, a desire, a bias 
of the mind towards an object, a taste 
for any pursuit, love to an object. 

2J?T^t, a. diligent, ardent, persevering. 

Si^J^, a. endowed with, arising from, oc- 
casioned by : ad. from or because of. 

gf^lfJ, a. capableof being stimulated, sus- 

fj^^, a. a million, ten lakhs, [ceptibie. 

gjC^I^l, 8. a moving, exciting or stimulat- 
ing cause, one who stirs up or excites. 

2tC?T9(^, V. a. to excite, to stimulate. 

£fC?l9f, s. an affair, matter, consequence, 
a result, an effort, an exertion, au act, 
an action, a text, an authority. 

2jC?T5f^, a. exciting, causing, instigating : 
s. an exciting, or stimulating cause. 

£fC<lTl?^, s. an affair, necessity, occasion, 
need, a cause, a motive, an incentive. 

2tC<II^^T^', gfCUl^^^, necessary, needed. 

2fC?n®?J, idem : 8. a capital ; a messenger. 

SiJ^^Tf'K^, a. spoken, mentioned, declared. 

^cn?,«. universal dissolution, the dissolu- 
tion of nature, destruction, decompo- 
sition, death, dissolution, annihilation, 
fainting, syncope : a. vast, excessive. 

2t^?^T«^, 8. time of universal dissolution. 

£ts^I*t,A. talk, conversation, delirious talk, 
ravings of a maniac or delirious person. 

2j«1T^W*lf , «• delirious, raving, [iirioua. 

♦5«^l*ft, speaking, conversing, raving, de- 

2fC«^^, 8. a plaster, a salve, au ointment 

♦5C*i*f JJ^jy.theapplyingof plaster, smear- 

2l*T\^, iu a, to praise, to applaud, [ing. 

5:^*T\»^55,or 2I«t\^, a. applauding, prais- 
ing : 8. one who applauds or praises. 

vj*l\5^Jl,«.act of applauding or praising. 

2j*T\»15rt?, a. praiseworthy, laudable. 

£t'^\7i1, applauso, praise, commendatioD, 
an encomium, a plaudit, a panegyric. 

2|*t\f»1^, a. applauded, praised. 


I 244 ] 


Sj*t\^T, 2f *t^T,«. laudable,pralseworthy . 

2f ^r^sr^T, s. forgiveness, a tranquillizing. 

£f*t^,rt. praised, applauded, happy ,excel- 
lent ; spacious, wide, capacious, roomy. 

£j*f^'5l, s. goodness, excellence ; width. 

£f^^, a. clear, evident, authentic. 

£J^, s. a question, a query, an enquiry. 

gJ"*tJl^^l, 5. a person who asks a question. 

£jQ£j?r, 8. love, affection, esteem, fondness. 

gj'StT'T, s. a breathing, respiration. 

gJ^^J, a, questionable, fit to be asked. 

£t^1, s. an enquirer, one who asks, [chief. 

2t^, s. a leader, a conductor : a. principal, 

£(^^5 a. fond ; treated of, zealous, eternal, 
everlasting : ad. eternally, ever. 

£t^f^, s. a topic, a theme ; fondness. 

£f Ji^, s. the introduction of a topic of con- 
versation, a topic, a subject, a treatise, a 
sentiment, apassage in abook, introduc- 
tion, insertion, association, connection. 

gf^a", <?. gracious, propitious, kind, com- 
placent, favourable, clear, frequented, 
bright, pellucid, pleased, delighted. 

£t^^3l, ->5^, s. propitiousness, gracious- 
ness, kindness, favourableness, compla- 
cency, clearness, brightness, [nance. 

gf^^^Vr^, a. having a pleasing counte- 

Si^\^v. a. to produce, to bring forth. 

£t^^, s. bringing forth, production, birth. 

gf^^C^Pf^l, s. pains of labour, [velocity. 

S^^Jj s. dimension, extent, width ; speed, 

St^^T, ad. suddenly, forcibly, violently. 

gf^tW, s. grace, favour, kindness, the food 
which is offered to a god, orts, leavings. 

St^TWfft'^, favoured, received into favour. 

gf^T^C^T^, s. a pensioner. 

gf^tfff 3, «. graciously bestowedjfavoured. 

gt^tfw^3, s. an honorary dress. 

gt^TW^, a. showing favour or kindness. 

gj^l^d"^, s. dress, embellishment, decora- 

gfTTtf^^, a. finished, decorated. [tion. 

gf^t^, '^' ^- "to extend, to spread out. 

g^^Fft^, s. width, extent, expansion, [ing. 

gf TTl?r«l, s, the act of expanding or unfold- 

gf7Ttf^-5, a. extended, expanded. 

gffyf^, a. clear, current, plain, evident, 
noted, renowned, famous, celebrated. 

gff'Tf^, s. fame, celebrity, notoriety. 

gf ^, s. a mother ; a spreading creeper. 

gf^l^l, a. recently delivered of a child : 8. 
a woman in child-bed. [tion, offspring. 

gf^l^, s. a bringing forth, birth, produc- 

gj^t%^1, a. newly delivered of a child. 

gj^t^, s. the palm of the hand, a palm. 

gf^^, s. a stone, a gem, bunch of flowers. 

gl^^^f*t^, gf^?"^?, a- stony, rocky. 

gf^t^, s. a mentioning, a relation, a story, 
a topic, the introduction of a topic. 

gtlil^^l, 8. an introduction, a commence- 
ment, a prologue, aprelude. [of topics. 

gt^T^:^C^, ad. by successive introduction 

g|'^t^^5, a, related, mentioned, told. 

gf^t?r, s. width, breadth. 

S^WS, a. prepared, ready, prompt, said, re- 
vealed, declared, praised, panegyrized. 

gf^'S^I, -^, s. preparedness, readiness. 

gj^,5. a set of utensils, a suit of clothes, 
width, table-laud, a particular measure. 

gf'^T^, s. a departure, a going, a marching 
or setting off ; -^, to depart, to go. 

gf^W^, s. a sending, a dispatching. 

gf^M^?, ^^T*tJ, a. fit to be sent or dis- 

gf^tf^^, a. dispatched, sent, [patched. 

gfl%^, a. departed, gone, set off'. 

gf^^«1, s. a spring, fountain, the discharg- 
ing of urine, an oozing, a perspiring. 

gt^T^, s. the expelling of urine, urine. 

gf^^, smitten, killed, defeated, repelled. 

gf^?", s. fourth part of the day or night. 

gf^t?^1, 5. the office of a watchman. 

gj'5:'ft, s, a watchman, sentinel, a sentry. 

gj'5;^'l s. he who strikes or beats, a slayer. 

gf^^*", s. gladness, joy, hilarity, 

gf^t?r? V. a. to strike, to smite, to beat. 

gj-^t<r, s. a blow, a stroke, punishment. 

gf^f?"^, «. striking : s. one who strikes. 

gt^t<r«l, s. the beating of a person. 

gf^T^^j a. beating, flogging, smiting, kil- 

gJ^T^^9 ct- deserving a beating. [ling. 

gfl^^jS. sauce, gravy, condiment : a, dis- 
charged, sent, dispatched, suitable. 

gf^^J, a. beaten, struck, smitten. [ed. 

gl^^, a. glad, rejoiced ; -fbe, glad-heart- 

gfC^t^<5l, s. a riddle, an enigma, a puzzle. 


[ 246 ] 


£ft\^, a. high, tall, lofty: 9, the height. 

£fT^,2ft^5T5^5J, o. prior, former leastern. 
£tl^^, a. common, vulgar, plebeian. 
£fl<^m, «. former time, a crisis. 
£JI^5T, s. fate, destiny, luck. 
StT-'f^^J, 8. acuteuess, ardour, zeal. 
gfl-jf^T^, «. prior non-existence. 
gfT^r^^J, «. pomp, parade, bustle. 
£fl9t^^T?, s. a prior state or condition. 
£jt^«i9 «. a court-yard. 2J1^^,a<^. as before. 
gjt^tj <^' eastern, east : s. the east, 
^tt&l"^? (i- old, ancient, antique, aged. 
gJtl^^'Jtt^^n, s. tradition. [quity. 

£fl15t^^1, -^> «• oldness, agedness, anti- 
2tl]5t^^^,*» ancient method: «. approved 
gj|]^^1,5. antiquity. [by the ancients. 
£tT15t?"j s. a wall, a fence wall, enclosure. 
gJT^'^'j, s. sufficiency, plenty, abundance. 
£JT^T*f ^T, «• a sort of religious penance ; a 

particular sacrifice ; a kind of marriage. 
£fT^, a. learned, wise, skilful, clever. 
£IT^15', -"^9 S' erudition, skill, wisdom. 
gff-^1%, s, the open hands joined, [death, 
gfr*!, s. breath, life, the spirit, soul; -^JT^f, 
SfT6i'5Jt^<P, murderous, mortal, fatal, dead- 
£f]«l^^J, or Sftl^Y*^) «^- equal to life. [ly. 
SJicj^Q, s. the punishment of death. 
fittlitT^, «. the bestowment of life. 
£t[«i5iT?r«i, 8. the possessing of life. 
gfT^l^ToT, s. the lord or sovereign of life. 
aT«J«^«l, s. a staking of life, great exertion. 
£tt<l*tC«t , at the hazard of life, with great 
^T^lgft^'sr, a. equally dear as life. [care. 
gfl«l£tt%^l,s.the consecration of an image. 
£tT«if kj?, a. beloved of the soul or life. 
£I«t^^, s, animated matter. 
£1T61I^C<IT^, s. the departure of life, death. 
£fT*'it^\^1,&'. injury to life, murder. 
£tT<JTfV^,«. more than life ; -f£J?, beloved 
£tT«»T^, s. end of life, death, [above life. 
£ji»it, a. animal, animated, vital, living : 

8. a living creature ; the soul. 
£nc«i"^?r, 8. the lord of life (a submissive 
SjtlS, ad. the morning, the dawn, [term.) 
^]1l -?P^, -^^7, 8. morning duties of reli- 
SJt^S^T^T, s. the morning, dawn, [gion. 
£tt^S"^JT, 8. the morning ablution. 

sn^J'^J, StTt^C^tTTJ, 8. coDtraricty.oppo- 

SJtt^^TlJ, 8. surotiship, security, [sition. 

fitter, ad. in the morni ng, by duwn. 

gjtljf?^, a. faithful, trusiy, confidential. 

€JT<«l'f^*, a. having a right of priority, re- 
lating to the first, first, prior, initial. 

2rr^t^^"5l,-^, ». priority, precedence. 

£ft^"T?r, 8, the circumstance of coming to 
light, manifestation, eliciting, [dent. 

Stt'^^ja. elicited, manifest, clear, evi- 

2tTCW*T, 8. thumb and forefinger span. 

2tt5n^, 8. pre-eminence, superiority. 

2tI5Jt5l)?5C'pf, ad. pre-eminently, [border. 

2JT^, s. limit, extremity, outskirt8,margin, 

21T5?", 8. an open plain, a prairie, a desert, 

SfT"^^, a. obtaining, attaining, procuring. 

StT^tl* 8, a reaching, obtaining. [able. 

£tT*1«[t?, 2tt's^f?;^^J,a. obtainable, attain- 

£tI*J, a. obtained, found, gained, acquired. 

2fT^?J, SJI-^J, a. obtainable, acquirable. 

2tT'^^J^i5;t<r, a. adult, arived at the legal 
age, or the age of responsibility. 

fitl'^C^V^, (I. arrived at age of puberty : 
s. a youth above sixteen, [advantage. 

SfTf^, s. gain, profit, acquisition, benefiti 

£tl?rc?P, exciting, stimulating,stirringup. 

£JT^«^J,*. strength, power, might, superi- 
ority, cogency, validity. [nflfairs. 

gJTt^v?^ at?^^, 8. a pressure of business or 

2:tT|^,a. rainy, wet; -^T«^, rainy season. 

£jT^tf«i^,a. approved, credible, authentic: 
s. a chairman, a president, a barber. 

2lT5iTfe|^Wl^l,«. an approved custom. 

£tT^T«17, probability, credibility,authenti« 

gJT?, ad. about, almost, nearly, like. [city. 

£jt?f«57, 8. an expiation, an atonement. 

gjTf?«P, or £jtTI*T:,<»- almost, nearly, [ed. 

gjT?"^, rt. begun ; caused by fate,predestin- 

£tT?r^, 8. a beginning, a commencement. 

2jt^, supplicating, supplicatory : *. one 
who requests, a candidate, a suitor. 

2tt^^» 8' a request, a prayer, a petition, 
a supplication, a desire ; -^, to pray, to 
request, to solicit, to beseech. 

gft^f at^flT, s. a written request,apetitioii. 

at^f^?, a. proper to be requested, fit to 
be the subject of a petition. 


[ 246 ] 


£fT5ffir^1, s. one who prays, a petitioner. 

gftfofvS, a. requested, asked, prayed for, 
solicited, besought. 

Sttci^T, s. predestination, fate. 

£ft*t^, s. an eating, a meal, food. [ness. 

£tT'*tlST, ^. largeness, extent, capacious- 

£tt*Tt, a. eating, feeding. [topic. 

£ft^j%^_, a. connected with an introduced 

Stt^tWjS.a palace,a house, edifice, temple. 

£tT^, or "^t^tt^, s. the forenoon. 

f£t?5«. amiable, beloved, grateful, dear, 
agreeable, esteemed, pleasing. 

f^tU'S'Sr, a- most amiable, dearly beloved. 

f£t¥^1, -^, s. amiableness,agreeableness. 

fst^IW^f i^, s. an agreeable sight. 

fsiTr^t^J, s. agreeable words, [things. 

feu^t"^, fSt^^W, «• speaking agreeable 

f2t?rtf^"?r, «. agreeable or disagreeable. 

fgf^lT^T^t? *• agreeable conversation. 

gftS'T?*- satisfaction, satiety, gratification. 

^^, a. beloved, esteemed ; pleased, glad. 

^1%, 5. love, affection, fondness, regard, 
intimacy ; gratification, enjoyment. 

^t^^fr,«.gratifying,loving, affectionate. 

C2t^, s. a nail, spike, peg, pin. [or surveys. 

C2t^^9 viewing, seeing: s. one who views 

C£f Sfsej, s. a viewing, a surveying, a seeing. 

Cgfs^^?, visible, surveyable, discernible. 

C£f)%^, viewed, seen, discerned, [rition. 

C£t^, departed, deceased : s. a ghost, appa- 

C£fIi-^'5a',-^T^'j,-f;^?l, funeral obsequies. 

C2tv5*^^, 8. Yama, the regent of death. 

C£t'5T,s. love, affection, attachment, tender- 
ness, intimacy, enjoyment, pleasure. 

C2j^TT'>r?', s. ocean of love ; name of a book. 

CSfsfl", ct' loving, affectionate. [be